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I will be able to post tomorrow!
@Squirrel98 Just to confirm, Alex did not take up Erik's offer to sit by him in classes they shared?
Haha probably true just excited for more
Everyone alright?
Skipping should be fine, the only thing I can think of notably be happening for my character is inviting @Raptra Angie and @Squirrel98 Alex to sit with him during shared periods
@AnyAlex Out of curiousity, how much longer do you think the first day scene will last? Just wondering if I should have Erik go and grab dinner at some point or if I should keep him in his room
Erik Fieldson

Interacting with: @Squirrel98

Erik gave Alex a wave and hurried back off to his dorm room. He kept an eye on the clock as he went seeing that he only had two minutes before it was time. He ran into his dorm room, closed and locked a door, and then took out his phone. The number for the hour shift on his cellphone before the indicator for an incoming call came in overtaking the home screen of her phone. Without bothering to read the identifier attached the call, Erik accepted the call and raised the phone up to his ear.

"You have a collect call from a prisoner located at..." Erik took a deep breath as the usual monotone voice played and then pressed the button to allow him through.

"Hello? Erik? How are you, my special boy?"

"Hi Mom, I am doing well. I am making connections as we discussed, I have already established friendship with one major celebrity."

"Of course you did! That is because you are so incredible Eric! You would never disappoint me..."

Erik winced and touched the scar on his arm unconsciously and continued the conversation. It proceeded as usual with him outlining his grand plans and her excited as to his prospects. Neither acknowledged the elephant in the room as ever and then it was over. When his mother finally hung up the phone, Erik sighed deeply, taking a moment just to sit and stare off at the far wall. He came back to himself as he looked in the mirror and saw a few of his hairs out of place. He grabbed his comb and fixed the issue and then took a second to admire himself in the mirror.

He looked around his belongings and undecorated room with a frown. It would not do to have his other roommates find him unprepared. He took the next hour to set up his room, delicate with his more fashionable pieces of clothing. The pieces had cost almost all of his spending money, but he considered it an important investment. He did have to fit in after all. His texts were the second most important things all the texts already worn and filled near bursting with post-it notes with his own notes. When he was complete, the room had his excellent sense of style and his work space was ready. He pulled out an older model tablet his father had owned and went through his notes on the incoming celebrity students. He made several notes on the tab for Alex Pearson focusing on his duality of wanting to be left alone and also to entertain. He cycled through briefly, but confirmed he did not have any relevant information on "Angie." Not unexpected as he could not keep tabs on all new students. As he looked though, a familiar face caught his eye.

"Quinn Nakamura..." He muttered to himself. That was the girl who had seemed familiar to him this morning. Erik frowned annoyed he had not seized the opportunity to make contact, but was at least pleased he had greeted her. Besides, "Angie" seemed to be one of the most interesting students he had spoken to today, despite her seeming indifference. Erik moved on to his journal and recorded the day's events as he thought about how he would finish the day.
@Blade17 nah just take my spot and talk to Pearson haha
@Blade17 lol sorry I just posted and set myself up for a scene transition like 4 min before you replied
Erik Fieldson

Interacting with: @Squirrel98

"No worries, we have at least some of the same classes together as freshman, so if you don't end up returning it, I know where to send the authorities." Eric gave a stern look, before giving a wide grin to show that he was joking.

"As for people telling that studying is a waste of time though, honestly that seems fairly naive to me." Erik frowned as he mulled over the many pitfalls of the argument against schooling. Thr more he thought about, the worse it seemed to become. He opened hos mouth to go over the issues and his wise insights and then closed it again. It wouldn't do at this stage of game to scare him off with talk of business.

Instead he just replied, "Given Pine Hills reputation for academic rigor, I am not sure we are going to have any choice but to learn while we are here. Professor Hanley, at the gate, did not seem to be particularly thrilled to have new students, so I suspect she may be a fairly tough grader."

Erik glanced at the time of his phone and furrowed his brow at the time. He looked up at Alex apologetically and said, "Hey man, I am sorry, but I gotta get going for now, but it was great to meet you. I am staying over in Newton dorm if you ever feel like hanging out or I will see ya in class tomorrow." Not his ideal exit, but time for Erik was fairly limited at the moment.
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