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<Snipped quote by Pharmacy Rage>

Yes it is
Please make more men so Emmy can have some options 😂😂😂

Solution: make everybody gay.

>Karen Gillan and Stephen Amell

god bless

In other news, if I actually get my sheet finished before Tuesday (which I doubt), I'll probably refrain from posting it here until after surgery, since there's no point posting a character if I'm not available to write for her for like 1 and a half weeks (estimated time of inactivity, can't know for sure). If you want, @Bee, I can just PM her to you if that happens.
Apologies for the doublepost, but here's the character sheet. View it in raw to get the coding, since code tags still don't work with hr tags and URL tags. Delete these sentences at the start, obviously.

@OppositionJ @William Cade @Girlie1Bomba @griefbacon @Syn @Fabricant451

Just a note to say that I'm still here and I haven't abandoned this project. I have an upcoming major surgery (a splenectomy, which is the surgical procedure of removing the spleen) that was supposed to be on March 22nd, but instead has been pushed forward to next Tuesday, February the 17th. While I've never been more excited in my life to be cut open and have one of my organs taken, the hospital where the surgery's taking place is an hour-long train ride away (it's in a different city entirely), so if we (my mum has to come along since I'm still a minor) forget to bring anything along we can't exactly go back and pick it up from home. This means we've been making preparations and making sure we have everything for the hospital, which is, understandably, interfering with the amount of time I have to work on the OOC and such. If you guys want, I can give you the character skeleton (which is completed, since I like coding things before I actually start work on content) — just say the word and I'll post it here. It's better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs while my real life shit goes on.

As for how long I'll be in the hospital, I'm not entirely sure. The nurse predicts 4 days, but it could be a little longer since I have wonky blood conditions, which is why I'm having the surgery in the first place. I also have to take into account the fact that even when I get home, I won't be able to sit at the computer while I recover, but I don't even know how long recovery will be. It's different for each person, and all that jazz.
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Sinead to the rescue! Like always.

American Teen — Khalid — American Teen
Lying Is The Most Fun... — Panic! at the Disco — A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
The World — The Deli — Just the Remixes Vol. 1 Instrumentals
salt&pepper. — goosetaf — salt&pepper.
summer daze — goosetaf — Surface Waves
K.Y.S.A. — PHANTOGRAM — The Alchemist & Oh No Present Welcome to Los Santos
Run Rabbit Run — The Hoosiers — The Trick To Life
My Molasses — AWOLNATION — Here Come the Runts
An Act Of Kindness — Bastille — Wild World (Complete Edition)
Hallelujah — Panic! at the Disco — Death of a Bachelor
heyo feel free to stick me on the waiting list if previous clients want to re-issue their requests @Rockette

request type. // avatar.
stock and images. // Josh Taylor of half•alive.
size. // 150x200.
text. // I can't trust the fall.
misc. // colour palette; red, teal, white.
here's the music video for the fall, a song that I've been listening to religiously lately. I want a sort of lofi aesthetic with this one; enough of a balance between unpolished and clean, I suppose? something muted instead of in-your-face. honestly, go ham with it, I know you always provide great results and I'm sorry for being so vague with my request.
@Inkarnate @Lady Amalthea Yeah, getting that same issue. Thought it was something on my PC bugging out so I didn't mention anything.

Seriously, would you accept anything less from a fan of Jurassic Park who has a crappy sense of humor?

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