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3 days ago
Current so thankful to lesbians for existing


who does that? what's wrong with you?

pff... a lot?

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I'm going to join this Vanya train! She was one of my favorite characters, to be honest. Totally has nothing to do with Ellen Page portraying the character either.

oh thats a fuckin mood i sold my soul to ellen page a Long Time ago
its a tentative yes because i l o v e this show but i havent been in the rp ring in a while

also fuck luther lives
on the luna — foals — everything not saved will be lost, pt i
grow up — paramore — paramore
better strangers — royal blood — royal blood
the weight of living, pt ii — bastille — all this bad blood
something against you — pixies — surfer rosa
the shore — woodkid — the golden age
dissolve me — alt-j — an awesome wave
get you — daniel caesar, kali uchis — freudian
uncool — swmrs — drive north
505 — arctic monkeys — favourite worst nightmare
@Mara thank you for taking the time to appreciate high fashion models with me. also thank you for helping me with those weird abbreviations of food brands last summer <3

thank YOU for introducing me to jawlines that would kill me instantly within mere proximity of them
@Spanner you mean youre gonna stop slacking and go taze some old people to death you racist

@Mara you have been there for me as a friend when I was in some dark places. Thank you, you sassy child you.

depression club
i have an actual valentine unlike u virgins
@deadbeatwalking (rip my nibba) @chais bellybutton @tuujaimaa @asura and his cum gravy @syn @ayzrules @sloth
exit music (for a film) — radiohead — ok computer
standing next to me — the last shadow puppets — the age of the understatememt
four walls (the ballad of perry smith) — bastille — wild world
bloodflood — alt-j — an awesome wave
hannah — coin — how will you know if you never try
world$tar money (interlude) — joji — in tongues
way beyond — bastille — wild world
the end of all things — panic! at the disco — too weird to live, too rare to die!
how — the neighbourhood — i love you.
(don't fear) the reaper — blue öyster cult — agents of fortune
karma police — radiohead — ok computer
river euphrates — pixies — surfer rosa (remastered)
the british are coming — murray gold — doctor who: series 6
the patient centurion — murray gold — doctor who: series 5
silence in the library — murray gold — doctor who: series 4
the head of an enemy — murray gold — doctor who: series 6
hidden treasures — murray gold — doctor who: series 5
can't win — murray gold — doctor who: series 7
i'm amazed — pixies — surfer rosa (remastered)
bandito — twenty one pilots — trench
months since i left and this thing is still going on smfh

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