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Current Nearly Un-Burned, don't give up on me!
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Having a bit of Burn-Out actually. I'm going to try to not have it last too long! Apologies everyone! I still love our Rps <3
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Sorry all for not getting much Rp in today. I'll be taking the rest of the night for Self Care even though I'd rather Rp more. Being showered and in clean clothes will just make it even better!
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;-; That feel when your favorite Rp partner logs out for the night...


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I am a 26 year old young lady from America! I have been Rping for 12+ years since way back when AOL was a program you dialed up to the internet through, and people held dozens of Rps at once in the AOL chat rooms!

I remember discovering people 'writing stories together' and thinking, "Yes. This is my thing. This. Is. MY. THING. NOW." And of course started with one-liners. However, I quickly graduated to Para, and even Holy-Shit-Is-That-A-Novel Para for a short time. But I realized doing that much fluffing of actions and reactions that should only take 2-3 paragraphs was ridiculous.

Now I proudly do 'as needed' para/semi-para, with fluff and extra description where it makes sense(e.g slow relaxed scenes, setting establishment, etc). Do not worry, my writing is not simply plain and to the point. I have been studying and contemplating what makes a good RP for a long time.
Posts and replies must have a healthy mix of Action, Reaction, and Description!

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My 1x1 Interest Check I keep updated with my genres, fandoms, and plot bunnies can be found here!

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"Her people, whose race will remain secret for storytelling reasons, would show absolutely no mercy. "

Except it's in the 3rd paragraph, 3rd line of your intro. Just a friendly point out so you can fix it if you like!
Heylo, badumpabumping this, re opened, I'm here, PM me instead of replying to this thread!


You are a professional sorceress hired by the Lord of the land to flush out a dragon that has been settled in a valley several years now. The problem isn't that it's causing trouble-- it's that the beast is gaining a following. The local villagers have started referring to it as their Lord. The real Lord won't stand for this.
No arrow or blade has worked yet, so the Lord has turned to Magic...

I'm looking for a female character to take up this role, regardless of what the writer behind her is.

The dragon is intelligent and capable of speech. It has only one form, though I may consider changing this if necessary. It isn't massive, maybe twice the size of a horse.

This plot ends with the situation being resolved in some manner.

Will the Sorceress complete the job as commanded, or will it work out some other way...?

This is not a Fight Rp, but may contain fight scenes.

Morals will be challenged!

Romance and Mature scenes may be an option if it makes sense in the natural flow the the Rp, and if you approve.
This must be requested, or it will be excluded by default.

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