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I am just another run of the mill nerd who likes to kick ass and raise a few virtual zombies online. I like pirates, whales, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, necromancers and above all anything to do with the ocean. I am up for almost any kind of roleplay, with the aim to not make any grammatical errors or to BECOME THE OVERLORD OF SUPER POWER NEVER TO BE DEFEATED BECAUSE I AM SO UNDENIABLY AWESOME! Oh and did I also mention...

I'm Batman..

Haha...Yeah..MESSAGE ME! I'm fucking hilarious and always willing to try out new rp's!

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Hey Ya'll,

So I have an idea for a roleplay that I have been pondering for a while and I was hoping to find a guy who's over 18, can write moderately well, and has some time available to join me. The roleplay would be set in modern times, maybe in either Europe or North America, anywhere really. The world runs normally, but as the title suggests, there is a heavy increase in demonic activity. More people than ever are being led to demonic possession and the only real resistance to this issue is the exorcists. The exorcists are a rare group of people that have sold their souls to the devil for selfish, sinful or even prideful reasons but have decided to use their dark gifts as a means to save humanity. Who better to kill a demon than a demon? The dark gifts that exorcists in this world have been given is that they can summon demons, and command them to fight, and kill other demons through death gates. Most exorcists are skilled fighters, mostly men and in there 40s to 50s. Although there are exceptions. The problem is in this world they are going extinct. They are having a tougher time to defeat demons and an underground group of Satanist witches and warlocks who use evil magic are banding together to pick off exorcists so that the apocalypse can come sooner.

Now as for our characters. I was hoping to play a feisty femme fatale named Zelda who is on the younger side of being an exorcist. She's 23 and became an exorcist when she was 7. So the exorcist community knows about her but does not know what the fuck a seven-year-old would sell her soul for, so she is a bit of a community joke and isn't regarded highly in the field. Inevitably the start of the roleplay will be her getting caught by a group of Satanists who are just on the verge of killing her when she summons a demon that is strong enough to slay them. Now, this demon is different, high class, a big baddie. Leader of hell type of shit. He isn't the devil, but he's close enough to him that he could be a second cousin. haha. Anyway, Zelda's down, on the verge of death, she can't get this guy back into the gate so she does the only thing she can do. She binds him to her. He can't go back to hell but he can't survive on the earth without her. If she dies, he falls to god's grace, and god as merciful as he is...don't take too kindly to demons. So from there, the story begins.

I need a demon boys. You can make him however you want. You want a raging warrior demon cool! You want a seductive lustful bad boy, oh I'm down with that. Heck, you want a petulant famine crop destroyer, be my guest. Your choice. Main point of the story, we work together to figure out what the hell is happening to the world, how to defeat the Satanists and often or not getting Zelda a slice of pizza. I like action, swearing, romance, and blood so who wants to RP with me?

P.S. Gotta be over 18, gotta be a dude, and gotta be okay with some dark/religious content. Now I won't be killing someone's grandma, but I might tell her to fuck off.


P.P.S I am also interested in playing the demon if the exorcist part would be more preferable! PM if interested!!!
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