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Hello, This One greets you. Now, it states, that This One should introduce One's self. So, This One is called Lucy, The One is pleased to meet you, but, now, This One will explain what roleplays This One has, along with what ideas This One holds. So, here it goes. Rules 1) I want somebody who will contribute to the Rp as much as I do. Give your own ideas, plot twists and help me advance the plot. 2) I normally do Casual, I don't like free, as I always get people who write one line, and nowhere near enough for me to 'react' to. I need a good enough post to work with. 3) I am in school, and so can't get on all the time, so, please be patient, although, if it takes me more than two days to reply, knock me a Pm, or post in OOC to ask politely me what's going on, and, I will do the same to you. 4) Be kind. You can be a total bitch in IC, slap, cut, attack, swear and damn right offend me, but OOC, is different. If I get anything like that in OOC, I will never talk to you again. 5) Talk to me, not just in IC, but in OOC. I want a friend, not just a partner. 6) Have Humor, don't be boring, laugh with me, have a sense of humor. Call me a bitch, but don't be offensive about it. For example, "God, you can be such a bitch sometimes, lol" 7) I like multiple characters, and will Never settle for just one character. I normally go for at least four to five. I don't mind it, but, it would be nice if you too had more than one character. So, with the rules out the way, here's my interests. * means I want to do it more, + Means that is the role I want. ~~ means I have an idea for. Pokemon/Digimon***~~ Pokemon/Pokemon***~~ Dragons***~~ Fantasy***~~ +Dragon/Human***~~ Neko Princess/Neko***~~ Princess/Thief***~~ Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Trainer*~~ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon***~~ Phoenix's***~~ Magic***~~ Aliens**~~ Master/Student***~~ Student/Bully**~~ Animals***~~ Fox/Wolf***~~ Wolf/Wolf***~~ Fox/Fox***~~ Fox/Dog***~~ Demon/Angel***~~ Vampire/Werewolf***~~+ +Vampire/Human***~~ +Werewolf/Human***~ Mythical creature/Mythical creature***~~ +Mythical Creature/Human***~~ Neko/Human***~~ Animal/Human***~~ Even if I've chosen a specific role, it doesn't mean I have to be that role. I don't mind being the other, I just prefer the one I chose. That's it for now, if I think of more, I'll edit. Rp's I'm in. Alien Vs Predator: World's End Pokevirus

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Arken looked around as he saw everyone wasn't quite ready yet. He rose his hand and a magical clock formed in front of him. He gave a nod softly, it was about time. He clicked his fingers and suddenly everyone appeared in the grand hall again. He watched everyone get ready and settled then he slowly stepped forward and spoke.

"It is now time for the first lesson. I want to know more about you, I want to know how you act in front of your fellow students as well as what you can do. I want to know how you think. We will all head to the training room where you shall demonstrate your power. I shall note down everything you do and how you do it as well as your general strategy and thoughts. Do not fear, there is no wrong answer no matter what you may do however first we teachers shall introduce ourselves."

With that, he clicked his fingers and everyone was in a huge white room. There was nothing in it, just a large empty room. Arken spoke up once again, talking to everyone as he did.

"Now then, let me demonstrate how this works. The training room is designed to fit your perfect room. Whatever you imagine, will become reality however nothing can leave this room if it does it is destroyed instantly. Now, if you were training together the room would combine both of your imaginations together for the perfect training exercise. Another thing, in this room you have literal infinite energy. You could train here for 14 days straight and still feel like you just gotten out of bed however, it cannot provide the simulation of food so you would be very hungry. Let me demonstrate now."

Arkan walked over to the middle of the room and closed is eyes. Suddenly the white room became am dark and gloomy graveyard with crows squawking loudly. He looked around and smiled.

He walked to the front again and spoke up.

"So, like I said, here imagination is everything. When you are done leave the room and everything will return to normal. Now, without any further ado, please come up one by one. State your name and a bit about yourself that you feel comfortable with sharing. Finally show me whatever you wish to show. Do whatever you want to do however, it shall be recorded and noted down for later use. We shall start with the teachers. I am Arken, Headmaster of this academy. I wish to teach you all how to control your powers as well as help you to overcome your weaknesses. As for my powers, I have a strong affinity for magic, although the rest of my abilities you will have to find out yourself. After all, I don't want to make your exams too easy."

He held out his hand and created a huge mountain using magic. He gave everyone a quick look before summoning his staff. With that he pointed his staff at the mountain and sent out a huge fire blast with swirling wind around it. As he did he held his staff in front of him creating a magical barrier. When the attack hit the mountain there was a huge explosion and the entire mountain was vaporised. Bits of debris smashed into the barrier but nothing managed to break it. With that all said and done, he walked out of the room. The room returned to it's normal boring white self. Arkan then stood back and watched all the students and teachers carefully to see how each and every one of them would react and do.


Suddenly a swarm of bats flew in the training room after Arken had done his display. The bats circled around in the training room before forming a woman. She laughed softly and stepped forward with a confident smile.

"I am Fianciona, and I am a dark angel. It is nice to meet you all. I possess powerful magic like most teachers in this school, I also possess the ability to control darkness as well as the wind. Watch and learn."

She stepped backward and rose her hands quickly. Suddenly an entire literary was summoned out of nowhere, coming out of the floor. She then looked around before hold out her hands. Suddenly all the books rose up, she shot her hands out and the paper in the books were ripped out and formed a large dragon. It shot fire at the wall before she swung around and shot a purple blast. It hit the wall and bounced off, hitting the dragon in the back suddenly it transformed into a dark dragon, the paper and roared loudly. Then, she clapped her hands and it all disappeared. With that she bowed and walked away.

Lady Red

Lady Red stepped forward from the shadows and slowly walked into the training room next. She tipped her hat to everyone in greeting before looking at them all with a smile and began to speak.

"I am Red Summer Rose but you may address me as Lady Red. I have the ability to copy a single power and imitate it perfectly. On top of that I can preform perfect calculations in seconds."

She turned around and held out her hand as she did darkness began to swirl around her. It quickly shot out and attached itself to the wall. In a few seconds the entire wall was covered in darkness. She then tapped her foot against the floor, doing the same. She looked to the crowd and sunk into the darkness coming out of the wall. Then she stabbed herself right in her heart with a knife she fell to the floor seemingly dead although she just faded to darkness and another copy stepped out.

"As you see."

She bowed to everyone and left the room.


Next was Sokolov, he flew forward in the training room, Xer walking beside him. Once he was in he turned to everyone and gave a simple nod of his head before speaking.

"I am Sokolov, a familiar, beside me is Xer who is also a familiar however he is not bound to me. My abilities are simple. I have psychic abilities, more powerful than most and I can control the spirits. Please observe."

He turned around and held began to speak, as he did he created several elements using his psychic abilities. "Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago the four elements for use for peace, to protect and serve until others sought power and used it only to kill and destroy. Only the Chosen One, master of all four elements could stop the war but when the world needed him most, he vanished."

With all four elements beside him he shot them all at the wall creating a huge explosion, boulders sent flying through the air hot scolding water splashed on the floor while lava shot up from the floor. Harsh wind blew against him. He held out his hand and it all came to a stop. With that he looked to Xer who spoke up next.

"As you can see from my appearance, I can manipulate my own DNA however I please and also possess psychic abilities, nowhere near as powerful though."

The two nodded and left the room.

Uncle and Arken

Uncle flew in the training room. He looked around before speaking in a old wise voice.

"My name is Uncle and I am able to control and manipulate spirits. One more thing! I have lived many many years, and gained ultimate knowledge. One more thing! With this ultimate knowledge I am able to see anyone's weaknesses just by watching them. One more thing! I can sense anyone power and aura just by looking at you. One more thing! Being so old and wise I can predict your movements and attacks. One more thing! I know all types of magic known to existence. One More Thing...."

Before he could continue Arken quickly cut him off.

"Uncle, perhaps you should just show everyone."

Uncle gave a soft nod.

"That would be wise. I could go for 100 centuries speaking of all my tales and the magic I possess."

He held out his arms and closed his eyes, as he did two spirits flew towards him. He opened his eyes and quickly the spirits flew around his arms, they wrapped around them and quickly his arms became as large and just as well muscled as Wukong's He clenched his fist and infused his magic into his arms, lightning now coursing through them he punched the wall which instantly shattered to pieces. He looked to everyone and held his arms sideways, at that moment the spirits left and his arms returned to normal. He held his arm towards the wall and it was instantly repaired.


Foxy watched flew up to the middle of the room next. She closed her eyes and a place that looked like heaven. She smiled brightly and spoke up loudly for everyone to hear.

"My name is Foxy, and I am an Angelic Fox Spirit. You see, God himself sent me down to Earth on a mission. That mission is obviously classified, but I wish to share everything I know with each and every one of you. I have the power to control water. I also process Psychic abilities. Then like most teachers, I possess powerful magic."

She looked up, and suddenly a weight formed above her. It fell quickly and landed on Foxy. Instead of killing her however, water splashed everywhere. It was like a huge water bomb had just gone off. The water reformed quickly into Foxy. She gave a simple bow before walking away to stand with the rest of the teachers.


Kreia stepped in the training room and looked around. She was glad that Arken had stopped Uncle, she was sure he would of just kept going otherwise. She looked on to everyone and quickly began to speak.

"My name is Kreia. I am the first Salem Witch, I was the one who created the Salem Witches. I possess powerful enchantment magic, but of course I can use many other types of magic too. I am able to create anything from thin air and lastly I am able to control and manipulate the moon as well as harness it's power if I wanted."

She held out her sword and it began to glow a ghostly fire. She slashed it as the wall and the fire the two ghosts that Uncle had used, instantly killing them and turning the ghosts to nothingness. She looked back and gave a soft nod before raising he hand and reviving the ghosts, to a point. Restoring their ghostly form before walking out.


Abaddon walked into the training room
"My name is Abaddon I am a Nether and I have no unique powers or abilities other then the natural powers all Nether Demons possess for those who don't know what a Nether Demon is a Nether Demon is a magic focused demon they draw their powers from nether a natural energy source that flows between the realms of the living and the dead giving me access to a vast supply of magic and access to all kinds of magic and when you take into consideration that I have been around since you mortals where living in caves I have had more then enough time to hone my magic abilities"


Sekhemi didn't give a rat's ass about the rules, but what he did care about was this training room. He was teleported back to the grand hall then to the training room. He smiled brightly, hearing as well as seeing everything it could do. He had to put this thing to the test. He walked up when the teachers were finally finished talking and showing off and stood in front of everyone.

"I am the almighty, all powerful Prince Sekhemi! As you are about to see, my skills exceed any and all of yours that you may process. You mortals are nothing but dirt beneath my shoe. Watch as a God shows you his immense power!"

The white room changed to a setting that was obviously Sekhemi's home. Then over 2000 men at the very least appeared out of thin air.

Sekhemi then began to sing a song, as he did, Ra, Mut, Khnum, Ptah, Hemsut, Tefnut, Sokar, Selket, Anubis, Anukis, Meshkent, Mafdet and finally Horus all appeared in front of him, each of them joining in with the song.

Sekhemi laughed and prepared himself. First, the 2000 or so men ran at them like the worthless rats they were, throwing their life's away. Sabertooth stood beside him and Sekhemi spoke softly.

"I'll take the right, you take the left."

Sekhemi grabbed his golden knuckles and ran ahead. He jumped and punched the ground as hard as possible which made the earth come up and hit somebody in the face. He then boosted himself up and shot a large fire bomb at the ground blowing a load of men up. Meanwhile, Sabertooth ran at his enemies and created a large energy blast in his mouth. He roared loudly knocking everyone back and killing them with the energy blast, he grew a horn out of his fore head and stab a few in the chest. The two worked hard, and within a minute or so, everyone was dead. Sekhemi then looked to the Gods and bowed before them.

"However, even I cannot defeat the Gods of Egypt. They are the only ones I follow. I serve no mere mortal."

To demonstrate his power even more, he made dark tentacles come out from the ground. He even rose the dead and created zombies. It was clear that Sekhemi used extremely dark and evil magic. After all that, he left the room and chuckled.


The next person who decided to go was was Rika. He slowly stood himself up and walked on in front of everyone to introduce himself. He wouldn't do a big scene like Sekhemi did, again. No, he had the perfect one just in mind.

"My name is Rika and I am a Seraphim. I am half angel, and half demon. The two sides are constantly at war with each other and normally the demon wins. The demon grows strong when in large crowds or when there is a lot of negative emotion in the area. This is why I have my eye covered in bandages, my demon eye as it suppresses him and weakens him greatly but even that isn't enough sometimes."

The room changed quickly to a setting that obviously resembled heaven, literally. He walked in the middle of the room and looked to everyone.

"This will keep him suppress while I train."

He sighed for a moment, taking a deep breath and released it.

"Air, water, earth, fire, thunder, light, dark, these are the seven elements of the world. All at my finger tips."

He pushed his palms forward and suddenly a gust of wind shot out, then he spun around raised both hands towards the roof which created a waterfall, immediately he pressed his hands together and closed his eyes which created a statue of himself finally he jumped up and kicked the air which created a large fire blast, destroying the statue. He took a deep breath once more before turning around.

"I will not use light or dark, as using them either angers the demon or makes him stronger. Both options are no good and can make me lose control."

He pulled his own spine out as he did a new one grew in it's place. He threw it down to show everyone and finally he ended his session.


Kuro decided to go next. He closed his eyes and activated his perfect place. However, nothing changed whatsoever, except a few animals had appeared. He walked up but not as himself, as a cat, speaking to everyone.

"My name is Kuro. I was the ruler of the Neko Kingdom before I came here though I am too young to be official king. I do not wish for your praise and attention. I am no different from you, I am just another person like all animals are. No matter how different we may be, we are ultimately all the same. My power is what you see. I can transform and control animals, as well as completely understand them. However my main power comes from my sheer magical power."

He raised his paw and words appeared above his head 'Magic Cat.' He smiled and transformed back into his normal state before bowing to everyone. Then he reset the left and stood back.


Shela decided to go next, she closed her eyes and activated her perfect place. It was beautiful, it wasn't a place, it was a thing. It was what she dreamed to be. It was nothing but her older self.

She stared at herself before looking to everyone.

"My name is Shela, today, I will be showing you nothing. Every day, I wonder who and what I will become. I fear, that no matter what I do, everything will crumble before me. I want to help others, I always have."

Suddenly, a tear came down her face as her older self fizzled away. Instead came a scene of her younger self surrounded by men, kicking her and punching her.

"I was bullied, called cowardly and pathetic. I wouldn't stand up for myself, I just took the beatings, I didn't even resist. It hurt of course, but it came the normal life for me. I came to know that everyone hated me."

The scene changed again, this time a little bit further ahead, where her parents comforted her.

"My parents told me that I was special, that one day I would gain powers that nobody could ever imagine. I believed that for a long time, I kept up hope that I had potential, that I wouldn't be myself anymore. Weak and pathetic, worthless and unable to do anything but watch but I was wrong."

Finally, the scene changed again further into the future of her past life where her parents were dead and Shela sat in front of them crying.

"My parents died protecting me all because I couldn't protect myself. On that day, I learned that I was nothing but a burden. It came to a point where I didn't care about my life, and I still don't. Even now, people call me worthless, weak, pathetic and I will happily agree by not saying a word, because of me, of me being a failure, my parents are dead. I have no powers, I'm not even sure why I came to this school in the first place."

With that Shela sat on her own, not crying, not mourning, not doing anything but sitting on her own. The room changed back to normal as she left the room.


Miarikia and Flash walked up to the front. She didn't bother changing the screen, after all she didn't want to make a dramatic scene.

"My name is Miarikia and my friend here is Flash. I won't be showing much of my power either, as it is incredibly dangerous to do so. I know many forms of magic, however that is only a fraction of my power. I have the ability to process a demon entity but when I do this my personality changes to that demon so I can become extremely aggressive when I do so. I literally become them. However the demon must reside in hell for me to possess them. It has helped me in a few situations, saving my life but it has hurt more people than it has helped."

Flash stepped up and smiled a little before running super fast all around everyone. He stopped finally and spoke up.

"I have super speed! Fastest creature alive, The Flash! I also process some magic abilities however nowhere near as much as Miarikia does."

With that the two left and watched the others.


Next, it was Red's turn. She went to training room and suddenly, the entire area became covered in flowers and grass of all different types and colors. Trees and mountains were everywhere, it was breath taking.

Red walked in front of everyone then paper came out of her sleeves, it was like an endless supply as the paper twirled around each other, twisting and turning as it shaped itself into the 10ft snake.

"Hello there! My name is Red! Nice to meet you. I can play with paper snakes! I can run fast too!"

She then ran about as fast as Flash did, she giggled happily, then laid herself down with a sigh, lightning was still coursing through her body as she relaxed. After a minute or two she got up and left the room with a giggle. It may not be so clear what she could do to some people, but if people were smart enough they would able to figure it out.


Shade went up next. He looked around and gave a little sigh. He had only one thing in mind. Suddenly, the room became full of heartless of all different shape and sizes. The moon appeared, but it was pure black, but that wasn't all. The grass and trees were dead, the plants were dead, the soil was black, there was no living thing in sight. The Sky was black, everything was dark, corrupted, evil. Shade stood forward slowly and spoke softly.

"I am a monster, I do not deserve a name, but I have one anyway. My name is Shade and all I am is a heartless. What is a heartless, you ask? A heartless is a being without a soul nor heart. A being created purely to destroy and kill. I have that instinct in me, as some of you might of saw if you were at that meeting place. I can normally control it well in most situations. Especially around my own kind, since I have lived with my own kind for many years, and I have gotten used to the feeling of the heartless magic they use. Being a heartless, I can control darkness, I also have psychic powers, these powers helped me keep and remember my memories from my past life. I find it hard to grasp the concept of emotions now, but sometimes, I can almost remember what they felt like, but don't be fooled by that. I am still a monster, still a heartless being set to destroy and I will always be a monster, even if I am different from the rest of my kind."

He sighed and began to sing.

With that, Shade walked away and sat down, waiting for the next person.

Dixon and Dixoz

The twins were next. They ran up to the training room and looked to each other then looked at everyone else with a smile.

"I am Dixon" "And I am Dixoz"

"Together we control all that is good and all that is bad.

"Healing, protection and fun." "Attacking, Defending, killing and all that is bad."

The two twins giggled Dixoz shot out a large dark energy blast. It hit the wall and bounced off. Dixon held up his hands and made a blue dome to protect them both as he did the dark blast hit and exploded. Then the two walked out.


Ruby was next, she walked up slowly and turned to everyone.

"Ruby, Werewolf, Magic, Animal Manipulation."

With that she walked away slowly not bothering to show any of her power. She leaned up against the wall and closed her eyes.


Sky was up next. He flew up and smiled brightly. He didn't need to make the training room fancy. He looked around at all the students, before looking to the ring around his neck.

"My name is Sky. I have the power to control both light and dark, but my power is so great, that I use this magic ring around my neck to suppress my power, so only 1% of my power remains. So I cannot do much at all, honestly, I am afraid at what I can and will do. My powers are dangerous, and I wouldn't want to hurt anyone."

He gave a soft nod then flew off and waited for the next person.


Lilly went in the training room next. She smiled to everyone and spoke calmly.

"I am a Lilly, a Kitsune daughter of Drumdawn who also goes to this school, because I am half dragon I have Dragon Physiology. Then I have my natural kitsune powers, but no actual power of my own other than my natural abilities. Allow me to demonstrate. Shela, You are not useless, you are here for a reason, you are not a burden to anyone.

She smiled and with that she began to sing using her sound magic. As she sang she walked closer to Shela through the large glass screen without leaving the training room as she sang to her.

Once she was done singing she smiled to Shela then bowed to everyone before walking away. She knew her sound magic would give Shela a boost in confidence for she knew that was what she needed most.


Pozuzy waited for his turn. After everyone had been, he went up next. He smiled, and even laughed slightly.

"My name is Pozuzy, a sin demon and I can do illusion magic, with it I can summon anything, anytime, any where."

He giggled and then rose his left hand, suddenly a demon appeared, then rose his right and monster appeared. He stared at everyone with an evil look, and then suddenly he as well as the monsters and demons began to sing. Throughout the song he summoned more and more monsters and demons. Of course, any good illusionist would know that they were all fake.

But as the song was coming to an end, not Kuro, Red, Miarikia, Sky, Shade, Grace, Dixon, Dixoz, Ruby, Lilly, Sekhemi, nor Rika showed any fright. In fact, Red was bouncing up and down and smiling like a five year old with candy. Pozuzy stared at them for a moment then his eyes turned red. He flew up quickly and shouted.

"Aren't you scared?!"

Of course, if anyone knew them well, they would know that Rika was no longer afraid of monsters and demons, considering he had one inside of him. He was more afraid of it coming out and hurting his friends. Kuro was the most knowledgeable in magic and knew it was all an illusion, Miarikia knew a lot about magic too, and even if she didn't she was a demon, add the fact that she possessed powerful demons too, she wasn't scared a bit. Sky knew he was far more dangerous if he allowed his power free range, he could easily kill demons like that if he wanted to. Shade saw himself as a monster, and nothing more. Heartless were feared and hated, plus, Shade lost access to his emotions when he became a heartless. He hardly knew what fear was anymore. Sekhemi found it pathetic. It was only demons, he believed he could take them down no problem. Grace knew they weren't real and even if they were she could out match them easily, Ruby just didn't care, Lilly was a kitsune and knew enough about magic to know they were illusions, the twins found the entire thing fun, they enjoyed scary things. Finally, Red liked all things scary, well, most things scary. She found it cool and fun instead of frightening like the twins. She spoke up with a happy giggle.

"No, you're funny!"

At that point Pozuzy's eyes glowed a blood red and fire began to appeared behind him, although, this fire was no mere illusion, it was the real thing. He had made his illusions real. He spoke in a demonic voice, not caring about Rika, Kuro or anyone else anymore, even though Kuro was getting a little frightened as now, it was no mere illusion.


Red laughed again, and Pozuzy slowly flew away, breathing heavily. He dislike people not being scared by his tricks and pranks, but he despised it when people found them fun instead of scary. Arken simply watched, raising a small eyebrow as he stared at Pozuzy then, seeing him go stand by Sabrina.


Finally it was Grace's turn. She flew forward into the training room and looked to everyone.

"My name is Grace, I am.....well... what I am doesn't really matter. All I'll say, is that I possess powerful magic. The rest is a mystery you'll have to solve."

She looked behind her and as she did Arken appeared. Although, Arken was outside the training room. It was obvious she used the training room to make a duplicate of him. He rose an eyebrow and began to pay close attention.

"To demonstrate my power, I'm going to fight Arken."

She smiled and stepped forward. Quickly she disappeared completely although the fake Arken didn't move a muscle. After a few seconds, he raised an arm and shot a powerful magic blast at seemingly nothing. Then Grace appeared right in front of the magic blast, her eyes widened and she gasped loudly. It hit her and she fell to the floor. She laughed a little, golden aura surrounding her and her injuries were instantly healed.

"Oh you're good. I'm going to enjoy this."

She opened her wings and several golden gates appeared. They opened up widely and Grace jumped in one. She came out behind Arken and shot out a blast of Holy Light, then another Grace came out and did the same thing, and another, and another and another! Soon Arken was completely surrounded. He laughed before speaking confidently.

"You're gonna have to do better than that to beat me."

He watch as the light blasts came straight at him and the moment they hit he closed his eyes. Suddenly they turned completely black and shot back out towards each of Grace's clones. Each and every one was hit at the same time, they all disappeared in a explosion of light as they were hit, all except one who fell to the floor again. She struggled up and sighed softly.

"You won't win. You know just how powerful I am!"

Golden aura surrounded her again and she flew up once more but as she did Arken spoke as he stepped forward.

"I know how powerful you are but you will never win if you never use your full power."

Grace laughed, and then began to sing as she tried again.

She raised her paws and her wings opened wide. Golden aura covered her from head to toe, then she flew at lightning speed at Arken. Just before she reached him she disappeared and reappeared at his right side. She rose her paw which became covered in lightning. She quickly jabbed him with her and sliced right through him though as soon as she did he vanished. It was just a clone. He appeared behind her and smashed his shoulders into her back sending her back to the ground. She winched in pain before rolling over and getting back up. He was good, really good. She sighed and closed her eyes. A heart appeared underneath her, he traveled up her body until it reached her chest. She opened her eyes and she smiled.

"I won't give up, no I won't give in."

She flew towards him again then disappeared. She reappeared and shot out a large golden blast then disappeared again. Just as Arken held his hand to dispose of the magic blast Grace appeared in front of him again this time slightly below. She opened her mouth and shout another blast he smiled and lowered his arms.

"Fine. Have it your way."

With that he looked to Grace and his eyes flashed. Then, as the golden blasts hit him, Grace opened her eyes wide and she felt unbearable pain. She was sent flying even before the golden blasts exploded. She hit a wall and coughed up blood then fell to the floor again. This time no golden aura healed her. Arken sighed and rose his arm. He healed her quickly and Grace slowly looked up. She watched as he disappeared before sighing. She said not a word and walked out.

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Name: Lilly
Species: Hare

Age: 19
Personality: Lilly is a friendly hare who always looks on the bright side. She tries her best to believe herself as best as she can but sometimes she finds it hard to. She will do anything to help another especially if it is a friend. Lilly will try to cheer someone up when she sees somebody is upset. Being a hare, she can be rather smart and quick thinking when she needs to be. She constantly makes jokes to lighten up the mood. She considers herself to be a 'hero' trying to save everyone from their 'dark days'.

Backstory: Lilly grew up in a rather wealthy country. She had whatever she wanted whenever. Although she saw plenty of others who had nothing. There were parts of the country that were poor and she hated it. She couldn't understand why everyone was so selfish. Lilly decided that she didn't care about her wealth. Instead she gave it away to those who needed it. She helped people who needed helping. She offered a friendly paw to whoever needed a friend. She wanted to help everyone, one way or another and that was the mindset she grew up with. She wouldn't be happy until everyone was happy.

My last character.
Name: Splinter
Species: Mouse

Age: 20
Personality: Splinter is very cautious and he has no faith in himself. He doesn't believe he is special and he doesn't believe he can do anything. He often asks why should he bother if all he is going to do is fail anyway? He looks down on himself because all he does is steal, lie and cheat. He is afraid to get too close to anyone because he's afraid he will just fail at friendship or even love like everything else.

Backstory: Splinter grew were the cities were poor. He had to lie, cheat and steal to get enough gold to survive. He was a coward, often running away from trouble. People tried to help him many times, they tried to set him on a better path but Splinter was afraid and he ran away and that only made things worse. The further away he got from social norms, the harder it became for him to make friends. He felt like he couldn't do anything else but steal, lie and cheat. He felt like he had to do that to survive, like he couldn't trust anyone and that was how he became alone. He couldn't make any close friends, it was too late for him.
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