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Amegakure Temple | Early Morning | Jounin

Rising before the sun, if it could peak out beyond the clouds, was a daily rhythm for her. Swinging her legs out of the bed, and planting her feet onto the ground, Amaya would close her eyes once more. A slow deep inhale, followed by a harmonious exhale "Thank you". She smiled and rose from her bed walking to her living room/kitchen. Only a few dozen members of the Sasaki Clan actually lived within the Temple, they were the ones who devoted their lives to being the around the clock help. Many families and older members lived in the compound that laid directly behind the Temple.

There was one major path that led to the back entrance of the Temple - nobody outside the Clan ever came to the Compound unless invited by a member. Amaya began to heat her kettle, her body moved like a machine. Routine. It would be till she turned around and stepped into the open area she had created, that her limbs began to roll and move with more fluidity. Amaya awoke her body with numerous stretches until the kettle beckoned her back, where she would make herself a cup of green tea and follow the rest of her daily agenda.

Though todays duties would actually break the mold, it was a big day for many young individuals in the Academy. Graduation. As big and enthralling as it was for them, it was also a day of growth for herself. Amaya would finally have her own Team to guide through their early years as Shinobi. Her eyes opened with the release of a deep breath, breaking her posture she rose from her half-lotus position and walked towards the front of the zendo hall. Amaya stopped in front of a small Shrine that was adorned with gifts and treasures to celebrate those past. A small bow, and silently she slipped out of the hall, Amaya made her way towards the front door of the Temple only to be stopped by the current Clan leader himself

"A big day, huh Amaya?" he was a short frail man. Age clearly was gracing his body, and he moved around rather slowly these days. She smiled and bowed to Fumio, "It is. I am very excited to take on this new challenge, a blessing to be granted the gift of having my own pupils". Fumio reached out and grabbed Amaya's hand, patting the back "We know you will do well. We have prayed for you today". A thin lipped smile was produced and she nodded her head "Thank you, it is always appreciated" Retracting her hand back, Amaya quickly made her exit from the Temple as to avoid any more interactions.

Though she enjoyed the closeness of her Clan, the constant overbearing of their beliefs and prayers being rattled into your ears could cause one to become dulled out. She enjoyed her meditation sessions, honing her chakra and feeling it build within. But she had lost touch with the Scriptures and beliefs many years ago. Of course to admit that, she'd probably be shunned. So instead she stayed tight lipped and performed the duties asked of her, it wasn't a terrible life to live. Pulling her mind from its deep thoughts she peered out from under the umbrella and up to the sky - right on time.

As expected, the Ceremony was beautiful and balanced; the pride of the path they young ones had chosen with the ominous future set before them. Her eyes were glued to their Kage, Yogensha, though she did little to no speaking at all and everything was directed by her assistant. Amaya had always admired the rumors of her power and grace, it was a kind of reputation she wanted for herself. She felt a sense of warmth just having the Kage in her presence, then again it could also be the emotion that was filling the area from the prideful parents watching their children graduate. Once everything wrapped up, Amaya made her way out of the masses and towards some familiar Jounin and higher ups. There she would chat for some time, be told her students and handed their files. It all felt that much more real the moment the files graced her finger tips - in there was their pictures, scores and abilities. Though she knew she wouldn't be able to get an exact reading on her pupils, she knew these encompassed the start of their Sensei/Student relationship.

Two days later | Early Morning |Interaction: @Vexxed Vex@FourthKing@Vox

The steady pitter-patter of rain would grace their ears as they woke up this morning, there wasn't much different to these days other than Amaya's newest pupils being summoned by their caretakers. The man would be very adamant on them receiving the package from him, unless they were the ones to open the door. Before them would stand a Monk dressed in a an all black samuegi, the man would look the same to all of them as he visited each one after the other. Taller man, thin with no muscle definition, black short kept hair but it'd probably be unseen due to the sandogasa he was wearing to keep the rain from drenching his face. He'd exude a peaceful demeanor, his words would be short but very inviting and warm hearted. He'd first question each student their name followed by "Ahhhh, it is a blessing to meet you! We of the Sasaki Clan are honored to have you become a pupil to Amaya. I am Sasaki Hajime," He'd proceed to reach into his samuegi and produce a letter - handing it over with a bow. "I figured I could deliver these on my morning route, Amaya is very delighted to have each of you under her wing".

Now of course Amaya didn't just order someone to do her bidding. This man was actually running packages and food out from the Temple and bringing other items back. So accompanied with him on his back would be a pack covered with a rain resistant black coat, lumps could be seen and one could assume there was maybe just that, packages. Adding these three stops onto his route was no burden for the young Monk - in fact it was an honor to deliver the letters to their Clan's newest students. Of course, the Clan saw it as their duty to also help in any way possible. He'd bow once more, a sincere smile upon his face "Have a grand day young observer". With that he'd be off to his next destination, humming as he turned and disappearing into the early morning rain of Amegakure. Leaving the student with the calling card from their Sensei.

"Greetings (insert your char name here),
Congratulations on graduating from the Academy, you have taken the first step into your new life as Shinobi.
Now we leap into the life of it.

Please join me and the rest of your Team at the Amegakure Temple in 3 days at 6am.
We will begin then.
Your Sensei,

Amegakure Temple |Three days later | 6am |Interaction: @Vexxed Vex@FourthKing@Vox

On the outside, the building resembled every other tall industrial metal plated building within Amegakure. The only difference was that there were two statues that sat outside the large gate - one on each side. One resembled a man, the other a woman with wings; Pain and Konan. It was the tribute that from the Clan to the saviors that once protected the Village, after their deaths the Clan erected these statues outside the gates. Believing it brought them protection. Now if it were to be the first visit in the Temple, they students would find themselves pushing open the rather massive gate and immediately be welcomed by a Nun. Before them a Shrine would be well illuminated by burning candles, incense and trinkets would riddle the sides and bottom of the stand. There was no natural light within the Temple, only boxed lanterns lit the halls and guided you to numerus other rooms inside the Temple.

Upon entering, a distinct herbal smell would hit the nostrils and instantly one would feel at home despite you being out of your comfort zone. This smell was accompanied with the sight of a low mist that trailed the floors and halls of the Temple. It could maybe be assumed that this was where the smell came from. Even with the mist and low lighting - the Temple felt at ease. Hums could be heard lowly echoing down the halls, many members of the Clan walked the halls. They could be distinctly picked apart from members of Ame themselves because they all bore the charcoal black hair and honey colored eyes. Any member the students made eye contact with they would receive a gentle smile and bow of the head, then the Monk or Nun would carry about their business.

When all the students arrived they would be led down the hallway by Emiko. "Follow me!" she herself had a wider smile than most, she was a bit shorter maybe only a foot taller than the students. Her young age was shown by the clear and soft skin on her face, her hands stayed tucked into the arms of her Kimono as she led the students to finally meet their Sensei. Walking down the halls the Students would have a bit more of an indepth look into the Temple. Some rooms were absolutely littered with beings all sitting in different meditative poses, other rooms had less beings and instead had teachers walking around leading their own students to a path of stability and enlightenment. They'd pass by a few rooms that mimicked that of a dojo and had Sasaki Clansmen younger than themselves practicing the art of Taijutsu. Sweat poured from their faces which clearly showed a glimpse of the reality of the Sasaki Clan's nature when it came to extensive training. Eventually after a few turns down many hallways, Emiko would stop and finally take an arm out of the opposing sleeve. Gesturing for the students to enter the room, "Your Sensei is awaiting your arrival in here".

This room mimicked the rest when it came to lighting, but was adorned with many talismans, decorative scrolls. Two walls had bookcases that were filled with scrolls, papers, and what appeared to be poorly bound books. All were filled with Scriptures or Chants. Amaya would be in the center of the room facing away from the entrance, sitting on the floor in a half lotus pose - steam would roll out of her mouth and cover the floors. It would be the same kind of mist they saw when entering the room. Gracefully rising, she'd turn on the ball of her feet and stare at the students. Looking at each face, her own would show no emotion as she studied them all. Amaya would be dressed in her usual appearance, her twin blades clasped to her lower back. After a few moments of silence; a smile would break the tension that the absence of greeting created.

"Good morning Hikari, Masae, Suko" pausing for a moment, Amaya clasped her hands in front of her chest "Welcome to the Amegakure Temple - home of the Sasaki Clan. I am your Sensei, Amaya. I have waited for this day a long time, as I'm sure you all have as well. I have once been in your very place, and I'm sure you're ready to begin your may all know each other. I, unfortunately, yet to know anything of any of you. I'll start off..." Crossing her arms and placing the weight of her body on one leg as her hip slightly protruded from the slits in the sides of her pants she hummed. "Well...lets see. I have lived and roamed the halls of this Temple since I was born. If you know nothing of my Clan, we have inhabited and taken care of these walls and Shrines for many years. Here anyone from Amegakure can take refuge and find solace in any problems they may have. With that being said anything that weighs you down - the doors are always open and I will be here to take on your burdens with you for the rest of your life". Her attention turned to Masae "Please, tell me about yourself; anything you wish! Then pick one of your teammates to go next"

I'll hopefully have a sheet up by tomorrow night. I gotta rework my character a bit.
@Zora I'm interested, I have two sheets I can show you that'd need to be worked down since they were team leads etc prior RP's.

Location: Apartment - Street Walkin' | Interaction: N/a

Entering her third cup of coffee, Scout decided that it wouldn't suffice for lunch. Considering she skipped breakfast, her stomach was begining to rumble at her - begging for some kind of nourishment. "Thank you anyways..." She removed the phone from her ear and haphazardly dropped it on the counter next to her magic bean juice that was now begining to cool. "Thanks for fucking nothing..." A follow up that couldn't be heard by the other end of her line. Scouts morning adventures dealt with calling every small local garage to see if they had what she needed or see if they'd even be gracious enough to let her work on her bike there. So far? All were duds. Northerners were a bit more brutal as well, and every attitude she had received so far was making her want to gouge her own eyes out. She truly was begining to miss the South, mainly because of its hospitality at this point. Boston had caught her attention, and it was a bit nicer and smaller than New York. Not too polluted, or clogged with other beings. But dealing with the locals was a challenge within itself.

Her air bnb she had rented out for the month was currently home, fully furnished and no bills to pay. It was a good little setup, and perfect for her unknown amount of time here. All she needed for now. What really caught her attention was it had a garage built underneath the whole complex, so she felt a bit more secure in storing her bike there. Her trusty steed was currently acting up and everywhere around here was chargining insane prices for parts and cost of labor. She knew what needed to be done, and as stated prior - all her phone calls were duds. It was making her time here less enjoyable than she wanted it to be. Of course she had already called her amazing father who was now urging her to just find a garage so he could send the parts there and she fix it there. But again, that was the challenge. Everyone wanted to do the work and get paid. Which was starting to seem like her only choice.

Her stomach gurgled again, another call for actual nutrition. Guess it was time to get some food. A hasty change into a pair of high-waisted black jeans, a white tank covered by a gray sweater and of course her favorite pieces of jewelry adorned her body. Scout placed her ID, and Credit Card into her boots along with some cash, a usual routine. Patting herself down, lacing up her boots - she gave herself one peer in the mirror before waltzing out the door and into a brisk Boston day.

It wasn't very long after that the wind had slapped her in the face that life would too. Scout had recently began to talk to the owner of the building about possibly renting out the space for another month, but he had to think on the idea of giving up an Air BnB space. "Hello? Yes...Hi Mr. Wallace....mhm...yeah...I'm free all day today. I'd love to meet up whenever you're free. Mhm, thank you. Goodbye." She stared at the phone as the call went offline, and sighed. Alright. So, perhaps a liquid lunch would be the highlight of her day. Assuming if he was willing to let her rent the place out again for the price of mortgage - he would've just said so. But a slight inkling of doubt settled into her stomach, he wouldn't want to meet if there wasn't more than just a 'yes'. Swiping to her maps, Scout looked around for entertainment in the city - of course a dozen spots popped up, but she decided to look into the ones closer to her.

Her wandering would bring her across a stripclub that was currently closed - she kept this in mind for a later time. Many rally's usually ended in the boys themselves rallying to the nearest Strip joint. She had saw no stigma's or taboo's to the business, and actually usually enjoyed herself in the joints. But for now? Hard pass. She continued scrolling and finally a place came across her radar with great reviews on food, and one comment in particular about a delicious old fashioned, was what truly caught her attention."Minotaur..." Interesting name, but the reviews made it more interesting to want to indulge in. It wasn't that far away from her current location, and well off she went down the bustling Boston streets.

Upon walking in the establishment, Scout took a seat promptly at the bar. Ordered the old fashioned. Then exhaled a refreshed sigh upon taking the first sip of her drink. It was delicious. Settling back into the chair, her eyes scanned the area. The place was fairly busy, tapping her phone it showed it was just a little after lunch time. Running alongside this thought, her stomach grumbled again. "Well, would you like something to eat ma'am?" the bartender inquired with a pleasant smile, obviously hearing her stomach. Scout chuckled and looked down to the menu, sucking in her lips and letting them go with a satisfying pop her head shook. "I'm not entirely picky, how's special". She slid the menu back, and the bartender nodded his head before turning away and inputing her order into the system.

Looking around and observing the business, Scout drummed her fingers against the wood grain of the bar. Her hand found the muddled bourbon drink and reached her lips again. The large circular ice cube smacked her lip and took her by surprise, setting it down and wiping her lip she slid the glass forward. Embaressement slightly crept up on her, but maybe the drink was just that good. "Another one?" the bartender asked, holding the glass up in her direction. Looking to him, she began nodding "Yes. But. Uhm, what are the chances you guys are hiring? Front of house...back of house..? Is the owner in to speak to?" She smiled at him, knowing it probably wasn't the best way to get a job while you were already one drink down. But maybe luck would be on her side today. The bartender looked to her as he muddled another drink for her and nodded, "I'll ask and see for you...wouldn't you rather have an application?" Scout smirked, and shrugged her shoulders "Just kinda taking a chance". Living a nomadic life really made one more adventurous.

Location - Bus | Interaction - Kyle

Ella was a creature of habit, as is most everyone else in this vast world. Her mornings started around 8:30am every day, woken up to her old fashion alarm clock with the bells. coffee began brewing 5 minutes prior to this alarm so entering the kitchen was always a delight. Her routine was the same this day as every other day, she spent her time making sure her face was prepared for the day at the store, outfit was always free of any unneeded creases. Her hair was a pretty simple task in the mornings, thankfully. It had a natural curl to it, but a bit of heat and taming had finally created the perfect waterfall curls. Today was of course another day selling makeup, "beating" faces, and inspiring confidence in others. She really enjoyed makeup and the way it could make anyone feel about themselves, there was some kind of electric feeling behind helping boost someone's confidence.

Of course though, routines are meant to be broken and changed up a bit. Keep a small dash of spice in life, yanno? Sitting in her car and pulling down the visor for one last lookover, she'd place the key in the ignition and boom. The engine wouldn't start. Further investigation would find that she had left the light on in the top of the car, groaning and hitting her forehead on the steering wheel she inhaled deeply. Raising her head and wiping away the foundation residue, she exhaled and looked at her clock. "Ah! Ay dios mios" Grabbing her giant designer bag full of things for work and who knows what else till she cleaned it out again, Ella found herself racing to the bus stop just outside of her apartment. Running in her cheetah print low heels, Ella could feel today may not be her day. The only thing so far that would prevent her from feeling that way, was making it to the bus stop with only a few moments to spare before it pulled up.

Hopping on board, she paid the fee and tried to hold her composure. She really just wanted to lay on the floor and die in that moment from the quick sprint. Instead she walked the aisle, looking for a seat before her eyes finally landed on a good thing. Kyle Parker. The two had met when she went into his store looking for a pair of sunglasses. She was rather picky and wanted to spend money on a pair she really liked. It was a treat yourself day as she told him in compliance with reinforcing her idea to spend the money on a pair. The two chatted briefly before eventually running into each other almost every day the outside mall they worked at. Kyle became a friendly face, and soon a good friend to her. The first friendly face outside of her own job she met, enjoying his company for lunch occasionally. The two had gotten rather close actually, she knew some of his past and he knew some of hers. It was a bond she'd hope would never break, he was like a little brother to her but from the totally opposite spectrum of her own childhood.

Strutting past the rest, she plopped down in the seat next time and huffed. "You would not believe today, it's already starting out so messy. My car wont start and....okay well actually that's it. I'm just really out of breath, and thought I wasn't gonna even make this." She pulled out a sponge from her purse, and blotted at her face before replacing it. She plopped her bag in Kyle's lap disrupting his phone flow, and adjusted her white sheer shirt tucking it back into her pants. Flipping her hair back over her shoulders, she let out one last over exaggerated breath and smiled at Kyle. "Thanks!" Taking her bag back she continued to ramble, "Today I have to go get fitted by a stylist for a dress...yanno, since Sephora came on for that ball? I got picked as one of the representatives...ambassador...whatever. You know what I mean. But I got picked out of all the Make Up Artists, pretty cool huh? They're paying money to make all the girls stand out. Are you going to it? I wonder what its gonna be like...anyways. If you go we should most definitely hang out....oh, sorry. How is your morning going?" Ella was looking forward this whole time, slightly staring off into space before recollecting herself and looking to Kyle. "Havent seen you in what...two days? Anything interesting going on? How's work?" Ella was a bit invasive at times, but her friends mattered to her. The few that she did have, at least. Ella held onto good things when they came her way, it was a bit greedy of her in her some sense. But it was the good moment in life, especially the smallest ones, that motivated her these days.

@Okonuki yes! I believe bee was gonna start this weekend but I think got caught up. If you're able to have it up within the week, we will be stoked to have you on board 💕
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