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@Demon Shinobi

I'm really sorry about this, but you should just count me out. Every time I open the character sheet to work on it my mind just goes blank and goes uuuuhgh
@Overlord Thraka

I googled WoT acronym and got a whole list. Best I can think of in this context is Wall of Text? idk
I'm very tired, but I want to at least get y'all a WIP of what I'm working on so I can get some early feedback. He turned out a lot differently than my initial ideas that had been rolling around in my head, lol. I still might Digimon AU one of my other OCs, not sure if I'll go with Takemi or Yuzuki. I'd really like to do some writing with Yuzuki since I haven't really other than an rp that died right away on another site and I don't think I got her really "right" then. Takemi was just a lot of fun for me to write last time I had an rp with her. (but I need to work with Hotaru too. looking back at the single rp post I got to make for her last I didn't get her voice the way I wanted to at all) lol Anyway enough rambling. Here's what I've got for this dude.

Ryudamon is cool.

(also @Demon Shinobi I'm working on some concepts for a dude, but before I get too far I'm gonna ask if you care about how many male characters or female characters you have. I'm thinking of giving him Strabimon, but it doesn't have many evo lines to choose from.)
I'm still around, just waiting and thinking about what to do.
@Demon Shinobi

1, 2, or 4 is fine for me. I agree that with someone else playing your Digimon it'd be easy to get stuck, but I do think it'd be fun. I'd like to be able to double as a wild digimon too, if that's cool with you.

Yeah, of course! I'm just trying to think of what our Bern characters can all do at this point.
Ah, I see. Don't worry about it. I won't ask you to slow yourself down if you're already time constrained. I guess I got confused and was under the impression that skirmishes with Bern would happen earlier. If need be I can probably create another character that's more likely to be travelling through the market. Since @SaveusY2J's Wyvern Knight is also from Bern, maybe we can have some interactions together?
I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten you a post yet. I'm not really sure what my character would be doing other than preparing to sortie. Until the armies march against each other, she's going to be stuck in Bern. (I can totally write up a post about her preparing to sortie if that's enough for you)


Free-form battles would be simpler, I think. With grid maps, I think you'd have a lot of faffing about getting into position or moving across the map. Also, we'd need to add a movement stat if we went with grids, right?
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