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Take a look at my new SAO type Rp: Trapped! The Nightmare Begins!
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God, I wish I knew somebody who'd be willing to draw character reference sheets for me.


Hello, This One greets you. Now, it states, that This One should introduce One's self. So, This One is called Lucy, The One is pleased to meet you, but, now, This One will explain what roleplays This One has, along with what ideas This One holds. So, here it goes. Rules 1) I want somebody who will contribute to the Rp as much as I do. Give your own ideas, plot twists and help me advance the plot. 2) I normally do Casual, I don't like free, as I always get people who write one line, and nowhere near enough for me to 'react' to. I need a good enough post to work with. 3) I am in school, and so can't get on all the time, so, please be patient, although, if it takes me more than two days to reply, knock me a Pm, or post in OOC to ask politely me what's going on, and, I will do the same to you. 4) Be kind. You can be a total bitch in IC, slap, cut, attack, swear and damn right offend me, but OOC, is different. If I get anything like that in OOC, I will never talk to you again. 5) Talk to me, not just in IC, but in OOC. I want a friend, not just a partner. 6) Have Humor, don't be boring, laugh with me, have a sense of humor. Call me a bitch, but don't be offensive about it. For example, "God, you can be such a bitch sometimes, lol" 7) I like multiple characters, and will Never settle for just one character. I normally go for at least four to five. I don't mind it, but, it would be nice if you too had more than one character. So, with the rules out the way, here's my interests. * means I want to do it more, + Means that is the role I want. ~~ means I have an idea for. Pokemon/Digimon***~~ Pokemon/Pokemon***~~ Dragons***~~ Fantasy***~~ +Dragon/Human***~~ Neko Princess/Neko***~~ Princess/Thief***~~ Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Trainer*~~ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon***~~ Phoenix's***~~ Magic***~~ Aliens**~~ Master/Student***~~ Student/Bully**~~ Animals***~~ Fox/Wolf***~~ Wolf/Wolf***~~ Fox/Fox***~~ Fox/Dog***~~ Demon/Angel***~~ Vampire/Werewolf***~~+ +Vampire/Human***~~ +Werewolf/Human***~ Mythical creature/Mythical creature***~~ +Mythical Creature/Human***~~ Neko/Human***~~ Animal/Human***~~ Even if I've chosen a specific role, it doesn't mean I have to be that role. I don't mind being the other, I just prefer the one I chose. That's it for now, if I think of more, I'll edit. Rp's I'm in. Alien Vs Predator: World's End Pokevirus

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@Infamous Empath Hahahaha! That was so funny.'re serious aren't you? No, it probably won't happen.
Name: Julia
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Lalafell

Personality: Julia is a friendly lalafell who will do anything to help a friend in need. She looks past appearances and tries to see the real person. Julia gets on well with almost anyone, animals or people. She is a book nerd, reading up on lore upon lore. She loves history and loves to learn even more. Julia has read about the old dragons in many books and reading upon them has made her want to just explore and perhaps one day discover a new species or perhaps the dragons never died at all, who knows. Julia tries to see the best in things whenever she can and hardly ever gets mad.

Bio: Julia, being a lalafell was often bullied and made fun of but despite that she tried to keep a smile on her face. Eventually however Julia became sheltered and began to spend most of her days at the liberary, or with animals even. She often went to the forests to look after and care for injured or sick animals. One of the animals, a Red Panda became quite attached to her. It followed her wherever she went, even to the liberary. So, seeing it's determination Julia decided to make it a pet and named it Red. She took him wherever she went. Red often sat upon her head or walked beside her. Soon enough however, cracks began appearing in different multiple universes. She knew this because she sensed the cracks from her own world. She tried to find out why it was happening and how to stop it but there was no answer. As the cracks grew bigger and the situation grew more diew Julia resorted to the only option she had. She summoned seven powerful allies each from a different universe who could hopefully help her fix this before it was too late.

Power: Julia has got powerful magic.
Family: Her mother and father, both lalafell.
Friends: Red
Sentimental Attachment: Red
Pet Name: Red
Pet Gender: Male
Pet Age: Unknown, estimated 2 years.
Species: Red Panda
Appearance: In Julia's picture.

Personality: Frindly and curious.
@Afro Samurai Good Cs. You don't need the bottom bit though lol. Accepted.
@1Charak2 If you want you can write up about Blossoming Hope in your characters history now.
@Shiny Keldeo Ok then. So how much more background do you want me to add for my other characters?
Name: Ming
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Inumimi

Personality: Ming is a confident warrior, she is smart and often uses her shield to take out others. She can is normally the first one to fight when she needs to be, she is always the first one to defend the innocent, and use herself as a decoy. Ming is kind and rather friendly when she isn't fighting.

Bio: Ming is the lead commander of the royal army. In her world Nekos and Inumi's are at war and have been for centuries however the Inumi started the war against the peaceful Nekos but the reason why has long been forgotten. Ming grew up to hate the nekos, her parents told her that the Nekos were the one who started the war, that they were the one to blame. Ming wants to desprately end the war however she can, she trained under the way of the samurai for years until she eventually mastered them all.

She rose up in rank with her determination and confidence. It wasn't long until her Queen saw her potential and made her the head of the royal army. In her world everyone fights, even the citizens. Her city is a war city, everyone is born to fight at a certain age. Every child needs to be trained whether they like it or not. They have no say in the matter, the only thing that matters is killing the Neko race and wiping them all out of existence.

Power 1: Samurai Arts. Basically Samurai version of Ninjutsu
Family: Mother and Father have died in the war, she is a single child.
Friends: Comrades.
Sentimental Attachment: Her sword and Shield.
After DragonKingUK has made his character and I've made mine we'll start.
@Bushman501 Pretty good accepted.
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@Aiyanna Haha I was joking, I have no idea where it is.
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