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The team was deep underground, disconnected from the world they knew and plunged into one shrouded in mystery. The sense of dread they felt could only be accompanied by a sensation of absolute loneliness as they realized just how advanced some of this architecture and technology truly was. It would then leave some to think as to why they've never met a civilization beyond those of the Shinobi World when they had all of this before them. Surely a single man with maybe a few goons couldn't have just made this on their own, even with all the time in the world.

The Iwa duo was more keen on keeping a lookout, with a fixation dedicated to this odd hole. The hole itself led to nothing but more depths, as the railway access was indeed cut-off by a wall of stone and metal. The kind they had as much change shoving off as destroying the other doors that blocked the tracks' passage. The terminal itself was dark, only illuminated by the blue beacons surrounding the area. A type of low-energy lightning that could last for a while, given the lack of prove of any recent activity.

Miyu was the one to go full Carpe Diem, which would yield some benefits. Notably, a high-pitched buzzing sound accompanied by sudden flashes of light. Each train had 'activated', with previously dark, metal surfaces of the machines now lightning up in the shape of two oddly curved 'S' shapes with a triangle set on the top right-hand corner. Essentially the image at the top of this post. All of them had the same insignia.


Was what the screen displayed upon selecting the 'Return' option and activating the transport. The characters were still somewhat foreign but that specific term was very much in realms of Miyu's understanding. Though, with such a great breakthrough, there had to be something going on here. It would come under the form of yet another earthquake, though this one was not only violent, but actually presented a threat to each individual present. The rumbling was violent enough to make almost anyone that hadn't immediately activated their feet-chakra jutsu to lose their footing.

Dust quickly accumulated in the area and easily drowned the whole terminal in a storm of thick sand and dust. All the while, the seismic activity didn't cease. It actually became stronger, and louder. Until they could hear what resembled an explosion, though without any sort of knock back or fire to be seen.

A giant, blue light aimed directly toward the control room's glass seemed to fixate Miyu in particular, even though it could easily encompass all others nearby. The dust and sand in the air as well as a very sudden accumulation of steam and smoke shrouded the source of the light. Before they could make a run of it or charge at it, however, the suspended control room would seem to be compressed in its center, as would a soda can, by a pair of metallic, black claws. Miyu was separated from the Iwa duo who covered the room's exit.

Whatever prompted that light seemed to have quite a hold on the supervision, glass room as it would seem to crush it further every half-second it held onto the room. Though, that would matter little as the behemoth mystery-creature would quickly rip the room off the ceiling and crash it down to the floor like a hammer. The impact itself would be enough to cause the metal and stone flooring to fissure and shatter. Had the Iwa duo either hopped back into the room to avoid being crushed or jumped off at the last minute, they'd find themselves landing in a level under the station. Had they remained inside, the surrounding glass would have given out and allowed for an escape anyway.

There was a room under the row of tracks the room had crashed against, with a very thin ceiling, which explained why the control room hadn't simply been flattened upon impact. The Iwa duo found themselves in a somewhat lit room, with dust still reining above them. They could see clearly here. What they would find would be a set of three large cases and a few sealed lockers. Each case held a few combat-oriented tools:

-The first held three arrow-like projectiles. The ends were dull and blue.

-A set of three spherical items, blue as well. They had a peculiar 'timer' on them.

-A pair of light-blue gloves, layers are relatively thin.

Each element didn't have any sort of instructions nor were they intuitive whatsoever. They were also attached to the cases, requiring active effort to remove them. Effort they'd barely have enough time for as stone and metal from the big hole from before was ready to befall them.

As for Miyu, well, she couldn't access the lower levels, given how the control room was squeezed and crushed into two new rooms. The glass around the room had shattered completely, allowing her to feel the absurd amount of heat emitted from whatever generated the huge, blue light. The claw that had seized the room had since released its grip, and instead sought to penetrate through the upper-area of the room and grab a hold of Miyu. Given how its movements were imprecise and struggling to push against the remaining metallic window frames, it'd be possible that the smoke, dust and steam blurred its vision as well, giving an opportunity for Miyu.

Kinzo, on his end, given his position ambiguous, could see the thing from the outside. Or rather, the giant silhouette concealed in the dark and dust. The heat around it made its body almost like a mirage. But it was big, and somewhat humanoid-like with only its upper body pushing out of the ground due to the size of the room. It had two arms, one being the dual claws that had been frequently using, while the other resembled some sort of cone. A drill, perhaps? It was occupied with the broken off control room and grabbing Miyu, giving Kinzo the most options in deal with the situation.

She missed something the size of a barn. Or mostly. The genjutsu made it hard to even notice the potential damage she had inflicted, which would be regenerated anyway. It healed and they'd catch on, albeit barely. This prompted the inspector to grit her teeth in frustration, which could only be fueled by the remarks of her 'Genin' colleague. Blue eyes shifted to his direction, fury burning so hot in them that even the genjutsu wouldn't hide it.

"Oh really? Thank you, for your insight, CLOUD."

Her pointed index finger turned to his direction, though would shift its aim downwards at the last minute, firing a red beam near his feet. Hopefully the Genjutsu didn't mess with them again. The murky earth would pop as a reaction, prompting some mud sludge to splash around.

"And this, did it h-"

The experience of having five Genjutsu wolves on her paid off to an extent. Her reflexes in this environment was honed a bit more than the others. After all, she got gnawed at twice by these critters. It most certainly wasn't enough to actually evade or properly dodge, but her one-eighty spin in order to do some sort of improvised cross-block wouldn't be inconceivable to perform. Considering the size of the beast, it would have been relatively vain anyway other than sponging damage from some core vital areas. Except her head. Yeah, that could be lopped off rather easily at that split moment. And her neck.

Propelled backwards, though the dummy-strike was quite obvious once she processed it in mid-air. That thing was heavy, it was clear by its movements and the way the punch was delivered. Perhaps some of the mud-like aspects of its physiology could weaken the delivery of its assaults but there was something else. It just didn't seem serious there. With her palm, she'd project a small amount of chakra that serve as a means to propel herself downwards and recover before she'd have to eat Izuku's mud. Not that'd it change much, given how her coat was now covered in the stuff.

Gloved hands would rub a piece of the sludge that had covered her body upon impact. The chief inspector examined it for a moment, looking for anything abnormal about it, whether it'd be a call of concern for her or a potential exploit against the beast. Whether there'd be something or not, Nagi had another thing in mind that she wished to try out.

"You want to seal it, cloud? Do you think your earth jutsu will work properly in the swamps? If so ... Get in position. I may have an ability that could turn this thing into more tangible earth."

She cracked her neck with a light tilt to the left.

"I have one thing to examine. Use this time to prepare. And keep moving."

Being one to apply her own advice, Nagi proceeded to speed-walk in a circular manner, strafing around the beast. Considering the genjutsu was active, most of her senses couldn't be trusted. Most except the sense of touch. As a result, a small, pinkie-wide tentacle would emerge from her shoulder blade without penetrating through her layers of clothes and instead slither through her arm and forearm until it'd sneak under her glove. The left one. Wrapping itself around the finger it was similar in size to, it'd commence pending it and snapping the tendons of the first joint.


It was painful, and even a monster like Nagi couldn't just ignore it. There was a surge of adrenaline with the wolves. But here? She needed to focus and calm down to have a more posed perspective. The pain was basically double-edged if her theory was true. The genjutsu had dispelled when she had inflicted herself pain, but returned not too long after. If she could progressively injure herself, starting with messing up her pinkie, and then maybe the other, she'd manage to remain in a constant state of awareness. Or at least gain some ground over the genjutsu without being utterly messed up by its effects.

Regeneration was limited for the time being. The longer the pain lasted, the better. All the while Nagi made sure to keep up with Izuku's earth abilities, taking notice that it was once again quite odd that a Genin would not only know a large-scale earth technique such as the mudslide, but also cloning? Something she could only really conjure a bastardized version of? This was interesting indeed. So much so, it'd probably even distract her from her current experiment. That golem could certainly capitalize on that.

With the quake passed, the worst that would have occurred would be some dust befalling our heroes. They were fine. Their caution was wise as well, given how even with a flare there wouldn't seem to be an end to this 'tunnel'. Outside there would be nothing coming either other than the subtle buzzing of the hovering VTOL patiently waiting for the now disconnected squad. All they could do now is move forward and follow the tracker signal that indicated forward. The distance remained vague as signals seemed to be hampered in this area.

Natural energy wasn't completely absent, but it's lacking nature was very much noticeable. The more they progressed, the more they'd feel colder. It wasn't all that natural either, given the absence of wind and the insulating nature of deep structures such as these. Something was wrong here, an oppressive feeling that couldn't be shaken off. One that'd prompt each participant of this mission to look over their shoulders from time to time. They were not at their place, here.

It would be with Homuru's initiative that something would actually take place. His crystallization ability was applied to the surrounding environment, finding itself harder to utilize on the metals but still successful. However, as he covered a certain area of the tunnel with his chakra and thus transformed it, both Boshu and Homuru would hear the most subtle of creases. Something, somewhere inside the walls had moved in reaction to the crystal ability. And then another cracking, and another. The next one could be heard by the other two who had taken some distance to cover their backs.

And then it'd give out. The metallic floor beneath Boshu and Homuru would 'break' and cause them both to immediately fall. The speed in which this occurred would leave one wondering whether or not the piece of metal under their feet had not been removable in the first place. The duo wouldn't really need any sort of cool comeback, however, as they'd reach a solid floor eight meters under the now collapsed ceiling. A dusty, rubble-filled mess was left in the crash's wake. They were still in the dark, but as the dust would clear, they could see a few sets of blue lights on panels in various spots of the 'room'.

The more the group inspected, the more they would notice the relevant details. Rows of tracks dominated the particularly large room, with spaces at the edges that were about a meter high, designed for walking. On a couple of rows, offline vehicles that resembled trains, which they could deduce would resemble some prototypes and creations designed for non-shinobi. The design would heavily resemble some sort of hi-tech type of train, similar to a TGV to give some perspective. The squad's vision could easily adapt to the lightly illuminated sector they had fallen in.

On the areas seemingly designed as walking spaces, away from the rails, there'd be a few metallic benches with bulletin board-like structures near them. Traces of ripped off papers remained on said flat structures though with only a couple of stray piece of papers folded and covered in dirt at the corner of that specific section.

The rails all exited through one side of the room, and each exit was sealed by a metallic door. Except for one, which was completely and utterly destroyed, leaving a huge, gaping hole surrounded by boulders and rocks. The hole was completely pitch black and led nowhere in particular. Perhaps a lead, but as they would look at their PDA's, they'd notice that the 'bug' was actually nearby with more details provided in terms of distance.

At the center of this 'Terminal', attached to an intact part of the area's ceiling, would be a sort of control center surrounded by tinted glass. Accessible either by jumping or through a set of light-metal stairs nearby. The team could notice a blue colored light flashing within, strong enough to be visible behind the darkened glass. The PDA's radar was pointing at that very direction. The objective was quite clear at this point.

Still, this station would not be exempt from the unnerving sensations they had been served when they first entered the tunnel. If anything, it got worse. The complete and utter lack of any sort of presence, as minuscule as it may be, beyond their own, likely added to the stress factor of this situation.

Should they rise up and enter this somewhat narrow room that overwatched the whole 'station', they'd find an integrated computer which was the source of the flashing light. Next to the monitor, a deceased bug. The one that had been emitting the signal. The screen itself displayed characters foreign to the Shinobi, however one option in particular resembled very much the language they spoke. 'Return'. The others had some resemblance as well, as if they were some sort of very distant dialect of the Shinobi Continent's main communication means.

They could fiddle with the machine if they wished, perhaps it'd be insightful? But in the end, this seemed to be their current goal and they had to figure it out before some el- ...

Another, weaker tremor.

"That would explain potential interest in the area. Perhaps he is desperately trying to replicate that fairy tale as well. If that is all we have to go on ..."

Not exactly pleased to be working with such a broad field when the objective of this mission was quite precise: Gather whatever they could on Kinsei. Maybe this big bean plant was what he had been using to produce the epidemic, or maybe it was one of his sick experiments. It was still somewhat little to work with though it fit the natural curiosity they were to expect from the New Continent. It was oddly barren beyond this abnormal patch of marshlands. Yuhi's explanation had at least served to enlighten the inspector to a certain degree, and it was received with mild interest.

Blue eyes remained focused on the 'objective', if it truly even was one. Until the genjutsu occurred and Nagi's little experimentation followed suit. Genjutsu confirmed with a slight relapse to reality. Disorientation gone and a clear acknowledgement of her impaired trajectory. Half a second later, and the vertigo-inducing artificial distance was brought back. The Genjutsu had returned and did not seem to be relenting anytime soon.

The next part of her experiment came with the 'taste' of the environment which yielded a new curiosity altogether. The foul air, the agitated and corrupt soil excreting an abnormal amount of energy. Something akin to steam was being belched out of the marshy earth. Being the only true oddity she could sniff out, Nagi concluded that at least SOME part of the bizarre occurrences were due to the unique behavior of the land. This wasn't enough to fully deduce that big plant's influence on the whole territory and how genjutsu was produced from the soil, or what sensory medium was utilized to induce them. Was it through breathing? Smell? Sight? Did it enter through their pores? A lot of questions, all of which based off more conjecture. Nagi did not like to guess and wildly deduce. It felt unprofessional. But in the land of the unknown, it may be the only valid thought process she'd have.

The Shinrikyo did not have to ponder this problem for too long as she could the feel a shift in activity. Sensory wasn't a true option, so detecting the actual abnormal units wasn't a thing, but like most skilled warriors, one could take notice of new presences. Especially when there was a considerable amount focus on you over the rest of the team. Considering sound and sight was completely hampered by the Genjutsu, and likely even more, Nagi could only stand still, defensively. Her black coat serving as a closed veil around her body as her posture remained stiff.


She whispered, freeing herself from the Genjutsu for another half a second. Enough for someone of her level to immediately assess what was going on around her. Circled by wolf-like critters. Two behind her, one pretty close to her flank and two behind her. A herd of dogs collaborating to have a meal. She had also noticed that she had indeed received the bulk of the assault before drowning back into the disorienting genjutsu. Senses were topsy turvy, but that was fine. Wolves were hunters that needed to get close. And Nagi so happened to specialized in this sort of approach.

The first assault would be from a beast behind her, and the one on her flank. The effects of the illusion had made it far too difficult to predict, ending up with her right shoulder bitten with the dog latched onto her and the second one gnawing on her left forearm. Or that' what she thought, until the genjutsu would reveal its effects on the sense of touch as well. Her body staggered in reaction to this, though the inspector was quick to notice the lack of any sort of injury as her healing factor failed to react. Odd.

But then it'd actually occur, the exact sequence of dog attacks, albeit inverted in terms of left and right. Now she felt it, and the pain would shrug off the genjutsu for around the same time as a 'Kai'. It was enough of course. Her right arm was immobilized by one of them, so the left one would do. It was also limited by having the shoulder area compromised, but it wasn't enough to stop Nagi from flexing her elbow and having her hand reach for the nape of the wolf. A small squeeze of her fingers and his head would be successfully disconnected from his now napped spine. Pressure from the jaw halted, allowing the inspector to regain full movement. She did not let go of the now killed off dog, however. No, it was going to be her weapon for today. Pulled over her shoulder and with that fluid would descend the cadaver down like a hammer onto the second creature that had been gnawing her opposing forearm. Needless to say, its spine ended up in a similar start to its lupine brother.

By then, the bizarre ringing echoes were easy to notice for Nagi. Given she was literally swinging one of the animals around like a toy. The following beat down was quick, with the first wolf's body used as her only weapon to pulverize the rest. Finishing with the final one being launched into the air by the sheer force of the blast.

"Always been more of a cat person, anyway."

A small crack of her neck followed the compulsory witty comment, as both her shoulder and forearm started to release a small amount of steam. It was brief, and the wounds were not deep whatsoever given the layers she wore as her apparel. Her dog-toy was still dragged around, its bones and tendons almost completely snapped and broken in their entirety after the ceaseless hammering that followed.

The genjutsu was still active it seemed, even though it shifted to something a bit more 'visible'. Her teammates could now be seen and heard, which would bring Nagi to notice not only the big ugly monstrosity, but some of her teammates just leaving.

"Bringing nerds here before us, what kind of fuckin' i- What in the bloody heavens are you doing?"

Her head turned to face her supposedly fleeing comrades. Yuhi supposed her could diffuse this whole situation by himself and rushed away while Blue boy had been distracted by some flower? It wouldn't be long before he'd vanish by the effects of the Genjutsu or something else. No matter what their logic was, Nagi had been quickly infuriated by this undesired seize of initiative. Teeth gritting, she'd barely notice the giant fucking stone hurled at her direction, and by extension, Izuku's as well.

"Fucking off when a literal piece of shit is emerging ..."

Her still steaming forearm would be violently poked by her opposite hand, causing a certain degree of pain to course through her body. This allowed Nagi to gain a little clarity in this genjutsu so could actually handle this shower of stone without some sort of tomfoolery happening in the process. With her target in sight, she would immediately point her index finger toward the boulder and fire a red laser-like beam. It's strength wasn't enough to fully pierce the whole thing, no. But it dug a neat, clean hole to greet her second, charged shot. Considering whack speed tiers, reacting to a big-ass rock was rather normal. The charged beam would penetrate through the hole and explode once it'd hit the dead-end. The goal was to have the whole thing explode from within, rather than outside, for better results.

"... Oh you all better start hiding, 'cause I am one UNHAPPY Nagi!"

She wailed over her explosion, Nagi's anger-induced voice echoing as loud as the big kaboom, because anime epicness. Debris was easily dispatched and avoided. Nagi Shinrikyo was more interested in showering the mud monster with a barrage of her red beams. Most of them as strong as ninja tools with a 'burning' effect added, with the occasional explosive going along with them. It served to not only blow off steam, but also test the behemoth in general. The damage it took, its reactions, how the mud factor came into play and if the genjutsu was still going to mess with them.

9:52 AM - The Great Steppe


They had their orders and there was no time to waste. As they would all board their attributed VTOL, it'd take off, leaving behind the foul, humid air of Amegakure behind. In a matter of minutes, the hub city was nothing more than a small spec of colors in the horizon with the excessive amount of ascending smoke and smog still visible at their distance. On the opposite end, they could clearly see the gargantuan mountains serving as borders to the New Continent. As they drew closer, the particularly large fences became noticeable. And a they flew over, the shinobi could remark that there was not one row, but six of them in gaps of about one kilometer. They ranged as far as the eye could see.

Around that time, each of their PDA's would flash to life, and display a form of radar on the screen. At the top right hand corner, a flashing dot with multiple numerals below it. They indicated coordinates, distances and so on. That was their target, with the numbers becoming more precise as they progressed through the mountains.

A giant, barren steppe greeted them. The soil grey and the sky covered in same color clouds. If the squad had been expecting something particularly exotic, they'd be quickly disappointed. Though, the absurdly large fissures on the ground were at least impressive, giving off more of a Canyon-like feeling, despite the ground being complete flat beyond these peculiar crevices. The trip itself wasn't too long, as their ship would seem to be hovering over the dot after a twenty minute flight. Though, the speed of the VTOL had actually allowed quite a bit of ground cover in a short time.

It hovered over one of the Crevices, one more narrow than the average though plenty enough for them to fit in without feeling too claustrophobic.

"Down there's yer stop, fellas. I be hoverin' round 'ere 'till you gimme some signal. Use them cords to drop down, we dunno how deep the trenches are, so better safe than sorry."

The pilot spoke through his mic, as the engine was quite loud. Indeed, the squad could make use of cords to descend down into the abyss where they could get a better read of the area and find the stationary tracker. The VTOL wasn't going to move an inch, making the descent rather safe. Not that they would need to lower themselves too much as they would quickly start to notice far too 'artificial'-like rock formations in the first few meters down. As if a lot of the stones had been chiseled as some point in time.

The more they'd lower, the more it'd be obvious. Metallic plates, odd bars and even detached, small pipes. It was as if they were exploring the grave of a demolished building with only skeletal remains to find. Though there lacked any sort of proof that there had been any foundation here. Perhaps something behind the rocky surface?

It was dark at this point. The team had what they needed to survive for a while, including food pills and tools. This came with a flashlight. Eventually, they'd hit the bottom of the fissure. A good three quarters of a kilometer down. The surface was metallic, very cold. Around them would be more rock and random pieces of metal. Until they'd end up noticing the giant, ten meter tall circular access into a completely metallic interior. A form of giant pipe, a hollow cylinder that greeted them in its bowels shrouded in complete obscurity.

Should they make a noise, it would echo through the tube. Should they march in, they would feel the air getting colder and colder. Their PDA would indicate an even more precise location as they hit the ground, pointing into the metal tunnel itself. Their flashlights couldn't seem to really reach the end of it. Miyu, however, could briefly sense that there was a considerable lack of natural energy present at some point in the tunnel, more so than there is in the whole visible parts. A waypoint, perhaps?

There was little to find in said giant pipe-access beyond just rubble and broken off steel. It clearly wasn't natural. Though, about fives minute after they had touched the ground, whether they had entered the tunnel or not, they'd feel a sudden rise in seismic activity. A minor earthquake. Nothing to really knock veterans off balance, but it was felt even in the sky.

"What th-zzzzt-gott-zzzzzztttt-holler at-zzzzztttttt ..."

They did they communication was hampered here. And this area in particular seemed to be hazardous to wireless communication. Still, the PDA was able to track their target. The quake lasted about ten seconds. Would it be enough to deter our young heroes?

A frigid glare was turned toward Soryu as he had made physical contact with the chief inspector. Had he been a little more sudden and he'd have a jagged tail piercing through his guts and spine at this very moment. Instead she only jumped and turned her attention to him. Clearly displeased.

"Don't do that again, Leaf."

Mood now shot down, the Shinrikyo proceeded to set herself for the presentation, notepad whipped out of her vest's inner pocket with a small pencil bound inside the rings it used to keep the pages together. Only three points with a word each were written down as the presentation went on. A contrast to those seeking to garner as much information as possible from the brief. Overall, the Empire's envoy was nothing less than relaxed. One leg over the other and blue eyes easily focused on the objective.

Once over, she'd turn her attention back to the 'Genin' of the squad.

"Izuku. Was it? Lying is bad. No nation would be stupid enough to send some Genin on such a mission. Not even the monkeys of the Cloud. Now, we have a whole adventure where we can open up and have as many epiphanies as we need to be honest with each other."

She stood, her same smile as before plastered back on her pale visage. It was time to go and board the VTOL. The New Continent awaited and it seemed as though their team had the unique task out of the bunch.

"'Kay. I'm here to notice what others don't. And take down threats as swiftly as possible."

Back leaning comfortably on her seat in the VTOL, Nagi had her arms crossed while facing Yuhi. Though her eyes were more interested in the phone in her hand. A tool she used for her job most of the time, but when bored, it served as a nifty boredom remedy with classic bejeweled. It would be once they'd get into proximity of the God Tree that her pre-Smartphone era gadget would just suddenly lose all power and shut off. A scowl quickly reined on her visage as she frustratingly attempted to reset the item a few times.

It'd be Yuhi's reaction to the giant bean stock tree that'd get Nagi to forego restarting the phone and instead dedicate her attention to the big plant. It was a big tree to her. Nothing more, nothing less, which made her question why it was of so much interest to Yuhi and what she assumed to be HQ's goals involving it. It wasn't hard for the detective to deduce that they'll be working around that thing in some way.

"God Tree? What's so Godly about it? Excuse my lack of historical knowledge but, really, what is it?"

A bit annoyed at the fact that she didn't know something as seemingly grandiose, she was quickly to narrow her gaze toward Yuhi in this situation. Though it wouldn't last as they would have to leap off the ship at this point. Another quick glance at the Tree would be offered, capturing the environment around it at the same time. The air was foul. Nothing like the pure atmosphere of her Empire. So many disgusting environments in one go. A desert would have been more enjoyable than this, or a Steppe.

She'd likely hop off last with the landing being as typical as it'd be with the read of her squadmates. Down at the camp, they were greeted with the famous Dr. O. A popular figure that had gotten the Stone's attention, though his practices in bio-engineer often clashed with the traditionalist morals of the Stone. Still, a noteworthy man.

"Tell me, Doctor. How does this relate to our fugitive's work? What can this tree provide to solve our current pickle back home? Our goal is that, after all. Please, do enlighten me, Doctor. And even you, Yuhi Jikangai."

Answer or not, they had a mission to do and Nagi was one to do her job right. Fauna that captured and killed some nerd? How was that even remotely intimidating? These lab coats would likely die to a herd of dying raccoons. She'd be quick to take the first step out of the 'safe zone', serving her goal as a sort of enforcer and fearless investigator. Black boots stomped against the damp soil, her gait quick but not enough to be considered a jog.


An optical illusion. There was no way this thing was even farther than before. Nagi was no adept in Genjutsu, being one for some good ol' close and personal fisty cuffs. But this was very obviously some sort of illusion. Besides, a veteran could easily deduce when they were compromised in such a way. And a Tree wasn't exactly smart enough to be /that/ subtle. At least not a Juubi Tree, known to be mindless by few, but Nagi just never thought a Tree to be smart.

Natural energy was sucked into her being, enabling the lass to have a different kind of 'feel' of the environment. She didn't have any sort of sensory, no. But one could see it as sort of 'tasting' the environment. A different sense. One that could perhaps help her orient the team toward the Tree despite this illusion. Though, despite it all, she'd still try the conventional method as to see if it actually does the trick or not.


Unlike the others, Nagi had already set herself into Amegakure about a week before the VTOL arrivals. She had a small case there, not one she'd usually take given the small scale but it was basically killing two birds with one stone. A suicide of some low-grade politician to be investigated, looking for traces of Foul Play and so on. The only true inconvenience would be the fact that this event had made a buzz in the news already. Otherwise, the case was quickly closed. It was a suicide, though the context behind it remained doubtful, but Nagi wasn't a psychologist nor did she have any sympathy for these types of men. They are but tools compared to the grandiose hierarchy of the Empire of Stone.

There wasn't much else to do in Amegakure once the job was done. Something the chief investigator had forgotten about when she took this initiative. Homesick from her beloved nation and bored out of her mind in the foul atmosphere of the rain hub, she waited. There were clubs, pubs and many things to do. But none of this could satiate her hype for the upcoming expedition. To be one of the first Stone Soldiers to travel into unknown lands and represent the Empire for all its glory gave her the most ticklish of butterflies.

At least she had the time to skim through the basic profiles of her teammates. Nothing major, nothing revealing. But one did stand out, as it was particularly out of place. And there was just something weird about his mug shot.

Five minutes before the ring of the bell. Punctual as ever, Nagi Shinrikyo made it just in time for the briefing. Her boots stomped the carpeted floor of the amphitheater as she descended toward the row she had been designated to sit upon. Those that'd notice her presence would see a relatively tall lass with a dark colored apparel and a black coat set over her shoulders. She was fully equipped with her formal uniform without a single stain or blemish to be found. An intimidate suit to say the least, especially if one knew the kind of things the Dog Division opted to do when wrangling suspects. This suit brought terror with it.

The Suna briefer was already standing stiff, waiting for them to be ready. That was the first thing she notice, whether or not their management was competent enough to follow the schedule as they would. Without consistent high command, they were not going to make it far in the new continent. The next elements were her teammates and whether or not she'd recognize them by their profile pictures. Close enough, though there is always this disconnect between reality and what a camera can capture.

"It's in the name, Uragiri Sakana. Why put so many of the Emperor's subjects in peril when we can simply purchase expendable manpower?"

Her calm tone coupled well with her powerful voice.

"And besides, should we really expect other nations to forego their interests? We're exploring unknown land and nobody trusts anybody to not try and haul goods for themselves. I'm frankly quite pleased! It allows us to ensure the Clouds don't try to get sneaky on us, again. You of all people should know to be cautious around them ..."

She smiled, still descending, until she'd find her row. The same smile remained, though this time addressed to her teammates. Two males, though one seemed effeminate enough to be mistaken for a lady. Blue eyes captured the Jikangai for a brief moment before they'd settle for the mystery-man. Before she would sit, Nagi would address him, and Yuhi by extension.

"Good Morning. Chief Inspector Nagi Shinrikyo. Nagi's fine. I suppose you've all had some involvement in the war? You know how to do this? I don't have to train you all for a day so we can cooperate? Excellent."

Finally, she'd sit.

"Oh and ... Why so stressed, Cloud?"

Her eyes peered at his direction again, shifting between the Jonin that was about to make his presentation and the Not-Tsubaki. The Inspector did not seem to know who he was still.

Main Hall - 9:01 AM

All were here. Or at least, all who were competent enough to take this expedition seriously. The big screen before the whole amphitheater would flash open, revealing the name of the Operation. It went by none other than 'New Continent'. The Suna Jonin had what seemed to be a remote control, allowing him to scroll through his carefully prepared powerpoint presentation. He finally spoke, his voice low and booming. Likely with an enhancement via some sort of ninjutsu. Everyone could hear him clearly.

"Welcome, Expedition Candidates. Seventy two days ago, all five great nations were struck by a wave of bio-terrorist attacks. Little has been shared about these, partially out of discretion, but also because we don't know much of anything."

A click, the next slide would reveal various headlines of the attacks as he spoke, clicking again as he finished his explanation. The following slides would show various pictures of patients, some seemingly fine on an external point of view, while some others were clearly distressed and suffering from various skin diseases such as rashes, blisters, hives and so on. The more he progressed, the worse the afflictions seemed, to the point were a few of the last ones showed clear signs of acute growths that complete disfigured patients or handicapped them. It was like they were being mutated somehow.

"These are the victims of the attack. The first signs of this epidemic showed themselves when the bombs exploded and the White Gas had been spread. Quarantine was successful in each nation, however that's the only ounce of good news we have. We do not know what this is, nor how to halt its progression. It isn't viral, parasitic or even some strange form of prion or bacteria. We barely grasp how it spreads, though it is through prolonged contact with the infected and hazmat suits have been efficient at preventing contagion."

A new click, this time revealing a picture. An old one, with no color. Likely a picture taken eighty or so years ago.

"This is Nori Kinsei, Takigakure-born and an ex-scholar of Sunagakure. He had been sent on a mission similar to yours right now seventy nine years ago. An initiative sparked by a similar phenomenon that occurred more than a century back, although at the time there was little proof to back up an expedition of this size, recent findings have confirmed a few things."

A couple more slides progressed, showing more modern city camera-captured pictures of the man. He had more of a beard though he otherwise seemed unchanged after all this time. The cameras were not the best, as the frame-rate was horrendous, but they got good glimpsed of Nori. There was no doubt that it was him.

"In every instance of terrorism, he could be found in at least three of the five nations. The Dynasties lack the technology and Sunagakure's policies on privacy made the effort far less optimal. Nonetheless, it is reasonable to assume he had been present in each one."

"Now, as this information was passed on, the Hokage was able to have a task force react quickly the attack and swiftly locate our perpetrator. Capture failed, but the surprise intervention forced our guy to escape in a hurry, leaving behind documentation we'll be using today."

Said documents showed up on the screen.

"This is a set of plans and coordinates for an unknown area in the New Continent. We cannot reach it without losing communication and flight is borderline impossible. Which is why we're sending Squad One to investigate this area. Considering what we've been able to decipher, we believe this is a strong lead to understanding the science behind these afflictions."

"Squads two, three and four will be following the tracker bugs set upon the fleeing Nori. One of the Aburame in the task force had been able to bug the doctor as he fled, leaving us with three areas where he had stopped for an extended amount of time. We have lost track of the bugs about a week ago, however. You are all equipped with PDA's capable of tracking your coordinates, the unique bugs' location and gathering data when possible."

Indeed, once each member of the team be sent off on their VTOL, they'd find said PDA tool as well as other goods for survival. The PDA itself also served as a means to gather data, whether it'd be taking pictures of gathering information from computers. It was a useful tool, and they should definitely use it!

"Squads five to eight will serve to establish perimeters at the border, and slowly establish safezones in the case of urgent retreats from our recon troops."

"With all that said, Warriors of the Shinobi World, I wish you luck on this adventure. Communication is impossible beyond the borders of the New Continent. You'll be on your own. Good Hunting."

With the briefing done, the Shinobi could now make their way to their designated VTOL's at the roof. Each squad would have their own VTOL with the right amount of goods needed for them to survive for a while. There was no time for prolonged chit chat. Now was the time to act, to do what they came here to do. The adventure into the New Continent starts now.
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