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@codex I'm honestly a sucker for vampires (pun insteaded =]>)
@codex For the few I can think of for now;

- The world has been over run by vampires and 100 years has now passed. We could play as humans trying to make a come back, vampires rebelling agents the ones in charge, or a mix of both.

- Play as elven folk who is royalty, but does not know it. This elf is told to go on a mission to find there true ancestry and learn who they really are.
- Play as sirens who can become human if they kiss a broken hearted human who has turned to the sea.
- Play as humans in need of a dragon’s heart to save their king that has fallen ill.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, I will post more when I can think of more.
You may call me Cara or Arthrin, I go by either. Either way, it is been awhile since I have RPed but I am currently only interested in just a few genres;

- Fantasy
- Vampire
- Mutants/Cross Breeds

Oh and also this;
***Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)
If you wanna RP this one I will love you and squeeze you and love you forever!

I know, plain and boring, but before we begin I would want to throw some plot ideas around and see what we can come up with first.
Now I am also open minded, so if you wanna try out something else I am open for ideas but if it is something I am not as familiar with I will probably turn it down.

Pairings I will do;
FxM or MxM. I have personally never done a FxF but if your heart is set on it I can try it out. I will also play male or female, to me it does not matter.

Things you should know about me;
- I am very chatty and open minded =D. So whatever ideas you got throw’em my way!
- Also, I always double. I don’t know why but I love playing more than one character. Now, I will start typically with one but another will arise at some point. You don’t HAVE to do that as well but it would defiantly be preferred.

Things I do not like;
Being allergic to cats. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I cannot pet them! Life is cruel.

Thing that are common sense to me;
- Characters will have some type of relationship with each other at some point. Not to say this HAS to happen but 95% of the time it does. So 18+ for my writing style.
- If I take my time and write out something lengthy please return the favor. It is common curtesy. There are few times it is understandable but other than that please be polite =).
- I will stop the RP if our writing styles do not work together or the RP is not fun for us anymore. It happens from time to time and just like any relationship not all of them work out. I would rather not waste someone’s time on a dead-end RP if we both aren’t enjoying it.
- Mistakes with spelling and grammar happen, it is fine. Please don't type like lol/jk/lmao for characters though. You are pushing my niceness.

Things that happen because I am human;
I have been known to not respond back right away. I have two jobs, I do side gigs, I have a social life, a rabbit, etc. So if I do not respond right away I am very sorry but I will get to it as SOON as possible! (Atleast one post a week minimum.)

I honestly think that bout covers everything! =D Hit me up!
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