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I am just another run of the mill nerd who likes to kick ass and raise a few virtual zombies online. I like pirates, whales, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, necromancers and above all anything to do with the ocean. I am up for almost any kind of roleplay, with the aim to not make any grammatical errors or to BECOME THE OVERLORD OF SUPER POWER NEVER TO BE DEFEATED BECAUSE I AM SO UNDENIABLY AWESOME! Oh and did I also mention...

I'm Batman..

Haha...Yeah..MESSAGE ME! I'm fucking hilarious!

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Bump! Lolz! Hey I'm interested. Unless you already are working on something with someone!
Jax leaned down as low as she could go as the claw came down but it was not necessary due to Morthos’ actions towards the large creature. She continued her incantations turning to see Morthos who was bleeding harshly, but otherwise in good spirits. Seeing him hurt lit, a fire to her determination, but she remained where she was, smirking slightly at his comment, but not responding as she continued her incantations. She focused on extending her magic throughout the network of caves searching for demonic energy that came from a being as strong as she suspected Morthos’ mom would be. Morthos moved past her as the beast went past her again. She tried to ignore his fight, concentrating. She felt nothing. Jax stood up in frustration a few seconds later grabbing her scythe as she rushed over to the place where Morthos was originally bleeding. It was a funny joke but, to be honest, his blood would be useful in setting up her demonic trap. She kept her attention on Morthos’ fight, listening to the demon give its name freely to Morthos. Jax’s eyes widened, in response. No demon gave a name freely unless it was of a celestial equivalent or it was summoned. The hardest part of any exorcism was forcing a name. Its name was the achilles heel. Given freely Jax could hurt it, once the preparations were set, but if it gave the name freely it means that even if she sent it back to hell, it could return. Someone would bring it back. She grits her teeth coating her arms and hands in some of the blood from Morthos as she called out to him, “HE WAS SUMMONED! MORTHOS! HE!

Suddenly a tendril shot out and she was slammed back into a wall hard. She fell to her knees trying to catch her breath, when another tendril came at her. She responded quickly this time, rolling to her left before she awkwardly moved to her feet rolling her scythe around to block the tendrils. She ran towards the lights emitted by Morthos’ flames, barely missing the bodies of fallen soldiers in the area. She slashed through the darkness, jumping up and over attacks before she was feet from where Morthos was standing. He looked like he had been to hell, well more so than usual. When one nasty tendril came at him Jax cut it down, before she was standing beside him, her eyes glowing an intense green. They kept fighting around each other, when Jax started talking, “Morthos...he….shit..WAS SUMMONED. Someone powerful...brought. him here. Your mother isn’t here...and I can’t feel Yam...but I don’t know if she’s...urghhhh…. dead or if she’s wounded. THAT’S IT!

She slammed her scythe down into a tendril, speaking in a harsh latin “URABRASK. By the light of god and the sins of your father, who brought you into this realm. NAME HIM!

Urabrask gave pause slinking down so his razor teeth were close enough for Jax to see her reflection in them, “A defiler of the brotherkin. A wicked soul, reckless enough to risk my power to gain treasures desired. He will destroy this kingdom, just like I will destroy you, Exorcist!

A tendril came up to twine around Jax’s neck pulling her up into the air and slamming her into a wall feet above the ground. She gasped, trying to breath as she tried to pull the tendril away from her throat. She turned her hand grabbing the wall for a few minutes before the tendril was gone. She assumed Morthos had done something but Yam stood with her wand raised as Jax fell to the granite floors. She took in a breath, her words gaspy as she stood up, “Thanks…

She took another few steps forward, trying to get more information so that Morthos or Yam would understand. She spoke again, her words again in latin,“URABRASK. YOUR NAME GIVES ME DOMINION OVER YOU, DEMON! TELL ME WHO IS THE DEFILER. REVEAL HIS TRUTH! DAMN YOUR LIES BY GABRIELS NAME!!!!!!!"


Jax blinked, dodging a tendril as she grabbed her scythe from the ground, turning to Yam, who shared a similar confused expression. She was about to speak again when suddenly a tendril came down at her from an upward angle. She held up her scythe blocking it’s path as she spoke again, “Charmer of queens, relation of a love….and a book….a broken book. Wait..I've seen that book. I have that book. Alexander Broccan's book of Demonology. MORTHOS...IT’S..

Yam finished the sentence, “IT’S LORD DAMAKOS! LORD, IT HAS TO BE YOUR UNCLE!!

Jax was forced to her knee, the sharp tentacle winding around her scythe, trying to pull it from her. She kept her eyes on the demon. “MORTHOS YOU HAVE TO FIND HIM! YAM YOU GO TO...I CAN HANDLE HIM, BUT IF YOU DON’T TAKE DOWN YOUR UNCLE, PART OF HIM WILL REMAIN HERE.

She yanked forward twisting to the left as she gained control of her scythe again. She let Yam go at him for awhile as she made her way over to Morthos grabbing his shoulder, “I mean it. You have to find him, or this doesn’t end. So go. I can handle him, but you have to do your part.

She stared into his eyes for a few minutes, knowing that there is one thing that would make him go, “If he brought him here, he also must have done something to your mom. You won’t find out what that is, if you don’t go! Now move it out of here! I can do this. Trust me!
Alrighty >.< thanks! No rush haha
Oh no, not at all. I just feel bad for leaving a bad impression and making you feel rushed! I keep forgetting its holiday time so ppl are busy. 🤗🎄🎄
Oh...sorry. I just get nervous that you're gonna ghost me! I am usually a pretty fast roleplayer (especially for rp's I like) so I apologize for making you feel rushed. >.<'
Where we going?!?! 🤓🤓🤓

Rose felt him follow her and stopped turning away from him to rub her eyes before she looked back up at him with a miserable expression. She listened quietly her frown deepening when he called her a bitch. She was beginning to really despise that word. She remained silent though, listening to his opinion to not let those things turn her into a vicious person. She stared at him quietly for a few moments supposing he was right. She did jump down his throat for just looking at her, taking most of the rage that should have been placed on Senator Skeez, her brother and out of everyone her father. She still hated to be called a bitch though.

After her silence, he walked over to his bike grabbing a spare helmet and held it up toward her, offering to take her to a place where she could clear her head. She looked at the bike than him and then to the people at the front of the bar. Deciding, she pulled her purse over her head and grabbed the helmet her tone soft but still edgy, "I live with wolves Sparky, if you ain't vicious you get eaten very quickly."

She pulled the helmet closer, looking away from him as she grumbled an angsty, "I apologize for putting that on you though....even if you were being sassy!"

She slapped the helmet over her head and sauntered up behind him after he got on the motorcycle. She pulled up her dress, showing off the edges of her garter belts as she threw a leg over the back of the bike. She sat down slowly, her nails grazing his chest as she wrapped her arms around his midsection. Once comfortable, she spoke up behind him, "Don't go slow for my sake, Sparky. I can handle any speed you throw at me."

She leaned her cheek against his back, wondering what the hell she was doing. The unwritten handbook for single ladies says that this was a bad decision, but honestly, she had a feeling she would regret it if she declined. Plus the bike was nice and the guy who she was holding seemed warm beneath her. Tomorrow she would go back to her usual calculated, diligent self, but tonight she was the reckless girl who went with the dangerous biker boy, and she was going to enjoy it!
O.o o.O
You don't know how hard it was for me to make Rose not try to kick yo ass. Jkjk :D
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