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Ho, my writing is so advanced that people can't even see it. Literally the Emperor’s new clothes of collaborative writing.
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See ya next time.
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@Grim excuse me? I know people in the 1x1 area that slept with 57 girls (auto-declared). They're also specialists in relationship studies.
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P.s. gotta love how my typo made the already fairly dank status even danker... Well, at least I ain't trying to be the side bar's white knight.
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Not gonna lie, you got me at RΓ©my LeBeau teaching Sex-Ed.
Since everyone is doing one of those, I'll follow my mob mentality and do one too. Hopefully this one ain't getting me banned.

My Valentine's Day Peeps

๑۩↛You Are Lovedβ†šΫ©ΰΉ‘
  • ☼ @Sloth ☼
    • Because I copied Wraith's list and kind of really appreciate that you're about as gay for wuxia as I am.
  • ☼ @Syn ☼
    • Because in spite of being someone I wouldn't leave alone with my can of soda for any longer than two seconds, you're still my bro.
  • ☼ @StarLordess ☼
    • I'm not about to feed your ego, sorry. You're too likely to take prints and use them once I start calling you out for being so damn annoying. Plus, I don't think I need to repeat any of the gay shit I said before here.
  • ☼ @KaijuBaragon ☼
    • For a teenager, you ain't that bad. England still sucks.
  • ☼ @Chai ☼
    • Because even I'd you're an aesthetic (t-word I can't say without getting a ban) I still like you. Plus, you provide some of the best out of context quotes.
  • ☼ @Odin ☼
    • I'm only tagging you to say you're wrong and gay.
  • ☼ @J8cob, @Hillan & @Savato ☼
    • Because I really appreciate all the naruto shit you guys wrote through the years, even if you're all either complete cunts addicted to politics or French.
  • ☼ @MesuOkami ☼
    • Because of that one gif. Plus, you're generally cool. Don't quote me on that though.
  • ☼ @Nytem4re, @ayzrules & @Bee ☼
    • I needed more asians to make this post diverse. You guys still suck. Except Alicia. She's marginally better cause she's a female.
  • ☼ @Asura ☼
    • Because you're still unironically one of my favorite people on RPG in spite of being a rat and never posting.
  • ☼ @Persianversion & @Tuujaimaa ☼
    • Because I still appreciate your occasional presence even if you guys are fucked up bullies who moan away too loud.
  • ☼ @Mara ☼
    • Because I still kinda like you even if you're a ridiculous british pos who's away too obsessed with rebranding.
  • ☼ @Architect ☼
    • Because hearing about your shitting troubles makes me feel better about my own problems. Plus, I really like how you occasionaly talk about the universe and shit without needing any kind of psychedelic to sound high as fuck.
  • ☼ @Savo & @Rune_Alchemist ☼
    • Because you guys are pretty alright for a bunch of degenerate weeabos. If you try to quote me on that I'll say it's photoshop though. Can't publicly associate with people like you two.
  • ☼ @Midnight Howl ☼
    • Because my dream is cucking J8 and getting your heart even though I generally hate nurses.

Now that I'm done with the main list (even tho I'm probably forgetting a lot of people)...

My Dead Valentine's Day Peeps

๑۩↛You Are Lovedβ†šΫ©ΰΉ‘

Now that's it for today, guys. Time to stop slacking and actually do some work.
I'm still team "Please Join the discord so we can discuss it better", honestly. Most of the concerns about it were already discussed there anyways because we're gossipy lil fucks, so it wouldn't take a lot to discuss it and potentially make some fixes according to the result of this discussion.

Being very honest with himself, Ladon knew that it was his fault that the demoness ran away. Not because he gave her reasons for it, mind you, and much less because he couldn't beat her when it came to agility, but simply because he felt that the scene of a very short girl dressed in a very large robe jumping around obstacles was so goddamn funny that he couldn't help but hesitate for a bit when it came to actually try to stop Ceri, away too entertained by the absurdity of the situation to actually have the resolve to stop it. Unfortunately for him, though, this hesitation of his ended up bringing a less than desired result since Ceri not only managed to reach the guild hall before him in a rather hilarious way, tumbling down the stairs while making sounds that the devil slayer could only consider as funny, but actually navigated the chaotic guild hall - for yet another fight had broken out, as per usual - not towards Illedrith but towards the much more troublesome and undoubtedly more intimidating Glory, using the ridiculously tall metal mage as a shield against him.

Faced with such a less than optimal outlook, Ladon quite obviously didn't plan on trying to stop the demon girl anymore, simply throwing a venomous glare towards her and directly hid the book she was interested in - that he had accidentally taken with himself due to how hurriedly he left the library - in his coat, quite obviously planning to keep it around until she got impatient and went after him to get it back - moment where he would enact his revenge on the cheeky brat of a demoness - and started to make his way out of the hall, not willing to risk staying around to see the end of the brawl and deal with the them free Illedrith, that most certainly wouldn't even try to hear him out before going after him for bullying her precious little Ceri.

Luck didn't seem to be on the Devil Slayer's side today, though, as before he could make his way out the resident dumbass dragon slayer decided that it was his reponsibility to stop the fighting - choosing to finally be a bit useful in the most inoportune time as possible, since his subsequent move would most certainly trouble him quite a bit. Of course, the move wasn't especially dangerous towards Ladon per see, as just waving his arm and controlling his poison to form a shield around himself was more than enough to avoid getting thrown out by the snowy wave of bullshit generated by Muko, but the fact that the fight was stopped was most certainly enough to trigger him into hurriedly leaving the hall, as it meant that Illedrith would soon be more than free to scold him for the following hours - something that he worried him considerably more than the possbility of staying around while Vega and Muko fought to decide who was the biggest twerp around.

@Valor I'm seconding that. Am too lazy to refresh the forum every once in a while.
@Hitman PMed you the character sheet to make the review easier. That's legit the reason. Totally didn't do it exclusively because I don't like searching stuff in the OOC.
I'd like to reserve one of those too. Don't want to risk another 9.000 characters being written in vain.
@Hitman Yeah, I only saw two as I scrolled, now I realize there are three instead. Anyway, this character in specific only works as an S ranker so I'll just write a different one instead and shelf this one for a different roleplay.
Oof. Was actually writing a S ranker since there were a lot of people under B rank and I guessed that would make 3 to 4 S classes viable. Will take a while more to make a different sheet so bear with mein delays for a while longer.
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