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Jax squealed with Ophelia at Morthos' win. She ran along with Ophelia, hopping over into the arena and heading towards Morthos preparing to give him a large hug. She stopped short when she noticed two...WHORES...locking eyes on Morthos. Her friend. She put a smile on trying to disguise her disgust of the two vampires bitches, and walked up more slowly, shoving her hands into her pockets,"Are we interrupting?"

She looked down at the ladies, enjoying the fact that she was taller than them. Look she was hot. She knew she was hot, hell if she wanted she could have most guys begging on their knees for a night with her. So why the hell was she so threatened of these hoe-bats? One of the girls looked up at her and gave her the stink eye before turning back to Morthos waiting for a response. Jax pulled back, shoving her hands into her pockets as she tried to hide her seething jealousy.
Ophelia stood up from her seat and grabbed Jax's shoulders in her hands, shaking her slightly in excitement at Morthos's win. "Oh my gosh!" she said excitedly. "Let's go!" Ophelia grabbed Jax's wrist and tugged her down the steps towards the medics, her eyes focused. As they began to approach Morthos, two twin vampire women approached him as well, their arms outstretching instantly to grab at his biceps. "That was an amaziiiing fight. Morthos, right? Tell us how you did it!" the women giggled, their short hair spikey around their faces. Their eyes grazed his body and they bit at their lips, stepping up close to him.

Ophelia looked at Jax and read her face, which was one of almost anger. Her eyebrows were furrowed together and the smile on her face was tight and forced. Ophelia hid a smirk and approached Morthos, noticing Roxas coming up to them as well. She moved to stand at Roxas's side, sliding her hand right back into his and stood to wait for Morthos to speak while the medics tended to him.
Ophelia had left by the time that Roxas and Jax got up. She had made bacon and eggs for them, and left both in pans on the stove with lids to keep the food hot. She headed out after changing into a new outfit, for once wearing shoes to go with it. She never considered the fact that she rarely wore footwear odd, but was beginning to realize that maybe it was because it felt more natural. Maybe she had a likeness for the Earth like her father, but never developed the affinity for it. She shrugged a little, her bow moving against her back with the motion. Her hair flowed around her shoulders and down her back, the braid kept in tact only by a thin black hair tie.

She chewed her lip, wishing she could break the habit of doing so, but couldn't quite seem to get herself to stop. Morthos was fighting today and she was going to be there to witness it, whether anyone else cared or not. She really liked Morthos. She knew that he could be good for Jax, and secretly she was rooting for them. She snickered to herself slightly, shaking her head a moment before finding her way to the arena and heading up into the stands. Morthos had began his fight, and a little bit after, Jax and Roxas appeared, one on either side of her. She slid her hand into Roxas' and then turned her attention to Jax once she spoke. " serious. HEY GIRL! Sorry church ran so long!"

"It's okay. Everything go alright?" She asked, her head facing Jax, but her eyes on Morthos.
Roxas spoke to Ophelia, but only two things registered in her mind right away. "I'm a walking prison for the king of hell...." and "I love you." She waited until he was done the dishes before making him sit on her bed. She stared at him intensely, her eyes shifting to a dark grey. She felt sick to her stomach, something that she hadn’t felt for a long time. Granted she’d been anxious and nervous before, but this was different.

“What do you mean you’re a prison for the King of Hell?” she asked, her brow furrowing and she stayed a foot or two away. “What does that mean, exactly?”

Roxas looked up at Ophelia and he knew he freaked her out. “I mean I'm literally the prison for the king of hell. You remember when I was having a problem after my fight? Yeah that was him trying to get out.” He looked down at his hands. He couldn't lose her. “I know this is scary and I know I'm a freak now. I'm sorry I should have told you before.”

“The King of Hell… Like, the Devil?” she asked again, looking at him wide eyed. She felt though like this made a lot of sense. She remembered how he smelled to her that first time she encountered him, and she knew something was different. “But why…”

“Because I wanted to protect everyone from dying. This is how Celti died. Because of me. We were trying to imprison him differently, but everything went wrong and I had to finish the ritual.” Roxas stood up and took his shirt off. He turned around to show her the pentagram on his back. “I took things into my own hands and forced Ifrit into my head. Since then I've had him in my head. It's been tough, but I make it work. There's only one problem though. The side effect.” He paused then looked back at Ophelia. “If I keep him for too long… I will die..”

“So what can be done?” Ophelia whispered after listening to his explanation. Her head was starting to hurt and she brought a hand up to rub the side of her jaw slightly. Her eyes shifted to the ground, and she chewed her lip causing her fangs to break the skin a little. “Does that mean you’ll need an exorcism?”

“No, but we'd need something similar. I hope I haven't scared you off.” Roxas brought his hands to his head and felt scared. Something he hasn't felt in a very long time. “Are you scared of me?” He looks up at her.

Ophelia brought her gaze from the floor to his face, taking in his features quietly while she debated his question in her mind. She did feel scared. But she wasn’t sure if she was scared of him, or scared of the fact he sometimes couldn’t control it. She decided on the fact that she was scared that he couldn’t control it, and cleared her throat finally before speaking up again. “I’m just afraid that you’ll lose control and hurt someone, whether that person is me or somebody else.” She thought for a moment again, then took one step towards him. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

Roxas looked up at her and took her hand. “I really don't want to be alone again.” He says softly and looks with glossy eyes up at her. “If anyone gets hurt it'll be me. It only seems to affect me.” He closes his eyes and breaths in deeply.

She let Roxas take her hand and felt his warmth against her skin. She shifted closer to him, moving to sit on his knee quietly for a moment. “Then you won’t be. I’ll be here. Stay the night with me, and go to Church tomorrow with Jax. It might make you feel better.”

“Okay.” He whispered then leaned his head against her. “I love you.” He says then leans up and kisses Ophelia gently. “I'll go with her and we’ll see what I can do.” Roxas goes and lays down on her bed and pulls Ophelia to him. He closes his eyes and almost instantly falls asleep.

"I love you too..." Ophelia was pulled to lay down against her bed in Roxas’s arms. He fell asleep quickly and she slipped from his arms for a few moments, changing into some pjs before moving to brush her teeth and hair out. She checked quickly on Jax to see her and Hargul both sound asleep, and she locked the door before moving back into Roxas’s arms. She rested her head down and closed her eyes until early, rising before the other three to make them breakfast before heading out.
Ophelia watched as the group ate, smiling at the comments on the pie. She was happy they were enjoying it. She chewed gently on her bottom lip, Roxas standing near her. Finally though Morthos got up and mentioned he had to get going, and to come see him at his fight tomorrow. Ophelia's eyebrows raised and she grinned, feeling excited. "We will be there!" she said, meaning herself and Jax for sure. She figured Roxas would probably come too, but couldn't be sure. Jax got up shortly after Morthos left and threatened Ophelia out of doing the dishes. She smirked and nodded, knowing that Jax was serious. "Yeah yeah, don't worry."

Ophelia turned to Roxas and slid her hand into his lightly, looking up at him. She tugged him gently towards her bedroom. She wanted to ask some questions, but also wasn't sure if it was her place to ask. She shut the bedroom door behind them and moved to sit quietly on her made up bed. She loved her room, it was a safe space for her. "What was Jax talking about when you first got here? You don't need to tell me if you don't want to, but I'd like to know."
Ophelia's phone buzzed and she looked down to see a response finally from Jax. "Sorry, met a friend. Be home soon." Ophelia raised her eyebrows at the text, curious who Jax might had run into. "I'm not sure the fact you have money will sway her either way. I mean yes, it's not something we have readily available to us. But that just taught us to work harder for what we do have." She smiled softly, then her head turned to the door as it opened.

Jax's voice was lighthearted and she spoke while entering the house, "I’m home. Also I hope you don’t mind. I brought home a stray." Ophelia's attention shifted from Jax's face to the person standing behind her, realizing it was Roxas she was talking about. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she stood from the chair, moving toward them quickly. She looked at Jax and then to Roxas again before grabbing the bag from Roxas's hand, leaning up and kissing him, and bringing it to the kitchen. She placed it on the counter and grabbed four small plates, serving the pie to each them with the ice cream, glad it was still somewhat warm.

"What are you doing here?" She asked the question mostly to Roxas, though left it so Jax could answer as well. As far as she knew, Jax hated him. So why was she suddenly having him over to their house? This was just confusing.
Ophelia listened to Morthos speak and her brows furrowed slightly at the mention of him being friends with Jax until otherwise told. She knew that Morthos could get Jax to come around though. "Well, you could always try being more up front with her. She likes a guy who's confident. Get up close to her, take charge. It's probably why she kissed you back to be perfectly honest." Ophelia smiled a little and shifted her body so that she sat with one leg folded beneath the other. She listened then for a short while, while Morthos spoke briefly of his family before asking her about her own.

"Well. Jax and I are twins. We were born human and luckily Jax took to being a magic user. Our father, Edgar began to train her at a young age, but my mother Mina was always strict with me because I never took to anything, and I was human. And she hated that about me. She made plans to change me as soon as I was matured enough, which happened to be 16. But up until then, she was harsh and kind of forced me to do things exactly as she wanted me to. I loved the arts, but she wanted me to be strong, a fighter like she was. I became timid and reserved instead. I'm sure she just wanted the best for me, but she went about it the wrong ways. Constantly lecturing, trying to teach me to be lie her when I didn't want to be. I try not to lecture Jax, or anyone if I can help it." She pursed her lips for a moment and then smiled gently.

"We grew up in the slums of a small village. We didn't have a lot, and still don't. There's not much to know I guess on this end either. Sorry to disappoint."
Ophelia had definitely heard him admit to them kissing, and both of her eyebrows raised just slightly. Enough to show that she was a bit surprised. She smiled again, wondering if Jax would tell her or not, and considered not saying anything until she did. "Just be good to her. She really is sweet, beneath that hard exterior. God I sound like my mother some days..." Ophelia shuddered and shook her head, her hair whisping around her pale face.

It really seemed to be taking longer than normal for Jax, and she hoped she was alright. She sent her a quick text "Hey, hope you found the ice cream alright. Be safe." She looked at Morthos again and was curious about his background. She was sure Jax knew much more about him by now than Ophelia did, so she began to ask questions.

"So, where's your family from? Tell me more about yourself."
Ophelia waited quietly for the ding of the oven, and took the pie out, placing it on top of the stove to cool slightly. She'd wait to serve it until Jax came back anyway. After washing her hands, she went to sit next to Morthos and looked him over again gently. "I know we haven't gotten to talk much. You do look really nice. Not to say you didn't before. Jax does have an eye for men's fashion. Her own fashion is a different story though." She smiled slightly, looking to Hargul for a minute before nodding her head to tell him to bugger off so she could talk to Morthos without Hargul around, watching him disappear into Jax's bedroom.

"Jax likes you. Did something happen while you guys were out today? I won't be upset, but she's never acted like this before. It's so obvious but she's so stubborn on meeting her goals that she just shuts down the very thought of any type of romance. Although I guess I'm not the best example either..." Ophelia raised an eyebrow for a moment, her eyes mostly grey at this point again before frowning. "I like you. I think you'd be good for her," she grinned at Morthos this time, tilting her head slightly to the side, waiting to hear his response.
Ophelia turned her gaze to the door as she heard the handle turning. The door opened and Jax came through followed by Morthos, who looked completely different. Her eyes widened and she stood up, moving quickly towards them. She approached Morthos and reached up, brushing her fingers through his hair, which was now cut short. She looked at his jacket and jeans and grinned a fangy smile at him. "You look hot!" Her attention turned to Jax and she chewed her lip a moment.

"I made you some ramen. It's still hot," she said softly, looking at Jax gently. Ophelia brushed a piece of hair from her face and then leaned against the counter slightly.

Jax felt like shit immediately. She put Morthos’ stuff beside the door and came up and gave her a hug, "I’m sorry for what I said last night! You’re not stupid! I was drunk and on pain meds. You know I didn’t mean it!” She pulled back smiling, "I watched your fight today! You destroyed him!”

She took a step back, "Why would you even consider fighting though! You never seemed interested in taking on someone like that before!”

Ophelia was suddenly being hugged by Jax, and she wrapped her arms around her sister tightly, listening to her apologize. “I forgive you. I know you don’t really trust Roxas, and I understand why you don’t. I’m sorry too,” Ophelia spoke lightly, having missed her sister, even though it was only for a day.

“I want to be in the same rank as you so I can make sure you’re safe. I want to be able to do missions and things with you. I know I’m not typically the fighter in this situation, but Suriel seemed like a fun person to take on, and people underestimate me,” she smirked a little at the irony of Suriel being the angel of love, something that Ophelia had been searching for, for a long time. “I don’t want to be without you.” She smiled softly and looked at Jax’s eyes.

Jax felt her heart warm a bit, "I know you can’t help who you like. I shouldn’t have been so harsh. I can’t change how I feel about him though. As for going up in rank. Selfishly, it will be nice to have you on missions. I would be worrying too much when I’m gone. I don’t want to be without you either.” She leaned over and mussed up Ophelia’s hair a bit knowing that it was something she always used to do when they were little. Jax had always been the taller one, even when she was a fat little tub. She blew out a breath, "I promise. I’ll give Roxas a chance..but I’m not sure I can help you with Mom when she find out you bonded.”

She gave her another hug whispering in her hair, "You didn’t sleep with him did you?”

“Mom doesn’t get to have a say in what I do anymore, Jax. Yes, she’s mom, but we are adults. I’m allowed to make my own choices.” Ophelia said, almost sternly, though not directed at Jax. Their mother had always prohibited things that Ophelia did. But not anymore. Jax then leaned forward and whispered against Ophelia’s ear. Ophelia smiled softly, turning to kiss Jax on the cheek before answering, “No, don’t worry.” She turned and pointed to the bowl still on the table, getting cold. “Eat before it’s completely cold. And there’s something else I need to talk to you about, later though.” She said, hoping that she could talk to Jax alone at some point about her out of body experience, and some other things related to Jax’s last question.

Jax blushed slightly as she was kissed on the cheek, relieved that Ophelia hadn’t slept with Roxas yet. She knew it wasn’t her business but she knew that would only strengthen her bond with the dude and she wasn’t quite sure of him yet. Jax licked her lips as she moved to the ramen, "Thanks girl for the Ramen! It smells amazing! I hope it’s okay if I brought Morthos home for dinner. We”

She paused looking over at Morthos’ new look and blushed, thinking of their kiss as she sat down and dug in, “And a haircut. Morthos was hit on by a sexy elf named Edwin!” She bit her lip hoping Ophelia wouldn’t notice that she was a bit off kilter.

“Yes that’s fine, he’s always welcome. I did notice his new duds. You helped him pick? What else did you guys do today?” Ophelia asked watching as Jax blushed a second time once she looked to Morthos. Ophelia’s brow furrowed very slightly, and she watched Jax’s face even closer. She wondered if something had happened between them, but figured she would leave that up to Jax to tell her.

Jax slurped up a noodle, "Yes I helped him pick! It was mostly Edwin choosing..but I know how to dress guys.” She laughed knowing that Ophelia would be surprised because in a female clothing store Jax was a mess. She either chose clothes that were either too tight because they were easier to fight in, colours that didn’t suit her, or as Ophelia put it,”clothes a trog goblin would be caught dead and buried in.” She laughed at her visual representation and then gave a squeal, "OH AND HE BOUGHT ME A VARGOTL SCYTHE! HARDON IS GOING TO MAKE ME ONE!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I WILL HAVE THAT SCYTHE IN MY HANDS. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!”

She gave Morthos a wide smile, wanting to hug him again for being so bloody awesome.

Ophelia’s eyes widened at both the clothing comment, and the fact that Jax was shouting about a new Vargotl scythe. She knew those were bloody expensive, and her gaze shifted over to Morthos for a moment. She felt uneasy and looked at Jax again, lowering her voice, “You shouldn’t of accepted that. Do you know how expensive those are? What did you do that made him offer?” She didn’t mean the question in a bad way, but she also knew that it seemed random to have someone offer to pay for such an expensive item out of nowhere. The situation with her dress and Roxas was different, because he owed her one. “What are you doing with him? Do you even like him?” she whispered.

Jax’s excitement slowed way the hell down, "Oh I just ya know, sucked his dick and he was all, Bitch is getting a new scythe.” She looked at Morthos for a few minutes sticking out her tongue, "We are just friends Ophelia. He paid for the clothes because he needed them and they are for him, and the scythe is a birthday present. Also I didn’t just accept it right off the bat. We...we came to an agreement.” She blushed even brighter red this time and then looked back at her noodles, "It was a one time thing and we settled it between ourselves, plus I will pay him back at some point.” She gave him an honest smile, "I will pay you back...eventually.”

Ophelia’s voice lowered even more so Morthos couldn’t hear her, and she spoke in barely a whisper, “I see the way you two look at each other. You’ll tell me about this ‘agreement’ later. Because no matter what you say to me, it’s obvious as hell Jax.” She smiled then and got up, grabbing Hargul’s empty dish and placing it in the sink, her white dress flowing around her hips slightly.

Jax turned completely serious, keeping her voice low, "There is nothing to talk about Ophelia. You know how I feel about dating, and I am 100 percent committed to my craft. So don’t go thinking that you can see a fairy tale where there isn’t one.” She smiled feeling bad about leaving Morthos out of the conversation, " you liking the Ramen?”
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