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This seems really cool I'll try and get a cs application up today or tomorrow!
This seems interesting as heck kinda a Sweet Home + Mist vibe which I really enjoy
@DruSM157 Haha, I am making a chef character, so in some ways! However, nothing I can write will ever match the sheer wonder of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
This seems really cool! I am working on a CS that I hope to have completed in a few hours for your consideration!
Caleb Walker

Caleb gave a small, knowing smile at Rowan’s words. He had wondered for a moment which of them had dated Daria, but he remembered what Daria had said at the hospital. No wonder Daria had questioned his taste if he had brought up that he had flirted with her ex! He didn’t seem to have any reaction to his touch unfortunately. Rowan seemed rather unresponsive to his flirtations in general or they had been cut off by the goings on. Still, he had one more secret weapon in his back pocket to try out when they had a moment alone. Caleb had seen in the campus news page that a new vegan restaurant was going to open up nearby. The perfect destination! At least, he assumed anyway, the dreadlocks and the almond milk in his chai were really the only clues he was going off that Rowan was vegan, but Caleb felt they were solid enough clues.

Before they could continue chatting, Val burst onto the scene, larger than life as ever. “Val! Sick cupcakes!” Caleb reached out to the box with his gloved hand, paused and switched hands to the other one, popping the top half on the cupcake into his mouth. “Yer bribbin style mmm so goo!” He managed to force the words out in between bites of cupcake. When she mentioned her essay though, Caleb caught on to her body language and narrowed his eyes at her, his knack’s appraisal making it clear what was going on in her head. He swallowed quickly, abandoning enjoying the sweet treat and gave her a quick pat on the back with his left hand. ”I know what you mean! Putting an essay together at the last minute is rough! Will you help me with mine later? I could use some good company and possibly more cupcake bribes.” He felt a little uncertain whether he was helping or not, but Val had been a good friend to him here and he wanted to help her self image, if just a bit.

Elysia came up next with coffees for all of them. Caleb began running some quick numbers in his head. Apparently, supplying snacks was going to be a regular thing with these people so what could he afford to give in his budget. At least a couple small things, here and there he supposed, especially if he caught another extra shift soon. Noting the precarious balance of the coffee as Elysia spoke to them from her phone Caleb reached out with his left hand and took possession of the drinks. “Thanks for the coffee, sorry just trying to avoid the inevitable accident with our collective luck.” He gave a friendly nod to Kyle, and was just about to ask what he had learned about his magic, excited that it may be something to help, when the TA arrived.

The TA was definitely cute, the hair worked well on her, but Caleb was still somewhat wary of her from his confusing telling off over text last night. Might not be a good idea to piss off the person they were trying to get information out of he figured. He pulled in a seat at the round table next to Rowan and grabbed another at the same time so someone else could have a seat next to him. “I mean what people though? I can’t remember where the teach said he found it. Wouldn’t it be pretty easy to tell it was bullshit when no one started … setting fires with their brain?” He waved his left arm in the air in some mystical seeming motion to display his “so called” incredulity. “Also, here’s my essay.” He opened his bag, hesitated for a moment, and pulled out only the first page of his paper so far, leaving the other two he had printed out in the library earlier in his bag, thinking of the awkward stance Val had earlier.
Caleb Walker

Caleb was replying So cute! to the pic of Val’s cats as Rowan and Kalama arrived around on scene. Texting was made a little more difficult at the moment given he could only use one of his hands. He had kept the glove from the hospital on his right hand for lack of a better option, now hanging uselessly at his side. He looked over the pair approaching. It made sense that they had arrived together given that they were roommates he supposed. Rowan was looking as cute as ever, if not a little on edge, so Caleb flashed him a coordinated smile and wink in greeting along with a ”Morning handsome!”

To Kalama, he gave a quick wave with his left hand. ”Not here quite yet, and no haven’t had a chance to text her yet.” He noted Kalama’s wince as she held her phone, but couldn’t tell what had caused the reaction. “Probably that the TA is in an orchestra or something or even just likes being in charge. Seemed pretty easy to annoy too, though I am not sure what set her off.” Caleb gave an easy shrug, confidently dismissing the concerns they’d brought before him. However it went, he was certain that he would be able to handle it either with his words or if really needed his fists, though he was certain it would never come to that.

Making sure the hallway was clear of people who could overhear them and stowing his phone back in his pocket, Caleb moved closer to Rowan and gave him a gentle pat of the back. “Besides, we have Rowan with us! If we got into some real trouble, he could just call an elephant to sit on the problem!” His last pat on Rowan’s back lingered for just a second before he pulled his left hand back. He gave Rowan a curious glance out of the side of his eye to see how he had reacted to the contact. Rowan hadn’t said no to him continuing his advances after all.

“Just me for now though.” He replied to Rowan’s question. “I think the others should be getting here soon. Honestly, I tuned out when Kyle explained his plan so I am not certain who else is coming, besides Kyle and Val. The only reason I am here a bit early is that I was already out and about visiting Daria this morning. She mentioned she knows you both! You guys should come by tomorrow, I’m gonna bring some of the devil’s lettuce and eat some hospital pudding cups. Besides, I’m sure she’d appreciate some more company.” Caleb gave a lazy yawn, speaking casually as he stretched his left arm across his body showing off some of the heavy muscles lining his frame.
Caleb Walker

Caleb left the bar and headed over to the gym. He considered it quite lucky for Ken that he had been so distracted, as the punching bag took all the anger and frustration Caleb poured into in his place. After a quick shower, he headed back out to the parking lot, round a corner to his beat up old Volkswagen bus. The thing held a remnant of the dark green coat of paint that had originally been on it, now a myriad of scratches, sun damage and rust speckled over the ancient exterior. The inside wasn't nearly so bad though, Caleb had added enough blankets and pillows that it was hard not to make yourself comfortable in the back. In addition, some of the repairs he had done with Coach provided him with some basic necessities to survive like a small electric stovetop powered by a scavenged solar panel that worked at least some of the time. It was pretty easy to grab a quick bite from the gym cafe as he got at least one meal a day for free.

If his credit hadn't been destroyed the second his father got his social security number he may have had enough credit to apply for one of those life ruining student debt loans, but he made do. Besides, he considered, all this was temporary, once he got into Pi Phi Gamma, he’d actually have some room to get some actual stuff, along with some ways to actually make some money in the future. He pulled out his phone and saw the text message from the TA, and wondered vaguely how he had been inappropriate with her. Had he hit on her in the past? He didn’t think so, but he could be wrong. ‘I guess I should actually start writing that paper if I gotta bring one to class. I wonder if Val knows…” He shot Val a quick text ’ayy octopus bring ya essay tomorrow to the ta seems low-key pressed’

He glanced over the assignment himself and turned on the voice typing function on his google doc app and started speaking in accordance to the essay prompt. It was easier than typing his entire essay with his thumbs and he wasn’t interested in heading over to the library right now. The day’s revelations had been… a lot. Caleb still wasn’t quite sure how he felt about it all. Other people were like him. Some of them were assholes who threw up on your shoes. Some of them were hot. Some of them seemed to have very few social skills. One was Val. The key, however, was none of them could help him with controlling the fire that something inside him was conjuring, he shuddered and glanced over to the brand new fire extinguisher lying within arms reach of him.

Soon enough, sleep came and with it so did his dreams. He was nude in a dark sea, the water seeming to writhe around him chaotically, the motion making no sense to his sense. The only light he could see was a blazing figure standing in the sky above him, hands clasped in anger. The motion of the water around him shifted and the water began to rise around himself. He started and tried to move up, keep his head above water, but the water felt strange not like a liquid but like something alive. What he had assumed was water, was instead an unfathomable amount of rats surrounding him and about to drown him with their sheer numbers. Having realized this, he could feel their sharps claws cutting into this skin. He reached a hand out to the fiery figure, and opened his mouth to scream for help only to find he could make no sound. All but his hand and one eye covered he saw the figure descend and seize his hand and felt the flesh melting off in the primal flame of the figures touch.

Saturday 23 September 2017
8:00 AM

And then he was awake, panting, and sitting straight upright with the fire extinguisher in his hands as he frantically glanced around him and his hand to make sure he was safe. For now, all seemed fine. He groaned in annoyance and flopped back on his nest of blankets. He texted the group ’anyone else getting real sick of this dream shit’

Caleb stood at the entrance of the hospital hall, his fingers clasping and unclasping themselves, trying to motivate himself to take another step forward. Everytime he attempted to, a cold shiver ran down his spine at the thought of what he was going to put himself through. He mentally ran down his checklist: ice pack, ibuprofen, stress ball, and an emergency beer if it really became too much. He was gonna get through it. Caleb took a deep breath and focused on the way he was going to walk. Swagger like his took time and attention after all, he joked to himself. He took one step forward and then another before giving Daria’s door a quick rap, before entering!
“Daria! Prince Charming is here!”

Through the comfortable haze of hospital-grade painkillers, Daria almost believed him for a moment before she blinked and realized her visitor’s real identity. “Caleb!’ She greeted him warmly, pleased that he was visiting again. If he had visited before. She was pretty sure he had, but it was difficult to tell dreams from reality with the meds, and there were some details of his last visit in her memory that she was pretty sure weren’t true.

“Do you want pudding? They give you so much food here,” She offered, using her good hand to push the unopened chocolate pudding cup towards him. The left side of her body was more or less fine, with the few superficial burns now completely healed. But the right side, where the fire had started on the center console between them, was a different story. Burns of varying severity made a messy patchwork from thigh to shoulder, worst of all on her hands that had tried to undo her seatbelt, put out the fire, and pull the melting plastic off of her body.

Despite that she was still an attractive young woman, with a bright smile and girl-next-door charm that carried through even under the circumstances. “Isn’t it friday? You don’t have a party to go to, or someone more exciting to hang out with than a cripple like me?” She teased with a mischievous grin.

Caleb put a hand over his heart in mock outrage, “How dare you underestimate the sheer depth of which I love hospital pudding? No casual friday night hook up could match the desire this tiny pot of chocolate gold inspires in me! Plus you are not the worst company, I just stole the pudding of a comatose patient down the hall and he was a terrible conversationalist!”

Caleb smiled at her and grabbed a chair, spinning it around, and sat in it backwards. He gently took the pudding from her good hand. Her left side was just about done, but the right had some serious work left to go. Her right hand had suffered the most fire and it was the spot that seemed the most potentially painful for him. He had decided it was his next target yesterday, the only way past his fear was to face it head on after all.

“Thanks for fitting me into your busy appointment schedule by the way! Must be hard to do between getting high and napping.” He took a luxurious bite of the pudding, though it could only be called okay at best, and overemphasized a loud mmm as he took a bite. “Hey, I know a magic trick! I bet I can distract you from being lightly crisped if you promise I can have your pudding tomorrow.”

Giggling at his antics, Daria let herself be charmed by her visitor’s corny performance. Some small part of her wanted to resent him for everything that had happened, even though it wasn’t his fault - but right now all of those negative thoughts were a million miles away, courtesy of the drugs that were -as he so delicately pointed out - getting her high.

“If you stay high, you don’t gotta get high!” the coed joked in her best RuPaul voice, a surprisingly apt impersonation. Making funny voices had always been one of her talents, much to the frustration of those who spent longer than a day around her. “But seriously, thanks for coming. The nurses aren’t really paying too much attention to me, which I guess is a good thing.” She shrugged, then grimaced as shrugging moved her bum arm.

“I expect some real magic if you’re expecting to get paid a whole pudding cup for it,” She warned with a mock-serious expression. “The going rate for phony fakey magic is two shreds of lettuce from my baked chicken burger.”

Caleb laughed at the irony of the statement and replied “My god, the economy for magicians is even harsher than I could have imagined!” He stuck his own right hand out of sight behind the chair with his ice pack already resting on top of it. “Okay go ahead and close your eyes, otherwise the magic won’t work.” After making sure Daria had actually closed her eyes, Caleb began chanting “Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Mega Alakazam, alohamora, expelliarmus, open sesame!” He reached out a gave a sharp, more surprising than hurtful flick to her ear, before reaching down and touching her shoulder in the moment of her surprise.

As soon as he made contact, he was back in the truck. The flames were crawling up the sides, Daria screaming as she desperately clawed at her seatbelt as the plastic began to melt into the flesh of her sides and hands. Except this time, it was his hands clawing at the seat buckle, trying to escape, sheer agony overwhelmed him for a moment almost losing consciousness at the burst of pain in his hand. Rather than turn red as it had when he had healed Val’s minor injuries. Caleb’s hand turned jet black behind the chair, the ice pack doing nothing to prevent the pain.

He didn’t heal the whole injury of course, it would be noticed too quickly, but all the major underlying damage and severe scarring was taken away. In due time, her hand would regain full mobility and be left with nothing but some small scars. Most importantly, the pain for Daria would not be nearly as grim. It was the least he could do for her after all. Whatever excuse he threw out there about not being able to control it. The fire came from him so it was his responsibility. He knew he would never sleep again if he didn’t balance the scales here. He gritted his teeth in a grin and stood and spun with a dramatic flourish to hide his grimace, entering the restroom with a cry of “Alas, it seems my magic has backfired upon me! Too many pieces of lettuce!”

When the door was closed and locked, Caleb slumped onto the floor exhausted cradling his hand. The color had yet to fade even slightly, but the pain, while excruciating was not as bad as the initial burst had been. Reaching under the cabinets of the sink, he pulled out a pair of nitrile gloves. Wincing and silently writhing, he put one on his blackened hand and roughly got the other one on with his teeth. He took a moment to collect himself, wipe his face, flush the toilet and turn the sink on for a moment before exiting the restroom with his trademark grin on his face, gloved hands held before him. “Daria! We should play Doctor later!” He gave an exaggerated flirtatious wink to go with his playful tone. “Especially, if I keep upping your morphine!”

“Whoa hey!” Daria exclaimed as he flicked her, shaking her head like her flopping bob cut would be any protection from further petty assaults on her defenseless ears. His ruse had worked, so when she opened her eyes to scold him the only thing on her mind was the trick he had played. She was surprised and amused when he ran off rather than face the wrath of a bedridden theater major - a tough guy like him could surely take worse than she was dishing out.

“Too much lettuce? Is there any such thing?” she called after him, glancing at her tray for anything she could use for revenge. Discarded lettuce was the only weapon she could find, so she gathered a few shreds into her good hand, but had trouble positioning them well. With a preparatory grimace she reached her right hand over to try and nudge the pieces around, but when she flexed her fingers to move her projectile into position she was surprised to discover the joints bent without the creaking pain she was becoming used to. She flexed the burned digits experimentally and winced when the skin started to stretch, but found that motion was far easier than it had been with the nurse only a few hours ago.

She supposed a positive attitude really must make a difference when it came to healing. He had only been there three minutes but she was already feeling much better both emotionally and physically! It was almost like… magic. She shuddered as she thought about the other inexplicable event in her life recently. One that Caleb had also been present for. A coincidence, surely, but an odd one.

As he came out of the bathroom with that goofy grin of his plastered across his face, she chided herself for her suspicions. He was the only one who had visited more than once except her family, and she was high as tits. Everything would make more sense once she was out of the hospital and thinking clearly. Right now she just wanted to enjoy his company.

“Sounds like fun,” She agreed with a wink of her own. “I’ll play the wise, experienced Doctor and you can be my slutty nurse!”

“Oh Doctor! I seem to have dropped my pen!” Caleb turned around and bent down to pick up his imaginary pen giving her a good show. Coming back up, he glanced at the time and then looked back to her. “I can’t stay too much longer today, I am afraid I got class in a bit, and apparently if I ditch any more of that professor’s class she isn’t gonna let me back in for some reason! Still, got at least a bit more time, and I will come by tomorrow round the same time to collect my hard-won pudding cup.” He scooted his chair up closer to her bed looking thoughtful.

“Let’s see what story shall I tell you about today? I can tell you why I am never going to try and help an emo kid again, or the latest words Val has learned in english, ooooo or I can make you jealous by telling you about my latest targets of my vicious flirting… one of them has a surprisingly nice set of dreads for a white guy.”

Daria stuck out her tongue when he mentioned his latest target, as much to cover a pang of jealousy as to tease him. She felt dumb expecting anything more from him, yet the disappointment was still there. This was not exactly the exciting fresh start she had been hoping for when she hooked up with him two weeks ago.

Then she put two and two together. “Oh shit, a white guy with dreads? Kal’s roommate, whatsisface… Rowan! That guy?” She raised an eyebrow at him skeptically. “That’s your type? You can do better.” She blew him a kiss and winked. “Not as good as me, obviously, but like… better.”

Distracted by the drugs, she didn’t realize she’d brought up Kalama until after she finished talking. Was that a mistake? She still wasn’t sure if he knew she had a girlfriend at the time or not. It wasn’t exactly a conversation she had been keen to have with him.

Caleb blinked in surprise "You know Rowan and Kal? Huh small world! I can't remember if I knew if they were roommates." He paused for a moment checking to see if he felt that same magnetic sensation in his chest as he had with the others, but felt nothing with some relief, "Give me a break I just met those people yesterday! Hippie's can be hot! And that Kal seem's like a tough nut to crack, I get some real self-sabotage vibes you know? Besides, I am sure no one is as good as you! Why do you think I keep coming around? Once you're all healed up we can finish up our night together... maybe on a waterbed this time though huh?” He gave an uncharacteristically small, soft smile and patted her good hand.

I don't think Kal is much one for nuts, tough or otherwise, Daria thought but decided against saying aloud. There was too much to think about right now, and the guilt was eating at her. She chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip, managing only a very small smile in reply. Now she felt like complete garbage, which was definitely not how she saw this visit going. But if he was going to be spending a lot of time around them, he would figure the truth out sooner or later…

"Yeah, sounds good," She answered, yawning as big as she could. "Hey, as much as I appreciate the visit I'm crashing pretty hard. I might need to catch a quick nap." It sounded like a lame excuse even to her own ears, but she didn't feel nearly ready for confession time.

"Such a layabout! Here, head up for a second." He gently supported her back on its good side to help her up and took her pillow out with the same hand, the other still out of commission, flipping it to the cooler side and fluffing it up a bit. "Get some rest, Doctor..." He gave her cheek a quick pat, healing her side just the smallest bit to make her feel more comfortable as she slept. With that he left the room and went back into the hall. Immediately, he swallowed some ibuprofen hoping the placebo effect would kick in and make his hand more manageable. Checking the skin under his glove, found his skin still black but at least a lighter shade of black. With a sign he walked off, heading towards the TA's classroom.
Caleb Walker

Caleb opened his mouth about to argue that he had only asked a question, but caught the meaning in Val’s glance and grumbled wordlessly to himself instead. He could sense he had upset her somewhat and did not want to worsen her mood. He gave a brief nod in Kalama’s direction and then focused on the others. Whatever Kalama was bringing to the table, the fact of the matter here is that it did not seem like anyone knew how he could teach him to contain his latent pyrokinesis. Luckily there at least seemed a path forward he could take solace in. A half-remember thought was bouncing around in the back of his head however, something bothering him that he couldn’t quite put words too.

Kyle was talking a lot all of the sudden, Caleb paid as much attention as he could but eventually just lost interest. What the hell was he talking about Elysia’s uniqueness for? How would that help get the info out? Pincer formation? Caleb gave Kyle a big thumbs up after he had finished his speech and let out a satisfied ”Sure! Tomorrow’s fine. Honestly, the professor strikes me as one of those guys who has some really specialized knowledge and then just totally clueless about everything else.”

Caleb laughed at Rowan’s joke and gently nudged him with a hand, ”You’d think he’d be delighted! We are all SO very pretty, after all.” He moved his hand to face and posed like a model out of a fashion magazine, eyes turned to the sky, finger delicately resting against his cheek. It didn’t hurt that Caleb had muscles like that of any built male model either to help complete the effect. He wanted to put on a good show after all, that smile from Rowan had been quite nice.

After Kalama’s suggestion, Caleb took his phone out, found the digital copy of the syllabus he had downloaded, but never actually read and found the number. He typed out a quick text to the TA, ‘Hey this be caleb from witch class, the hot one, can we meet tomorrow? ya boi got some questions from his study group to go over. Hit ya boi up for when be litty for ya. ’ He didn’t really know much about her frankly, his intuition had not really picked anything up, but he chalked that up to having not spent enough time observing her. It wasn’t like he had ever attended any office hours of essentially anyone teaching here at BCC.

”Alright sent the TA a text, I’ll get us a time to meet tomorrow.” Caleb stretched his arms up in the air, loosening his body up from its previous stress, having been stuck in his seat for so long, and the now fading pain of Val’s arms. ”We got the text group up now so we can stay in contact, so we are good for now right? I’m gonna go ahead and hit up the gym right now, the showers before and after, so if you wanted to stay in ‘groups’ feel free to join in.” He paused and grew suddenly stern pointing directly at Val. ”You are good to work out again, but I am not doing that shit again. No more overworking your body, as your sometimes trainer/ workout buddy, I am ordering you to take the night off.” He glared down at her in faux seriousness, before giving her a genuine smile. The plan to hunt down Ken could wait for now, there was a lot going that was fairly distracting.
Caleb Walker

Caleb was going to call Val out for calling him a pretty girl, the caught his reflection on a distant and mirror and conceded the point to her with a suplicating nod of his head. He would, in fact, make a rather stunning girl. He was starting to feel like himself again. Despite, all the insanity his life was going through this was just another obstacle in his way. A wall he had to break through and nothing could keep him out of the ring for long.

It looked like Elysia had signed something at Val, but Caleb couldn't tell one sign from another. Now, she was looking for something in the textbook, which seemed a fair use of time. Kyle's sudden understanding of his ability and explanation pulled Caleb in two ways: jealousy and feeling as though he had been somehow violated. "You didn't know what you were doing. Fair. Don't pull that shit on me ever again unless I agree to it first." There were many uses of that power that seemed insanely useful however, he could tell a whole lot of rich people that they were feeling real generous that day.

Kalama made some decent points about not exposing themselves quite yet and the risk that the professor knew what was going on. Caleb hesitated briefly, not having thought that this might have been a purposeful side effect, then rallied quickly. He tugged gently on Val's arm to try to get her to sit down. "If that's the case, then Kyle and I should go talk to him. Kyle can use his 'emotional sonar' to put the whammy on him make him chatty or honest and then make him real forgetful. I can probably manage some of Kyle's symptoms too if I am there. No need to mention magic at all. Plus then no one else has to be in the room. No offense, I just don't think we need any extra arms, animals, sleeping pictures, or ...." He frowned for a moment and looked at Kalama. "What is it that you can do? Extreme barista skills?"
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