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I'm Batman..

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[color=39b54a][/color]gJax kept her eyes closed as she was letting forth a babble of whispers in Latin, her posture rigid as she gripped the wall in front of Maria. The disheveled woman was crying and screaming extremities, in order to sway Jax to let her go. Her words went unheeded and after awhile Jax stopped speaking the wall behind her disappeared, fading into a deep black darkness, but you could still see the opposite walls in a reflection as if a mirror was blocking off the darkness, the truth was visible but only if you looked at the opposite image. Jax opened her eyes the green luminescence narrowing in on Maria, her voice was cold and sharp, “I walk the valley of the dark and the light. Choosing no path but the one I build myself. I worship no god but the job. The duty of my faith. You have forgotten the face of your creator. I invoke his punishment as a means to know your name. What is your name demon?

Maria's body contorted as she stood up straight, her expression turning malicious, "Why can't you just leave me alone! YOU FILTHY WHORE. She wants this. That's why she keeps calling me back."

Jax gave her own malicious smile, hiding her true emotions. Now, most people think that being able to summon demons makes a good exorcist but it's not. It's definitely beneficial, but it isn't even close to the key ingredient. It's a healthy dose of bravado, cockiness and a whole lot of narcissism. You want to beat the devil. You better be fucking confident enough to outsmart him. Jax spoke evenly, "She wants her husband, you prick. You're just an insect trying to leach your way into our world. Now tell me your name demon, before I call them in."

Maria took a step backward, her chains tightening, as something began to crawl forward behind Jax in the deep blackness. Slick almost wet black shapes came forward. The smile on Maria's face faltered, as a hint of a demonic voice crept through her words, "No. Not them...anything but them. I WILL TAKE THE BITCH WITH ME TO HELL!"

Jax took another step forward, her voice strong yet calm, "I walk the road of two worlds. Hear my voice demon as the voice of your father. Here my voice as the retribution of the holy creator. You may not respect me but you will respect power. NOW, what is your name demon?"

The demon crouched as the figures took a step forward, barely shown through the translucent image, words ripping through her throat harshly, "Laxeron. My name is...Laxeron..."

Jax let out a breath, relieved that the demon was of a weaker variety. She had spent hours in this room trying to remove the last demon and she was worried that this would be a repeat. She was lucky this time, the demon falling right into her hands. Her smile fell away leaving a discouraged serious expression, as she slammed her hands together with the light from her pentagrams intensifying as two figures rushed out to slam into Maria. Jax used latin incantations of power to strengthen her power, making sure that the soul rippers were well aware who was in full control. They tore and bit and clawed the dark spot of Maria's soul, black oozing blood from the demon covering the room as Jax continued to speak. When the last bit of the demon was ripped apart Jax let out a gasp, before taking a few step forward to catch Maria so she wouldn't hit the floor, her body giving out on her. She grit her teeth, bloody tears falling down her cheeks, one staining her bandaged eye with blood as the soul rippers were pulled back into the darkness. Jax felt them ebb away but knew she had to hold out until she was entirely sure they were in the loss. When the moment was right, she let go of Maria and stood up turning to close the gate when a somber-faced man with pure white skin and large dinner plate eyes hid just behind the mirror. Jax stopped, reaching out into the darkness, preparing to take a step towards him when a hand came up to cover her eyes pulling her backward. Jax's strength was gone as a whisper formed, "Etro..."

She felt a whisper in her ear, "You can't save them all child..and this time...she has earned her slumber."

Jax shivered, pain and anger visible in her voice, "I promised.."

The voice was so soft yet the weight of eon's of life made it seem so powerful, "You kept it. She is at peace and she will find whom she is looking for. Keep walking the road...the time that we all face is coming closer for more than you think. Be ready...your time is coming."

Jax was about to speak when suddenly she hit the dusty floor softly, the room turning back to what it was. She let out a gasp sitting up and looking for any sign of Etro. He was gone..and when her eyes hit Maria she realized that she was too. Douglas entered a few moments later and Jax stared up at him with tears in her eyes and a sob in her throat, "She's..."

Douglas looked at Maria with a deep sadness as he moved down to Jax, "Gone. It was her choice. You couldn't change her mind anymore. You can't save everyone."

Jax shut her eyes pulling herself back from the edge of hysterics. After the events with Morthos and her family, she wanted to just curl up and cry. Instead, she stood up and looked at Douglas with an exhausted expression, "I'm going home."

She walked past him opening the door to see the two other priests and an older dark haired woman with soft brown hopeful eyes. Jax was about to speak when the woman looked past her and burst into tears. Jax's heart sunk. She had so much to say but knew that it wouldn't mean anything so she just gave a shake of her head, "I'm sorry. I tried."

She shut her eyes, wiping the blood from her nose as she took her coat from Douglas who came up behind her and walked towards the door, her focus on going home. He called out quickly before she headed out to the main hall, "Tomorrow morning?"

She turned back nodding, "Always."

The main hall opened up around her as she exited the hallway, brushing past a man who had just entered the church. She looked up into solid grey eyes and for a split second she felt a stab in her brain and an image of hell came up like a geyser. She shut her eyes letting out a gasp at the same time the man did. She came to faster then he did and pushed him towards the pews her eyes lighting up to green, "Try that invasive shit again and I will make you regret it, asshole. I'm fine Douglas. See you tomorrow."

She shook her head fixing her jacket before she exited the church giving the man one last angry glare before she left, heading into the night with thoughts of Maria coming into full focus.


Ursa stepped out of the Ranger after they arrived at Zaron. The trip was smooth, regardless of the tense atmosphere between Emmett, Juniper and herself. The ranger landed in a small port called, ‘Angie’s Dinner Plate, was located in an isolated bay about three miles from the city. It was a hub for many smugglers and pirates, and hosted a small town filled with drinking, bisexual hookers, and Ursa’s favorite bathhouse, in the galaxy.

After taking a look around she walked over to a tall man with wood-like skin that erupted up into rough antlers and gave him a fist pound, “Valen. Thanks for letting us use your port hideout. The legal routes are getting too difficult to enter…

Valen laughed pulling a piece of paper from his back pocket, “You are telling me. Look what I found?

Ursa took the piece of paper looking at a picture of herself at the age of seventeen. She had short cropped hair and was giving a camera the finger. She looked at the highlighted neon name and bounty, “A wanted poster… Great… How many are there?

He looked her up and down, “Enough for people to inquire whether it was worth the risk to turn you in.

She grit her teeth, wanting for the millionth time to just be left the fuck alone so she could get along with her work, “Hmm… " She crumpled the paper and pulled out a cigarette lighting it, “Well I guess I better make sure they lean towards the later. Can you host the ship for a day or two? I have the money and my crew won’t cause...too much trouble.

Valen crossed his arms, “Yeah we can host for a few day, but I ain't performing any security duties. How are you getting into the city?

She turned to see Emmett and Juniper exit the ship with Mac and Takashi, “Noneya.

Valen expression crinkled, “Nonya?

She turned giving him a smile before she headed over to the others, “Noneya business.

She stopped short in front of the four of them and gave a thumbs up, before pulling the cigarette out of her mouth to crush it beneath her foot, “We are all good to harbor here for a few days. Takashi, Mac. You two stay with the ship and make sure no one touches the Ranger. You sense danger. Go. You hear me.

She then turned to Juniper and Emmett, “As for you two. The city where you will find the target is a few miles off from here. I will get you into the city then we part ways. When the job is done. We will meet at a certain spot that I will show you when we hit the city. Then we are getting the hell out of here. At the most, you have a day or two...good?

Once Emmett had agreed she walked over to Mac and gave him a fist pound before leaning up to whisper in his ear, “If I am not back by the night, get the fuck out of here and find Jerry. Don’t let anyone take my ship. Also... take care of the crew.

Mac leaned down, pulling Ursa in for a slight hug, “Of course. Captain.

Ursa hated when he hugged her, but a warmth went over her when he called her captain. She nodded to Takashi before turning to the other two, “Alright. Let’s go!

She walked ahead keeping her head low as she headed towards the center of the small little port town, before heading into the woods. She pulled back so she was walking beside Juniper slightly in front of Emmett and spoke softly, “I’ve had a bit of a thought about our last conversation, and I wanted to apologize for my abrupt candor. I know you probably think I am being unfair to you, but I am not in the type of business where I can keep strays in good conscience. Besides you don’t want to end up like Draykon or myself. You can do better…

She kept her eyes forward but she spoke evenly in response to Emmett, “Shut your trap, before you say a damn thing. No I don’t expect her to be a cop, but she can do a lot better then what either of us do. Especially with her skill. Ahh..Here we are.

Ursa jumped over a log and felt around, through some bushes before finding an odd potato shaped rock with a runic symbol on the back. She picked it up, moving towards a tree and shoved it awkwardly into a knot, turning it twice before a small door creaked open. Ursa dropped the rock and then looked over at Emmett, “You first. Catch Juniper when she hits the bottom. It’s a bit of a drop.

She waited until the other two headed in then prepared to follow when she heard a noise. Her gun was in her hand and a bullet was in a tree where the noise had been within seconds her yellow eyes glazed the woods. She pressed her lips together, waiting for another sound but nothing happened. She let out a breath, shaking her head before she put her gun back in it’s holster and walked towards the tree shutting the door behind her as she slid down a small tube before falling in mid air, her sneakers hitting the ground with a dull thud. She looked up at Emmett and Juniper, “Sorry...thought I heard something.

She walked into the dark, feeling around before her shins hit a large metal bin. She reached inside pulling out a small lantern, and some clothes. She threw them at Emmett, “ Disguise, if you need it. I assume the Honour guard is going to be on parol. Up to you.

She picked up a dark brown bomber jacket and a turned her Treo cap around her head, tucking in her hair so she looked more boyish. She then grabbed some dirt from the wall and rubbed it on her hands and face. If you weren’t looking close enough she could pass for a boy. She picked up the flashlight a few seconds later and aimed it at a track where three old abandoned mining carts filled partly with rocks and dust lay empty on a track that led into blackness. Ursa jumped into the first one, “Hop in guys. This mine shaft will take us to a mine just a few miles off from the main city. She motioned Juniper to hop into her cart and then Emmett took the second one, attaching it to the first. As soon as they got comfy Ursa pulled out her gun and aimed it into the dark, trying to shoot at a lever that was holding the breaks. She closed one eye and bit her tongue before she let off a shot, “Shit...I guess I missed...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Suddenly the cart shot off, and they headed into the dark going up and over long perilous hills, turning strange steep corners, not knowing how perilous the journey was. Ursa grabbed Juniper’s hand as she held on tight, moving at a fast speed as they moved towards their target. Suddenly a small light filled the front of the cave and the cart speeded towards it stopping with a violent thud as the group were thrown from their carts. Ursa rolled lightly letting out a cough, “Well that was….exhilarating. SHIT! I forgot it was like that...

She sat up looking at the other two to make sure they were okay before she walked towards the light that was emitting from behind a few boards that were crossing off an entrance to the mine. She pulled a few easily off then motioned for the other two to go ahead of her before she followed them inside coming out into the entry of a cave. She let out a breath already exhausted with the day when she pointed towards the woods, “This way.

She headed out walking threw the woods as if she knew them intimately. Finally they hit the cities tree line. She turned to Juniper and Emmett with a smirk, “Alright. We made it. So here is the deal. This is the meeting spot. Message me like we did before Draykon, and I will meet you here at this spot. I have some errands to run in the city, but I won’t travel farther than fifteen minutes away from this area. Good luck. Although you won’t need it.

She stood up and shoved her hands in the oversized jacket before turning to look at Juniper, “I would invite you with, but might as well bond with your new best friend sooner rather than later. Be safe!

She headed out of the woods slowly moving past a few houses into a suburban area before entering the city, the bath house her final destination as the smell of steam and Takaida shoots and Rose water filled her senses. She walked in, knowing the owner well enough to get a private room all to herself.
Ursa turned her yellow eyes towards the young man, her expression remaining slightly deadpan as she eyed Draykon, “I like to keep it professional… Draykon. You know that. Plus I don’t want to encourage the belief that you and I are. Well, how do I put it eloquently, ‘chums’.

Despite her words, she gave him a friendly smile, “Surprising that we are thrown into another mission again so soon. Especially by the same employer. It’s happened..but not often enough.

You’re right it doesn’t happen often. Do you know where we are headed or do you need the information” He replied in a joking manner, watching Ursa’s expression? “The only thing that really concerns me is the fact that with this contact there was so much uncertainty what do you think?

As they were talking Emmett was also keeping an eye on their surroundings so nothing changes, as he knows they are not the best of people according to the public that is.

Ursa walked over towards the bookstore owner remaining calm, “Of course I know where we are headed. Don’t worry about transportation. I will get you to the planet. You deal with the target and remember same as before, I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to know where it is going down, and I don’t want the blood on my hands.

She grabbed out another book then turned to look at Emmett, "You stick to what you do and I stick to what I do. Also uncertainty? Who cares. If taking you to kill the poor bugger, means I get 300,000 kredits than that is what I am going to do.

She laughed bringing the books up to the table and handed the man two 200 kredits, way over the selling price of the books, before speaking again, “Besides if someone is willing to pay that much to kill this guy... then he probably deserves it in my opinion.

Honestly, I don’t really care if they deserve it or not it’s all in the money,” He said with a chuckle as he was following Ursa out the store, “How long will it take for you and your crew to be ready? Need a few hours?" Emmett said as he knew that he was always ready, but for someone with a large transport ship and a crew to move it might take a while. Emmett studied the outside and surrounding shops and noticed that he was correct with his much earlier statement, that Ursa was not alone. He noticed Dill, whom he had met before buying the most impractical and downright ugliest of shoes at the shoe store but he did not notice anyone else from her crew. 'Normally she would have about two or three people with her but one?' he thought to himself as they were in the alleyway.

Ursa walked down onto the street, stretching to signify to Dill to follow her in 10. She then turned looking to the left her eye’s connecting with Juniper. She nodded lightly before turning to Emmett, “Walk towards the third in line at the bus stop and then follow her back towards my ship in about twenty minutes. I will explain details there. Also, you hit on her or make her feel in any way uncomfortable. You are sleeping below docks in the sanitation room.

She popped on some sunglasses then headed down the street making her way back she came with Dill following behind after about fifteen minutes later.

Emmett walked over to the girl that was third in line as he was instructed. “Are you here to take me back?” he asked the girl that was standing there, trying not to draw anyone's attention. He looked at her dressed in all white with flower petals, with short brown hair with amber eyes. He thought to himself, 'I’ve never seen eyes like that before so rich with color, but also rich with sadness.' He studied her as he waited for her answer.

Juniper turned toward the voice that spoke slowly, her eyes landing on a tall male. Her brows furrowed slightly, confused at his remark. She had never seen this person before in her life, and she was sure he wasn’t one of Ursa’s crew members.

Uhm… I don’t think so? I don’t know you?” She asked him curiously, though starting to doubt herself. “Do I?

Oh I’m sorry, where are my manners. The name is Emmett Draykon, you can call me Emmett.” he said with a slight bow and tilt of his head. “Ursa sent me over to ask you for the way to the ship, as she is preoccupied with other business. I can also see why she threatened me about you as well.” he said with a soft smile.

Juniper’s eyebrow raised then, and she shook her head a little. “You just need to follow me back to the ship then, I suppose.” She said this as a fact, though her voice was still kind. She saw Ursa nod her head a few minutes before, and so Juniper began to walk back toward the ship, keeping a close eye for police of any kind. She wanted to roll her eye at Emmett’s last comment, but ignored it instead.

My name is Juniper.

A short while later, they made it back to the ship, and she headed up onto the platform quietly.

As they made it back to the ship unnoticed, Emmett walked onto the ship acknowledging all the crew members that he knew nodding his head or waving at them. As they walk through the ship waiting for Ursa to show up, Emmett curiously watched the young girl that walked in front of him. It wasn’t like Ursa to bring on new crew members so young or even at all. “So how long have you worked for Ursa, Juniper?” He spoke to her softly trying to be friendly.

Oh… I don’t work for her. She’s planning to drop me off at the next stop…” Juniper said, her voice just barely a whisper, her eyes to the floor.

Drop you off? Why would she do that to you?” he said as he saw her eyes drop to the floor. “So she plans on leaving you with me on the next drop? I don’t really think that’s a good idea as on the next drop, I have a job to do and it’s not really a job I would take you to.

Ursa headed into the platform with Dill behind her carrying two large sacks of food. She tossed them to the edge before speaking up in response to Emmett, “Well then what do you suppose I do Emmett? Let her join our crew and become a criminal just off the bat. In the words of ol Jerry, ‘I ain’t fishing for snapper when I already have cod in the kitchen.’ Besides Zaron is a big planet with a ton of ports she can easily catch a ride on a rig there.

She turned to Dill and pointed towards the kitchen in response to the sacks of food before speaking up, "Also, quit giving me that look about the Crocs. It was funny as hell and you know it!"

Do you honestly think it’s the best idea to leave her there? Would you rather her get killed or worse? You of all people know the kind of people that live on that planet let alone in that galaxy.” He said in an almost condescending tone. “I wouldn’t want a pretty young thing such as her to have to fend for herself on that planet and I don’t think you want that on your conscience, or what you have left anyways!

Ursa crossed her arms and leaned against the metal wall eyeing Draykon with her own condescending stare, “You really underestimate my kindness Draykon. Also slightly hypocritical coming from you, I would say. However, I see your point.” She turned to Juniper, “You still have the kredits. This is your stop. Door’s just there.

She turned to Draykon with a cold stare, “There. Conscience cleaned.

Okay well if you leave her here how much money does she have? I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be enough to last her till she can find whatever kind of job that doesn’t involve our line of work. I mean she can come with us but she doesn’t have to do the actual crimes we commit.” Emmett said with a disapproving look. “I understand you’re just looking out for her hoping she doesn’t follow our line of work but honestly what else is she going to do? Next you’re going to say she should be a cop or something stupid like that.” He said with a soft chuckle.

Ursa remained calm, although her tone turned sharp, “I’m sorry I think you are mistaking me for a charity worker. I saved her from a destructive planet, I gave her 500 kredits, and I transported her to a planet where she has WAAAAY more of a chance of survival than where she started. So let me state this plainly. I don’t give a shit, what she does, and if you feel so charitable how about you foot the bill for her new life because I ain’t doing it.

If I’m such a burden, I’ll get off here.” Juniper’s voice which was normally very kind and soft turned annoyed and almost offended. “And don’t speak about me as if I’m not here!” She shouted at the end, her eyes stinging with another round of tears as he headed toward the door which held the platform, the petals of her dress swaying slightly as she moved.

As Juniper was leaving Emmett grabbed her hand “You are welcome to stay at my house if you choose to leave. If you choose to stay you can come along with me. I have no problems teaching you and keeping you out of trouble but it’s a choice you need to make!” after he was done speaking he let her go. He looked to Ursa “I understand how you feel about everything and not wanting to add more people and what not.,” pausing for a second, “How about she stays with me? That way you don’t have to spend extra money or time on her and I will watch out for her and take responsibility for her.

Ursa’s frown turned into a cocky smirk, “Done. You want to train her in your line of business that is up to the both of you. I will fulfill the transport for as long as necessary to complete the job then when you leave my ship, you take her with you. Problem solved.

She grabbed her bags of food then headed towards the kitchen, feeling exhausted with the whole discussion. She turned to Emmett one more time before disappearing, "Close the door when you figure out what you two want to do. We leave in ten, and Emmett you are in the guest room, like before.

She headed down the hall heading towards the kitchen than to the cockpit where she fist bumped Mac and nodded to Takashi before walking over to the tabletop to set coordinates for Zaron. Mac looked at her with sharp eyes, “You really are going to leave her with him? She’s just a kid.

Ursa gave him a serious stare, “It isn’t my or your business what she does. Now that is enough about it. Prepare for takeoff and set the jets to burn.

Juniper simply stared up at Emmett. She didn’t really want to go with him, but it seemed at this moment there was not much choice in the matter since Ursa didn’t want her. Ah, who was she kidding anyway? She was useless as far as they were concerned.

I’ll just go with him.” She said to Ursa, her eyes dull, her voice sad. She sat down and brought her knees to her chest, then waited for them to take off.

Ursa waited until Emmett and Juniper were in the cockpit and nodded at Juniper's decision. She felt a little guilty, looking at the girl but... she would not be the one to turn the girl into a criminal. This might make her out to be an asshole, but at least she was a consistent one. She turned to Takashi and nodded, "All right. Let's get this mother out of the port and into the skies." She then turned to Anna, "Anna, Track three, and crank it."

Suddenly the music filled the cockpit, as thoughts of money and Zaron filled Ursa's head.

Jax and Hargul were making there way home, brown paper bags in each of her arms when her phone rang in her pocket. She grumbled walking over to the side of the street to place her groceries on the ground, before pulling out her phone, "You got Jax!"

"Hello Jax, It's me, Douglas, I am sorry to bother you seeing as you just arrived but Maria came in yesterday morning and her condition is getting worse the longer she is plagued. Can you perhaps come in tonight?" Father Douglas' voice sounded reserved but slightly desperate.

Jax pinched the bridge of her nose, really wanting to just go home and eat the pound of ice-cream she bought, "Fuc... I mean Jesus... I mean... ugh... I can't keep helping her every time she uses the Ouija board. Yeah, I have to go home first but I will head over in a few minutes."

Father Douglas sounded relieved, "Thank you so much for this. We appreciate it so much."

Jax looked over at Hargul and sighed, "Yeah. See ya soon."

-----------------------The Church-------------------------------

Jax walked into the church about an hour later, her expression slightly annoyed after having to drop off her food and Hargul at home. The church was silent apart from a few lost soul's looking for a place to sleep for the evening. Jax headed down the center, her eyes poised towards the large glass window depicting Jesus in all his glory. She immediately felt a warmth around her as she got closer. She paused closing her eyes for a few minutes and apologized for missing her morning prayer yesterday. A moment later Douglas spoke up, "The room is ready when you need a moment. I don't want to interrupt your time with him."

Jax opened her eyes, "It's fine. He knows what I need him to. Is she pretending or has he made himself known yet?"

"There are glimpses of him behind her. Father Miles and Father Tunnelson have been trying there best to keep it at bay whilst you were away. Are you going to be okay to perform this task?"

Jax turned motioning to the bandages on her face, "Ahh...Nothing but a flesh wound. Ignore it. There was no one at SPA, you could use?"

Father Douglas walked ahead with Jax following behind, "Well as you know Excorcist's themselves are a rare type. There is one more at SPA but he is in critical condition after a long mission in the East. Also, he is Buddhist so he doesn't know the names as well as someone local. We tried a few guilds nearby but again either there is an occupancy that needs to be filled, or the worker is on a mission. We are in trying times child. Demons rise in strength when the balance is flipped..and darkness is setting on us like a plague, I fear."

Jax felt a rightness in his words as they reached the door. She didn't know exactly what was happening but she could sense a cold fear that things were changing, not just in her little town but in the world. Douglas opened the door and she walked in.

Maria was sitting in the center of the room, changed to a holy weight by her arms. The walls as before were stained with her blood, the words illuminated by candles set into the corners. Tunnelson was in the corner speaking the slow verses of the Holy Book. Miles was sitting in front of Maria praying, his wooden cross sticking out of his fingers. Jax held her clenched hand in front of her face and let out a small noise of interruption. Tunnelson finished the verse he was on then stood up, at the same time Miles pulled away from Maria whose blue eyes stared quietly at Jax. Jax gave the young woman a similar expression before looking to the Fathers, "You two have done an amazing job. We would have lost her if you were not here. You can rest. I will take over from here."

She gave them a warm smile then turned to Douglas, "It's going to be awhile. Keep the other priest's away from the room and call Maria's mother to come get..."

"My mother does not need to come here. I am perfectly fine. These infernal priests have kept me here for two days and I demand to be let go immediately." Maria spoke evenly, her voice eerily kind and calm.

Jax continued ignoring Maria, "Call her. Also, have some food and water ready."

Maria screamed at the top of her lungs, "DON'T YOU FUCKING IGNORE ME, GIRL!! LET ME OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING SOW!!!!!!! I DEMAND YOU LET ME GO HOME!!!!!!"

He leaned forward and placed his palm on Jax's head, "Be strong, child. He is with you."

Jax gave a small smile, nodding lightly as Douglas and the priests walked out. She paused locking the door behind them before she turned back to Maria, her eyes turning to full green as her palms began to burn. Maria was a beautiful woman or was at one point. She had long flowing black hair, stunning brown and green eyes, and olive skin, but pain made her look worn. Her eyes were highlighted with bruised bags, her skin was too tight on her small frame exposing the bone beneath, and her fingernails were worn down and showed signs of bleeding. Jax hid her emotions like a pro and put on a cocky smile speaking slowly as she stared down at Maria,"Hiding in the dark will not save you, Demon. I see you behind her. I'm going to help you Maria, but you have to be strong okay. I know you are still there. Keep it away from your heart."

She leaned down staring Maria straight in the face her voice nothing but a whisper as two runic shapes began to appear under Jax's eyes, "Let us begin."

Jax remained silent for most of the way home, falling asleep against the window for part of it. When they headed back to SPA she was feeling like shit still but again at least more herself. Ophelia and Roxas seemed to be in good spirits. She laughed thinking back to him walking down in a towel. She almost fell off her chair in laughter. When the solars entered her account she felt slightly lighter, happy that the team had finished the first mission alive and well, but it was the points they scored for their quickness that made her really excited. She was closer. Even by a small bit, she was closer to accomplishing her dream. She eyed Morthos for a minute. Even if it meant she had to sacrifice for it. She nodded to Ophelia, before she left, "I will see ya later at home."

She took Ophelia's bag with her own and turned to the boys, her expression warm, "I suppose we've earned a few days off before we sign up for the next mission, plus I have to go do my duties at the church the next few days."

She put on a wider smile, "Also don't be strangers. Pop by the house and come visit if you want. We always have an open door." She looked to Morthos trying to be encouraging, "Seriously. Just because of what happened... I still want to see you, but if you want to take a break from me I get it."

She paused turning to Roxas with a slightly jokey tone, "You...on the other hand can take your sweet time coming over. I've had enough of ya for a bit." She giggled, sticking out her tongue at Roxas, knowing she would probably see him often due to Ophelia. After a few minutes, she turned, heading for the door waving at a group of people before she headed out into the street. When she came home she opened the door only to be thrown back onto the step as Hargul started to kiss and hug her tightly, "MISTRESS JAX! HARGUL MISSED YOU AND MISS OPHELIA SOOOOO MUCH!!!! HE LONELY! BALLET GIRLS AND HARGUL WENT SHOPPING BUT IT WASN'T THE SAME!!!! NO FASHION SENSE! THEY SHIT SPOONS! EWWWW! DID YOU LOSE EYEBALL? HARGUL MAKE NEW ONE FOR YOU!"

Jax burst into laughter, laying out on the street in surprise, "Awe...Honey! I missed you too! Also no. The eye is still there, just a face scratch. Next time you can come! I promise. It was weird you not being there anyway, my little prince charming!"

She stood, hugging him close before heading inside dropping off the bags in both rooms. She turned, "Come on! Let's go get food?"

Jax knelt slightly so Hargul could jump up and crawl up onto her shoulders, his scaly skin grazing hers lightly. Hargul spoke up, "WHERE ARE OTHERS? MISS OPHELIA, BROTHERKIN, AND SHIT SPOON?"

Jax headed out leaving her scythe and locking the door as she headed towards the store to stock up, "They are busy. Ophelia should be home soon and I assume ROXAS not shit spoon will be over tomorrow at some point."

Hargul leaned over peering at Jax, "Brotherkin to?"

Jax turned slightly sad but kept walking, "I don't know if he wants to see me right now...we will see, sugar!"

Hargul nodded slowly, "YOU AND I, UNTIL WE DIE!"

Jax looked at the little creature with pure love, "You and I eat all the pie!"

Jax and Hargul giggled moving into the grocery store, stomach's grumbling.
Ursa gave Juniper a deadpan expression, her thoughts still on her fight with Yondi. She took in a breath pinching the bridge of her nose, "Look, kid. I get it. Your whole world was destroyed. You have no one else but we aren't bloody babysitters. You don't even know who we are or what we do. I don't know you and to be brutally honest I don't trust you."

She turned to Takashi with an annoyed expression, and spoke up loudly, "Are they in pursuit?"

Takashi shook his head, his expression slightly ashamed, "We aren't seeing anything so far, but if they are just exiting the planet now it won't take them long to find us."

Ursa swore, looking through the table top, "A few clicks off to the left of us there is a black hole, get close enough that the blackness cloaks us but not close enough to send us into another dimension."

She turned to see Juniper looking at her, "No. It's not going to happen. We will give you a ride to the next planet and then you are off. Last I am going to say about it. Mac. I'm going to medical for some stitches, call me to the brig if we see anyone following us."

She headed towards the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of Caribbean Rum and headed to the small medical room. The ship had no doctor, but a few machines that were suited to perform some extensive surgical tasks. She walked over to a small white machine with two 'pincher' like arms that was used for doing a proficient stitching job. She booted up the machine and pulled the cork of the rum. They had no painkillers other than alcohol on the ship so she got to guzzling. She pulled off her jacket and tossed it over on a side table blood dripping down her arm like a red river. The deep red line on the outside of her arm exposed a pinky dark red wound. She hated the sight of it, moving to wash her arm in the sink before she headed back over to the machine and let it go to work. She grits her teeth taking another chug of wine as she fought through the pain. She was mad. No, in fact, she was pissed. It wasn't that the fight happened, it was that she let it happen. Ursa could usually defuse any issue or eliminate it before guns were necessary. She hated violence, it was a waste of time and money and almost always led to bad blood between people. When the machine was done she got up and turned it off, bandaging up the work before she headed towards her room to grab a book and a new shirt. After a while, she made her way back to the cockpit and noticed Mac and Juniper by the tabletop. Noting her presence Mac turned, "Feeling better?"

Ursa grunted as a response. Mac laughed before motioning her over, "Juniper showed us a quicker way to get to the planet. We should get there a few hours earlier than if we went our original route if we go her way."

Ursa looked it over with a bored expression. Well, what do you know? The kid did know something, "Sure. Sooner we get there the better." She eyed Juniper and gave her a smirk, "Thanks."

Ursa then turned moving to her spot without giving the crew a second glance and dove into her book, wanting to be alone for awhile.

--------------------Planet Ephus----------------------

Ursa climbed out of the drain pipe and came up to the cobbled surface moving slowly out of the way for Juniper and Dill to follow her up before closing it. Ursa turned to look out into the street, her expression reserved, "Follow me at 10-minute intervals and try not to bring attention to yourselves, got it. When we arrive at the location Dill head into the shoe store and buy a pair of Croc's, whilst Juniper you get in line for the bus. If you see any cops come into the store and let me know. Dill wire to the crew to get ready when we exit." She turned to Juniper, "Don't make me regret allowing you to come. After this, we are dropping you off at our next stop."

She shoved on her Treo's Pizza hat then walked out moving through the crowd slowly, making her way through the streets while strategically remaining quiet as she passed a few soldiers. She kept up her pace until she headed towards an antique bookstore. She nodded to the owner, moving to the back corner where she began to look through a couple of the stacks her yellow eyes reading through the titles before she spoke softly, breaking the silence of the store "Delays seem to happen quite often in my line of work. It's a good thing we aren't running on a clock."

She pulled one down, feeling a presence behind her.

Her voice paused, going deadpan, "Which one would you suggest, Draykon?"
[color=00aeef][/color]Jax opened her eyes slowly feeling a warmth surrounding her. This was the third time she had woken up beside Morthos but something felt different. She looked at his sleeping face for a few minutes before pulling away from him. She left the bed and headed into the bathroom shutting the door lightly behind her. After finishing her morning business, she took a good look in the mirror, her expression slightly reserved, and a little angry. She shook her head her eyes turning towards the door again. She paused taking a minute to collect herself before she walked out making her way towards the outer door leaving Morthos to his slumber. She walked over to her room and banged on the door violently with the side of her fist, "Alright lovebirds let me in. I'm out here in a damn shirt."

Ophelia got up out of bed, awake since she didn’t need to sleep. She was wearing a simple, elegant pair of pajamas that she had changed into after Roxas had fallen asleep. Jax was banging on the door, and Ophelia felt annoyed at the violence of it. She rolled her eyes.
Don’t need to be so rude about it, Jax.

She said, looking at her sister with her eyebrow raised. “Some of us are asleep still.

Jax walked past Ophelia quickly her expression slightly annoyed herself as she moved to her bag, pulling out some clothes, “Sorry. I just needed to get out of there. You shouldn’t have done that last night.

She dug through her bag pulling out a black shirt and some fresh jeans before she turned back to her sister, “Why did you do it anyway. For you or for me?

Ophelia stared at Jax in annoyance at her arrogance, her already dark eyes darkening even more as she stood before her twin.
I heard what Dad said to you last night. I never tried to pry or force you to tell me what happened Jax. But something did, and I know that you aren’t okay because of it. And I did it because you need to stop acting like everything is fine and dandy, and especially stop playing Morthos for a fool. He cares about you so much it’s almost sickening, yet you refuse to even accept that he might actually be good for you. You needed to talk to him if you weren’t going to talk to me.

Her emotions were running high, and her eyes stung with the threat of tears. She just wanted her sister to be okay. The things that happened to Ophelia she could deal with, but she knew what happened to Jax had to have been worse. Or at least that’s how it seemed.
You don’t need to charade around me… I love you for who and what you are. I just wish you’d let the barrier down…

She watched Jax’s expression closely, unsure whether her comments would anger her, or if she would react differently.

Jax looked over at Ophelia the anger and annoyance being removed by exhaustion and slight pain. She shook her head before speaking slowly, “I know you care about me and you worry. I worry about you just as much but I can’t tell you or Morthos what happened. It was horrible Ophelia, and the only reason I got through it in the first place was by being strong, by myself.

She looked straight at her sister, “I have four years before the darkness either kills me or I find the strongest mythic to give myself over to. Morthos doesn’t care like I do about power or strength. He doesn’t want it like I do. The ambition isn’t there. Tell me honestly… do you think he will be strong enough to push me to S level?”

You haven’t even given him a chance Jax. You’re using him as a plaything. It’s fucking wrong, you know it, I know it. Even he knows it. You won’t ever know unless you try.” Ophelia was pissed at this point, the way Jax was talking was ridiculous. She never understood and wouldn’t understand if Jax refused to tell her anything.

She stared at Jax again, “If you don’t even want to give him a chance, then tell him straight up to fuck off. If he isn’t worth your time, give him the green light to move the hell on. Don’t be so damn selfish… I know deep down inside you, if someone used you the way you do to others, you’d be bent out of shape.

For a brief moment Jax looked like she was going to rage then she continued to listen her eyes turning sad. She took a step back, tears threatening to fall, “You’re right.

She clenched the clothes tightly, “I’m just being selfish and cruel. You are completely right. I am just doing to him what I did to Eric.

She stiffened looking straight at her sister with cold eyes, “I’m going to end it. I’m going to tell him that it’s not going to work and encourage him to find someone else. I was an idiot for thinking I could have it both ways. Thank you. Honestly...I needed to hear that.

Ophelia’s eyes widened slightly, unsure how to respond at first and her brows then furrowed together. She took a step toward her sister, her voice sounding gentle, trying to reason.
That’s not what I meant… You’ll regret it if you do that… I know you care about Morthos, Jax. Just give him a chance…” She wanted to see Jax happy. And she could feel the tension and emotion between Jax and Morthos sometimes when they let their guards down. Jax was stubborn though, and probably wouldn’t listen anymore, but it was worth trying.

Jax gave her sister a small smile, “I do care about him. I possibly even love him maybe...but I care more about being strong then I do about love. I forgot that.” She walked over to her sister and gave her a soft hug, “I’m going to be fine. He is going to be fine. We aren’t even dating anyways. I won’t hurt him this way. It’s for the better. I can see that now.

I don’t believe you. And it sounds more like you’re trying to convince you, and not me.” Ophelia stated, hugging Jax back slightly, though feeling disappointed in her sister.

I might not know very much, but I do know some things. I think you’re making the wrong choice. But I will still support you because I love you.

Ophelia reached up, wiping at her eyes. She glances over for a moment, making sure that Roxas was still asleep, which he was. He was probably exhausted anyway from the day before.

Jax hugged her, “One day...when I am ready. I will tell you what happened. I’m just… not ready. Also don’t worry about me. If I am tough enough to survive Hell, I am tough enough to survive a breakup. Even though it’s going to hurt like a bitch.

She watched as Ophelia looked over to Roxas and she put on a disheartened giggle, “Sleeping beauty eh? You really know how to pick them to don’t you?

She looked over at Roxas again and then nodded slightly, feeling sad. “I’m so tired. I just wish I could sleep when he does. But anyway, what time do we leave?

In an hour or so. You should talk to mom about being tired though. I don’t know enough about vampires to tell if that’s a good or a bad sign. Anyway, I should probably get back to… Morthos. I will see you downstairs in the lobby in an hour. Tell Roxas to bring my shit down and I will do the same for him. Also, don’t let him forget my weights.

She rubbed her sister’s hair, before giving her one last hug before heading back to the room with Morthos. She walked in solemnly noting that he was awake. She cranked up her confident cocky smile that didn’t reach her eyes, “Hey. We need to talk.

"AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A RAGNAR PARTY! AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A RAGNAR PARTY!" Ursa woke up with a start the alarm filling her room with a bright neon blue light. She sat up slowly, her book falling to the ground as she rubbed her eyes. She smacked the little green box to get it to shut up before she hopped down to the ground itching her exposed stomach as she pulled down the window shutter a few centimeters before letting it roll up to expose the glow of deep space. She walked over to the stereo inserted in the side of the wall and clicked on her morning tunes. As the music filled her little room she scooted over to her wardrobe and propped it open pulling out a purple velvet bra, a dark blue crop top with the word, 'Brunchin' embroidered in a vibrant yellow. She pulled out some black jeans shaking slightly as she danced to the beat of the song. She turned to look in the mirror leaning forward only to flip her hair back, her hands running down her body to play an air guitar. She let out a small squeal, kicking away some clothes so she could find her brush. When she saw it she fell to her knees and picked it up brushing her hair in tune to the film, before throwing it away and shimmying down so her back was on the ground. She arched back lip syncing part of the song before she picked up some sunglasses, shoving them over her eyes as the beat went dead.

She sat up and let out a sigh before standing up and turning off the music. She then put on her trademark shoes and leather jacket before heading down the hall towards the cockpit. As she entered she walked over to Mac who handed her a mug with the word, 'Head Bitch' stamped on the side. She sipped the coffee slowly, "Thanks, sexy. Now, how we doin' are we close?"

He smirked at her comment, "Yeah we are close. Should be there in an hour. The crystals are packed and ready for shipment. We contacted Yondi and he and his crew will meet us at the drop off with his crew. Also, we got a new contract."

Ursa groaned, moving over to the large screen set into the table showing the map of the surrounding area. She scooted it over a few meters and spoke evenly, "Yeah I read it. We have to transport Mr. Flirt for a group within the Capitol. Money's good though so I accepted."

Mac laughed, "Figured you would. He really isn't that bad of a guy."

Ursa sipped her coffee and turned to give him a pointed stare, "Grow a set of tit's and see how nice he is then."

Mac laughed before speaking slowly, "Speaking about an extra set of tits. Takashi was telling me we have a guest?"

Ursa nodded briefly, "Shapeshifter. We saved her from the wreckage on Theonia. Posed as Anna before I caught her."

Ursa waved over Takashi as he entered and spoke to him aside from Mac, "Go tell, our stowaway that we arrive in an hour and bring her to the kitchen for some food. When we reach Agrathea make sure she finds her way on a respectable shuttle."

Her eyes drifted back to Mac, "Give her 500 kredits from my account before she leaves the Ranger, and you know damn well how I feel about stowaways, so don't give me that look. You have the balls to bust into my ship. You have the balls to earn my respect. Now let's motor. Yondi has my money." She paused at his look, "Our money."

She moved to the captain's seat and hiked her leg up on the armrest as Takashi and Mac headed to their own stations. She was being rude when it came to Juniper. She should give her a formal goodbye but to be honest she didn't find it necessary to see her again. Poor kid was a pit of misery and Ursa didn't want to see the waterworks if she had to. Plus the farther away the kid was from their business...the better. She looked out the window into deep space the barest dot of red blaring back at her in the distance. of the large port planets in the business and the main hub for criminal activity. Control was based on the unwritten rule of freedom from the planets. You let us play our games and we keep our game in our own atmosphere. Even legitimate governments played the game over time. Hell Ursa worked for at least half of them. Hypocritical fucks. She shut her eyes and settled in, knowing that they would be arriving soon.

---------------------- Agrathea ---------------------------

Ursa hopped out of the Ranger, with a cigarette in her mouth and her hands in her pockets. Darian and Mac carried each two metal cases full of crystals. The port was full of various styles of ships and carriers. The city was lit up with floating neon signs, layers of housing and shops piled on top of each other, clawing for their small scrap of space. A maze of intricate cultures the city was alive and thriving. At the gritty bottom though was druggies shoving needles into every god damn weak point of their skin, prostitutes giving away the goods with only dumpsters available for privacy. Children were stealing anything they could get their grubby little paws on, and animals moved in packs in order to hunt for scraps. The place was a beehive of depravity and Ursa knew every god damn corner of it. She smiled, pulling away the cigarette to let a puff of air fade into the air. She heard a noise behind her and turned to see Juniper and Takashi at the top of the exit platform. She eyed Juniper for a few minutes and gave a small smile before she spoke to Mac, "She would make one hell of a smuggler with that skill she's know."

He turned her back around, "Get out of the clouds Ursa. We have a job to do."

Ursa nodded, pulling out some sunglasses as she shoved the cigarette back into her mouth, "You're right. Yondi is waiting."

A cruiser pulled up a few minutes later and the three crew members hopped inside, Ursa taking one more look at Juniper before they headed straight into depravity.

---------Sometime Later-------------

The warehouse was filled with busted cars and metal boxes of stock that could be filled with either teddy bears or explosives. Ursa and her men walked into the darkly lit warehouse to find a group of tall copper coloured aliens in deep gray charcoal suits. Yondi stood at the front of them. Ursa entered with a soft boom, "Yondi, sugar. It's been some time. How's the wife?"

He responded with an arrogant smirk, "Shelia? Dead for all I care. Bitch was screwing the neighbor."

Ursa smiled, taking out her cigarette and crushing it on the floor, "Ouch. I would judge her but I haven't seen the neighbor yet?"

Yondi gave her the finger then motioned towards the cases, "Those what I think they are."

Ursa nodded, "Two hundred Aderthal crystals by noon on Agrathea. Just what you asked for. You got my payment?"

Yondi turned lifting a hand as a young man walked up opening the case to show a case full of kredits. Ursa felt a shiver of excitement role through her body as she eyed the kredits. She turned to Mac then to Darian and the boys walked forward opening the box to expose the glittering crystals. Ursa spoke evenly, "Always good business with you Yondi. So we do a straight trade and we both end up back where we.."

"Not so fast Ursa. Look you and I have been doing business for a long time now. I know how you operate and I know your weaknesses. Usually business is clean but right now I can't afford to lose these kredits. I have employers that are calling in on some debts and I can't afford to pay service charges so..."

Suddenly the men held up their guns, rays aimed directly at Mac and the boys. Darian swore in his native language, "Kunta Proga."

Mac remained quiet, apart from a raised eyebrow and a violent glare. Ursa shoved her hands on her hips, a shocked expression on her face, "Well...Fuck Yondi. I'm actually surprised you had the balls to do this..shit. I was not prepared for this today."

She walked forward slightly, "I mean I can handle the loss. I can pay the men for my personal account..but I went through three months of planning and fuel for this shit. I thought we were friends."

Yondi laughed, "Friends. Oh come on Ursa, you know you were always the bitch in our relationship."

Ursa nodded, "Well apparent fuckingly...okay. Give him the crystals. What? Do not give me that look, Mac. I ain't dying for some rocks. What do think I'm going to go...attack Yondi and his people by myself that's stupid."

Mac and Damian brought the cases forward setting them at Yondi's feet, before backing away slowly. Ursa raised her hands, "Look lower your fucking pistols. I know when I've been beaten. I can handle the loss anyway Yondi..It's not a big deal. Besides you're big business. Why ruin a relationship over a bad deal."

Yondi laughed, leaning down to pick up a crystal, "Oh I wasn't worried about that. You haven't lifted your pistols in the eight years I've known you. I mean that old shit for brains Jerry, maybe I would have been scared of but you? Hah. I figured you weren't an idiot. A good bitch knows who her employers are. Lower em boys."

Yondi stood up slowly, "See I knew you would be..."

Suddenly the crystals exploded in front of him shooting up into the air. Mac and Damian rolled to the sides pulling out two pistols to shoot at the crew behind Yondi. Ursa hit the deck as soon as the crystals exploded, rolling forward and then onto her feet as screams began to fill the air. She twisted to the side kicking up one of the metal cases to block the oncoming barrage of gun fire. She smirked, pulling out her guns as she kicked the case forward towards one of the men, knocking him to the ground. She jumped up shooting the man who was trying to get up and rolling him up and over her body as shots came her way. She grunted lifting the corpse to use him as a shield as she went running towards Yondi who was picking up crystal shards and shoving them into the other case. She threw the corpse to the left sliding down to turn on her back kicking backward up into Yondi's chin. He fell to the dirt in a crash, bullets grazing Ursa as she darted towards him rolling to the side just in time to miss them. She twisted, leaning up to aim a shot at his hand. The bullet hit with the precision she was known for, blowing the gun right out of her way. She hit the ground on her shoulder, crystals stabbing into her stomach and legs, moving back onto her knee's as Yondi screamed out in pain. She darted behind a storage box, a bullet grazing her arm as she slid behind it, "YOU KNOW YONDI...I COULD HAVE FORGIVEN YOU FOR FUCKING ME OVER. HELL, I SEE THE REASON BEHIND IT. I HAVE CONSIDERED DOING THE SAME THING TO YOU MULTIPLE TIMES.."

She moved to the sides letting a few shots go off, her aim excellent as one of Yondi's men poked his head up behind a box to aim at her, about to take the shot when she performed a perfect headshot. She spoke above the barrage of bullets, "I COULD EVEN FORGIVE YOU FOR MENTIONING JERRY IN A DEROGATORY MANNER."

She stood up randomly shooting two more of Jerry's men before Mac put another one down to the left that took the chance to aim at her. She waited for another to shoot but it was only the young man left and he was huddled in the corner, tears streaming down his cheeks as he gripped the case of money. Ursa walked out from behind the box, her shoes crunching the crystal and bullets beneath them as she walked over to Yondi who was gripping his bleeding hand, his eyes shooting daggers up at her. She lifted her gun, her yellow eyes baring down onto him with an angry expression, as she spoke evenly, "But I'm nobody's bitch."

She let out a final beautiful shot into his skull before she walked over to Damian and Mac who were standing in front of the young man. As she approached the young man lifted up the case and Ursa reached down taking it slowly, "Thank you. You just earned 200 Anderthal crystals for your troubles." She handed the case to Mac and then headed for the exit stretching lightly, "Pleasure doing business with you. Let's do it again some time."

Damian and Mac followed her outside, Mac speaking slowly, "We have to get out of here. Even if we are on Agrathea, Yondi had a lot of friends. They find out we killed him it could go bad. They need time to cool off."

Ursa nodded, "That fucking punk thought I was just going to sit back and take it from behind. I didn't think he would do it you know? For a split second, I thought he would actually back down once we were face to face. Bullshit. I could kill that mother fucker again, if I didn't have to waste the bullet. God damn waste of a relationship, that is."

She shoved her gun into it's holster harshly as they headed into the cruiser darting through the streets back towards the Ranger. When they arrived she hoped out noting Takashi was waiting for her by the entry door, "How did it go?"

She growled, "Yondi is no longer a valued customer of Cooper incorporated."

He smirked, "Told you the intel was good."

Ursa walked past him into the ship, as he followed behind her, blood running down her left hand from her cut shoulder, "That fucker. I hate. HATE using my damn guns. Makes the job so damn messy. Now I'm gonna have families cursing my name and whoever Yondi was in touch with is going to be on my ass. PLUS...HE THINKS I WAS HIS BITCH. FOR EIGHT YEARS...HE THOUGHT I WAS WORKING FOR HIM...THAT MOTHER...What the hell is she doing on my ship?"

She eyed Juniper with a confused expression as Takashi spoke up, "Well about that..."

Suddenly a blast came from outside of the ship. Ursa swore moving to the window to see a few cruisers heading towards the port. She turned to Anna, yelling out angrily, "GET US OFF THE GROUND NOW!"

Another blast went off as the ship slowly lifted off the ground the engines running at full burn. Takashi turned to his station helping with taking off as Ursa walked over to the Tabletop setting in coordinates for their next port, where they would be off to handle their next contract. Mr. Flirt or rather Emmett Draykon. When the coordinates were imputed into the system, she turned to look back at Juniper with slightly angry yellow eyes, "Now...let me ask again. What are you still doing on my ship?"
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