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@Hero I'd greatly appreciate the help. I won't have too much trouble world-building, though I may lack some witty FF references. What I'll need most of the help with would be items and ideas for growth in the adventure.

And whew got a decent amount of interest already. It'll take me a few days to cook up a proper OOC first post. But I'm confident it'll go well.

With the announcement of a Remaster coming next year, I've felt as though this would be the right time to exact this idea I've had for the longest time.

The whole premise will be very similar to the first installment of the Crystal Chronicles series with little to no connection to the following games (I've barely played any beyond the first). The world will remain in a similar era to that of the game; more of a medieval-fantasy setting. The locations and encounters will be completely new, however.

Being an RPG, complete customization of one's character will be possible, though with inevitable limits imposed for balance purposes and to respect the setting, though I would rather not follow the exact formula of the games for I'd hate to have it look like an actual video game rather than a roleplay. The focus will be a mix of combat and slice of life moments, just like the game, really. With a strong emphasis on how characters feel toward certain situations and being encouraged to write down their thoughts and feelings on events they live through. I want to have a diary section on the thread that recounts all the adventures of the Caravan.

I want to see if anyone is interested in this sort of RP before I actually invest in creating a big world. The limit will be 4-8 characters (waiting lists are possible), with myself being the narrator/Mog (if he's needed) that will guide the players. I'd rather not have more than six characters in one area/dungeon at the same time, so we'll have to see about the numbers.

And yes, the races are the same, with a potential addition of one or two secret ones.
Had an impromptu trip to Monaco, so that's that. Allowed me to re-think a character, but I'm still around yes. Hope you lot are doing fine.
Same here, Metroid Prime introduced me to the series. I prefer the second game and love fusion as a close second, followed by Prime 1 (that may as well be tied). I have far less of an affinity with Super Metroid, though I recognize just how good of a game it is outside of nostalgia goggles.

Weird, the wii controls were never an issue apart from the remote losing connection from time to time. Then play the gamecube version and forego prime 3.
@SimpleWriter Probably because nothing else in the galaxy is capable of even rivaling her. And he seems to be the closest to something that could threaten her. Excluding Dark Samus, Mother Brain's Hyper beam and the SA-X with the former two leading the space pirates in different eras.

@Kazemitsu Gamecube version? FPS games can be hard to get into with traditional controllers, I agree. I found the Prime games to be easy to control (and easy in general, excluding maybe Prime 2). The Wii versions are simple and intuitive, so I recommend giving them a shot in the trilogy version. The controls were not the issue with that specific version.
@Kazemitsu Metroid Prime 2 and the original Metroid 2 (also AM2R) did not have Ridley. The latest installment made his return in Super Metroid a bit more reasonable as it ties in the slow progress he made from a fully cybernetic being (Meta Ridley) to half-cybernetic to then fully revived. Ridley-X being just a clone of the guy. Other M had the lazy approach. And yeah MB only came back once and was a flashback in MOM, something something she wasn't dead, yeah.

Gotta love the Zelda timeline with one branch fully dedicated to the 'shit we have no idea where to put and were not made by the current creative director'. Love you Nintendo.

Char is coming slowly, still busy overhauling a part of my house.
@FalloutJack Oh yeah I'm still in. May just be slow due to a few renovations I'm doing home.
Atomic is quitting due to RL. Sorry.

Metroid RP? After I finished a marathon of the series? And Atomic Nut is around too?

Gonna get something up, yes. When I have enough decent ideas gathered.

The team was deep underground, disconnected from the world they knew and plunged into one shrouded in mystery. The sense of dread they felt could only be accompanied by a sensation of absolute loneliness as they realized just how advanced some of this architecture and technology truly was. It would then leave some to think as to why they've never met a civilization beyond those of the Shinobi World when they had all of this before them. Surely a single man with maybe a few goons couldn't have just made this on their own, even with all the time in the world.

The Iwa duo was more keen on keeping a lookout, with a fixation dedicated to this odd hole. The hole itself led to nothing but more depths, as the railway access was indeed cut-off by a wall of stone and metal. The kind they had as much change shoving off as destroying the other doors that blocked the tracks' passage. The terminal itself was dark, only illuminated by the blue beacons surrounding the area. A type of low-energy lightning that could last for a while, given the lack of prove of any recent activity.

Miyu was the one to go full Carpe Diem, which would yield some benefits. Notably, a high-pitched buzzing sound accompanied by sudden flashes of light. Each train had 'activated', with previously dark, metal surfaces of the machines now lightning up in the shape of two oddly curved 'S' shapes with a triangle set on the top right-hand corner. Essentially the image at the top of this post. All of them had the same insignia.


Was what the screen displayed upon selecting the 'Return' option and activating the transport. The characters were still somewhat foreign but that specific term was very much in realms of Miyu's understanding. Though, with such a great breakthrough, there had to be something going on here. It would come under the form of yet another earthquake, though this one was not only violent, but actually presented a threat to each individual present. The rumbling was violent enough to make almost anyone that hadn't immediately activated their feet-chakra jutsu to lose their footing.

Dust quickly accumulated in the area and easily drowned the whole terminal in a storm of thick sand and dust. All the while, the seismic activity didn't cease. It actually became stronger, and louder. Until they could hear what resembled an explosion, though without any sort of knock back or fire to be seen.

A giant, blue light aimed directly toward the control room's glass seemed to fixate Miyu in particular, even though it could easily encompass all others nearby. The dust and sand in the air as well as a very sudden accumulation of steam and smoke shrouded the source of the light. Before they could make a run of it or charge at it, however, the suspended control room would seem to be compressed in its center, as would a soda can, by a pair of metallic, black claws. Miyu was separated from the Iwa duo who covered the room's exit.

Whatever prompted that light seemed to have quite a hold on the supervision, glass room as it would seem to crush it further every half-second it held onto the room. Though, that would matter little as the behemoth mystery-creature would quickly rip the room off the ceiling and crash it down to the floor like a hammer. The impact itself would be enough to cause the metal and stone flooring to fissure and shatter. Had the Iwa duo either hopped back into the room to avoid being crushed or jumped off at the last minute, they'd find themselves landing in a level under the station. Had they remained inside, the surrounding glass would have given out and allowed for an escape anyway.

There was a room under the row of tracks the room had crashed against, with a very thin ceiling, which explained why the control room hadn't simply been flattened upon impact. The Iwa duo found themselves in a somewhat lit room, with dust still reining above them. They could see clearly here. What they would find would be a set of three large cases and a few sealed lockers. Each case held a few combat-oriented tools:

-The first held three arrow-like projectiles. The ends were dull and blue.

-A set of three spherical items, blue as well. They had a peculiar 'timer' on them.

-A pair of light-blue gloves, layers are relatively thin.

Each element didn't have any sort of instructions nor were they intuitive whatsoever. They were also attached to the cases, requiring active effort to remove them. Effort they'd barely have enough time for as stone and metal from the big hole from before was ready to befall them.

As for Miyu, well, she couldn't access the lower levels, given how the control room was squeezed and crushed into two new rooms. The glass around the room had shattered completely, allowing her to feel the absurd amount of heat emitted from whatever generated the huge, blue light. The claw that had seized the room had since released its grip, and instead sought to penetrate through the upper-area of the room and grab a hold of Miyu. Given how its movements were imprecise and struggling to push against the remaining metallic window frames, it'd be possible that the smoke, dust and steam blurred its vision as well, giving an opportunity for Miyu.

Kinzo, on his end, given his position ambiguous, could see the thing from the outside. Or rather, the giant silhouette concealed in the dark and dust. The heat around it made its body almost like a mirage. But it was big, and somewhat humanoid-like with only its upper body pushing out of the ground due to the size of the room. It had two arms, one being the dual claws that had been frequently using, while the other resembled some sort of cone. A drill, perhaps? It was occupied with the broken off control room and grabbing Miyu, giving Kinzo the most options in deal with the situation.
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