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Current [@bee] england and rai- oh wait THE GODS DECIDED TO MELT OUR FUCKING FACES OFF


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final fantasy starter pack is definitely an underrated game yeah
What if I preface with an announcement that you are full of it? >.>

only snobs offer constructive criticism and contribute to discussions

<Snipped quote by Frenzy>

That's because being pretty and nice to listen to is all it has going for it, the gameplay isnt good.

From what I've read, the short campaign and repetitive level design are the problem, not the gameplay. Gameplay seems to be the issue for people who think they can play RUINER with a controller, at least without changing the sensitivity. This game is definitely more suited for the fast precision of a mouse. Plus, the devs are actively rebalancing the game according to user feedback.

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I thought insurgency 2 was pretty alright for like... One play through. But it's basically a revved up flash game.

To be fair, it was originally a Source mod.

Also I'm mad my PC can't run Day of Infamy despite the fact I can run Insurgency standalone just fine.
30 Seconds To Mars (feat. Halsey)

hang on what
it was going so well
<Snipped quote by Mara>

Trust me, it's a feminist movie.

Yeah, but is it a bad feminist movie?
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