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Review is in Red.

Review is in Red.

@BladeSS4 Updates are good, you're approved.

Doing the rest soon, need a little break.
Review is in Red.

Reviewing more tomorrow. Need me some zzzz.
Actually, let me fix that, one sec.

EDIT: Here you go. Check where code /doesn't/ work to fix it. Pretty obvious the two spots it didn't. @Rabidporcupine

Review is in Red.

Reviews are in Red.

Posting the rest soon.
@Rabidporcupine I recommend you be careful with outlaws. Your goal is to investigate the New Continent, and you will very much die if you go alone (meaning you probably won't be able to go without a trained team sponsored by the great nations). Being a Missing-nin from the Empire would probably require you to have received some sort of amnesty from Kumo or even Kiri (Konoha wouldn't send you as to avoid diplomatic blunders and Suna wouldn't want to be involved).
Knock yourself out with the water people.
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