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Current Being licked to death by a puppy. :D
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Alrighty. Well, see all you wonderful RPers Wednesday, maybe Thursday! Replies will come then!
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Whoooooo! One post per day on average!!!!
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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein
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Honestly, too much Percabeth fanfic exists. I just spent an hour reading one. (Hahaha postponing soso much) #percabeth


Hi! As you all can see, my name is Arya(10108909). It is a reference to a fantasy series of books. I really like fantasy books and history, and my history classes don't really cover the history I like, but whatever. It's called researching stuff on your own.

I am interested in many kinds of role-play. I will try anything once.

I am completely willing to fangirl in PMs about any book I've read, especially THE RAVEN BOYS!!!!! #pynch #Bluesey #Cabeswater #Myeyesarefallingoutfromallthatawesomewriting!!! But especially #pynch because OMG they are sososososo CUTE!!!!

Raven Boys Quotes: “When there's a god, there's always a legion of devils.”
"People only shout when they don't have the vocabulary to whisper."
"My words are unerring tools of destruction, and I seem to be unequipped to disarm them."

For all ye Ravenites: I am Ronan Lynch
For all ye Potterheads: I am in Slytherin
For all ye PJO fans (I'm sure the fandom has a name, I just don't remember it): I am a daughter of Hades

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@SleepingSilence 7.3/10. The vocal pops were a bit weird, and the tempo was a bit funky, and the lyrics were a bit strange, but I enjoyed the melody and the singer's voice.


This seems to be a thread full of metal songs, mostly, so I'll put this here because it's calmish.
@Zelosse Added more. Sorry for the awfulness that was that CS.
Velcome. Basically, do what Tundra said and you'll be fine. :D
@Mae Okay.
Name: Gideon Hirsoi
Age: 34
Element: Earth
Personality: Gideon is always late to class, and when he gets there, he basically hands out a worksheet and says, "Go. Figure it out on your own." When he does teach, he mostly talks at the students about algebra, and then gets derailed and will entertain any math questions anyone has, of any nature.
History: Gideon's take: I'm teaching here because nowhere else would take me. The actual thing: Gideon went to Elemental Academy as a child. He doesn't remember his birth parents, but he does remember hopping from foster home to foster home until he turned 14. Then he was sent to the Academy. At the Academy, Gideon was always a troublemaker, activating color bombs in the middle of class, and putting whoopee cushions under teacher's desk chairs. Kano gave him a second chance when the boy showed up at his door years later, looking like a half-starved kitten in desperate need of healing. Gideon had always showed promise in math, and so Mr. Gideon Hisroi, math teacher, was born.
Equipment: Shortsword,
Class Taught: Math (God that's probably a terrible idea but whatever...)
Math teacher! Wooo!
Amelia Lycrosse

"You have a very nice name. Yeah, I guess Manilow's right. Sorry about the pot. I like to think of my element like hard air, so I don't truly do anything at all with the other elements. Sometimes I call them, but it's highly unlikely. Do you like to read? What genre? " Amelia had found, over the years, that inquiring about books lead to very polite conversations, although Jideh already seemed very polite. "Do you have any siblings?"

Bing!Bing! Amelia pulled out her phone and set it to vibrate, telling her brother, Later. Not now. Amelia studied Jideh for a moment then said, "You're the Flora guy, right?"
@Mae Alrighty. So basically, I need two pictures combined into one.

Basically, I need the person in the first image using magic like person in the second image. Thank you!
@Mae When you are open, and if you are still doing free commissions (I have no way to pay you RN) I would have a request.
No idea why Bieber, of all singers at this moment, but...
Jas bit her lip."I can't do much better than that unless I get better supplies. And eat." She took her piece of stale bread, and stuffed it in his mouth. "Chew," she commanded. "Lie down," Jas said once he had finished the bread. She stroked his hair and waited for him to fall asleep. Within minutes, she had also passed out.
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