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I'm Batman..

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Ursa listened to Jean and nodded, slightly relieved that he wouldn't be in the line of direct danger. She spoke before she could read too much into her own emotions, "Sounds like a plan. Takashi is staying on board as well so follow his directions and if my ship takes on damage because of your choices. Might as well empty your chequebooks because I ain't paying for it. And you Jun?"

She looked down and watched as the small girl/creature nodded and Ursa crumpled slightly, "Eeee...That was the cutest submission to dangerous actions I have ever seen. My cold greedy heart can't take it."

She suddenly saw that the shields were down and she gave one last look towards Takashi, Anna and then Jean, "Alright...Well, goodbye..and if I die too, play track 72. Austa Bitches!"

She turned around quickly turning to Mac who handed a spare com to her for Juniper for later and then to Emmett who was all geared up to go. Ursa headed out the door without looking back towards the main cargo bay of her ship. Mac ran up beside her and whispered at her, "Ursa are you physically able to do this?"

Ursa looked up at, "Of course I can! I feel great!"

He raised an eyebrow, "Seriously?"

She gave him an idiotic look, "No! IM NOT SERIOUS! Are you kidding, look at me. Hell no I can't do this in my state. I want to pass out, take enough meds to block out the pain and cry like a baby, but I'm here and I know what I am don't get soft on me. Buck up and focus on what you need to do. We worry about my bruises when we make it through this. Got it."

Mac gave her a nod in understanding before he cracked his neck, holding out his fist to her with a smirk. She laughed before pounding it like they always did before a job. Mac suddenly started to focus, one of his eyes turning red as he started to check his circuitry, preparing for battle. Ursa let him proceed as she waved over to Damian and Kira who were waiting near the loading dock with two duffle bags at their feet. Ursa picked up a bag by Kira who was wearing nothing but a small tank top and shorts. She was chewing some gum and nodded at Ursa and Mac, "So we barraging through?"

Ursa nodded, "Emmett we will need you to help us with the oncoming crew when we first enter but when you find a moment to separate, do it. Kira Damian same with you two. Dill, you connected."

Dill spoke up through everyone's coms, "All connected Capitan. We going with the playlist?"

Damian started to hand out some small Krell earpieces to Emmett, Kira, Mac and Ursa who placed it behind her right ear by her com. She tapped it once and it materialized into a mask that protected the wearer from air pressure change, oxygen toxification and provided air supply for a small amount of time. Ursa tapped it off and looked down at Shrew Jun, "Seems like out best bet Dill. Be ready on my command. Now Jun we don't have a mask that can fit you in that form so climb up the back of my neck so that you can fit in mine."

Suddenly the ship jarred and Takashi spoke throught the coms, "Alright guys We are on the back end of their cargo hold. Opening the airlock in 5. Be ready with the bombs." Ursa tapped her com, "Roger that Takashi. Keep the ship steady until we enter then boot it."

Suddenly the inner airlock started to open in response and Ursa let out a breath. When Juniper moved to the back of her neck she tapped her helmet and turned to Kira, "Heard there was a full moon on Sorta right about now."

Kira gave a wolfish smile before turning on her helmet, "Full moons always make me hungry."

Ursa pulled out her plasma gun as the door sealed behind them and the outer door began to open, "Well then..hope you like take out. Everyone hold on."

As the door opened Ursa shoved her foot into a small hook in the ground as her body lifted off the floor due to lack of gravity. She smirked behind her mask as she let out three shots which hit Naefario's ship with a thud. Small greenish slime was sticking to the yellowish black paint with small devices on it that were all simultaneously counting down to five. It wasn't long before it hit zero and three large explosions filled the black skies. Ursa and the crew were pushed back slightly when suddenly items within the ship's cargo bay began to fly out into space. Including a few of the crew members. Mac grabbed a metal rope and ran head first out of the ship, before throwing another device on the edge of the ship's opening. Before he was drifting out to space he hit a button and the device pulled his arm and leg towards the ship. When he reached the edge he tied the rope to a latch off to the side of the hole and tapped his com, "Magnet gone. Rope secure. Move it."

Ursa pushed Emmett, Kira and Damian out first before she grabbed the rope and shimmied onto the ship, all whilst trying to dodge cargo and slamming into Damian's butt. When they reached the other side, Mac was already at work creating another rope towards the airlock door. When he reached the panel he went to work on the keypad, pulling away the front cover to expose the wire to the door beneath it. Damian came up behind him and held on as he began to re-work the wires. After a few minutes of trying the door opened and Mac pushed everyone through before climbing in and slamming the door shut. Ursa, Kira and Damian all helped to shut the door, there bodies all hitting the ground when the airlock was finally sealed. The crew was now in a dark hallway. Ursa tapped her helmet off before she turned to everyone, "Alright Takashi we are in. Give em hell cowboy!"

Kira tapped her own helmet off, her wolf ears perking up as she looked down the empty hallway, "Footsteps..We got about twenty or so men headed this way."

Ursa gulped before pulling out her guns and taking a deep breath the footsteps drawing nearer, "I HAVE NO WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT. JUST DON'T DIE OR I WILL KILL YOU!"

Suddenly Kira let out a wicked howl, her eyes going full red as her body started to morph and change into that of a large mutated red dire wolf. She let out a snarl that sent fear even down Ursa's neck when suddenly the first wave of crewmembers came upon them. As the crew ran forward Ursa leaned down onto her knee and hit three of the camera's with precise accuracy before she stood letting forth a barrage of shots towards her enemy.

Ursa stood up from her captain's chair and moved over to see Jean, Emmett, Damian and Mac destroy the weak points to the ship's lower hull. They were working quickly but Ursa doubted that the holographic chicken would keep Naefario busy for long. She turned to Emmett after he talked to her about his plan, giving him an awkward smile when he asked for her permission and help. Emmett was a highly trained assassin and she felt honoured that he was taking her seriously. She rubbed her mouth before speaking, "Sounds like a plan Emmett, but with one exception. Damian and Kira will need to smuggle around eight barrel's of fuel before we can be able to get out of here quick enough."

She turned to Damian, "You best go prepare Kira for travel and when you get on that ship stay in touch with me and Emmett through coms. I won't be able to respond if we are in combat but update me when you are off that ship so that we can get the hell out of dodge." Damian nodded, "I will go grab Kira and meet you at the ramp." He exited the room, turning on his com so that only Ursa could hear him, "I assume you also want us to smuggle out a few pirate treasures as well eh?" Ursa smiled beneath her sunglasses, speaking to both the crew in front of her and to Damian in her ear, "If we want to get through this we have to play it safe. I wouldn't want anyone to leave the ship without their one most valued treasure. Their lives.So everyone who isn't a crew member grab a com from the drawer to the left so we can stay in touch. "

Mac kept his eyes on shooting but he let out a smile, a relief knowing that Ursa was still the greedy smuggler willing to risk it all for the kredits. Damian spoke through the coms, "Our most valued treasure. How sentimental Cap-i-tan! Take it all...what a shock."

Ursa walked over to the pile of weapons and grabbed out a large plasma gun which she strapped to her back and a few knives which she strapped to her leg, arm and belt. She spoke up while she was doing this, "Alright. So as for the rest of my crew, Mac, you and I head out to the ship and take on Mr Krabs. Anna and Takashi you stay on board and keep the flight crew busy. With this big of a ship, you are going to need to take out a few of their guns before we would be safe enough to get away. Juniper..or shrew-Jun! You might be useful in getting into the ship so you can hang with me or stay on board. It's your choice?"

She then looked over to the cowboy, "As for you Mr. Wylder you can choose to either help Emmett in sabotaging the ship, staying on board to take down those guns or you can come on board with my group to take down the captain? Your choice, just make it quick."

Suddenly the last weak spot was hit and the shield fell apart, making Takashi move at full burn towards the back end of the ship.
Jax gave Morthos a reserved smile before she turned to Roxas with an even tenser smirk. She had to play it cool, keep Ophelia's secret and she had to pull her head out of her ass let Roxas off the hook so they could be at their best for the mission. She squeezed her sister's hand and then they all headed towards breakfast, Jax pulled Roxas back and spoke evenly, "I am still mad at you, and we are going to have a serious conversation in the future but for now let's just push that shit aside and deal with the problem at hand. We are going to have to work together to take down this demon and I don't want you to feel like there is bad blood. I just want you to fucking trust me that's all. Alright?"

She held up a vertical fist which she waited to be bumped. When it was bumped she let out a sigh and turned her head listening to Morthos point to a picture. She gawked, "HOLY SHIT! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, MORTHOS that's my new screen-saver! I am going to meme the shit out of that expression!"

Jax busted out her phone and took some shots of a few of the pictures before she pointed, "IT LOOKS LIKE A DRESS! OH DEAR GOD!!! HAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN'T BURN IT!"

Suddenly they reached the dining room and they got to meet Aunty Em. Jax accepted the warm hug happily, surprised at the strength of this lady and spoke evenly to this women who Morthos always seemed to talk about warmly, "It's a pleasure to meet you Aunty Em! Haha..This is my sister Ophelia Kariana and my name is Jax. It's nice to finally meet the woman Morthos is always talking about. He says you make the best elderberry tarts in the world and let me tell you...I have been thinking about them for months now. Before I leave this damn country I have to try one. This region is supposed to have the best berries so I know it has to be good."

She shot Morthos a warm smile before she chatted with Aunty Em for a few minutes, both of them laughing and talking about Morthos before Jax was left in a chair to the left of Morthos. She looked around at the ginormous room, still mesmerized by the size, "Jesus this place is huge. Did you eat here when you..."

Suddenly the sight of pancakes, bacon, and all the breakfast fixings entered her sights. Her eyes widened, her mouth slowly opening,"Oh my god...I will have you and you and you..."

By the time she was done her plate was covered with food and she was eating it with gusto, barely leaving room to breath or think when Ophelia dropped the bomb. Her mouth was filled with pancake and maple syrup when she gulped, remaining quiet as she looked over at Roxas and Morthos then at Ophelia before her eyes returned to the plate, opening her mouth to say something before closing it in stunned silence.
Ursa snored mercilessly her thoughts drifting into dreamworld. In her dream she sat on a pile of money dressed in a purple Zoley beast coat, her fingers, neck and earrings dripping in gold and diamonds. She leaned back, as Madonna's 'Material Girl' played in the background and sipped at a bright coral Bellini when suddenly she heard a splash and she pushed down her purple star shades to see a tall figure in the water. She scooted forward just as the man came up to the ladder to the left of her, his beautifully toned body glistening in the sun as he exited the water in slow motion. Ursa's breath caught in her throat as the handsome dark-haired hottie who seemed to resemble someone with a familiar roughish cowboy appearance came up to lean down near her. She bit her lip confidently leaning forward to kiss this beautiful creature when suddenly he reached up, his hands grazing her cheek, the moment of connection coming when suddenly a large alarm blared around her and she opened her eyes. She blinked, the ceiling a few inches from her face, her body hovering above her bed. She was sore all over and heavily confused so she rolled over looking at her room which was filled with floating books and CDs. A shiver of fear went up against her spine as she looked at her prized collection. She paused, her hands stretching out as she looked at her beloved items held in suspension. She whispered quietly to herself, "No...My children...It's okay...Mama will get you all down...Nobody move. Slowly...slowly...AHHH...SHIIII!"

Suddenly everything hit the floor, including Ursa who the hit the ground roughly before being slammed into the side of the ship. She slapped the ground yelling loudly,"CAN'T I GET JUST A FEW MINUTES OF PEACE! FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHAT IS IT NOW!!!"

She stood up slamming her hand on the com whilst grabbing a pair of pants, "TAKASHI! MAC! WHAT'S HAPPENING?" All that came out was a garbled mess. She pressed her forehead against the wall before she grabbed up her guns and a rugged denim jacket. She slipped it over her bandages heading out into the hall towards the brig.


Mac was just about to respond to Jean when Anna came running in, "SPACE PIRATES! We have a cruiser on our tale and the ship has taken heavy damage. We are pushing up to super speed but they should be catching up with us pretty soon. We better be battle ready."

Mac groaned, "How far are they?"

Anna spoke hastily, her eyes darting to the messy kitchen and the 'guests', "Around 5000 clicks, but they are catching up quickly. We are low on fuel to, so we can't go to full burn without either blowing the engine or running out in enough time. What are we going to do?"

Mac went white, "Shit. We need to look at the routes and prepare the crew for battle. You three stay here and don't..."

Suddenly the ship lurched and the room turned in a 360-degree angle and the speed was visibly different. Most of the room crashed into the wall including Mac and Anna before the com went on and Ursa's smarmy voice carried out through the ship, "Sorry for the detour assholes. Mac, Anna get to the bridge pronto! Bring Emmett, Juniper and the studmuffin...I mean Jean. YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH TAKASHI! Anyway. Hurry up!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Bridge
Ursa dropped the com and gave Takashi the finger before she turned to Damian, "Damian let them take whatever heat we can send there way. Takashi, keep on course and Kira do what you can in the hull before we blow the airlock and we all get sucked into space."

She turned when Mac and the rest of the crew walked in. She gave Mac an exhausted look before he spoke up, "Cooper. What the hell do you think you are doing and how are you even awake right now?"

Ursa turned painfully, "We are in the Jerox galaxy about 80,000 clicks away from our destination. We ain't going to make that destination with the fuel we got now and we can't outrun these fuckers either. So we are low on fuel and enemies are at our back. If we try to go full burn to get away from them we could blow our ship so I turned us around, because not only are we going to outsmart those bastards, we are going to steal there fuel and weapons. Now as for your other question. We do not have any anaesthesia on this ship, but we do happen to have a pack of adrenaline needles. I am in an antagonizing amount of pain and honestly, I don't know how long this shit is going to last but I'm here, I'm mobile, and I want to show those pirates who really are the scourge of these space skies."

She howled walking past Mac over towards Takashi, "Keep our line jagged and veer to the left if they set up their cannon blasters. She then finally turned to her guests, "Emmett you still have your gun right. Prepare to use it. Juniper, if things go sour, turn into that little mouse creature and hide." She paused turned to Jean and blushed three shades of red, "We agree for this part of the junction that we are on the same side?"

She paused, lifting up her hand for a shake. When she got one she pulled him close so that she could whisper in his ear, "Good. Now don't make me regret this..." She handed him his gun before turning back to the screen, "Alright. Let's do this. Damian! FIRE!!!!!"
Jax glared up at Morthos, but shut up about him moving out of the way, knowing he was right about fighting in his house. When she heard Ilfrit's voice her own eyes turned green and she stepped forward, "Oh try me Demon. You're only lucky you are stuck in his head because I am ready to rip you a new one."

When Roxas seemed to be struggling with Ilfrit in his mind Jax reigned in her anger, her pentagram hands and eyes returning to normal. She was quiet as she listened to him, holding her words in as he carried on. When he was done, her body posture was more relaxed but her tone was sharp and forward, "Bullshit Roxas. BULLSHIT! I know you love Ophelia, and you wouldn't hurt her if you were functioning properly, but I do not like the fact you shot her by accident. YOU DON'T FUCKING SHOOT PEOPLE ON ACCIDENT! YOUR DAMN LUCKY SHE WAS A VAMPIRE! YOUR DAMN LUCKY SHE WASN'T A HUMAN OR ELSE SHE WOULD BE SERIOUSLY FUCKING DAMAGED! MY SISTER'S LIFE IS MORE THAN AN ACCIDENT. REMEMBER THAT!"



Morthos pointed to a door and Jax walked over to it without looking back, "THIS TEAM IS A GOD DAMN JOKE! GOOD NIGHT! HAVE A GREAT FUCKING SLEEP ASSHOLES!"
Mac glared at Jean for most of the time he was in the med bay before he carried Ursa to her room, moving around the stacks of books and records that filled her cluttered space to place her on her bed. He moved her purple coloured blanket up to her shoulders and had a brief moment of nostalgia. He remembered her as a little short haired brat, always pulling at his dreads and shooting him with laser bullets for fun. He always enjoyed the times when she was asleep. She was peaceful. He blinked and walked out the door, a smile on his face as he moved down towards the kitchens. Takashi stopped him mid-way through, "Hey we heard Cooper fainted over the coms. Is she alright!"

Mac nodded, "She took a beating and it caught up with her unexpectedly. She's gonna be out for a bit so I'm taking charge."

Takashi stuck out his tongue, "Figured. So...are we killing the new guy?"

Mac shook his head, "If it were up to me...I would send his ass to Neptune, but you know how Ursa is with her cop theory. So no touching him. Yet. Also when Ursa's up we have to have a crew meeting. New info on our stowaway and about our last mission. Anyone following our trail?"

Takashi gave a sick reptilian smile, "They tried, but I took some detours and pulled a few fast ones, whilst you guys were chatting. All good for now. Anna wants to know where we are heading though."

Mac started walking with Takashi as he spoke, "Good job, dipshit. That's why you're paid well. You can tell Anna we are heading to outpost 16. It's our...cheapest outpost. Not as many smuggled items for the cop to sniff out and we can grab fuel there. Plus anaesthesia."

At that point, a door to the left of them opened and Kira waved at the boys. She was dressed in a white wifebeater, jean shorts and some heavy steel-toed boots, "Hey guys. Are we going to land soon? I need to get a look at the gun belt on the left side of the ship after those blasts."

Mac walked up and ruffled her hair, "Yeah we will be landing in a bit. Dill made pizza if you want."

Kira howled her wolf ears bending slightly, "HELL YEAH! IM STARVING!"

Takashi laughed, "Me too! Beat you to the pepperoni!"

Kira snarled before pushing him to the ground, "You're on!"

She jetted off with Takashi on her tail. Mac shook his head walking down the hall where he saw Anna coming from the other side. He waved at her before walking into the main kitchen/dining room to see Jean, Juniper, Emmett, Dill, Damian, Kira and Takashi. The latter two were almost pawing at the pizza. Basically once the pizza was out of the oven the crew took turns taking some slices before heading back to there posts. Dill and Mac were the only two people from the crew in the room, and Mac walked over to the others with ambivalence, trusting none of them apart from Juniper who seemed to be of no harm to his crew. He spoke softly, "Please help yourself to the pizza, be mindful of the anchovies one. The captain loves it, but it's absolutely disgusting. Now, Miss Juniper, I apologize on behalf of the captain for not treating you with the respect your title is given, we on the Ranger are honoured to have you on board."

He gave her a warm smile, before turning to the men, "So I, of course, was not present for part of the conversation, but I am aware of the fact that you wish to go after Bob? That may be a bit of a hard sell for the crew if there are no means of payment involved."
Jax nodded at Roxas, trying to get a read on him when Ophelia stopped and said she wanted to talk to her. Jax listened patiently her hands clenching into fists as her eyes turned over to look at Roxas, "You shot my sister."

She took a step forward, her eyes going green when suddenly Morthos came to stand in front of her. She gave him a look trying to move around him, but he just moved with her. She finally gave up and looked over at Roxas past Morthos' shoulder, "SO NOT ONLY DID YOU JUST LIE TO ME, YOU SHOT MY SISTER!"

She looked over at Ophelia, "If this happened a while back then why are we hearing about this now! Maybe we could have prepared for this or something. Who is this lady and what does she want?"

She turned back to Roxas, her face showing both signs of being angry and hurt, "We are a team, Roxas! If I had any enemy that would threaten you, I would tell you immediately, but I guess I'm just not a good enough friend, to trust. Well, fuck you. Also if you ever shoot my sister again, accident or not I swear to god...MORTHOS GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

She glared up at him smacking him in the chest to make him move, but he wouldn't budge.
Ursa was quiet through most of Emmett's response, angry that he didn't keep the file with him. Well isn't that fucking convenient. When he asked her about heading to the capital Juniper decided to interject the conversation and reveal that she was Theonian and wishing to claim revenge for her people. Ursa looked up at Mac, before turning to Jean who was giving her an appraising look. She lifted her chin slightly, daring him to call her out on it after their previous conversation. Luckily though he let it go, instead opting to pose a question to Juniper about why she thinks her planet would be attacked. Ursa watched in curiosity as slowly Juniper turned into...well her. She looked over at herself, hazel eyes matching hazel eyes identically. When Juniper started to talk, and her own voice came out Ursa shivered. Oh god...that's creepy. Do I really sound like that? Jesus.

She kept her thoughts to herself, wishing she had a whisky in her hand as Juniper continued, explaining that she was royalty. Ursa's non-swollen eye widened and she looked over at Mac shaking her head. Both of them hadn't a clue what they had picked up, but both of them knew that having a princess on board would complicate things. The news seemed to turn the room quiet, so Ursa took the moment to push off the table, her one leg supporting her body as leaned against the table, nudging Mac before telling him to leave the room to grab her some fresh clothes. After he was gone she looked at Juniper with a slightly reserved expression, "Well pleased to meet you...Princess. I'm glad you finally feel that the time to reveal you're true nature is after a rogue bunch of the world's criminal elite have set their sights on killing us."

She let out an exhausted breath, "Sorry. I'm in a grumpy mood. So let me get this straight. A cop. An assassin. A princess, a gorgeous space smuggler and her band of misfit crew members are going to fly into one of the most dangerous planets in the galactic realm to get a file that will lead us to Bob who apparently not only has enough funds to hire the most deadly assassins in the galaxy but also has an army big enough to destroy a planet. That's what you're saying. All for the sake of vengeance and goodwill and all that shit. That is what is being discussed here? Also might I add..I won't get paid for doing any of this work. It will be pro-bono. No moolah..."

Ursa let what she said sink in before she pushed off the table, taking a step forward as she began to cautiously laugh, "Well I for one did not see the day going this way...I mean this is...I..." She was preparing to say something when suddenly she went pale and her eyes rolled up as she began to fall forward passing out after the alcohol and loss of blood caught up with her.


Suddenly the com shot up, and a voice was heard from the speaker, "Shit...MAC SHE PASSED OUT. I'M MAKING PIZZA SO COULD YOU..."

Suddenly Mac's irritated voice was on the com, "Yes I will be right over. What kind of pizza?"

Dill spoke up only once as Mac re-entered placing the clothes on the table as he looked at Ursa with a shake of his head. His metal dreads rattled as Dill's voice spoke up, "Pepperoni, Vegetarian and Captain's favourite anchovies and onions!"

Mac nodded before looking at the group, "You all head to the kitchen. The captain is in no condition to speak about this matter right now, and I need to consult with the crew on her behalf. She needs some rest as I am sure you all do. We will set course for one of our fuel hubs in the meantime. We won't be going anywhere without more fuel since we have had to go to full burn too many times lately. We will follow her orders about you all being guests but if anyone tries anything, this is your warning."

He took Ursa into his arms, her limbs swaying slightly as he shook his head, "I don't get paid enough for this."
Jax followed Morthos and his aunt with the rest of the group, remaining silent as Uncle Fear spoke of Morthos' mother and uncle who was holding the reigns of this country. Morthos seemed a bit miffed about this uncle Damakos taking control and Jax wondered if perhaps there was some bad blood between them. She would have to ask about it later. Suddenly she realized where she was and looked up at the large mansion in front of her. Her lower mandible slowly slid down as she took in the impressive exterior of the place. It was bloody huge and it made her parent's house seem like a little shit shack. She looked over at Morthos who had always downplayed his home and shook her head in disbelief. When they entered the home, she gripped her bag tighter feeling small under the great entryway. The architecture was stunning, a mixture of the old world and the new world combined. She turned to Uncle Fear and extended a hand to him, "Thank you so much for allowing us to stay for a few nights and we will do our best to help in any way we can!"

When Fear had disappeared into the home Jax turned to Morthos and punched him in the arm, "You little liar. You totally downplayed this place. Your house is fucking massive! I bet your kitchen is gigantic as well. I am totally getting a house tour when we get back from kicking this demon's ass! I demand embarrassing photo's, to see your childhood bedroom, and to meet your other family members! Especially your mom."

She gave him a large evil grin before she turned to look at Ophelia and Roxas, "Speaking of...I know we are going to do some of the big planning tomorrow but are we going to have to watch our backs for something else. Taking on an archdemon is no cake walk and if we get through this we could possibly be bumped up a letter grade. If something else is going to get in the way of that. I...and I am pretty sure Morthos as well, want to know about it."

Jax stood quietly beside Morthos as his uncle came down to see him. She looked up at the other red-skinned man with slight wonder, a smile forming as she saw them both joking with each other. It was nice to see Morthos in a more familiar setting, and it only made her more excited to meet his family in general. When Ophelia introduced her she gave her usual charming smile and a light wave, before looking over at Morthos and whispering quietly, "Is everyone in the family such a hottie?"

After a few minutes, the group was heading through the gates and Jax was eyeing her sister with curiosity, before pulling her back slightly, "Are you okay? You are looking a little paler than usual?"

Jax didn't know why but something was definitely off or different. It wasn't something physical, perhaps more a feeling but with her spending more time with Morthos and Ophelia spending more time with Roxas, she perhaps didn't notice it as much. She shook her head turning back to Fear who responded to Ophelia's statement.

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