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The Ginger beast's anger incessantly rose, as the clones had done nothing but add fuel to their funeral pyre she could only envision. Deformed tissue spread more and more across her concealed flesh, proportionally widening on her afflicted cheek. Had it not been for Kyoka's physical contact, the beast was going to be set loose onto the opposition. Her cousin was so tactile, and was almost uncomfortable sometimes. But the weight of the action did have an impact on the related Shinrikyo. Her tense body became unnaturally still, while the acid lover worked her magic.

It is uncertain whether Rumia would have truly halted her emerging rampage, but the doubt imposed in her mind via Kyoka's words stalled the monster long enough to allow a final gambit, and simply snag the scroll. And to think their resident swordsman was about to balance out the Heisenberg's approach with his own, 'outsider' remarks. He would receive a particularly menacing death-glare, before the odd flesh would revert back and restore Rumia to her former self. At this point, they'd warp back after the announcement of their victory from the Yamanaka proctor.

"Tch. They made us walk da way down 'ere for this? Pussies."

Arms crossed, Rumia scanned the tree-filled area they were ported to. Incults such as herself would have no idea as to what to expect from the forest of death, and like any reckless mongrel, she would willfully remain ignorant to the possible dangers. Very few things could scare this force of nature. Though, she would seem to always keep a watchful eye on her cousin, for it was quite obvious to even this numb-skill that she did not have the same durable nature as the ginger.

"Sword fella'. What do we gotta do now? Let's leave m'lovely cousin a break from doin' all da thinkin' fer us."

Her gaze directed itself toward Tashiro, eyes squinting. There was an aura of intimidation surrounding the lass, as if she were conferring a menial task to a rookie solider and expected the best of results at the risk of punishment. That and Hime wasn't going to come up with any plans.

Stuff happened. Shizuka went an hero on them. Kiku almost did a 'Yamete', but would set aside her inner Sakura to actually be useful. Jaakuna remains gay. And Kurin did a tryhard. But what about the golem? The TRUE Protagonist here?! And his awesome lava wave directed at all those outside of the recently created lava pit? This was going to hurt, a lot. But surely they'd pull through. That would depend on how the universe felt today.

To start off, Shizuka's initiative regarding paper bombs and enhancing them with his glorified Wind Release. He'd approach it with a slash to the protective layer of metal and stone over the main, core battery of the golem. His massively weakened state and environmental hazards would render the attack far less efficient than he could predict. It'd only be thanks to his Oxygen release's remaining strength that his paper bombs could even hope to push through along with Kiku's assistance. Would the battery actually be destroyed however?

Hell no.

That thing was at least three times the size of the ones allocated to the palms. Despair could only reign on the visage of those who'd realize this, even if a giant lava wave was befalling those who fled the intoxicating heat of the lava pit. Nonetheless, it'd seem to be damaged, fuming with black smoke like a malfunctioning engine. It would not stop the mighty, yet incomplete, Dajian. The intact arm remained charged, ready to deliver a devastating blast. But first ...

The lava wave. What would be done about it? It was hurled from its damaged, flaming arm, and as such, far bigger than the teenie tiny ones in tropical islands. Oh yes, the wave was big, and covered the area. Admittedly perhaps a big fragmented and its size would not carry the weight it'd be suspected of having, but the group was all so focused on the Dajian's imminent demise and next moves that they would clumsily react to the large scale blast.

Shizuka would be the least affected, as even if his trajectory to reach the Golem's back would converge with the wave's wake, he'd be hit with a few minor globs on his back. Second degree burns thanks to his attire. His initiative saved him there. Kiku would be luckier too, as she mostly stuck with Shizuka during the wave's rampage, but would later regain Jaakuna, and she herself would expose her being to the last seconds of the lava's wrath upon them. Moreso on the level of her legs where many large splashes from the impact would have lava fragments char her skin and even muscles. She could stand, but the pain would be real.

Jaakuna and Kurin, however, were going to be prime targets for this. Jaakuna was already damaged from the previous explosion, and directed himself away from the Golem's way. Even if he noticed the wave, it seemed the arm had his attention, as he'd ask for Kiku's assistance to counteract it. This would leave him vulnerable for a good lava bath. Of course, he could avoid the worst with his lightning attack being fired immediately to repel the bulk of lava over him, and perhaps damage the charging fist. Though, the blonde would be inflicted with severe burns on his hands and forearms as a result of such proximity to the lava. But he was alive and standing.

Kurin wasn't too lucky with this match-up, and would find himself summoning a golem and saving Shizuka in the time-frame that he should have been defending himself. His Mokuton would certainly be of little use here, but the golem could help. If he were to use it to sponge most of the lava, he'd be spared quite the awful bodily damage. However, in turn, it would be severely weakened and deliver very little in actually restraining/damaging the arm, with most of the Mokuton and paper bomb incinerated by the sponged lava wave. Kurin wouldn't be spared damage in this scenario regardless. Flaming projectiles from his golem's body would still impact his vulnerable being, and delivery quite the hefty, third degree burns, in various areas. But nothing a Senju couldn't resist with their renown vitality.

Once on the ground, the lava was quick to cool and harden, as it had been separated from its main source of power. The floor was not lava.

What would come of the golem, however? The battery on its back remained, albeit damaged. And while Kiku's and Jaakuna's attacks were 'successful', they were also weakened. Factoring in Kurin's golem, burning by lava or not, he'd find that it would be strangely inefficient against the arm. Why? It was Raiton. The blue energy was far lighter than that of the magnetizing beam, and blots of lightning could be detecting surging out once damaged. They were going to have to brace for impact, because the arm withstood most of everything.

Until flames would suddenly surge out of the golem's eyes and mouth, and eventually from the fissures of its body. Something was most certainly wrong, as it'd freeze during this odd instance. It needed an immense amount of power from the batteries in order to charge this attack, and it'd be siphoned by the golem's interference and accumulated damage to its body. With the main battery compromised, the incomplete body of the Dajian could not handle the overload, and would eventually short-circuit. The blue energy coating the arm would spread through the body, while flames continuously blew out of its orifices.

Okay, now they had to brace for impact. From orange to a bright white, energy was overflowing out of the cracks of the now malfunctioning, but static, golem. Almost as if it screamed it pain, a loud shriek from its 'mouth' echoed through the room, before its body would concede to the fatal malfunction. And then boom. The body, arms and legs, would explode in a blast of energy, with raiton discharged all over the room. Debris was annihilated before it could be dangerous to the squad, but the shockwave would propel them all against a wall, no exceptions. The lava pit would also be decommissioned with this mighty blast. Each member of Team Daddy DP would have been at least shocked once by the massive raiton bolts released in the area.

There only remained the head, floating with hints of damage all over it. Its figure cracked and fissured more and more, until it would deconstruct itself, before exploding into millions of fragments of both metal and rock, and reforming in a singular object. The Earth scroll would be formed from the remains of the golem, and elegantly float its way down to the center of the now ruined containment room where they had slain the Dajian. Once they'd touch it, they would be warped to the forest of death.

But before they'd leave, the utter destruction brought forth by the beast and the aspiring team of Shinobi would reveal one final trace left by the civilization that had built the mighty behemoth. A piece of rock that had fallen among the many debris would reveal the following.

The Worm emerges victorious
Our Brethren have fallen to its corrupting will
The Dajian would repel the Wind and the Earth, the pawns of the Worm
But it would be innocent toward the slaughter of our own
Betrayed, we can only hide, and pray
Pray to the simple beings we had once arrogantly claimed to be their Gods

With our heroes surviving the trial of the Dajian, they will be cursed from the fallout of the battle, but also blessed for their efforts.
All of these afflictions are 'permanent', and will be considered by GM's in fights. However, they can also be restored through development,
your characters finding means to fix their bodies. It may lead them to a path you wouldn't pre-conceive. Becoming a medical ninja isn't the only alternative here.

-Shizuka: Over-exertion and minor damage from lava globs. Insignificant to long-term performances.
New Ability:
Name: Pressure Sponge
Rank: C
Range: Personal
Nature: Wind
Type: Ninjutsu - Supplementary - Defensive
Effect: Enhanced by the durable nature of the Dajian, exposure to its chakra leaves Shizuka capable of casting a form of transparent bubble surrounding his being. With this defensive, ethereal shell, he is capable of weakening the momentum his body is submitted to from strong, kinetic attacks. For example, explosions would not have as strong of a push-back on his as it would with others, enabling faster recovering as if he were 'floating'. It is a continuous jutsu, and will eat away at chakra.
Weakness: N/A

-Kiku: Lava damage to legs will slow her performances by 5% to 10% depending on the pace of the fight. This will affect her ability to react to surprise and speedy attacks if dodging would involve her legs. Closing distance will be slightly hard to perform, as well as jumps will be painful.
New Ability:
Name: FanShuo's Call
Rank: B
Range: 7 KM's
Nature: Lightning Release
Type: Ninjutsu - Supplementary
Effect: Basically an electromagnetic radar. Kiku can detect with precision various elements surrounding her, no matter how small or big. Similar to a sonar, she could discern shapes. It easy easily cast and cancelled with a single hand sign, and works as a large electromagnetic field. It does not expand for more than 500 meters in radius, but does send electromagnetic waves to extend her view. Of course, the more distant things are, the hard they are to precisely distinguish.
Weakness: This will cause small metallic objects to be attracted to her (she can very easily detect them all however).

-Jaakuna: Damage from Shrapnel will lower his vitality, ability to take hits, by around 10% in the long-term. Since he's already a glass-canon, this shouldn't be too significant. However, he'd also receive massive burns on his arms. Usage of hand seals is slowed, with nerves being dead and all, which would favor the use of his Hiden. But hand seal duration will be 50% longer.
New Ability:
Name: Realization of Fire: Heavenly Judgement
Rank: B
Range: Varies
Nature: Lightning
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Keeping up with ripping off from Firebenders, the Dajian has blessed Jaakuna with an innate ability to manipulate the flow of Raiton in his body. To put it simply, he can use lightning the same way they do in Avatar, with the right body movements he'd need for his Hiden. Heavenly Judgement is a simple but deadly bolt of Lightning, easily compared to Raiton: Gian. Yes it is very fast.
Weakness: Usual lightning weaknesses. The guy literally dances around with a bolt of lightning at the tip of his fingers, and linear trajectory.

-Kurin: At the end of the fight, his body is afflicted with a multitude of burns, some more threatening than others. As a Senju, a cut to his vitality is far more significant, with 10% of it even hurting his ability to fully use Mokuton. He will not last as long as he normally would in a fight, even if marginal.
New Ability:
Name: Mokuton: Grudge Bark
Rank: C
Range: All
Nature: Mokuton
Type: Ninjutsu - Offensive - Defensive
Effect: With a hand seal, one is capable of calling upon the Dajian's ability to assimilate and mould earth to strength the plant life conjured from the Mokuton. The wood will adopted a darker brown. It gains a stronger resilience to flames and prevents it from rapidly spreading. Mokuton given this extra level of chakra will be able to resist extreme heat and even have an easier time pushing through metal surfaces.
Weakness: Costs more chakra, and will even matter to a Senju if application of this jutsu become a general thing. Raiton also becomes more deadly as a result, with the earth affinity becoming pre-dominant.

They did not budge. Not even with Rumia's stiff, almost taunting march toward the prize. The tension brought by this showdown she had imposed on the manifestations was only broken by Kyoka's sudden tactile initiative. Unflinching, but brought to a halt, the Shinrikyo was certainly surprised by acid girl's approach. Peering upwards diagonally, the ginger seemed slightly irritated with the excess baggage imposed on her back, though it would not be all that impactful on performances, given Rumia's talent. The groping was something to be expected with this lass at this point. No staggering there.

"Almost forget ya' have that fancy lil' power there. I'm sure y'forget about it on purpose sometime, amirite?""

A menacing chuckle.

But as Rumia noted both the inactivity of the clones, and Kyoka's suggestion that they could maybe just go with the same, pacifist method as before, the ice fairy revealed her ace. Charging in with explosives a galore, the Hokage clones would immediately take action, with speeds the brawler could barely even keep up with. They were both before her, with Kyoka still piggy-backed. Orange eyes widened as the inevitable assault would come to be.

"Fu- ..."

As a reflex Rumia's abdominal muscles tensed with a clear, core assault taking place. Hollow Shell would form as the muscles contracted, and her posture slightly modified before the inevitable occurred. But that wasn't all she was paying attention too. Only one arm rose defensively, the other reached to clench Kyoka's wrist, as the impact was imminent. Propelled backwards, the rednecks would barely be able to resist the blast of air pressure. Rumia took the bulk of it in her enhanced defenses, and thus sponge the attack, and leaving Kyoka intact for the most part.

Her hand that rose defensively, would instinctively drop down, and reach for the floor. A slightly futile effort given the amount of momentum her core was submitted to, but it allowed her upper body to bend over somewhat. Bursting out of her legs and elbow would be chakra cannons, all of which firing a burst of pure chakra. Smashing against the wall would be avoided, for Rumia had indeed mastering her unique fighting style involving short, precise bursts of said cannons on her limbs.

"These fuckers ..."

With a rude spit of blood directed at the floor beneath her, Rumia would release Kyoka from her safety grip, and fix her posture. Orange pupils now oriented toward the pacified Hokage Clones, the scowl on her visage made her bloodlust quite clear. The flesh on her left cheek slowly discolored itself into an ugly beige with the sclerae of the nearest eye adopting a pitch black coloring.

"Cheap pieces of shit. I'm goin' to tear 'em apart cuz. No one fuckin' sucker punches me, or m'fam."

The cannons on her back and limbs flared, as she prepared to assault. One could still stop her, for she would only let her frustrations accumulate until her form would be revolting enough to be appropriate for a carnage.

The group remained divided, and the Dajian insured it would remain that way for a little while longer. One half left to deal with the deathdealing projectiles while the other was trapped in an electrifying bind. Both were facing an imminent death if inaction were to reign on their performance. This incomplete, but still merciless tool of war was not going to display any form of leniency to the Daddy DP team.

Squad Kunaa would be handling the five homing drill-missiles attracted specifically to the nail polish homosexual. Kurin could do very little by himself against this inevitable danger, as such, he'd be support, propelling Jaakuna toward the beast's lower levels. Like a rocket with the use of his fire bending Zuko skills, he'd easily out-speed the missiles and land himself near the leg/foot of the stone monstrosity, only to place himself on its front, in order to trick the projectiles into hitting the Dajian's heels. He would succeed, with the metal tools drilling into the metal and rock, before exploding.

Debris and such would be abundant, as the lower portion of the leg would be blown off completely. Jaakuna would receive punishment for this, for he could not advance much further without being stunned by the lightning cage, and moving too far off to another direction would lure too many projectiles to his direction, thus ruining his plan. Like bullets, pieces of metal shrapnel would be lodged on his core, and the same goes with stone, though it'd be quick to disintegrate into sand upon impact. A big amount of damage to the poor land who'd rely on his body's performances to be efficient. Added to that, it'd force the Dajian to kneel over somewhat, risking the gay boy to be crushed after his initial damage. What will he do?!

On the other half, Kizuka would act quickly, with oxygen lad hurling projectiles enhanced by his chakra, and wind, toward the big battery on the Dajian's active palm. It'd hit, obviously, as it'd be stationary, but would not suffice to actually break it. Shizuka would notice just how weaker his tool enhancement was, a nasty side effect of the donation he had made. But Kiku would not falter despite the pressure brought forth by the inevitable death by crushing. She herself employed her Bukijutsu, and added the pressure needed onto the palm's mechanism to force a malfunction.

With both events being almost simultaneous, the Dajian would not only lose its footing and focus with the leg damage, but also have its palm's batter explode. The cage would thus be gone, though Shizuka would still have wasted a gargantuan amount of his chakra. Poor lad. But at least the right palm was now in flames with the Golem seemingly struggling to keep up, with its free palm trying to support it in this dire time. But as it seemed vulnerable, Team Daddy DP would quickly discover that things were not going to be so simple.

Very swiftly and suddenly, the Goliath would raise its burning, damaged hand into the air, before crashing it on the hemisphere in which Kiku and Shizuka fought. They were in a good position to avoid this, given how straightforward the movement was. If they didn't, they'd die. But anyway, once cashed onto the ground, the impact would be mighty enough to cause a noteworthy earthquake. Rock slides from the ceiling were abundant, keeping the team unable to rest. But the worst was yet to come, as they could suddenly feel the room's temperature augment astronomically.

The earth in which the golem had slammed its damaged limb would burn up, and this mercilessly fire would spread underneath the metal and rock that had previously been pulled up. It wouldn't take long before one third of the arena would become molten, burning hot magma. The heat was unbearable, the gasses emitted noxious and lethal to the skin if they were to go over it. The room would remain awfully hot, with Wind and Water jutsu losing 50% potency, while fire would have a meager 10% boost. Added to that, the Dajian would stand again, its foot slowly regenerated from a combination of magnetism, earth control and the Phonzite littering the room, though this time it would be charged with multiple fissures glowing orange with heat and magma. This was not going to be easy.

Once standing again, its intact arm would commence charging itself, the blue glyphs on the limb shining cobalt, and with every passing second the shine would get more intense. A powerful attack was coming. All the while, the damage limb would emerge from the melted earth, now but a giant, amalgamation of lava vaguely resembling an arm. With one swift movement, it would swing its arm, and cause a wave of molten matter to descend upon our heroes. They had one third of their field consumed, and the golem took a good portion too. There wouldn't be many places to hide. Teamwork would be essential here!

They scattered, a sound tactic against a monumental foe. But one that omitted the fact that this was a war golem, designed for the front lines and the military pride of this long dead culture. Masses were what it dealt with before all, and small units divided for a guerrilla-like approach was something it was designed to handle. They had dodged the initial assault, and pursued to formulate a counter-attack in the hopes of halting whatever world-ending maneuver is was going for.

Kurin would be the most cautious of the bunch, with his spores application. Just as the blue cannon would be fired, there'd be a clogging in the gears within the beast. Plants, wood, they made the golem's earthen insides their home. Well, to an extent. The golem was by no means immobilized, with the Phonzite ore within grinding the organic mass and providing a suboptimal base for it to fester and grow. Nonetheless, it'd halt, before seemingly charging some sort of attack. The runes on its body shone, before finally the fissures of its being igniting for barely a second, and releasing nothing more than black smoke. A large discharge was made throughout its being, and the unfortunate lifeforms within were swiftly purged, with nothing but ashes and their frail remains.

But that would not be all. While the beam was making its course through the room, at the moment directing itself toward Kiku and Shizuka, there'd be a very sudden shift in the chakra on its being. One could also notice the magnetic fields on its being dilated at an unusual rate for just a second.

Jaakuna, propelled in the air, would have before him an open palm. A red target for him to attack, and the opposing hand to the one firing the cannon. Well, not for long. Without the same charging time as the previous beam, the same blast of blue energy would be fired from that hand, would simultaneously stopping on the initial one (let's say the one attacking Jaakuna now the left one). The Golem was subpar in movement speed, yes, but its attacks were designed to kill even enemy Jonin. Jaakuna certainly had options in the air, with his Firebending Ozai-tier rocket movement, but his hindrance would come into effect. Pain, and loss of his chakra made the use of the hiden harder, and most certainly unequipped to handle this surprise attack while being just sent in mid-air.

A speedy attack! Could someone defend Jaakuna? Unlikely, but possible. However, the grim truth would be simply that the beam wouldn't be stopped regardless. It would not destroy obstacles, no, even if slightly burning them, but would phase through them. Jaakuna would at least take some of it, but only feel a mild discomfort and maybe first degree burns in select areas, but nothing that would be be bother in an adrenaline-fueled fight. No, but he would feel it. A magnetic field, shaping itself around him. One far more potent than the passive ones on the Dajian. Once fired, the palm sealed itself, having left only a minor window for them to exploit if they even could after this surprise attack.

The beast's eyes remained robotically absent, focusing on nothing and particular and letting its limbs do the work. With Jaakuna exposed to its ray, however, it would very suddenly twist its gaze toward the love birds. Wide, white optics fixating the two with a blinding light, worthy of a UFO abduction scene. All the while, five odd objects would be ejected from its shoulders. They were shaped like triangles, with a sphere levitating behind each. They were around on meter in length, and about half of that in width. As they took off, they would commence spinning, like drills, and fire at the direction of Jaakuna.

By this point, one would deduce what was going on. Sundance had been magnetized, and these projectiles that were ejected, were very much attracted to the big ass magnetic field he was emitting. They were fired like bullets, slowing down once in the field, and existing only to home onto Jaakuna. The drilling was a sadistic means to push through obstacles and kill off stubborn enemies, and if it wasn't enough, a nice explosion would occur once they would be immobilized for too long or on impact. No one wants to get hit by that.

Most enemies of the Dajian were most certainly dead once hit by its Magnetizing Ray. As such, the golem considered them 'resolved' and oriented its focus on another cluster. It was designed well enough to deduce that Kurin was more likely the help Jaakuna in this sticky situation than relentlessly assault. As such, Kiku and Shizuka were getting the spotlight for the time being.

With an arm already extended in their direction, the golem would not waste this positioning. Fingers widening as Kiku requested that they'd bounce off, thin, blue lasers would be fired off from each of the five tips. Fast as one would expect from a raiton laser, though would be nowhere close to actually hitting the duo. No, instead, the gaps between each laser would have a raiton 'net' knitted to keep them trapped. They had a wide area to work with, since the golem was more or less in the center of the arena, and the net got wider the closer that they were to the earth.

Like Jaakuna, they'd have a target right before them. But that would often signal something dangerous. Not a magnetizing ray, however. Close, but not quite. No, instead, whether in the air or on the ground, they'd feel a piece of the stone and metal within the perimeter of the net slowly rise. The Dajian was literally employing advanced Earth and Magnet style to pull earth and Phonzite alike upwards, toward its hand. And of course, as it rose, the edges would be burned and shredded. If the two were to hit the net, they'd be burned and mostly stunned over actually being cut up. Nonetheless, the golem's intentions were clear: They were to be crushed against its palm, if they did not find a way to get out of this mess.

Even if sword boy's final addition to this 'friendship is everything' moment was most certainly gay, Rumia certainly hoped this was the case. The lass kept a permanent scowl on her visage, expecting the worst from this decision, but subservient to her cousin's superior intellect. One of the few that could actually tell this monster what and what was right. But still, doubt reigned, and on an impatient critter like our resident ginger did not cope well with stress. The ticking clock was the worst, but it'd finally end, only to give place to a disappointing silence that'd make even the most confident doubt their choice. Arms crossed, the lass couldn't take it.

"... Tch. Them fuckers think its mighty funny to waste our time 'n' money?! I'll fucking sho- Huh."

The doors opened eventually and right as she was going to explode, revealing a trap on both ends. A couple of blinks, before a dull stare was thrown at the direction of the pits. With a squint, the Shinrikyo added with sass after spitting down said deathtrap.

"'Tis only a problem if ya' can't fly. Whatever."

Some more stuff about balance, things that were beyond the thought process of our simple friend. Her attention was quickly harnessed by new sounds and movement. A set of doors leading the group to the next area upon crossing the bridge between the holes. An expected contrast from the white room was found, with a pitch black color correlating with the theme of the trial.

Odd wisps could be noticed dancing in the air, one white, and the other black and somehow visible. Rumia's connection to nature allowed the youth to acknowledge whatever presence could be existing within the room, while making herself spiritually scarce ad she remained still with her team while the show commenced. The scroll was visible on the other side, once the display was finished and the room finally illuminated.

Their opponents, or at least Rumia assumed they were, presented themselves. 'Clones' of the guy that introduced this exam. The Hokage. The thug could only smirk in satisfaction as she could smell the inevitable belligerence to come. Perhaps she was wrong, but she hoped to get a little action here. Knuckles cracked, the ginger wouldn't hesitate to march toward the ephemeral duo, her pace steady and far from hasty.

"Muh gut says them boys will not play real nice with our kind. Cuz, y'know the drill. Stay real close, but not too close, 'n' gimme the smog. I'm grabbing that scroll. Gonna help or have anything to say, now's the time shitheads."

The moment they all stepped into the room, they felt the oppressive cold almost trying to possess them. All figuratively, of course. But this chilling, morbid feeling they'd all receive was not one they could ignore. It'd only be natural for Team Daddy DP to express concern, worry, anxiety ... After all, they were doing nothing but dive deeper into an unknown far too foreign to the world they had known all their lives, whether poor or wealthy, difficult or aided. A civilization so distant from theirs, it could only appear alien to the youths. The oppressive nature of the area would be made worse with a metallic door closing behind them, successfully sealing the team within.

Before they could investigate further, runes engraved in the metal plated portions of the floor and carvings on the more rocky walls would flash in a bright white. As if conferring the spotlight to all those in the room, at the pleasure of any omnipresent onlooker to admire. They were still alone, at least when it came to living beings anyway. However, as eyes and senses adjusted to the bright lights and the massive increase in the spread of electromagnetic currents, they could all witness it before them. A Golem dwarfing even the giants they had interacted with. Thirty meters in height, with the room barely ten higher, and of a width of about half that size. Luckily for the team, the circular room, coating in untapped Phonzite, was most certainly large enough to only have the beast before them take a quarter of the available space.

In front of Team Daddy DP, stood Fan'Shuo's Military Pride. The gargantuan Dajian, General to all other war golems. Armed with thick metal plating meshed with carefully crafted stone laced with Phonzite. Its shape was humanoid, with many compartments littering its physiology, supposedly to hold weaponry or odd mechanisms. It stood stiff, and motionless, with only the runes in the room slowly spreading to eventually reach its thick, metallic feet. From there, like some vile disease, the markings spread through its body, and energized it as a form of response to intruders. Though given the many skeletons spread around the area, one could perhaps deduce that it had since them indiscriminately eliminated whatever bothered it.

The squad couldn't really do much about it, for it was clear through the texts that this thing was designed to attack, and defend. Attacking it now while it seemed to wind up could be a good idea just as it was a bad one. To any omniscient onlooker, they'd know it'd be a bad idea. They'd have no idea what to expect from the silver, Immobile giant.

Well, immobile until its figure would be fully decorated with the bright glyphs. The final lines reached the 'eyes' of the giant figure, and once finally given the juice it craved, they'd open wide. Another blinding flash, before the beams of light focused onto the intruders. Like giant search lights, they would seem vehemently fixated on the group, before they'd actually spread out. They could scramble at this point, but the Dajian had not fully awakened yet. Gears and motors increased yield tenfold as the beast's joints unbuckled and released themselves from their century-long rest. Finally, the Dajian could walk once more.

The first step was seismic, albeit slow. Easy to make any land dweller lose their footing. It marched toward our protagonists' initial location, and slowly managed to articular the remaining of its limbs the same way. With the exception of its right arm, which would pull back instead of following the movement. An odd, bluish energy very rapidly coated the massive palm of the metallic beast, before it would slap said member onto the room's floor. Needless to say, if the group hadn't moved by then, they'd be completely crushed.

While it seemed like a belligerent assault, it seemed to have been focused on something other than them. Yes, for it would not remove its palm immediately, and instead remained fixed onto a semi-kneeling position with its palm flattened on the earth. A sensor like Kiku could notice it, the golem was draining the Facility of its final reserves, and empowering itself to reach astronomical levels of potency. The drainage was fast, too fast to reliably stop. It did not take long for the monstrosity to finally stand, and hold its ground against the aspiring Chuunin.

As it removed its palm, one could notice a similar mechanism found on the abdomen of the maintenance golem. This would be the case on the opposing hand as well. There'd be a final, large compartment on its back, heavily protected, and emitting an gargantuan electro-magnetic field from it, even larger than from any of its hands.

Pumped with power, it was about time they discovered why this thing would be considered a military marvel. With its hand still coated in the blue aura, the Dajian would be abnormally swift at pointing it at their general direction, before firing a concentrated beam of dark-blue energy. It didn't seem to be damaging the environment all too much as it would be guided rather swiftly to try and blast the individual members of the squad. It was very clearly hostile, and there'd be no escape.

Here they were, all members of team Daddy DP ready to give a bit of themselves to activate the mechanism within the enigmatic Golem, the 'Jian-Huren'. A contrario to letting Jaakuna be the only one to power up it up, and potentially compromise him for the remainder of the trial. They clearly needed something big to revive the behemoth sitting inertly before them, and the leadership power-struggled seemed to have a penchant for collective sacrifice.

Shizuka was first to offer, and the followed by Kiku volunteering herself as the second offering to whatever gluttonous needs the stone beast would hold. Finally, Jaakuna would let up, and burden himself with a lighter punishment than the glyphs had expected from the Raiton user. All three were set, and once the trio willingly inserting their arms into the mechanisms, they would flash to life. Runes surrounding the machines lit up, and indicate the things actually working.

The tributes to the golem would, however, be completely locked in place, with the only escape being the swift amputations of their offered limb. The following would not be painful perse, but moreso draining, not very enjoyable. Chakra would escape their being by force, and in turn slowly light up the runes coating the avian golem. They would all eventually notice the manifestation of a seal on their forearm, ever so slightly out of the machine's maw. They were being marked with a seal similar to the one on the door that'd led them here, albeit black.

This process would last no longer than a minute, and the experience would not improve until the very end, where they would finally be freed. Forearm marked, but otherwise fully intact physically. Internally, however, the drain was genuine. Their strength absorbed and chakra levels depleted to nourish the beast that was supposedly promising them a solution to their current dilemma.

Their sacrifice would not be in vain, however, as once this odd transfer was finished, they could all hear the rattling coming from the golem's 'throne'. The Jian-Huren seemed to shiver ever so slightly, and the movements would become more pronounced by the second. And with one, sudden movement, all the accumulated dust and sand on the inert being would blast away from its figure, as it would emerge, tall and stiff to perform its duties. It was certainly tall, and far too big to pass through the access they had employed. Which is why the red runes all the wall would react in turn. Shifting from crimson to bright yellow, the corridor would seem to enlarge itself, as if it were all just a bunch of piled, metallic blocks clustered together to make a narrow path, now folding back deeper into the earth it once came from.

With that, the beast would march forward with heavy, seismic-like steps, and regain the seemingly malfunctioning turntable. It was still dark, with red runes barely illuminating it. The once stiff, robotic golem would suddenly shift to far more fluid movement as it'd 'inspect' the mechanism of the turntable. Its hollow, golem eyes scanned the area, body turning from left to right frequently in order to assess the situation. It did not take it more than fifteen seconds before it would confidently bend over and latch its palms onto the spinning, metallic disc on the floor. A small burst of electricity was then released from its figure, before it'd stand back once more, and paused.

Almost as if it were theatrical, the turntable's room would light up as it had once more, and the machine would spin again, and align itself as it was meant to. This would allow the rails to face the main, large door that stood in the way of Daddy DP. And with their path chosen, said door would open, revealing the next step of their adventure. All the while, The Jian-Huren apparently handling maintenance around here, set off for its throne, for its task was complete and could only envision eternal slumber once more.

The group could now advance, and would they do, they'd find a wall before them, with the rail dividing itself into two corridors to the left and to the right. The wall was small enough for them to notice that they both led to an area behind it, and seemed to be mostly for aesthetics. On said wall, however, they'd find another, far better preserved illustration than they had found beforehand.

The Earth Consumed, as the Wind Destroyed
We can only hide behind the stronghold that had once oppressed us
The Jian-Huren offered us the promise of guidance and good health
But one by one, they fall to the Worm's Will
Only our greatest Dajian can confer the salvation of Fan'Shuo
If we were to fail, the few carrying the legacy of the Phonzite will hide
With one of two last Commanders of our heavenly army

As they would proceed, they would find the rail tracks leading to a dark, cold room. A very large, cold room. Not unnaturally cold, but they could tell they were deep in the frigid earth. One could distinguish a large figure in the massive darkness, with no signs of chakra or even movement. There'd be that, and the excessive amount of bones littering the first few meters of the chamber. Team Daddy DP had better tread carefully.

[With the collective nerf in place, these are the penalties our good friends will be receiving:
-Kiku: Larger loss of chakra than the others, being 40%, and elimination of her only A rank Genjutsu.
-Jaakuna: 25% Chakra loss, Sea of Flames and Lightning Wall are eliminated, larger self-damage when using Hiden as a medium to attack.
-Shizuka: 30% Chakra Loss, Samurai Sabre Technique loses potency (any enhancement ability). Combustion is eliminated, and like with samurai sabre technique, lower chakra control leads to AoE's such as Atsugai to be a far bigger hazard to the team.

Characters generally feel weaker, and this should affect their capabilities to an extent. I will en enforcing this, and you are warned that the upcoming fight might put you at very bad odds against your newly made weaknesses. They're only for this event, no need to be too spooked.]

The treacherous machinery of the old had likely left a bitter-sweet taste in the mouths of team Daddy DP. And with the fruits of their stress being nothing more than a breakdown of the system leading to an obscure corridor, it wouldn't be surprising that they'd be a little bit suspicious as to what awaited them. Through the tight access they would eventually see quite the bright, crimson light, at the end of the tunnel. Far brighter than the runes that decorated the walls and illuminated their path.

Before them, a far thinner golem-like statue sat, legs crossed in the form of the lotus, hands over each knee, and gaze fixed toward the entrance the group would walk through. Beyond its silhouette, the golem would also vary in facial structure. Far less lizard-like, with a beak instead of a pronounced jaw. Though the most noticeable element that would distinguish it from the rest would be a red mechanism on its abdomen. It was large, ingrained in the figure's being, and metallic. Closer inspection would notice how similar it would be to transformers of the modern era, the world our protagonists had taken for granted. This civilization was old, but had made quite the interesting breakthroughs. This golem, despite being lankier, remained as big as the others encountered.

Jaakuna over everyone else, though Kiku's senses could likely pick up on it quite easily too, could sense a strong magnetic field surrounding the golem. Or rather the machinery in its center. It would not be hard to eventually correlate this to the inscriptions on the walls, representing the golem, along with many other smaller figures. Some were praising the statue, others were interacting with it in some way. A four-armed being would even be touching it, and seem to be offering something ethereal of its being. What exactly? It'd remain quite vague.

The second thing the group would notice was a set of three machines. One further to the left of the statue, one to the right. And with a little looking around, behind the 'throne' of the golem, they'd find the third mechanism. All of which were clearly connected to it in some way, and with a singular, large opening on each. An arm could most certainly fit in these peculiar mechanisms. Though before any hasty conclusions could be made, the team would be invited to take notice of the inscriptions below the representation of the sitting golem on the wall.

We of Fan'Shuo built Jian-Huren in our failure to wield the Source
Great guides, they were
The few of our people that could wield the power descending from the heavens
Would wield the key to awakening them in their slumber
But as the Worm grew, the few capable of bending the little Source left slowly vanished
As such, our Jian-Huren would learn to feast on our Source
A small offering from a few, for the prosperity of the many

The hourglass was running low. That disconcerting voice made sure to remind them of that. All that was missing was some annoying little jeopardy-theme to come with the incessant ticking. More and more Rumia was inclined to simply walk into the pass door and kick out anyone that wasn't her cousin, including the cute lil' Hime. Though on the other hand, the ginger hoped her intellectual counterpart would figure something out and prevent anymore brain-hurtin' on her side.

Ol' Tashiro she didn't even keep the name in mind would propose they all walked into one of the doors, or do nothing. It sounded a bit daring, and even prompted the lass to raise an eyebrow. The fact of the matter was that if Kyoka had said the same thing, there'd be little to no skepticism on the lass' expression. But like any of her kind, she just had to slightly discredit the outsider. She didn't budge, as a slightly insult to his suggestion.

But then female Walter White would propose something of the same flavor. That they'd all go at this together. Though that wouldn't be before a forced group hug of sorts was shoehorned by the sexual deviant of the gang.

"Ayy cuz! Y'know you could just bring 'em all t'me. No need to be roughhousin' me."

It was followed by a chuckle as she'd finally lend her attention to the blonde gal. Something about family and all that, which would just prompt an eyeroll from the more belligerent factor of the group. It seemed Kyoka was more open to others, while Rumia's limited thinking kept her locked in a more traditionalist thing. Blood and kin first, the rest were mostly outsiders and distractions.

"I dunno cuz ... Y'sure you wanna risk this shitty trip for sum gamble? If we went like dat we could just raid one of these casinos ran by dem red-clays. Fuckin' red clays."

Her tangent was quick to derive from the issue, and thus distract her from the possible flaws of this logic. But Kyoka was the thinker, and Rumia's internal processor couldn't really be bothered to think beyond the immediate actions they were gonna take. A deadpan stare would capture the two doors they were meant to engage with for a brief moment before turning back to the druggie.

"Mmmm ... I'd say we take the winning door but I dunno. You're the one with the mighty fine brain, cousiiiin. But I guess we could kick tear that voice a new asshole if they fail us, as a team~"

Knuckles cracked, as she'd maliciously glanced toward the camera.

"No objections, lady."

With their previous initiatives failing, and propositions that didn't get the approval of the whole group, it seemed that the group was in a stalemate of sorts. Jaakuna's proposition was not a foolish one, but considering the bulk of these metallic doors, it would likely take a considerable amount of time before passive heating could actually have an effect. Especially at his current level of power. Little options remained, and strong-arming the thing wasn't all that appealing either with Kurin's previous, well-meaning approach.

Shizuka remained the guardian of the hourglass, while the others wasted time figuring out alternatives. Time was going by fast, with barely two minutes contained in this hourglass. If Shizuka would stall them for a good thirty seconds, it would finally reach its end. The fact that the tremors accelerated in power as time passed would have likely flared a few nerves. Added to the endless rain of small, rocky debris serving as quite the deterrent to whatever hermit-like initiative Shizuka was going for.

They would let it empty, and were to face the consequences of such a choice. The Tremors would be the first to be affected by this conclusion. With one final rumble worthy of an earthquake, they'd finally stop, and stability was found once more. Afterward, the same mechanism with the button would now split open, and reveal what was a fractured representation of a wheel with broken pieces falling over. The machine was most certainly broken.

But that didn't stop the grand scheme of things. The runes that illuminated the area would suddenly flash blue, with more forming under the feet of our heroes. A big, runic circle similar to the elevator's was revealed. What could this mean? They'd have a hard time finding out as another disconcerting thud was heard, with the newly revealed mechanism cracking once more. Something wasn't going right.

The blue runes turned red, and the room darkened significantly, leaving only the dim, crimson illumination of the markings guide team Daddy. A fail-safe, perhaps? In any case, everything was hard to distinguish in this oppressive darkness. With the exception of one door, the closent one to the main, large one starting from the right. The same, circular red rune on the floor would be flashing urgently on the metallic structure. As if beckoning those in the room to come closer.

Any tactile approach would cause the door to slide open, with a trail of red runes leading through a tight corridor. Rails did not follow this path, even though it seemed like the turntable could very well direct itself in its direction. What could this lead to?

Perhaps at this point they could recall how they approached this challenge. Was it truly a puzzle made by the sadistic minds of the inhabitants? Or simply a contraption in which the process ended up being dangerously taxing to the unstable environment around it? However, maybe the most absurd thing today would be to think ancient miners ever truly addressed random explorers in their mottos and sayings.
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