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"Hello?" Flint called. There wasn't an immediate response, though the sound of wood scraping against wood could be heard. A quick look about the place showed it was comfortable and well-decorated, if a bit small. There were shelves standing n the floor, displaying an array of objects both strange and mundane. It appeared to be some sort of second hand store, but a fine one. Most of the goods were of the more expensive variety, such as fine clothes, antique furniture, lockets, jewelry boxes, exotic cloth from the east, old tomes, bones from long-deceased monsters... Everything was well-polished, small lanterns lit the room, and it was arrayed in such a way that everything was fetching to the eye. It wasn't humble, no; it was someone taking the best advantage of the small space they had offered to them. The door that led to the back of the building was ajar.

It became clear after a moment that someone was watching them. Boran noticed first, then Flint. To the right stood a tall, armored Caernling, a bearded warrior clad in scale armor with a vicious looking spiked mace resting at his hip. Apparently that was how the goods were kept safe.

"Forgive my tardiness," came a voice with a Westerling accent. They were interwoven with soft clicks upon the floor. "I would have answered sooner, but as they say in soldierly vernacular, my eyes were on the target." At that moment, the door to the back was pulled open, and a Westerling came in. He was a middle-aged man clutching a cane with a dragon-shaped head, a coal-skinned gentleman wearing black-and-gold fineries and old spectacles. His beard was ash-colored, and he wore a sad but steady smile.

"How can I help you?" he asked.
If nobody posts today I'll post tonight - I don't want to make folks wait forever.
Riley and Lothair were able to stalk the stranger for a while as he left the inn and went out the door, the young lord and the mercenary girl watching him from a safe and careful distance. It was not a difficult task to keep pace with him. He seemed to be moving at a steady pace, unaware of those following him, walking like a man on his way to work, making his way deeper into the poor residential district they were in.

The pair noticed a few more gazes settling on them as they went into the narrow and winding corridors of the slums. While relatively empty (thankfully), it seemed as if those still walking the street were against the two youths. Their faces wore a myriad of expressions, and their stances were reserved or defensive. It was odd. Were they all part of some plot? Was-

"Oi, oi!" called out a drunken man in his forties, snorting a little as the pair passed. "D'you buttercups got room for a third? Three men's better in bed than one, innit?"

Oh. That was why they were getting odd looks. Riley was a boyish girl.

The outburst from the sot was enough to make the pair's quarry turn his head. His eyes went wide, and he immediately went into panic mode, grabbing the nearest things his hands could find: pottery, empty crates, and an unattended lantern. He quickly threw all this these onto the ground behind him in a flash of motion, smashing them upon the rough cobblestone and bolting down into the twisting paths of the slums.

The pair had time to catch up, though the man definitely wasn't going to make it easy. However, that moment was when someone threw the door adjacent to the broken stuff open, and out stepped an alarmed and angry looking man with a spiked club.

"You rat bastards!" he snarled. "You breakin' my shit, are ya?" He hefted his club up menacingly.

As it was night still, the open market itself had wound down already. However, there were a few shops which would be open still. With any luck, there'd be a jeweler open, or at least a pawnbroker. Someone would be available to gauge the value of their gemstones at the least.

Of course, anyone up at so late an hour was certain to either be wary of their customers or to be untrustworthy themselves.

As luck would have it, there was a shop with a sign of a statuette, some coins, and some gems painted onto it. The building's windows windows were lit by candles. The words "Ghilas' Appraisals" were written in colorful font over the entryway. It was a small building, but it was well-maintained and well decorated.

Try that. I set it to never expire. If it doesn't work I will need to check from home.
I will be around in a couple hours to check this out.
I've got a server link here. It's nothing fancy, and I apologize for my tardiness in posting. I also won't be around until about 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, as I'm about to go to work in 10 minutes.

Please let me know if you have any questions! And please use the channels for their respective purposes!

By the way, my work schedule (since this may be relevant info, as I'm the GM) is 7:30-4:00 Sun-Thu, Central Time. So I'll generally be around for maybe an hour or two in the morning before work, and then hours in the evening. Your best bet (if possible) is to contact me during the evening hours or on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
"Splendid." Lord Guthbert tucked what remained of his purse of precious stones away, waving toward the small group of mercenaries. "You are allowed to use my name while you're in this city to help you get whatever resources you may need. Unfortunately, you'll find that names have less influence out in the southern reaches out Beldemar, where the village of Halden is located. The provincials have ever been a reclusive and independent lot.

"You have two days in which to make your preparations," Lord Guthbert said firmly. "If I find you are still in the city on the third dawn or have fled with your wealth, I will have someone have a word with you. This is a matter of some urgency, as you've probably deduced, so act appropriately.

"Finally, should you need to see me at my estate, well... Ask around. You're capable of that, I think." And with that, the wealthy fellow lifted his hand in a sort of beckoning gesture. His guards moved to flank him, and he started on out the door of the inn.

Momentary silence was broken by the sound of liquid sloshing into mugs. "One for the road, boys?" asked the worm-like man. "Might be the last good drink you get 'fore you enter that place."

Eyy, @Chicken you’ve gotten yourself into a rather tight spot, no?

Aye! That's the beauty of it!

But there are others who need to post yet. I'm waiting for them. What Dirk does is influenced by how, for instance, his two companions and the elf respond.
*raises hand*

I would like to request that we get that discord up and running before we start doing anything past this point (sans Zetsuko's/Riley's next post if they're planning one), including your next story post. This would be about the time where planning IC and OOC should be picking up, and characters acting independently of one another could cause some difficulty. In other words, coordination is going to become crucial pretty soon.

Sure thing. I will post the discord link at the same time.
I'll be posting either tonight or tomorrow morning before work. I've got the write-up for the journey's beginning written up, but that won't take place yet. You guys are free to use your down payment to adjust your characters' gear a little bit (within reason; but generally speaking everyone can get something they need). I'm also talking to someone about them becoming a fifth player.
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