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Sorry, I should've been a bit more clear on that. For the record, I have absolutely 0 preference on what genders or gender pairing I'd like to play. I know that really doesn't narrow it down, but it really depends more on the plot than a strict preference.
Hey everyone! Sorry in advance for how bare this is. I wanted to make a long pretty interest check with hiders and plots and maybe even a gif or two, but I really just want to go ahead and start writing. Maybe another time.

I’m Persianversion, Persian, or whatever you want to call me. I won’t object. I’ve been roleplaying for years now, and while I consider myself an advanced writer, I’m happy to match what I’m given. I write any and all genders, and I expect you to be able to do the same. All the other basic rules apply, you know, decent grammar, 3d characters, all that fun stuff.

I’ve been craving something historical, so I’d love to do something within that genre. I’ve been watching Spartacus again, so if something like that appeals to you PLEASE message me ASAP. If not, no worries! I’ve got a few other plots I’ve been wanting to try, but they’re not really fleshed out too well yet, so just message me and we’ll discuss them together!

Also, if you’re not really into historical stuff, but there’s a plot or character you’ve been wanting to use, just send it my way! I’ll be gentle, pinky promise.

I’m not going to reply to anything on this thread, so anyone interested just send me a PM!

Peace out.
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