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@Cherrywitch Sorry for my lack of activity, I'm staying with family at the moment and WiFi is limited~
I'm actually quite interested. I like how you've given an old idea a new twist. ^_^
Duuude, Charon is ripped. #bodygoals

Is it okay if I post my unfinished character now, and edit them later?
I need to restart my laptop and I've already written stuff that I don't wanna lose~

Oh boy, never have I been this excited for hell the underworld!
Can I reserve gluttony, please?

EDIT: If possible, I plan on making Gluttony female... But if you'd rather have them be male, I can always try and work around that.
@Scio Mind if I join? :)
Count me in. I'm always ready to be slam dunked into one of the nine circles of hell the underworld.
If I can find the time, I'd most definitely be interested! :)
I'm also interested in Guilty Pleasures.
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