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In these lonely lands, the wind bellows a mighty breeze of death from which none can escape the morbid grasp. It is only by the grace of the crystals' blessing that civilisation held stout. But this blessing, whether divine or otherwise, is only finite in this endless sea of hurt and anguish. The village of Tipa, a small settlement in the Asunian Province, remains stubbornly adamant to the inevitability of the miasma. Many would think that such a miniature spot on the map would have been swallowed by the beasts and the winds. And yet, there is something precious the modest villagers hold. Something so precious that the world had completely forgotten about it. Even the villagers themselves.



Welcome to the RP! This specific RP is based off the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, more specifically the first installment of the spin-off games. Should you be interested in the adventures of a Caravan seeking to secure its village safety, then be sure to read this post as thoroughly as possible and do not hesitate to inquire!

The context of this adventure remains relatively simple; the entire world is asphyxiated by an invisible substance in the air known only as 'Miasma'. This miasma is the main antagonistic force acting against the Caravan, as they seek the only substance capable of maintaining their protection against the noxious influence: Myrrh. Crystals are what allow most beings to survive, shielding them from the deadly effects of miasma, but their power is limited, hence the relevance of the substance known as Myrrh from Myrrh Trees. The fluid is capable of revitalizing the crystals for a certain period of time, which leads to the caravan's unending endeavor to find three drops of Myrrh by the end of each year. You are burdened with your entire home's safety. Will you be able to withstand this enormous weight?

-The usual, this is a small group, so I assume people will be smart enough to know this.
-I'm the boss.
-Never feel like you can't express your opinion. I appreciate feedback.
-I accept romance, especially if it serves to develop characters. Keep it PG-13 here, however. If you want your kiddies to screw, errr. PM but I'll be judging you alright.
-You don't have to write a novel, but try to respect the work of others by responding with a comparable amount of work.
-However, if you're having trouble posting, shorter posts can be accepted for some time to move things along.
-Limited to 4-8 people.

The Caravan itself is pretty simple, actually! The Papaopamus (the ox-like blue creature), that the Caravan so happens to be able to name when we get started, pulls the load around through the many roads made available in the Elysian Continent. Though mobility is important, once must not forget the most crucial element of the adventure: The Crystal Chalice. Said Chalice is the only medium available to not only collect the precious, coveted Myrrh, but also serves as a barrier for our adventurers as they soldier through the miasma poisoning the air of their land.

Of course, let's not forget the benefit of storage brought forth by the vehicle! A cargo not exceeding thirty items can be brought along for use outside of perilous dungeons. Use the space wisely!

Now let's talk about the available races in this world of crystals and caravans. There are four main races that are usable in this RP: The Clavat, Selkie, Lilty and Yuke. Each have their own characteristics and can have unique relationships with others of their race. As for family trades, they all provide their own benefits for the adventurer but also for the family back home.

Note! Every race is capable of learning a magic from base (Yukes can have up to two), however they can renounce said magic for specialization in the physical department (would result in better strength gear at the start), for instance. Specialization will affect how they grow in both short and long term, so be careful!

Magic in the Crystal Chronicles world is bizarre to say the least. In the games, they are mostly temporary with slim chances of getting an artifact allowing permanent access to said magic. In this RP, each character can start with one (or two for Yuke) magic and allow it to evolve as the story progresses. More magic can be gathered through experiences and items, you will have to wait and see how it goes!

Another element to consider is the types of magics available, and the types that are not. Because certain ones are simply incompatible with the type of experience I seek to have with the players. But most are available!

Memories hold immense power in this world, to the point where they were used to slay the most powerful being in one era. Characters are not aware of this, nor can they actually use the mysterious power of memories. What they can do, however, is keep a diary of their adventures to reflect on how they feel about their travels, recount what they did and how epic their perils had been. I'll be dedicating an area for the map and this specifically.

Physical Description:

Be as snowflake as you want.

14-16, you are young and the new caravan generation.

Family Trade:

Your character's and the family's.

Simple enough, doesn't have to be huge. You can also add likes and dislikes here.

Dreams and Aspirations:
Simple too. If you don't have too many ideas or aren't too familiar with the world, which is very much possible, feel free to approach me.


List and describe your character's gear. You can even give your gear unique names. Don't worry about stats, I'll balance it all after review. I'll also tell you if you can have stronger gear depending on the type of build you want.

List your spells!

Base stats please.



Special Abilities:
Usually for Selkies who have abilities (i.e stealth) instead of the conventional. Please approach me before adding something weird here. Try to explain what this does. I'm open to unique ideas.

Additional Information:
Got anything to add that doesn't fit elsewhere? Here's your chance!

Okay. I should have an OOC up tonight or tomorrow. Woowee.
@Hero I'd greatly appreciate the help. I won't have too much trouble world-building, though I may lack some witty FF references. What I'll need most of the help with would be items and ideas for growth in the adventure.

And whew got a decent amount of interest already. It'll take me a few days to cook up a proper OOC first post. But I'm confident it'll go well.

With the announcement of a Remaster coming next year, I've felt as though this would be the right time to exact this idea I've had for the longest time.

The whole premise will be very similar to the first installment of the Crystal Chronicles series with little to no connection to the following games (I've barely played any beyond the first). The world will remain in a similar era to that of the game; more of a medieval-fantasy setting. The locations and encounters will be completely new, however.

Being an RPG, complete customization of one's character will be possible, though with inevitable limits imposed for balance purposes and to respect the setting, though I would rather not follow the exact formula of the games for I'd hate to have it look like an actual video game rather than a roleplay. The focus will be a mix of combat and slice of life moments, just like the game, really. With a strong emphasis on how characters feel toward certain situations and being encouraged to write down their thoughts and feelings on events they live through. I want to have a diary section on the thread that recounts all the adventures of the Caravan.

I want to see if anyone is interested in this sort of RP before I actually invest in creating a big world. The limit will be 4-8 characters (waiting lists are possible), with myself being the narrator/Mog (if he's needed) that will guide the players. I'd rather not have more than six characters in one area/dungeon at the same time, so we'll have to see about the numbers.

And yes, the races are the same, with a potential addition of one or two secret ones.
Had an impromptu trip to Monaco, so that's that. Allowed me to re-think a character, but I'm still around yes. Hope you lot are doing fine.
Same here, Metroid Prime introduced me to the series. I prefer the second game and love fusion as a close second, followed by Prime 1 (that may as well be tied). I have far less of an affinity with Super Metroid, though I recognize just how good of a game it is outside of nostalgia goggles.

Weird, the wii controls were never an issue apart from the remote losing connection from time to time. Then play the gamecube version and forego prime 3.
@SimpleWriter Probably because nothing else in the galaxy is capable of even rivaling her. And he seems to be the closest to something that could threaten her. Excluding Dark Samus, Mother Brain's Hyper beam and the SA-X with the former two leading the space pirates in different eras.

@Kazemitsu Gamecube version? FPS games can be hard to get into with traditional controllers, I agree. I found the Prime games to be easy to control (and easy in general, excluding maybe Prime 2). The Wii versions are simple and intuitive, so I recommend giving them a shot in the trilogy version. The controls were not the issue with that specific version.
@Kazemitsu Metroid Prime 2 and the original Metroid 2 (also AM2R) did not have Ridley. The latest installment made his return in Super Metroid a bit more reasonable as it ties in the slow progress he made from a fully cybernetic being (Meta Ridley) to half-cybernetic to then fully revived. Ridley-X being just a clone of the guy. Other M had the lazy approach. And yeah MB only came back once and was a flashback in MOM, something something she wasn't dead, yeah.

Gotta love the Zelda timeline with one branch fully dedicated to the 'shit we have no idea where to put and were not made by the current creative director'. Love you Nintendo.

Char is coming slowly, still busy overhauling a part of my house.
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