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4 days ago
Current Wooo! Nothing like coming back from a hiatus!! I’m pumped!!
2 mos ago
Why does all my roleplays just die at once?! Whyyy?! If anyone needs a member for their RP, hit me up please!
4 mos ago
Some people are like "oh yeah my friend draws this all for me", so nonchalant. Like, I would cry if someone made anything for me, damn.
4 mos ago
Ever feel like you're a curse? Every rp I join dies within days. I'm like a freaking black mamba or some crap!
5 mos ago
Just checked my subs to clear it up only to find most of them had died. Guess I'm free for more rps? ^_^"
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So, my name is Cherrywitch, but call me whatever! (Cherry, Cher, Cherry-kohai, it's pretty open.)

What's your personality?
I consider myself fairly laid back, and a lot of people like me for some reason. I'm highly sarcastic and well... Weird. I kid around a lot and love to play. I can be awkward and pretty confusing at times, but I'm very imaginative and friendly! However, I'm sort of a 'dandere.' I'm really shy, even virtually, so you kind of have to come to me first if you want to chat or something. Heh, sorry about that. ^^

What do you like?
Yes, I am a weeaboo and proud. I'm addicted to anime and especially love the comedy ones. I'm also a gamer chick, and my favorite video game is Mortal Kombat because it was the first I ever played. I also have a strange liking towards mythology, especially from Asia.

How are you roleplay-wise?
I am a fandom/fantasy role player for the most part, but will also play futuristic topics if they interest me or dark-themed modern roleplays.

I've been on other rp forums before, so I kind of know the ropes. I'd consider myself an average writer. I write at my worst about four sentences and at my best four paragraphs depending on my mood and what I'm given to respond to. My grammar could be better, but it's pretty decent in my opinion. I play both 1x1 and group, and I'm always open for new roleplays! If you're interested in me joining one, don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite... Maybe just a nibble. :3

Sadly, I can't be on too much, what with real life and all. If I do get on, it should be about 2 hours during school days and twice that on weekends.

(Yes this is my intro post. Did I forget to mention I'm incredibly lazy? Whoops.)

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A light smirk played on the soft lips, golden eyes flicking back with an amused and condescending sharpness. ”Like I really care if you think I’m a jerk.” I act like this on purpose, you big oaf. Raphael twitched at his own thoughts, annoying himself with them. How childish. He pushed people away as usual, his tactic was effective, but it still seemed so juvenile. @ReveTheDreamer

Before he could trouble himself any longer, Raph darted off as far away from the building and Kludd as he could get. He preferred to be alone, anyway. Now, hopefully, his reputation of possessing a bad attitude will spread like wildfire and leave him joyfully alone, in silence.

Raphael slowed down as a large tree came into focus, stopping completely at the base. He hummed to himself with interest, taking a hold of a divet in the trunk to pull himself up, scaling the tree until he reached the shaded canopy of leaves above. Raph cozied himself up in the nook of knotted branches and peacefully felt his eyes grow heavy. Sleep took over, leaving the fae boy appearing like an angelic doll under the shaking sunlight which filtered through the openings in the emerald leaves. He seemed so much happier, so much more innocent when he slept.

The small boy jolted at the voice, leaping to his feet in a catlike manner and nearly attacking. Instead, Raph stiffened his muscles into a defensive stance, eyes wild and on edge similar to a cornered animal.

Raphael let him finish his piece, clenching his teeth with frustration. ”I don’t need money.” He stated bluntly, standing straight as he matched Kludd’s stance. ”I do it for the thrill. Look, just stay out of my business, and I won’t bother you again. I hate when people pretend they give a crap, so don’t.” His words were harshly cold, not matching his pretty golden appearance at all.

The faerie turned away sharply, stuffing his hands into his pockets and beginning to march away once more, grinding his teeth still.
Heheh, that was easier than I thought. Always fun to swipe from the big gu—

That was the last train of thought running through Raph’s mind before the world around him spun erratically. As his thin body hit the ground, his jacket the only kind of cushion, Raphael realized he had been caught.

How..?! I’ve never been snagged. Holding his throbbing wrist, Raphael raised a defiant and almost aggressive glare to the tall man, golden eyes sharp. He had a free ticket, so to speak, into this school as well as a place to live. Hell if he was losing it to some giant.

With the speed of a true thief, Raph flipped himself onto one foot to push off running, snatching the hood on his jacket and drawing it over his face tight. Unsurprisingly for his small size, Raphael had dodged his way in between surprised students and out of the greeting room, landing himself outside and behind the building. Panting, Raphael slid down against the wall, running a hand through his golden locks. ”... It wasn’t like I was going to keep it. I guess he didn’t know that though.” The fae boy grumbled to himself, shutting his pretty long eyelashes over his eyes. He could sleep here.

If I find something really spectacularly written or particularly funny, I usually go ahead and like it or “funny” it, IC or OOC. ^_^
Jessica Belle Adams
Jezzabell, the Lion Tamer

Interactions: The Ringleader @Aleranicus
Location: Lion tamer tent —> The Ringleader’s tent

There seemed to be a chillier air tonight. Even the animals shifted in discomfort, voicing their complaints to the one human who spoke their language.

Jessica had already wrapped the elephants up in big blankets, had made the tigers comfortable, had undressed the two bears and sang them to sleep. Her night of performances and care taking was over, yet she still sat propped against her beloved Apollo, gently running a comb through the magnificent mane.

The beast lay still, almost as if he was fast asleep, the only thing clueing you otherwise was the occasional blink of his eyes or a husky purr emanating from his chest. Jessica gave a little smile, brushing her fingers along his outer ear. ”... Another one is gone, Apollo. Another performer lost his life.” The melancholy voice whispered, causing the lion to shift open his deep brown eyes in worry. ”... I know, I know. You told me before to not make myself so worried...”

The tamer absent mindedly began to twirl her blond locks around her index, a stressed expression creasing her brow. ”It just makes me wonder how many have died throughout the years... who they lost when they passed away. Was it even worth it? I’m not too sure why we’re fighting at times.” Apollo firmly lifted his head, staring directly at her with a flick of his tail. Jessica smiled, understanding just what he meant. ”Thank you, my beauty. That does make me feel much better.”

As Jessica began to lovingly scratch his ears— much to Apollo’s purring delight— she heard a small chirping voice. The blonde turned to a small little pidgeon, with iridescent gray feathers and wide curious eyes, to whom she held out her arm for it to perch. It’s message was sent much easier to her, who nodded easily with understanding of the clicks and coos. ”I see. Please tell the Ringleader I will be there soon.”

The pidgeon fluttered off with an awkward flapping of glee, Jessica rising to her feet and Apollo following suit. The tamer turned to her feline companion with a small grin, bowing down to lightly peck his forehead with her lips. ”I’m afraid the invitation wasn’t extended to you, my dear. I will be back soon.” Apollo laid back down with an unamused huff, watching with sharp eyes as Jessica left the tent, lightly tapping her hip where the golden whip sat out of a force of habit.

The curtains of the tent were lightly brushed aside, accompanied by a quiet ”Mr. Magnus..?” Jessica stepped in lightly, folding her hands in front of her and gazing curiously at the ringleader. ”You sent for me and the other performers, yes? ...May I ask why you chose a pidgeon? It’s not really your style.”
@Insert Alias Hehe, hes kinda a pick pocket, but the type that’ll realize he has no reason to really take them and so just slips it back later untouched. He’s not bad, he’s just a little messy.
”Tch.” The small boy clicked his tongue in distaste as he propped himself up against the school’s wall. Raphael absentmindedly twirled a stud earring around in his earlobe, avoiding eye contact with others as much as humanly— or, “fairily”— possible.
It had been less than a week by his count since he had discovered his fae origins, out of the mouth of his true birth mother herself. Raph was still annoyed by the idea, so much it almost made that magical blood that ran through his veins boil. On top of all that, and running away from home to be a migrant lounging on school property, the damned headmistress actually had forced him to enroll. Rather, she threatened him nonchalantly that if he didn’t either enroll or get the hell off her property, she was going to tell his family just where he had run off too. Evil woman..
Raphael pulled his jacket a little tighter in the chilly autumn air, glad for the sunlight that poured down at least. Eventually they decided to let the group of waiting students inside, Raph one of the first to bolt his way inside so he didn’t get stuck next to other people.
Raphael sat about as far away from others as he could, tuning out the blabbering of the headmistress and allowing his golden eyes to wander the outside world beyond this school. He already felt claustrophobic in here.

Soon enough the whole introduction was over, and the blonde boy pushed out of the wooden seat to go scower the place on his own. His golden eyes flickered between the mass of students, feeling nausea rise in his throat at how obviously fake they were to each other: smiling and laughing with complete strangers? Give him a break.
But, a sudden lightbulb clicked on in his head. Well... if they’re so busy chatting it up, they probably wouldn’t notice a pickpocket walking off with their wallets, now would they? A slight evil smirk played on his lips, finding his target (anyone) and elegantly sweeping behind them, nimble fingers taking hold of the corner of their wallet from their back pocket and quickly stuffing it into his jacket.
@Aleranicus I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean, heheh.. ^_^” do you mean just actually adding an extra space in between the paragraphs, or..?
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