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God, I wish I knew somebody who'd be willing to draw character reference sheets for me.


[center]Hello, I am looking for a fantasy Rp setting. I am on every day and can post quite often but like most, I do have a few rules so me and my partner can get along.

1) I want somebody who will contribute to the Rp as much as I do. Give your own ideas, plot twists and help me advance the plot.
2) I normally do Casual, I don't like free, as I always get people who write one line, and nowhere near enough for me to 'react' to. I need a good enough post to work with.
3) I have other roleplays and other things to do so, please be patient, although, if it takes me more than two days to reply, knock me a Pm, or post in OOC to ask me politely what's going on, and, I will do the same to you.
4) Be kind. You can be a total bitch in IC, slap, cut, attack, swear and damn right offend me, but OOC, is different. If I get anything like that in OOC, I will never talk to you again.
5) Talk to me, not just in IC, but in OOC. I want a friend, not just a partner.
6) I like multiple characters, and will Never settle for just one character. I normally go for at least four to five. You don't have to but, it would be nice if you too had more than one character.

So, with the rules out the way, here's my interests. * means I want to do it more, + Means that is the role I want. ~~ means I have an idea for.

Neko Princess/Neko***~~
Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Trainer*~~
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon***~~
Mythical creature/Mythical creature***~~
+Mythical Creature/Human***~~

Even if I've chosen a specific role, it doesn't mean I have to be that role. I don't mind being the other, I just prefer the one I chose. That's it for now, if I think of more, I'll edit.

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With everyone in the circle Julia took one last look around. She looked to the Fox who Bahamut had revealed and stared at it for some time but everyone that there was to say about it had already been said.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it at the moment, so if everyone is ready I'll teleport us to the village."

With that she activated the circle and with a bright white flash everyone had teleported to the entrance of the village.

Once there Julia slowly entered and looked around. She gave a smile as a lalafell came up to her.

"Ah, Judas. I was hoping to see you. How are you? Is Kat alright? We're on our way to see her."

The woman nodded and led Julia through as she spoke.

"Yes, she's safe. I am really glad you are safe Julia. Here, let me restore your energy and return you all to travelling health before you set out again."

Julia nodded softly before Judas cast a strong healing spell on everyone, causing their energy and magic to return to normal and then even giving them a boost. Julia sighed as she felt her exhaustion leave her then stopped by the village exit before looking around once more. There was nothing they needed here, and they could pass right through.

"Thank you, Judas."

Judas nodded and with that Julia walked on and out of the small village. She looked on to see the beautiful fields that was laid before them and then turned around to speak.

"Next stop, Salazo, the City of Magic. From here hopefully we won't find any more trouble until we reach the next city. It isn't too far from here.

With that Julia led them outside the small village heading towards the city of magic.

As they drew closer and closer towards the city the more the environment glowed and radiated magic, so much so you could feel magic within the air, and yet they still had some distance to walk. They were still by the exit of the village when she heard someone shout to her. She turned around for a moment wondering who it could have been when she saw Octavius flying on Bugsy's back. She waited for him to jump down to her and listened to him when he spoke.

"Julia, the cracks are getting worse as time goes by. Please, let me come with you. Let me help."

Julia thought for a moment and opened her mouth to speak when Ocelot spoke up as he flew in the air.

"He's stronger than you might think, you know. You should give him a chance Julia."

Julia looked to Julian for a moment and then shook her head.

"Your species is known to be smart and I respect that. That is why you are a researcher but sadly, that's all you are right now. We need people with combat experience. If you came with us, you would slow us down or get seriously hurt. I think it's best if you stayed here and continue what you do best."

She looked to the others, wondering what their thoughts were before turning to Bugsy who spoke up next.

"Octavius will never get stronger if you don't give him a chance. If his time isn't now then when will it be?"

Julia slowly shook her head before shrugging. She waited to see what the others said before she moved on. As she waited Ocelot did a wide somersault and transformed into his normal cat form, landing on his feet.
Name: Octavius
Gender: Male
Age: 1400
Species: Beastals

Personality: Octavius is friendly and kind person however he feels like he is always overlooked. He's extremely smart and knows more than people think but due to his species he is never given a second thought. Even when he knows what to do. He is unfairly overlooked, yet he tries his best to pretend it's fine but in reality he hates it and wishes that things were different for his species. Octavius hasn't got many friends and often doesn't talk to others much due to his species being so low on the social spectrum.

Power: Magic
Sentimental Attachment:

Pet Name: Ocelot
Pet Gender: Male
Pet Age: 2000
Species: Dragon Cat Familiar

Personality: Ocelot is an incredibly intelligent familiar who is determined to serve his Octavius to his fullest potential. He would do anything for him if he were asked. Being a Dragon Cat, Ocelot is extremely nimble and agile. He is always quick on his feet and one of the first of many to act before anyone else. Ocelot disagrees with how the social status of Beastals are so low. He knows that Octavius is one of the best allies that their world could ask for with his magic potential and strength being so prime. He tries his best to help Octavius and his species as much as he can, trying his best to help the species to be treated more fairly.

Pet Power: Dragon Physiology

Pet Name: Bugsy
Pet Gender: Female
Pet Age: Unknown
Species: Rainbow Moth

Personality: Bugsy an old and ancient creature who has served Octavius's family for longer than she can remember. She is extremely understanding and will do what is asked of her without question. She is loyal to the end no matter what it may be she has made a promise of always fulfilling a request even if it seemed to be redundant or outright stupid.

Pet Power: Insect Physiology

Miarikia continued to stir her cauldron when she heard Helen's voice. She turned around and gave her a small smile.

"Oh, Helen. I didn't see you there. It's..... it's a long and complicated story. Here..."

Miarikia clicked her fingers and summoned a vial. She took a deep breath and then breathed out into the vial. Quickly she used her magic to enchant the breath, turning it into a purple liquid. She handed it over to Helen then looked to Valina and Liv who was sat on her shoulder knowing that Helen would know what to do with the vial.

"You were in the forest weren't you? Does Julia need me to head back now?"

She looked to her cauldron again and walked over to it. It just needed a to wait just a little longer.

Liv Moore

Liv blinked a few times when she received the mind link and instantly all of the information. She took a moment to take it in and as she did Valina had teleported to the courtyard. After a moment Liv looked to Valina and spoke.

"Hmm... That's rather interesting but if you need help Valina then sure. I'll help you. Julia will be fine without my help for a short while, she has chosen some good allies."

She then looked to Miarikia and the newcomer.

Valina, Helen and Ode

Valina smiled at Liv as they waited for the two witches to finish their conversation

“Thank you for the agreeing to lend me your aid my plan may sound a little crazy but it’s the only way to make sure we find what we are looking for and I can’t do it alone although more help would be preferable which is why we are here”

While Valina was talking to Liv Helen took the vial and poured a half into her ear and half into Odes ear and in an instant the two knew everything that had happened. Ode turned to Miarikia and spoke.

“So those Dark Enforcers want to kill you just for entering this world and for being a witch well if they try to lay a hand on Helen I’ll rip them to pieces”

Helen let out a frustrated sigh

“So the fate of the world is hanging in the balance yet again and once again the evil witches that everyone seams to fear and hate need to help save it. What is it Tuesday already? Well I guess we better get to work then hadn’t we.”

Just as Helen and Ode had finished talking Valina walked To the two witches

“I don’t know if Julia needs you at the moment I didn’t go with her to the Lalafell city i came here to speak to Helen about helping me on an important mission separate from Julia’s mission although if I am successful it will help Julia achieve her goal of saving this world”

Helen thought for a moment before turning to fave Valina

“Miarikia is not only my friend but my leader that I have swore to protect I can’t leave her when she is in the middle of such an important and dangerous mission”


Miarikia listened to Valina before looking to Helen and how she explained she couldn't leave. Miarikia gave a small laugh before placing her hand on Helen's shoulder.

"Don't worry about me Helen. I have Flash on my side and a hand selected team to work with and complement my skills. Go, help Valina. Once you're done you can come find me."

She turned to Valina once more and gave her a confident nod.

"Good look on your mission, whatever it is. With Hellen and Ode, I know you'll be successful."

Miarikia turned to her cauldron one final time, stirred it then gave a nod. She created several vials and emptied the cauldron, putting the contents into several vials before teleporting them away. All except three. She looked to Valina before speaking.

"Here, this might come in useful. It's a power imbuing potion. All of your power and abilities will temporarily be enhanced when you drink it."

She threw one to her then looked to Liv.

"And one for you."

She threw Liv one then turned to Helen.

"I know you've got plenty of these, but take it anyway. You can't have too many."

After that she threw it to her. After she had given the three potions away Miarikia turned to Ode. She bent down and gave him a smile.

"And for you, take this."

She summoned a necklace then summoned one more vial. She opened it up and placed the necklace inside. Using her magic, she infused the potion into the necklace before pulling it out again then placed it around his neck.

"I'm sure it'll be useful to you. Now, all of you, be safe. I'll head back to Julia, we can't waste too much time."

She looked to her cauldron and clicked her fingers, making it disappear before giving everyone a smile and with that she teleported back to the Lalafell City.

Liv Moore

Liv gave a nod to Valina then looked to Helen as she spoke. She turned to Miarikia to ask her but she spoke up first. She gave a smile, glad that they could get some extra support. That was when Miarikia finished her potion she was brewing and started to hand it out to everyone. As Miarikia threw hers Liv's tail, forehead and eyes glowed brightly and the vial stopped in mid air before disappearing.

"Good job I have magic otherwise that would of gone splat."

She looked to Helen and spoke again.

"So, looks like you'll be joining us. In that case, when do we leave?"

Liv looked to Valina again waiting for her answer.


Julia listened to Grace and looked at the map she bought but just before she said anything she heard Grace speak again and looked to Bahamut with a shocked expression. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She listened to Julian before taking a deep breath. When Blue asked for a Magic Journey she sighed and gave him one before turning to Bahamut.

"How could you waste so much Xeon Cash?"

She shook her head and spoke again.

"It's fine, it's fine. What did everyone else buy?"

She looked around as one by one, she saw Ming, Kuro and Jack had all bought a map, then Flash zoomed past, going to Miarikia.

"Hey Miarikia, I bought us a map and a few supplies like you asked."

Julia quickly facepalmed before letting out a heavy sigh.

"You ALL bought maps? I could of given you a map each!"

Julia shook her head before looking to Julian.


Julian listened to Julia and watched as she asked what everyone had bought maps Julian let out a frustrated sigh as he facepalmed and he grabbed the all the maps and Miarikias potion supplies before turning to Julia before storming off

“Hand them all maps and confiscate their Xeon cash before they waste even more money and before you trust them with money again give them a damn list of everything you can get them for FREE! so we don’t have a repeat of this in the future”

With that Julian set out on his mission to get a full refund on all the crap they had bought before returning to Julia

Julia, Julian and Red Blade

Once Julian had stormed off Julia slowly turned to everyone not sure what to say. She clicked her fingers and teleported the Xeon to her before placing it away. Once she had done that she clicked her fingers and summoned enough maps for everyone then quickly spoke up.

"It's fine, everyone makes mistakes. I should have given you all maps from the start. When Julian gets back, we'll leave for Salazo."

She waited until Julian was back and put the Xeon Cash he got away. She then lead them out of the city and there they were in a large wasteland.

She looked around and saw Beast and Helga. Then Red Blade stepped up.

"So, we're leaving? Be careful, an Apocalypse Worm attacked us when we were flying through. It'll probably still be out hunting. I think, with how many we have moving through, including Beast who is like catnip for them, we should teleport across."

Julia gave a sigh and nodded. Everything was dead. No plants, grass or trees were growing here. Julia took a small step forward before talking.

"Right, thank you Red Blade. Before we move through though I must explain something. This place was a warzone. Of course, the Lalafell were forced to get involved considering it was right outside the city. Many died, and all because of a damn Law Enforcer. Do the slightest thing wrong and they'll take you in. Even if it's just littering. All crimes are taken extremely seriously here. Before the battle, this place was beautiful. Flowers blooming, trees, grass as far as the eye could see. An entire forest. Anyway, from here we'll teleport to Juel then continue forward until we reach the city."

Just before she teleported though she, and everyone else would hear a softer whisper in their mind which made Julia look around in confusion.

'Be careful, you're in great danger. Not everything is what you think it is. I'll see you when you leave Juel.'

Julia looked around but could see nothing. She blinked a few times and spoke slowly.

"Did anyone else hear that?"

She looked around once more but still saw nothing. Those who could see spirits would be able to see a dark spirit fox watching them but Julia wasn't able to see it.

Julia gave one last look around before speaking.

"Right then, let's go."

She placed her hand on the floor and created a huge glyph.

"Everyone, make sure you're in the glyph."

Julia looked around, waiting for everyone to get ready to teleport while the strange fox watched them.


Ming waited as everyone got ready, not really saying anything to Kuro or Yoruichi as they waited nearby. That was when Grace and Bahamut spoke to Julia and things started going south. It turns out Julia could of given everyone maps and almost everyone had bought a map which only infuriated Julian. Ming scratched her head slowly before speaking.

"I......I apologise."

Once their Xeon Cash was taken and Julian returned they left the city and entered the desert. She looked at the map that Julia had given to her as Red Blade explained that it was extremely dangerous and they should teleport through the desert. She listened to Julia's story on what had happened before looking around slowly.

"Those Law Enforcers are the real monsters. They'll get what's coming to them eventually. Trust me."

That was when she heard something whisper inside of her head. Ming slowly put her map away and looked around just as confused as Julia. She placed her hand on the hilt of her sword before speaking up.

"Who or what are you? Was that a threat?"

Ming saw no signs of anything that could of done that. She continued looking around, even drawing her blade ready to fight. When Julia told everyone to stand in the Glyph she looked down and stood forward before continuing to watch out with her sword drawn.

Mordred watched and listened to Valina when she began to speak and he let out another sigh, shaking his head in disappointment. It was then that Crow went for the kill but the moment he appeared beside him and readied himself for a second time Mordred held out his hand telling him to halt as Helga began to speak. He listened to her. Mordred stared at her as he felt the forest slow begin to die. He gave a cold laugh before shaking his head.

"Beg to you? If that's what you want then you better destroy the forest now. Next time we meet, things will be different."

With that the Law Enforcers left without another word.


Julia watched as Valine appeared and began to rant to Mordred, seconds later Crow attacked her then things only got worse as Helga threatened the entire forest and very slowly began to kill it. She turned to the dragon who was still sleeping and nodded. He could sense that Helga wasn't being serious, at least not completely. She made sure that Mordred couldn't see him. It was at that moment that her eyes flashed red for a brief moment. She blinked a few times before watching the Law Enforcers leave. She looked around at everyone and then gave a small smile.

"Well, that could of gone better but everyone is safe. Now, we should get going. We've wasted too much time already. Valina, thank you for showing up. If you wish you can come with us, since you're now wanted yourself."

With that, she began to walk further through the forest, making sure everyone was following her for about five minutes. After walking through the forest for some time they reached the gate to the city. She held out her hands and the gate slowly opened she then stared in through the gate for a moment before slowly turning to the others.

"Welcome to Ishaena, the city of the Lalafell. Please, try to do your best to watch where you step, and do your best to not draw any more attention to yourselves."

She walked in a few feet and smiled brightly. There had never been any outsiders entering the city before. In the middle of it all, was a large glowing tree surrounded by magical flowers of all kinds. Julia looked around before noticing Chief Yoal approach her.

He looked to the chosen eight slowly then he turned his gaze to Julia with a questioning look. He spoke in a soft deep tone in his voice.

"Julia, as I said I wouldn't fight you. I couldn't outright say it there but I understand why you've done what you have done. Just be careful Julia. How is Rethynth, is he safe?"

Julia looked to the eight for a moment in silence before looking back to the man. She let out a soft sigh before speaking to him.

"I will, we will get through this. We have to. As for Rethynth, he will be fine for now but if something isn't done soon things will get a lot worse, for him and all of us."

Yoal looked to the eight again then looked at Julian before shaking his head with a sigh. It was then that he looked around seeing many Lalafell had gathered now. They looked fearful of Julia, no Lalafell had ever committed a crime so serious before. He looked back to her and gave a soft nod.

"We won't tell anyone about this but sooner or later people are going to find out and the Law Enforcers will continue to come for you. Don't worry about the Forest of Life, we'll take care of that while you're on your mission. You just do whatever you need to do and quickly too. There isn't much time Julia."

She gave a small bow and watched him leave. She knew she could trust her own kind. After a small sigh, she turned to her eight friends.

"We can rest here for now until you're all ready to leave but we can't stay too long. Do what you need to do as quickly as you can. Once we get outside the city things will get much more complicated and difficult. Considering your size though you won't be able to do much. If you need supplies I can summon things for you or if you want to buy anything let me know. You won't have any Xeon Cash so I'll have to give you some of the funds we have left."

She gave a cheery smile then gave everyone a large bag of Xeon Cash before walking off. She quickly blended in with all the other lalafell considering her size. The only thing that made her stand out was Red that was sitting on her head.

Liv Moore

Liv was in the forest when she saw Julia slowly passing through with her allies. To anyone else she would seem like an ordinary squirrel that liked to wear a fancy collar. Although as Liv watched she saw that Julia changed her path, going towards the Tree of Life. Liv looked up towards where the tree was and honestly she wasn't surprised. She could sense something was wrong herself. Liv jumped from tree to tree and once she reached the dragon she stayed in the topmost part of the trees watching from above. She was going to jump down to help out but she could already see she wasn't needed. Even Julia didn't have to do anything. That was when the Law Enforcers came. She watched them from above, slowly hoping down from branch to branch. When Valina appeared Liv stopped to listen and with her watching from the side she saw Crow's eye shift and shoot a laser in Valina's eye. She didn't understand what had happened but she knew something had definitely happened between the two.

She watched as Helga threatened the forest but she could see that Julia and the dragon itself wasn't afraid. That was when she noticed that Julia's eyes as well as several others' eyes flashed red. She hopped down her tree and slowly squinted. What just happened? The Law Enforcers soon left and Julia got everyone ready to leave. As Liv promised, she would join Julia and her allies when she left the forest. So she jumped up her tree again and looked towards Helga. She could sense her anger from where she was and she knew that sort of anger was dangerous. The first thing she would have to do was calm her down. She jumped off her tree just as her eyes and tail began to glow a luminescent blue and landed on Helga's head and grabbed her horns like handles.

"Hey now. You gotta calm down."

Using her power she poured her magic through the horns and into Helga's mind sending calming magic into her before jumping off and onto Valine's shoulder. As they walked through the forest she spoke in a cheerful voice.

"Heya everyone. I'm Liv Moore, one of the allies Julia recruited. Nice to meet you."

She looked around at the chosen few before looking towards the Lalafell City. She waited until they were in the Lalafell City to speak again, knowing it would be safe here.

"Hey Valine. I saw what happened between you and Crow. What did he do? What did he tell you?"

She looked up towards Julia as she spoke to Yoal then gave everyone some cash before walking off. Liv looked back down and gave her a smile.


Ming watched as Rethynth slowly settled down. She looked to Julia and watched as she spoke to the dragon like a old friend would. She smiled at that, appreciating the bond and friendship between two companions. It was then that the Law Enforcers came. Ming instantly placed her hand on her sword ready to fight if she had to. She listened to the charges and gave a loud laugh. She quickly drew out her sword and shield just as another Lalafell appeared and spoke. It was then that Helga spoke and threatened the forest.

"I guess you should add Threatening the Forest of Life and....let's see....oh yeah. Threatening the Law Enforcers. I'm going to take a wild guess and say their both punishable by death, right?"

Ming readied her sword as she watched them intently. Then all of a sudden her eyes flashed red for a split second. She watched as the Law Enforcers slowly left and Ming placed away her sword and shield. With that they headed towards the Lalafell City. Once there Julia spoke with the Chief once again. He seemed friendly enough and was willing to let them go quietly. Once Julia gave her a bag of Xeon Cash Ming watched her leave before letting out a small sigh. She walked around the city a little while, taking in the sights and seeing if there was anything she wanted to buy. She stopped at a notice board and quickly began to read over it.

"Increased sighting of Apocalypse Worms, that doesn't sound good. Crime rate has gone up by 70%, watch out for thieves and any suspicious figures. Warning about Singing Mountains, missing person count has reached 780. Do not enter."

Ming took a deep sigh and then gave a small nod. With that she walked away. She saw a map seller selling maps of Azroh. She pulled out her Xeon Cash and quickly bought one of the maps there. Looking around though, there wasn't much she needed here. So She headed back and decided to wait for Julia.


Miarikia watched as the Dragon went to rest. She too smiled at the bound Julia and Rethynth had. It reminded her of Flash and herself. Just before they left Law Enforcers showed up. Miarikia turned to Flash and sighed.

"This won't be good."

He nodded silently before turning to face the Law Enforcers. She listened to the charges but rolled her eyes at the mention of being a Witch was punishable by death. That was when a Lalafell showed up and began to rant to Mordred. She listened and watched quietly as Helga then spoke up, threatening the forest before finally Ming spoke. Miarikia said nothing for the time being, knowing that there was no point. Just then Flash's and Miarikia's eyes flashed red. It was then that the Law Enforcers left. With them gone, the group left for the Lalafell city. Once there Chief Yoal spoke to Julia once again. After their conversation was over Julia gave everyone some Xeon Cash and went off by herself.

"Flash, isn't this city beautiful?"

She smiled and Flash nodded.

"Oh yeah. It's great. I can't wait to see what else this world has to offer."

Miarikia looked to her bag of cash before throwing it to Flash.

"Here, take this. Grab a map if you can find one and maybe gather some ingredients for me. I'm going to take a look around then I'll travel back to check on the Cauldron."

Flash used his magic to grab the bag then zoomed off. With that Miarikia began to walk around the city. She stopped at a notice board that she saw Ming had just left from and took a look at it herself. After a quick read she gave a small nod. It was useful information. She walked away and continued to walk around the city before she took in a deep breath.

"I can't see anything else here at the moment. I best get going back."

With that Miarikia closed her eyes and focused on her cauldron and with that she teleported back to the summoning grounds. She walked up to her cauldron and gave it a stir.

Ming listened to Julia and smiled. All of this made a lot of sense to her. Of course she was chosen in that case. She was one of the best samurai she knew. She found it stupid how they were criminals for just entering this world, especially when it wasn't their conscious choice and who in the right mind would try to stop someone who was trying to save the world? Either way, it didn't matter to her. She only paid half attention to Grace and Bahamut, she didn't know how they knew her but she didn't care. She followed everyone else into the forest and kept herself aware of her surroundings. She noticed something was wrong almost as fast as Julia did. She could feel it in the air. Everything wasn't quite right. They took a detour to the Tree of Life and waited for Julia's signal as she tried to speak to the Guardian. That did not work, however. Maidens were summoned to attack and defend. Everyone else was quickly on cue and there wasn't much she needed to do. She knew she didn't need any special techniques for these maidens.

She threw her shield one end and used her sword to slash the maidens on the other end. The shield cut through the maidens easily and whenever it returned to Ming she would just throw it out again. She kept checking the dragon to see if it was safe whenever she could. She didn't want anything to happen and have her existence just erased. It would not be good for her health. Besides, after this, she had a war to go back and finish.


Miarikia listened to Julia and Helga and gave a small nod. She then looked to Flash.

"Well that's good and all, but I can't very well wait forever can I? Who knows how long we'll be here for?"

She looked to Julia again before stepping away. As she stepped away from them she missed what Grace and Bahamut said as she began to chant loudly.

"Cauldron, Cauldron, witch's brew. Cauldron, Cauldron, a witch needs you!"

Purple magic swirled around the entire around and Miarikia gave a sinister laugh. Suddenly there was a explosion and a burst of purple smoke. When the smoke cleared away Miarikia's cauldron sat at the edge of the field. She gave it a small stir as she looked inside then walked back to the others to hear Julia speaking once more. When she was finished the group left for the forest. Now that her cauldron was here, her potion would be able to boil and she could easily return when she needed to. As they walked through the forest Flash turned to Miarikia.

"Miarikia, do you feel that? Something evil and dark is here."

She gave a small look around the forest and gave a nod.

"Yes, I feel it Flash. Let's be careful."

Once they stopped Miarikia and Flash looked to each other. It was clear something wasn't right. Everyone was able to feel it in the air. They continued on, approaching the Tree of Life. When Julia went ahead Miarikia and Flash stayed back but on guard. It was when the dragon went out of control that Miarikia acted. She held out her hand and called out again.

"Potion potion, come to me."

Suddenly a potion appeared in her hand and she threw it to the ground smashing the vial. The green fumes shot up rapidly and let out a soothing gas. It was then that she jumped back and chanted.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!!!"

With the chant darkness shot out of her hands and into the ground corrupting the forest with her magic. Miarikia closed her eyes and let out a short shallow breath. As she did her vision expanded, allowing her to see everything the forest touched. It is then that Miarikia began to sing, imbuing her magic into the forest and the Tree of Life itself.

As she sang she felt Rethynth growing tired and sleepy. All his rage and all of his hatred was disappearing with the help of the others. She continued to sing to the forest not releasing her dark magic from her magic until the Rethynth roared one final time and laid himself down. She finished her song and Miarikia opened her eyes and retracted her magic from the forest all the while Flash was running around destroying the Maidens. She let out a soft sigh and gave a small smile.


Julia watched as everyone got into action right away in trying to fight off the Maidens and calm down Rethynth, it was starting to work. She could feel the effect of the Pegasus, it's calming and soothing skills make the whole situation better. The sleeping pollen also helped greatly. She watched as a powerful sleeping curse was placed on him while Kuro used a spell to exchange the dragon's hate and wrath for peace and love. Blue used his power to drain Rethynth of his negative emotion while Miarikia used a calming potion and then used a powerful healing chant. All of it helped calm him down. She turned to Rethynth who was calming down and quickly falling back to sleep with all the effects they had used on him. The maidens disappeared, sinking back into the ground and Julia slowly walked up to the dragon and placed her hand on his forehead.

"Rest Rethynth, my dear friend. We will speak soon, I promise."

She used her magic to undo all of the sleeping spells that was used on him so he wasn't asleep for too long and only got the sleep he needed. She then turned to everyone else and spoke.

"He needs his rest while his soul is healed. I believe the cracks in reality are causing him to lose himself. He would be able to feel their darkness through the cracks, even if nothing comes through them. He is able to do this because he is connected to all life on this planet which means he is connected to all worlds and universes. So it could also be the fact that he can feel other worlds, and the panic and fear of others is driving him to attack. Whatever it is, we must continue on to Ishaena, City of the Lalafell. I will speak to him once he has rested for a little while."

Just as she was about to get going, it was then that a group of others appeared in front of them. Julia's eyes widened quickly and she stood back. Please, no, not now! Why did they have to come now?! It was Mordred, a lalafell wizard who stood forward and looked around the forest before looking towards Julia. After a quick analysis he spoke up.

"Julia, I assume you summoned these eight foreigners, correct?"

Julia sighed before giving a soft nod.

"It was either that or let the world be destroyed. I told you Mordred that as the Librarian of the Library of Knowledge I would do everything in my power to save this world and all worlds, no matter what it took."

Mordred gave a disappointed sigh then shook his head slowly before speaking up again.

"Julia, Julia, Julia. You are under arrest for bringing forigners into Azroh. This is punishable by death. All forigners summoned, you will be arrested for entering the world of Azroh. Punishable by death. You have infected and corrupted the forest, Tree of Life and Rethynth, Dragon of Life. This is punishable by death on two accounts. You have manipulated and used your own influence on Rethynth, The forest of Life and Tree of Life. This is punishable by death. You used Witchcraft and Dark Arts, This is punishable by death on two accounts. You summoned demonic spirits to this world. This is punishable by death. As outsiders, you entered the Forest of Life, this is also punishable by death. Furthermore, one of you is a Witch. This is punishable by death. One of you is a monster, and a freak of nature, this is punishable by death. Your execution date is today, surrender now and your death will come swift and painless."

Julia waited as they listed each crime one by one. As they went on and on she slowly turned to everyone and shrugged. When they were eventually done Cheif Yoal stepped forward.

"I knew you were serious on your study on these cracks but I never thought you'd be willing to become a criminal for it. I won't fight you, I know you did what you did for the right reasons. Rethynth is safe and asleep but I cannot stop the Law Enforcers taking action. I just wish you good luck."

Julia let out a soft sigh and stepped forward.

"These people are extremely talented individuals. I did my research, they can help us stop the cracks. I trust them all. They calmed down and helped Rethynth without any help from me at all. They know what they are doing. If you kill us the world will die anyway. Let us do our job and stop this before it worsens any more than it already has."

Mordred laughed out loud before shaking his head.

"I'm afraid I don't care for your petty excuses Julia. A crime is still a crime no matter how you word it. So I ask you all now. Do any of you scum have any final words before we begin your execution?"

Mordred watched carefully as the rest of the Enforcers readied themselves.
Name: Coal
Gender: Male
Age: 2000
Species: Lalafell

Personality: Coal is a smart and skilled Lalafell. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he joined the Dark Enforcers and they fit him perfectly. He doesn't care who is in his way, he'll cut them down. He will do what he can to follow the rules that suit him at the time but will purposely break any that stop him from doing what he wants to do.

Power: Supernatural Elemental Condition
Sentimental Attachment:
Name: Crow
Gender: Male
Age: 2500
Species: Lalafell

Personality: Crow is a extremely talented Lalafell who will fight for what is right. He wants to help those in need and will actively stop to fight off those endangering others. Crow joined the Dark Enforcers believing they were a force of good and that he would be able to help more while in such a high position however he was mistaken. Now being a part of the Dark Enforcers Crow was unable to lend Julia and her allies a helping hand. He regrets this decision and hates the fact that he knows what she is saying is right but is unable to leave the Enforcers to help her.

Power: Tech Intuition
Sentimental Attachment: Time Eye: The Time Eye allows him to always be one step ahead of his enemy. It gives him the ability to see the future a few seconds ahead before it actually happens allowing him to act precisely and quickly.

Shift Swords: The Shift Swords allow him to change the gears in his swords giving him different elements and different properties.
Name: Mordred
Gender: Male
Age: 4500
Species: Lalafell

Personality: Mordred is a cold and uncaring lalafell who will do almost anything to achieve his goal. He doesn't care about rules, if it benefits him he'll break as many rules as he pleases. Mordred knows just how powerful and valuable lalafells are which is why he has recruited more Lalafell than anyone else.

Power: Magic
Sentimental Attachment:

Julia listened to everyone carefully but only sighed when Grace and Bahamut spoke again. She had a feeling that this would be a long day. Ignoring them for the time being, she decided to address Helga and Kuro's question.

"Sadly what happens to you here will affect you when you go back. So if you were to lose an arm, when you go back you'd return with one less arm, but if we manage to succeed in this mission then I will personally make sure you return safe despite any danger you were in before you came."

Julia listened to Helga's other concern and she gave another nod. She understood what she was saying and understood why others may not be pleased with what she did but she did what she had to do/

"I know I'm asking a lot out of all of you. I took you from your worlds, turned you all into criminals. I could of sent a message to each and one of you, but I did not. With the dire situation worsening I took to the Library of Knowledge for answers but there weren't any answers to be found. So it only led me one option. I asked the Library of Knowledge for anyone that was willing to lend me their aid and had the power to survive in this world and that's where I found all of you. If you want a reward of any kind, I will grant it to you."

She studied Helga for a moment before holding out her hands and summoning a large case. She opened it up and used her magic to float it towards her showing her two magically imbued arm braces.

"These will increase your strength, since your a Elven Orge you are naturally weaker than a pureblood. These arm braces will fix that, and give you the full strength of a pureblood."

With that Julia took a deep sigh and looked around at everyone before speaking one last time.

"The allies I had Julian gather are strong. They have agreed to aid us. Some directly while others indirectly. Since I knew we'd all be criminals I used what resources I had to buy safe passage through certain cities that we would normally have trouble in otherwise. Most people understand that with our mission being so critical, we have to succeed no matter what but I'm asking everyone who aids us in any way to risk their lives which is why I had to use our resources but you eight specially will be targeted to keep this world secret and safe. There will be times where you'll need to fight for your lives. Still, if we can save this world and stop everything from being destroyed then it will be worthwhile, no matter the consequences in the end, so I'm sorry for not warning you before hand and I'm sorry for pulling you out of your worlds but given the circumstances I'm sure you can understand."

With that Julia looked to Julian. It was then that Red spoke up.

"Julia, we should get moving. We don't want to waste too much time."

She gave a nod before looking to everyone.

"Yes, Red is right. We must get going. We need to make use of all the time we have left. Now the first thing we should do is travel through the Forest of Life. Past there is Ishaena, the Lalafell City. We will have to be quick but we can get a few supplies from there and move on. Our goal is to reach Salazo, the City of Magic. There, my good friend, Kat has agreed to meet us and join us on our journey in order to aid us. She was one of the people who helped me gather a lot of the ingredients with her vast experience and knowledge of magic. Kiyu will also join us, he's an Inumimi like Ming. Now then let's go."

With that she turned and walked into the forest, turning back to make sure everyone was following, then turned back to the forest. The forest was a huge place, and it was lucky that she knew exactly where to go. She continued on walking quickly through the forest although she quickly realised something about the forest was different but she couldn't put her finger on it. She slowed down and looked around some more. Something was very off here in this forest. The once so peaceful forest made her feel on edge like something was watching her. It was then that she stopped completely and held out her hand, creating a purple force field to stop the eight from going on any further. "Change of plans. We're going to visit the Guardian of the Forest, Rethynth. Stay on guard, there's something about this forest I cannot put my finger on. We could be headed for a fight. If something happens and we end up fighting, protect the forest with you're lives! I will warn you now, the forest is connected to everything. If the Forest Guardian dies, the Tree of Life dies, if the Tree of life Dies, the Guardian of Life Dies, need I go on?"

Her voice spoke with concern and urgency and with that the purple barrier disappeared. She wanted to make sure everyone understood clear as day. She took a sharp left turn to go deeper into the forest. After a few minutes walk, she came to a large tree that shot up for miles until it reached far into the clouds. This was the Tree of Life! Protecting it was a large green dragon.

Julia signaled everyone to stay back, even putting up a purple barrier once more.

"He knows me. Our bond is far stronger than any Lalafell in the city. There is something wrong with him, something that is disturbing him. I can feel it, he's not himself. I will go first, be very careful."

Slowly she walked to the dragon and spoke to him.

"Rethynth I need to speak to you. Are you able to talk? Are you safe? Is the Forest of Life safe?"

The dragon's eyes shot open and at that moment Julia fell back in fear. It was clear as day now. The eyes of the dragon were filled with hate and bloodlust. Something was affecting the guardian. Suddenly he roared out loudly and his warriors rose to the ground. Once she was back on her feet she spoke again.

"Remember! Do not kill Rethynth, whatever you do! He is connected to the Tree of Life, if he dies, the entire forest dies and our mission fails! Only attack the forest maidens!"

Now she shouted, this was an urgent matter that could not be dealt with a heavy hand and intent to kill. This was a very serious and delicate situation.


Ming was currently on the battlefield. She slashed one of the Nekos and spun around, throwing her shield to attack and slash a few other nekos. She grabbed her shield again and went to block a fireball coming for her when suddenly she disappeared in the middle of the fight. She looked around now seeing she was in a courtyard with a few others. She listened to what they had to say and for now observed, trying to understand what was going on. She then looked to Kuro, seeing that he was here too. She grabbed the hilt of her blade but slowly looked back to Julia.

"Yes, please explain exactly what is going on. I was in the middle of a battle before you summoned me."

She once again turned to Kuro and Yoruichi, staring at them intensely before once again turning to Julia and waiting her answer.


Miarikia was stood over her cauldron singing a song while she worked.

"Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Double double, toil and trouble. Something wicked this way comes. Eye of newt and toe of frog. Flesh of bat and tongue of dog. Adder's fork and blind worm's sting. Lizard's leg and dragon's wing. Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Double double, toil and trouble. Something wicked this way comes. Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

As she sang she threw in the ingredients. Flash sighed as he laid down with his eyes shut, not paying her any attention as she did her work. The sounds of the cauldron came natural to him now like the sounds of the witch's song. Once Miarikia was done she stepped off and walked over to her library of books.

"Well, that should take an hour to finish, so we've got time to spare."

She placed the book away and just as she did she and Flash were teleported. Miarikia looked around for a moment, confused while Flash quickly opened his eyes and slowly stood himself up as he heard others talking.

"Am I dreaming? Did I finally drift off to sleep?"

When Miarikia slowly turned to him and shook her head Flash gave a heavy sigh.

"Great. What mess have we found ourselves in now then?"

Miarikia looked to Julia, and instead of asking where she was or what was happening she instead spoke of another question.

"So, it seems we have all been summoned, right? In that case I must ask. What is the time difference between here and my world? I have just put on a potion to brew. I don't want to over cook it."

Flash rolled his eyes, but at the same time he understood. She had used some powerful ingredients for that potion. It would be a shame if it was wasted.


Julia slowly stepped forward once everyone had been summoned. She didn't understand everything that was going on but she did understand that for some reason, two of the chosen she had brought thought they were in some sort of game. She had read enough in the Library Of Knowledge to know what games were and to understand them enough, plus she had played her own fair share of games in Azroh.

"Welcome all of you to Azroh, this is the courtyard outside of the Library of Knowledge. My name is Julia, this is Red and this is my brother Julian and his companion, Pan. You have all been chosen. You have been summoned here because we need your help. I am sure you have noticed by now cracks have been appearing everywhere. Not just in your world, but in all dimensions, all through space and time. These are cracks in reality. By going through them you could end up in a whole new world, dimension, universe, literally anywhere. That is if you survived. by going through the crack, before you reach the other side, you enter a place of nothingness. In between realities and by going there it rips you apart and instantly kills you. By dying like that everyone who once knew you will forget about you like you never existed. That is why I called you because we believe you can do it, we believe you can save the world before all of time and space is ripped apart. There is some bad news though, I'm afraid you will be unable to leave until you complete your mission, I will warn you, by summoning you here I and all of you are criminals. It is forbidden for any outsiders to enter this world. We will be hunted, our mission will be dangerous. Let me introduce everyone. Bahamut, Grace, Ming, Jack, Kuro, Blue, Miarikia, Flash and Helga. I am sorry for pulling you out of your worlds, but I had no choice, oh and one more thing. I don't know why you think this is a game, Grace and Bahamut but I am afraid that this is the reality. I wish it weren't real myself. None of us are NPCs, we are all real. If you die, there is no returning back to the world you came from. Things are quickly worsening and we cannot linger for too long. If you have any questions please ask. I will answer any questions given before we begin. As for Miarikia's question, you don't need to worry about your potion. After you complete your mission you will be sent back to the exact moment you left."

As she called out the names she pointed to the person it belonged to. With that she gave a small smile, she knew there were going to be some disagreements but she had no choice. She hoped that these people would, in fact, be the ones she needed. She then turned to Julian.

"Julian, were you able to convince everyone to help us? I hope the payment was enough for Miss Black, Red Blade and Lady Red specifically."

She looked back at everyone else and waited to see what they had to say as well as waiting to see what Julian said. While she waited she looked to Helga who complained that she missed her meal.

"Oh, well I suppose we can't wait until we return for your meal. Here, take this. It should satisfy you until we get to the Lalafell City."

She summoned a huge steamed dragon steak and levitated it towards Helga. She gave a small smile once again then waited for everyone else to finish asking questions.
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