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4 days ago
ask not what deez nuts can do for you, but what you can do for deez nuts -- president river goblin
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6 days ago
i'm sorry mr. prime minister but these tariffs are dookie -- president river goblin
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i'm just here to kick ass and think i'm the first guy to modify that quote from They Live
and i'm all out of bubblegum

favorite writing topics: teeth, poisons, shit
least favorite writing topics: wizardry, flowers, the void

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churned one out
@Gwynbleidd word to the wise, getting your patriotic quotes from eugenicists is kind of dookie
welcome 🅱rother

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Band for local gigs
If you can’t communicate with the rest of the country you have no business living there. In other words all the frakkin immigrants need to learn the frakkin English language.

I work retail, some stupid customer came up to me rattling off in Spanish. I very politely said no habla and walked away. I don’t help those who don’t help themselves or don’t even make an effort.

quick question, were they stupid because they're monolingual or stupid because they were asking a retail worker for help?
your rules cannot contain me
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