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Hello! This is Buzzingbee! I used to be on here as BuzzBee but I had some trouble. I had issues in real life that made me go off for a while and then when I was going to come back on, passwords, emails, etc were forgotten and lost. xD But I'm back and ready to jump into where I left off!

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Penelope blinked as Crow suddenly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into an embrace. The action caught her off guard for a moment but she quickly relaxed in his arms and moved to rest hers around him. "It's alright." she told him in a soft voice. For a brief moment, she wondered what had gotten into him but her confusion was soon put to rest as he let her go and sat up, clearly nervous about reaching the castle.

She moved to sit down besides him on the edge of the bed. "Crow, you can only put it off for so long if you're planning to face him... Especially since we're so close." Penelope gently rubbed her hand over his back. In all honesty, she was quite nervous as well, though likely for different reasons. She worried what the king wanted with him to begin with and was concerned about having to convince the man to back down from the war. The knight sighed and pressed closer to him, pressing a long kiss to his cheek.

As she pulled back, Penelope rested her head against his. "Besides that, I think it's better to get it over with quick rather than letting it eat at you... That's why you chose to hear what he had to say in the first place, right?" she mused in a quiet voice.

"If it's any consolation, I think your father's just looking for your silence." John mused as he turned over to them. He shifted a bit uncomfortably at seeing them together but said nothing on the matter as he focused on Crow. "At least, that's what I'm assuming. He didn't tell me his plans but he made it clear that it has something to do with your relation to him."
Penelope's a little anxious about it now too xD
Penelope nodded her head at his words. She wasn't sure how welling the meeting with his father would go so it was difficult to say if he could really help her convince the king to end the war. It likely wouldn't be wise for her to depend too much on that so she'd have to start figuring out how she was going to put forth an argument on her own. The knight already began thinking over various points to make as she walked alongside the thief back to the inn.

As they returned to the room, Penelope felt a hint of disappointment that Crow couldn't sleep besides her. After everything that had happened, she wanted to lay next to him. However, she knew it was best not to push her father. Even if he seemed to be taking her mother's words seriously, she also didn't want to make him change his mind. So she merely offered a quiet 'good night' to Crow as he kissed her cheek before moving to lay down in her bed. Sleep didn't come easy as her mind kept replaying everything that had happened as well as fretting over what was to come.


At some point in the night, she must have fallen asleep, though she couldn't quite remember when. As she stirred, she stretched out her limbs, feeling a bit stiff, and sat up on her bed. She looked over to see that her father was up and was quietly sitting on the edge of his bed enjoying a small breakfast. The knight was a bit surprised that he hadn't woken them up himself but perhaps that was because of how late they were out the night before.

Penelope met his gaze and shifted slightly, suddenly wondering if all of that had really happened. "Last night... we saw my mother right?" she asked in soft voice. John looked over at her and gave a small nod of his head. He slowly stood up and stepped over to Penelope, placing his hand comfortingly on top of her head.

"Yes. It wasn't a dream." he assured. He gave her hair a small ruffle before taking a step back. "We should start getting ready to go soon... We're almost to the castle." John turned and moved to grab his things. "Make sure he's up." he muttered with a nod in the direction of Crow.

She studied her father for a moment before nodding her head. The knight swung her legs to the edge of her bed and got up, running a hand to smooth down her ruffled hair before she stepped over to Crow's bed. Penelope glanced over her shoulder at John, who had his back to them, before smiling softly at Crow and leaning down to press a kiss to his cheek. "Time to go." she murmured.
Fair enough xD
it worked cx
Penelope wrapped her arms around him as he pulled her into an embrace. She fell silent as she listened to him reassure her that the gods weren't controlling them as she thought. The knight shifted slightly, unsure if she trusted his words at first. Afterall, just because they had failed didn't mean they hadn't been controlled in her opinion. But perhaps, they didn't meddle as much as she was originally thinking. As he pointed out the gods feeling the need to speak with them, she gave a small nod as he brought up the valid point. His words eased the knight slightly. If they felt the need to speak with them, then their choices must matter quite a bit.

She met his lips halfway as he leaned in to kiss her, placing her hand over his as he caressed her cheek. As he pulled back, she gave him a small, halfhearted smile at his playful wink. "Thank you... I needed to hear that." she mused softly. Penelope relaxed a little and leaned up to press an affectionate kiss to his cheek, holding him a little closer. She rested her head on his shoulder for a moment and let out a soft sigh. "I don't think I'm going to be fighting the gods on this one though...It sounds like too much is at stake."

The thought of Toreus' warning made the knight shudder. For both kingdoms to be at risk of destruction, whatever trouble was on the horizon must be a dangerous foe. She'd have to figure out a way to convince the king to seek a peaceful end to this war since it sounded like anything else would mean destruction. Penelope pressed a little closer to Crow, taking comfort in his warm embrace before finally letting him go and taking a step back so they could continue to the inn.. "Which means we better get some sleep since we have a castle to get to." she murmured, reaching to take his hand.
Makes sense xD he's always had more faith in them than her lol
she's spiraling a bit lol
Penelope tensed slightly as she felt Crow place his hand on her back. His touch was normally comforting but with her thoughts and beliefs such a mess, she couldn't relax. The knight glanced over at him, a bit surprised at how well he was taking in all of this information. Was he not bothered by how much their fate had been tampered with? Or had he just not considered it yet? Either way, she wanted to talk to him about it.

"Nothing else happened, it's just.." the knight paused, glancing towards her father. She slowed her pace to put some distance from him so he wouldn't over hear her as she spoke. The only person she wanted to open up to this about was the man who was in a similar situation as her. "Everything's been decided for us, hasn't it? Our fates have been intertwined since the very beginning and the gods have had a plan for us this whole time.. Every choice I thought I made, was never mine to begin with." Penelope lowered her voice and shook her head looking rather distressed as she admitted what she was thinking about to him.

"Everything that's happened to us, every tragedy, every challenge we've face, it was all just them shaping us into useful tools. It's no different than how someone trains a horse." A small hint of bitterness edged into her voice as she spoke about it outloud. She shook her head and turned to him with a frown. The knight paused and shifted her gaze away from him, finding it difficult to meet his gaze as she went on in a weak voice, "I mean, do we really love each other? The gods clearly planned to force us together since the beginning, who's to say these feelings are truly us and not just them meddling in our lives again?"
Penelope's having a little bit of a crisis xD she doesn't like feeling like she has no control over her own life
Penelope listened as her father explained that their mothers had been friends. At first she was surprised to learn that the two had known each other but as she thought it over more, the less it began to surprise her. That likely explained how John had even known about Albin being Crow's father and why Albin had chosen to send him out of everyone. John had known this information for years but had kept his mouth shut, of course Albin would use him to track down his son.

This new information began to to make her feel trapped. It sounded like the gods had already carved out a narrow path for her and Crow since before they had even been born. Was every difficulty they had faced in their life just a way of training them up for these tasks they needed to be complete? Toreus had been generally kind to her, even expressing some fondness. But, perhaps, that fondness was the same kind of fondness a rider would show their horse. The thought sent a shiver down her spine. Perhaps having the favor of the gods also meant being their puppets.

As Crow turned to her again, the knight just numbly nodded her head as she felt herself starting to get overwhelmed. The knight suddenly felt trapped. She had once thought the gods didn't meddle in mortal affairs but with that theory broken, it felt like any choice she had made or was going to make was out of her control. Penelope looked over at Crow and frowned slightly as a new thought came to mind. All this time she had thought he was her choice, the one she decided to be with despite what her family and others would think, but was he really? Now it just seemed that the gods had chosen him for her long ago. Perhaps he wasn't her choice. Perhaps, he was theirs.

Before she even realized what she was doing, she let go of his hand and shifted away from him slightly. Penelope blinked and looked up at hm before shifting her gaze away. "Sorry.." she mumbled, unsure what else to say.

John eyed his daughter for a moment before focusing his gaze ahead towards the inn. "I'll explain more tomorrow...Right now, I think we could all use some rest."
John's spilling the tea
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