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Post delayed slightly, but will make it after work. It's time to meet the man hiring you all.
(Written with input from Andreyich.)

Dirk was not an educated man.

When the fur-clad fop said he was of the Wind of Death, the most death-like thing that came to the old poacher's mind was necromancers. Nothing was more death-like than necromancers. He saw the strange, cheerful fellow before him, and he imagined himself prostrating upon the ground before that peacock only to have his throat slit and his body raised as a minion for the foul necromancer. The warriors behind him... How many were zombies? And it'd be typical of foreigners to align themselves with the raisers of the dead.

It didn't help that the man was dressed in dark clothes. Dark clothes clearly meant he was a necromancer.

Now, Dirk was not a very patriotic man, and the idea of taking flight did occur to him. But he thought of his daughter back home, of his wife and his son, and he wondered, passingly, if they might be one of the necromancer's prey eventually.

And so, Dirk did what any good fellow would do when faced by a pompous necromancer: he raised his bow quick as a snake and loosed two arrows in rapid succession, shouting, "Get the bloody bastards!" as loud as he could. "They've got a necromancer!"

And so the ill-conceived battle began, a battle born of bluffs, counter-bluffs, and misconstrued information. Dirk's arrows flew true toward their target. The first met its mark, smacking the dark wizard in his chest, right where his lung would be. The either was due to find its way into the shocked man's skull-

And then a block of ice burst forth from the ground and blocked the arrow.

"Two wizards?!" cursed the poacher to himself. "That's not even fair!"
This reminds me quite a bit of the Mouse Guard, more so then Redwall not only by the aesthetic choices, but the world you've envisioned as a whole. The Redwatch is very similar to the Guard.

Quoted for truth.

Also interested. I'll send you a PM later.
As an aside, I really like Flint putting his back to a wall so he can face the whole room. It's a quirk that a lot of veterans I know IRL share.

Expect a post from me today, + a discord link.
I'm kinda confused about the "stranger" thing at the moment? Anybody taking his/her role?
I wanted to get a post up, but I've fallen asleep very early in the evening two days in a row, ironically when putting my 1-year-old to sleep.

Since the first poster (Lothair) already RP'd being in the tavern already, assume they're the stranger. That was more to give someone a reason to talk to someone else immediately than anything.

EDIT: Also, I'm going to be posting a Discord link tomorrow, maybe tonight even.
In that case, here's what I'm thinking concerning a Discord, given the opinions voiced thus far:

1) We use Discord, BUT mostly use it for coordination purposes and quick questions.
2) Actual plot and such should be discussed on the OOC thread.
3) Any plot that IS discussed in Discord should be added to the OOC thread in paraphrased form.

Sound good to everyone?
@Irisity @Heyitsjiwon @Zetsuko @CollectorOfMyst @Hedonismbot

First post is up. Please post your characters in the Character tab (in hiders of course), and then post in the In-Character section. Feel free to pursue dialogue with one another, and note what I wrote in the OOC hider and the relevant hider to your character.

I will be taking note of your character's traits, background, flaws, and proficiencies throughout the RP to guide what your character notices, sees, etc. Different characters will get different notes on the same topic sometimes, or pick up on details the others don't. It's up to you to share those details (if you wish to).

As far as Discord goes, I'm going to wait for more opinions on that matter.

So far as capital cities went, Benetia was not very impressive. It was a humbly-sized city nestled between a lake and its merging river waters. Its walls are solid enough, and the bridges leading into the city quite stately, but from outside looking to the city there was just farmland as far as the eye could see. Inside the walls, the architecture could best be described as plain or, in politer terms, "practical" or "functional." In that way, the city was reflective of the wealth and status of the Caernling-ruled realm.

The road to Benetia was a long one from any other major settlement. There was a great need for proper boarding houses and inns in the city. A wealthy merchant might stop at the Blade's Rest, a stately inn with all the fineries and comforts one might ask for, and impeccable service at that. Others might stop at the Princely Pig, whose sign depicted the a fat pig in the garb of the King-Bishop of Lithenia. That place was popular with patriots. The Dancing Flame, Markam's Meadhouse, the House of the Silver Moon, all were respectable places to stop for the night.

All these inns could be found in such strategically placed locations as by the city gates, or overlooking the lakeside, or in the center of the busy market. But if one looked toward the innermost sections of the city, toward the poor district and the sprawl of Caernling-style houses - or, in some cases, huts - one could find a rather different sort of inn. Its faded sign depicted a colorful red boar with a wild eye and a huge grin biting down onto the buttocks of a barmaid. Above the doorway was another sign, old and scratched, on which were carved two words: Bawdy Boar.

It is here that our story begins.

The Bawdy Boar

It was a quiet place so far as inns went, the Bawdy Boar. It was a cold autumn night, and with harvest season in full swing and the gawdy sign outside, one might have suspected a little more business in the Boar. It was, however, fairly quiet that evening, with perhaps eight customers (if you counted the beggarly loiterer napping at the table beneath the stairs) and a lone minstrel playing on a lute in a lazy fashion. The innkeeper - a pale, fat, wormy looking fellow - focused his attention on his mugs, seeming just fine with the quiet air of the place. The barmaid was an older woman of about forty years. She brought the food in a professional, no-nonsense manner. She wasn't polite, either.

The food was of passable fare, though it smelled a little too strongly of spice, and the furnishings were quite plain. There was a faded red rug on the gray wooden floor. A wind coursed outside the building, smacking the sign against the building every now and then. The dining room was a little claustrophobic, with four tables in total and a single bar, and most of them were taken by the regulars. However, they seemed to be giving a certain berth to one of the tables tonight: the one closest to the door. It also happened to be the one furthest from the fireplace, and given how cold it was outside, that might have been reason enough to avoid it.

Of course, they might also have been avoiding it because there were was a stranger occupying the seat. That, or they left the coldest table to the stranger so they could enjoy the warmth in their clannish way.

I know it’s too late to join up now, but if there’s ever a point where you’ll be accepting again let me know! This RP looks great :)

Not a problem! I'll let you know as the time gets closer. Feel free to discuss character ideas via PM in the interim.


Bad news: post delayed until morning. Good news: post almost ready, and will be posted in the morning. I'm waking up at 3:30 to finish it. See y'all tomorrow morning before work.
Well, the first IC post goes up tonight after I get home from work. Remember, no rush in posting. Twice a week is the minimum, though you may certainly post more.

This first post is just a meet-and-greet style one. Your characters are starting the mission in a tavern. Yeah, nobody is surprised.

See you guys in a few hours!
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