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I hope you don't mind another person joining the party.

Just checking in, letting you know I'm here. Was working on an introductory post, which made a couple of questions pop up. I'd like to know what you thought about the questions quoted below, @Jbcool

@Jbcool I am assuming, from the titles of the leadership positions, that there will be some significant number of NPC mercenaries running about with this group. It would also be kinda hard to merc around with only seven people, no matter how good they are. Is this correct, or are we a Firefly type group?

Personally, I'm thinking there's bound to be NPC members of the band, making up the bulk of the numbers, whereas the PCs are - obviously - the most important members and the ones driving the narrative.

Then, there's Bishop's question;

So, who recruits everyone? The leader or my character, the co leader, who is recruited by the leader to recruit others?

While reading the IC and thinking about my own first post, I've been trying to come up with an angle to deal with this. In my CS I wrote, and I quote, "He became a freelance mercenary working for the highest bidder, and it wasn’t long before he formed his own team of discerning mercenaries.". What I surmise is that perhaps my character's crew already exist(ed) but recently got disbanded/demolished/split up following [insert reason here], my character now having made his way to Taenarum to begin anew and start recruiting again.

IDK, I'm just trying to work out the setup a bit before I end up writing myself into a corner, and these are just some thoughts. Either way, the formation of the group as well as the accepting of the contract mentioned IC seem like something best figured out OOC.

@Canoli Sheets looking good! I'd actually say you can post him into the char sheet if you so wish. As for being the leader, well, seems that you and Bishop's lizard-man may have to duke that out...

Dang it, I read through the opening post and the accepted sheets and noted a lack of both leaders as well as a minority of humans, so that's what I tried to address. Oh well.

What are your thoughts on this @Bishop?
God damn it, I fucking hate that the site removes the paragraphs I made in Word...

Anyway, this is the first draft of the sheet. Up to you know, @Jbcool

If it is not obvious by the sheet, I am very much "applying" the character to the "Condottiere/General/Leader" role.
@Canoli@Jeyma If you two are still about and willing, then I'd accept sheets from you.

Oh shit, I haven't subbed to the thread or been on the site in a while since I thought this was cancelled. Good news!

And yeah I'm still willing, I'll start reading through the other sheets right away (so I can differentiate my own sheet a bit).
Damn. Read through the thread only to finish with that second to last post on the other page. Haha, what a shame. Oh well, I will say that I enjoyed the the premise and the focus on narrative as opposed to gaming, so feel free to let me know if/when you try throwing something like this up again in the future!
Good stuff. Time to start thinking about IC then!
It's a shame it didn't get very far, was looking forward to it. I think it's a safe bet another Vigilance RP will come around at some point in the future though.
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