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I'm still around, just waiting and thinking about what to do.
@Demon Shinobi

1, 2, or 4 is fine for me. I agree that with someone else playing your Digimon it'd be easy to get stuck, but I do think it'd be fun. I'd like to be able to double as a wild digimon too, if that's cool with you.

Yeah, of course! I'm just trying to think of what our Bern characters can all do at this point.
Ah, I see. Don't worry about it. I won't ask you to slow yourself down if you're already time constrained. I guess I got confused and was under the impression that skirmishes with Bern would happen earlier. If need be I can probably create another character that's more likely to be travelling through the market. Since @SaveusY2J's Wyvern Knight is also from Bern, maybe we can have some interactions together?
I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten you a post yet. I'm not really sure what my character would be doing other than preparing to sortie. Until the armies march against each other, she's going to be stuck in Bern. (I can totally write up a post about her preparing to sortie if that's enough for you)


Free-form battles would be simpler, I think. With grid maps, I think you'd have a lot of faffing about getting into position or moving across the map. Also, we'd need to add a movement stat if we went with grids, right?

As promised, here she is. (Can I come up with a title later?)

I'll be working on a Shaman character, so expect that today or tomorrow sometime.
Taito for Smash5.

Also, don't worry about taking a while. Real life stuff gets us all sooner or later. (this might be me later in the year as the semester ramps up, but I'll so my best to keep up with the thread)
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