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<Snipped quote by Veradana>

Thank you. I hate it when people use dark colored text. Use the top row of the provided color pallete or something equivalent, or GTFO.

I dislike it in general since I don't see the point of it most times. I always see dialogue being coloured when it's in a block of text, but if you just paragraphed stuff out like you're supposed to (new speaker=new paragraph etc.) then you wouldn't need to use colours.

But yeah, if you're going to use colour, please make sure it can be read without having to highlight the text.
Can I bitch about people using coloured text because 90% of the time that shit is completely unreadable.

You'd be better off looking through the Interest Check threads.

That's too bad. If you ever decide to restart it, just give me a holler.
Tinuviel listened closely as Aika and Fumi told their story. He'd calmed down after the initial shock of it, but even what they were telling him seemed extraordinary. Council or not, Legendary Pokemon could be dangerous. He was sure that if a Pokemon like Kyurem had even looked in his direction it would have frozen his fur right off.

"You could all easily be ice sculptures right now," he mumbled, shivering. It didn't seem like an appropriate type of story for such a temperate forest.

@Shiny Keldeo
Tinuviel gazed around at the forest as Aika spoke, nodding along.

"There are places like this back home too," he said, "wars, natural disasters, they all ran rampant back then, but you could never know anymore," It had been long before he was born, long before even his parents were born, but the Legendary War and the Meteor Disaster were still sometimes talked about as history lessons. It took him a moment before he realised what Fumi had said.

"What?!" he said, "The two of you fought Kyurem?!" and lived? and are still doing odd-jobs off a common board? he thought. She'd said it so casually, so he didn't think she was making it up, but at the same time, was he really working with two Pokemon who'd faced down a legendary Pokemon?

@Shiny Keldeo

The recent murder had been in the news for most of the morning. Of course, they hadn’t shown most of the crime scene since the police were keeping the reporters out of the building. However, they had the victims’ neighbours to question even if they couldn’t get pictures of the blood. The fact that the killer was still at large, and that no one seemed to have seen or heard anything to form some sort of profile meant that it was unlikely that whoever had murdered that family was going to be caught anytime soon. The world couldn’t exactly just sit in fear, however, and life still moved on.

Hotaru would have been perfectly happy spending her day of Not-Having-To-Deal-With-The-People-At-School lounging around the apartment playing Mario Kart, but her dad had given her a list of errands to run while he’d been called into work. What did the office need him for anyway that couldn’t wait until Monday? She thought. Not that he could argue with the higher ups. She left the apartment shortly after he did after checking to see if she needed to add anything to their grocery list.

As she walked towards the train station, several imposing looking vehicles passed her. As well, there were several people in Defense Force uniforms gathering about. Hotaru figured it just had to do with the recent murders needing increased security, but it was still freaky to see so many of bunched together so close like this. The news hadn’t mentioned anything that had happened in their neighbourhood, so why were there so many around here? She didn’t want to seem like she was nosing around their important business, so she hurried along before they could notice her.


Ueno Station was busy as usual, and Hotaru made that sure her phone was on silent as she moved through the crowd. The train would still be a while, and she glanced around at the other people around the station. One person who really stood out was someone she recognised from school; he was a year ahead of her and was in student council and the Captain of the Kendo team. It seemed as though people were giving him a wide berth, and Hotaru wondered what he was thinking, bringing a sword out in public with everything that’d been going on.

Strange music reached the edge of her hearing over the buzz of the crowd and rumbling of nearby trains. After checking how much time she still had until the train arrived, Hotaru decided to check it out, passing Nakada-senpai as she went. She soon found the source, although a large group of people surrounded the musician, and she vaguely noted that they seemed dazed as they listened. Hotaru could almost see the man despite standing behind everyone. His flute playing was very skillful, and it was really easy to get sucked in.

Either is good

you don't need an account for Discord, right?

(also I'm working on my intro now. and will have it done today. (I got distracted looking up sword laws in Japan lol)
Tinuviel looked between the two paths as Aika and Fumi discussed directions. He didn't want to laugh over Fumi not remembering, but as she herself laughed about it, he joined with a small chuckle. Yeah, it made sense that Fumi normally let others lead the way,

"You should keep trying," he said, "the only way to improve is through practice and training, after all." At least, that's what his parents told him when he talked about his trouble working alone. Fumi then asked which between him and Aika should lead the mission, to which Aika explained that leadership was normally her responsibility when the rest of their team was busy with other things.

"If that's the way you normally do things, then it's probably better if Aika leads," Tinuviel said, touching a wingtip to his chin. "She knows the way the two of you work best, so it'll be easier for her than me." He grinned back at Fumi, "Yeah, that sounds fine."
@ Veradana Maybe Shoko could have stood up for Hotaru on the few occasions where she's seen the latter being bullied? Perhaps Shoko, while the thought was there, never really did enough to do anything beyond stop the immediate instances of bullying that she saw, not knowing the extent of it while also being unsure how to even help more if it was worse than what she saw.


Yeah, that sounds good! I think it would also be interesting just to see them play off each other since Shoko seems to have such a forceful personality compared to Hotaru.
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