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The General expected no less from the Raikage. The ability to easily ward off clones while under the pressure of a nefarious field hazard that was especially toxic to his arsenal could only be done by someone of Bakuto's caliber. Nonetheless, Gozubura was going to capitalize on this accumulation of advantages. Though it wouldn't be before the dark skinned veteran delivered a high magnitude quake prompted by the control of vibration he had via the sound Kekkei Genkai.

Starru was surprisingly calm and stiff when the earth beneath him shattered and rumbled. The man had a similar jutsu in his arsenal, and wasn't going to flinch so easily. It allowed him to finalize his jutsu he prepared with his glowing, extended hand. The shift in landmass and surface would conceal what was actually created from Bakuto's immediate awareness. Yes, he could hear things, but with the chaos he created, it'd be at the very least fuzzy when he'd try to determine what Gozubura had just birthed. But there was something. Something difference from clones.

Speaking of, they would serve their goal as distractions against Bakuto. They would not be able to handle the earthquake as efficiently, and would find themselves in the air, with difficulty to control their landing due to the gusts of wind ruling over the area. Nonetheless, they'd go for one final attack, only to be a diversion for the real fun.

"If you think you can switch the field advantage against a war veteran such as myself, you may as well present your Kage crown right now."

Something was speeding toward Bakuto. No, two things to be exact. They were slightly slower than clones, but moved almost unnaturally. The Quake would have since lost some of its power, and would allow for fluid access by these odd interlopers. They would be none other than replicas of Gozubura, albeit with a completely absent stare, and movements far from human. They both wielded rapers, but none were enhanced, as would their entire bodies seemed to be lacking any form of basic enhancement to improve mobility. They charged toward Bakuto, one with the sword sheathed but would attempt to grab the Kage, while the other stayed behind with a sword drawn.

The General stayed put, waiting to see how Bakuto would react to all of this. He had to be ready for a surprise, however, as these copies would not seek to dodge or go for special maneuvers. But they would not fall, even from a fatal hit on the body. Neck and up? Well, he was to see what it'd do, but who ever bothered to hit a clone in that area? The gusts of wind continued, plaguing any possible lightning ability, and limiting Bakuto's movements.

Rumia had her blood lust, Kyoka had her ... Downright lust. Not exactly the most compatible of degeneracy factors, but an odd symbiosis that allowed this vile duo to co-exist and consistently improve themselves. The revolting display of unrestricted sexual urges from Kyoka's part, and the almost callous attitude of Rumia toward these acts would prove it all. With the beast's hand dragged down to the blonde's crotch, she'd but squint at the acid lass' direction for a brief moment before glancing back at the Tsuchikage's show. Her arm rendered into a toy for Kyoka to use in the meantime.

The ginger did not wish to have her face melted by various fluids from questionable areas, but she was also too dumb to really care about consequences that would occur beyond an hour from the current moment. Her blood was burning in desire to destroy the shark, and possibly all these Yomigaeri types out there.

"Ehhhh? Ya' speakin' o' dat funny sword? Kyoka 'ere tells me it cans suckle on them chakras. Ain't dat a nifty thingie mcgig."

Her orange eyes peered toward the old blacksmith as the term 'shark' was evoked. The uncertain nature of the relation between Sebun and Sano prompted the numbskull to perform a slight mental exercise. Maybe if she terminated the shark, she could be the one worthy, and get ever more tools to rip people she didn't like apart? The more reasons she had to terminate that arrogant sharkman, the more she just felt compelled to dive in and deliver the coup the grace.

With that in mind, her hand that had been set on Kyoka's crotch would suddenly raise, and almost brutally shove the corresponding index and major fingers into the cousin's mouth. The acid in the saliva would commence frying the tips of Rumia's fingers, before she'd slide them out. Bubbling in noxious chemical transformation, the fluids excreted from the horrid effects of the acid would be red with blood and other tissue. As for Kyoka, she wouldn't be hurt, mostly startled by the sudden, very suggestive, action. The lass would tap the bloodied fingers onto her marked forearm.


"Dun mind if I feed m'Roid 'ere some shark steak, 'ight? Ain't reasonable fer a shark to hold 'nother shark, gonna do ya' a favor 'n fix dat fer you.""

A smirk, as the explosion of smoke prompted by the summoning technique would clear, revealing a monstrous, almost deformed horned beast. It seemed to be a form of dinosaur-like bipedal with no arms, but a gargantuan head and jaw. With a glowing one eye fitting its long, shining horn, it was not a beast anyone would want to be confronted with. The Shinrikyo would snap her fingers, and the beast with immense obedience, would face the direction of the ongoing battle Sano took part in as Rumia had pointed toward them upon giving the order cue. Its horn started to shine brightly, sparks forming around its body as it prepared an attack on Sano in particular. Nothing would be fired yet, but the light would become ever more obvious to the two titan duking it out.
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Metal grazing against metal, and delivering the most satisfying of clangs upon impact. Or at least, that was Gozubura expected, until the strange brace on the Raikage's arm was revealed and served as a defensive maneuver. Its layout was certainly outlandish, and even slightly impractical, until the General pieced it together. The man was both wise and intellectual superior to many, and figuring this out by correlation with Bakuto's widely known arsenal was no challenge. The odd sound from the metal, and the strange sensation it brought with it made it all too obvious that Sound Jutsu was employed.


With this realization, Starru was even more aware of what was affecting him. Something he'd easily ignore if the strange shape of the tool wasn't so eye-catching. Something had affected his mind or body, and it was very likely to be the sound jutsu, as no damage could be felt or noticed. A veteran such as this man would easily notice the smallest of pricks. A genjutsu was the most likely affliction, something Gozabura was well aware he had to expect from Bakuto, both by notoriety but also the usual characteristics of sound chakra. With his control, he would easily snap himself out of it, while his clone continued the assault.

Yes, even if he deduced it swiftly, he was opened for a time frame wide enough for a Kage-level to exploit. But Gozubura's clone would not halt in the air, genjutsu or not. Whether directions were inverted, it was still descending, and going to hit the Kage. And if it were to be damaged, the Raikage would notice the clone 'splitting'. It would do so regardless by the effects of the genjutsu reaching it, and descend as not one but two 'water' clones with their swords readied.

Regardless if Bakuto would block, however,the swords would do nothing to the blind man. His lightning armor was out, and mere swords, especially cloned, wouldn't even graze him. Hit or miss, it'd be a flop, but they'd likely be able to stay in one piece, given Gozabura had at least given himself some breathing time with the clones inevitably taking Bakuto's attention for a split second. Allowing the older man to perform the next set of hand seals with his free hand while his blade remained prepared.

Just as Bakuto went for the Hell Stab, and thus be dangerously close to the King Bradley impression, the blind man would very much feel a new presence barely a meter from him. A foot was manifested just centimeters from his head, as if this entity had been born in this world in the action of performing a kick. He could still react to it, given it wasn't the fastest kick ever, but if he'd even be mildly hit, he'd feel an immense amount of wind pressure propel him farther into the field. There'd be little to not damage, just a lot of repulsion. If he were to fully dodge, well, he'd have to avert his hell stab, allowing Starru to either dodge or even counter with his still enhanced blade.

The entity that had been summoned was a wind clone, and when it'd finish its kick, would vanish almost a second after it was conceived. In any case, Gozubura sought to create slight distance from Bakuto at this point, while the Water clones remained in proximity, ready to react.

"Hmmm. Yes, Sound Jutsu. And Lightning as well. A fairly powerful arsenal, typical of a Raikage. However, one only needs a single element to completely strip you of any advantage."

With one hand, he would seem to cast a longer jutsu, and once complete, he'd invoke it. Inhaling a large amount of air, he'd then release it while spinning his neck as if to simulate a rotating motion as he'd birth a possible tornado. There'd be not twister, but Bakuto would suddenly feel a perpetual, hurricane-level gust cover the field in a circular manner. A wind strong enough to make jumps risky, and lightning from his armor to flicker due to lack of control. Gozubura would also suffer from the risks of mobility being affected by this field wind, but in the end, he'd stack the advantages to his favor depending on the abilities of his enemies.

"You will not win this match, Raikage Bakuto. The faster you give yourself in, the less my partner will have to 'compromise' with the reinforcements."

The clones would suddenly dash toward Bakuto's being, not caring whether it'd be a blind spot or not given their opponent's unique characteristic. Nonetheless, they still aimed for the back. With the lightning enhancement armor weakened by the gust of wind in the field, there was now an opening to cut through the armor and hurt the Raikage. All the while, the hand that held the sword shone white, while the other free hand shone a darker color, and held itself flat, palm facing the ground, and arm extended. He was formulating something, as Bakuto was assaulted by the clones.

Rumia Shinrikyo


"I'm bored, Kyoka. Do we kill 'em or nah? Got me sum yummy shark sashimi right 'round the corner there."

Seemingly completely disinterested in the first portions of what Sebun had to say, Rumia yawned and did not hesitate to speak over the elder Yomigaeri member. Diplomacy was certainly not this beast's thing, and putting duty over his animal instinct to hunt down whatever earned her ire certainly didn't help with the attitude. Orange eyes remained fixed on the Tsuchikage's fight, but Rumia's being remained very much confined within this situation. Kyoka's safety before all.

Eyebrows rose in sudden revelation. The Shinrikyo had suddenly thought of something. With th blood that had spilled from the damaged cheek she had recovered, Rumia rose her thumb to gather some of the nearly coagulated blood. With quantities sufficient to please her, she'd proceed to draw a line of the red substance on her opposing forearm. Nothing would come out of this for the time being, but this act would very much be deliberate, and could only mean a few things. The most likely being a summon.

"Or Maybe I should kill 'nother one of them friends of yers? Like that lil' shit that threw all those thingies on m'ass? Y'know how shit I'd be without lil' Kyoka 'ere coverin' my bee-hind from y'all sickos?"

Her attention was cut from the fight for a brief moment, as she'd glance toward the old swordsman. Her hand attached to her marked forearm would raise to tap the Heisenberg's blond, slightly messy hair. Ruffle, ruffle, the little Kyoka would receive payback for the acid stunt. All the while, the tail seemed to close in to leave the breathing space for Kyoka even more narrow. Not that it blocked her or anything, but it almost looked as though it was ready to bind her. Nothing threatening though, perhaps a sign of uncertainty, as the monstrosity could certainly start to feel some big chakra presences cause major havoc among the city. It was certainly spooky.

"Madame Matou will be my insurance when it comes to your men. Defeat me, and leverage on your city is gone, Raikage Bakuto. You of all people should know I am a man whom the word shall remain golden."

Fresh air as the café was abandoned for the sake of duty. The General marched forward, as he would have in his youth under the banner of a simple foot soldier for the Cloud's cause. Arms set behind his back and expression as solemn as ever, his stiff body would lead the way through the plaza, with a final nod at the direction of Yui, whom had the gracious task of crown control as Gozubura commenced working his own piece of art. He had faith in the lass, even if she inspired very little of said rare element. She was a monster, but one that could dispose of threats efficiently, as such the General saw no reason to be concerned.

He most certainly allowed Bakuto to walk behind him, not giving a single mind as to what the Raikage could do with such an exposure. Starru was wise however. By experience, he knew Bakuto had nothing to benefit from by literally backstabbing. He'd lose his chance to save his city, and in the likely event he'd fail, would lose his life to Gozubura's anger while failing his people. He was lucky to have Kumo avoid the fate of, say, Iwagakure.

"Under normal circumstances I would have allowed you to make your peace, but you're as clueless as an ugly girl in a gangbang when it comes to why this is happening to you. Especially if we consider your ... Efficiency in terms of populism. A shame, it would have been an intriguing case study to see you devolve into what the predecessor had become. Though, do not worry, I did not leave because of that either."

A smirk, one Bakuto could not see, but the blind man could certainly tell by Gozubura's muscle vibrations and his heartbeat that he was taking some sort of pleasure out of what was just said. He was amused, but not pumped. Not exactly the psycho-maniac murder type, one should say. But a man whom is not above killing the innocent to get a simple point across. They would quickly depart Kumo's inner mountains and approach the outskirts, where an adequate field would eventually be found.

Away from the prying eyes of Bakuto's protective division, they had since then taken the hint that they were not welcome by either the Yomigaeri member, nor their village leader. It was only the General versus the Blind Raikage. A special title for a man with what many saw as a disability. Gozubura saw at as anything but a weakness. It gave him options many couldn't grasp properly, and made him far trickier to deal with in the long run. There would be no underestimation today, not from the Raikage's very own senior in the armed forces.

"If you fail to kill me in forty-five minutes, the explosives will go off. I highly recommend you decide yourself on your strategy quickly, because I will not insult you with lenience, Raikage Bakuto. Draw your blade."

As he ordered the dark skinned man to present his weapon, Gozubura would have finally stepped onto the flat area at the top of a remote mountain. Shielded from view by thick clouds, but blessed with a perfect blue sky up above, there were very little obstacles for them to abuse. Perhaps a disadvantage for the General, but he could always improvise. He'd take his respective spot on the field, as if it were some spar, or a competition without any lethal connotation. In turn, he drew one of his rapiers. Sparks of blue lightning chakra burst frequently from the metallic item, signaling an enhancement.

"I am not cruel nor cowardly enough to stall for time. Here I come."

With barely a second after his warning, he'd dash full force toward the blind man, one hand preparing a horizontal slash from right to left (he held the sword in his right hand) while his second hand performed odd movements. Very suddenly from behind the speeding elder, there'd be a second figure jumping up high in the air. One couldn't see or feel how it had been conceived, but it leaped right off as the General finished the hand movements, and aimed to crash down toward the Raikage, itself with a sword reading to cut him down, albeit without the sparks ...

The clone had a bit of lag compared to Gozubura, seemingly making it a contingency plan if the first strike was blocked or dodge, or even prevented altogether. Nothing too complex, as if the old man was gauging the Raikage's skill.

Rumia Shinrikyo



Steam erupted from the melted flesh on Rumia's cheek. It seemed the relation between the two oddities was quite the perverse one, with extreme physical abuse being the casual response to each other. Or at least from Kyoka to Rumia. Though, as awful as the ginger's cheek would seem with the acid applied, her teeth rows would end up slightly visible with quite a lot of blood and fat boiling in the process, it appeared as though the steam was not coming from the chemical reaction. No, she was also rapidly healing. A few seconds after the application of the wound, it would swiftly close back, leaving pristine, albeit slightly discolored, skin in its place.

"Tsk. Dammit Kyoka, y'turd, I told ya' that wuz gross."

Her fist would come to rub off the remaining fluid on her cheek, and with that brushing the discolored skin would be gone, leaving her cheek as if nothing had happened. The oddest thing about it, however, would be the lack of any strong reaction to the damage inflicted upon her being. Rumia seemed more annoyed than angry over it, like a little sibling whining over the elder child eating the last of the jelly beans.

With a small crack of her neck, her orange eyes would peer down into the ruined streets of her town. Chaos erupted, with clones of this old man performing their own share of destruction. In a random bout of annoyance, her index would point at a pedestrian carrying a television, before shooting the young man down with a concentrated beam. Right through the neck. He was stealing a television, and Rumia was stressed. There was nothing noble here, she wanted to release some tension while avoiding any moral backlash from some naggy shinobi.

Meanwhile, her tail remained surrounding Kyoka without actually wrapping around her. If anything was going to approach the acid lass, it'd go through the tail first.

"I ain't hear nothin' 'bout some whatever swordsman. I only gotta taste of y'all sword peeps against that fucka'."

The tip of her jagged tail would directly point at the direction of Sano, without actually moving the rest of the tail. The Mighty Shark man who'd take on the Tsuchikage by himself. A ballsy move, but one that'd earn no respect from the Shinrikyo. In her scowl, she'd keep a fixed glare on the battle happening nearby. The two titans duking it out while she had to insure the safety of her close family, and maybe killed a geezer for bragging right. But, Kyoka was keen on keeping it civil, and who was Rumia to argue against the established brains?

"If Kyoka ain't got no prob' with ya', I dun' care what y'do. Tho, y'all probs' will die if ya' keep doin' tis' 'ere bullshit on m'city. Mebbe I should fuck yer clones a bit? Mebbe. Wouldn't feel so bad if that shark fella's yer friend. Is he yer pal? I say, if he is yer pal, I dunno if you 'n' I can be real friendos ... Is all I'm gonna say."

She'd smirk, peering slightly toward Kyoka's direction. Someone was hungry of conflict.

"Compose yourself, Raikage."

A voice that punched the ruler with sheer authority. The tone was imposing, and experience from age molded the delivery of this simple order.

"If my goal has been to simply kill you, poison in your tea would have sufficed. While our only goal is, ultimately, to kill you, it cannot be done like in Suna."

The tips of his index and major fingers would push the small plate holding his empty coffee cup away from his side of the table. The same handkerchief he had nabbed from Yui was employed for a final scrub of his visage before the General would finally orient his single-eye gaze toward the blind Raikage.

"You will die to protect your people. And your people will understand how weak you've become, with this era of peace. This weakness that drove me away, made me lose faith in this system."

His hand reaching into his back, while his eye remained fixed onto the Bakuto. A wallet was pulled out, and from it he'd extract a few generous bills. Tossing them at the center of the table, it seemed Gozubura wasn't going to leave the café without covering the duo's order.

"Though, it'd be incorrect to say this same thing drives me to murder you, today. I would like to say there is a whole lot more at stake than just the thrill of killing you, but in the end, it is but the ambition of a forgotten, maddened artifact that we exact this plan. Not much of an improvement. Would you like to indulge in something, by the way?"

Arms crossed, the General did not seem tense whatsoever as he'd remain seated on his preferred spot in the café. The customers were likely threatened, as they had likely heard the Raikage's call. His presence likely put them in even more unease, combined with the explosion they all heard.

"Regardless of what we do, it seems more than a few want you dead, Raikage Bakuto. Whether you're replaced or not does not seem to be a concern to these people either. In the end, the Kage will fall, and something new will rise. Whether it is by the relic of the past, or something else entirely."

He would finally stand, his opened navy-blue costume would be closed as if he had just finished some sort of business deal. All eyes were likely on the General at this point, likely wondering if hell was going to break loose or not.

"Shall we? I understand there is a field in the outskirts. My partner will ensure nothing gets in our way."

Starru directed his hand at the Café's exit, as he invited Bakuto for the duel that'd determine the fate of Kumogakure.

It seemed her laser would perturbed by something else, prompting a squint from the rushing monstrosity. Nonetheless, Sano was the red to her bull-like vision. There could be a God between her and the shark for all she cared, she was tackling the beast. Unfortunately this bullrushing wouldn't be so simple.

An attack, and an undesired interloper. Jaakuna Aka's clone was going to mess with Rumia's assault on Sano, and it'd be a cheap shot at that. This most certainly would earn the beast's ire, as her body would barely pivot in order to face the upcoming assault before something intervened. It was Rumia's faithful cousin, Kyoka, with her revolting tentacle attack. The steaming, sticky mass born of her unusual acid chakra would serve as a shield against the exploding shuriken, causing only sticky fragments of the now destroyed gooey edifice to spread around the area, supposedly inert.

"Tsk. I ain't giving ya' a ryo fer that one, Kyoka. Not like I had any trouble or nuthin'."

As she acknowledged Kyoka's appearance in the scene, Rumia's index would be pointing right at the direction of the clone. She could sense it, and it was just a clone, making it not the most efficient tool to evade detection. Very suddenly, a thin, red beam would be fired at the clone's neck through the accumulated smoke of the synchronized explosions. It wouldn't be hard to believe that such a basic construct would be struck by this surprise counter. If so, perhaps she would be able to get a glimpse of Jaakuna's appearance before the clone would poof away.

Now then, without hesitation, Rumia would twist her body back before having her jets flare wildly. She'd once again dive to attack Sano ... But stuff happened again. Another strong presence, the same that had countered her first attack, was nearing Kyoka. More jets countered the ones that offered her so much momentum, before she'd spin around to recognize what was going on. Some geezer was getting way too close to her counter, and with levitating weapons no less.

"Oh no yer fuckin' not."

Jets fired even hard as the Shinrikyo blasted herself back toward Kyoka. The same index she had pointed to the clone was now aimed at the direction of Kyoka, this time charging under the form of a ball of red energy, before being fired. Last second, she'd direct the aim toward one of the blades in the air, and upon contact, the large beam she'd shoot would explode on the construct. Harmless to Kyoka and Sebun, but served as a means to brush away the weapons. The strength of the explosion was around the one of a tag's.

Her speed allowed her to regain Kyoka's side, jagged tail emerged and passively surrounding both her and Kyoka. Yes, it was stretched quite long here. Rumia was playing guardian quite seriously with the blonde, and made sure she could sponge an attack before it'd smack the Heisenberg.

"Ain't lettin' no gross geezer deflower m'cuz. Ain't no one touchin' this 'ere girl without gettin' through this bitch."

Her thumb pointed at none other than Rumia herself.
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"Not with you. With professionals. Prostitutes. The 'No means Yes' type of deal. Anything else can be binned."

A swift, brutish swing of his hand would have the older man snag the handkerchief from the lass he was partnered with, before employing it on the remarked stained on his visage. The General was not one for delicacy and care, nor immense camaraderie. A true professional, one that could work with many profiles, but didn't seem to enjoy any of them.

"These men are, for the most part, dead. Admittedly, you may want to keep an eye on those in your four o'clock. They hold a position my men may not be able to successfully compromise. Nonetheless, you should focus on this new 'Special Operatives' the Summit created."

With another sip, Gozubura waited patiently for a sign of life from the Raikage. It would eventually be answered, with an overwhelming echo from the blind Kage. Bakuto was being cautious, a smart move, but also a risky one if the well-being one was his priority. Gozubura was a very straightforward and merciless man when he left, and there was no reason to assume he had changed since his departure. The truth was that he was quite possibly worse as age slowly consumed him.

The General took his time to respond, finishing his coveted coffee while keeping eye contact with his more chatty partner. His gaze said a lot, a form of cue for Yui to prepare herself and go on with the plan they had formulated. He spoke in his usual, deep voice without any effort to have it heard by anyone else than his partner.

"It is a shame you do not come and join us, Raikage Bakuto. You know I am one for proper behavior. And you also know I am one with a very precise, and well designed plan. When I ask for your presence, it means I want you here, and I'll use leverage if needed."

Somewhere in Kumogakure, existed one of the art museums one would eventually find in a big settlement. A bit tourist attraction, massively visited by the public. Today, it would have two abnormal visitors, one man and one woman, identical to two individuals who had entered the museum two hours ago, but the staff simply couldn't tell. With the flick of a switch of Gozubura's watch, they would both have a device in their pockets beep. When hearing this, these odd people would suddenly stare right at each other with empty eyes, before dashing at each other's direction. One they'd inevitably tackle each other, a massive explosion could be heard from the Plaza.

Casualties and details of damage would be unknown, but considering these were peak hours, one could deduce the death toll would be huge.

"You will not know how this was performed. And there are more sordid ways to get you to do as I say, Raikage Bakuto. Perhaps a hospital should be my next target?"

His finger slowly slid onto a second switch on his watch.

"I assume you can hear this? Present yourself to this café, and we shall proceed. Nobody else has to die today, for we are only here to take your life, Raikage Bakuto. And yours alone. It is your duty as a Kage to die for your people, after all."

A nod at the direction of Yui would be her signal to start keeping an actual watch on what was going on. The explosion would likely get a few jumpy, and backup was surely going to arrive soon. With his hand diving into his coat, he'd whip out a device similar to a detonator, and tossed it at her direction.

"Some of the fakes will listen to you, some others have the order to blow up once their transmitter beeps with the flick of one of the switches. You know what to do."

Someone was dying and the dregs of society provided the cure. Kyoka was the brains providing the goods in the new operation going on, but the enforcer was far too aware of the plan that was to be executed. Though as glorious as it may be, the wild bull that was Rumia couldn't help but constantly remind herself of her prey that got away. This behemoth, the jackpot for her pride, had to escape their clutches. While certainly satisfying, she wasn't happy with it. He needed to fall, and she had to be the one to do it, not some Sakana or even her own cousin.

Before the red-alert came to be, Rumia could sniff out the abnormal presence near the outskirts. His sensory could barely reach that area, but as someone living in the more questionable parts of town, it'd be easier for the lass to reach onto the farther ends where foreigners would usually enter. The overwhelming amount of chakra in one point, and the unique way it interacted with other forms of chakra, it was impossible for the Shinrikyo to be mistaken.

With the giant water attack basically confirming the deduction, Rumia's face swiftly distorted into a scowl. The left half morphed into the sage transformation abomination added to the creepy factor. Sano was here to take the Tsuchikage, but Rumia was here to take Sano. But it seemed the village leader's initiative would halt the shark's attempt to drown the city completely, and turn the water-bubble ability he'd employ against the user.

"Tch. This 'ere is muh prey. Y'all can fuck right off."

Tentacles emerged from her back, tips dilated in order to emit spheres of concentrated Senjutsu Chakra. Now all whipped together in one direction, the multiple beams fired would covered into one, giant blast fired right at Samehada's direction, and thus, Sano's. She used the blade's overwhelming levels of chakra as a reference when targeting in quite the clusterfuck of a battlefield. A straightforward blast, that that'd keep Sano on hit toes, and perhaps disrupt his water jutsu completely, though perhaps at the expense of the Tsuchikage's own strategy. Nonetheless, the giant beam would leave quite the gaping dent on the water bubble, with every H2O in its way evaporated much faster than the slow-moving magma would.

But her combat experience taught the brawler that this monstrosity wasn't going to go down so easily. No, he was her prized prey. He had to put up a fight, at the risk of having all this hype fall flat in a very No Man's Sky kind of way. Cannons now turned Jets, the monstrous girl would have rocketed herself high up in the Iwagakure air, orange eyes fixated onto the Shark that had quite obviously wormed his way out of his current sticky situation.

"C'mon fucka', I ain't need no Kage to kick yer ass again."
Arc 1 Rewards

With the first arc of this rp finally ended, and the new one starting with a bang, we have thought of rewarding the chuunin involved in the recent conflict with a C rank jutsu of their choice. Of course, it has to fit their theme, and revolve around their development. Don't just spontaneously have an addiction to flowers on your character. I will make an example here:

Character: Rumia Shinrikyo

Name: Red Lotus Punishment
Rank: C
Range: 0-150 meters
Nature: N/A
Type: Senjutsu
Effect: A variation of the Shinrikyo's Organ, reduced to a much more compacted scale. With this ability, Rumia is capable of firing thin, red beams from the tip of her fingers. These beams are hot, and when highly concentrated, can pierce through flesh (and cauterize in the process). They are as fast as a thrown shuriken, and can be deflected by enhanced weapons, while normal metal quickly succumbs to the heat and power. A charged, larger version is possible, gaining the effects of an explosive tag upon impact. Rumia can decide to give the beam a more 'harmless', blunt effect rather than piercing.
Weakness: Rather predictable, mostly a substitute to tools.

Why I think she deserves this: She fought Sano head on, and her beams kept getting sucked in. A more precise shoot could possibly bypass the samehada's defense. Fits the theme of chakra jets and lasers.

Feel free to post your desired C rank!

Note: Chuunin in Earth and Water trials are exempt from this privilege. They got a reward and had the more enjoyable events.
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