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After a few months (And a couple of times I disappeared) I finally decided to make my first Interest Check. Hope that all the time spent studying some really cool ICs out there will pay me back now. But I should stop procrastinating now, let's get to the real stuff:

I'm currently looking for a couple of partners to roleplay with, so why don't we find out if it's you the one I'm looking for?
Here's a few things to consider first:

  • I need you to be +18. I really enjoy having mature themes in my RPs, whether we're talking about heavy stuff or just sex stuff, so you must be legally considered an adult.
  • Writing style would be Casual, but we can really adjust it based on the scenario we're facing. I don't mind writing or reading either a long post if we're feeling inspired or just a single paragraph if it's kinda necessary (like having an important conversation between main characters).
  • Please help me keep the story going! Unless we have specifically agreed that one of us is acting as the GM of the RP, I need you to
  • I really like chatting and being friendly with people so, even if it's not required, please tolerate my attempts to have OOC chats. We could fail as RP-partners but still make good friends, you never know.

Things I'd like to write

Content here will be updated as my cravings change.

Right now I'm looking for one or more of those:

An MxF pairing (with me as the M) inside a..:

  • Modern Fantasy
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Slice of Life
  • Steampunk

Story-driven, we can think of a cool premise! Mature themes are good, maybe not really heavy stuff for the main characters.
I'd kinda also want something smutty, to be honest. But none of this is a must-have, we can build it as we like!

But yeah, it's pretty generic right now, I'll add a couple of plots soon, maybe.

If you've come this far down and still willing to shoot me a PM, also tell me your favorite animal. Why? I dunno, to prove that you read everything, I guess?
Hello people on this guild!
Name's Velos and I'm happy to meet you all!
To introduce myself a little, I'm a Male in his 20s with a huge passion for roleplaying! I've been playing D&D's for 3 years now and I used to write down a lot back in time but right now I'm probably a little rusty, hoping to fix that here!
Also English is not my native language so guess I could Roleplay, rekindle my writing skills AND improve my abilities with this language at the same time! Would be awesome!

As for what I would like to play... probably only 1x1 RPs right now to practice, Fantasy stuff, Slice of life stuff, anything really!
I'll cut this short hoping to start playing and getting to know some of you in the near future!

See you around!
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