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7 mos ago
Being 20 is weird, because my friends circle contains both 1) people who are still excited about just learning to drive, and 2) people getting married and buying houses.
9 mos ago
I use chrome, but lately a little speech bubble has been showing up over the M.S. Edge browser app and saying things like "Edge is safer than Chrome!" and "Edge is faster!" Are they... that desperate?
9 mos ago
Dated an adult My Little Pony fan. I'm not so upset that they cheated on me as I am that my Netflix account is still recommending MLP movies to me, a whole year later. No escape.
10 mos ago
Someone: Unless it's made for adults, only children should watch cartoons . Me: Shut your whore mouth, there's an Amazing World of Gumball marathon coming on!
1 yr ago
You gotta love Beowulf. "Giant monster? Can't be harmed by any known weapons? I'MMA PUNCH IT >:D"


I'm heavily inconsistent with RP types/genres. The only guarantee I will give is that I'll never join a history or modern military RP. History with some fantastical elements is more fun, and I appreciate military scenarios more when I can throw some sci-fi into it.

As for the rest: I've RP'd fantasy, sci-fi, romance, "romance", god RPs, Nation RPs, school RPs, gifted RPs, adventures, military, action, worldbuilding-based RPs, and so on. The only types I've never tried are history and fandom.

I love to spend all my time spamming the OOC with irrelevancy, and nothing short of kicking me can ever stop it. I am a dean of double entendres. A patron of poorly-done puns. A miser of memes. A saint of sighs. An aristocrat of alliteration. A- well, you get the idea.

Needless to say, I love talking. PM me anytime, especially with collaboration or RP ideas.

Last but not least: I usually kill off my characters either out of boredom, or to introduce a new character. They all die tragically, and sometimes ironically. I think I'm channeling George Martin sometimes.

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I kinda have a post ready. Just filler stuff.

Nawh, I can add more than that. 1 sec

So long as someone posts. I have nothing to write!
Ah, so many LGBT characters! I feel so at home Since I'm really terrible with sciences... How about the ship's counselor/shrink And it is sciency, depending on who you ask

@ihinka I like the idea of a counselor who checks up on the crew's sanity and humanity - wether or not they like it!! They could also maybe have the power to call someone in for a session, if they feel its "needed for the sanity or safety of the person" and no one can say no cause otherwise they get "iced", they wont be allowed to work anymore. I can see super awkward session ahead of the crew!

Oh god, she would have feeled day with Rolands and Joy
Looks like Satan is a size 10...

Size 12 in boots, actually.

Curse my freakishly large, clumsy feet. I accidently dropped it, stumbled and practically tap danced on it
<Snipped quote by Jeyma>

That sounds serious. Should I call someone to un-posess your PC or something?

It's too late. Satan has taken it.

Satan really likes fucking with rainbow colored backgrounds, apparently.
And she seems to have tons of good traits and seemingly no negative ones. If your character has so many skills / positive traits, you need to add negative ones to even it out.

My bad, she wasn't meant to seem Mary Sue. I actually really hate perfect characrers, and I never meant for Aideen to look like that.

She has several big flaws. I honestly meant for them to be obvious, but I understand if I need to explain.

For one, she's stubborn and obsessive. I mentioned that her father said she was "stubborn as a tree," and she actually managed to take it as a compliment. This is also shown through her wand's "rigid" flexibility. That's a trait that's going to bite her in the ass, like, all the time.

She's also vengeful. I mentioned that she is "moody as fire" and that she has a "streak of hate."

There's even a huge weakness with her wand: a Hawthorn wand, as said in the Pottermore quote, "can, when badly handled, backfire." PLUS Dragoncore wands are prone to "accident." Her wand is both likely to backfire and likely to fail. It's a deathtrap.

With such a shitty wand, her anger and her stubborness are a poor combination. I can imagine her messing up spells all the time, arguing with authority figures, taking fights too far, and holding grudges across years.

If you really think I need to put more emphasis on those, of course I will, but I stand by what I said: I do believe her flaws are already pretty self-apparent.

As for having too many skills, the only skill I gave her was that she knows a lot about wandcrafting. And... that's it.

I said she's interested in healing people and caring for magical beasts, but nowhere did I say that means she's GOOD at it.
Those aren't skills, just interest. She won't necessarily have any talent for them.

She only has a skill for memorizing shit about wands.

I'll update the history or "worth to mention" section with a short explanation on her family's move.

I don't want this to be a big argument, so I can make her problems a little more clear if you want, but please do consider what I said about her emotional problems and her deathtrap wand. She was never intended to be flawless ;)
@Jeyma -- Looks fine to me. However, I'm sleep deprived and overworked so I'll let @KahleenCuthald or @Bishop take a look at it and I'll trust their decision.

So am I free to post, or should I wait for @Bishop or @KahleenCuthald to approve my CS?

I thought that Muggles could not go to Diagon Alley... that muggle born children had escorts instead?

I don't remember if it's in the books, but in the movies we clearly see that Hermione's parents are talking to the Weasley's in Diagon Alley. It's the scene where Potter goes to buy Lockhart's books.

Low-quality image of muggles in the Alley^^
"Her uncle and her dad taught her the secrets of the arcane, while her mom taught her the secrets of working a computer."

A little short, but with permission, I will probably expand the "personality" section later.
Dear All: My computer is really weirding out on me, so replies may be few and far between. Really sorry!

No problem, I feel you. My computer is possessed or something.

I think part of my soul died writing posts on my phone.
*Cricket, cricket.*


I don't want to post twice, so I'mma just creepily lurk around the thread... lurkingly
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