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Current I haven't been here since the site switch, didn't know we had to make new accounts.


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@The One I'll try and tweak my character sometime tomorrow, not able to do much today.
Cryokinetic Creature Creation? I'm actually more used to games that ban you for being this powerful at start, that's why I'm having the problem. xD But the cryo creatures seem cool, and I would be happier with that than the two examples you gave. Though! If you want just basic stuff like that then the weather manipulation focused more towards cold/rain/snow/wind would be fine. I can work either one into the sheet.
How about the ability of fourth wall breaching?

(If anything for another dragon)

I think I'll get my feet wet with rping again if ya don't mind. I should be able to get a character sheet up within the next 24 hours. :3
I know, my keyboard stopped working, my computer was screwing up. I'll fix it, I'm on my phone at the moment and at this point I just wanted to get it posted so I didn't lose it.
I couldn't post anymore because my keyboard suddenly stopped working. I'll try to do other things when I have the time.

If anyone wants to get a hold of me, you can toss me a PM and I can give you my skype or discord.
Considering if I should put sentient life on the First World now or wait. Thinking some humans and doppelgangers to go with my bestial chimeras.
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