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[center]Hello, I am looking for a fantasy Rp setting. I am on every day and can post quite often but like most, I do have a few rules so me and my partner can get along.

1) I want somebody who will contribute to the Rp as much as I do. Give your own ideas, plot twists and help me advance the plot.
2) I normally do Casual, I don't like free, as I always get people who write one line, and nowhere near enough for me to 'react' to. I need a good enough post to work with.
3) I have other roleplays and other things to do so, please be patient, although, if it takes me more than two days to reply, knock me a Pm, or post in OOC to ask me politely what's going on, and, I will do the same to you.
4) Be kind. You can be a total bitch in IC, slap, cut, attack, swear and damn right offend me, but OOC, is different. If I get anything like that in OOC, I will never talk to you again.
5) Talk to me, not just in IC, but in OOC. I want a friend, not just a partner.
6) I like multiple characters, and will Never settle for just one character. I normally go for at least four to five. You don't have to but, it would be nice if you too had more than one character.

So, with the rules out the way, here's my interests. * means I want to do it more, + Means that is the role I want. ~~ means I have an idea for.

Neko Princess/Neko***~~
Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Trainer*~~
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon***~~
Mythical creature/Mythical creature***~~
+Mythical Creature/Human***~~

Even if I've chosen a specific role, it doesn't mean I have to be that role. I don't mind being the other, I just prefer the one I chose. That's it for now, if I think of more, I'll edit.

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Pixie stared at Clara as she answered. She could tell that Clara was definitely hiding something. She didn't know what it was but something in the back of her mind told her Clara wasn't to be trusted. It felt strange, almost like a memory.

"Fine. Thank you for answering."

She flew off once more and back to her quarters. Slowly she sat herself down and stared at the mirror Maru had given to her, seeing her dark form once more.

"This....this is all their fault. They changed me."

She clenched her fist tightly and began to breath heavily. Her eyes turned red as she spoke again.

"The humans never cared to cooperate with us. They can't even coexist with us."

In that moment Pixie shook her head then placed her hand on her forehead in pain.

"What am I saying? This....this isn't me."

She looked to the mirror once more and stared at it. She let out a sigh before singing softly.

"Mirror what's this thing I see? Who is staring back at me. A stranger to my heart has filled my mind. me. Who am I?"

She stared at the mirror for some time before laying down. She closed her eyes and said nothing for a few moments then after what seemed like minutes she began to sing quietly.

"It starts with the unexpected loss of something dear. The warmth that comforted and cradled just disappears and in it's place there's nothing. Just an endless empty hole. The light that showed the way is gone......and darkness takes control. Bitterness and anger are quick to fill the void. The path to isolation is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed."

Pixie got up and slowly flew over to the contract. She looked it over once more before flying outside and continued to sing but this time, anger was beginning to take hold.

"The cold seems to grow in my soul. It's consuming me! Confused and I'm losing myself in the storm. Growing jaded. Being pushed, being pulled I'm unravelling. Enemies surround me, I don't know who to trust. Liars and pretenders only seek to reach their ends. Everything is breaking right before my eyes. Looking in the mirror I see someone I don't recognise!"

Pixie flew high in the sky before flying forward to the center of the city. Now she sang loudly, her anger becoming more intense and panic began to fill her tune.

"The joy that my heart used to know is eluding me! Removed and the one thing I feel is alone. Smile's faded and I'm spinning and sinking, I'm weakening."

As she finished memories flashed in her mind of herself, dark and corrupted in the ancient forest. Eyed red with hatred and anger.

"Memories escaping as my heart begins to drain. Everything my mind wants in conflict with my heart. Fighting back surrender but every minute I'm falling more apart!"

Finally Pixie floated towards a glass window and stared at her reflection once more.

"Mirror what's this thing I see? Who is staring back at me? A stranger to my heart has filled my mind. Mirror help me. Who am I?"

Pixie slowly floated back and sat herself down with a sigh. She could feel herself changing, feel herself growing darker. Something deep with her had changed and she could feel it all.


Sky listened to Clara with her fist clenched tightly. She stared at her with hatred as Clara spoke to her like she was nothing. When Clara was done she flew in her face and spoke angrily.

"How dare you speak to me in that way? I don't care who you are. I am the second in command of this city and therefore I have the right to say these words. You Clara are banished from this city permanently! I don't ever want to see you."

With that she let out a sigh before turning around and began to fly away when Pixie went up to Clara and began to ask questions. Sky found it strange but she ignored it and continued to fly off slowly.


Erik had been healed by Blue then grabbed his grimoire. He slowly looked around and saw that everyone was being healed quickly. Then he realised something. He opened the grimoire and flipped through it.

"Magic......has...returned. No....been created."

He looked around and saw that the situation was mostly handled here. Everyone was being healed and the city had been rebuilt. Erik looked back to the Grimoire and remembered what his mother had told him.


Suddenly the book flipped through hundreds of pages in a second and stopped on a specific page. He looked through it for a moment then gave a small nod. So, it was a simple enough spell. Erik closed his book and rose his hand before shouting out.

"First Kingdom of Power, Teleport!"

With that Erik disappeared and reappeared in his home Kingdom. He looked around slowly and sighed. Now he needed to see how he could help.


Draco was one of the last to be healed. He laid there for a few moments then looked around before getting himself up. Beside him, stuck in a wall was his weapon. He pulled it out and stared at it for some time before placing it on his back.


He looked around to see the destroyed city then, seeing all the blood collect he watched as it was quickly rebuilt. Draco grabbed his sword and looked to his weapon once more before starting to walk away. His fist clenched tightly and fire consumed his eyes. The will of fire burned so brightly that it would be easy for someone to sense the building tension within him as he headed for the exit of the city.


Palka was eventually healed and brought back to life. He got himself up slowly before coughing a little. After a quick look around he saw that the city was completely destroyed. There was nothing left but luckily someone quickly rebuilt the city from the blood of the fallen. Palka looked around once more and saw that all his brothers had been healed. He let out a sigh of relief before slowly sitting back down.


Kiwi had been healed by Blue but she hadn't woken up just yet. That was when Rhiarorar came over and placed her hand on her chest before sending a powerful shock through her body. Kiwi shot up quickly, her eyes widening. After a moment she saw Rhiaroar and got herself up with a small smile.

"Oh, Rhiaroar, are you alright? What happened?"

She looked around seeing the destroyed city. Slowly, everyone was being healed and the city was rebuilt. Still she was sure there were others who needed much more help than those here. She couldn't imagine what the other cities were like.

"Rhiaroar, I'm going to the other cities. I want to seee if I can help."

She looked back slowly and spread out her tails once more. After seeing they were all there she flexed them and smiled. Slowly she let out a small sigh and covered herself with her nine tails. Each tail gathered light foxfire until they were covered completely. The light got so bright it becaming blinding then seconds later Kiwi was gone.


Katnis was healed a little later. She got herself up and looked around the forest. She had no idea how the children were doing. She had to find them. Kat quickly looked around until she saw Aerial. He was safe and was with Bo. She then ran off towards the City. When she got their she looked to the destroyed city. Everything was gone. Although people were being healed and soon after the city was rebuilt. Kat quickly began to walk around the city checking each of her charge to make sure they were safe. She saw Rhiaroar was safe and up then she spotted Raphi who was helping others get on their feet. She looked around before spotting Palka resting. Kat couldn't see Kiwi though and she didn't see where Draco was. Seeing the situation here was more or less handled Kat decided it was best to go back to the Lalafell City, access the damage and injuries there and see what they could do but first she needed to gather the children. She bit her thumb then drew a symbol on the ground with her blood. After she was done she slammed her hand on the symbol and called out.

"Come Forth! Kiwi, Rhiaroar, Palka, Raphi, Aerial and Draco. Together we travel. Together we teleport to the City of the Lalafell!"

As she called their name they would instantly appear next to her then moments later they all teleported to the Lalafell City. She looked around for a moment seeing the city in ruins.


Miarikia and Flash were still in the spirit realm waiting for the all clear from Nightingale. When Nightingale asked her to summon her cauldron Miarikia gave a quick nod. She held out her hand and Flash sighed.

"Do you really need to do it That way?"

Miarikia gave a little smile and shrugged.

"Why not? It's effective, and you're here."

He rolled his eyes then ripped some of his fur out before handing it to her. She grabbed the fur and charged it with demon energy then began to chant.

"Cauldron, cauldron come to me. Cauldron, cauldron, come to me. Cauldron, cauldron come to me!"

Suddenly lightning would shoot off everywhere until the cauldron appeared and as it did it sent a electrical shockwave. Even after the shockwave it was brimming with electricity. She watched as Nightingale fixed up her cauldron before creating another portal back to the city. Miarikia followed her in soon after. Once they were back they saw the city were in ruins. Still, people were being healed quickly and it didn't take long for the city to be rebuilt. Miarikia turned to Flash quickly and spoke.

"Flash, scout the area. Check every corner of the forest and gather any strandeed you see and bring them to the safety of the city. If you see any injured or see anything strange let me know."

Flash nodded quickly and smiled.

"Right, gotcha."

With that he zoomed off quickly. He would check the forest first, seeing if there were any injured. After seeing that there were a few people in the forest, not injured but strandered he decided to take them back to the city. He would run past them and grab them then run back to the city. First was Bo, then he ran back to get Kat but she was gone. Instead he ran to get Aerial but he disappeared a second before he got to him. Confused he began to look around quickly seeing if he could spot anything. He stopped though when he saw something black and what appeared to be a body. He walked slowly and looked at the remains of Bella. Her corpse was completely black and he let out a sigh. This wasn't good, not at all. He ran quickly but instead of running to Miarikia he ran to Clara.

"Clara, bad news. I just did a scout check and.....and well Bella gone. The Maiden of Spring is dead and it isn't just one timeline either. What do we do?"

He looked to her with a serious expression, waiting to see what she would say. If Bella was gone, then who would her power be passed onto? Who would the earth spirit choose next to be her vessal?

Frost and Foxy

Frost looked around the city slowly, seeing the destruction. Luckily Rose quickly took to action while the rest of them stood in shock. It wasn't long later that the city was rebuilt by blood. Frost turned to Foxy briefly with a sigh.

"I sense that the danger has passed, I'm going to retrieve the Mantas and bring them down. Perhaps they'll be able to bring some insight to this situation."

With that she disappeared. Foxy gave a small sigh and walked around slowly. It seemed the city was mostly settled again now. A few moments later Frost returned with the Flying Mantaray. It was at that moment that the two of them received a message from Clara. Foxy turned to Frost slowly not sure what to do.

"Frost, things are rapidly changing. I'm going to see if I can help the other cities and check the damage done elsewhere meanwhile I suggest we figure out our plan of action and soon as I fear that the worse has yet to come."

With that light glowed around Foxy and then began to shift. A second later she had transformed becoming a pure blue fox. She landed on the ground before giving a final nod to Frost. Then disappearing. Frost looked towards the Mantas and let out a sigh.

"Okay, here's the plan. Each of you have powerful abilities. I want you all to spread out and help as many cities as you can. Where you go is up to you but stay safe. I'll be watching in case any of you get into trouble. Ubi, take this."

She summoned a axolotl then threw it towards Ubi. Frost knew it would help her with regeneration just in case she needed it. Frost then walked over to Clara and saw Flash talking with her. She sighed then stopped beside her.

"Clara we need to work out what to do next. I sent Manta and the others to help with the other cities and Foxy has gone too. Still things are progressing much faster than normal and they are already way out of control. Honestly, I'm not sure how this could get any worse."

She held her forehead slightly as she let out a sigh. She was honestly getting exhausted with all of these changes to the timeline. How did the Mantas cope, sensing every little change no matter how big or small?

Sky looked at Clara as she gave a death stare and stared back confused. It was then that Clara jumped in the air and went to kick Blue. Sky froze, completely shocked but as Clara's fist came closer to her she quickly rose her hands to block but Sky was sent flying back and almost crashed into the ground.

"Hey! What are you doing attacking a Nimbat like that? I thought you were meant to be an ally!"

She stared angrily as Sky flew up again. This time a little higher than before.

Pixie woke up soon after she and Sky were healed. She looked around slowly and saw the destruction of the city and all the dead. Still, everyone was working quickly to get everyone back on their feet again. She looked around to see Rena and a few others had gathered in an area and was about to fly up to them when she saw Blue. She gave him a small smile, glad to see him alright.

"Blue, it's good to see you... but is that what I think it is?"

She looked to Ahrah slowly, shocked that after all these years Blue had been chosen.


Blue had flown back after he had healed Rena. After flying back to the city he saw that Pixie had woken up. He flew over quickly and listened to her before looking to Ahrah. "Oh, yeah. I gyess Ahrah chose me to wield him. Are you alright Pixie?" He looked to her dark form which was far more clear now that she was up and flying.

Pixie and Sky

Sky woke up moments after Blue had finished talking. She rubbed her head and looked around. Pixie looked to her before turning towards Blue.

"I think I will be fine. Blue, you know what this means, right? You're the new Nimbat Leader."

The moment she finished Sky looked straight at Blue before looking down to Ahrah. She opened her mouth to speak when Red Dawn walked over with a lalafell. She closed her mouth and allowed them to talk and when they had finished she quickly spoke.

"I think Blue is just making sure Ahrah doesn't get stolen in the chaos. Just because he wields him doesn't mean he is the new leader. Blue is right, he isn't a warrior and has never trained for battle. I think it's best if a trained Nimbat Warrior, like myself took Ahrah for safe keeping. After all, Blue was just the guardian, nothing more."

Pixie looked to Sky with pure shock. She went to speak but nothing would come out. She had never heard such disrespect come from one of her own before. Slowly she shook her head and found the words she needed.

"No, no. There's no mistake. Ahrah chose Blue for a reason. He may not be a warrior but despite that we need to believe Ahrah made the right choice."

She tried her best to ignore the disrespect from Sky. Black aura started to leak from her and her eyes flashed red but she took a deep breath and breathed trying to calm down. It was then that the city was quickly rebuilt. Pixie looked around before placing her hand on her head.

"I...I need a rest."

She flew away slowly and into her private quarters. Although, technically they were Blue's now. She laid down slowly and closed her eyes.

Maru and Pixie

A few moments later Maru slithered out of the shadows. He gave a sinister laugh before speaking his welcome.

"Greetings, Pixie. I don't think we've ever met under these circumstances."

Pixie shot up and looked to Maru. He appeared to be some sort of snake. She stared at him before flying up.

"Who are you? How do you know me?"

Maru slithered forward and used his magic to summon a mirror before her.

"My name is Maru and I am a The King of the Demon Death Snakes. How I know you isn't important right now. I came to warn you. Too many things have changed in this timeline. Blue was never meant to be chosen by Ahrah. It was supposed to be Dust. So take heed Pixie. Blue is a threat to you and all your future plans. He will go through any means to take you down. He is far more dangerous than he ever was before."

Pixie listened to him before shaking her head slowly. She looked at the mirror, seeing her reflection. She had turned completely black. She had changed. She looked to her hands and slowly fell down.

" you're wrong. Blue would never hurt me, and....timeline? What do you mean? He was never meant to be chosen? Who's Dust?"

There were so many questions racing through her head. Maru let out a sigh and slithered forward towards her.

"Listen Pixie. I am on your side. I have sworn loyalty to you many times over. Our goals align very well but with all these changes I fear that our goals will be delayed this time around. As smart as I am, I cannot predict what will happen which is why I suggest we form a contract. I give you a portion of my power and henceforth the power of my subjects and you gain a portion of yours. It will make us both stronger."

He used magic to summon a contract and placed it on her desk before slowly moving back. Pixie flew up for a moment and looked over the contract then turned to Maru.

"I don't know. I'll......I'll think about it. Now, leave."

Maru gave a small nod before darkness surrounded him just before he left he said one more thing.

"Pixie, there is something else you should know. Clara isn't who she says she is. She is a demon too who remembers the timelines like me. She has sworn to stop you at any cost. With my power, I will grant you the power to see through trickery. Even through mine."

With that he disappeared and Pixie's eyes glowed brightly. Pixie looked over the contract once more and let out a sigh. That's when she noticed there was something strange about the contract. She rubbed her eyes then took a second look. In small purple print was a line of text. 'If you see this, then my gift to you was successful' Pixie blinked a few times before rushing out.

Erik watched closely interested to how magic would return. What he was not expecting was to see Pixie starting to turn black. He looked to Red Dawn and saw that she wasn't surprised at all which told him that this was meant to happen. He let out a sigh and said nothing. He couldn't interrupt or disturb the meeting no matter what so Erik stayed silent and watched. When Pixie finally transformed a shockwave quickly began to head towards them but Red Dawn cut it down like it was nothing. That told him that the two of them were safe until a dozen more shockwaves began to fire out rapidly. His eyes widened quickly then he heard Red Dawn shout. Just as the shockwaves approached him he closed his eyes tightly. The first shockwave hit him hard but the moment it did his eyes glowed brightly and his own shockwave was sent out however it was quickly swallowed up and another shockwave came straight for him. He was hit hard once again and sent flying back. As the third shockwave approached him he was thrown back onto a large crystal shard stabbing him in the chest which then immediately blew up throwing him forward towards the third shockwave. The force of him being thrown forward and the force of the shockwave plus the huge hole in his chest caused Erik's body to become ripped apart, his left and right arm flying off while his body was flung back again and landed roughly on the floor. His bones were crushed with severe internal bleeding. Erik was dead.


Draco watched as the meeting between Pixie and the King quickly turned into a blood bath, shockwaves were released and while most of the crowd was caught off guard and blasted back he was one of the lucky ones. The first shockwave only briefly pushed him back as his eyes began to glow and just as power began to build up in him a sharp red ruby stabbed him in the heart then exploded. Then the rest of the shockwaves hit throwing him back before landing on top of a large piece of debris from the scattered rubble, all the while the shockwaves pushed him and the rubble further and further back.


Sky watched from the front of the crowd as Pixie transformed. She was shocked and didn't know what to do. Her leader, her proud respectable leader was turning dark. When the shockwaves came Sky was one of the first to be hit but unlike some she didn't get thrown back. Instead her eyes glowed brightly and she sent out a smaller shockwave but it was immediately swallowed up as a dozen more came sending her flying back, causing her wings to be caught in the shockwave. She tried her hardest to stop herself as she screamed loudly. She was thrown into the forest and got caught on a large branch stabbing her right through the stomach and one coming from her left shoulder. She screamed loudly at the pain but didn't give up. She thrusted herself forward as she kicked off the tree and tried her hardest to fly forward. She managed to escape but she limped heavily as she flew. Sky went to the down Pixie and practically fell herself, landing next to her.


Palka watched as Pixie grew angier and angier until her anger exploded, literally. She had transformed and now she had completely changed. When the initial shockwave hit him, his eyes glowed brightly and a shockwave was sent out from him but that didn't help him in the slightest as he was pounded by a dozen more shockwaves. He was thrown back before landing against the rear end of the city. Suddenly he was pelted by debris which immediately exploded, blowing off his right arm and leg including part of his right face. Palka groaned in pain before slowly falling unconscious


Kiwi watched the disaster unfold as Pixie turned darker and darker. She knew nogitsune enough to know that this wasn't going to end well. She stood closer to Rhiaroar quickly then unfurled her tails. Her eyes began to glow. When the initial shockwave came she let out a deep breath. She began to charge up Foxfire on all her tails but the shockwave hit her before she could do anything. Her eyes glowed brightly and a shockwave shot out from her. Then moments later a dozen more shockwaves approached. Kiwi didn't have time to put any sort of foxfire barrier up. So with the second she had she quickly used her tails to pull Rhiaroar's leg from under him hoping that would at least reduce the damage he'd take while she took the blunt. She was hit hard and thrown back. With her tails spread out they were quickly caught on debris and ripped straight off. She hit the floor with such force she rolled before bouncing up as her rolling body smashed into debris which immediately was sent flying off due to the shockwaves. Kiwi landed on a jagged spiked pole which had been ripped off of the building's support frame right through the heart. Blood poured out of her mouth and her eyes filled with blood. Kiwi hung there as blood dripped from where her tails would be. Only one remained now.


Kat watched as the events unfolded the way they did, seeing Pixie turning darker and darker. Just as Raphi spoke and stepped forward Kat quickly tapped Thunder and signalled him who quickly stood forward blocking his path. When Pixie transformed the shockwave hit them both but Thunder was able to stand his ground while Kat's eyes glowed brightly and a shockwave was released from her. It was then a dozen more shockwaves were sent out each one stronger than the last. Kat was shot off Thunder and sent flying into the forest. She slammed onto a tree and gasped as the branch went through her heart and one went through her stomach. Thunder had been blown back with broken bones as debris hit him in multiple locations. With all the chaos his horn had stabbed Rhiaroar and had dealt heavy damage to him.


Miarikia watched as things began to worsen. She could barely take her eyes off until Nightingale spoke up. Miarikia looked to her confused but Flash who stood by her stared at Nightingale with fear.

"Wait, what did you say?"

If Nightingale was leaving then something was terribly wrong. He grabbed Miarikia and zoomed forward then stopped by the cauldron. Just as Nightingale walked up he watched her carefully. She had created a portal to the Spirit Realm. He watched as Nightingale went in first, then Mr White and then Miarikia. After she had gone in he let out a sigh. He turned around to see Pixie had almost completely transformed. He wondered whether he should leave or stay. Even if he chose to run there wasn't much he would be able to do until whatever happened had happened. He jumped into the cauldron and then looked to Nightingale.

"What the hell is about to happen? What did we have to leave?"

He looked around slowly, he had never been in the spirit world but he supposed it was better than being in the Nimbat City with whatever disaster was about to hit.

Frost and Foxy

Frost and Foxy watched as Pixie's transformation was coming to a finish. They listened to Rose and Kion but they didn't say a word. It was just after Pixie's transformation that Frost's eye's shot open quickly. She quickly held up her hand and at the exact same time Frost and Clara teleported the group away to Heaven. Foxy looked around for a moment and then looked to Frost and Clara.

"What happened? Why did we leave?"

She listened to Clara before turning to Frost who spoke next.

"Something has changed and whatever it is, it was going to cause a huge disaster. Worse than we've ever seen before. Something big is coming, I can feel it."

Foxy stared at Frost worryingly before turning to Grace. She wasn't sure what to really say. What were they going to do now?


For the entire time, the red eyed Nimbat stalked in the shadows, watching. It was only after the crowd began to gather that Maru came out of his hiding place. He blended among the shadows as he focused on Pixie. His consciousness travelled through hers and inside her mind he placed a small unnoticable but powerful dark seed in her mind that would bloom and erupt the moment magic was created. He quickly left her mind and returned to his own body. Then just before she transformed his eyes glowed brighter even more. A dark barrier rose around him and he moved through the through the crowd with ease as if he were never there. He travelled out of the city and stalked through the dark pathways which led towards Ahrah. Then he stopped for a moment and dispelled the illusion. Maru rose up and spoke in a dark tone.

"Kraken of the Sea, Mamba darker than the darkest night and Orochi, samurai banished from his clan. I summon you all!"

With that, they all appeared in front of him. He slithered up Oroachi and spoke once more.

"Kraken, Ori, Omi and Mamba. I want you four to go up this trail and enter the Nimbat City. There I want you to cause as much chaos as possible, kill anyone you wish. I don't care but make sure we aren't disturbed."

With that he turned to Oroachi and gave a sinister laugh.

"Let's go."

Orochi drew his sword and walked forward approaching Blue and Ahrah. As they drew closer Maru spoke demonically.

"Hello Blue, look at you, defenceless and weak. Let me see if I can help you with that."

He gave a sinister laugh as the two approached him. Powerful dark demonic aura radiated off him as the two prepared to attack and kill once and for all just as the dozens of powerful waves released from Pixie approached.

Erik and Lamy were still sitting down when Red Dawn came over. They both looked to her and listened to her as she spoke then Erik stood up looked to Nightingale and bowed his head. "Thank you." With that he walked away with Red Dawn. Lamy bowed his head before quickly following them. Together the three of them stood in the crowd waiting for the King.


Draco was surprised when an angel suddenly appeared in the coliseum. She quickly stopped the fight before he knew it and then teleported to the ground. He wasn't sure what to say until Rhiaroar spoke up. He looked to him and opened his mouth to speak when the gates began to open. He looked back quickly to see the arrival of the King. Quickly Draco shut his mouth and said nothing but watched.


Palka continued to run at Silver at full speed until an angel appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his arm before throwing him away. He landed on the ground as the Angel ended the fight quickly then sent them all to the ground. Palka slowly got himself up then looked around seeing everyone gathering. The gates were just starting to open, the King was here. Palka started to pay attention, he could try and figure out who the angel was later. For now he couldn't make a scene.


Kwi watched the fight in the sky for a little while before walking up towards Pearl. She opened her mouth to ask her if she wanted to duel together. When suddenly the coliseum disappeared and everyone who was up there teleported to the ground. She closed her mouth and then turned back to Pearl.


She ran up to them all and opened her mouth to speak when the gates began to open up wide. The King was here, she looked up to hear loud opening music and she quickly stayed quiet.


Miarikia was still watching the cauldron as the King approached. She continued to watch until he reached the gates at which point she covered up the Cauldron with the lid and walked out into the crowd. As she walked away she called out to Nightingale with a small smile on her face.

"Come on Nightingale, take a break and come greet the King."

She gave a small chuckle as Flash rolled his eyes. Despite knowing what was going to happen he couldn't say a thing but god, this moment he hated every minute of.


Foxy was teleported back with Grace and she saw Rose, Fae and Kion. She let out a sigh before shaking her head. As Grace spoke and made her decision Foxy gave a small nod.

"Very well, pay attention you three."

With that Foxy turned back and began to watch as the King entered.


Kat was in the Lalafell City while the King visited the Nimbat City. She had entrusted the children with Pixie and didn't feel like they would be in any danger. After all, it was Pixie! However, Kat got this sudden dread out of nowhere. She didn't know why but she got this increasingly nagging feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Kat shot up and raced outside. She sprinted towards the gates of the city and rushed out then made a sharp left turn towards the stables. There she ran up to Thunder and jumped on him quickly.

"Nimbat City, go as fast as you possibly can!"

Thunder looked up to Kat with a serious look before speaking.

"Fine, then you better hold on for dere life."

Thunder surrounded his whole body and his eyes glowed brightly. His skin turned to a golden color then with a flash Thunder began to run instantly creating a sonic boom. He ran quickly as he jumped over boulders, jumped off walls and ran like the wind. It didn't take him long to get there at all. As he approached the city Kat saw that the King was just going through. She tapped him quickly and shouted in his ear.

"Jump over the wall, get inside the city!"

He nodded and sped up before leaping over the wall, then just as he moved over the wall he let out a huge electrical boom from his feet thrusting him forward even more. He landed heavily against the ground landing directly behind the crowd where the children were. Kat watched closely on top of Thunder, waiting to see if her instincts were right or not.


Palka watched as Aerial easily avoided his attack and disorientated him. The next thing he knew he was running straight towards a wall. The explosion was huge, far bigger than he thought it would be and it sent him flying back. He slowly got himself up and looked around but the smoke was too thick to see anything. That was when Rhiaroar sucked up all the smoke and began to use it to attack.

"Oh, Rhyiaroar, you're here?"

He looked around to see Raphi, Draco and Silver too. It seems the battle had become much bigger. With the Aerial clones dealt with he turned his attention to Silver. He did a few hand signs then threw his arm to the side. Suddenly fire covered his fire arm forming a blade. He ran up towards sure before doing a few more hand signs. Suddenly he disappeared, in his place was a flaming after image. Instead he was behind Silver and went to slash his back with tempatures so hot it would sear the skin instantly causing severe burns.


While the smoke was in the area Draco closed his eyes. He listened closely and he could hear his brother calling out arts. Not just any arts either, Aerial Arts. He had begun creating his own unique style. He gave a small smile then felt the smoke finally clear. He opened his eyes and saw Rhiaroar take out his brother's clones. Moments later the neko began to run towards him.

"Sorry. That won't work."

Just as he threw the kunei He slammed his hand to the ground.

"Samurai Arts 79: Field of Negation!"

Suddenly a huge black dome would shoot up and surround him. All of Rhiaroar's attacks would hit the dome but not a single one would scratch it. While in the dome time went faster. He held his sword in front of him once again, pointing to the sky and took in a deep breath and slowly let it all out. He had to believe in himself. He had to focus.

"Full Moon..."

He swung his sword around until it pointed to the sky once again and spoke once more.

"Dragoon Arts 01: Full Moon Dragoon!"

Suddenly the sword glowed golden and moments later a dragon shot out rapidly and through the black dome. This time Draco let out a quiet sigh and stayed focused. He closed his eyes and suddenly, he was alive. The dragon eyes glowed orange and then looked towards Rhiaroar. It roared loudly before flying in a circle. Suddenly it's entire body became infused with lightning. Then lightning clouds would appear above the coliseum and thousands of bolts of golden lightning would shoot down every second targeting Raphi, Palka and Rhiaroar. Meanwhile inside the dome Draco opened his eyes briefly. He rose his head and spoke again.

"Dragoon Arts 02: Dragoon Focus, Rhiaroar."

The moment he finished the dragon would roar and a bullseye would appear on his back. Any and all projectile attacks not fired by him would be redirected to that exact spot.


Sky had just finished talking with Pixie and watched her fly away when she saw a strange Nimbat hanging around. She looked around slowly before flying up to the Nimbat and questioning her.

"Hey, who are you? I don't recognise you at all, and I should."

She stared at the Nimbat waiting for an answer.


Foxie was with the other angels hiding in the background hidden by the light so it was impossible to see them. Together they looked for the unordinary and anything strange. At first things were going as expected when suddenly Aerial landed beside three Nimbats, that caused Bo to help him set up which caused Palka to challenge him which caused the coliseum to be created which ultimately caused a huge battle in the sky. Foxy looked to the others quickly and spoke.

"Something is definitely going on. We may need to investigate."

Just as she finished she heard Rena shout and Foxy quickly turned to where she was. She watched her shoot into the sky towards a nimbat who attempted to hide in the clouds. Foxy let out a sigh, too many things were changing.

"I'll go stop the battle, I'll let you to investigate further."

With that Foxy teleported and appeared in the coliseum just as Palka began to run towards Silver. She grabbed his arm then threw him away before creating a beam of highly concentrated almighty piercing light and shot through the black dome while at the same time using her magic to evaporate the dragon and thunder clouds. Once everything was dealt with she looked around at everyone.

"Enough! The King will be arriving shortly. End this fight and start acting in an appropiate manner."

With that she teleported each one of them to the ground and make the coliseum vanish. She sighed and teleported back to the others. By this time Pixie was just coming back from talking to Blue. The King was here at last.

Miarikia was with Nightingale watching her prepare all the food and drink. It was relaxing not having to do anything at a big event. Nightingale was easily able to handle everything that was needed. Still Miarikia wasn't doing nothing. She looked beside her and into the cauldron where she watched Sekhemi. She sighed before clicking her fingers.

"Demon Dust, three spots of tree sap, four sets of undead eyes and five goul ashes. Make it flashy!"

Without magic her brews were harder to create but at least she could use her demonic powers to at least do what she needed. Flash zoomed around throwing in the ingredients that Miarikia called out then when he was done he super charged his paw and placed it in the cauldron sending a powerful volt of electricity into the cauldron. He then stood back.

"Done, done and done."

He let out a sigh as Miarikia stirred the cauldron a little and looked into it.

"There, that'll keep him calm and give him a spot of luck on the way here."

She laid back in her chair and let out a bored yawn before relaxing herself again. There wasn't long until he arrived and then chaos follow. Oh, what could possibly go wrong this time?


Lamy finished his plate of sweet tasting food and soon enough got another. He smiled and began to eat more. As he ate he kept looking over to Erik who was relaxing at the table. He looked over to Draco for a moment and listened in on the conversation before looking back to the food and continuing to eat.


After Draco had finished his plate Nightingale gave him another. He continued to eat and listened to what she had to say. When she had finished talking he licked his lips once more.

"Thank you Nightingale. Thank you for the meal and thank you for talking with me. I just have to keep trying no matter how hard it is. I have to believe in my training and in myself."

He finished off his plate then jumped up. He grabbed his swung and began to walk away, his eyes fierce with determination.

Blue Rose

Blue Rose watched as Pixie gave Swaol her supplies then after a hug Pixie went off. After a moment later she came back with her supplies. She smiled brightly and hugged Pixie before taking them.

"Thank you Pixie. I'll be back as soon as I can. Stay safe while I'm gone."

She watched as Pixie went away before turning to Swaol as she spoke to her. After she was done talking Blue Rose gave a understanding nod.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to be careful just as long as you come back alive too."

She smiled at her and gave Swaol a hug before looking back to the city one last time. She let out a sigh and then turned to leave the city. They would travel through the ancient forest and then separate once they came out going their own ways.


Palka watched as Aerial finished speaking to Bo before he turned to him. He smiled when he agreed to spar with him and then immediately began to set up the fight. The next thing he knew he was shot into the air. After a bright blinding light he was in a huge coliseum. He looked around before looking to Aerial with a serious nod.

"Alright. Here we go, don't hold back on me!"

He held out his hand and focused his chakra. Then he used his other hand to shake that chakra into a large ball. Then after shaping that chakra even more that ball became infused with lightning until his entire right arm was covered. He grabbed his arm and screamed out loud.

"Chidori Rasengan!"

He shot forward with the force and speed of lightning and thrusted his arm towards Aerial hoping to strike him with one of his strongest attacks that he was trying to master.


Kiwi followed Rhiaroar and Raphi to the training areas and sat down on one of the logs while she watched all the while she smiled cheerfully. Rhiaroar created two large explosions while he was training while Raphi was building his strength. Then, next thing she knew there was a huge explosion and Kiwi quickly jumped up, span around and looked up seeing the sky literally covered in fire and smoke. She had no idea what was happening up there but she knew that someone was fighting.

"Wow, did you two see that? Who could of caused that explosion?"

She gazed up with amazment waiting for the mass amount of smoke to appear, hoping to catch a glimpse of who exactly was up there fighting.

Nightingale brought an extra portion of food to Pearl then gave Lamy a big plate of sweets and went to grab another bottle of wine and pulled out a magic potion then  mixed it with the wine in front of Mr White just as he held his glass out for a refill Nightingale poured him a fresh glass Nightingale then made up a plate of various meats and mixed another potion with the juices and various other herbs and ingredients to make a nice meat gravy and poured it over the plate of meat then she stepped out for a moment and walked over to Draco

“A nice meal will you feel better and I could use another test tester to give me their opinion on the meat dishes so come have some lunch it may even help you perfect your technique”


Erick watched as Lamy was given some sweet food, everything from chocolate rice, to chocolate corn to honey dipped berries. Lamy ate them happily, enjoying the sweet taste of food but making sure he didn't rush. He looked to Nightingale and bowed his head.

"Pleasent as always. Thank you."

He then continued to eat his plateful.


Draco looked over to Nightingale and let out a small sigh. Slow he got himself up and then nodded to her.

"Okay then, let's go, thank you."

He walked back with her and as he did he picked up his blade and dragon helmet. He sat down and placed his belongings beside him then looked to the plate full of food. Honey Roast Lamb, Minted Chicken, Extra Soft Pork and a juicy tender steak all covered in a beautiful layer of gravy. He smiled and quickly began to eat his meal. His fangs and sharp Inumimi teeth made easy work of the meat. Each bite he took made him feel calmer, even the smell of the food relaxed him. It didn't take him long to devour it all. After licking his lipsp.

"Thank you Nightingale, that was wonderful!"

He decided to relax while he rested a little. As he did he picked up his dragon helm and placed it back on
Fae, Rose and Kion

Fae walked through the Red Dawn Academy and into the library with Rose. She walked all the way through the back of the library and twenty nine floors of stairs until she came towards the security door. Slowly she leaned forward and the door scanned her DNA makeup, using magic to make sure she wasn't an imposter of any kind. When the green light lit up Fae turned to Rose. "You should have access now, so just do what I did and follow me through." With that said Fae walked through the door's portal, teleporting to the very peak of the Library. Once Rose was with her she walked through to a large round table and sat herself down. "Welcome to the top level of the library. Only the most trusted and top of their class can come here. Almost nobody is let up here early." Just as Fae was about to speak a young lalafell demon walked up to the table. "Yep! I got access super early because of my high magic potential and my parents! What are you two here for?" Just behind him stood a huge three headed dog who stared at the two of them smiling menacingly.


Rose followed Fea though the library all the way to the security doors once Fea gave her the go ahead Rose followed Fea's lead and walked though the doors. Rose then sat down at the table opposite Fea as Kion approached them asking why they were here Rose was a little confused for a movement

"Books? Specifically books about magic artifacts and rare spells"

Cerberus and Maru

Cerberus was with Kion when Rose and Fae came in. He watched them both with a smile. Meanwhile Maru stalked from the back of the 30th floor watching with a sinister grin. Cerberus turned to Rose as she answered Kion.

"Ah in that case I'm sure Master Kion can provide but personally, I don't think this is the time."

His voice grew darker as he spoke then Maru's eyes disappeared behind the book shelf. A few moments later however Pink and Willow came walking out. They stopped by Cerberus and spoke to Rose and Fae.

"Heya! What books are you three here for? Oh and Rose you got early acces! That's great!"

Pink turned to face Cerberus with a small smile before speaking again.

"Oooh Kion, you brought Cerberus here but be careful if Red Dawn finds out she won't be happy! She doesn't want anything to be damaged accidentally."

Cerberus looked to Pink and Willow and then looked back to Rose and Fae.

Fae and Kion

Fae turned to Kion as he approached and spoke. When he asked his question she opened her mouth to speak but Rose beat her to it. She turned to Rose for a moment until she eventually realised what Kion had asked. It was then Cerberus spoke up and this time Fae gave the confusing answer. "What do you mean Cerberus?" Kion laughed loudly as he did a powerful backflip and landed on Cerberus. Just as he did Pink and Willow showed up. "Oh don't worry about it. Cerberus says the strangest things sometimes, you wouldn't believe! Anyway I can provide you the books!" With that he held his hand out towards the table and books appeared out of nowhere. He then turned to Pink. "Oh they're just researching about artifacts and spells!" Fae turned to Pink quickly and spoke next. "We're researching anything on Time Travel specifically." She then turned to Kion. "Oh, thank you. That's a lot of help. Let me get a few more." Suddenly a new load of books appeared on the table due to Fae's 'skip' ability. She smiled then looked to Rose. "Right, where do you want to start?" She smiled as she looked at the pile of books on the table.


Rose listened to Pink, Kion and Fea talking but decided to focus on the mountain of books in front of her at first she would look over the titles then she would briefly look at the covers of any book titles that caught her eye and finally she took a quick look at the index’s of any book she was still interested in eventually she had picked out 4 books to look though and put the rest aside for later. Rose opened up magic come and gone, lost magic, weapons of the past and the legendary hero’s and the Salem witches making two rows of two as she began flipping though the 4 books skimming the information in them for now when suddenly she noticed some of the pages were ripped out of the legendary hero’s and the Salem witches and the weapons of the past. Rose stoped reading the other two books for now and began to inspect the two books closer looking at the seams where the pages where ripped from then noticing that the tears where clearly made by fangs Rose then inspected the pages seeing no obvious clues to the culprit. She ran her fingers over the pages to see if she could feel any faint marks in the pages that she couldn’t see Rose then felt a few indentations and decided to get some dust in her fingers and run them over the marks revealing what looked like claw marks. Rose took out a piece of paper and wrote a message

“Please meet me in the restricted section of the library I have discovered some missing pages in some of the books and found some fang and claw marks around the missing pages and would like to discuss possible suspects”

Rose then sent the letter to Red Dawn

Fae and Kion

Fae watched Rose as she inspected the mountain of books carefully until she eventually picked out four. Just as she opened them Fae took careful notice and quickly spoke. "Oh, those two have some missing pages but I already mentioned that before." Fae continued to watch Rose until she came to the ripped pages at which point Fae sat next to Rose and watched her carefully. When she ran her fingers through the pages and then revealed the claw marks with dust Fae quickly gasped in surprise. "Claw marks, four claws specifically. Good eye." Kion then took a closer look himself. "That's weird, who would rip out pages and why?" He went to run his fingers along the pages himself before Rose stopped him. He looked back to Rose slowly then he turned to Cerberus and spoke again. "Cerberus, maybe you better go. We can play together later okay?" With that Cerberus bowed his heads before disappearing.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn was relaxing in the teacher's lounge as she looked through some files when suddenly a white pigeon flew up to her. Red Dawn looked at it confused but quickly saw that it was made entirely of paper. Curious she grabbed it and opened it up, seeing it was a message. After reading it she let out a loud audible "What?" before quickly standing up. She looked towards Kinoa and spoke quickly. "Kinoa, get Frost as soon as possible and meet us in the top floor of the library urgently." With that she disappeared and reappeared in front of the door. After the security scan she quickly entered and walked up where she saw Pink, Willow, Rose, Fae and Kion "I'm here, what's going on exactly? Let me see the pages." Red Dawn walked up and took a close look making sure not to touch or mess with the pages. "Four marks but they're very faint. Someone has used magic to hide them. The only animals that are allowed in here who have claws and teeth are Obelisk, Ocelot, Snowstorm, Kuma and Cerberus. Obelisk only has three claws and these marks are way too large for Snowstorm. There is one other person, Xer could realistically change his DNA makeup to create any claw mark he wanted but I don't see why he would and I don't know why Kuma would transform into his kitsune form in here either. So I don't personally think it is them." After finishing speaking Red Dawn looked to Rose to see what her opinions were.

Maru and Cerberus]

Cerberus and Maru still disguised watched Rose carefully as she looked at the books. When she discovered the torn pages and claw marks Cerberus and Pink gave a very subtle glance at each other before Cerberus was asked to leave at which point Pink flew up above Rose and approached the books quickly.

"Oooh, let me see, let me see!"

Of course Pink was quickly stopped. She let a interested "hmmm" before giving a quick nod. That was when Red Dawn appeared. She watched her inspect the books and name possible suspects before speaking again.

"Oh, well I'll go and see if I can help and track down Ocelot."

With that 'Psychic' energy surrounded Pink and she quickly disappeared a few seconds before Kinoa and Frost appeared.


Rose listened to Red Dawn as she inspected the books and listed off potential suspects while keeping the others away from the evidence just to be on the safe side to ensure none of the evidence was accidentally contaminated just as Pink mentioned she would go find Ocelot.

“Pink couldn’t you just send him a physic message there’s no reason to go find him yourself”

But after she spoke she realised that Pink had already left.

Kinoa and Ftost

Kinoa listened to Red Dawn wondering what had gotten her so worked up but she did as she was asked and sent Frost a message to meet her at the library. Kinoa teleported to the security doors as she saw Frost appear right next to her, as they walked though the doors they heard Rose ask Pink a question Frost looked to Rose confused.

“I’m not sure what’s going on here but Pinks been at the manta reserve all day”

Fae, Kion, Red Dawn

Fae looked to Kion and Pink as they tried to get close but luckily they were stopped. That was when Red Dawn appeared. She moved back to let Red Dawn through but immediately looked to Pink when she said she would get Ocelot. She noticed that Rose had picked up on the strangeness too. When Frost and Kinoa finally showed up Fae turned to them and spoke. "No, Pink and Willow were just here. She left to go get Ocelot." She looked to Red Dawn who sighed and placed her hands on her forehead. "If Pink really has been at the Manta Reserve all day, then that could only mean one thing. Maru, that tricky bastard." Kion continued to inspect the books closer before looking around. "Hmmm, Fae. You have the power to retrace every step someone has made. I think that will help solve this case." Fae looked to Kion in total shock before speaking. "Wait, I can do that? Well....I suppose I can try." Fae took back in an open area and focused, taking a deep breath before letting out a gentle sigh.

Suddenly a ghostly image of Pink and Willow would appear moving backwards and reversing quickly as well as ghostly versions of everyone else. She watched carefully as she kept reversing time. She kept reversing until a few days had passed at least. Then eventually Ocelot appeared. Fae slowed down and started playback normally as she watched. Ocelot seemed to come out of nowhere from behind the bookshelves. He grabbed a specific book in dragon form, 'Weapons of the Past' at which point it could be seen him going through different pages, eventually ripping one out with his teeth. "Hey, isn't that Erik's book?" She watched him turn the page to ash before ripping out a few others then proceeding to place the book back and leaving.


Rose listened to Kion as he told Fea to retrace everyone’s steps something even she didn’t know she could do

“Kion how exactly did you know Fea could do that?”

Rose waited for a response while she watched the play back this time noticing the subtle look exchanged between Pink and Cerberus then watched as Ocelot came out form behind one of the book selves and destroyed a page from weapons of the past a page showing a picture of someone who looked like an older version of Erick the man even dressed like him and had the same name

“So Maru has been sneaking in here disguised as various people and destroying the books and targeting information about the Salem witches umm guess I’ll need to speak to Erick about his book at some point if Maru went though the trouble to sneak in here just to destroy that page the information in it must be important”


Frost listened to everyone agree that Pink was definitely in the library talking as if she wouldn’t know Pink's exact location as she watched Fae's play back she could clearly see someone impersonating Pink but before she could say who Red Dawn spoke up so Frost just kept watching the play back quietly

Fae, Kion and Red Dawn

Kion and Red Dawn watched closely, as they did Kion looked to Rose as she asked him how he knew Fae could do that. "Wel....I just had a feeling really from the display of time powers." He gave a nervous chuckle before continuing to watch. Red Dawn was quiet and focused. Just as she saw Ocelot walk out from behind the book shelf she slowly walked up to it and looked around. "Keep playingit back" as things continued to reverse Red Dawn kept her eyes fixed on where Ocelot came from. Eventually  Kuma appeared. She watched as he ripped apart a few pages from "Ancient Artifacts and Their Secrets" before disappearing. Still even though she watched she didn't see anything other than Kuma. Next was Obelisk who tore pages from "Strangest Unsolved Mysteries" then it was Snowstorm who tackled Time Travel for Beginners. After him eventually it came to a sleeping Kion. This time Cerberus appeared beside him. He stared at Kion for some time before moving away. Specifically choosing the final book and ripping that apart then returning to Kion's side while he slept. "Something is definitely going on and whatever it is, I don't like it. For now I'm going to close the 30th floor of the library but I couldn't have started this investigation without you. So as thanks I'll grant you the Knowledge from the books." She let out a sigh as Fae almost fell back on her seat from exhaustion tired from using her power so much. Then Red Dawn hovered over the pile of books, hundreds of thousands of black ink words would come out then fly into Rose's and Fae's heads but with so much information being absorbed it would cause severe pain.


Rose watched as Fea continued checking each time the books where damage and by who. Rose pulled out her notebook and started quickly jotting down some notes ranging from mentioning the picture of Erick in the legendary hero’s and the witches to the picture of Neo and his staff in the weapons of the past to a picture of Erick’s Grimoire in the ancient artefacts and their secrets to information on Neo’s strange appearance and his unique power to copy the powers of others in the strangest unsolved mysteries to a theory that the Salem witches and the hero’s were actually time travellers from the future. Once Fea fell back in her chair Rose closed her notebook and listened to Red Dawn as she closed the library but gave them all the information that was still in the books that they collected as a reward for helping her start this investigation. Rose let out a pain filled scream and she held her head while walking over to Fea. Once the pain had passed Rose offered to help Few out of the chair as Rose offered Fea her shoulder to lean on they left the library

“I don’t know if you where able to see any of the information on the destroyed pages I guess it would be difficult to do while struggling to maintain control over your power but luckily I made notes on all the information I could see on those pages but I guess your too tired to take a look at the moment right?”

Rose gave Fea a cheeky smile as she pulled out her notebook and waved it in front of Fea's face tempting her to take a peak

Fae and Kion

Fae listened to Red Dawn then when the book load of information went through her head she let out a pained scream. It certainly woke her up a little. She followed Rose out with some help and behind them Kion lagged behind. When Fae was offered Rose's notes she quickly grabbed them. "Not a chance!" She looked over the notes quickly mumbling to herself as she did. It didn't take her too long to look over it all. When she finished they had already gone down one flight of stairs. "Wow, so the Grimoire that Erik has used to be owned by someone named Erik too? Then there is Neo, a legendary feline warrior who had the power to copy or mimic the other heros' abilities. Just like Neo in our time but what is most important about this discovery is that nekos, lalafells and other races didn't exist back then. So it would be impossible for someone of that description to be in that era" Fae handed her notes back just as Kion laughed. "Wow, you two are good!" He continued to follow them down the stairs slowly, listening to them and watching what they did next.


Rose laughed a little when she saw Fea's reaction and heard Kion's response to what Fea had said. She was still a little curious about the things he has been saying but for now there was more important things to discuss

“Not only should it be impossible for magical races to exist back then but it should be impossible for someone who looks exactly like Neo with the same fur patterns same unique powers and the same legendary artefact and even the same name to exist during the witch trials. Kinda makes the whole theory of the hero’s and witches being time travellers from the future sound a lot less ridiculous doesn’t it and it would explain why all the information Maru targeted was linked to the Salem witch trials and the hero’s that owned Erik’s and Neo’s artefacts. After all those are the ones people in this academy would be most likely to recognise especially when the hero’s that owned them originally looked exactly like them and perhaps the most interesting part of all of this is if they did somehow manage to go back in time the only logical way they could do that is with magic meaning one day magic will return to this land and at some point it will be used to cast some kind of time spell no returned is probably the wrong word it’s probably more accurate to say magic will be created and eventually used to cast a time spell sending the hero’s and the witches back in time that would explain why magic suddenly appeared in he Salem witch trials and why it disappeared just as suddenly and just as mysteriously”

Rose took a quick look behind them to see if Kion was still following them but mostly to see his reaction to what she just said

Fae and Kion

Fae listened to Rose as she spoke her theory. What she said made a lot of sense. Still after everything they had seen, everything that they read and were told she still found Kion suspicious. He was still following close behind them. Just as she opened her mouth to speak Kion let out a little laugh again. "Oh, just you wait. In five days the Nimbat City will filled with people. Everyone will be there!" Kion  continued to follow them down as he continued to speak. "I think you should talk to Erik, I bet that'll be fun." Fae looked to Rose confused, clearly something was going on. Kion was hiding something and it wasn't just him either. "So what's next? Going to find Erik?" Still the biggest question at the moment was what was going to happen in five days time in the Nimbat City, clearly whatever it was it was going to be important.


Rose listened to what Kion had to say, it was obviously by this point that he was clearly hiding something and he wasn’t the only one

“Yes if you're up for it let’s go find Erick we can decide what we do next after we’ve spoken to him”

Fae and Kion

The three of them travelled down to the first floor and out of the library. Fae walked down the hallway slowly until she reached the central hall. "Now then, where do you think Erik would be?" Just as she finished talking Kion spoke up. "He'll probably be in the gardens with Lamy. We should look there first." Fae nodded then quickly took the right corridor. She went down it before taking a right turn. Eventually they came to a large greenhouse like room. She walked up to a door and quickly walked out into the gardens. They were huge with a multitude of different color flowers. Still he was nowhere to be seen. "He isn't here. Honestly not what I was expecting." She waited a little longer to see if anything would happen before shaking her head. She turned around to leave and just as she opened the door she heard the flapping of powerful wings. She turned around just to see Lamy landing. He laid himself down allowing Erik to get off at which point Kion waved him over. "Heya Erik! Just in time. Rose and Fae were looking for you." Fae looked to Kion slowly. He had to know that Erik was going to arrive with Lamy in the next few minutes otherwise, this interaction would be nigh impossible.


Rose listened to Kion and Fea and followed them to the courtyard after a few moments Erick and Lamy arrived. Rose looked to Kion again as he once again seemed to know something he should have no real way of knowing. Rose put that aside for a moment as she walked up to Erick bowing her head briefly

“Hello Erick, Lamy, me and Fea have a few questions we would like to ask you concerning your Grimoire. We recently came across a book on the 30th floor that talked about the ancient artefacts the hero’s and witches used during the witch trials and your book happened to be one of them so I was hoping if you would let me take a look at your book and maybe tell me anything you may know about it”


Erik was flying on Lamy who had landed in the gardens. He got off Lamy as Kion waved him over. Slowly he walked over and looked to Fae and Rose. When Rose spoke he looked to Lamy before looking back to Rose.

"Sure but there isn't much to see. All the pages are blank and will be until magic returns."

Just then purple energy surrounded Erik's cape, it was lifted and the book came flying out. Lamy stepped forward to stand beside Erik, his eyes glowing bright as the book opened and started to flip through the blank pages. It was then that Lamy spoke.

"There is nothing to see. Not near, far or here. You need us no longer. Allow us to be on our way."

With that the book floated back to Erik then the purple energy surrounded him and he was lifted in the air and placed neatly on Lamy's back. When Erik was safe Lamy began to walk off.

"Oh, well I got to go but I'm sorry I couldn't help."

With that he steadied himself on Lamy and kept his eyes in front.

Fae and Kion

Fae listened to Erik then immediately looked to Rose with a shocked face. She quickly looked back to Erik and let out a shocked "What?" She watched as Lamy saddled Erik on his back and began to take him away. She barely heard what Lamy had said. She was too focused on Erik's casual claim that magic would return. She went to speak but no words would come out. She wasn't sure what to say. For one, it was clear Lamy didn't want to stick around for too long so they wouldn't be able get get many answers if any at all. Kion let out a loud laugh as he watched the two of them.


Like Fea, Rose was shocked to hear what Erick had to say as they looked to each other in a state of confusion almost in unison they both let out a shocked “what!” But while Fea was trying to find her words Rose step forward

“Wh what did you just say? Magic would return? How do you know that for sure?”


Just as they were leaving Rose and Fae let out an audible "what" Lamy stopped and turned around. Before Erik managed to answer Lamy spoke over him.

"The answers you seek are not here. Your questions do not belong. Your answers will come in time as will ours."

As he answered Lamy continued to leave. Erik looked back briefly before continuing on. It seemed Lamy didn't want to talk to them for the time being.


Rose looked on in frustration as Lamy stopped Erick from answering her questions but this only confirmed that people were hiding something and the clues were beginning to pile up. Rose thought about it for a moment thinking about how everyone who was with them on the 30th floor seemed totally unfazed when Kion predicted what Fea could do with her powers, about the pages that Maru destroyed and their contents, what Erick and Lamy had said and who could of possibly told him. Then something finally clicked to her something that seemed so simple and so obvious now but something that she had completely overlooked. Most of the people who was with them on the 30th floor were Angel and demon beings from other realms that wouldn’t be affected if someone messed with time in the mortal realm and two places that have strict codes and laws. The only other person who wasn’t from another realm was Red Dawn someone who built this school, the library and it’s entire book collection. If anyone could figure out this mystery it’d be her especially if two simple students had stumbled onto this secret but she had to confirm her suspicions luckily there was a demon with them

“Kion tell me honestly do you know anything about the Hero’s and the Salem witches going back in time or about time loops?”

Fae and Kion

Kion turned to Rose as she asked him a question. He gave a small nod with a huge wide smile before speaking. "Yep, I actually do know but the demon code prevents me from telling you anything specific." Fae took a deep breath before stepping forward. "So you do know about time travel at the very least and maybe even time loops but you can't tell us?" Kion shook his head before speaking again. "All I can say is that me and my sister am forbidden to go to the Nimbat city in five days but seeing an event like that, I can't resist. I have to go at least once, if only once. As long as I stay out of the way and don't interfere I'm hoping it will all go smoothly but that's the absolute most I can say without breaking demon code and you won't get much else from the others either." After he had finished speaking Fae turned to Rose shocked once more. "What.....what do you want to do now then?" Fae didn't know if Rose had the same feelings as her, but the only reason she could think of that Kion wasn't allowed to go to the Nimbat City is if he wasn't supposed to be there. She didn't know if she could be sure, but one question came to her mind. Was he from the future too?


Rose looked to Kion as he explained what little he could. Rose thought for a moment when Fea asked her what she wanted to do next Rose considered his words carefully thinking about what he said implies that not only does he know that something big is going to happen in a few days at the nimbat city but it’s something so big so historic that he simply can’t resist going to see it even if he knows he shouldn’t. At this moment it may be a bit of a stretch but the only thing that comes to mind that would fit that criteria would be the return or rather the creation of magic and while Rose would also love to see that first hand she knew they needed more information, information that Kion couldn’t give them but now Rose knew for a fact that not only time travel is possible it’s also already been done. She knew if there was anyone who would have more information about it would be Red Dawn and knowing there are no floors higher then floor 30 and that clearly information confirming time travel as well any specific details on it aren’t be on the 30th floor otherwise Fea would of already found them Rose could only think of one other place that information could be hidden it was a long shot but it’s also the only shot she had at the moment.

“Fea we should head back to the library and search the first floor for anything that seems out of place if Red Dawn was hiding any information about the details of what’s really going on here I think she would hide it there knowing almost no one actually reads the books on the first floor”

Fae and Kion

Fae listened to Rose and then let out a small tired sigh. Lovely, back to the library. Just before they left Kion spoke up. "I'll let you go ahead to the library. I'm going to go sit on the corner bench." Fae looked at him confused look before shaking her head. "Right, let's go investigate the first floor then Rose." She watched as Kion slowly walked over towards the top right corner of the garden and sat himself down before heading towards the library. It didn't take them long to get back there at all. Once there Fae looked around and smiled. "I'll use my skip power to see if we find anything useful." Just as she finished Fae focused for a moment, closing her eyes but as she stood there for a few seconds nothing seemed to happen. She opened her eyes again and looked around. "That's strange, I can't use my powers here. We'll have to do this the hard way. Where do you want to start?" Fae actually had an idea herself, thinking back to what Kion said but she wanted to see if Rose had the same idea as her.


Rose watched as Kion took a seat as Fea started heading back to the library her eyes went wide as she heard Fea say her powers didn’t work here. Rose then tried to manipulate the paper in the books on the shelves to bring all the books flying to them after a moment she let out a small smile

“So for some reason there’s something in place around the first floor that blocks our powers from working here something that even the 30th floor doesn’t have I think we are on to something here so let’s search from right to left do you want to take the top selves or the bottom?”


Fae waited to see if Rose was able to use her power. When she learned that she couldn't use her powers Fae wasn't surprised. She looked around one more time as Rose asked her a question. "I'll take top, let me know if you find anything." So their investigation began. Fae walked off ahead of Rose and began to search through the books for clues, pushing random books in or pulling some out. She knew there had to be something here but she wasn't sure where exactly.


Rose watched as Fea began looking through the various books on the top shelves and followed her lead looking though the book on the bottom shelves. She began by running her hand across them seeing if any of the books where stuck or jammed in place as they all rattled a little nothing seemed suspicious about them at least but yet she started using each of her hands to grab the tops of 2 books each giving a little push followed by a quick tug to see if they could freely move forwards or backwards but once again nothing seemed off Rose let out a soft sigh knowing this may take some time


Fae continued to look through the books as did Rose. Fae knew that this was going to take a while. Even if she was right about what Kion had hinted at, there were so many books but eventually in the very most top right corner on the very bottom shelf Fae spotted something strange. "The Life of a Human by Prince Ali? Who in the right mind would read something like that?" Fae was mostly talking to herself not expecting a response from Rose as she continued to go through the different books testing as many as she could.


Rose continued looking through all the books resigned to what would likely be a long arduous search that was however until Rose heard Fea mutter something to herself at first Rose thought she had miss heard her but Rose took a quick break from looking through the books to see what Fea had found and her eyes confirmed what her ears and heard

“No one would, it wouldn’t even contain any useful information about human physiology just the mad rambling of an even madder king... but that may be exactly why it’s here it’s such a useless book no one would ever give it a second look so it would be the perfect book to use if you wanted to hide something behind it right?”

Rose reached out her hand and began to pull the book of the shelf hoping her hunch was right


Fae stopped and turned to Rose when she spoke. She walked back slowly and watched as Rose started to pull the book. At first nothing seemed to happen at all. "Well, I guess not." Just as she had finished talking the book began to glow then all of a sudden Rose disappeared and the book snapped back in place. Fae didn't hesitate for a moment longer quickly following Rose through. When she reappeared beside Rose she looked around slowly. "Where are we exactly?" She turned around to see a wall behind them with a simple circler pad placed neatly on the floor. That must be the exit. Shw turned to Rose and let out a sigh. "Well, I guess there really was something hiding here. Let's see what it was." She walked down a long corridor which eventually led to a huge elevator. Slowly Fae stepped inside. Once Rose had entered she gave a small shrug. "There isn't anywhere to go but down." She pressed the button and suddenly the elevator began to shoot down at incredible speeds, so fast and so unexpected that Fae fell back immediately. It lasted for at least two whole mintues before it came to an eventual stop. "We must of travelled hundred of thousands of miles down at least!" Slowly Fae slowly got herself up and walked unsteadily out the elevator. One more long corridor later and they eventually came to a huge security door. "It's another biometric scanner. I'm going to get a wild guess and say we're not registered. So what do you think is in there?" She looked at the door closely, from what she could tell it was more security focused than the one on the 30th floor which meant something huge was behind it.


Suddenly Rose found herself teleported behind the bookshelf. She looked back with a smile happy her hunch was right after all. As she saw Fea suddenly appear behind her Rose followed her to the elevator. As began to move she stumbled a bit and held onto the walls to stabilise herself once they exited the elevator they came to another large security door

“If the security here is even tighter then the security on the 30th floor even to the point of blocking our powers then whatever is in there has to be extremely important and sensitive information and at the moment I can only think of one topic the information behind this door could contain. It must hold the secrets of time travel but unfortunately there’s no way we could get past this door. It would be extremely unlikely even if we had the use of our powers but without them there’s just no way for us to crack this kind of security.”

Rose let out a disappointing sigh “guess we better head back”

Fae and Red Dawn

Fae nodded in agreement as Rose finished talking. "You're probably right. There's no way we're getting through anyway so let's go back." With that Fae started to head back. On the elevator again then through the hallway and on to the circular pad on the floor which teleported them back at the book case. That was when Fae saw Red Dawn waiting for them. "You kept yourselves busy. Honestly I'm not surprised it is you two. You two seem to find a lot of secrets here." Red Dawn was honesty impressed and intrigued, she watched them carefully and waited for them to speak knowing they would probably have more than a few questions.


Rose followed Fea out of the secret chamber they had found only to find Red Dawn waiting for them Rose smiled

“It was well hidden that’s for sure but The Life of a Human by Prince Ali is just to out of place in this library but then again most people wouldn’t even see it hidden there and those who did would probably just ignore it unless they were looking for something hidden. So would you mind telling us what’s hidden behind that security door we already know it probably had to do with the fact Neo and Erick travelled back in time to the Salem witch trials or perhaps some information on the time loop either way it must be something pretty big if it’s so well hidden and with even tighter security then the 29th floor”

Fae and Red Dawn

Red Dawn listened to Rose and she was a little surprised at how much they had discovered. So they definitely knew about time travel and there wasn't any way she was going to convince them otherwise. "So you've discovered time travel? Well then there isn't much point in denying it but that wasn't what I was hiding. Those were strictly Maru's intentions but now you know I must give you this warning. You are forbidden from mentioning anything you discovered today to anyone else. From a week from now a stranger named Dust will go to the Nimbat City, On that day and only that day, you may do whatever you wish." After Red Dawn had finished she gave them both a nod. With that she turned around and teleported away. Fae turned to Rose at this point she wasn't shocked anymore. "So, we have a week to prepare. Then we can bring this to the Knowledge Council." Fae smiled brightly, she was happy that Rose got early acces. Together they really could find out anything they wanted.


Rose listened to Red Dawn her eyes widening as Red Dawn mentioned the nimbat city. She turned to Fae after she left.

“So there’s definitely something going on in the nimbat city first Kion told us to go there in five days now Red Dawn mentions this Dust person will be there in a weeks time and we can’t discuss this until then. It's starting to look like magic really will be created soon in the nimbat city but what or rather who could do it? That’s it, we have to see what happens in 5 days and we better prepare for a knowledge council meeting next week”


Fae listened to Fae and nodded. "I agree. We can meet Kion in five days. I'm sure he has some sort of plan. For now let's go to our private study.
We can prepare there."
With that said Fae led Rose out of the library and towards the study areas knowing in five days time they would go to the Nimbat City to witness the birth of magic


Kion and Fae

Kion was outside of the Nimbat City in the ancient forest. He was hoping Rose and Fae would come with him honestly but there was no sign of them. However a few moments later he saw them both approaching the city. He ran over to them and waved them over before they could go any further. "Hey Fae, Rose! I was hoping you would come. The event will start in about five minutes but before you can go in you will need disguises." Fae looked to Rose slowly then back to Kion with a nod. "Well we needed to see first hand exactly what happens here and why it happens." Kion nodded before placing his hand on Fae and Rose's legs. "I feel the same. Now, ssh." He cloud his eyes and took in a deep breath then let out a soft sigh. Magic would surround all three of them and slowly they would begin to change and shift. Wings would grow, they would shrink and their skin would change but all of it was painless. Moments later they would all be Nimbats. "Perfect, we're almost ready to go in. How are you two feeling?" Fae looked at her hands slowly then looked down at her body. "Wow, this is amazing. So this is what magic feels like?" She looked to Rose and waited for her reponse.


Rose saw as Kion waved them over and walked over to him with Fea. After listening to him and watching him transform them into Nimbats, Rose heard Fea speak about how amazing magic is then Rose looked to Kion a little confused

“So if magic is about to be created how do you already have enough magic to transform us all into Nimbats even if you're a Demon who knows about time travel due to existing outside of our timeline that wouldn’t explain how you already process so much magic unless maybe... if you also came from the future specifically a time where magic was already created?”

Rose was mostly thinking out loud and while part of her thought that was a crazy thought, but a small part of her knew it kinda made some sense.

Kion and Fae

Kion laughed when he heard Fae but when Rose began to talk he gave a little nod. He waited for her to stop talking before he spoke up. "Yes, I'm from the future where magic has already been created." He let out a sad sigh and flew a little further in the forest. "This forest, so old that in the future it's name has been lost and forgotten. This is where the Earth Spirit lives. Where I'm from, its called The Dark Forest. I'm really going to miss this forest." Fae flew forward quickly and looked to Kion. "What happens to the forest?" Kion looked to her but didn't say anything. Fae then turned to Rose slowly.


Rose listened to Kion as he confirmed her theory. So he wasn’t just aware of time travel because he is from hell and exists outside of our timeline he’s actually from the future and from the sounds of it quite far into the future. Roee began to look a little concerned when Kion mentioned what will happen to the forest

“Wait so this forest will one day turn black but what would be strong enough to corrupt the home of the earth sprit? This forest would naturally be under its protection not even Lucifer could defeat one of the primordial spirits and even if a demon from the future were to attack the spirits are under heaven's protection because if one is lost the connection to that element is cut off for everyone, hell because of that most demons wouldn’t even dare to try and harm them, it’s far to dangerous!”

Kion and Fae

Kion listened to Rose and gave a shake of his head. "Rose... Even the power of hell and heaven combined couldn't stop this. You couldn't imagine what monstrosties are coming. So terrifying that even demons would wet their beds but I can't say much more than that. Come, we best get going." Fae froze as Kion began to fly towards the Nimbat City. "That's.....that's impossible! What kind of monsters would scare demons? What kind of monsters could fight against heaven and hell combined?" Fae quickly followed Kion as he flew towards the gates to the city.


Rose continued to follow Kion as she listened to the conversation only she was beginning to look nervous

“Nothing... nothing could stand up to the combined might of haven and hell at least, nothing that currently exists. Whatever it is would need unimaginable power like... maybe the kind of power needed to create magic. I have a horrible feeling that whatever terrifying monstrosity this is, we are about to see it for ourselves”

Kion and Fae

Kion continued to fly towards the gates as Rose spoke. With them being Nimbats they were let in without question. Just as Rose finished talking they had flown into the city seeing Pixie give supplies to Blue Rose. "And there she is. Pixie, leader of Nimbats." He looked to them both and spoke quietly. "Whatever you do, do not interrupt. Try and limit your interactions with others as much as possible and keep out the way." With that said Fae gave a quiet nod and let out a nervous sigh. So, that was Pixie. Was she the one who caused all this? She followed Kion slowly, moving further into the city in a quiet place amongst themselves as they watched and listened.

Pixie and Prince Ali Sekhemi

The day was finally here. The day magic was created. Within the city of Husa Raénix, the Nimbat City Pixie was flying around preparing for the coming of Prince Ali, the Tenth King of Power. Supposedly he was coming to make amends and form an alliance. First of all she flew over to Swaol.

"Here, take these for your journey. You've got everything you need. Food, water, medial supplies, you name it. Good luck on your journey Swaol."

After she had given the supplies to her she flew off quickly and entered a large building. A few moments later she came out with a even larger bag of supplies and flew over to Blue Rose.

"And this is for you Blue Rose. I hope you find what you are looking for but be careful. I'm sure there are many dangers ahead of you."

With that she flew away again. This time going towards the middle of the City. She looked around for a moment giving a nod before flying over to Sky.

"Sky, what's the status on Xarev?"

Sky looked to her with a bright smile and spoke politely.

"Xarev has been captured by the second Kingdom of Power and will be contained there until further notice. The assassin has had Dust Vane injected into his arms so he won't be able to use them much longer."

Pixie gave a satisfying nod before speaking.

"Good and everything looks ready for the King."

Just before Pixie flew away Sky spoke again stopping her.

"Pixie, will you be forming the alliance with him?"

She shrugged her shoulders slightly and sighed.

"I don't know Sky. I have to at least hear him out. It is the respectful thing to done and I don't want our relationship with the humans to grow worse. All I want is a world where we can all live together peacefully but that vision is becoming more blurred sadly. Some humans don't seem to appreciate or respect our kind at all."

After she gave her response Sky gave a sad nod but said nothing more. Pixie turned around quickl as she heard someone coming through the gates. She flew forward to greet whoever it was when she saw Red Dawn with Erik who was on Lamy's back pass through.

"Welcome, both of you. I'm glad you could make it. You've been a huge support."

Erik looked up to Pixie, his eyes wide with amazement. This was the first time he was ever seeing a Nimbat so up close before.

"You must be Pixie, right? The leader of the Nimbats? It is an honor to meet you."

Pixie turned to him and gave a bright smile before nodding.

"Yes, I'm Pixie. It's lovely to meet you too Erik. It's great to finally meet you."

She flew lower down and held out her hand to him and he quickly grabbed it and shook her hand. After that she spoke again.

"Erik, would you mind me taking a look at your book? I just need to check on someone but if you would please put it in that building over there."

She pointed to a building near the far back and Erik nodded.

"Of course Pixie. That isn't a problem at all. Let's go Lamy."

Together he and Lamy stepped through the City. Pixie watched them for a moment then flew off. She flew for a few minutes at the end of the Nimbat City and through a long dark valley. There she saw Blue sat on a dull sword.

"Hello Blue, are you okay? I wanted to check on you. We're going to form an alliance with Prince Ali...maybe if it goes well. Do you want to come."

Blue looked down to Ahrah then let out a sigh. Slowly he looked to Pixie and shook his head.

"No, it's okay Pixie. I'll stay here with Ahrah but thank you for checking on me."

Pixie let out a sigh herself and gently sat on Ahrah beside Blue.

"You know Blue, you don't have to stay here. I know Sky ordered you to, but I can overrule her."

She placed her hand gently on Blue's and stared into his eyes. Blue stared into hers for a moment before looking down again.

"I know Pixie, but I have to."

Pixie gave a nod before flying up slowly.

"I understand Blue, don't worry. I understand. Stay safe okay?"

She gave him a small smile before flying off. Once she was back at the Nimbat City she looked around to see if Swoal and Blue Rose had left yet. She couldn't see them so she assumed they had. The next moment Sky flew up to her.

"Pixie, Prince Ali is here."

Pixie sighed and rolled her eyes before flying up towards the gate. Everyone who had arrived to watch was gathered around waiting eagerly. Moments later Sekhemi arrived through the gates as his guards paraded through the city, blowing horns as loud as possible. Then seventy five golden camels came on through the city after that thirty five purple peacocks followed. Next was ninety five Persian white monkeys. Finally one hundred slaves were dragged through the city. All the while the guards were singing and dancing. When the whole song and dance was over Sekhemi got off his elephant and walked up to Pixie.

"Hello, Pixie."

She flew down to meet his level and gave him a friendly smile before bowing her head respectfully.

"Greetings Prince Ali and welcome to Husa Raénix, City of Nimbats. We have prepared a meal for you after such a long journey as well as some fine wine."

Sekhemi looked around slowly and then spat on the floor.

"Is this all you pathetic Nimbats have? How long has your species existed and yet this is all you have managed to muster up?"

Pixie was shocked. She opened her mouth but no words came out. Everyone who had gathered around looked to each other nervously, some with shocked expressions and others who hardly reacted at all. In the crowd a Nimbat flew in the air giving a sinister grin with glowing red eyes.

"And when you speak to me, speak to me on the ground. You don't deserve to be equal to my height."

At this point, shock was quickly turning to anger. Pixie flew higher above and began to look down on him.

"Excuse me? I allow you to enter my city, I show nothing but respect for you and your kind despite all the disrespect we retreive, I prepare you a meal and fine wine then you come here and spit on everything like it's nothing?"

Sekhemi held up his hands slowly and sighed.

"Ok I'm sorry. I overreacted. Please allow me to have a meal."

Pixie let out a soothing sigh as Sekhemi walked over to the dining table centered around the middle of the City. He looked at all the food before giving a evil smile. Quickly he threw all the food and wine to the floor before turning to Pixie.

"You think I would let my golden lips touch this trash? Not in your lifeline!"

Pixie eyes began glowing red. The once white tail began to grow a dark red color with black and red stripes slowly making form.

"Do you know how hard we worked on that? You ungrateful, arrogant brat!"

As Pixie grew angrier her legs started to black with red patches over them. She began to breathe heavier, her eyes growing more and more red. Sky slowly flew back and spoke quietly.

"'re turning black!"

Pixie ignored her and flew over to Sekhemi.

"You never came here to make amends. You never intended to make an alliance. You just wanted to waste our time. You wanted to do a big parade and have the spotlight on you for once! Well congratulations because now you got what you want. You are banished! I never want to see scum like you again and if I do, you will regret it. I will make sure of it!"

The darkness had spread over Pixie's back, arms and wings. The fur on her head had turned a dark red and her part of her face and ears had become black. Her transformation had almost been completed. Sekhemi who still hadn't realised the danger at this point laughed in her face while almost the entire crowd stood back, their eyes now filled with horror and fear as they watched. None of them daring to step in. Sekhemi took a deep breath then spat on Pixie's face.

"I wouldn't want to come to this scum filled city anyway. When I came here I honestly thought you'd be more impressive but no I was wrong. You're no Nimbat, you're just a Pixie!"

At that moment Pixie screamed loudly and a huge black shockwave shot out of her sending Sekhemi flying back before quickly being suspended in the air as Pixie focused on him. The shockwave was so powerful that several buildings were instantly obliterated. Almost everyone was sent flying back or knocked on the ground and after the first initial shockwave a dozen more were shot out as Sekhemi stayed suspended in the air. His skin turning black and his eyes filling with blood. The shockwaves through go for hundreds of miles, reaching as far as the Neko and Inumimi Kingdoms to the Lalafell City. As Pixie spoke next her voice was deep and demonic.

"You will regret ever meeting me! You have no idea who you are messing with. I am PIXIE! LEADER OF THE NIMBATS!"

As Pixie finished Sekhemi's entire body would explode before Pixie's eyes turned to their normal color. Suddenly she collapsed to the floor and stopped moving. She had fallen unconscious. Sky and several other Nimbats immediately began to rush towards her, flying low and making sure she was ok.


Draco stood in the middle of the city with his eyes closed and his sword blade facing towards him as the tip pointed towards the sky. He took a deep breath then let out a steady sigh. Slowly he opened his eyes and spoke.

"Full Moon...."

Slowly he made a full circle with his sword until it pointed to the sky again.

"Samurai Art 140: Full Moon Dragoon!"

Suddenly the sword began to glow golden with light then moments later a dragon shot out of his weapon. His eyes went wide with excitement before the dragon fizzled away. Draco screamed out loudly and threw his blade to the floor.

"That's it! I've tried a hundred times and it just never works! What is the point?!"

He grabbed his helmet and threw it along the ground before kicking it. Then slowly Draco sighed, shook his head and walked away towards a bench and sat himself down.


Raphi, like most people was at the Nimbat City. The ancient treasure chest was in the lalafell city while he stayed out the way. He would watch Pixie as she flew around but would mostly keep to himself, his brothers and Kiwi. Honestly there wasn't much to do in the meantime. Everyone was busy preparing for the King's arrival. For now he decided he might as well do something useful. "I'm going to go to the training grounds. You three can come if you want." He walked away towards the far right side of the city where there was a large open area. He looked around slowly wondering how he should train when he got an idea. He walked over to some large round tree stumps that were bigger than him. He picked one up then placed it on the other. He did this once more stacking three. Once he had stacked three he slowly picked all three up with a straining effort before laying himself down. With that he began to lift them up slowly using three stumps as weights.


Palka looked to Raphi as he said he was going to the training grounds and asked him if he wanted to come too. He looked towards Aerial for a moment and shook his head.

"No thanks, I'm going to wait for Aerial to be done."

He looked back to see that Aerial had gotten some help and he was done already. Palka smiled brightly and walked over to him with a bright smile.

"Hey Aerial, looks like you're done. Do you want to spar together?"

He smiled at him as he waited for his response. He briefly looked to Bo, giving her a welcoming nod before turning back to Aerial.

Nightingale and Pearl

Nightingale was preparing the food and wine ready for the king while Pearl was helping her out acting as a “taste tester” for the various meats and other assorted sweets and wine although she was mostly just stuffing her face with all the different with frites and vegetables and only had a small amount of meat

“Hello Erick would you like to try some of the sweets there’s plenty to go around”

Nightingale said this just as Erick walked into close enough to hear her without even turning around


Erik and Lamy walked up to Pixie's private quarters as Red Dawn came to him. He listened to her and nodded.

"OK will do."

He smiled and the two of them entered then Erik got off Lamy and placed the book on her desk like Red Rose had told him to. After he and Lamy went up to Nightingale and sat himself down beside her.

"Heya Nightingale. I don't want anything right now thank you but I'm sure Lamy will."

Lamy looked to her and nodded before speaking.

"It would be a pleasure."

With that Lamy sat himself down beside Erik, watching him while waiting for Nightingale.
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