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Current Hey I'm still around, I just got RDR2 and have been on a binge playing it for a little bit! I'll be getting some replies out soon!
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2-5 14-9-3-5 3-8-9-12-4-18-5-14
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Step 1: Write extremely excited message about an RP to someone. Step 2: Change some of the ! At the end of every sentence to .s because you need to chill.


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I am a 28 year old young lady from America! I have been Rping for 14+ years since way back when AOL was a program you dialed up to the internet through, and people held dozens of Rps at once in the AOL chat rooms!

I remember discovering people 'writing stories together' and thinking, "Yes. This is my thing. This. Is. MY. THING. NOW." And of course started with one-liners. However, I quickly graduated to Para, and even Holy-Shit-Is-That-A-Novel Para for a short time. But I realized doing that much fluffing of actions and reactions that should only take 2-3 paragraphs was ridiculous.

Now I proudly do 'as needed' para/semi-para, with fluff and extra description where it makes sense(e.g slow relaxed scenes, setting establishment, etc). Do not worry, my writing is not simply plain and to the point. I have been studying and contemplating what makes a good RP for a long time.
Posts and replies must have a healthy mix of Action, Reaction, and Description!

My Interests
My 1x1 Interest Check I keep updated with my genres, fandoms, and plot bunnies can be found here!

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Forgot to sleep
Spruced this baby up and ready for another round!
"Her people, whose race will remain secret for storytelling reasons, would show absolutely no mercy. "

Except it's in the 3rd paragraph, 3rd line of your intro. Just a friendly point out so you can fix it if you like!
Heylo, badumpabumping this, re opened, I'm here, PM me instead of replying to this thread!

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