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Current people with money: if u can't decide what to buy in the Steam summer sale, buy me games
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I write scenes not arms races
9 days ago
sorry guys I haven't posted in a month got my dick stuck in a blender
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hey kids! 😎 did you know πŸ‘†πŸ» that it's cool πŸ‘ŒπŸ» to h a ο½” ο½… ο½™ o u ο½’ s ο½… l f ?


I don't want no drama or baggage
don't tell me complicated stories
about who you used to be but are different
and have changed as a person completely

and I am not sure that I want
any single part of this
any single part of any of this shit

'cause everybody pays
everybody's head is in the noose
you're part of a program
get with the program

'cause everybody comes and falls asleep
lies awake, pretends to be sleeping
you're not even sleeping
you're probably even listening

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2. Bonfire - Childish Gambino


[insert song list here later when I get to PC]
<Snipped quote by Mara>

Yes, that's what the Rectifier Probe is for, without the 'turn into them' but you can be whoever you want to be so it's basically the same thing. Or the Abduction Gun for lame people that didn't like ass rocketing people so hard they explode.

Prototype is for people who like their open world fun to be bogged down in edge.

The stereotype of 'Progressive themes' in games is excessively overrated.

Mid-generational millennials that exaggerate 'progressive' nonsense are such prudes. Look at me, I'm going to make a huge deal out of diversity in my games every single year rather than just being happy about it because that will definitely normalize society and not aggravate everyone on the planet hurrrr. Like, it's 2018, not 2001, relax. Girls kissing in vidja games isn't any more surprising than Bethesda shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Like, when was the last time anyone judged a game for its game play? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Horizon has some solid game play. How the environment interacts with the relationship between the player and the enemies is probably the most appealing elements about the game.

What's that you say? People like it because it's 'woke'? Well I mean, I prefer not to associate with troglodytes that use idiotic methodology like 'woke', but they're entitled to their very wrong opinions.

Congratulations. You just worded a very rational and reasonable point in such an obnoxious manner that I almost don't want to associate with the idea anymore. Here's an invisible star.
<Snipped quote by Mara>

No need, you clearly have been acting as the Prawn substitute.

thank god
<Snipped quote by Mara>

In Saints Row 4 I can fly around and cause chaos all while this song plays on an endless loop:

Which provides such a pure joy that is only doubled with all the blatant and fun fanservice bits to the past games that really the biggest drawback is that it's Steelport again. But I mean there are two camps when it comes to Saints Row: the camp of "Saints Row 2 was the best/only good one" and the camp of people who are right.

Which is to say SR4 is better than Prototype which is Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for Venom fetishists.

in SR4 can you succ people up, turn into them and throw their entire family so high into the sky they colonise Mars? I think the fuck not. 0/10 not enough furiously popped collars

Saints Row 2 was better
<Snipped quote by Mara>

Saints Row 4 > Protoype hth

i do

you monster
EDIT: It feels odd debating without Prawn jumping in to mindlessly agree with you. Tell Jim Gordon to flash the Fabricant signal or something.

I can insult him again if you want
<Snipped quote by Mara>

Ellie's 19 now. It's legal.

I was actually referring to myself because Dynamo has this odd idea that because I support Ellie's sexuality it means I want a relationship with a fictional character

but I'm exhausted as fuck from this sea air so my jokes fall flat more than usual

-Saints Row 4


but you included Prototype on the list so you are forgiven
<Snipped quote by Mara>

TIL the standard of 'people' is only #TrueHXCGamers420 that have youtube videos that Mara approves.

You're goddamn fucking right it is.
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