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Approved, though I'd say these days Coruscant security belongs solely to the Empire.

Sounds fair. I'll have it that the GSS on Coruscant is now under direct control of the Empire. I mean, it already was given the fact that the owner and CEO in the form of Carth works with the ISB, but I will make it so that the Empire has control of it regardless of Carth.

In other words, officers of the Empire is now in charge of controlling and maintaining the GSS security forces on Coruscant.

Added this to my CS bio to make that clear; "Moreover, the Empire has since the war began sent their own officers to facilitate the GSS forces on Coruscant, meaning that Coruscant security is once again de facto ran by the Empire and the Empire alone."
Who's CS is done and ready to be viewed? I'm gonna assume everyone that doesn't have it listed WIP?


Very much alive. I just put my character in a bit of an awkward position where I need to wait for other people to post.
Interested! Playing Knights of the Old Republic recently (yeah I'm late) left me with an itch to scratch.

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 21:30 | 13th Crescent Avenue, Pointe Bordeaux

John flicked his cigarette and put it back in his mouth, inhaling deeply. He was clad in underwear and stood reeling out his bedroom window, overlooking the busy but rather filthy street known as Crescent Avenue. Westwards, street prostitutes did their best to market their goods to passers-by. Eastwards, not much of particular note was visible, though John imagined crap drugs where switching hands right at this moment. Pointe Bordeaux was a cesspool, and it hadn't fared better during the recent blackouts, nor the torrential rain. The fact that this place was as miserable as it was was, naturally, the very reason that John had decided to set up his base of operations here to begin with. He didn't exactly have to look for degenerates - they were all around him. He wondered what the police response might have been if he had left a note at all the murders he comitted over the past few months. A proper manhunt, despite all the ongoings, he imagined. This was of course the very reason John had decided to only make the more high profile victims targets of the Tribunal. Eleven "victims" had been claimed by the Tribunal so far, seven of which during the last month. The CCPD had recently assembled a task force, but had they known John's victims numbered in the twenties already, they'd surely responded faster and more decisive.

He heard a noise behind him, and felt Alejandra ambling out from the dark and settling in at his hip, still naked.
"What are you thinking of?" Slowly, John turned his head towards her. She was hardly beautiful, but the soft light from the street down below managed to capture her glittering grey-blue eyes in a decidedly attractive way. Most of his friends didn't understand why John settled for the 40+ years old Alejandra when he "could surely bag any stripper in these parts" - not to mention that he "was out of her league", but it was something about those clear and bright eyes contrasting her rather dark latina skin and black hair John had found profoundly intriguing. He still did. And the way she carried herself with pride despite being an underpaid, aging stripper. How he'd later noticed the loving way she handled her kids no matter how exhausted she was. She had a courage and determination John thought sorely lacking in society in general. Yet every time he looked upon her, he felt something stinging his sides. She was his weakness, and the more he poked the belly of the underworld, the more at risk she and her kids would be put at. He'd have to distance himself from her sooner rather than later, but how? He shook his head. A short time ago, he would've laughed at the notion of caring about another human being, and now he felt as he might be falling in love with a junkie, unattractive stripper. What a farce. Staring into her eyes long enough for her to break eye contact in what seemed like embarrassment, John answered;
"I'm thinking about you." She smiled at that.
"How sweet."
"Just don't tell anyone, lest they think I've emotions other than anger and bitterness." he responded, giving her a wink.
"Oh, we don't wanna do that!" she said while grazing him with that laugh that made the hairs on his neck stand. It made him tense up. He had to stay focused.
"Your shift starts soon, yeah?" he said. Her smile faded with that.
"In forty minutes, we still have some time." Letting himself down, John ran his hand through Alejandra's hair and kissed her. He cursed himself for it, as always.
"I think I'm gonna head to the casino." he said as their lips parted. "Don't hold back on my account." He made a quick mock stripper's dance with his upper body and laughed it off, his hand spoiling any notion of it being casual conversation as it softly caressed Alejandra's shoulder before disconnecting. He quickly got dressed and they said their goodbye's as John hurried out of the apartment.

T H E T R I B U N A L: T H I S I S W A R

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 22:43 | Circus Maximus Casino, Pointe Bordeaux

While the pavement held plenty of people, there was a decidedly diminished amount of traffic on the streets ever since the blackouts started. People were urged to stay off the roads after dark as the city lights might go out at any point, and most seemed to heed the call. John wasn't one of them. He cruised the streets of Crescent City with a breeze entirely unusual of the usually crowded city, and thoroughly enjoyed it. he was debating whether he was going to get hammered tonight or not. On one hand, he felt it might dull his burgeoning and unwanted feelings, yet on the other it might simply make matters worse. It was a confusing thought, and John felt an urgent need to perish it. He had an objective. He was the Tribunal, and he had plans he needed to set in motion. Yet he couldn't rid his head of those grey-blue eyes. You're a fucking fool, he thought.

Still buried in his thoughts, John suddenly heard very loud gunfire. He snapped back into reality and saw a figure he recognized as Salvatore Raymundo dropping to the ground, gunned down by five assailaints John couldn't make out, as their backs where turned. Swiftly, John pulled over to the sidewalk and watched as one of the figures bent down over Raymundo and took something from him. The gang quickly dispersed with three of them jumping into a car parked in front of John, on the other side of the crossing in front of him, while the other two ran into an alley, presumably to another getaway vehicle on the other side of the alley.

This was a curious development. Who would dare gun down a known underboss of De Vitis on an open street? Had the Fierro's launched an offensive? John felt utterly uninformed. This was unanticipated. He brought his grey Subaru WRX sedan into gear and tailed the car in front of him.

T H E T R I B U N A L: T H I S I S W A R

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 23:12 | La Petite Mort - Lonely Hearts Club, Point Bordeaux

The car he'd followed had parked right in the middle of the street, and the three youngsters - as it was now plain to see they were - had gotten out and started looking around as if waiting for something. Soon after another car had joined them, with the person John presumed to be the leader of the posse. That young man had barked orders John couldn't hear from his car, and the others had dispersed around the area. Clearly, they were waiting for someone to exit La Petite Mort.

John had parked his car some 100 yards further back in the street. He exited and looked around. He saw no sign of any other involvement, but was far from sure. Opening his trunk, John grabbed a duffel bag and threw it across his shoulder before closing the trunk again. The bag contained a loaded handgun with loaded spare magazines, a bulletproof vest and a couple of flashbangs, while the rest of the stuff in the bag served little purpose currently. Not much in the way of armaments, in other words. John had no intentions of getting involved in whatever was happening, but he also had no idea what actually was going on. He went into the closest alley and climbed the fire escape, eventually making it to the roof of the four story building.

Settling in on the roof, John opened his bag and put on the vest as well as a holster before arming himself and picking up the binoculars. He proceeded to patiently wait as he scanned La Petite Mort with his binoculars, noting the various positions taken up by the five armed men. This was dissimilar to the scene John had witnessed back at the Circus Maximus. There, the criminals had been gunning down Raymundo from close range, implying they where acquaintances. Here, they hid. John continued to spectate with his binoculars as people came and left La Petit Mort. He was struggling to keep up with the traffic, but then he recognized the obvious target. Veronica De Vitis stepped out of the club, with a bodyguard in front of her. Looking closer, John realized he recognized the bodyguard. He didn't know his identity yet, but based on John's previous reconnaissance of the De Vitis operations he was sure that this man had been present in several De Vitis meetings. An underboss? Either way, the man and Veronica made their way to a car. They were opening their respective doors when John noticed one of the previously hidden gangsters running up behind the bodyguard and hitting him in the back of his head with the but of his gun, while the others quickly moved in on Veronica.

John watched the scene unfold intently, unsure whether he should intervene on the girl's behalf or stay back. After all, what was the odds that she wasn't just as much of a part of the shit going down in Crescent City as her father?

J O H N S M I T H 0 2 / 0 2 / 1 9 7 4 ( 4 3 ) M A L E H Y P E R H U M A N

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right."

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"The biggest problem with every art is the use of appearance to create a loftier reality."
◼ HEIGHT | 5' 8" - 178 cm.

◼ WEIGHT | 167 lbs - 76 kg.

◼ BUILD | Athletic.

◼ HAIR COLOR | Dark brown.

◼ EYE COLOR | Bleak green.

◼ OTHER | A multitude of scars and scratches of various sizes adorns Smith's body. Some innocent, others not.

John makes for a rather intimidating figure, despite his innocuous frame, as he comes across as very intensive. His gaze is piercing and his face ever drawn taut to the point of smiling appearing as if physically straining. John's dark hair is typically thick and unkempt, though not very long, and the same goes for his facial hair. Even so, he may sport an entirely different look when circumstances necessitates it. His facial features are rough and asymmetrical, yet proportionate to the point of him generally being perceived as attractive.

Being fit is paramount to John's field of "work", and as such John makes it a point of being so. Most men twenty years his junior would envy the physique John maintains, though he is far and wide away from human peak fitness. Still, his fitness and generally high energy level ensures a straight posture and an energetic step to his stride.

John lacks any semblance of interest in fashion, and wears whatever he finds comfortable in his personal time. Jeans and jackets - denim, leather and other - dominates his wardrobe. That being said, he often has to blend in in various settings and therefore dresses accordingly.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"You have been weighed, you have been measured - and you have been found wanting."
Not much is known about the history of John Smith. The name is not his real name, and he doesn't hail from Crescent City. Where he's originally from remains unknown, but it's safe to say that whatever life Smith lead up until arriving in Crescent City it is unlikely to have been a pleasant one considering his mental health. In truth, few people in Crescent City are even aware of John Smith's existence. In his private time he largely keeps either to himself or as a fleeting customer at the various joints in Pointe Bordeaux, where he also lives.

Much more known though is the Tribunal. An unknown party that may be an individual or a group, the Tribunal has made more and more headlines as of late after first popping up three years ago. By some named a name for citizen vigilantism and street justice and others psychopaths and serial-killers, the Tribunal has committed a growing number of escalating crimes. The CCPD has recently started prioritizing the apprehending of the party after the Tribunal turned from burglary, theft, assault and destruction of property to outright murder. Following the pattern of the Tribunal's crimes has always been easy for the CCPD as the party always leave a message on crime scenes in the form of a self-proclaimed "verdict", stating the crime as a sentence carried out for crimes the victim were supposedly guilty of.

This method has naturally made its ways to the newspapers, and following the Tribunal murdering seven different people on five different occasions over the last month crime reporters over both city and country are engrossed entirely in the mystery. The CCPD has been scrambling to put together a taskforce charged with stopping the killings and already have the press breathing down their necks. The Tribunal, on the other hand, has promised that what has happened so far is merely the beginning.

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children."
John Smith is on a one man crusade. He considers the world a beautiful yet miserable place, and wants to set it right. A grand gesture, perhaps, but ultimately a futile objective for a single man. Even so, Smith is determined to do whatever he can do nudge society in right direction - after all, what more can you ask of a man? John follows his own morale compass and believes in what he considers to be justice and fairness. He is quick to judge those whom he feels are harmful to society and judges them harshly.

As such, he has taken it upon himself to be the judge, jury and executioner in a city where the official ditos are incapable of carrying out their job. Crime is running rampant under the protective hand of corrupt officials, while people may complain about the situation, all to few are actually doing anything about it. It is important to note that John's own moral compass does not necessarily align with what is generally considered "good" and "right", and he doesn't believe in second chances or redemption. Not when it comes to human nature. While he started tentatively with smaller punishments, he has come to realize that harsher punishments both serve as a better incentive as well as more publicity - and publicity is paramount to the spreading of in idea.

Even people who are just and righteous are not above sentencing. If good people gets in the way of John either by opposition or by simply standing by the sidelines, John is not above judging them as well. After all, as Edmund Burke supposedly famously once said; "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

John is a man who never forgets and never forgives, and servicing as the Tribunal of Crescent City, John fully intends to escalate the sentencing of individuals. He plans to wage war against crime and corruption in Crescent City and has no qualms in being painted the villain while doing it. After all, the winner dictates history.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill."
◼ KNOWLEDGE REPLICATION | John is capable of replicating other people's knowledge by physical touch, as well as put it to practical use. He may, through skin contact, learn skills, practices and information that the other person possess, and master it to the same level. This includes anything from driving to playing a guitar to advanced biochemistry - as long as John himself would be capable of performing the feat. This means he may not, for example, replicate physical movements that is beyond his own body's capabilities, nor replicate superhuman powers (whether hyperhuman or otherwise).

Furthermore, John may replicate knowledge to a lesser extent simply by observing it, whether it is through watching someone doing something on TV, reading a book or listening to instructions. In essence, this translates as a much heightened capacity for learning and works just like it does for a normal human when they are learning, except faster.

As it is the natural advantage of his power, John possess a considerable range of skills over a large amount of fields - too many to be listed here (and many of them likely redundant for the RP). As his mind is nowadays constantly on its limit of how much information it can retain (following decades of acquiring it), John's skills also tend to change as he actually needs to lose skills in order to acquire new ones. In truth, what John can and cannot do is nearly entirely different from what it was ten years ago. That being said, John is more capable at some things than other, and in particular those he need for his "work".

◼ SECURITY | Perhaps his most important skillset. John has acquired this not only through his power, but also the normal way as he is on a daily basis using them. He has vast knowledge of security technology such as alarms, locks and biometrics - how to use it but especially how to disable it. He knows about forensic analysis, threat assessment and tactical as well as strategical awareness. In short, he knows how to catch and how to not get caught.

◼ SOCIAL | Having learned from the best, John knows how to appeal to people, get on their good sides and/or manipulate them. Naturally he does not know what any one individual think and what makes them tick, but he is well aware of how most act, what they appreciate, what they dislike and what scares them. He also speak several languages at a native level. All of this enables John to blend into various groups of people, as well as giving him an edge in more direct confrontation - such as wooing someone or performing an interrogation.

◼ SCIENCE | Not so much a skill, perhaps. John is obviously very learned and knows plenty of various scientific fields. Most of it lacks practical use, but there are some. His mastery of psychology and anthropology helps him in the skillset mentioned above, and his knowledge of medicine in mitigating any wounds he might acquire, while fields like history and political science merely serves as topics of conversation.

◼ FIREARMS | John is a cracking shot. Hand guns in particular, but John also knows how to operate effectively with military grade weapons. Skills replicated from gifted individuals with great eye-to-hand coordination.

◼ CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT | Mastery of various practical fighting disciplines, nearly exclusively those taught in the police and military. Eye-to-hand coordination plays a role here as well, as does the invaluable knowledge of experience that he has simply replicated from others.

◼ LIMITED MIND | There are only so many things one can keep in his head at all times, and while John may be able to retain considerably more information than most, he is not even remotely close to being able to learn everything. When stretched to its limits, John's mind simply has to let go of other information in order to "make room" for new - a process that works a lot faster than a humans would. More over, knowledge that John has acquired with his power will eventually wither unless put to use (much like it does for normal humans). This is especially true of direct skills, especially physical ones, less so of theoretical knowledge like scientific theories and further less so of mere information.

◼ THE POWER OF TOUCH AND AWARENESS | An obvious potential problem with John's power is that he has to maintain physical touch. It is not enough to merely graze the skin of someone as he has to maintain contact for an extended period of time; anywhere between a few seconds up to an hour depending on the volume of information he is replicating, and how advanced it is. He has found that the time it takes has increased over the years - whether it has to do with aging or something else is anyone's guess. What's more - John has to know what he is looking for when he is replicating. It is a conscious and focused act, not a subconscious copy & paste of everything someone knows. When John is replicating someone's knowledge, he may only replicate what he is aware of that the other person knows.

◼ ROGUE | John works alone, without any form of help or backup. If he finds himself in trouble, there is no one to aid him. It is a simple weakness, but an imperative one.

◼ UNSTABLE PSYCHE | While John may be ferocious and determined, he is also far too high-spun and engrossed in his work for his own good. He suffers from depression and drinks more than he should - enough that it affects his life. He tends to let his emotions get the better of him, leading to rash decisions with undesirable outcomes, even though he knows better. He is also far too proud and stubborn for his own good, keenly taking on objectives that are more trouble than they are worth.

◼ DEPENDENCE ON ABILITY | What is John Smith without his power of knowledge replication? If, for whatever reason, John was to be unable to use his powers, it would be much more devastating to him than the vast majority of other hyperhumans. This is because he's only acquired basic skills like driving and cooking by himself. Every single advanced skill and complicated knowledge he ever retained he got with his power. The loss of his power would render John effectively useless.

▼ N O T E S:

NONE | John lacks allies entirely.

VARIOUS | John maintains some platonic friends and a lover as a means of diversion, but doesn't really care about any of them, nor does he count on them. His friends consists of various workers and customers frequenting the clubs and pubs in Pointe Bordeaux, particularly in Gagniez and Lonely Hearts Club. His lover, Alejandra, is a stripper at one of those local joints.

VARIOUS | Too many to count. John views everyone who is a potential target as enemies, and everyone who might stand in his way as potential enemies. However, other than the CCPD, no one alive really views him (or, to be precise, the Tribunal) as an enemy as John has yet to focus on a particular group. The time for change is nigh though, and John envisions the Tribunal as a household name among the criminal syndicates in the near future.

◼ Pointe Bordeaux | John rents a small apartment in the north of Pointe Bordeaux, right at the junction of Gangiez and Lost Hearts Club. Furthermore, John owns several other properties (in other names) in and outside of Crescent City.

◼ EQUIPMENT | Various gear of security nature such as bulletproof vests, grenades, wires & winches, firearms and consumer grade technological devices, most of it kept in the properties John secretly keeps elsewhere.
That post made me put "Badlands" on.
Hello. Working on a sheet for this. Found a contradiction (?) in the OOC; in the Catalyst section of the world history it is said that 1 in 100 000 humans are hyperhumans, whereas the Statistics section of the Homo Genera post says it's 1 in 1 000 000. Which number is correct? Minor detail of course, but I suppose there's quite a difference between 9 000 hyperhumans worldwide and 90 000.
Another question; the CS headlines with the alias, but what if your character is lacking one?

I also wanna say this is some great world building. An interesting read.
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