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exit music (for a film) — radiohead — ok computer
standing next to me — the last shadow puppets — the age of the understatememt
four walls (the ballad of perry smith) — bastille — wild world
bloodflood — alt-j — an awesome wave
hannah — coin — how will you know if you never try
world$tar money (interlude) — joji — in tongues
way beyond — bastille — wild world
the end of all things — panic! at the disco — too weird to live, too rare to die!
how — the neighbourhood — i love you.
(don't fear) the reaper — blue öyster cult — agents of fortune
karma police — radiohead — ok computer
river euphrates — pixies — surfer rosa (remastered)
the british are coming — murray gold — doctor who: series 6
the patient centurion — murray gold — doctor who: series 5
silence in the library — murray gold — doctor who: series 4
the head of an enemy — murray gold — doctor who: series 6
hidden treasures — murray gold — doctor who: series 5
can't win — murray gold — doctor who: series 7
i'm amazed — pixies — surfer rosa (remastered)
bandito — twenty one pilots — trench
months since i left and this thing is still going on smfh

oh my god its noughtpointfourlive
Why is RPGN locked in the perpetual cycle of instant death?

sorry, most recent death was my fault. i think rpgn just... doesnt work anymore. there isnt anything to report on except the contests, and they were on hiatus by the time it came around to writing the second issue. not to mention, despite several pushes, community interaction was a little on the thin side. it was a generally bad time for me motivation-wise, then i drifted away from the site altogether... all in all it was a bad decision on my part, so i take full responsibility for this one. especially for just ghosting out like that. have you tried applying for it again? i think me just completely leaving rpg was a good enough sign that there needed to be someone else to take the reins.
Is character creation just all together overrated?


thanks for coming to my ted talk
blood poisoning from a bad tattoo job
my blood — twenty one pilots — trench (unreleased)
feeling sorry — paramore — brand new eyes
funny you should ask — the front bottoms — talon of the hawk
crazy=genius — panic! at the disco — death of a bachelor
winter of our youth — bastille — wild world
part ii — paramore — self-titled deluxe
miss yer kiss — swmrs — drive north
the set up — favored nations — the set up
it remembers — every time i die — low teens
headrest for my soul — awolnation — run
tell me it's okay — paramore — self-titled deluxe
but it's better if you do — panic! at the disco — a fever you can't sweat out
love will tear us apart — joy division — substance
jumpsuit — twenty one pilots — trench (unreleased)
w.a.m.s. — fall out boy — folie à deux
native tongue — paramore — self-titled deluxe
hannah — swmrs — drive north
laura palmer — bastille — all this bad blood
the (shipped) gold standard — fall out boy — folie à deux
friend, please — twenty one pilots — twenty one pilots
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