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14 May 2017 3:03
Current Just checked my subs to clear it up only to find most of them had died. Guess I'm free for more rps? ^_^"
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17 Apr 2017 19:45
Minor family emergency. Posts may be limited.
9 Apr 2017 17:31
I'm a special little bean! :3
26 Mar 2017 3:43
Might be absent this week, having a group of friends over for spring break!
13 Feb 2017 2:11
One day: "Man, no replies..." Few Days Later: 1,874,980 new replies!



So, my name is Cherrywitch, but call me whatever! (Cherry, Cher, Cherry-kohai, it's pretty open.)

What's your personality?
I consider myself fairly laid back, and a lot of people like me for some reason. I'm highly sarcastic and well... Weird. I kid around a lot and love to play. I can be awkward and pretty confusing at times, but I'm very imaginative and friendly! However, I'm sort of a 'dandere.' I'm really shy, even virtually, so you kind of have to come to me first if you want to chat or something. Heh, sorry about that. ^^

What do you like?
Yes, I am a weeaboo and proud. I'm addicted to anime and especially love the comedy ones. I'm also a gamer chick, and my favorite video game is Mortal Kombat because it was the first I ever played. I also have a strange liking towards mythology, especially from Asia.

How are you roleplay-wise?
I am a fandom/fantasy role player for the most part, but will also play futuristic topics if they interest me or dark-themed modern roleplays.

I've been on other rp forums before, so I kind of know the ropes. I'd consider myself an average writer. I write at my worst about four sentences and at my best four paragraphs depending on my mood and what I'm given to respond to. My grammar could be better, but it's pretty decent in my opinion. I play both 1x1 and group, and I'm always open for new roleplays! If you're interested in me joining one, don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite... Maybe just a nibble. :3

Sadly, I can't be on too much, what with real life and all. If I do get on, it should be about 2 hours during school days and twice that on weekends.

(Yes this is my intro post. Did I forget to mention I'm incredibly lazy? Whoops.)

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I was looking for a pirate rp, really interested if you'll have me! ^_^
The Witch stared blankly at Code, seeming unimpressed. He likes to talk a lot, don't he? Cherry's eyebrow twitches in slight annoyance, she already tuning him out so that he sounded like an adult from Charlie Brown. The pink haired girl noticed the pony leap through the portal Code had pointed out. I didn't know we could just leave!! The Witch bolted into the portal, Ysran preceding her by a few seconds. Stupid tiny legs!!!

As she made it through, Cherry stumbled a bit and had to catch her balance. By the time she had regained that, she looked around to see they were on a mountain, and a stampede of samurai running for their lives from... a shadow.

The Witch glanced to her comrades, before frowning. Where was Broomy? He must have returned a while ago... Cherry went to the edge and looked down, eyes wide and curious. "Are... we in Japan?" Cherry smiled bright with excitement. "Its, where I'm from! Well, not me, but my character! I've always wanted to see it myself!!" The pink haired Witch seemed ecstatic, spinning around so her skirt flew around her legs. "Cmon, lets go, lets go!! I can't wait!!"
@RokkuHoshi Oh, um. Maybe whilst she is riding broomy, there's a barrier that reduces damage taken by a small amount? I didn't want to make it too powerful. ^_^"
The Witch squeaked in surprise as Broomy buckled under her, she glancing back at Ysran with an annoyed look. Poor Broomy! Cherry patted the broomstick like a dog to comfort it. When no one answered the elf, the bubblegum pink haired girl just shrugged at him. "Theyll catch up, I guess?"

Broomy took off after Rockin on a sort of auto pilot, just following the pony through the skies. Still, Cherry held on in case any sudden turns were needed, since Broomy couldn't quite make quick decisions like a human could.

They slowly were lowered so they could get off by the crucible piece, Cherry hopping off quickly and landing on the ground with a little "hup!"

Curiously, the witch examined the piece from a distance. Eh, it was weird looking, wasn't it...? Certainly not a chaos emerald, as Rawk had suggested. Though it did seem a bit too easy, this was only the first piece, right? It'll get harder further into the levels, she was sure.

As a green glow flashed around them, Cherry rubbed at her eyes childishly. "Eh? What? What was that?" She quickly took note of her surroundings, paling at the sight. "Scary..." And who was that guy who knew her name? Weirdo. What was he even babbling about?

The piece was held out to her, the Witch frowning worriedly. Should she really touch that? She won't be cursed or something? Hesitantly, Cherry lightly poked the piece and felt... stronger? The Witch seemed confused, but didn't question it. She watched the piece be placed in the hole by the weird hooded guy, pouting.
@RokkuHoshi I'll reply a little later. For Cherry, I think an upgrade to Broomy. A little stronger wood, a little faster flight and quicker summon time.
@RokkuHoshi Yeah, I knew that, don't worry. XD
As the monster neared, Cherry made a small squeak of fear as she slid a little further behind Ysran. As the monster gave, well, she supposed it was a wave, Cherry returned it with a meager wave back. "... Not a talker, is he?" She muttered with some sarcasm, hesitantly scooting just slightly out from behind the elf, still close enough that she could duck behind him if she required a human shield.

Noticing a shadow upon the ground, Cherry lifted her bright pink eyes curiously to just see a pony land near them.

"I found— who's the girl?"

The Witch pouted, quite cutely to say the least. She was a woman, dammit! Eighteen years equals adult! Of course, she looked far from it in this form.

"Oh... so, you're the "Rockin'" he was talking about...?" She gave a small nod to Rawk, eyeing up the pony curiously. A... talking, Pegasus? Jesus, is this wasn't real, Cherry thought she must be tripping some serious balls right then. "Erm, I mean, hi. I'm Cherrywitch, but Cherry is fine. Um, so, piece? I guess you can explain it to me along the way." She gave a quick whistle and Broomy darted to her side, ready for flight as the witch climbed onto it. "Room for one more here too. Lead the way."
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Niflheim Sokolov

The Violet Reaper
Location: City W, Main Street
Interactions: @Archmage MC@Polaris North

He, knows my moves that well? Flash Forward isn't only fast on foot, but fast intellectually as well.

Violet merely seemed a bit surprised on the outside, holding the other thoughts firmly behind her casual mask of a face. No emotions can seep through. None. Too much emotion in any situation can ruin a person.

Inside she was scared, terrified even. No, she couldn't control that attack. In fact, it was almost as if it was done subconsciously, with little to no influence from her. And to cause such destruction... Violet would shudder if Flash weren't so close. Though Flash was a respected person, someone fairly trustworthy and one she likes to fight alongside, which is rare for a loner such as herself... She, just couldn't tell him. She couldn't tell anyone. Not about her new powers and certainly not about her fear of them. Violet Reaper could only share the first half with the one who bestowed upon her the dark magic, and would have to surpress her emotions of fear and uncertainty down into the very back of her mind as she normally would. Fear was a sickness, one that kills every soldier. She couldn't show fear.

"...You do not have to worry about me, Flash. It's just a new move I was working on. I'm fine." She lowered her head as she murmured this, avoiding eye contact with the male. It's none of your business.

Hopefully, he wouldn't press any further. When Toon Girl arrived after the conversation, Reaper merely blinked at her. "I, actually wanted to go see my brother. You both have fun." Reaper turned quickly to leave. No, she wasn't going to see her little mouse.

She had to see Sinnister.
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@Polaris North Ahh jeez sorry I forgot about that. I wrote a small post, I hope it's okay. Wasn't really too sure what to write..
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Niflheim Sokolov

The Violet Reaper
Location: City W, Main Street
Interactions: @Archmage MC@Polaris North


Reaper took a hesitant glance at the sickly looking monster meat, only just barely choking back vomit at the idea of consuming something like that. Maybe Light is fine, but Niflheim happened to be a human, and one without the cast iron stomach in order to not get sick.

"I... I'm fine. Really. Don't worry about me."

As she muttered this, is the Ukrainian woman lifted her eyes to see the cleanup crew arrive, along with the expected pack of news reporters. The Violet Reaper visibly cringed in disgust. She hated being mobbed by them. They were so loud and annoying. It reminded her of a particular Witch at the Association...

Light had already taken her leave, and Violet stood to get out of there as well, gently reaching down to help Flash to his feet and get him to one of the helicopters so he could be treated in the infirmary. He had a strange look on his face. "...Is something wrong, Flash? Do your feet hurt? I could carry you if you wish." She offered innocently. It was common to help a close friend in the Ukraine, no matter their gender. A woman carrying a hurt man bridal style wasn't a blow to the masculinity, unless the woman was particularly scrawny.
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