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Take a look at my new SAO type Rp: Trapped! The Nightmare Begins!
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God, I wish I knew somebody who'd be willing to draw character reference sheets for me.


Hello, This One greets you. Now, it states, that This One should introduce One's self. So, This One is called Lucy, The One is pleased to meet you, but, now, This One will explain what roleplays This One has, along with what ideas This One holds. So, here it goes. Rules 1) I want somebody who will contribute to the Rp as much as I do. Give your own ideas, plot twists and help me advance the plot. 2) I normally do Casual, I don't like free, as I always get people who write one line, and nowhere near enough for me to 'react' to. I need a good enough post to work with. 3) I am in school, and so can't get on all the time, so, please be patient, although, if it takes me more than two days to reply, knock me a Pm, or post in OOC to ask politely me what's going on, and, I will do the same to you. 4) Be kind. You can be a total bitch in IC, slap, cut, attack, swear and damn right offend me, but OOC, is different. If I get anything like that in OOC, I will never talk to you again. 5) Talk to me, not just in IC, but in OOC. I want a friend, not just a partner. 6) Have Humor, don't be boring, laugh with me, have a sense of humor. Call me a bitch, but don't be offensive about it. For example, "God, you can be such a bitch sometimes, lol" 7) I like multiple characters, and will Never settle for just one character. I normally go for at least four to five. I don't mind it, but, it would be nice if you too had more than one character. So, with the rules out the way, here's my interests. * means I want to do it more, + Means that is the role I want. ~~ means I have an idea for. Pokemon/Digimon***~~ Pokemon/Pokemon***~~ Dragons***~~ Fantasy***~~ +Dragon/Human***~~ Neko Princess/Neko***~~ Princess/Thief***~~ Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Trainer*~~ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon***~~ Phoenix's***~~ Magic***~~ Aliens**~~ Master/Student***~~ Student/Bully**~~ Animals***~~ Fox/Wolf***~~ Wolf/Wolf***~~ Fox/Fox***~~ Fox/Dog***~~ Demon/Angel***~~ Vampire/Werewolf***~~+ +Vampire/Human***~~ +Werewolf/Human***~ Mythical creature/Mythical creature***~~ +Mythical Creature/Human***~~ Neko/Human***~~ Animal/Human***~~ Even if I've chosen a specific role, it doesn't mean I have to be that role. I don't mind being the other, I just prefer the one I chose. That's it for now, if I think of more, I'll edit. Rp's I'm in. Alien Vs Predator: World's End Pokevirus

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@Queen Raidne I will make my character either today or tomorrow. How many characters am I allowed to have?
@The Harbinger of Ferocity No. this topic is closed and I think we are waiting on someone on the other

Julia listened to the concerning reports that Kat, Laoveen and Kiyu had to offer. It seemed a lot was happening in recent times. Things that weren't normal and shouldn't be happening. Phoenixes fighting dragons and Winter Phoenixes, Griffins attacks dragons, suspicious people being seen and the city leaking out more magic than normal. It wasn't long before all eyes were on her. She looked around before giving a quick nod.

"Before I make my report I will go to the library and get the necessary files."

Julia closed her eyes and she quickly disappeared. She reappeared in front of the library and went inside to sit herself down on the table. She knew exactly what she was looking for but she also wanted to check up on something.

"Bring me the file on the last elder worm sighting."

A single file appeared in front of her. She looked it over before putting it to the side.

Julia grabbed the file then teleported back to the others as soon as she got outside of the library. With having the right file, she could make a full report about what happened 25000 years ago when an elder worm appeared. She opened up the file before quickly flipping through it. After a moment of silence, she spoke with her head still buried in the file.

"Okay the last elder worm sighting was 25000 years ago. Someone had been attacking the Tree of Life trying to kill it but the natural guardians of the tree of life, Gods who once lived in this world protected it. The aggressor decided that the best way to destroy the tree of life was to cast a powerful curse upon it. A curse called the Black Sanctum Mist. It is an extremely powerful curse which produces a black mist which acts like a living predator draining the life out of everything it touches. This almost destroyed the Forest of Life as well as the Tree of Life, including Rethynth himself. Many worlds died, the gods thought that only other gods could cast such a powerful curse and so they turned on each other. A war broke out, a War of Gods. While they fought against each other more and more worlds died, the gods grew weaker and eventually, they died themselves. With no gods around anymore to save the Tree of Life, the lalafell saw no other choice than to step in themselves. They weren't confident that they could save the Tree of Life, to do what was originally the job of a God but they managed to cure the forest and saved the tree. Even though worlds died the tree survived. It grew back, regenerated and new worlds were born. It was that incident that made lalafell the natural guardians of the Forest of Life, Tree of Life and Rethynth. That is what occurred during the last elder worm sighting.

I am not done, however. During our travel through the Forest of Life, I sensed something was wrong. I travelled to Rethynth and tried to speak to him but he went out of control and attacked me and everyone else. Luckily with everyone working hard we calmed him down and put him to sleep. He is in a lot of pain, his emotions are on an all-time high. I believe that the cause of it is due to the cracks. He can feel all worlds connected to them. It is very possible that he is feeling the chaos that is happening in all the worlds or that he is feeling the worlds slowly die out because of the cracks. Whatever the exact reason is, it is causing him to go crazed and attack. Right now he is calmed but he could be affected by it again if left unchecked. That is my final report."

Julia took a deep breath then threw the files she had finished reading in the air. With that, they disappeared and went back to the library. She gave a small smile, waiting to see what Kat thought of everything.


Kat listened to all of the reports carefully and gave a short nod. They were all concerning for various reasons. She turned to Laoveen who had asked her a question. What he said was very concerning and it added up.

"Yes, there has been more crime as of late. People are becoming more violent and easily angered than normal. What you say is most likely the case and that is concerning."

She looked at all three of them before giving a soft sigh. They were going to have to further investigate the incidents around the other cities. If they could find out why all this was happening and find out what caused the cracks then they could start thinking of ways to solve them. Kat stood up and spoke loudly.

"Okay, here is what we will do. Kiyu, you mentioned you found a potential ally, a child who has recently become orphaned. Ally or not we should find him and see that he is safe. You also mentioned three possible suspects. We will scout the city for any suspicious activity and see if we can find anyone matching those descriptions. I know of someone else who can help us too, I'm sure they will help. Once we scout the city we can all get ready to leave tomorrow morning. We will go out in three groups of three. Since I we haven’t had time to fully get acquainted with everyone yet I will let you get into your own groups. We will go out and see what We can see. Does anyone have any questions before we end this meeting?"

She looked around, waiting for anyone to speak before she went out.
Salem and Ivy

Salem walked casually towards a lone kitsune with a wide smile on her face. She stopped in front of her and stared at the Kitsune who had quickly stopped moving forward. Instead, she moved a few steps back. Salem spoke to her in a cool and confident voice as she slowly moved forward.

"Isabell, whatever are you doing here?"

Isabella quickly got ready to fight if she had to, she kept her eye on Salem, not taking her eyes off for a second.

"Salam. Just tell me what you want then leave me alone. I'm no threat to you."

Salam laughed and stepped closer. With a quick wave of her hand, a large black barrier rose up from the ground.

"Simple, I want you. I decided it is about time I take your spirit orb and claim it for my own."

With that said Salem clicked her fingers and Ivy stepped out of the shadows and into the barrier. Isabell readied herself, she knew she couldn't beat them both but she had to try. She wouldn't let them have her spirit ball without a fight.

"Are you too afraid to fight me one on one Salem?"

Salem laughed and slowly stepped out of the barrier and watched from outside.

"Who said I was fighting you? No, Ivy doesn't need my help to take you down."

Ivy rushed forward to strike at the kitsune but Isabell quickly teleported away. She reappeared at her side and shout a powerful Fire Blight magic blast at her. Ivy deflected the blast easily with her wing before turning around and stabbed the ground. Vines shot up in seconds to grab Isabell but she used fire embodiment magic to escape.

"Not bad but you will have to do better than that if you want to survive."

Ivy began to glow with a dark red aura. Her sword shortened to a simple short sword then she teleported and reappeared behind Isabell who raised her tails to block the incoming sword attack. The sword became transparent and went straight through the tails before becoming solid again and striking her back. Isabella screamed in pain and quickly teleported away.

"That was a cheap trick, it won't work a second time!"

Ivy laughed and held out her hand.

"I don't need to. I have just infused my dark aura into you which means, I control you now!"

Ivy clenched her fist and Isabella screamed, falling to the floor as the dark aura inside of her flowed through her body and caused her immense pain. With that Salem walked up and grabbed the kitsune by the neck and began to search for the spirit orb. The spirit orb was disguised as a simple Chinese bell on a long red ribbon. She threw Isabell to the side and laughed.

"You've lost. From now on, you work for me."

Salem held out her hand and infused dark magic into the spirit orb. Isabell screamed loudly as her form began to shift and change forcibly turning her into a one-tailed dark fox. With that Salem threw the spirit orb in the air and shot it with magic. The spirit orb disappeared and with that Salem walked away with Ivy and the dark fox following.


Back in the Land of the Dead, Salem had gathered Ivy, Prim and Oshikuru together in a meeting. The dark fox sat beside the three staring at Salem as she tossed the spirit ball back and forth from her hands. It spoke telepathically as it watched. 'Can you please not throw my spirit orb like that. If you drop it it will be seriously fatal to my health' Salem laughed loudly before throwing the spirit orb and this time letting it fall towards the floor. Seconds, before it smashed the first quickly, used its telepathic powers to levitate the orb and save it last minute.

"See Isabell, even if I did drop it, you were there to stop it from smashing. Do you really think I would let such a useful little pawn like you go? No, not yet. You have a long journey ahead of you."

She stood herself up and spoke again.

"Julia is getting close, she almost has everything she needs to do the summoning, so I think before she gets a chance to bring in her little pawns I think we should bring some of our own in. They will be useful and help us achieve our goal much faster. Prim, Ivy, Oshikuru, have you three gathered the materials I requested?"

When all three nodded their head Salem smiled. In that case, they were ready. She walked over to a large cliff which had a wonderful view of the Land of the Dead. There was plenty of space here for her to do the summon. Quickly, Salem clicked her fingers and decided to check out the list one last time.

"Let's boring......these ones will do."

Five files floated in front of her as she looked them over. They all seemed relatively powerful. They easily fit under each category, able to survive in the world, willing to work in a team if they had to and was willing to fight for their life. They would all be useful pawns for her to use.

"Raven, Orochi, Vergal, Orion and Serathea I summon you all to the world of Azroh!"

The summoning circle glowed brightly, and soon enough a huge flash of light appeared. Soon after stood the five servants that she had chosen to summon. She checked them out slowly before giving a small nod satisfactory. The summon had turned out to be a success. She just hoped that these five servants of hers would not disappoint.
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@Hitman If I can't have cupid, and there is no way of convincing you then I will claim Hades before anyone else does.
Name: Orion
Gender: Male
Age: 205,000
Species: Dark Elemental Dragon

Personality: Orion is a ruthless and efficient killer. He studies his enemies and makes quick and precise strikes targeting specifically for his enemies weak points. He is extremely smart due to being an elder dragon as well as extremely powerful. Orion can get a little cocky and overconfident at times while he is fighting especially if he begins to defeat his enemy rather easily. When the situation turns dire he quickly becomes serious and starts focusing on the battle more.

Bio: Orion has lived for a long time constantly growing stronger each and every day he grows old. He has spent most of his life training and fighting for fun. He was getting bored and looking for some sort of new entertainment but lucky for him he was summoned to a new world with a mission to corrupt it along with all other worlds.

Power: Solar Manipulation
Sentimental Attachment:
@Hitman Okay cool. Is Cupid allowed?
I will reserve Apollo who is also God of Music. I plan to have one of the chosen powers music manipulation.
Name: Ivy
Gender: Female
Age: 27000
Species: Dark Angel

Personality: Ivy is overconfident and cocky. She's extremely arrogant when she believes she is going to win although gets serious when she is struggling or she knows it will be a tough fight. She follows Salem to her last breath, listening to her orders and proceeding with her plans. She is cruel and often toys with her enemies before finishing them off. She often mocks them and makes sure they suffer a little before she finally kills them.

Bio: Ivy met Salem who explained to her that she was seeking allies to help her. Salem made a contract with her and the terms were fairly simple. Ivy would be Salem's loyal servant and in return, she helped Salem corrupt the world and all worlds connected. Ever since then Ivy has been Salem's right hand. She is always with Salem unless she is specifically doing something to serve her.

Power 1: Plant Manipulation
Sentimental Attachment:
Weapon: A long, thin, red and black vine whip sword.
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