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Current Don't write "I love OOC chatting" if you're not willing to freeze our RP for a week just to talk about random dumb shit like Madagascar the movie.
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Gen Z is peak Pokémon, change my mind.


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I get it might sound weird but... Can't hurt to try it out!
So... this isn't really something i came up with on my own. I saw an IC that had this idea and got inspired to try my own version with little adjustments.

I'd still call it a Roleplay but it will be very different from the usual RPs we do here. The entire sense of this is to build some sort of relationship between two characters that interact to each other by chatting online. For this reason, there's no need to *roleplay actions* since we're just chatting each other.

Now, practically speaking, as I said we can build any kind of relationship between our characters. They could be looking for a romantic relationship, for a secret lover, maybe they just wanted some good old sexting and doing it with a stranger online sounded exciting. All of this while exploring the interesting character they found online.

Why did they ended up chatting in the first place? A random message on Instagram? A tinder match? maybe a number found on a piece of paper at a party?

Regardless of what we choose, I would like this to go mature at some point so the only request I have is to be over 18.

I understand I didn't really explain it perfectly but if you got even slightly interested, please drop me a PM. I'll be happy to go into details!
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