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Hello! This is Buzzingbee! I used to be on here as BuzzBee but I had some trouble. I had issues in real life that made me go off for a while and then when I was going to come back on, passwords, emails, etc were forgotten and lost. xD But I'm back and ready to jump into where I left off!

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Poor Crow xD

The knight finished writing a small handful of letters. One to the barons of her battalion, a couple to other various barons she knew of in charge of the battalion to the west of her own, and a few other letters to nobles within the inner kingdom, including that of Oliver Lenz who was Dimia's husband. She figured the snotty woman likely wouldn't mention anything to her husband, whom Penelope found to be quite sensible, so she took it upon herself to ask him directly for his assistance.

She also hoped that the fairly powerful vassal would know of other people to contact. While Penelope had written to some outside of her own battalion, it was a limited number as she had fairly limited knowledge on the order and placement of other battalions fighting in the war. She hoped that perhaps Mia or one of the others she wrote to would be able to aid her in expanding her reach.

Aside from work related letters, she also wrote two for Olivia and Gavin. In both, she recounted how Crow's ceremony had gone and how people reacted. To Olivia, she also included the fact that Naida seemed rather set on them courting and how it was rather awkward trying to avoid speaking about it. To Gavin, she wrote about her brief run in with his siblings, telling them that Dimia asked about him and that she had let them know their courtship was over. All in all, Penelope found the letters rather enjoyable to write. In the castle, it felt like she was constantly having to watch what she said or did, especially around Crow, and she missed having her friends who she could speak freely with.

Penelope let out a small sigh and glanced over towards one of the windows. It was getting later in the day and it was likely time for her to take her nape. She folded the papers neatly and rose up to her feet to leave. Since it was almost afternoon, she'd have to wait to send out the letters tomorrow. Feeling a bit stiff from sitting for so long, she stretched for a moment and then carried on her way to the exit as she made her way back to her room for a nap.


By the time the knight woke up again, it was already getting late into the evening and she woke up feeling groggy rather than refreshed from her nap. Penelope let out a sigh and ran a hand through her hair before rising to her feet, trying to jog herself awake. Since it was already late, she nearly wanted to get straight to her guard duty. However, she figured she'd better stop at the Great Hall for dinner if they were still serving it. While she wasn't particularly hungry, she also hadn't eaten since breakfast and decided it'd be best to at least have something small so her hunger wouldn't strike later on her shift.

Penelope made her way into the Great Hall, finding that it seemed most of the castle residents had already finished their meals and now only a few remained. Easily finding an empty table, she made her way over and sat down, letting out a small yawn as she waited to get her meal.
Poor Naida xD
Penelope made her way down the corridor in the direction of the library. It was a fairly short walk from the Great Hall since the two rooms were on the same floor. As she stepped inside, she swept her gaze over the large room filled with shelves of books and scattered tables were nobles could read or write. It had been quite a while since she last stopped by the library. She usually didn't have much use for it aside from writing the occasional letter or two.

She collected a few papers off of one of the supply desks and grabbed a quill and ink as well before making her way over to an empty table towards the back of the room. There weren't many people in there but the knight preferred the privacy that the spot offered. Setting the supplies down, she took a seat and dipped her quill into the ink as she shifted one of the pages in front of her.

To the Barons of my battalion,

The first letter would be to Mia and the other barons. She wanted to write them both to inform them of the happenings in the castle as well as try to see if she could gain the additional support of Edward and Bennett.

The thief once known as Crow Lockton is now officially the King's ambassador. The announcement was sudden, made only a day after our return to the castle. The king has explained that his decision to promote him was made because of the former thief's knowledge of languages aside from our own. It seems he has quite the talent. Enough so that it has earned him a spot amongst nobles as well as the king's favor.

Penelope paused in her writing and smirked faintly to herself as she imagined the reactions of the barons as well as the other knights of her camp. While she imagined most of their frustrations to be amusing, she did cringe slightly at the thought of how Edward and Layth would react. She let out a sigh as she looked at the paper in front of her. In all honesty, the knight was rather grateful she wouldn't have to be dealing with them anytime soon. Hopefully when time came around for them to find out about her and Crow courting, their frustrations with the thief would be greatly lessened.

Aside from such news, I also write to encourage support for a peaceful end to the war...

Focusing back on the letter. Penelope continued to write out her call for support from Edward and Bennet, hoping that if Mia hadn't already convinced them that her letter would help in swaying their opinions.
Honestly I love him already xD

Penelope gave a small chuckle at Crow's words. She shifted her gaze over to Preston again as the servant replied to her. The knight blinked and bit the inside of her lip as she held back a laugh. She was a bit surprised by how bold the servant was with his comments. Had it been any other nobleman, she might have worried that such comments would get him into actual trouble. She looked over at Crow and gave an amused smile as the servant stepped away.

"Hard to say." Naida agreed with a shrug then smirked. "He certainly doesn't seem to have much of a filter though that's for sure."

Penelope nodded her head in agreement and glanced down at her finished plate. Letting out a sigh, the knight leaned back slightly and glanced towards one of the windows. The light that was coming in was getting a bit stronger now and though she didn't want to part with the two, she figured it was about time for her to get going. "I better head off. I've got got a long day ahead of me." she sighed.

"Did they put you on guard duty already?" Naida asked with a frown.

"I've got the night shift by the front gates but I've also got to work to do in the library today." she explained with a shrug. "Plus I'd like to make sure I get in time for a nap so I don't fall asleep tonight."

"Oh, well good luck." Naida grinned.

"Thanks." she smiled then rose to her feet to leave. Penelope glanced at Crow and offered him a small smile. "Guess I'll see you guys later."
Penelope realized she better get acquainted with Preston xD lol
Penelope gave a small nod as Crow explained how the king insisted he needed a 'respectable' name. She didn't think his alias was any less respectable than his real name but she did suppose that it'd eventually help with people viewing him as a noble rather than the infamous thief once things began to calm down. As he went on to say that he was getting used to it, she gave a small smile. It was true that his real name had become less of a secret. Especially amongst the knights she hung around. Gavin and Olivia had figured it out by accident and her own father had figured it out when he saw the name written down.

She rolled her eyes as Naida nudged her teasingly. "It's fitting." she responded, with a hint of annoyance she glanced over at her friend. The knight shook her head as Naida smirked and turned her head away as she took another bite of her food. Penelope flickered her gaze over to the young servant as he returned with Crow's food. She realized she still didn't really know who he was and figured she might as well introduce herself. After all, they'd likely be seeing each other quite a bit in the future.

"So you're his attendant?" she asked after swallowing her bite of food.

The boy seemed a bit surprised to be address and nodded his head. Penelope offered him a smile. "I'm Penelope. I worked as his guard for a while so I know he can be quite troublesome. So in other words, good luck." she explained, shooting a teasing glance at Crow.
Honestly xD I really can't wait for them to tell her the truth lol

Nice lol
The two friends chatted casually until the servants placed their food in front of them on the table. Both of them gave a word of thanks before they turned their attention to their food. Penelope began to eat but Naida hesitated as someone seemed to catch her eye since in the next moment she grinned and waved to gain their attention. The knight noticed and followed her gaze until it landed on Crow. Seeing him again made her smile faintly. She was glad that she was able to see him again so soon, especially since she had only been able to talk very briefly with him the day before.

"Morning!" Naida greeted him cheerfully.

"Hey." Penelope gave him a casual greeting, not wanting to draw anymore attention to her feelings for him. Naida had already been hounding her about it this morning, the last thing she wanted was for that topic to come up again. Especially with Crow around. However, it was a bit difficult. Not only did she wish to be closer to him but she wanted to be able to speak with him more freely. But until things calmed down, she supposed she'd just have to settle for what she could get with their time together around Naida.

"So how's your first official day going?" Naida asked him with an eager grin.

"I was curious about that too." Penelope mused as she looked over at him. A hint of concern crossed her gaze. "Especially with the king using Collin instead of 'Crow' yesterday." It was a change that she'd have to get used to as well. Sure she had already known his real name, but she tended to only use it during moments she was certain no one else would over hear. Being able,and likely encouraged, to address him as that in public now felt a bit strange to the knight.
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