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Juniper was woken by banging on the cabin door and she put her dress back on, unsure what to do with the night gown she had wore for pajamas. She decided to just leave it folded on the bed, which she made, and she opened the door to see a tall person standing there, his expression serious. He had dark skin, with silver dreads that complimented the tone.

"We arrive in an hour. I'll take you to the kitchen to eat, give you some money, and then you'll be getting off and can head out on your own," he said, his voice matter of fact.

Juniper stared at him, feeling unsure and she was sure her eyes gave away her fear. But instead of saying anything, she simply nodded and followed Mac to the kitchen. She wondered if there was any more food already made, but figured she should probably make something for herself instead. After a bit of cooking and searching for items to use and eat from, she sat down at the island in the middle of the room in the same spot she had the day before. She liked that spot, and smiled slightly, calling it hers.

She kicked her feet slightly in her seat, and hummed quietly to herself, daydreaming once she finished her food. She breathed in slow through her nose, and closed her eyes a little. Finally she got up and washed her dishes, and put them away, then sat back down. She couldn't find a clock, and figured someone would return to get her when it was time for her to leave. What felt like only moments later, she could hear Mac's voice telling her to wake up.

"Come on! It's time to go... Wake up."

Juniper's head snapped up off the table and looked to Mac again, and she then rubbed her eyes shyly. "Sorry..." she said, sighing.

Mac began to lead her to the exit platform, and she began to panic. She didn't know this planet, let alone know anyone on it. She would be homeless with no where to go, no way to make money for food or shelter, and almost instantly after her thoughts began, she started to cry. She wanted to beg to let her stay, but the chances were probably slim to none. Juniper could feel Mac's eyes on her then, and she almost didn't dare to look up at him. Instead she heard him speak up again.

"Don't worry kid... You'll be okay."

Juniper nodded, sniffling as she wiped at her eyes with the back of her wrist. She wasn't convinced though. She had never been on her own before. Finally Mac handed her a bag with some Kredits in it, and nodded as he left her with Takashi, who she had met previously. Juniper watched as Ursa and Mac left the platform and headed into the city, and she saw Ursa smile at her slightly before turning her back to them.

Juniper finally took a deep breath in and turned to face Takashi, who was reaching out to push her gently on the back, as though to guide her off the ship. Juniper dug her heels into the metal and stood where she was, her eyes on his.

"Please don't make me go..." she started, quickly coming up with a story to hopefully get him to let her stay.

"You can't stay Juniper. Ursa said you have to get off here," he said, his voice kind, but firm.

"Please. I don't have a family anymore. My planet is destroyed... I don't have anything except this flower dress and this bag of Kredits Mac gave me. I'll probably die out there on my own. Please just let me stay!" Juniper's voice turned whiny and pleading, her eyes stinging with the onset of tears the further down the platform she was forced. Finally she broke into sobs, and reached forward, grabbing onto Takashi's arm.

"Ursa will be pissed... I can't let you stay. I know you've had some misfortune, but everyone has. You'll be okay I promise." Takashi really did try to sound convincing, but Juniper knew that he figured she was probably right.

"Then please at least let me say a proper goodbye to Ursa... She was the first person I saw after my parents died in front of me..." Juniper tried another approach, hoping this one would work in combination of the crying. Her fears and sadness were genuine, and she was reacting with honesty.

Takashi looked at her silently for a few moments, mulling it over in his mind before giving her an answer. Juniper knew right away at his hesitation that she had won, though.

"Alright, but only until Ursa returns... Please don't cry."

Juniper wiped her face and nose again and slowly stopped crying, becoming quiet after a few moments. Takashi then lead her to a sort of area with seats and they both sat down. Juniper didn't feel awkward at all in her silence, though she couldn't say the same for Takashi. He had a neutral expression on his face and she sighed softly, then stood up.

"Wanna see a trick?" She waited for Takashi to answer her, and she suddenly began to change shape. Her body shrank down many sizes, and her bones and features morphed and changed into the shape of a the same weird looking cat creature she had before, and Takashi's eyes widened with almost horror. This cat might be cute to Juniper's people, but maybe not to Takashi. Juniper smiled and then transformed back into her normal self, but only for a moment.

"Wanna see another?" she grinned this time, her soft voice excited. Takashi raised his eyebrow and looked at her expectantly. Suddenly, Juniper began to take the shape of Takashi. The details were exactly the same, and she stared at him in silence for a moment, enjoying his expressions which ranged from surprised, to angry, to suddenly laughing. Juniper began to laugh too then, and her eyes shone from within, feeling happy even for a moment.

"Well done. That's talent right there."

"Thanks," Juniper said in response, changing back into her normal form once more. She sat back down and closed her eyes, simply just trying to relax while she waited for Ursa.

------- A couple hours later -------

Takashi had gotten up to go greet Ursa, Juniper assumed. It had been a while, so she figured she was probably on her way back. Juniper ran after him, and Ursa began spouting off angrily about what had just happened. She sounded pissed.

"That fucker. I hate. HATE using my damn guns. Makes the job so damn messy. Now I'm gonna have families cursing my name and whoever Yondi was in touch with is going to be on my ass. PLUS...HE THINKS I WAS HIS BITCH. FOR EIGHT YEARS...HE THOUGHT I WAS WORKING FOR HIM...THAT MOTHER...What the hell is she doing on my ship?"

Takashi began to explain when suddenly a blast sounded outside the ship. Ursa yelled to get them off the ground, and the ship took off roughly, causing Juniper to stumble slightly. Ursa moved to set new coordinates, then turned to look at Juniper with angry eyes.

"Now...let me ask again. What are you still doing on my ship?"

Juniper stepped closer to her, folding her fingers together to keep from fidgeting. "Please... I don't know anyone here... I could be useful to you... I'm a good learner, and can work hard if you need me to."

"I'm not really recruiting right now... I'd need some time to think it over," Ursa said, turning her eyes back to the coordinates.

Juniper wondered where they would be going, and spoke up again, "Please, you don't even have to pay me. I promise you wouldn't regret it."
Ophelia finished her glass of blood, placing the cup back on the table lightly. She stood, still holding Roxas' hand and looked to Lenora and her dad.

"I think we should get going. Thank you for having us all for dinner. We head back to SPA tomorrow," she said quietly.

Letting go of Roxas' hand and she picked up all of their plates, bringing them to the kitchen swiftly. She heard her mother stand up, and Ophelia quickly made her way upstairs to her bedroom, grabbing her battle uniform. She met the others at the door, and began to speak, her voice neutral.

"Go on ahead of me, I'll catch up in a couple minutes." She then waited for Jax and the boys to leave, and waited for Lenora to approach her at the door. Ophelia smoothed her dress, then squared her slender shoulders.

"Ophelia. I do love you. And I want what's best for you... I... I know that I've been hard on you." Lenora said, meeting Ophelia's gaze steadily, though Ophelia knew her mother was cowering slightly. Ophelia was going to be the bigger person. She figured her mother had some demons she needed to deal with eventually.

"Please don't. I tried my hardest for you, and despite the complete bullshit you put me through, I forgive you," she spoke evenly, looking at her mother. "I don't want to stand here going on and on about this, so give me a call in a few days or something, and we can talk then..." Lenora looked at Ophelia, silent, and leaned forward, hugging Ophelia close to her cool body.

Ophelia's eyes widened, and her body went slightly rigid, not knowing how to react. Her nose crinkled slightly and she looked to the side. After a couple moments, Lenora let go and Ophelia reached back for the door handle. "Bye for now," she said, opening the door quickly and then closing it behind her. She ran to catch up to the others, and they made their way back to the hotel after a while. She was exhausted, and was thinking about the nights events. She wanted to spend some time with Roxas, but knew that Jax wouldn't allow them if she had her way. She kept quiet the entire way to the hotel, and finally they reached their hallway. She took our the key to their room, and slid her hand into Roxas' again. Ophelia reached toward the door, sliding the key into the lock and opened up the door slightly.

She turned to look at Jax for a moment, who was directly behind her waiting for Ophelia to push through the door. But instead of moving forward, Ophelia handed Roxas the key, then pushed Jax away slightly, with gentle pressure. "Have fun!!" she said, teasingly. Though she was half serious. She knew that they both needed to spend time with the boys. Quickly, Ophelia then pushed Roxas into her room and followed behind him, shutting and locking the door quickly. She only caught a brief look at Jax's face before closing the door, and she hoped she wasn't too angry with her.
Ophelia could tell Roxas was having a hard time controlling his emotions as he spoke to her in the living room, away from the others. Despite the fact she wasn't in the room, she could hear Jax lecturing their parents about their behavior. And the accident was brought up. Ophelia still didn't fully know what happened back then, and had never tried to pry.

Suddenly Roxas' words broke through her thoughts, and he was mentioning the fact that maybe she should be bonded to someone else. Her eyes darted up toward his face, and he looked sad. She lifted a hand up, placing his chin in between her thumb and fingers and leaned up on her toes slightly to kiss him.

"Please don't speak like that..." she paused for a moment to collect her thoughts, and then continued. "Healing takes time Roxas. And I understand that things haven't gone well for you in your life. They haven't for me either. And I do really believe there's a reason I didn't kill you that night. I could have easily, it would have only took one second. But I didn't and instead I chose to have you as my own for the rest of your life. Whether that's long or short. I don't regret it, even if it does seem to be making things more difficult." Ophelia watched his face gently, hoping her words would comfort him. She felt so much less angry than she had earlier, realizing the build up of frustration over the years towards her mother had finally been let out.

"I don't want you to walk away just because you think I should have someone better. We can work on it, together. Right? But that means that you have to try. Stop letting the hurt and fear control how you are with people, including me. We need to work on getting Ifrit out of you safely. But in the meantime, you need to let yourself get over what happened. No more excuses. People are fluid, and nothing ever stays the same. So if you remain in your past, it will just destroy you, even more than what has been ruined already," she smiled softly, taking note to keep her own words in her mind, with hopes to follow her advice as well.

Jax walked into the room then, and her emotions were coming off of her strongly. Ophelia walked up to her sister and hugged her tightly, before Jax went to talk to Roxas about ignoring Lenora. She then mentioned she had been waiting for Ophelia to crack for years, and Ophelia gave a half hearted smile. She didn't want to be mean to her mom, but enough was enough and she needed to let her know how she felt.

She wasn't sure what caused her mom to be that way, but knew it had to have been something that happened to make her be so critical. Jax disappeared back into the dining room, and Ophelia turned her attention back to Roxas again. "Please just know that I love you, whatever you decide to do." Ophelia took Roxas' hand and made their way back into the dining room, sitting down in the seat she used before. She looked up to Jax and then to both of her parents, noting they were silent, their expressions almost hurt. Ophelia let it go though, and sat while the others finished their meals, silently.
Juniper was startled by the sounds of crunching, banging, and voices. Her eyes widened and she stood up abruptly, the tears having left dry streaks on her cheeks. She brushed herself off, looking around for a place to hide. There was no way to tell who was on the other side of the rubble outside of her door. It was possible that it was locals, but the chances were slim.

Instinctively, Juniper shifted into a black shrew, and skittered into the corner near the bookshelf. There wasn’t much in this bunker. Some provisions to keep from dehydration and hunger, a bed, the book shelf with important documents and a few random books, a sink and toilet. Suddenly there was the sound of gunfire, and a piece of the wall flew inward toward the middle of the room.

A woman walked into the room, her eyes almost immediately coming to rest on the bookshelf. Books must not be a common object where she is from, Juniper thought. She took in her features, teal hair surrounding a slender tattooed face. She was attractive, and Juniper shifted just slightly closer to get a better look. Some men followed in behind her, and Juniper learned the woman’s name was Ursa.

Once Ursa and her crew were finished gathering whatever they wanted to take, they turned their backs to the bunker and began their way back onto whatever ship they had used to get there in the first place. Juniper didn’t want to be left alone here though, so she carefully launched herself from the ground, up the bookshelf and onto the back of Ursa’s jacket, the color hiding Juniper perfectly.

Finally aboard the ship, Juniper jumped down off of Ursa’s jacket and ran towards the edge of the wall, looking for someone or something aboard she could shift into, to go unnoticed. A woman walked by heading somewhere away from them, and luckily it seemed as though Ursa didn’t notice. Juniper changed again, her skin shifting from the black fur to zebra striped, and Juniper brushed herself off once the transformation was complete, and she began to walk in the direction away from Ursa.

Ursa gave a yawn her body aching after shovelling for the past couple hours. She smelled absolutely nasty and figured she should go shower before they took off. Before she got to her room though a few crewmates came up with an inventory list asking her to overlook what they had pillaged from the planet. She took the list and looked it over, “Well it wasn’t particularly the best haul we’ve had..but it will be a couple extra kredits on top of what we earn for the crystals. Thanks boys.”

They clapped Ursa on the back then headed on their way. She smiled happy that her crew seemed in good spirits. Anna walked by with Kira an earthling with fire red hair and wolf tattoos. They waved to her as she went by. She kept moving, turning down a few more hallways cutting through a few passageways to head down towards her room when she came across Anna going past her towards the kitchens. Ursa walked a few feet before she stopped. Wait a minute. No way she could make it down here that fast! She turned to face the girl, "Hey Anna."

Anna stopped and turned to look at her, "Yes?"

Ursa gave a wide smile before walking over, "Thanks for all your help today. It was just our luck that you visited here before!"

Anna took a step back, "No problem. I help where I can."

Ursa looked down towards the ground itching her neck "Of course… Problem is, Anna wasn't the one who traveled here before. Dill did." Suddenly she pulled out her gun and aimed it at Anna's head her expression turning serious, "Look asshole. I don't know who you are, or how you got through my radars, but if you don't show me your real face quickly, I am gonna give you a new one."

Juniper’s amber colored eyes widened at the gun being pointed in her face. Immediately without any hesitation, she shifted back into her normal human form. Her black hair was a mess around her face, and the blue silk necklace around her throat hung loosely. She reached up to show she wouldn’t be a threat, her words a gentle whisper, and her eyes wide. She wore a white colored dress, made of pieces of plant from her planet, the edges of the detail colored green.

“Please don’t shoot. I was trapped down there…” When first hearing Juniper talk, you’d think she would be from planet Earth, from the London area. But it had a shadow of something else as well.

Ursa watched in slight amazement as Anna changed into a young but very pretty girl. She guessed her age was around 17 but she couldn’t be sure, “So you’re a local? Shit.”

She pulled the gun away and put it back into her holster letting out a yawn before walking forward, “Alright. Follow me.”

She walked forward towards the kitchen area, her sway casual and confident. When she entered the kitchen area she noted that they were alone. She pointed to the large rust covered island in the center of the room, “Sit.”

She then walked over to a cupboard over in the corner, opening it to expose a wide variety of cans, dried goods and some bottles. She pulled one bottle down then grabbed two cups from a cabinet and walked over to the young girl placing a cup in front of her, before pouring some of the amber coloured liquid into it, “Here. I think the destruction of your homeland warrants a drink if anything else.”

She sat back on a stool and poured herself one, lifting the glass up for a clink, “Cheers?”

Ursa guided Juniper to the kitchen area, and told her to sit down. She did as she was told, and watched as the woman poured each of them a drink. The liquid was the same color as her eyes, and she tilted her head slightly. She looked around the room curiously, taking in the details of the cupboards and cookware, the lights and decoration. Juniper lifted the glass slightly and Ursa clinked her own against it. Juniper’s brow furrowed and she sipped the drink hesitantly. When she swallowed it burned her throat, and she pushed the glass away as an automatic instinct to get rid of it.

She trembled, gagging at the taste and stared at Ursa. “Are you trying to poison me?”

Ursa downed the liquid in one go before she dropped the cup back on the countertop and laughed, “Haha. No. If I wanted to kill you I would have plugged you in the hallway back there.” She lifted Juniper’s glass and downed it as well, “See..Not poison. It’s a gesture. This liquid costs more than this ship, kid.”

She yawned, “So...What’s your name?”

Juniper watched as Ursa downed her drink as well, telling her it was a gesture. She could understand that, and knew things were different everywhere. “My name is Juniper Niahm. And you are Ursa.” She said it as a fact, though she didn’t know, nor really needed to know Ursa’s last name. “Were you the one attacking Theonia Z17?” She asked bluntly, her eyes watching Ursa’s face.

Ursa turned leaning against the countertop as she crossed her legs speaking in a matter of fact, and slightly bored voice, “First’s Ursa Cooper. Second off. You have the courtesy of being on my ship so I will be the one asking the questions, and third off. No. I am not responsible for attacking Theonia, I am just here to look for fuel and take some goods so I can sell them on the black market.”

She stood up moving towards the fridge to take out a small container of leftover Plasmagetti. She grabbed two forks then walked over to Juniper setting it down in front of her, thinking she would probably be hungry, “Before you ask me who did attack your planet...I have no idea. I don’t really follow planet politics. Hungry?”

Juniper’s eyes shifted downward, though she could hear Ursa moving and gathering things from the room. At least Ursa didn’t murder her right off the bat, she thought. Her lip began to quiver when Ursa mentioned she didn’t attack Theonia Z17, and didn’t know who was responsible. She had been crying for what seemed like days, but again tears fell from her face onto the island counter.

Ursa asked if she was hungry as well, and Juniper barely looked up at the container of weird noodly looking food. Her nose scrunched, her mind wanting to say no, though her stomach growled in protest. Instead of giving a yes or no answer, Juniper simply shrugged, reaching for the fork. She felt sick to her stomach, and wasn’t sure whether it was the hunger, death of her parents, or the fact her planet had been destroyed. And thinking about it, she wasn’t sure whether or not her planet had been fully destroyed. She looked up again, unsure whether she was allowed to ask, since Ursa said she shouldn’t ask questions.

Ursa’s confident smile faltered when she saw the girl was genuinely upset. Well of course she would be you idiot. She just lost everyone she cared about. Ursa’s tone turned a little softer, her words slightly more calculated, “Look...I’m sorry, kid. I won’t be able to understand the loss you are facing or how you are going to face the future but I can however give you some food, take you somewhere safe and give you a couple space kredits so you can figure it out, okay?”

She gave a large creepy smile, trying to be comforting as she pulled her leg up onto the seat as Takashi walked in looking over at Ursa with a curious expression, “Uh...Hi?”

Ursa gave Takashi a bored expression, “Hey. This is Juniper. She’s a stowaway.”

Takashi paused for a second before nodding, “Cool! Hey Juniper! Did you finish the plasmagetti, Coop?”

She spoke evenly, “Yeah. Make some taquitos or something.”

He shrugged, “Fine…That was supposed to be mine.”

Ursa rolled her eyes then turned to Juniper, “This is Takashi. He’s a whiner.”

[i]Juniper looked at Takashi curiously, wanting to turn her attention away from Ursa’s weird smile. It was nice though that she was offering to help her out. She wondered where Ursa was planning to drop her off.

“Hello,” was all Juniper managed to say.

Ursa took a bite of the food in front of her before Takashi turned back to give Juniper a smirk, “So what are we doing with her then.”

Ursa slurped up a noodle, “We will drop her off in Agrathea. We have work there anyway and she could probably hitch a ride from someone there.”

Takashi eyed the girl quietly, “So we are just going to let her go...what if she tells someone about us?”

Ursa laughed, “She doesn’t even know who we are. Do you? She didn’t even blink when I told her my full name. Plus I believe in good karma. We help you keep your mouth shut about us.”

She looked at Juniper evenly, “Right?”

“I don’t know anything about you. What would it benefit me to say?” Juniper said in response, gazing back evenly. She finished eating her part of the plasmaghetti and placed the fork down, breathing slowly.

“If my home wasn’t destroyed, I would still be there. But I doubt there is anything left for me. I won’t be any trouble,” Juniper said again, her voice extremely soft. She looked at Takashi for a moment, then back to Ursa.

“Is there a shower room I can use?” she asked, knowing she probably looked like a mess.

Ursa nodded, “See told you. Yeah! No problem kid! Takashi bring her to the guest room. She can stay there until we get to Agrathea.”

She stood up looking evenly at Juniper, “Also don’t try to leave unless one of us gets you. I am usually patient with stowaways but some of my crew won’t be. So no exploring. Got it?” She paused waiting for a response then said, “Good.”

She turned to Takashi, “Come grab me when we get within range of Agrathea and inform Mac of our guest.” She patted Juniper on the shoulder awkwardly before she headed out of the kitchen, “Alright. Have a good sleep, kid.” She walked out of the kitchen, making her way to her room.

Juniper followed Takashi to the guest room, and closed the door behind her after he said goodbye. She immediately searched for something clean to wear, and showered. The only clothing she could find was a simple white nightgown, and once she was finished her shower, she put it on. She combed through her hair with her fingers, and fixed the silk thread around her throat.

Looking around, she climbed into the bed, pulling up the covers completely over her head and curled up into a ball, falling into a deep sleep.

Ophelia looked at Jax, knowing full well that their mother would say things, but that maybe she wouldn't get away with it this time with her friends at her side. Ophelia breathed in slowly, wishing she was dressed better at least. She stepped through the door, shutting it behind her since she was the last one inside. Once they were inside, she was greeted by a wave of warmth from a fireplace. It wasn't extravagant by any means, but it did the job. She remembered spending tons of time there near the hearth, just close enough to keep her forever cold skin warm. Her gaze shifted from the bright flames to the framed photos around the room, nearly all of them of herself and Jax. Jax was chubby as a child, Ophelia a twig next to her some days it seemed. She remembered Jax even going away to fat camp. She took a step closer to view which photos her mother decided to put on display. There were much nicer ones of them both, more modern ones. In every single photo placed about, Ophelia looked withdrawn, extremely sad; depressed even. And in every photo, Jax smiled, laughed, had fun.

Back then her sister seemed so oblivious. She wasn't blind to the reality any more though. Ophelia looked up to Jax a lot. She seemed stronger in some ways. And she never let Ophelia be alone when she needed someone. Sadness washed over her suddenly, and she turned to look at Jax, who had Morthos speaking to her. She noticed Roxas smiling at her, though wasn't sure as to why. Nothing about this room was happy feeling in her opinion. Maybe he couldn't feel it the way she did. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by her mother, whose name was Lenora.

"Supper is ready. Come eat," she ordered, her tone of voice demanding and certain.

Ophelia looked at Roxas again, guiding him to the dining room. She sat down at the table, despite the fact she wouldn't be eating anything being served. None the less, it was good manners. She chewed the inside of her lip, staring at the food on the table, which did all look amazing. Lenora served up deer flanks, jasmine rice, and broccoli. The boys would enjoy it, that's for sure. She placed her hands in her lap gently, watching as everyone sat and began serving up their food. Ophelia's plate remained empty while the others began to eat.

"I don't know why you think it appropriate to wear that trash at the dinner table, Ophelia. I've told you before," Lenora snapped between sipping blood from a champagne flute. Ophelia knew she was referring to the fact she had blood all over her, plus she was still in her battle garb. "Go change."

Immediately Ophelia stood and excused herself from the table, making her way to her old bedroom. She had left clothing here for visiting, or emergency. She also fit into her mothers clothing as well, their figures and size identical nearly. She shifted into the room and closed the door behind her, letting out an extremely quiet growl. She took off her battle outfit, and found something fresh and clean to wear. It was elegant, romantic even. She fixed her hair into a tight bun on top of her head, a few stray pieces hanging around her face. Before returning to the table, she took a moment to herself. She hadn't been completely alone in over 24 hours. The night was still young, and she was unsure what would happen as the time went on.

Finally she returned to the table and sat down, noting her mother scrutinizing her choice in outfit. "Is this not satisfactory, Lenora?" Ophelia said, looking her mother in the eyes, despite the fact Lenora made her feel like a child; afraid, inferior and unsure. Her mother responded without a moment of hesitation, almost like she was practiced in quick and harsh responses.

"I just think it would look better on someone else."

Ophelia stared at her for a moment, her eyebrow raised slightly. She wasn't even sure how to respond to that. She could feel the tension rising in the room though, and knew everyone was probably growing uncomfortable, this including herself. "Everything is better to you when it isn't involving me, Lenora," Ophelia said, and she knew this was a fact. She knew her mother loved her, in some way, but she could never understand why she constantly treated her less than nicely. She knew part of the reason was that Ophelia was born with no magic ability, and human to boot. But otherwise it made no sense. Maybe it was her own miserable suffering, whatever it was.

Lenora took in Ophelia's features, noting the similarities. Ophelia could feel Roxas growing annoyed beside her, and knew that shortly her mother would be bringing up their bond. Jax and Morthos were fun to bug, but Ophelia knew that her choice to let Roxas live when feeding might have not been the best choice, especially in her mothers eyes. Either way, it was too late to take it back, and only death would sever the bond between them now. As if Lenora could tell what was on Ophelia's mind, her eyes shifted to Roxas. Ophelia shut her eyes, waiting. Once her mother was n a tangent, there was no stopping it. Even dad couldn't stop it sometimes.

"And this... Boy, you have here. You really are stupider than you look. You could have at least picked one who wasn't so tainted. He's trash, honestly. Now you will have to wait until he dies to find someone better."

Ophelia grit her teeth together, her fingers curling into her palms. Every instinct inside of her wanted to let out a growl. To grab Lenora by the throat and strangle her to make her stop talking. But she didn't. It was almost like she couldn't move, or speak. She knew her mother was harsh, but she was supposed to love her children. Dad began to speak up then, "Lenora... Not now..." His voice was kind, like he was trying to convince her to wait. But Ophelia knew she wouldn't listen.

"What is your problem...?" Ophelia asked, her voice shaky. She didn't mean for it to come out so uneven, and felt instantly angry that it did. She wanted to sound confident in her question, but that failed.

"Are you honestly so blind by him to not see how fucked up this situation is? You've never been smart enough to do the right things, Ophelia. Maybe if you tried a little harder to be better, you could make me happier."

"I try my best, Lenora. I work hard for SPA and take every course I need to take. I follow the rules, do as I'm told... I do everything you say, and everything people expect for the most part, so I don't know why you need to continue on with this shit..."

"Do not speak to me that way. Show me some respect! I deserve it."

Ophelia stared, dumbfounded at her mothers words. She deserved it? That was so far from the truth, it made Ophelia laugh out loud. What had she ever done to deserve respect from her? Nothing. "You don't deserve anything from me. I'm sick and tired of you treating me like I don't matter! All you've ever done my entire life is belittle me, ignore me, punish me. You weren't happy I was human, so you changed me. But even that isn't good enough for you, apparently. Maybe you should stop focusing on your self for once and take a look around, you bitch. You should be happy I'm doing well. You should be happy for me!"

Ophelia stood up, parting her lips while trying to hold back another growl. She continued then, "Maybe if you had not been so selfish, and paid attention to the daughter who needed guidance while growing up, I wouldn't be such a 'disappointment' to you. Get off your high horse for once in your damn miserable life and admit to your mistakes. Maybe showing you cared would have done some good for all of us." Ophelia snapped, her voice dark and intense like obsidian.

Lenora's normally composed expression for once looked shocked, and her mouth was open slightly. She was speechless for the first time in years. Ophelia was always so compliant, constantly doing as she was told, working hard to learn, ect. Finally, enough was enough. She wondered for a moment if maybe Roxas was the reason she felt the boldness to speak up, but then decided she had done it for herself. Things were going to change, she could tell. It felt as though a weight was lifted from her chest and shoulders, and she stood tall, feeling proud of herself for the first time in forever.
Juniper sat quietly on the edge of a small cliff side, her legs dangling off, swaying back and forth easily. A slight breeze rustled her short black hair, making it wave around the nape of her neck. It felt nice against her skin, and she shut her eyes, breathing in slowly through her nose, simply taking in her surroundings with every sense she had. She could hear water flowing nearby down the rocks of the cliff, animals moving and rustling around, calling out to their fellow friends. She could smell the light from Theonia's suns and it warmed her skin in contrast to the cool air. When she finally opened her eyes again, they gazed down passed her feet, noting the homes and hanging pods, which were used in a similar manner. There were many little villages on her planet like this, and one main city where the more high tech buildings and things were, named Ozloron. She lived part time in Ozloron, part time in her village, Aslens. Aslens forests were gorgeous, filled with creatures of all kinds, bio-luminescent plants and water, peaceful and calm.

Turning her head, she saw a brightly colored bird, though tiny at only 3 inches high, chirping toward her. Juniper held her hand out, and the bird moved and jumped into her warm, open palm. "What do you say, Fidget? Should we head home?" The bird simply stared at her, and chirped a little louder.

With that Juniper shifted her weight, jumping forward while kicking off of the cliffs edge and suddenly transformed. Her features went from human to avian, a copy cat version of Fidget, but bigger. Her hair lengthened and shifted into feathers, her nose and mouth into a small beak, and so on. This only took a few moments, and she was then gliding downward toward Ozloron, Fidget right beside her to keep her company. Her eyes smiled as she gazed down at her home from above, before tilting her tail and upper body downward, dive bombing town toward the forest floor. Just as she neared the ground though, she shifted back into her human form, landing in a run. Fidget landed on her shoulder in the same instant, and Juniper kept up her pace, headed straight for the heart of the city, through the forests, running along a special path she had created when she was younger, since she spent a lot of her time hiding away there.

The closer she got to Ozloron though, the tighter her stomach knotted. Something was wrong. She could smell dust and fire, and hear space vessels hovering around. And not just one of them. The sound was deafening as she entered the city limits, and she turned her gaze upward. Fidget was going crazy on her shoulder, panic in her tone as she chirped. Juniper grabbed the bird carefully and shoved her into a small pocket like area in the side of her dress.

"Shh..." Juniper whispered.

Fidget went quiet, and Juniper slowly tried to take in her surroundings, staying half hidden behind a stone wall. She could just barely make out the outline of the ships above her, a giant plume of dark grey smoke masking the sky's true beauty. She noticed the ships weren't in any type of special formation, and they weren't really moving around at the moment. Despite knowing that whoever the ships belonged to, were the ones who were attacking, she couldn't see any specific organization to the assault. Her perfect brows furrowed together, her amber eyes moving back to the area directly in front of her. She needed to make it to the city towers, and find her parents. All Juniper really wanted to do was cry. Her planet had been under attack for some time, and always resulted in casualties. The population on her planet was almost nothing at this point, and through it all she tried to stay strong, hiding and attempting to keep as many people safe as possible. Every attack happened outside of Ozloron though, so she never had an immediate need to worry. Villages could be rebuilt. The city would take much more time, Kredits and effort.

Instead of letting herself cry however, Juniper took Fidget from her pocket, and placed her on top of the stone wall. "Find me after. Stay safe."

Juniper then inhaled a deep breath, and shifted into a common creature on her planet, one might consider a "cat". Quickly she skittered along the cobblestone, making a bee line directly for the towers. Once she was about a third of the way to the tower, and it loomed over her, she heard another deafening explosion. And it was a little too close for comfort. She snapped her head back over her shoulder and saw the road and buildings behind and around her were blown to bits and on fire, smoke filtering into the air at a rapid pace. She whimpered slightly, and finally neared the main entrance.

She shifted back into her human form, brushing dirt and ash from her body and then entered the building. She began to run again to search for her parents, and nearly ran into them as they were likewise running toward her. Her mother's hair was in a mess, little beads of sweat dripping off her face. Her father held her mothers' hand, tugging her along.

"Mom! Dad! We need to go down, to the bunkers. C'mon!" Juniper exclaimed, panic in her voice. Her mother's head piece shifted to the side slightly, and she adjusted it. Her fingers lingering slightly, trying to hide the worry in her face. Juniper took both of their hands and ran as fast as she could with them, down many flights of stairs. The stairs lead under ground, where one decent sized bunker was hidden, in case of situations just as this. Two guards stood outside of a huge thick metal door. It had one window made with bullet, bomb and fire proof material. The guards both nodded, their faces blank and their demeanor unwavering. Juniper shoved toward the door, turning the huge handle and opening it.

She stepped inside all the way, turning around to make sure her parents were following, but the last thing she saw was the bunker door slamming shut, her parents faces on the other side for a brief moment before watching as they got crushed beneath the weight and rubble of the towers being blown to bits. She slammed her fists against the bunker door, screaming until her throat was sore, her voice gone. She slid down the door, curling up into a ball on the concrete floor, sobbing silently into her knees.
After Roxas gave his little explanation about that he wasn't over the death of Celti, or Celti in general, he promised that they would talk more about it. This reassured Ophelia, since his explanations were short and didn't really seem to explain much. She could hear Jax saying for her parents to behave, and knew the comment was directed at mom. Ophelia's eyes shifted down, and Roxas kissed her softly. For a short moment, she felt normal. Her worries and anger dissipated into nothing. She closed her eyes and imagined blackness and the sound and feel of his heart. But shortly after, that moment was interrupted by Morthos talking to her parents and Jax had gone to get them all signed out.

Once Roxas was dressed, Ophelia took a warm cloth and wiped at her now healed shoulder, just to get rid of the blood at least. It was all over her battle garb anyway, but she didn't need to worry about that right now. Finally she drew the curtain open once again and stared at her family, and Morthos.

"Ready to go you guys? I'm sure Jax is done dealing with the doctor. We can probably head out shortly," Ophelia said, her voice gentle. She was calm for the moment, but knew that another huge wave of emotion would soon be washing over her, once they arrived at her parents house. That's where her mother was free to comment and act however she pleased. Ophelia stood with her hands close to her sides, unsure how to act or speak around Roxas with her mother keeping a watchful eye. Why did she have to be so afraid of her? She wished she would just be nice to Ophelia for once. It would be a pleasant change.

Name: Juniper Niahm [Knee-am]
Age: Appears to be 17.

Personality: Juniper is extremely soft spoken, gentle, kind and innocent. She often keeps to herself, and speaks mostly when spoken to. She is also extremely observant.
Bio: TBR.

Home planet: Theonia Z17
Galaxy: Theon


Observant: Juniper is often silent, but despite people thinking she isn't paying attention, she notices everything from the words people speak, to their movements, expressions, actions, ect, as well as her surroundings at all times.

Shapeshifting: Juniper is an extremely skilled shapeshifter. She can shift into any living being, including animals and other creatures. She has to have seen whatever it is she's shifting into, to change, whether in person or photo. She has complete control over her shifting abilities, except for when she is extremely low on health, unconscious or dead. Her preferred form is human.

Singing: Juniper is a very talented singer, though only does it out of hobby.

Theme song: Beyond the Veil
Mz Hyde
Welkins walked Reia home, and then said goodbye and left. She closed her door, but forgot to lock it like normal, and walked into the living room. She looked around gently, then sat down on the couch and yawned. The next thing she knew, she was surrounded by black. It hugged her body, slowly enveloping her in a weird type of cool warmth. It was confusing, and she felt like she was going to start to panic. Was this real though? She felt her body move and suddenly she woke up with a jolt, realizing she had fallen asleep. She glanced over at the clock on the fireplace mantle, it had been hours. Something felt different though. She rubbed her eyes gently and yawned again.
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