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I am just another run of the mill nerd who likes to kick ass and raise a few virtual zombies online. I like pirates, whales, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, necromancers and above all anything to do with the ocean. I am up for almost any kind of roleplay, with the aim to not make any grammatical errors or to BECOME THE OVERLORD OF SUPER POWER NEVER TO BE DEFEATED BECAUSE I AM SO UNDENIABLY AWESOME! Oh and did I also mention...

I'm Batman..

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Jinx’s greyish blue eyes blinked slowly finally focusing on the murky grey water below her. She pulled away from the handrail of the large schooner to see a small little boy with green eyes and yellow hair looking up at her. Her response was light, her tone way younger than initially expected due to her appearance, “Pardon me?

The young boy was startled for a second, as his eyes roamed over Jinx’s quite out of place demeanor. The woman in front of him was covered head to toe in dark greenish brown clothes, her face covered by a small sheet of lace thin enough to see the lines of the face but no details, “My mom says I am not allowed to talk to you...but Jimmy says you have a monkey! May I see it?

Jinx paused, surprised by the request, seeming as most children didn't take much interest in her. It took her a minute to respond but when she did her voice had a sweet monotonous timber, “You know darling, you should listen to your mother. Talking to strangers is very dangerous...Right Esmeralda.

Slowly a small brown hand lifted up the edges of Jinx’s skirt and a small tan capuchin with a small light pink bow looked out. A few seconds later the creature was bounding up the boys leg to sit on his shoulder, squawking lightly as she bounced her little fists on the boys hair. Jinx smiled behind her lace as the boy started laughing, “Esmeralda here, loves to play the drums. Bongo's on the brain. I call it. She came from the deep jungles of Madagascar on a ship just like this. I bought her from a funny little Persian man with pointy shoes and beard that extended all the way down to his belly button!

The little boy lifted up his chubby hand to pet the monkey whilst giggling wildly at Jinx's retelling of the story, “She’s very funny! You’re so lucky to. We don’t have any pets. We aren’t allowed them at home. My mother says not to talk to brown men either. She says they only want trouble.

Jinx leaned down lifting her gloved hand forward so the small monkey could swing onto her shoulder, “Well mother’s are usually right on most occasions but keep your mind open when it comes to people, Love. They might surprise you.

Suddenly a shrill voice erupted a few feet behind the young boy, “Oscar! GET AWAY FROM HER NOW!

Jinx eyed the woman about to say something when a large bell was rung and men began to shuttle around the deck, yelling that the port was in sight. Oscar looked back at his mother then, “I suppose I should go. Thanks, miss

Jinx shook the young boy's hand, “Haven...Darling, Madam Haven. It was my pleasure. Now run to your mother before we both get into trouble.

The boy smiled tipping an invisible hat before he ran away to his mother. Jinx stood up watching him run, a smile tugging at her lip. She sighed turning around to stare at the waters surrounding her, “I don’t know why I said that...Esmeralda. There’s nothing but trouble where we are going...but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore does it.

Esmeralda squeaked and curled her tail around Jinx's neck as a response. Jinx smirked slightly before she headed inside the ship, shrugging her depressing thoughts away, “Anyways...pip pip London we go!

-------- A few hours later in London

Jinx stood at the edge of the port by the large schooner, a large brown trunk with a large J. H. painted on the side standing beside her. She stood stock still, as crowds meandered around her, their looks both revolted or nervous when they got close enough to notice her. She paid no heed to either reaction, knowing they could only see her clothes and nothing of her real figure. Her annoyance was also spawning mainly from the lack of transport that was supposed to arrive at 9 promptly. She tapped her foot, beginning to regret the whole trip when suddenly a large honk erupted to the left of her. She turned slowly as a thin man with long dark hair, a bushy mustache and slate grey eyes in a chauffeur’s outfit ran over to her, “Ahh...Miss Haven…I’m assuming?

Jinx stiffened, “I'm afraid to say yes. I technically would be Mrs. Bishop, but...

The chauffeur stiffened cutting her off, “Mr. Bishop has remarried actually…

Jinx didn’t speak for a moment before releasing a brief, “Oh.

The chauffeur cringed slightly, “Sorry. They didn’t give me much information to go off of. Please let me take your trunk. My name is Jonah Birmingham and I was sent from the Ministry. I am at your service, M'am. We have a few other stops to make before we arrive at the institute..and we are running late, so, unfortunately, I must urge you to hurry along.

Jinx raised her hand and stepped aside so he could get to her trunk, her voice slightly choked, “Yes. Yes. Sorry. I forget myself. Miss Haven is perfect. Of course, Edgar remarried. Old habits die...hard. So the ministry can afford a motorcar? I have only ever seen one in pictures. Even in the Colonies, only the highest of the elite could have such contraptions. Interesting technology...these vessels.

As she was talking, she walked over to the car, looking over the dark brown leather seats, the dark copper, and steel pipes and paneling. A mechanical mystery to behold. She waited for Jonah to finish placing her bag in the trunk before he opened the door for her. She got in slowly ignoring Jonah’s hand to help her into it. He didn’t pay any mind and followed suit moments later, started the car after placing on some goggles and a riding cap, “Yes. Mr. Weisskampf has always being fond of modern invention. As well as the unexplainable. Such as...

Jinx cut him off with a smarmy reply as she stared out the window, “Me..

Jonah laughed as the car pulled away from the port, “Among others, Miss. With whom we are to pick up before we arrive at the institute. Group of persons who are of particular interest to the crown, much like yourself M'am.

Jinx sulked, unhappy that she would have to spend time in such a cramped space with people. She looked down at her hand the space between her glove and long sleeve revealing a small strip of pale blue skin. Jinx pulled the fabric hastily over herself, whilst Esmeralda crawled over the seats to stare out the window, "Others eh? All servants of queen and country ready to serve at her majesty's calling!"

She let out a maniacal laugh looking out the window at the people of London, not sure if she was responding to the people outside or the ones waiting for this long ride, "Poor Bastards!"
@mattmanganon, unfortunately, someone pm'd me right before you wrote on here and I am a first come, first serve sort of, I gave the role to him. However if for any reason we don't mesh well or our characters don't work out. I will PM you first and foremost. Also if I start any new rp's I will keep you in mind and send you a pm.

Also, an inspector gadget would be badass! I haven't watched that show in YEARS!!!

P.S. (To anyone else viewing this rp. The spot has been filled, but I am always looking for roleplay buddies. So befriend me and we can maybe do something in the future!)

So, a small group of friends and myself are looking for a fourth person to join in a fantasy/period roleplay set in the 18th century. Taking inspiration from, ‘A League’ of Extraordinary Gentleman,’ and classic 18th-century tales we were hoping to set the time period for 1898 and the main setting in Great Britain, primarily London.

Looking more at the plot line we were thinking that all our characters are British and have by various origins have acquired gifts/powers over our lives. This is not a commonality in this world so we have to hide these gifts. However, we have all been scouted out by British Intelligence under a special sector led by an immortal vampire child named Edwin Rathbone(BECAUSE WHY NOT!?!) to take on a devilish foe who has some own nasty powers herself. This foe, who has not been named yet has a nefarious operation in toe to bring about the apocalypse. We were thinking that she would be using magic to corrupt souls for Satan so that he can grow strong enough to raise Hell upon our great and noble Empire. The more souls she steals..the more power she gains. We can add to the plotline as we go along but this is what we have so far for a foundation.

BUT!!!!!! we can change it up and plan our own adventures, character interactions, and some side missions as we go along. We don't have too many details put into place, but that is because we would like our fourth to have an equal input in what they wish the RP should be. So if you want to create an awesome backstory or come in with some side missions. We want to hear ya out!

Aside from that, we were hoping that the fourth could be a mature male(over 18) who can guarantee at LEAST one post a day and can write fairly legibly. I am not looking for a grammar expert who can shit out 12 paragraphs like no tomorrow. We are just looking for a dude who can write fairly well and provides more than a three-sentence response to a 3 paragraph post. Super not judgey. I write like a 12-year-old. ALSO, be aware that my character, miss Jinx Haven, in particular, is also interested in having a romantic connection with a dapper young stud. Sue me for liking some romantic drama...I can't help it.

Anywho if you are interested and want to talk more about it/learn about my character pm me, and ask me some questions.

When the small group reached Emmett, Ursa moved slightly to an upright position, keeping her gun raised towards the open spots behind her. Blood ran down her nose, and sweat was dripping down her neck. She looked absolutely horrible, her once clean clothes covered in blood both hers and her enemies, and her body was worse for wear. She was awake due to the needle but after her last fight she felt exhausted, pain seared through her whole body and a small tightness was growing in her chest. This is bad...and we still need to get through Naefario... Suddenly her thoughts were pushed aside by Emmett's voice asking her if she was scared. She gave him a sore smile behind her two black eyes, "I've seen scarier..." She paused, "by you."

She then turned back to the hallway, shifting slightly to find a comfort that was not there to find. When Emmett proceeded to ask if she had a plan she shook her head, "I figured the Ranger would be available to us for transport but that is..uuh...not the case."

Ursa blinked, grabbing her chest for a second before she felt Mac beside her, "Coop..what's wrong?"

Ursa was about to talk but she just slumped over gasping for a minute, "It's fine..I uh shifted the wrong way."

Mac sharpened his eyes, "You're lying."

Ursa grit her teeth, "I'm fine. Help me onto my feet."

Mac grumbled but grabbed her arm and helped her up, as they followed Emmett to a few pods. When Emmett suggested she go with him, she nodded turning to Mac, "Make sure Kira and Damian get to the Ranger. I will be fine until we make it onto the ship..then...I'm going to need Taylor..urgently. Now go."

Mac grit his teeth wanting to argue but instead let Ursa sink back to the ground before he stood back up he spoke to her evenly, "You die on me kid, and I will burn every book you've ever bought."

Ursa looked at him in abject horror before she scoffed, "We both know I am too stubborn to die. Now let's get back to our ship. So don't touch my books!"

Mac scruffed her hair before moving over to Kira and Damian hefting one of the bags they carried over his shoulder with ease. Ursa watched them hop into the pod before she turned to Juniper, "Alright sweetpea. Hop on!"

When Juniper was settled in her pocket, Ursa felt Emmett hoist her up and place her in a seat inside the pod. She whimpered at the pain that soared up her leg, a few tears slipped down her cheeks but she remained quiet, keeping her hand on her guns in case the crew made one last bout of trouble. Luckily it didn't come to that, and after a few minutes, they launched. Suddenly they were out in space and she let out a breath only to feel the tightening in her chest worsen. She gasped again, gripping the front panel roughly to keep her head up as a wave of nausea poured through her. Emmett asked her in confusion about the ship, and she turned forward, setting some adjustments slowly before she read the small screen, "Three metaquadrants away from the starboard side of the Gorefill. Take the controls and move around to the right-hand side of Bug boy's ship and you should see it."

She popped the side of her com, "Ranger. Set up a finding beacon and allow only two Delta 3ZZ2 Range Hover Crafts taken from the Mandoz sector. Any other ship that approaches, fire at will. Dill...I...UHH.."

She gasped again, her chest tightening for an agonizing moment before she sunk back into her seat. She snarled slamming her fist into the side of the panel in annoyance before she tried again, "Shit...Dill...Progress report. Is everyone still alive?"

Dill spoke quietly, sounding like he was hiding somewhere, "Naefario's been wounded. Takashi is out cold still, but Jean and Taylor wounded Naefario pretty well. He ran out looking worse for wear. I can't see anything on the cams so I am remaining on lockdown. I assume he's near the cargo hold or engineer room but I am not sure. Are you okay captain?"

Ursa was tired of answering that question so she just finished with a tight, "Thanks, Dill."

She pressed the com again after a second, "Ranger open com link to control room." After a few seconds, her voice filled the control room of the ranger, allowing Takashi, Taylor, and Jean to hear her. Her voice was softer than usual and had a hint of pain behind it," two alright? We should be landing in a few. If you could...AHH" She suddenly felt an even sharper pain in her chest as she let out a gaspy sob, her vision going blurry for a slight moment as she gripped her chest and leaned over. After a few seconds, she whimpered into the com, "Ranger open panels for..flight controls to Jean Wylder...I need you to..get my crew away...alright. We will be there..soon."

She turned to Emmett, sweat pouring down her face, "I'm...having a heart attack. Juniper...get off me and get onto Emmett. If I fall on you I will crush you...Naefario will nis..miss a chance to escape. He is going to be near or by the cargo hold, so Emmett be ready. I am going to be useless in a few minutes here..if I die. Which I ain't planning on...keep my crew safe from that cop. They will pay you. Tell them I told you that."

She slumped back in exhaustion, her head lolling to the side as she rubbed her chest, gritting her teeth as she tried to control her nausea. The only thing keeping her from fully passing out was the adrenaline still pumping through her. She prayed it would get her through until she reached Taylor.
Jax was silent for most of the way to the eastern watchtower, black ruins were just lightly forming underneath her eyes, the lines growing darker with her incantations. When Morthos told them to go ahead she frowned, not liking the idea of having him near the group, but once he explained she remained quiet. As the group kept going she turned back to watch Morthos with his people. He really loved them, and one day he would have to come back here and lead them...possibly with 'Mel.' Suddenly her eyes flared an even darker green, and she turned around catching up to the group, pulling out her scythe and resting it on her shoulders. It took them about an hour to reach the watchtower and when they headed up to the top they overlooked a large patch of rugged black forest. The fog luckily thinned at this altitude but what could be seen wasn't pretty, the trees and ground were a dark charcoal and black. Leaves were barely clinging to trees and if they were they were a sickly brown and yellow. The carcasses of freshly killed animals and probably locals carried a scent through the air, but none of this compared to the large hulking black cave that stood a few miles to the east of the watchtower.

Fear spoke out slowly, "That cave is the entrance. We sent out soldiers to take them on but no one has gotten pass them. As you can see, their presence is destroying our home."

Jax shuddered slightly as she looked at the horde of demons that were lingering outside. Ranging from red bulbous shaped ogres to thin green mosquito type demons with razor-sharp poisonous fangs, this small horde looked deadly. She eyed Fear and Yam, before turning to look at Roxas, "Well that was more then I was hoping for. If he's strong enough to command something like that...then I have to conserve my magic to...'trap' him. I've only done this once before and as said it wiped me."

She turned to Ophelia, "I really don't want to have you fight but maybe if you and Roxas work together you can take most of them down?"

She turned back to the cave, her hands resting on the bars, clenching her rosary as her voice turned dark and pointed as she shifted to a language that she was sure 'he' would hear,"Pregătiți-vă demonul, pentru că nu știți sufletul pe care l-ați provocat."

A deep roar erupted from the cave as the horde began to frenzy reaching for their weapons. Jax spoke evenly, a smile rising on her features, "Any idea's for what we do when we get in there?"

Ursa leaned against the wall tapping her com as she listened to Jean. She blushed slightly at his pretty face comment, opening her mouth to respond with something smarmy, but all that came out was a high-tilted awkward giggle, “I’ll try to be more careful with my face in the future. I mean my whole body will be taken care of...I mean...yeah...I will be safe...Right-o! Yep...Super safe.

She bit her bottom lip, leaning her head back against the wall, shaking her head in shame as she mouthed the word 'Idiot' to herself. Mac just shook his head, trying hard to suppress a laugh when suddenly the com's rang again.

Ursa turned serious again as she listened to Emmett and responded quickly, “I’m sure we can survive a few more minutes before I either freeze or bleed to death. Good job man. We will see you on the ship. If you can make sure the cargo bay is free from enemies in about twenty that would be awesome. If we don’t show up by then, go on without us. We died an agonizing and painful death. Just kidding. We will see you there. Hopefully.

She turned to Juniper with a sly smirk waiting for her answer.

Juniper looked at Ursa as she asked how her acting was. Juniper’s neutral expression shifted to a smile and then she giggled, her expression turned smug. “I’m a political figure… My acting is phenomenal. What’s the plan?” She couldn’t help but continue to laugh a little more to herself at her comment, and then waited for Ursa to answer her.

Ursa smiled back at Juniper, always willing to appreciate a good joke when she pointed to a larger overweight pirate that lay half frozen on the ground, “Meet your case study. If you can change into him and copy his voice I think we can pull off getting into the control room and make sure that there is no way they can follow us.

Mac shook his head, “They aren’t just going to let us walk in with him. You think that they are going to believe that that guy took me down?

Ursa turned to look at him, “No. They won’t believe that...but they would believe that he took me down, with all my wounds...all we have to do is Edward Scissorhands them?

Mac’s face blanked, “For fuck’s sake Ursa. You know I don’t get these stupid Mars references! What does that mean!

Ursa guffawed, “How have you not seen Edward Scissorhands?


Ursa was about to speak but she resisted and just replied back with, “Tim Burton be damned then...We are going to need your arm!

Mac looked at Juniper then Ursa, “My what??

Ursa slapped his arm, “This.

He deadpanned, “That’s a joke. Right?

She shook her head, “Nope. I know it detaches...but they don’t. I take it, cover it in blood and it looks as if you were ripped apart by those pirates. Then you follow us behind at a safe distance and when I give you a signal you help us escape. Then we hightail it towards the cargo hold and get the hell out. What do you say?

Juniper looked down at the dead pirate. He was not her typical choice when it came to shifting, but it would do. Hopefully, she could get his voice well enough to be convincing since she didn’t hear him speak beforehand.

She turned then when Ursa and Mac started to argue about something she had never heard of before. Her eyebrows furrowed together and she just shrugged a little before turning back to the dead pirate. She focused then and began to shift into him. Her bones stretched and cracked into their new positions as everything else changed, including her clothing. By the time she was done, she was much taller than her normal form, and she turned to the others. She tried to picture what his voice might sound like and spoke up.

Alright how’s this?” She said softly.

Holy Guacamole! You look just like him. You fricken rock Juniper damn! I think he just had a bit more a grizzle in his voice.

She waited for a response, before turning to Mac, shivering slightly, “See. Mac she’s going to kill it. Now give me your arm and’s cold...try to follow behind us. Here are my guns. If you see Naefario let me know immediately or if we look like we are in trouble do what you can to get these to me.

Mac let out a breath closing his eyes before he adjusted his arm, clicking it into an unnatural position before pulling it off and handing it to Ursa, "You know Jerry would never do something as stupid as this."

He took her guns and holster, throwing them over his empty shoulder before Ursa leaned up and hugged him. She then leaned down and coated it in some blood that was on the verge of turning to ice. With the plan set, she walked over to large ghastly Juniper and gave ‘her’ a pat with Mac's arm, before she looked down at it, "Well I guess he never thought that you could be quite...handy!!!!"

She paused for dramatic effect then continued, "Alright Juniper. Now you’re going to have to be rough with me. We have to be fully into this and I need you to connect with me. Nothing is off the table. Now when we get in there I need you to throw me near the panel on the right. Not the left the right. It will be awkward but I will give you an opportunity, it just needs to feel realistic alright?

She let out a breath before she tapped her com, “You all should have heard that. Dill listen close and make sure you are ready when I say to take over this thing. Takashi, Anne, and Jean be by the cargo bay in about twenty...Make sure my crew makes it out alright as priority! Damian. Kira. Keep me updated and if necessary do what you can to make it by the time I tell you to. Do your best to make your stay worth it though.

She turned back to Juniper, “Alright...Ready?

Juniper looked at Ursa who was instructing her on what she needed to do. She didn’t really want to throw her around but she knew she had to make it as realistic as possible. Ursa was already just so injured that it kind of made juniper sad. She nodded though.

Throw you against the wall by the circuit board to the right. Got it. Anything else?” She asked. When she waited for her response, Juniper looked at Macs bloody arm. She stuck her tongue out and then smiled just slightly at the humour.

Mac stretched slightly, feeling slightly unbalanced as he watched Ursa take his arm. He turned to Juniper who stuck her/his tongue at Mac and he gave her an awkward slightly creeped out smile before Ursa nodded, “Nope that basically wraps it up. Now I just have to get into character… and then we go! Mac follows in ten. I will be loud enough so you can hear where we are going.

Ursa let some of the weariness she had been repressing go and slumped forward gripping Mac’s arm tightly as she shut her eyes shaking violently, before whispering softly, “You killed him….” She changed her tone quickly, “YOU KILLED HIM!! YOU MONSTER!!! YOU BLOODY BASTARD! MAC...NO! LET ME GO YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! LET ME GO!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!

Juniper watched as Ursa shifted into character. It was strange and made her chuckle a little to herself. To fit the bill, Juniper shifted her new, bigger body toward Ursa and grabbed her by her upper left arm. Juniper’s temporary body had decently big hands, which wrapped around the limb with ease. She shoved Ursa forward slightly, though not enough to actually injure or hurt her. “Shut your gab and keep walking…

YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!! YOUR WHOLE CREW WILL SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE YOU LOUD OAF!!! YOU UGLY VOGON SLIME BUCKET!!!” Ursa howled as they walked forward. At a safe enough distance away she tapped the mask off of her face and tried to let go of her control. She didn’t have to pretend that every step was painful. It was, and when she rounded the corner, if not for Juniper’s grip she would have fallen face first into the ground. She tried to fight away from Juniper before she gave the crew the finger, “FUCK EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU HOSERS!!! YOU'RE LUCKY IM CAPTURED OR I WOULD DEADSHOT EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU A-HOLES!!!

Wow I suppose what they said about you is true. Shut it or someone might cut your tongue out.” Juniper said. As they continued on, a group of nine people came into view. She squinted her eyes slightly and turned her expression to one of annoyance. She made sure to keep Ursa up on her feet, knowing she was weak.

Don’t shoot! It’s just me… I got her boys!” Juniper said. “I think the boss man would like to play with this little’un…” she smirked slightly.
Jax listened quietly to Morthos and Fear discuss both Lady Reita's powers and the strange moves she took in response to this foe. Jax didn't respond because she didn't want to upset Morthos but something dark hovered around the whole thing. Anyone who studies demonology would know that Arch Demon's feed on weakness and madness. Everything about this felt sinister and she didn't like it. She was still thinking those thoughts while she waited in the hallway. Morthos was off informing his uncle of his departure and her sister and Roxas were engaged in feeding so she took the free moment to prepare herself for what was to come. She closed her eyes taking in a breath as she began to pray. Her Latin was soft and quiet, her pentagram hands glowing only slightly as she began to set up her curse. It wasn't long before the others returned. She stopped after one final prayer then looked over to Roxas, listening to him as he suggested a bit of a plan. She raised her hands, "No...your a hundred percent right. Recon is exactly what we need to do, and taking down his minions will definitely weaken him. I don't know if it's me or Morthos' mom taking down this prick but if it's coming down to me. I need major prep and we really need to make these fuckers bleed. The curse I am preparing takes time and I have to make sure my soul is ready for it."

Jax rubbed her head, "So Morthos...if you can lead us to a lookout we can decide on a game plan and figure out how each of us can use our skills. If anything you know the area better than anyone. Is there even a way to get into this cave another way. It would be useful to get ahead of these bastards by taking them from behind."
Ursa turned to Emmett with a weary expression, "I appreciate the care Emmett, but we are covering you. Now get the fuck out of here and destroy this fucking ship." Her frown turned into a small smile, "And keep your eyes away from my ass. I'll watch out for Juniper. NOW GO!"

Ursa ran forward pulling out her Beretta's each set with an infinity core that made running out of bullets a matter of the past. They were beautifully designed to resemble the Earth replica's and cost Ursa half of her life savings. Well, they would of if it weren't for Ebenezer Morlox a wealthy CEO on the Trethor planet whose stolen kredit card paid for the 'betties.' She let out a scream,"ALRIGHT YOU VOGON BUTT MAGGOTS! TASTE THE FIRE!!!!"

She let out a barrage of bullets covering Kira whose body slammed forward into the crowd tearing and clawing apart any pirate who dared to come near. Mac was also in full burn, his skin glinting metallic as his one eye glowed a vibrant blue. He shot out energy blasts from his palms, whilst smashing and punching through the crowd as if they weighed nothing more then ants. He laughed, "TASTE THE FIRE! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF FIGHTING QUOTE IS THAT! NO THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE,' TASTE MY PLASMA CANNONS YOU VOGON NOSE NUGGETS!'"

Ursa rolled her eyes as Damian spoke up, whilst he was cutting through pirates with a deft grace,"YOU ARE BOTH IDIOTS! IT'S TASTE MY BLADES YOU VOGON EAR LEECHES!!"

Dill chirped in after through the com's, "YOU ARE ALL WRONG! IT'S TASTE MY HACKING YOU SON OF A VOGON ASS MAGGOT!!!" Ursa's bullets skated past the group whilst Juniper seemed to be holding on for dear life. She shouted into the coms, "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! WHY DID WE HAVE TO BRING THE VOGONS INTO THIS! JESUS! WHY CAN'T I EVER JUST HAVE A COOL MOMENT!!!!!"

After a few moments, Ursa pulled away from her group, slightly behind to cover for her team. Her aim was superb, allowing most of her crew to fight without worry if someone was coming to take aim at the back. At first, this technique was working and the group had the upper hand allowing Emmet some time to escape through but then a fresh wave of new enemies rushed forward, better trained than the first group and these guys brought the fire. Ursa grit her teeth, her shots more aggressive with the new enemy as a few pirates broke through the crowd towards her as she was covering Damian. She reared her gun over taking down two pirates but not the third who got right up in her face with a harsh sucker punch before he slammed down into her with a rusty knife. Ursa hit the floor hard barely time to think before she let out a shot into his kneecap, making him fall to the side but not before he slammed the knife into her leg. Ursa let out a savage scream of pain before she heard Mac scream, "URSA.. COVER KIRA!!!!"

Ursa grit her teeth, agonizing pain ripping through her as she pulled out the knife, "OW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THE LEGS. I ALWAYS GET STABBED IN THE FUCKING LEGS!!!" Her jeans started running a shade of red as she stood slowly and shot her attacker in the neck. When she found her balance she stood up and let forth a clean headshot into a female pirates head just before she was about to burn Kira to bits, before she hit the deck a barrage of bullets keeping her head down behind a dead pirate with a slightly large ass. Before she could think of what to do, Jean was on the coms and she listened, her body wavering as she tried to put weight on her already wounded leg, "Alright Jean. We hear you. OKAY EVERYONE PULL BACK AND PUT ON YOUR HELMETS! I..FUCK!!!"

Suddenly a barrage of plasma bullets went her way. She dropped to the ground quickly trying to find cover behind a dead pirate when suddenly she saw that one of the pirates was preparing a grenade. She took aim hoping to make the shot before he threw it but she knew she couldn't raise her head past the dead pirates ass too shoot with the other pirate keeping his gun on her. She turned her yellow eyes towards her soon to be killer and tried to comprehend that her life was about to end when almost humorously he disintegrated leaving the grenade at his and his comrade's feet. Ursa's eyes widened as she stood turning on her mask, "SON OF A VOGON'S ASS MAGGOT!!! RUN!!!!!!"

She ran as fast as she could away from the blast, along with her crew who turned on their masks and changed back to their normal form, already prepared by Jean's words when moments later the crew was thrown forward by the blast. Ursa let out a few ragged breaths her body sore as she watched the pirates scramble through the fire as their dead comrades began to fill the holes left behind by Jean's shots. Ursa moved to her knees shooting out the few remaining stragglers, before she leaned forward in thanks as Jean came onto the com's asking how much pirates he took out. She let out a hysterical giggle, "Enough to make me consider paying my cops are soooo underpaid."

She suddenly noticed Juniper running off of her to snag a mask from a pirate. Mac tossed her a black com then gave her the thumbs when she was all set up. She suggested they head out seeming as this section of the ship was already turning straight to ice, and Ursa gave her a quick nod as a respone before she sucked in a painful breath, "You're right. Damian. Kira. You head towards the fuel hull. Juniper. Mac. We are going to the main control room. Emmett..we made it through the barrage, how much time do we have?"

She waited for an answer, as Damian and Kira headed out before she began standing up her eyes going cloudy. She wavered falling back onto the cold floor, "Shit..." Mac was there instantly, pulling out the duffle bag as he started to place some cloth around Ursa's leg and then some spare duct-tape. Ursa looked over at Juniper, her face pale and her breathing gaspy as she felt light-headed. Mac swore, "She's lost too much blood. Ursa we need to get you back to the ship."

Ursa shook her head, pulling...out another adrenaline needle. Mac stopped her hand, but she just gave him a look, "Don't." he said, before they stared each other down for a few minutes before she spoke evenly, "I'll be fine..I just need enough energy to get through this...whatever the outcome later." She pulled part of her jacket down her arm and stabbed herself in the arm, letting the energy fill her. She sat up instantly, letting out a few breaths before she turned looking past him at the dead pirates before her yellow eyes found a large overweight avian looking pirate who was very much dead, "Plus...I have an idea. is your acting?"
Jax watched Morthos respond then turned to Ophelia shaking her head as her face scrunched up and her fists hit the table. When her sister was gone she rounded on Morthos, ignoring the new people who came in, "MORTHOS! You know you can be such an ignoramus sometimes!!! Congratulations!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me..."

She shoved her hands over eyes shaking her head as Morthos started talking about his uncle. She threw up her hands before sinking back into her seat her mind racing. So let's do the count here, my sister may be pregnant, Roxas' evil as fuck undead ex-girlfriend may come to rip our heads off and Morthos' mom is probably in dire peril. Great. Great... we are totally going to die.

Her green eyes darted over to Morthos who looked like he was in deep thought before they moved to the door and after a few moments Ophelia and Roxas came back in slightly better spirits. She noticed the tension though. She reached over and touched her sister's hand as Morthos made introductions.

Jax pulled back before turning to the newcomers and putting on a smile, "Sorry..It is a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Jax Kariana and this is my sister Ophelia. Thank you so much for meeting with us. Morthos' didn't mention he had such a gorgeous teacher, your hair is stunning!"

She laughed with the teacher then sat back down and listened quietly to Fear. When he finished she turned to Roxas meeting his eye with a reluctant stare. She spoke up evenly, "I think Roxas makes a good point. He is one of our best fighters so I'm sure he can do quite some damage. I can even provide you with some backup demons if you need them. Hell I would join you myself but seeming as we are dealing with an archdemon your mother is definitely going to need my help. If I can get into that cave I can help us find the demon. He may have spells that are strong enough to protect his location but I know a few tricks to get past it. I don't want to be tooting my own horn here but hunting down demons is what I do."

She looked directly at Fear and then at Morthos, "Taking down a demon of this magnitude is hard work we have to break it down to an incredibly weak state before I can set up an entrapment curse, so we can send it back to hell...or," She paused looking guiltily at the table, "Capture it."

She looked up at her sister, "What? If I had him in my roundhouse it would be incredible for my stats...and yes I see how selfish to hell, I guess."

She sunk back down, already committing to capturing the demon in her head. She turned to Fear, "May I ask what type of magic the queen uses. I want to know how best we can help her?"

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