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Hello! This is Buzzingbee! I used to be on here as BuzzBee but I had some trouble. I had issues in real life that made me go off for a while and then when I was going to come back on, passwords, emails, etc were forgotten and lost. xD But I'm back and ready to jump into where I left off!

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Sorry I haven't been on! Going through a bit of stuff so it's been a bit difficult to work up the motivation to write ^^'

I probably won't get a post up for a little while since I'm having a bit of writers block for this unfortunately haha I'm sorry! If you don't mind waiting a bit I'll be back at some point c:
I completely forgot to reply here cx

Penelope's being reminded of how much money nobles make compared to peasants xD
Penelope offered Crow a small smile and nodded her head in agreement. She hoped her words had alleviated some of his dissatisfaction. At the moment, there wasn't much she could do other than remind him that there would likely be an end point to how many people had such a say in his life. Luckily he didn't seem to focus on it much longer as his focus turned onto the the merchant's stand, eying over the various goods. She turned her attention onto them as well, eying them over with a little bit less intrigue.

Since she had grown up in the inner kingdom, such things weren't overly rare. Of course, they were well crafted and unlike anything a craftsman would be able to make in Brerra but that also made them more expensive here. She glanced over at Crow as he addressed the man in what she guessed to be the merchant's native tongue. Sometimes she forgot just how many languages the viceroy knew even without the training. The knight remained to the side as she listened to the two speak, raising an eyebrow curiously as Crow glanced at her.

As he turned to leave, the knight moved to follow him, catching the eye roll as she did. Penelope gave an amused look as he wrinkled his nose. "Not everything. Once we start looking at merchant stands that aren't from other kingdoms, the prices tend to be a bit lower... However, it'll probably still be quite pricey. Most jewelry doesn't sell for less than twenty gold pieces around here. And don't get me started on clothing." she mused, shaking her head. "There are some cheaper options of course but I would say on the high side you've looking at anywhere between two hundred to five hundred gold pieces."

Penelope wrinkled her own nose a bit as she admitted to it. Focusing her gaze ahead, she let out a sigh. "And of course, that won't hurt most noble's wallet, aside from perhaps having to save up their coins to recover if they aren't of a higher status. I'm planning to buy something near two hundred today but it's not going to clean out my coin purse." She shrugged her shoulders and began to make her way over to one of the stands that was selling clothing nearby. "That's why I think I'll be able to convince some nobles to help with the outer villages.. Even if it's just hand full, we could certainly make some type of difference."
Penelope looked over at him as he admitted to her being right in the past. She gave him a momentarily confused expression before she recalled the conversation they had once had about noble life. The knight gave a small murmur of agreement. Part of her was a bit glad to see him coming around to understand the world she had grown up in and why she behaved the way she did with other nobles. Especially at the moment when she was trying to garner support. Usually she didn't even have to bend this much to others but the Lenzs were doing quite a bit for her, so for now, she'd have to play by Dimia's rules.

Her gaze shifted onto Crow, noticing his small silence despite her question. She frowned faintly as she realized it likely had to do with their previous topic of pandering to other nobles. Back when they had first discussed it, he hadn't seen the point in bending to what others wanted, even if it was just a bit. She guessed now that he had mentioned it, it had been an unpleasant thought. Further convinced of it as she noticed his half smile, the knight felt a small bit of guilt. She knew it had been his own decision to make but he wouldn't have been forced to worry about what other nobles thought if he hadn't taken the position of viceroy to be with her.

The knight paused for a moment, glancing around the marketplace until her gaze landed on a nearby stand. "Let's start over at this one then." she said, choosing it for no particular reason other than to give him a quick answer. Penelope side glanced over at him and gave a half hearted smile. "You probably won't have to care as much about other nobles once your training finishes and people like Adam give up on trying to get you removed though. At least then, more people will be worried about pandering to you rather than the other way around... For the most part at least." she pointed out quietly.

Penelope gave her shoulders a small shrug before looking back ahead at the stand she had chosen on a whim. Looking at it now, she realized it was a mixture of different goods from clearly a different kingdom, although it wasn't one she was familiar with. She could only tell by the strange craftings of figures as well as the way many of the jewelry had been made, which were different than what she was used to seeing in Brerra.
Oh boy xD Penelope hasn't even considered that yet lol
Penelope gave a laugh as Crow rolled his eyes at her. She had just been teasing him but she had to admit that he was right. Personally, she was still adjusting to seeing him in noble clothing, especially such luxurious ones that went with the title of viceroy. The bright and expensive clothing was a large leap from the attire he used to wear as a thief. Of course, with everything else changing just as fast, she hadn't thought much about it.

As he shot her a playful smile, she blinked and then rolled her eyes amusedly at his sultry words. She shot him a coy smile and leaned in a little closer to him. "Well if that's the case, maybe we can find some time today for me to impress you." she mumbled, returning his flirtatious wink.

The knight smirked up at him and folded her arms. "On a more serious note, I appreciate the sentiment but unfortunately I don't think that's going to help me in the case of the party." she said with a small laugh. Penelope looked up at him and smirked. "If the only person I had to convince was you, it'd make things a lot easier. Sadly most nobles don't share your values though. If I'm going to be a partial host to this thing, I've got to dress up a bit more than I'd usually like to."

The knight shook her head at the thought of having to dress up for such an occasion. She had never really been at the head of any big party so her usual choice of dresses didn't matter nearly as much. However, she had plans to speak to and convince many high ranking nobles about her effort to end the war on peaceful terms and nothing attracted their attention more than power and wealth. She'd have some power to display through her title of lieutenant and her connection to the princess and viceroy so all that was left was to put wealth into the mixture. The thought made her want to wrinkle her nose. After this party is over, I'll just sell the dress and jewels off so I can start the funding to aid the outer villages after... she told herself. Knowing that the coins she would spend today would eventually go towards something she actually wanted to spend them on, she felt a little less annoyed by the thought of buying something a bit more extravagant than what she currently owned.

"Just don't judge me for what I might buy today." Penelope mused as she looked ahead towards the marketplace as it came into view. It was bustling with nobles and their servants as they traveled around to the various merchants. The place was just as busy as the knight remembered it to be. Turning to Crow she flashed him an eager smile. "So, any place in particular you'd like to start looking at first?"
Penelope kinda realized that after a moment xD
Penelope smiled at him amusedly as she felt him brush his hand against hers. The knight gave a soft chuckle as he explained that he had once played with some quartz when he was a boy. It definitely made her feel a bit better, more so just because she enjoyed hearing about what he had done as a child. She supposed she understood his eagerness to hear the stories Letitia had of her when she was growing up. Offhandedly, the knight wondered if, when they had a kid, they would act similarly to how she and Crow had growing up. The thought made her heart speed up, keeping a blush on her face. It had been a while since she had thought about their far off future due to everything that was going on and now that it had crossed her mind. Now that it had, she began to realize how different it would look now that Crow had taken the title of viceroy.

"That's for sure." she agreed with him, clearing her voice a bit awkwardly as she tried to push away thoughts of the future. Though she knew they both wanted that, it was too far off to be focusing on it now. As he turned to her with an eager look, the knight's smile widened into a grin, finding his enthusiasm infectious and also welcoming the subject change. "Next up is the market place! It's pretty big.. I also might use this opportunity to actually do one errand that I need." she admitted with a small laugh.

"I need to get an appropriate dress for this party otherwise Gavin's sister will have my head." she explained with an exasperated sigh. "Normally I wouldn't agree with her but eyes are going to be on me when I try to convince everyone to support the war's end so I suppose I'll to dress to impress." Penelope shrugged her shoulders and gave him a teasing smirk before nudging his side. "Some of us don't have our wardrobe already picked out for us unfortunately."
Penelope accepted her fate xD
Penelope smiled as Crow took her hand and she nodded her head in agreement. She gave Letitia one last wave goodbye before turning to follow him out of the house. As they stepped outside, she swept her gaze over the area, making sure it was still as clear as it had been before. Luckily it was and she began to lead the way off her family's property and back onto the road. Though their visit with Letitia had gone rather well, she was eager to move on and show him the rest of Bellmare. Especially since she was hoping to stop from talking about her childhood anymore that day.

Her hopes were quickly dashed though as he turned back to her with a sly smirk. The knight blinked and looked over at him as he asked about Scratch. "You just had to ask didn't you?" she chuckled rolling her eyes at him. "I was hoping you'd heard enough from Letitia about me for one day." Penelope let out a small sigh feeling her cheeks grow warm again. Although she didn't really want to explain it, there was no reason not to aside from her own embarrassment.

"Well if you must know, Scratch was a toy dog made out of straw. Letitia gave him to me when I was young and I named him Scratch because... well, the hay was scratchy." She said with a sheepish smile. The knight shrugged her shoulders and looked ahead as she began to lead them towards the market place. "He was my favorite toy to play with back then...I also might have had quite the imagination when I was young." Her cheeks reddened a bit as she glanced over at Crow with smirk. "I used to claim he was as big as the house and if I ever got in trouble, my go to was usually to say that it was Scratch and not me. Unfortunately that excuse only really worked with Letitia."

She shook her head at them memory and gave his side a nudge. "But that's all you're getting out of me today. I'm sure Letitia will tell you plenty more whenever we see her again." she said with a small laugh.
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