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Hi there, I'm Vrrak, an oldy of an RPer that enjoys playing all manner of magical and mythical creatures, but mostly non-humanoids. I love RPs with a lot of magic and creative races and especially fairy dragons!

I try to be active for RPing for 4 hours a day in the evenings, as such I prefer slower paced RPs, but given my tastes I usually just take what I can get. If I don't respond in 24 hours (and it's not a weekend.) feel free to give me a poke. Due to the amount of time it takes me to make and read posts, I usually prefer actual casual standards (2-3 paragraphs and rarely more than that) and small groups of 2-7 players. If you got an RP going that you think I'd like to get in on feel free to pm me about it.

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Aerin gave a rather contemplative look at all this talk of ghostly dragons and possession. He looked over his own form. "Hmm, I'm kind of ghostly, I wonder if I could do that..." he mused, looking over the group. He sort of felt an odd pang of hunger as he did so, though not for food. It would leave himself spaced out a little bit before he shook his head and regained his senses.

"Well, i've got nothing for defending against ghosts, but it's not exactly a topic we can research. Though if it's one of these shrimps i'm sure you could take him down based on how easy it was to capture this guy." He'd say, "I'll stick to the sidelines though. I don't really have an interest in this object the ghost is testing people for."
Aerin swayed along a non-existent wind as he took in the surroundings. It was a lot more peaceful here than where they had come from, it finally let him think a bit in the closest shady spot, curled up under that umbrella of his. All this talk of hunting down some thieves and finding a way back seemed to make sense, but he couldn't just let it go. "Is there any reason we're in a rush to get back? Seems like it was a lot more dangerous back there than it is here." he'd offer. "Only thing that has attacked us here is some pushover spider."

"I think bird boy over there has the right idea. We should take advantage of the peace here and focus a bit on figuring out what's going on with us and what we actually can do before something really dangerous happens."
I'm kinda interested in making a dracona summoner if it's not too full.
Aerin would give an odd sort of recoil after giving his little blessing, for some reason it was like he could taste it, and it tasted pretty good to him. His features would also darken quite a bit, almost entirely black now instead of a mix of greys and blacks. It left him with a bit of a craving to do it again in fact, but only a light one that was easily resisted. "hmm, I hoped that worked." he'd say, following along as they navigated the tunnels.

His powers would have put a bit of a yin yang mark on Trevor's hand, up until he found and touched the rune after which it would harmlessly fade away with a slight burning feeling. It seemed it had not led him through the cave but to the rune. Though it seemed like this was the way they wanted to go anyways.

Fortunately, everything went well after that, well for everyone else. The bright cave was not the most pleasant find for him, but it was a discomfort he was slowly getting used to. After being so quick and sharp in the darkness the light always made him feel all sluggish now. One of the mole people offered him an umbrella and it did help shade him a little though. "Thanks." he'd offer, floating around with it a bit.

He gives a bit of a contemplative look at Jason's question. "I'm not exactly sure what my powers do, from what i can tell it makes a person very lucky or unlucky until something happens, but I'm not fully sure how to choose which one yet. I'm sure you'll get used to flying eventually, I picked it up quite naturally it seems."

Aerin was slowly getting his bearings back after the whole shining light 'incident'. Eventually he was back to his old self, well shadowy self again. He didn't really seem all that interested in looking around, instead opting to float behind the party away from where that flashlight was shining. "Oh, I can see quite well, but these walls don't even register as relevant to me anymore." he said, flying in to the wall to prove his point before flipping back through it. "Nor do the spiders really, or that bread. I could probably estimate that we are a couple walls away from where we started though. Pretty sure we've gone in a nice big circle, it's kind of entertaining to follow." he said with a smug little grin.

It would take a moment, but he'd shake his head suddenly as he snapped out of it. "Ahh, sorry. When it gets this dark it seems to have a weird effect on me. Actually I do have a bit of an idea." He'd say, focusing a bit on Trevor. "My power could maybe help with your luck, I can't control it very well though. I could just as easily accidentally do the opposite." he'd warn.
Aerin gave a bit of a grumble as the light magic was turned off and he started to feel like himself again. Well, more than himself as it was briefly dark until Shaula turned her flashlight on. That was a much more manageable light though, it barely bothered him.

He'd give a catlike flick of his tail as he watched the chaos unfold, finding himself preferring to be an observer for now. Not to mention the spider, constant target of whatever magic the group had, was literally getting lit up with magical effects. Watching it cautiously, his eyes would flash as his shadowy form got a little lighter as he unknowingly gave the spider a lovely curse of bad luck.

"This is a little.. entertaining actually Keep it up, your powers are fascinating" he'd muse, "Just no more of that light, it wasn't very fun."

Normally when the images get 'attacked' they get destroyed, but if scarlet is the source of the attack they are not. Therefore if she were to shoot one of the gun images, it would go spinning in to the air (still firing) until it hits the ground or a wall and is destroyed by that contact.

Basically it lets her make extremely reckless attacks in a dire situation since a randomly spinning gun basically fires in random directions.
If she shoots a gun, her power would leave behind a sort of afterimage that continuously shoots at the same spot until something interferes. If she shoots her own image, it would send it flying off shooting all over the place until it hit a wall/floor. If someone else throws a rock at it (hell even a leaf), it would shatter the image and negate it. Anything more complicated than that I've set aside for future progression.

Anyways I'll plug in the extra stuff. I think it's ready for review.
Aerin would not really make any attempts to mess with the spider, feeling quite content to just hang out in the dark and watch the little show of powers. He was feeling quite untouchable at the moment, so fighting or even worrying about it was beneath him. Instead, he'd take a little look about the room, making sure there were not any more sneaking up on them.

Well, at least until that almost painfully bright light emitted from Mia, not only was it bright but it felt like it was singing his shadowy scales and sapping his strength. Almost instinctively he'd let out an almost feral hiss and slide away from the light, partially phasing back in to the walls. His body did not approve of whatever that was! "Watch where you're shining that beacon!" he'd huff out, slipping in to the shadowiest spot he could find.
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