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I'm Batman...

I am just another run of the mill nerd who likes to kick ass and raise a few virtual zombies online. I like pirates, whales, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, necromancers and above all anything to do with the ocean. I am up for almost any kind of roleplay, with the aim to not make any grammatical errors or to BECOME THE OVERLORD OF SUPER POWER NEVER TO BE DEFEATED BECAUSE I AM SO UNDENIABLY AWESOME! Oh and did I also mention...

I'm Batman..

Haha...Yeah..MESSAGE ME! I'm fucking hilarious and always willing to try out new rp's!

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I definitely would love to do a slice of life or a fantasy rp if your up for it. I'm fine with groups or 1x1 as well! :^D
BUMP! Haha don't know if you are looking for someone for your 'Chaotic Order'rp, but it looks awesome and I would love to be in it!
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Harley ate quietly unaware of his lingering eyes, or lustful thoughts, her mind fully fixed on the delicious food in front of her. Family recipe indeed. God, it was good! When he commented on her cat issue. She giggled despite her situation, enjoying the fact that...Antonino, so he had told her, actually had a bit of humor. He gave a soft smirk and she gulped down some spaghetti. God those cheekbones and those arms. Why is evil always in a pretty package. She shuffled her legs, trying to get comfortable on her seat when he went into a discussion about her being confined.

She remained quiet as he explained his reasoning. His points were honestly fair. She would do anything to save Freddie, insidious little cuntbiscuit he is, and even though this guy has been treating her better than she would have assumed, she didn’t know him, and would probably find a way to screw him over in her favor. She wouldn’t go to the cops though. Going to those assholes to solve a problem for her, made her want to throw up. Her mother had the same bias towards cops, and after her time in prison, she had a whole new view of the system in general. She learned that the only person she could depend on was herself to solve her issues.

Suddenly, her thoughts were shut down when Antonino stood up and leaned over the table so that he could look at her dead on. His size made her want to lean back, but she held her ground, even when his lips just lightly grazed hers. She listened to what he said about another woman who betrayed his trust and how the dogs were in the process of eating her now. She shivered, fear filling her thoughts as her eyes widened. She gripped her fork tightly, unable to move before she could even begin to think heavily about what he just said, he gave her a quick peck, then sat back down.

'DID HE JUST? THIS ROMAN GOD JUST? DID HE? NO!!! DIDN’T HAPPEN...Made it up. He didn’t. Did he? What?' she thought quietly to herself. Her lips twitched as he sat back down, her green gaze remaining stuck on him as he returned to his food.

Her gaze continued for a few more moments, not sure what to say when she just blurted something out, “ I mean...I’ll call Mrs...Levowitz..about kisses..I MEAN I WILL CALL MISS LEVOWITZ….about Mr. Pickles.

She gulped, “She can take care of him...for a few days...or weeks.

What was that Harley? You hold your game together girl! This man in front of you just made your favorite pair of denim jeans uncomfortable and now he’s eating his lasagna, and you are fucking up your words! He doesn’t want you like that anyway... BITCH! Who cares if he wants you like that. He said he just chopped up a lady, you idiot.’ She paused looking at him with squinted eyes, ‘Nah. That's not true. He’s just messing with you. Put you off your game. Scare you, enough to be obedient. Right? That makes sense! Finally reason!

Harley calmed down, and scooted her spaghetti to the side before she stood up on the lower rung of her bar chair, her mind made up to attempt something. She leaned over to him, just close enough that if he looked the right way he could potentially see down her shirt. She looked down at his lasagna, then up at him her voice slightly husky, “Is she in the lasagna as well? Just want to know what kind of guy I’m talkin’ to. Somethin’ tells me…” She paused moving even closer to him, her green eyes challenging him as she whispered, “That you really know how to eat a girl right up?

She bit her lip slowly before she quickly pulled back to her seat, taking up some spaghetti noodles for her mouth and slurping them down. She congratulated herself on her boldness. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room. Hell she wasn’t even the prettiest woman in the building, with a knockout like Miss Holloway around, BUT she would be damned if he was going to think that she was just another girl he could scare off. Even if he was the best looking guy she had ever seen. Olive skin, dark sinful eyes, cheekbones for days and she was betting a chest full of muscle. She couldn't be shy though, No Harley Hartford was a confident badass! Or at least she had to make him think that she was. She moved her eyes away from him reluctantly, as she took a few more bites of food, before changing her tone to something a bit more carefree, “So do you mind if I call my neighbor to look after my….pussy, Pickles, problem?

She gave him a wide smile, before she blushed slightly at her joke, “Also...unless you want me to wear this for the next few…um...anyway...I’m gonna need some clothes, and maybe a toothbrush?

Harley tried to kick out once or twice at the dogs when Antonino interrupted her chirping. She jumped along with the dogs before she settled down on her chair, watching him and the dogs eat quietly. She remained quiet as he discussed what was to become of Freddie, and how her act of loyalty somehow, thank the gods, persuaded him to not sell her into prostitution. She deadpanned though at the mention of him owning her ass. She didn't like the idea of being owned any better than she liked the idea of Freddie being 'Fed to the Fishes' but she was grateful that this mob boss or whatever he was, was not going to hurt her or sell her to someone worse. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Her head perked up when he offered food but warned her about the strawberries. She looked at her fingers then the dogs and shivered speaking quietly so as not to upset the dogs, "Jesus...Alright Princess. I won't touch your berries...What? Fine. Big Boss guy...Canneloni dude? What should I call ya, then?"

She gave him an awkward smile, truly trying to not be a smartass, but she couldn't help not teasing him. He oozed control, and poking, the man' so to speak just became habit overtime. She figured most girls just bobble-headed in front of him, telling him what he wanted to hear. You cant respect someone who kisses your ass, so she would let him know that she could hold her ground if necessary. That thought dropped cold when she thought about Bruno and the way he pulled her hair or the dogs eating their meat. She could play this with stupid pride or with her smarts. She bit her bottom lip, patronizing herself for being rude to someone who could basically end her miserable existence with a command to the hellhounds behind her. She had to be more careful. Again, fuck you Freddie for getting me into this mess! Antonino didn't seem to notice her inner struggle and started talking about racing. She began to listen intensely, her green eyes looking at him with deep interest. The thought of her racing to save her life sent a deep thrill through her. She imagined going up to the speeds she only dreamed she could go, and an wicked smile crawled up her lips. More money than she could ever imagine in a year! She bit her lip trying to hide her smile when he winked at her. She blushed, looking away from him. He was way to handsome for his own good. She snuck off her seat and walked over to the fridge taking him up on his suggestion, as he went back to his food. She took a breath then spoke up, trying to sound confident, "Believe me, I'm good." She paused looking at the handles of the fridge, "I may be shit at everything else, but I live when I'm in my car."

She shook her head then opened the fridge getting a look at what was inside. Her eyes widened in wonder as she looked over everything, "Oh. My. God. Look at all this food! There are so many options. Oh, I could eat this or...this or...OH IS THAT SPAGHETTI! Dear god! You even have steaks in here!"

She turned around, giving him a cautious look, "Can I really eat this?"

She waited for his response, then shot him a warm smile, as she grabbed down a container of spaghetti and popped it into the microwave before she began looking for a fork. When she found one she turned back to the boss, "So...I race. I earn back my money. If...If I win back what he or I owe, do you still have to kill Freddie?" She looked down at the ground then back up at Antonino, "Don't get me wrong, he's dead to me, and I will never love him the way I did...but he' only family."

The microwave beeped and she pulled out the spaghetti container and moved to sit at the farthest part of the island, before she reconsidered and moved to sit right in front of the boss, her fork digging into the spaghetti, before she spoke up, feeling slightly more relaxed then she should have been in this situation, "Also..umm...can I leave, or is this 'Mine' situation involvin' me stayin' 'ere? Cause I have a cat, Mr Pickles, who I feed."

She gave him a puppy dog smile, and then took a bite of spaghetti, her eyes shutting slightly in ecstasy. She finished her bite and licked some sauce off of her lips, "God, this is good. So much betta than PB and J or pizza. The sauce is sooo delicious! Who made this? It's amazing!"

She ate with gusto, taking what she could, while she waited for him to answer. She hadn't eaten a meal like this for months, let alone meat that wasn't usually found on a pizza, and she wasn't missing her chance to eat as much of it as she could, if given the opportunity.
Very excited to see what hes gonna say! 😯😯😯😯
So uh...are you not into this or..because I didn't want to rush you but it's been like...two weeks? -.-
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