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Sounds interesting to me.
The plot's clearly pretty sparse at the moment, but I'm interested in a multiverse-style.

Does "wakes up with amnesia" mean that they can't remember how they got to the void, or that they can't remember anything at all?


They didn’t get much time to wait for an answer from Obariyon, but considering how slow they’d ended up being they were lucky to have as much as they did. At the sound of the siren, Takemi bolted up the remaining stairs, practically dragging Megumi with her. It seemed like everyone else had already arrived. A rogue yōkai was terrorizing a nearby village, and they were being sent to fight it off. This would really be their first actual job.

Takemi froze. She liked to think that she knew a thing or two about chasing off yōkai, but really, everything she’d been up against until now must have been low tier to these people, people with actual training. With most of their experienced Mediums on other jobs, Takemi and the others were being shoved into Baptism by Fire. They all knew that something like this would happen sooner or later, but for it to be their first official day as Onmyouji was nothing short of catastrophe. All that broke Takemi out of her daze was the sudden mass that blocked out the sun, growling as it landed: Inugami.

Her hands had started shaking just at the sight of him. Just what sort of people had she gotten herself involved with? She shook her head a little. Now was not the time for questioning them. She’d hesitated long enough already. Questions could wait until their job was done and the people were safe. Even so, she approached Inugami with caution. She bowed, mumbling her thanks to him, before scrambling onto his back, sitting behind Niko. She practically jumped out of her skin when Yuudai smacked Inugami.

“You’re going to get cursed if you do crap like that,” she said.

It didn’t take them long to reach their destination, but she saw the smoke before she saw anything else. The fire itself was massive. Niko was the first one off Inugami’s back, and Takemi rushed after her. ‘Secure the area’ and ‘banish the miasma’; those were their tasks.

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Takemi made sure to keep pace with Megumi, never more than a step or two ahead of him. He’d nearly fallen over right at the beginning, and the strain was starting to get to him. Takemi wondered if she should have offered to carry the Obariyon or if it would have even made a difference. Considering that Obariyon just got heavier and heavier no matter who carried them, it probably wouldn’t have, in the end. Megumi turned to address Obariyon, asking if he could stop and rest. Takemi answered first, doubting that they’d get an answer out of the little spirit, considering all she’d said so far was her own name.

“C’mon, c’mon, you’re almost at the gate!” she cheered, “If you stop now you won’t want to get back up again. Trust me, I’ve been there. Although…,” she looked from him to the shrine, counting the remaining steps, “If you’d like, you can pass her over to me, and I can carry her the rest of the way.” She turned to face Obariyon, “Would you be alright with that, or would you rather stay with this boy?”

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I don't know if you're waiting on me to make a post or not, but I don't really have anything to add right now, so I was waiting on you.

also, I feel like I should apologize for this tangent because I got confused at the beginning as to whether or not our characters were supposed to be already at the shrine. one person's post implied that Niko made her big speech to an empty room. I should have asked for clarification before making my first post. sorry for the hold-up, we'll get to the shrine soon.
Not even two steps up the stairs, Takemi heard a voice call out to her. Turning around, she recognised the boy as one of the others who'd snuck into the shrine the same night as her. She nodded when he asked her if she was heading to the shrine. Any new information she could get would be helpful. Megumi’s attention turned immediately to the kid standing at the foot of the stairs, wondering if she was alright or if Takemi knew her somehow.

“No,” Takemi said, “I’m an only child.” They didn’t look alike at all, either. She couldn’t really comment on how the kid didn’t really seem like a normal kid. When she considered how, even now, it was still sometimes hard for her to tell a more human-shaped ghost from a human. The kid herself exposed her true nature by crying out at Megumi to be carried up the stairs. That solved that, then.

“Well Nijima-kun, looks like you have your first job.” Takemi clapped him on the shoulders, smiling, “at least Obariyon aren’t dangerous, so you’ll probably be fine.” She did worry about his physique, but it wasn’t as if she’d run ahead of him. If he collapsed, she’d be there to help him out.

@Tenma Tendo @HeroicSociopath
She couldn’t for the life of her remember what had driven her to the shrine that night. With it, she’d gotten roped in to working for them as some sort of summoner or exorcist. Onmyouji, they’d called it. They hadn’t shared many details with her that night, but when Takemi had been caught breaking and entering, she’d fully expected to have the police called on her. The way it tuned out, she hadn’t been the only one who’d been sneaking around. All any of them had been told was to meet at the shrine at a later date for more information regarding their “newly awakened” powers. The workers there could probably tell just by looking at her that they weren’t so new in her case, but it wasn’t like she made any great effort to hide that she could See Things. However, it seemed like Seeing was all that she could do.

With the conclusion of summer break and the changing of trees to fall colours, Takemi couldn’t help but think of what she still needed to accomplish at school. She didn’t just have university entrance exams to think about like the others in her class. Takemi needed to learn as much as she could about exorcisms and purifications before graduation if she wanted to help the wandering spirit that had been wandering around the roof since at least her first year there. Who knew how long that spirit had been unable to pass on from its earthly pains?

As she reached the steps to the shrine, she passed by what looked like a small child, although there was clearly something Strange about her as she stared cloyingly up the stairs. Well, Takemi thought, it’s probably better if she doesn’t come to this particular shrine. The vibes that the tanuki man gave off as he wagged his tail and chuckled at Niko-chan made her tense up like crazy.
School in Japan starts in spring, so if you mean the beginning of the school year it would be near the end of March/beginning of April.

There is a shorter summer break, but it's in between school terms. If that's what you meant then sorry! I just didn't understand your post properly.

You have my character listed as Takeshi instead of Takemi.
Takemi could be a more magic-based character, but yin fire seemed to match what her fighting style would be (hitting stuff fast), but that's more just as a basic human than as someone with any sort of magical abilities. If it looks like it'll be a problem before we start I'll look at the alignments again and see if anything else fits nice.
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