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Juniper barely knew what was going on. At first she was just standing outside, holding one of Emmetts guns, next she was being pushed into a hovercar and being handed another gun! She knew something bad had to be going on at this point, and she looked at the driver of the car, realizing that it was Ursa. Juniper let out a soft sigh, but she didn't have time to relax. Ursa told her to use whatever weapon she could to help get rid of some vehicles that were chasing them. Juniper's eyes widened, but there was no way she wasn't going to listen, if it meant her life depended on it.

She gazed around quickly in the back seat and found some sort of ray gun or another, and with shaky hands, brought it out the back window which she lowered. She had no idea how to use it, but figured there was a trigger and that would be a wise choice to try and press to fire. Ursa was swerving in and out of traffic, and it was hard to keep her hands still. Eventually though, she simply pulled the trigger in the direction of one of the cars, and luckily she hit it. It blew up into a ball of fire behind them, causing other hover vehicles to crash around, which made Juniper feel guilty for. But, she wanted to live more than she wanted to worry about other people in this very moment, which was normally unlike her.

Before she could shoot at another though, she heard Ursa tell her to duck at the top of her lungs. Juniper's reaction time was great, and she ducked down, bringing her arms up to protect her face and head. Suddenly the car was being pushed back after a blast of hot energy blew off. Glass from the windows shattered into the car and Juniper let out a gasp as pieces flew toward her. Before she could try and get the glass away, the car smashed into a hydrant and Juniper flew against the other side of the car, with enough force to dislocate her right shoulder. She screamed out in pain, and breathed slowly through her nose to try and ebb the pain. The car was still upright luckily, but Juniper could care less about that. Her mind was elsewhere, and tears flowed down her cheeks, her black hair sticking to the wet skin.

Ursa drove away from the disaster behind them, and eventually arrived back at the ship. Juniper was unsure whether she would be allowed back aboard, but when Ursa was confronted by a crew member, she asked if they were coming. Juniper nodded, holding her arm still as she walked up onto the ship. The person who confronted Ursa looked at Juniper gently.

"What happened?"

"My shoulder..." Juniper said, her voice strained.

The man reached out and lead Juniper to a small med bay type of area, and began to deal with her injury.
Ophelia listened closely as Morthos began to explain how Ley Lines worked, and where there were some located nearby the area. Much to her surprise, there was a big one right where SPA was. This was awfully convenient, and she felt a bit of relief learning this new information. Morthos continued on, explaining some side effects that could occur once the teleportation had been completed. He didn't even finish counting down before teleporting them to an area just outside of his home town.

During the time between spaces, Ophelia's eyes couldn't quite focus, and she began to feel hot and nauseas. She tried to focus on something that wasn't moving in a blur, but could only see some dark figures around her. She reached out to try and ground herself with the sensation of touch, but her fingers merely slipped through something ice cold and misty. Suddenly she could feel her feet hit the ground and Morthos began to speak again, though Ophelia couldn't concentrate on his words, because she had wandered off to vomit. It felt like a long time before she was able to stop. She wondered if she had been sick due to the magic, or due to the potion, or something else completely.

Once she was able to stand up fully, she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, since she had nothing else to use, and rejoined the group. At this point, Morthos had a fire ball in his palm to try and light their way, though the fog around the area was so dense they could barely see the path. It left chills along Ophelia's spine, and she brought her whip down from her arm to her hand in case she needed it. Her daggers were sheathed in their normal spot on her thighs, and she narrowed her eyes to try and force herself to see better, though the likelihood of that was slim.
Ophelia's eyes snapped up toward Jax as she mentioned about the sleeping potion, knowing full well that Roxas was close by to hear. Over the last month, Ophelia had been completely open with Roxas except for the fact that she had gone to see the council, and gathered and made the things she needed for the potion. She knew he wouldn't understand more than likely, so never bothered to bring it up before. Her expression turned annoyed at Jax and she sighed, turning to face Roxas who was glaring back at her. Ophelia began to speak when Morthos burst through the door, barely able to keep his words coherent, as he was nearly breathless and in a panic. He was speaking about something to do with his mother being in danger, and Ophelia's eyes went from annoyed to worried.

Roxas began to try and calm Morthos, and Ophelia rolled her eyes in annoyance as his tone of voice was far from what one would consider 'calm'. Ophelia did however have a knack for speaking calmly when needed, so she spoke up.

"Did you see something that's concerning you? I'm sure everyone will be fine to leave now if you are worried Morthos. We are a team, after all..." Ophelia said, her eyes shooting over to Roxas. She then placed a hand on Morthos' shoulder and tried to get him to calm down by allowing herself to be calm near him likewise, forgetting for the moment that her and Roxas would need to talk. She focused her aura outward toward Morthos and hoped that it would do something, either way.
---- Roughly One Month Later ----

Ophelia's white hair was pinned up tightly at the back of her head, and she wore an elegant band with feathers around her head. Her tutu matched with the headband, and her eyes were accented with silver shadow. Over the course of the two ish hours, the performance went smoothly and she moved with grace and purpose. The emotions of her character showed on her face while an orchestra played during each scene. By the time the performance ended, Ophelia felt exhausted, the adrenaline she felt at the beginning having worn off at this point. Before she left the stage on the last scene, she managed to catch a glimpse of Roxas, Jax, and Morthos in the audience. Her blue eyes shone gently in the spot lights and she disappeared offstage to change.

Shortly after she reached her dressing room, the door swung open and Hargul entered, still wearing his outfit from the ballet. Ophelia smiled at him and motioned him to come over. She was mostly naked, but she did live with him so it wasn't like she cared much. She slipped into a silver evening gown, taking her hair out of the bun and styling into something more appropriate for the after party which would be to celebrate the performance. The only person who would be allowed to join her at the party unfortunately would be Roxas, but she knew that Jax and Morthos would understand. She finally made her way to an open lounge type area where most of the people who were watching would arrive or leave from the building. She saw the three standing there, and she held Hargul's hand as she approached them.

Despite feeling extremely happy and excited in this moment, Ophelia really was exhausted. She felt slightly sick to her stomach as well, and she thought she might be sick. She breathed in twice through her nose, exhaling out her mouth to try and settle her stomach. Normally her nerves didn't bother her this much, and she let the feelings happen and then pass. Once she was feeling a little better, she spoke up.

"So? What did you think?" she said, smiling widely, her fangs quite obvious. Hargul jumped over to Jax and sat up on her shoulder. Ophelia stood next to Roxas, fairly close. Their relationship over the last month grew slightly. Roxas had become more open with Ophelia and she trusted him more likewise. They still had a long road ahead, but either way, things were good currently. Once everyone responded, Camille walked up to the group and smiled softly to them.

"Hate to interrupt, but you are needed to head to the celebration now, love," Camille said, her voice smooth as silk, then turned and disappeared.

Ophelia nodded, and then looked to Jax and Morthos quickly before departing.

"Have either of you found any new missions yet? It has been a little bit since our last group one. If you hear of anything, let us know!" Ophelia said, then took Roxas and guided him toward a vehicle that would bring them to a private building that was booked for the party. Camille would be there shortly if she wasn't already, and while on the way, Ophelia sent Jax a text. "Be home later. I love you!!"

---- A few hours later ----

Once the party was over, Ophelia and Roxas headed back to her place. She opened up the door and stepped inside, yawning gently. Luckily she had her little potion here to take once Roxas fell asleep, if he was planning to stay.She went to change into a pair of pajamas, and found Jax after. "I hope you had a good time today? I'm really tired, and want to hear about your day, but I need to rest... I haven't been feeling well lately?"
After a long while, Ophelia finally made it to her destination. The council was sure to laugh at her request, she figured, but it was worth trying nonetheless. She looked up at the building, taking in the features of the structure. It was intimidating, but beautiful all at once. She had never been here before, but knew that this probably wouldn't be the last time she'd visit. Two tall Vampires stood outside of the main door, their eyes remaining steadily ahead. As Ophelia approached, she folded the little map and placed it inside of her cloaks inner pocket. Before she could say anything the two men shifted, opening up the door with a simple wave of their dominant hands. Ophelia's eyes watched curiously, in awe of their abilities. Every creature she came across in her life had been so unique, it never ceased to amaze her of their power.

Unsure at first where to go, she turned to one of the guards, her expression slightly confused. "Where do I go?" she asked finally.

The Vampires then answered her in unison, and it made her hair stand on end. "Use your senses, and you will find the way."

Her brow furrowed and her lips turned downward in a slight frown at their response, and she nodded. She normally was only very in tune with her sense of smell. Despite her senses being extremely heightened, she realized she didn't use them often, nor all at once. Maybe it was because she never really felt threatened in a way where she needed to be so on guard. Finally then, Ophelia took a deep breath in through her nose, catching scents of Vampires who she could tell were wise in their age and power. She listened, hearing footsteps in nearby corridors, and murmuring coming from the distance. She began walking toward the scent and sound of the Vampires and eventually came to another doorway, though this one was just a tall, rounded archway.

Inside of the room sat four tall, marble thrones placed in the shape of a crescent moon along the back wall, which was shaped the same. Two males and two females sat in the thrones and they were talking amongst themselves. Even though Ophelia knew better than to assume they didn't know she was there, she pretended they didn't, and took the time to look at each one individually. The first male to her left had mocha colored skin, with long hair the color of obsidian and stone grey eyes. His features were more rounded, and he was of average height. The first female was much paler in comparison, her complexion more similar to Ophelia's, though her hair was the color of amber when the sun hits it. Her nose and jawline were sharp and angular, chiseled almost. She felt intimidating just by appearance. The next was another female, this one Ophelia immediately recognized as Camille. A slight smile played on Ophelia's lips, and the last male had chocolate brown hair, and was much smaller than the first Vampire. She figured though he was either very old, very powerful, or both despite his size.

Finally Camille spoke up then, her eyes shifting from the redheaded female, to meet Ophelia's gaze. "Come on in, Miss Kariana."

Her voice sounded so formal, compared to when she spoke to her earlier. Ophelia smiled again faintly and stepped slowly into the room, noting there were two smaller seats facing the council members. Camille's hand motioned for Ophelia to sit, which she did without hesitation. She tried to make herself comfortable, but found she was sitting on the edge of the seat, figuring her position matched the building anxiety in her throat. She wasn't sure whether she could begin talking right away, so decided it best to wait until she was spoken to.

"What brings you here, young one?" the first, mocha skinned Vampire called out to Ophelia.

She barely had to think about her answer, and decided to get straight to the point. She knew that whether she was blunt or not, they'd find out what she was there for.

"I am bonded with a human. And despite that I am aware that is not the norm, I was curious whether there was a way I could possibly sleep at night when he does." Her question seemed simple enough in her mind, and hoped they would have a solution.

She could feel the tension in the air thicken as the Vampires shared glances. Even Camille seemed slightly surprised at this request. Ophelia's attention then turned to the smallest, male Vampire, who began to speak immediately. His voice was deep and strong, and Ophelia's eyes widened just slightly.

"There is a way. But it requires you to gather the items first, and then have someone very skilled create the serum for you. It will take many nights to complete once you have found everything required, but if you are willing to do that, then you shall have what you wish for."

"May I have a list of the items I will need?" Ophelia asked, as politely as she could.

The Vampire nodded, and a paper appeared before her then, each item written out in a sharp cursive style with crimson ink. Ophelia reached out, taking the list and looked it over once before placing inside her cloak pocket alongside the map.

"I will warn you though, child. There can be some... Negative... Side affects to taking this serum daily. Just keep that in mind, my dear."

Ophelia's gaze met his strongly and his expression was serious. She nodded, and thanked them for helping her.

"Farewell for now. We will be seeing you again... Sooner than you think."

The Vampires words echoed in Ophelia's mind the entire way back toward the city, and she chewed on her bottom lip so much that she bit into it. Wondering on what the words meant, Ophelia found herself entering Roxas' home, though only to be immediately greeted by a silver bullet through her chest and left shoulder.
When Roxas asked her if she wanted him to come, she shook her head slightly, her eyes shifting to the ground. She had told him no. It felt weird, and she felt a pang of guilt at his expression, but she didn't really want him to know what other errands she was running. She wasn't sure whether he would think the idea was stupid or not.

Either way, Ophelia made her way into the shopping area of the city. The ballet studio wasn't quite 'shopping' but it was still nearby. She moved at human speed, enjoying her time alone on the way there. She hadn't been by herself in a while so she was savoring this time to herself. She also hadn't practiced her ballet in some time, and she was itching to start again. After a while of walking, she made it to the studio. She stopped outside for a few moments to look at the building, and then opened the door and stepped inside. Once the door closed behind her, her gaze shifted around the room, looking for her instructor. Finally her eyes came to land on a tall, thin female. Her hair was white as snow, similar to Ophelia's. You'd almost think they could be twins.

Ophelia smiled gently, her eyes sparkling a little happily. She walked up to the fellow ballerina and she hugged her for a moment.

The woman spoke then her voice melodic, "Good day, Ophelia. It's been a while."

"Yes. I've been busy at SPA. I promise though to come more regularly now, Camille."

"Are you here to dance, now?" Camille asked, watching Ophelia's gaze carefully.

"No, I'm actually here to pay the next year's lessons. I hope that's alright?" Ophelia asked her, shifting slightly.

Camille nodded and lead her to the front desk, moving in behind it to set up the payment. Since Ophelia had been a member for some time, the studio already had her account information, and the Solars were transferred over almost instantly.

"There we go. All done!" Camille said, smiling, two small fangs visible between her lips.

Ophelia grinned and moved to hug Camille once more.

"Thank you so much, lovely. I have some more things I need to do. But, I will be seeing you tomorrow!!" Ophelia waved at her and made her way out of the studio, back out onto the street. She gazed around now, taking note of who was around, and thinking which places might be able to assist her in her next errand. She first decided to go to Elias's Alchemy shop. She entered slowly, pulling up the hood of her cloak before doing so, despite the fact this might make her look suspicious.

Entering the shop she could smell mixtures of chemicals and other things. Brightly colored vials topped with corks rested in holders in multiple rows along the walls around the room, neighboring different plants in small pots and other, less identifiable objects placed upon tables. Ophelia moved slowly through the shop, gazing at each item as she passed by it, before reaching the front desk. Soft music played in the background, and she looked around for someone to help her. She cleared her throat slightly, which she realized at this point was now starting to burn with thirst. She shook her head slightly, ignoring it, and waited.

"O-oh! Hello! Be right there!" A male's voice called from somewhere in the shop.

Ophelia waited patiently and finally an extremely tall elf male walked out from behind a curtain, his brown hair frizzy around his face, from work no doubt. He smiled at Ophelia, greeting her with a firm hand shake. Ophelia lowered her hood and let it rest against her back and shoulders. She brushed the strands away from her face and looked up at the man, who she assumed was Elias.

"Hello. I was wondering..." Ophelia began, though hesitant. She wanted to word her question correctly, but knew it was going to be odd nonetheless.

"You were wondering?" He said back, waiting.

"I was wondering, if perhaps you had some type of, Vampiric sleeping potion. Something I could take nightly to make me sleep." She said, trying to sound confident.

The elf looked at her curiously, his head tilting to one side.

"Why on Earth would you need such a potion?" he asked, still rattled at her words.

Her eyes moved toward the counter for a moment while she spoke, "My bond... Is not a Vampire, you see? I want to be able to sleep when he does."

Elias looked at her, concern crossing his face. It wasn't unheard of for Vampires to bond with other creatures outside of their race, but it also wasn't common. Ophelia gazed up just in time to see Elias shake his head.

"I'm sorry dear. I don't have anything like that here... You may want to try speaking with the council. They might have something, or some advice, for you that could work." His eyes were kind along with his voice, but Ophelia felt disappointed.

"Alright. Thank you for your time anyway. Would you know how I could get there?" She asked, hoping he would at least be able to direct her.

After a few moments, he drew out a map with a feather quill and ink on some parchment. Handing it to her, he smiled, "Good luck, young one."

And with that, Ophelia turned and left the shop, staring down at the map in her hand. She began on the journey, unsure how long it would take her.
When Roxas finally woke up, he kissed Ophelia gently and showered, but realized that his clothes weren't there so went off to go find them. Ophelia's gaze moved to Jax's bag and her weights and she frowned slightly. So much for Roxas taking these down, she thought. She gathered up everything from the room and changed into some comfy clothes for travel. Once everything was packed, she took her bag in one hand, and Jax's in the other, easily hauling them down toward the lobby of the hotel with Roxas' clothes on top of her own bag.

Once she arrived there, she heard Morthos say that the first mission was a success. Ophelia felt bad, knowing that Jax had already talked to him, and she just stayed quiet for a while, while Roxas told her about Jax taking his clothes. She handed him the clothes from yesterday, but didn't say too much. At least they'd be on their way home soon.

---- A few hours later ----

Finally walking into SPA, Ophelia felt more relaxed. She even smiled, and couldn't wait to get back to her routine again. Even though she enjoyed doing missions, everything lately had been extremely intense and fast. She did a tiny little dance as she walked through the doors. She headed with the group straight to get paid. One the Solars had been transferred to each of their accounts, Ophelia gave Jax a high five, feeling accomplished.

"We did it!" she said, smiling.

Ophelia looked over to Roxas, who looked fairly pleased with himself, and then to Morthos, who's expression was not on the happy side of things. Ophelia turned her gaze away, back to Jax and Roxas.

"I'm going to go pay for my ballet, and do some other stuff before heading home, okay?" She leaned in, hugging Jax tightly before moving to kiss Roxas on the cheek, and disappearing into the crowds of people to do her errands.

Juniper was woken by banging on the cabin door and she put her dress back on, unsure what to do with the night gown she had wore for pajamas. She decided to just leave it folded on the bed, which she made, and she opened the door to see a tall person standing there, his expression serious. He had dark skin, with silver dreads that complimented the tone.

"We arrive in an hour. I'll take you to the kitchen to eat, give you some money, and then you'll be getting off and can head out on your own," he said, his voice matter of fact.

Juniper stared at him, feeling unsure and she was sure her eyes gave away her fear. But instead of saying anything, she simply nodded and followed Mac to the kitchen. She wondered if there was any more food already made, but figured she should probably make something for herself instead. After a bit of cooking and searching for items to use and eat from, she sat down at the island in the middle of the room in the same spot she had the day before. She liked that spot, and smiled slightly, calling it hers.

She kicked her feet slightly in her seat, and hummed quietly to herself, daydreaming once she finished her food. She breathed in slow through her nose, and closed her eyes a little. Finally she got up and washed her dishes, and put them away, then sat back down. She couldn't find a clock, and figured someone would return to get her when it was time for her to leave. What felt like only moments later, she could hear Mac's voice telling her to wake up.

"Come on! It's time to go... Wake up."

Juniper's head snapped up off the table and looked to Mac again, and she then rubbed her eyes shyly. "Sorry..." she said, sighing.

Mac began to lead her to the exit platform, and she began to panic. She didn't know this planet, let alone know anyone on it. She would be homeless with no where to go, no way to make money for food or shelter, and almost instantly after her thoughts began, she started to cry. She wanted to beg to let her stay, but the chances were probably slim to none. Juniper could feel Mac's eyes on her then, and she almost didn't dare to look up at him. Instead she heard him speak up again.

"Don't worry kid... You'll be okay."

Juniper nodded, sniffling as she wiped at her eyes with the back of her wrist. She wasn't convinced though. She had never been on her own before. Finally Mac handed her a bag with some Kredits in it, and nodded as he left her with Takashi, who she had met previously. Juniper watched as Ursa and Mac left the platform and headed into the city, and she saw Ursa smile at her slightly before turning her back to them.

Juniper finally took a deep breath in and turned to face Takashi, who was reaching out to push her gently on the back, as though to guide her off the ship. Juniper dug her heels into the metal and stood where she was, her eyes on his.

"Please don't make me go..." she started, quickly coming up with a story to hopefully get him to let her stay.

"You can't stay Juniper. Ursa said you have to get off here," he said, his voice kind, but firm.

"Please. I don't have a family anymore. My planet is destroyed... I don't have anything except this flower dress and this bag of Kredits Mac gave me. I'll probably die out there on my own. Please just let me stay!" Juniper's voice turned whiny and pleading, her eyes stinging with the onset of tears the further down the platform she was forced. Finally she broke into sobs, and reached forward, grabbing onto Takashi's arm.

"Ursa will be pissed... I can't let you stay. I know you've had some misfortune, but everyone has. You'll be okay I promise." Takashi really did try to sound convincing, but Juniper knew that he figured she was probably right.

"Then please at least let me say a proper goodbye to Ursa... She was the first person I saw after my parents died in front of me..." Juniper tried another approach, hoping this one would work in combination of the crying. Her fears and sadness were genuine, and she was reacting with honesty.

Takashi looked at her silently for a few moments, mulling it over in his mind before giving her an answer. Juniper knew right away at his hesitation that she had won, though.

"Alright, but only until Ursa returns... Please don't cry."

Juniper wiped her face and nose again and slowly stopped crying, becoming quiet after a few moments. Takashi then lead her to a sort of area with seats and they both sat down. Juniper didn't feel awkward at all in her silence, though she couldn't say the same for Takashi. He had a neutral expression on his face and she sighed softly, then stood up.

"Wanna see a trick?" She waited for Takashi to answer her, and she suddenly began to change shape. Her body shrank down many sizes, and her bones and features morphed and changed into the shape of a the same weird looking cat creature she had before, and Takashi's eyes widened with almost horror. This cat might be cute to Juniper's people, but maybe not to Takashi. Juniper smiled and then transformed back into her normal self, but only for a moment.

"Wanna see another?" she grinned this time, her soft voice excited. Takashi raised his eyebrow and looked at her expectantly. Suddenly, Juniper began to take the shape of Takashi. The details were exactly the same, and she stared at him in silence for a moment, enjoying his expressions which ranged from surprised, to angry, to suddenly laughing. Juniper began to laugh too then, and her eyes shone from within, feeling happy even for a moment.

"Well done. That's talent right there."

"Thanks," Juniper said in response, changing back into her normal form once more. She sat back down and closed her eyes, simply just trying to relax while she waited for Ursa.

------- A couple hours later -------

Takashi had gotten up to go greet Ursa, Juniper assumed. It had been a while, so she figured she was probably on her way back. Juniper ran after him, and Ursa began spouting off angrily about what had just happened. She sounded pissed.

"That fucker. I hate. HATE using my damn guns. Makes the job so damn messy. Now I'm gonna have families cursing my name and whoever Yondi was in touch with is going to be on my ass. PLUS...HE THINKS I WAS HIS BITCH. FOR EIGHT YEARS...HE THOUGHT I WAS WORKING FOR HIM...THAT MOTHER...What the hell is she doing on my ship?"

Takashi began to explain when suddenly a blast sounded outside the ship. Ursa yelled to get them off the ground, and the ship took off roughly, causing Juniper to stumble slightly. Ursa moved to set new coordinates, then turned to look at Juniper with angry eyes.

"Now...let me ask again. What are you still doing on my ship?"

Juniper stepped closer to her, folding her fingers together to keep from fidgeting. "Please... I don't know anyone here... I could be useful to you... I'm a good learner, and can work hard if you need me to."

"I'm not really recruiting right now... I'd need some time to think it over," Ursa said, turning her eyes back to the coordinates.

Juniper wondered where they would be going, and spoke up again, "Please, you don't even have to pay me. I promise you wouldn't regret it."
Ophelia finished her glass of blood, placing the cup back on the table lightly. She stood, still holding Roxas' hand and looked to Lenora and her dad.

"I think we should get going. Thank you for having us all for dinner. We head back to SPA tomorrow," she said quietly.

Letting go of Roxas' hand and she picked up all of their plates, bringing them to the kitchen swiftly. She heard her mother stand up, and Ophelia quickly made her way upstairs to her bedroom, grabbing her battle uniform. She met the others at the door, and began to speak, her voice neutral.

"Go on ahead of me, I'll catch up in a couple minutes." She then waited for Jax and the boys to leave, and waited for Lenora to approach her at the door. Ophelia smoothed her dress, then squared her slender shoulders.

"Ophelia. I do love you. And I want what's best for you... I... I know that I've been hard on you." Lenora said, meeting Ophelia's gaze steadily, though Ophelia knew her mother was cowering slightly. Ophelia was going to be the bigger person. She figured her mother had some demons she needed to deal with eventually.

"Please don't. I tried my hardest for you, and despite the complete bullshit you put me through, I forgive you," she spoke evenly, looking at her mother. "I don't want to stand here going on and on about this, so give me a call in a few days or something, and we can talk then..." Lenora looked at Ophelia, silent, and leaned forward, hugging Ophelia close to her cool body.

Ophelia's eyes widened, and her body went slightly rigid, not knowing how to react. Her nose crinkled slightly and she looked to the side. After a couple moments, Lenora let go and Ophelia reached back for the door handle. "Bye for now," she said, opening the door quickly and then closing it behind her. She ran to catch up to the others, and they made their way back to the hotel after a while. She was exhausted, and was thinking about the nights events. She wanted to spend some time with Roxas, but knew that Jax wouldn't allow them if she had her way. She kept quiet the entire way to the hotel, and finally they reached their hallway. She took our the key to their room, and slid her hand into Roxas' again. Ophelia reached toward the door, sliding the key into the lock and opened up the door slightly.

She turned to look at Jax for a moment, who was directly behind her waiting for Ophelia to push through the door. But instead of moving forward, Ophelia handed Roxas the key, then pushed Jax away slightly, with gentle pressure. "Have fun!!" she said, teasingly. Though she was half serious. She knew that they both needed to spend time with the boys. Quickly, Ophelia then pushed Roxas into her room and followed behind him, shutting and locking the door quickly. She only caught a brief look at Jax's face before closing the door, and she hoped she wasn't too angry with her.
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