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Current If you get a bigger bed you will have more bed room, but less bedroom
4 yrs ago
So you open the door and enter your bathroom,wash your hands for 20sec then close the door when u leave.Right, you touched the doorknob before and after the washing.The faucet too. It's all pointless.
4 yrs ago
Exactly. You should reply with "I'm very interested, let's move this over to skype ;)" Anything less and it shows you're not fully committed.
5 yrs ago
Huh...was just watching some hentai as per usual when,amidst all the moaning and squelching sounds"Anastasia - Once Upon a December"violin version started playing.Well it was kinda emotional decision.
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5 yrs ago
I've read too many Isekai game-like novels. So I'm always spamming crappy jokes with the hope that with time my Humor Skill will level up and I'll start spitting good ones.


The only thing I'm "sad" about is that the way my life is going, it's going to be a hellride with a disappointing and unfulfilling end. My road is set ahead of me and I feel powerless to achieve what I desire or even have peace of mind. Time is taken from me whilst my by the day depleting will for change and something better is draining away with it.-Someone actually wrote that.

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So is it safe to assume that there is room for one more? If so I'd like to make a CS.
Might you have room for one more? I'd like to play Zilean, as it were.

Also, since I don't see it listed, you can actually play Morderkaiser?
Are you planning to expand on the Shattered Lands, Leviathan Islands and Isle of the Lost?
Also, my idea of a character is a High Inquisitor from the Kingdom of Caraxis with countless successful hunts in his career. His latest high profile case required him to go beyond the borders of his Kingdom with a group of trusted inquisitors. They all died during the mission but he managed to wound his target and followed them to The Sanctuary.

Now if that idea is acceptable I would like to ask about the technological level of weaponry in Caraxis since they are superior to any other place as far as pure magicless technological advancements go. How can you use science to nullify magic? Is the magic nullifying magic an exception to the no magic rule in the kingdom? Are they advanced enough to implement bionics, chips our simply replace body parts with mechanical arms?@Ithradine
Are you planning to do any more expansion on races?
Was potentially interested in Gargoyles.
Welcome to RPG!
Might I ask if you prefer hosting Roleplays/Gm-ing, or simply participating in them?
In Ello 5 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome, Child of God.
Nice to have you! And judging by your profile pic, I'd dare to guess that you like fantasy Rps with some magical element in it.
Test Test, can I still post here?

Ahem, banned cuz fudge!
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