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I mean, they can literally mute everyone. I think that counts as shutting up.
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Y'all silly sometimes. All of y'all.
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[insert Edgy Quote™ here]
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Who am I?
There's one name you might know me by ...


Oh, hi. I always find a bit strange putting a bio together, but anyways.
[clears throat] I'm StarLordess, and I-

... StarLordess, man. You know. Legendary RPer ... Forget it.

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I feel SO LOVED and CARED for even with the joking around, so of course I had to come here and reciprocate this.

I love every one of you guys and I'm happy to have you in my life, making my days better and brighter with smiles and laughter. Y'all making fun of this thread but idc, imma be serious here.

My Valentine's Day Peeps

۩You Are Loved۩

  • I have told you this many times but I have no problem saying it again: I am very happy to have met you and to be able to say that you are now one of the best friends I have. I'm thankful for your friendship and support.

  • You're pretty annoying too, FYI. But we're still getting married in 9 years. I low key hate you at the same time I still consider you my friend. Half the time I want to punch and the other half I want to send you stupid pictures and nag the shit out of you.

  • Thanks for listening to my whining and not judging me. You're a good friend and I appreciate that.

  • My BEAUTIFUL wife. I love you, you're smart and funny and have a great taste for fashion.

  • Your RPGO color might suck, but you're like a younger brother to me if I'm being honest, so it's my duty to annoy you about that. You have a good eye for photography, so don't give up on that.

  • Even though it took you more than a month to use the Christmas gift I got you, you're still cool, my dude. Sometimes. See you in six months.

  • Sura I don't care if you only talk nonsense, you always make me laugh.

  • Dude, you're awesome. I love your vibe, your personality and your style. You're a pretty sweet and funny person.

  • We've had our misunderstandings in the past, but I look up to you in many ways. Your a e s t h e t i c s and graphics are amazing, and you're genuinely a good friend.

  • Thanks for the help with Sura again, I'm still grateful for that. :^)

  • Stop getting high so much Sef smh. Jk. You're a funny dude and I got your back, don't forget that.

  • You are a sensitive and sweet bean, and I appreciate all the times you were there for me.

@Midnight Howl
  • Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You're a kind and loving person and deserve all the happiness in the world.

  • You are the strangest person I know and I absolutely love that about you, please don't ever change.

  • We've had a lot of good talks and I appreciate your perspective on things.

  • You might be a bully, but I still like you.

  • You're always so very nice to me, Poo, thank you for that.

  • You are one odd dude and I love that about you. I hope the ghosts in your apartment haven't killed you yet.

  • Truth be told I'm tagging you for your cute doggo. Jk, you're a lovely bean. Send me more dog pics pls.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a terrible memory, so I'm sorry if I forgot anyone.

"How many chances have I wasted
when what I wanted the most was to prove to everyone
that I don't need to prove anything to anyone?"

The Portwoods have always lived in Baltham, where Alice grew up in a three bedroom apartment, attended one of the finest schools with the right to private tutors and classes and was educated in multiple skills, from sewing and cooking to camping and swimming. Her father, Kurt Portwood, worked for a tech company in the city and, quite frankly, she had absolutely no idea whatsoever as to what exactly it was that he did. That never really mattered, though, since she was never required to know where the money she’s always had to spare was coming from. Her mother had never worked ever since the two of them got married a quarter of a century ago, and despite having a lot of free time to spend with her daughter, the two of them never developed a strong bond, since the woman preferred to juggle the kid from one class to another, criticizing the girl on the smallest of issues, instead of nurturing a relationship with her daughter.

When young, Alice was too much of a tomboy for either of her parents’ taste, and they spent a lot of time making sure she became a poised and proper woman. The adventurous spirit the girl possessed was forcefully repressed and the new, more adequate demeanor her parents wanted took place.

Her father wanted her to go to Business School or some other highly profitable career, but after a lot of talk, the man agreed to let Alice study Psychology. Perhaps the fact the girl for the first time in her life didn't just quietly follow the man's order made him reconsider the option, and in the end, agreeing to it. He wasn't an unreasonable man after all. Or, well... Not too much. He might've agreed to pay for the degree of her choice, but now the stakes were higher -- she had no choice but to make him prouder than ever. She had to be the best. And she was.

She was the best student, always with the highest grades, never late and respectful to her superiors and peers. She was the best daughter, well-behaved and mannered, never talking back and doing whatever her parents wanted. She was the best friend, prompt and caring, never dodging a call or a text when someone needed a shoulder to cry on.

She was tired of all of that.

Physical Traits
Alice is pretty and she knows it. Standing at 5’8 and with a lean body, she could easily pass as a model; her light eyes, fair skin and full lips only accentuate the perfect bone structure, bringing everything together like a beautiful painting.

Full Name
Alice Portwood





Her strongest motivation comes from the desire of being the best. Coming from a good and financially comfortable home, Alice had access to a good education without the need to work for anything in life; all that time was spent in her studies and extracurricular activities. Ultimately she wishes to prove to her parents she's the perfect daughter. Maybe then, when she successfully proved she is everything they wanted her to be, they'd let her be what she's always wanted.

Psychology student

Face Claim
Carolina Porqueddu

Yay! Thank you very much. ♥

Looking forward for the RP to start.
Hello. I have finally finished.

Edit: updated sample post.

@StarLordessI absolutely love her! Please place her in the character tab and get in touch with Tundra for the custom aesthetic.
PS: She and Martha can be artsy buddies! 😍

Thank you! I'll do that now. And yeah, I think they'll get along well! <3
All right. I finished.

<Snipped quote by StarLordess>

Hi there! Yes, there are spots available for scholarship students, and in that case they can live anywhere else in Palms. The important thing is to find her friends that live in Crown Heights!

All right! I'm still considering whether I'll follow with the scholarship idea or not. Thanks for clarifying that!
Hi. I have a couple questions regarding the scholarships. Firstly, are there still spots available for that? Secondly, considering people who would need scholarships wouldn't have the financial prerequisites to be living in the area, where would the scholarship students live?

And I'd like to reserve Florence Rose as my FC and the color Coral Pink (#F88379).
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