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My sheet is far from complete, but I wanted to post some of what I have right now, just to show that I've been doing work on the sheet. More will come in time, and I hope to finish at least two more sections tonight.

My vastly intelligent chicken brain recognizes this creature as a fellow dinosaur of some kind. Violence may be abated. I will resume my hunt for mammalian prey another day.
Peck the crap out of it.
"Sir," Brauer said, "one of our boys just saw laser fire."

"Confirmed," Miles said a moment afterward. "The drone carrier has just reported the loss of one of its drones near the treeline just after it began to transmit sensor readings. The data is being recovered now."

Mazigh took a deep breath, then looked to Brauer. "Inform Hart that we just lost a drone to enemy fire and are looking over the data now."

The First Lieutenant peered over Miles' shoulder, waiting for the sensors data to come in. It took a couple moments longer than Mazigh would've wanted, but when it did it provided enough information to go on. The first bit of information was recorded visually: a small, squat, stubby-legged mech turning and taking out the drone in one clean shot of its small laser... and behind it was a Harasser, a vehicle whose form Mazigh had always found distinctive thanks to the tail fin in the back. It was a nasty hovercraft to say the least. His eyes returned back to the mech and its unusually large gun...

"Definitely pirates," he muttered as he saw one of the decals on its armor: a snake wrapped around a sword. He didn't recognize the other one - it was some sort of ill-conceived pin-up girl decal - but he assumed it was either a personal one or the lance's symbol.

"Electromagnetic sensors indicated the presence of another vehicle identical to the one in the recording," Miles said.

Mazigh turned back to his own station and took a quick breath. "HQ to all units," he began in his stern and deep voice, transmitting the message to both the recon lance and the hovercraft. "Be advised. Hostiles identified near the treeline, probably from the Oberon Confederation - pirates. They've got one Urbanmech with a small laser and an AC 20, and there are at least two Harasser hovercraft seismic didn't pick up. They pack SRM 6's and can move faster than anything we have. Keep your distance from the treeline if you can, and blast those Harassers before they get too close.

"And there are still more unidentified hostiles," Mazigh added. "I repeat: there are still more hostiles."
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Just curious if anyone else has gotten started on their sheets. This site needs more DORFS!
"Rat 1-5," came Hart's voice with the crackle of static, "we have contacts to our west in the vicinity of the sensor net station. Will update as we determine nature of contacts. Put the artillery support on standby, over."

"Roger, wilco." Mazigh shot a look at the officers next to him, then flicked a switch so he could communicate to his people directly. "All units, this is HQ," he said firmly. "This is not a drill. Contacts have been spotted in the vicinity of the sensor net station. Hex 5 and 6, rendezvous with the recon lance ASAP. Artillery units, direct weapons toward the site and await further instruction." Mazigh snapped his fingers for his aide, and he shoved the cup of coffee at him; he didn't want it anywhere near the electronics with potential hostiles on the loose. "I repeat, this is not a drill," Mazigh said before flicking the communications off.

"Who the Hell would be stupid enough to try this?" asked Miles, turning away from his screen momentarily. The lighting in the Daimyo dimmed and took on a slight orange tinge, enough to warn anyone that hadn't gotten the picture that there was a potential confrontation at hand. "They're either stupid or have balls of steel."

"Or they desperately needed a place to land; there's no way of knowing without investigating," Mazigh retorted sharply. He gave Miles a pointed look. "Assume nothing. Get our goddamned eyes in the sky closer to the station and get our boys some information!"

"Aye, sir!" said the Warrant Officer, a bit of sweat forming on his brow.

Moments later, another message broke through, crackly though it was. First there was mention of a spheroid dropship, and then...

"1-6 here, presumed hostile dropship in AO. We're going to advance in closer. 1-5, I want you to stand by with everything you can throw at the coordinates I am transmitting now and to position vehicles at these other coordinates," Hart's fingers could be heard tapping a console, "to block escape of this element. Engage only on my command or if engaged first. Be careful."

"Roger, wilco," answered Mazigh again, before adding, "Rat 1-5 here, drones are moving toward the treeline and the river. Will keep you apprised. Rat 1-5 out."

Immediately, Mazigh made a few quick dashes on his tactical screen. "Hex 2 and 4," he said coolly to the pilots of the Plainsmen, "these are your new coordinates. Get behind cover here and prepare to cut off the escape of hostiles. The rest of you, stand by to assist the recon lance. We don't know what we're up against yet; maneuver defensively if attacked. I don't need to remind you that death doesn't come with severance pay."

"Roger, HQ," came a rustic woman's voice with a laugh. It was Sergeant O'Neill, better known as Nervous Nelly, pilot of one of the Condors. "We'll stay alive, sir."

"You damned well better. HQ out."

"Sir?" came a voice to Mazigh's left. The older man looked over at Brauer, noticing the worry on the young woman's face. She'd paused from her work to look to the Lieutenant for direction; she was talented but inexperienced, prone to lose focus in a combat situation like this. She needed a task to occupy her.

"Resume oversight of communications between the Hex units," Mazigh said quickly. "Relay any information you deem relevant to whoever you feel needs to know, including the recon lance. And Miles?" Mazigh glanced back over at the other veteran. "The moment you get any data from those goddamned drones, you tell everyone afield. Copy?"

"Affirmative," Miles said, taking a deep breath. "Spheroid dropship..."

"Yeah," Mazigh muttered. "Let's hope its weapons aren't operational."

With a groan, old Mazigh stood up from his seat and stepped out from the side compartment the officers were in, looking at the rest of the assembled crew. "I want our engines roaring in case we have to move out," he called out. "If any hostile elements break away from the station, we need to be ready to protect the artillery. Man your stations!"


A Maxim and a Saracen darted out from the horizon and came in behind the forward elements of the recon lance. They joined a pair of Condors, and as they hovered into position sand whipped up into the air. There was quite a bit of weight between the four vehicles: 185 tons in total, and not a small amount of firepower. Perhaps most importantly, it was firepower that seismic sensors wouldn't detect.

"Hex 5 to recon," came a heavy voice with a distinct West African accent. "Vehicular support is in position to move in as soon as ordered. Hex 2 and 4 will arrive at their nav points soon, ETA one minute." The pilot chuckled, then added, "My crew and 6's will support with LRMs before we engage. Will leave the stomping to you and the Condors, eh?"

Accordingly, the transport and the Saracen positioned themselves a little further back, and the Condors hovered a little further ahead, ready to charge forward at a word.
I've never used Kanban but I can't say that I'm against the idea.

I'll be watching for the OOC. I'm working on my faction sheet, but I have a post to make in a Battletech thread tonight, too.

At the latest, expect a rough faction sheet tomorrow.
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Of course! Just wanted to know if it was from trade or from what. But never seeing the surface before is definitely fine.
In Dwarves! 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Generally speaking, what sort of things DO these dwarves have access to as far as resources? I assume that if they've never been to the surface they don't have vegetables and grains and things like that; nor do they have timber; linens might be hard to come by; etcetera. Is there someone that trades with them? Do they have a small surface area in the mountains? Or do they produce underground equivalents?

I may need to go back and edit my post depending on the answer. If possible, I wanted my character to have a journal.
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