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1 day ago
Current Sorry for the Delay in replies, I have been dealing with computer issues that I thought were potentially fatal to my system. I figured them out tonight and it's fine, but took a toll on my mind.
4 days ago
Well, glad that Holiday is over. The food wasn't even that great... oh wait, I cooked everything. :/
6 days ago
Oh f- it's Thanks Giving already? I thought it was 27th for some reason... Welp Replies may not come today as I suddenly have to clean and cook IRL :/
7 days ago
I just realized Nov is probably the worst month to get back into RP here, because a lot of y'all are probably doing NaNoWriMo getting burned out :/


About Me [Overhauled 11/26/2022]
I am a 30 year old woman from America. I have been Roleplaying for... damn, probably about 20 years. I got started in AOL chatrooms back when AOL was a program for dialup that came on CDs delivered in the snail-mail.
I have been through the spectrum of style and post length through my years, and have settled comfortably in a descriptive prose semi/para range for the most part. I like to focus on not only visual details, but sensory details as well.

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My 1x1 Interest Check I keep updated with my genres, fandoms, and plot bunnies can be found here!

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"Her people, whose race will remain secret for storytelling reasons, would show absolutely no mercy. "

Except it's in the 3rd paragraph, 3rd line of your intro. Just a friendly point out so you can fix it if you like!
Heylo, badumpabumping this, re opened, I'm here, PM me instead of replying to this thread!

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