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I am just another run of the mill nerd who likes to kick ass and raise a few virtual zombies online. I like pirates, whales, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, necromancers and above all anything to do with the ocean. I am up for almost any kind of roleplay, with the aim to not make any grammatical errors or to BECOME THE OVERLORD OF SUPER POWER NEVER TO BE DEFEATED BECAUSE I AM SO UNDENIABLY AWESOME! Oh and did I also mention...

I'm Batman..

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Jax was happy that everyone had a clear understanding of the plan, she figured Roxas would fight her on the time limit but she had confidence Ophelia would make an effort to follow her advice. Jax wanted to help with the bill but Ophelia beat her to it. After they said their goodbyes and set out in town Jax fixed her collar and made sure to check her phone was charged, "Hope you don't mind we check out the butcher's first. I think we can probably get our best leads from there, in finding some names. I also want to check out the Hunting Legion to learn about the murders. There is enough game in that forest for any animal to survive for weeks. If they killed those men in cold murder it could be premeditated. After that, I figure we go to the library because it's open the latest. I figure we look into the newspapers the last few weeks and perhaps even get a better understanding of the terrain. It's been awhile since Ophelia and I have been home and it looks like the town is doing better than when we left it."

When they reached the butcher shop she paused just outside, "I figure I'm going to play miss charming so do me a favor and play the part of menacing brute if I need it alright. I know you ain't much of a talker but you can at least play the part of the bad cop if I need it alright? Okay. Here we go!"

When Jax entered the butcher's shop she eyed a young man behind the counter. He was young probably just out of highschool. Poor kid..but just her luck! She gave the delicatessen her sweetest smile walking over to the counter her scythe bobbing slightly behind her, "Hello..." She eyed the young man's nametag, "Leo..Is it alright if I call you that?"

He gave her a big smile, "Uh ye..yeah. Can I help you with something Miss?"

She bit her lip lightly leaning over the counter, the kid making eyes at her tattoo then up at Morthos. His eyes widened slightly as Jax spoke in an even tone, "Actually me and my friend here are in kind of a pickle. I made a ridiculous order the other day for 30 cases of beef tenderloin. Now I meant to say 3 but then I received a bill for 30 and I am freaking out. Now, of course, I have to deal with corporate on an issue like this but they need to know the exact date I called and who I talked to. They also are demanding proof. I've been having a hell of a time finding it on my phone records. Do you mind letting me get a look at that order sheet just for a few measly seconds, so I can find out the exact date and time I called? I swear I won't tell anyone you helped me out. Please sugar!"

The young man looked up at the camera, "Uh. My boss doesn't allow customers to look at our order sheets. It's a matter of p..p...policy or something like that."

Jax stood up whimpering slightly as placed her head in her hands, her fingers digging into her hair, she turned to look at Morthos, "Shit. I don't know what I am going to do then. Our rent is coming up and if I don't figure this all out before then I'm going to be in deep trouble. Are you sure you can't help us?"

She gave the kid a sultry whimpering look that could melt men twice his age, "Please? I will owe you...whatever you want?"

The kid leaned forward his innocent smile turning into a lewd smirk, "Ummm...C..C...Can I see your boobs!"

Jax paused for a second turning to look at Morthos before she burst into laughter slapping her hand on the wooden counter before looking at the kid with fire green eyes, "Fine. You want to see the girls. I'll give ya a peak. Let's go to the back."

She gave Morthos a look before heading to the back with the kid, a few minutes later she came back alone, the list in her hands, "All done. I must be off my touch usually they crack with just a nip slip." She saw Morthos' face and laughed wildly, "Don't worry, I didn't show him a thing. I threatened to phone his mother and tell her what her son just asked a customer to do, and he started bawling like a child. Besides my girls are exceptionally nice, I don't want to give the kid a nosebleed." She laughed again at his expression, "Anyway, there are a few larger orders for the week that I noticed. I took a picture with my phone of the list so you can see. I have a few names but I feel like if we look at the locations at the library we can see if any of them are near the woods. What do you think?"

She listened to Morthos taking out her phone to show him the picture. She also texted Ophelia, "At Butchers. Be safe! <3" It was quick and direct but it got the point across. When they finished they headed off to the Hunting Legion to see what else they could find out.

Jax watched as Roxas entered the room with some new clothes. He really wasn't that bad looking, but as soon as Morthos came in behind him her face lit up. She watched as the girls in the lobby went from swooning to taking a step back from Morthos. He probably gets that all the time. She waved over at them speaking evenly as they walked over, "Hey guys! Nice duds Roxas. Also Ophelia's right. From what I've heard from those locals is that the werewolves have been an issue for awhile now, mostly attacking livestock from small farms but a couple of hunters were found murdered in the woods on an annual hunting trip about three weeks ago so the townspeople decided to take their funds and hire SPA to find the culprits. The locals have no idea if it's a small pack or a large one but they definitely know there is more then one due to the howls."

She watched Ophelia as she pulled out her phone texting their father, "I also found out that the gelato is banging at Antony's. Go there grub up, work out a plan than probably split up so we can cover more ground."

When everyone decided on a place to go they headed over to the restaurant finding a small booth in the corner. Jax ordered a big plate of fettucini alfredo, tiramisu and three bowls of gelato each a different flavour. When she finished she gave a slight hiccup, her eyes glazed over slightly due to her feast, "Oh damn that was good! Shit!"

When everyone seemed full, or as full as they can be Jax spoke up, "Okay, now that everyone seems fairly full, I say we split up and try to get more information. The main bits we need are how many of these bastards are there, who is the alpha and beta and where are there hunting grounds. From what I vaguely remember about werewolves they usually hunt in packs and stay within the location. I was thinking perhaps Morthos and I take the town, and Ophelia and Roxas take the woods. Ophelia knows the woods like the back of her hand and I assume seeming as that is how you guys both met Roxas know's how to track too."

Jax turned to Morthos, "I figured we could talk to the butchers, the Hunting Legion, and check out the library to perhaps see what we can find out about what's been happening in the area and who potential suspects may be. " She leaned forward licking one of the spoons from her empty gelato cup, "Of course, we have to be safe and we cut the search off at around 10 when the moon starts to come up, meeting back at the hotel by that time to share what we've found. Also no taking on the pack by yourselves. If you need help text one of us so that we can get there. I know you both are strong but so are werewolves and if it is a large pack not even Ophelia can take them all out."

She let out a breath and then sipped her water, "Everyone cool with the plan or does anyone have suggestions?"

Jax knew she was taking on a leadership role within the group and she hoped she was starting it off right by being fair. She wasn't probably the most knowledgeable about werewolves but she had a general understanding of them, especially having Ophelia and her mother as vampires. As per usual, she was worried she was being too bossy or controlling, but her confidence overshone that. She knew that the plan was a good one and she hoped that the others would be on board with it.
Jax laughed at Morthos' teasing wine, "Oh sugar, I'm sure Roxas is quite the snuggler." She then turned to Ophelia smiling widely at her suggestion of food, "Oh definitely. I am starving! Also thanks sis for grabbing my bag. I will see ya in a few."

She watched as Ophelia walked off after insinuating that Morthos doesn't lift. She giggled, walking over to Morthos and wrapping her arms around his neck, when they were alone, "Don't be too bummed we aren't sharing a room. Ophelia has a hard time with our parents so I have to play the sister card this time. Besides, you and Roxas should spend some more time together. He seems like he's alone quite a bit of the time."

She moved to her toes bumping her nose against Morthos, "Just like someone I know." She leaned forward kissing him roughly, her head moving slightly to the left to press harder against him. She moaned slightly before she pulled back out of breath, "Also teasing you is just too damn fun! Don't hug your pillow to tight sparky. See ya in a bit."

She let go of him walking to her room where she saw Ophelia waiting on the bed. She gave her a wink then walked over to her bag taking out her weights and clothes. She spoke evenly as she worked, "Continuing our earlier discussion, I will take a look at what's haunting you later tonight when the boys are asleep. Also, I will call Mom and plan a dinner or something for tomorrow. Might as well get it out of the way early." She saw her sister's face dim and placed her hands on her hips, "I know, but Dad will be excited to see us. You know he can't get enough of you so don't be too perturbed. I will do my best to keep mom busy with me..promise."

When everything was done she gave her sister a hug then headed back out towards the front of the hotel, walking over to a few locals and starting a conversation. She beamed trying to get a word on both the werewolf situation and where there were some good eats. When she moved back to Ophelia she gave a smirk, "They say there's a new seafood restaurant on the pier but I think we should go to Antony's Pasta Bar. They have the best Tiramisu and gelato!"

Jax was already drooling at the mouth for some sweets.
Jax listened to Ophelia quietly, her expression immediately turning serious. Fear crept up her spine as she heard about the outer body experience and the Latin in the bathroom. Clear signs of a demonic presence. The only thing she didn't know is if it had attached itself or was just hanging out waiting for an opportunity. She looked at Ophelia with new eyes trying to see something hidden behind her obvious appearance. Her eyes turned green looking closely to see any changes but nothing was apparent, her soul appearing pure but Jax knew that strong demons could hide quite well. She reached out taking her sisters hand and gave her a confident smile, "I am not sensing anything right now but I will take a better look later when we get to the hotel. Let's keep this between us though for a bit, until I at least know what we are dealing with. If it is something bad we will figure it out together.I won't let anyone or anything hurt you."

She looked past Ophelia, making sure that if something was hiding there it should be afraid. When the boys came over she looked them over evenly and told them about the carriage. She saw Roxas' new outfit and laughed, "Nice look! Sorry for the drool. Travelling always makes me sleepy!" She then turned to Morthos and heard his worries about the animals. She hoped it wouldn't be too big a problem before he started to complain about her bag. She laughed, "It's not THAT much. Just some clothes, shoes, my toiletries, and some 50-pound weights I brought with me for training. Just because I am on a mission doesn't mean I don't train. You're lucky I could have brought my 75 pounders but I wanted to cheat a bit because it's like a vacation."

After a while, the carriage drove up and they all hoped in heading to the hotel. Jax headed inside walking over to the reception desk and showed the receptionist her SPA tattoo and then set up the rooms. She turned back to the group with an annoyed expression, "So the guild only booked two rooms. Guys take one and girls take one?"

Jax crossed her arms, making damn sure that no funny business would happen on her watch. Plus sleeping in the same room as Morthos would be a temptation she honestly didn't need right now.
Jax almost always fell asleep on long trips and that is exactly what she did for this train ride. Most of it was leaning against Roxas sleeping like an angel. At least that was her thoughts. She mostly was snoring and moving around too much to make him comfortable. When they arrived she woke up with slightly messy hair and drool dried on her cheek. After cleaning herself off, everyone got off and she and Ophelia went ahead to try to get a carriage ride to the hotel, or at least direction there. As she walked ahead she listened to Ophelia's words and grimaced, "Hey it might not be that bad. They could have become more snuggly over time."

She smiled at Ophelia hoping she would laugh at the joke. When she didn't she continued, "I know sis. Mom is definitely harsh but this time if she pulls that shit you have to stand up to her. I will defend you to the death, you know that, but you have to demand respect if you want it. Although I don't even know why I am giving you advice when you clearly don't take it seriously." She turned to look at her sister making her know full and clear that she knew what her sister and Roxas did last night. She sighed turning to face forward, "That was mean. I'm sorry. I just hope you really thought about what I said before you did it, and you better have been safe."

She reached the destination and arranged for a ride to the hotel through a carriage service. She used some of the solars given to them for the mission and then turned to Ophelia while waving to the boys who were making there way over, "Also are you okay? You don't look so good. Almost a little pale? Well, paler than usual."

She was waiting for an answer then the boys arrived. She smiled at them, "I arranged a carriage for the hotel."
Jax listened to Morthos and her eyes widened when he pinched her. She smirked at him, elbowing him lightly before whispering to him, "For someone who claims they are a hermit, your daring is a bit of a surprise."

She gave him a sultry smirk before Roxas spoke up. She turned to look at him with understanding eyes, happy that he didn't challenge her. She knew that if the group was going to have a leader Roxas would obviously be another contender. He was right. He did have the experience and she would not forget it, but she knew in her heart that leading the group was something she was destined for. She gave him a strong smile, hoping that he understood she was being really honest, "I can't promise I won't argue but I promise I will try to take your advice when it's given."

She gave her sister an even warmer smile, feeling like she could take the world for a moment. She dropped her hand after a moment and then placed them on her hips, "Well now that we have officially become a group. We should head over to SPA to collect a mission, after of course going home to get changed. Can't necessarily stop evil in my underwear. I mean I's not preferable though. So how about we meet at the school in about two hours?"

----time skip-----

Jax stood in front of SPA in her usual blue coat, white blouse, black pants and thigh high black boots. She had a brown knapsack hanging over her shoulder filled with some items she would need for there next mission. She twisted around her new scythe, her copper hair loose around her shoulders. The blade glowed a deep red, the blade sharp and twisted. Jax jumped up slamming the sharp pointed blade at the end of the rod into the ground as she rolled around the scythe, like she was a pole dancer. She let go jumping to her feet as she twisted the blade behind her arm then around her neck before flipping it around her other arm and placing it on the ground, "BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! OH MY GOD MORTHOS YOU ARE THE BEST!" She ran up to him giving him a quick kiss before she eyed Ophelia, "Isn't this fucking cool! Now that we are registered we can head out to Riverwood to take on some werewolves. Who would have thought our first mission would be in our hometown. You know this means we are going to have to visit our parents." She paused looking at Roxas for a second, "So usually Ophelia and I take the train there. Is that alright with you guys?"
Jax watched him promise her relatively everything she asked but she noted that he ignored the part about falling in love with her or developing feelings. She should be getting off of him and demanding he repeat the words but, to be honest, she was too tired to fight and she couldn't control how he felt. Perhaps the rules were more for her than him anyway. She would have to be the strong one for the relationship, she supposed. The level-headed one. She was on a tangent when he asked her to get off of him so he could eat. She pulled her head back slightly, her eyes widening as he issued a challenge that he would have to move her. She smirked, about to respond when Roxas interrupted them. She let out a sigh, sitting up to look at Roxas with annoyance, "I can't speak for him, but I think I am going to take a break from drinking for a while. Thanks for getting me home."

She turned to look at Morthos wanting to say something but she decided against it before she got off him and grabbed her food. She finished it quickly moving to sit in a spare chair before placing the empty plate back on the coffee table. She wiped her mouth then pushed some of her hair back her hands moving to rest on her knees, "Well we haven't necessarily had a conversation about being a team but I assume we probably have all been thinking about it. Especially since we have gone up a level. I feel like my sister and I feel the same way about separating. It's not going to happen. I can also assume Ophelia will not join a team without Roxas so that makes him in as well." She turned to Morthos with a small smirk, "I assume you would also want to join into a team seeming as we have gotten fairly...'close.'"

After his response, she called to Ophelia to come over so they were in a tighter group. She eyed her sister closely noting that she seemed slightly off, and made a promise to herself to ask her about it later. When everyone seemed as though they were paying attention Jax spoke evenly, her voice carrying a trace of authority to enhance the seriousness of her tone, "I would be honored to be on a team with each of you, but you have to know what you are signing up for. I have always had a dream to be the strongest soldier of the SPA and I will stop at nothing to fight my way to the top. I love this guild. I built my memories here, made friends and found out who I was and what I wanted to be here. It would be an honor and a privilege to be a leader within its walls. I don't know why each of you joined SPA or if you even give a shit about being the best in the school but if we are going to be a team, or better yet if you are going to join me, then you have to know that the road I'm walking will not be easy."

She stood looking at each of them individually, "Being a team is like being part of a family. We struggle and survive together, we fight together and we help each other when we are weak. We are loyal to our guild and our mission but overall we need to be loyal to each other or this is not going to work. We will fail if we aren't committed to each other 100 percent. So.." She held out her fist looking at them, with a fierce strength behind her eyes, "are you with me?"
Jax burst into laughter at Morthos' awkward word fumble. He blushed and he heart warmed enjoying the fact she was making him off kilter. She kept her spot sitting on him, her expression turning pensive when he asked her about the parameters of their 'relationship.' She thought for a minute before pulling back slightly, "Okay. The name of the game here Sparky is no intimacy. No sex. It is too messy and it almost always brings up feelings.
Kissing and heavy petting I am for..but you can't do it as a sign of affection. Don't kiss me when I'm sad..just when you want to be flirty. This thing is not a relationship. We are friends who are having fun with each other. The rule that matters the most is this. No falling in love. No bonding. We can leave this at any time and still be friends. Got it? "

She leaned down again, getting very close to him, so that their chests were touching. She got comfortable leaning over to kiss him on the neck very lightly, her fingers lightly moving up his side's to rest on his shoulder, "This a purely physical agreement. No deep emotion." She pulled back nipping him lightly, so she could stare down at him, "Can you handle what I'm offering?"
Jax let out a large breath and a small laugh, "Oh..I'm fabulous." She moved over to sit down on the floor beside the couch leaning back to rest her head against his leg, "After tackling my friend Uma to the ground and performing a dramatic monologue about you breaking my heart I hid in a dumpster from Roxas. Oh, wait for it, no that wasn't a dumpster it was the bedroom of a homeless goblin. I think I have never ever been so embarrassed then I am this morning."

She twisted to the side, "Look I'm sorry about yesterday. I know it is way, way, way too early to have this discussion but I'm going to be thinking about it all day until I get this out so bear with me. I am not going be comfortable watching you date other girls. It is going to irk me and make me jealous, and I am alarmingly aware that this situation is hypocritical when I have clearly set boundaries between us. So. What to do. I can't date you Morthos. I am too fucked up when it comes to boys or being in an intimate relationship.. but..."

She paused as Ophelia came in with food. She thanked her and took the glass of water with a smile. The smell of the eggs making her a bit nauseous. She gulped the rest of it down before speaking to Ophelia,"Thanks. I'll come find you in a bit."

Once Ophelia was heading back upstairs with a bit of a tired motion that Jax couldn't help noticing she stood up moving to straddle Morthos' lap so his full focus was on her, "But...I won't see any other boys right now. No sleeping around, kissing, touching anyone else." She leaned forward placing her arms on either side of his head as her green eyes bored into his, "I can also be a very very flirty friend." She leaned even closer shifting slightly on his lap, her expression growing more honest, "I understand if that is not enough, but it's what I can offer you. It is also a lot more then I have offered anyone. So? Is that going to be enough for now?"
Jax woke up with a headache that could split wood. She shifted on the bed, her arms covered in light goosebumps as light from the nearby shutters fell across her skin. She sat up groaning, her muscles shifting beneath her. She moved to the bathroom, relieving herself before she came out and grabbed her phone. Angry text messages from both Maise and Uma filled her inbox. She groaned dialing Uma's number first. After two very long and very pitiful conversations about her embarrassing display, she felt that she was on good terms with the girls. She stood up chucking the cell onto the bed and moved to the window. She could write off being drunk with the girls but Morthos was a different story. He wouldn't forget last night and he wouldn't let her get away with the 'I'm drunk' excuse either. She was very very tempted to sneak out the window but she figured cowardly acts like that would only deter the dream of being a hero.

So she pulled up her grownup panties and headed downstairs noting that Morthos was still sleeping on the couch. She moved over to a blanket covering him before she headed into the kitchen grabbing a cup of water. She downed it quickly thinking about the front door and how she could just leave and disappear into the day. Go hide in the church. She put the glass in the sink and then walked back into the living room planning to head back upstairs when she saw that Morthos had woken up. She turned giving a small sympathetic smile. She looked at her feet then back up at him, "Hi."
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