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He reciprocated the handshake. That itself prompted a couple of blinks from the sharp toothed vagabond. Expectations were for more snark at the very least, but this man presented himself as oddly reasonable. A rarity among pirates, or at least in the sharklass' experience anyway. The firm shake went smoothly with no awkwardness, Adam could even feel exaggerated enthusiasm in the gesture with her whole appendage performing unnecessarily large movements following the shake.

Though as Eri was ready to respond with something out of the blue, a sudden crash would catch everyone's attention. A meteor of sorts had crashed nearby, propelling harmless debris around the whole area! Eri's arm broke off the handshake and proceeded to defend its owner's head from any potential danger. This meteor of sorts would emerge from the impact's dust as the mentioned captain of the little squad Erizalla was seeking to squat.

"Oh, oh. You must be the boss lady."

With eyes scrutinising the eccentric leader of the winning side of the recent battle, she'd maintain her large, toothy grin as Adam and Alesia had their exchange. Her optics peered over at the treasurer's direction, following with a wink at him.

"Ah you must've misheard, my bad. I meant to say I'd be honoured to meet this woman he calls a captain! Mush mouth runs in a family I'm afraid, especially with those darn teeth. Useful for extreme violence, not so much for diplomacy."

With an exaggerated shrug and a chuckle, she'd then turn her attention to the behemoth that had called out toward Adam. Her eyes glittered in glee as she recognized the reptilian form as the big reason she made such a quick switch. She paused, simply to admire the potential this dragon-man presented. No longer would they have to be bothered with petty ship fights. They had a dragon, and most ships are made out of wood! This was definitely a good day.

"Keke, where do I sign up then, captain?"

She smirked, looking down at the shorter female.

Cliffside - @vancexentan

"Uhm, I dunno, maybe it's the part where didn't say anything close to that? Just a fuckin' guess."

Her tone lowered to a more patronising and sarcastic one, her unstable smile now degraded into a disappointed frown. Either her opposite had his mind elsewhere, probable given the circumstances, or he was an idiot. Nonetheless, the hybrid-shark had her eyes narrow in growing suspicion of his position in this whole debacle. Nothing to make her heart race, but enough to for Erizalla to adopt a more appropriate stance to mirror his own initiative. Knees flexed, pistol aimed straight while her free hand clenched the other gun.

"Though I suppose with all these impromptu retcons of speech and growing tension, I agree, we can settle this much more efficiently ..."

Her lips morphed back into a grin, less pronounced that her first appearance, but enough to expose the excitement she was feeling. The fight itself didn't agitate the critter, no; the pleasure of putting down someone that tried to reflect her condescension. Such audacity had to be put in its place.

The lack of anymore gunfire toward the marshlands and the reversion of the dragon to a human state were facts that were dead obvious now to the now concentrating Erizalla. Distracted, she'd click her tongue without letting her posture falter. A good few seconds, enough to perhaps let the opposing man assault her, would pass with her stance adamant. In any case, right as this deafening silence reigned supreme, she would swiftly cock the safety of her revolver with her thumb and shrug, the gun now hanging harmlessly on her index finger.

"BUT you know what? I'm down a crew now and killing the first member I come across doesn't bode well for my remaining prospect! Thus, I would love to meet that, as you'd say, 'moron' you call a captain. Would that be fine?"

Her voice emitted a complete U-turn in tone, now far more cheery and pleasant. And loud, very loud. Loud enough be heard from a certain distance.

"Oh yes, I'm sure she'd love to run through my little resume. Yessirree. That is, if she's even worthy of the mantle of pirate captain. I've met more than a few duds as of late."

Holstering her firearm, she'd then present her gloved hand to the man she had just a minute ago expressed a desire to assault. Palm flat and her composure completely relaxed.

"Erizalla. I can do loads of stuff, like most pirates. Enchanted."

Cliffside - @vancexentan

At least he was responsive. Expectations were for the typical trigger-happy type, hence Erizalla's loaded gun, ready to be the first to fire if any unpleasant movement was performed. The shark-lass would have to address the upcoming replies and interrogations, starting off with her usual toothy grin on her visage, pistol still pointed at the grey haired man with a perfectly straight arm.

"Nope, that's not me."

A quick turn of her eyes would allow Eri to peer over at the direction of the blazing battlefield. It seemed to have calm down with most gunfire ceasing and the maelstrom of tinted mist vanishing. It seemed as though the captain had been defeated or at least could not fight anymore. With the dragon free as well, it looked like her bet was paying off faster than she had expected. Her distraction did not last, attention still mostly directed at her 'hostage'.

"I think this 'mist' you're worried about will no longer be an issue. Nor will the Shade Pirates. Meaning, I won't have much use for this case there. I'm not dumb enough to think I could out-run you and your, err, 'moron' with that case."

Despite the relenting nature of her speech, she did not lower her aim and her grin remained plastered, though with a visible twitch at the edge of her lip. One of the man's comments did not sit right with her. This contagious twitch spread to her index finger on the trigger. Yes, while she lamented the trigger-happy nature of pirates, she was unfortunately another fly in that cesspool she so arrogantly looked down on. She forced a weak chuckle.

"Oh, you wouldn't want your sister to butt heads with me, tsk tsk. No one would want their loved ones to. It'd be wise to avoid getting too personal with shady strangers such as myself. Even wiser not to reveal to me that you prefer bladed weapons and can get a bit, as you'd say, 'stab happy'."

Her eyes narrowed somewhat, showing a hit off irritation on her expression with the twitch on her lip lasting during her whole reply. Her free hand reached for the second pistol holstered in her belt, anticipating the return of the crew and a potential face-off if things went sour.

"Now, please do answer me this time instead of bringing up compromising information about yourself. Is this dragon part your crew? And, while we're on the subject, what is this group of yours anyway? Are you just here for that?"

She nodded toward the case Adam had dropped, the treasure they had plundered from the Shade Pirates.

Cliffside - @vancexentan

The Shade Pirates.

The name was capable of inspiring a sense of intimidation as much as deep cringe. Another one of these high-risk, potentially high-reward investments Erizalla had gotten far too accustomed to. However, he speculative endeavour had been leaving her going bust for the better part of a year now. Duds after duds. Crews with overly ambitious weaklings or absolute sickos. Not that the morality of it all impacted the ex-broker's choice, oh no. It was the distracting side-activities they part took in that was the most troublesome. Rape, murder, plundering for the sake of it was a complete waste of time and made them far too conspicuous for Eri's liking.

So, here she was, investing in yet another disappointing, low-value junk asset. This would become all too clear when the captain's abilities were made known to her before a certain assault had come to be. A dumb devil fruit wasted on a dumb individual that could barely rake in an admirable bounty. A sigh of frustration escaped her lips as she sat herself at the back rows of the pirate troops preparing to counter-attack the rival pirates.

The lass sat upon a rotting tree stump among the dreadful swamp. Next to her, a veteran of the sea-life and an older member of the Shade Pirates. Her black pupil peered at his direction as he stood, rifle in hand.

"Yer comin', recruit? The cap'n' may have lost his noggin' but he ain't gon' get forgivin' if you just sit 'round."

Pursing her lips, her gaze scrutinising his filthy being with clear disdain. A weak chuckle escaped her lips, as she present her left palm to the man while her right hand drew her pistol."

"Fair enough, Eor-"

"That's Mister Eor to you lil' lady."

She paused, and just stared for a good two seconds.

"Mister Eor. Would you be so kind as to pass me the bullets there as I get up?"

The man furrowed his eyebrows and upon shrugging would reach for the box of iron bullets.

"Interesting that such a benign treasure would yield such attention."

A lazy mutter came about as she emerged from her seat. By that time, the majestic flames of the now exposed dragon-human came to be. The bright flare shined in the eyes of the sharkman-hybrid. With that sudden occurrence developing right before her eyes, Eri would begin to grin, exposing her shark-like teeth.

Eor, in awe, refrained from passing the bullets as he too would be stupefied by the emergence of the mythical being. But he'd bring the bullets with an expression of urgency on his visage. A strong contrast with Erizalla's, which would cause him to stagger somewhat. She was quick to take them and slip a bullet into the cannon of the gun. The movement was fluid, one she was very much accustomed to and could do without even looking at the contraption.

"Though, as an appraiser, I'd suppose we have to factor in the perceived value of things as well."

Just as she uttered that sentence, the click of the pistol's safety echoed into the mind Eor as the gun was pointed at him. As callously as possible, Erizalla shot the man right at the chest.

"And I just found the treasure of a lifetime. Well, for me anyway. You, not so much."

Without even sparing a glance at the man she had just murdered, Erizalla walked over his corpse and utilized the advantage she had of being on the "enemy's" side to sneak right toward the area they had supposedly found the treasure. A potential offering to the assailants of the group she had already judged to be mediocre at best. Though quite unexpectedly, she'd find yet another mystery-individual having their way with the treasure the Shade Pirates had tried to get for themselves.

With the bit of distance she had with the somewhat young male, though the grey hair mad that assessment questionable, she'd cock the same gun she had used to eliminate her ex-colleague and pointed it at the young man.

"Now, now. Let's not reap the spoils of battle until it's finished, yes?"

Her wide grin remained, eyes somewhat narrowed with the cheekiest of expressions on her visage. The visible sharp teeth were the origin of the soft, feminine voice that had ordered him to stop. And a loaded gun was her way of enforcing her demand.

"Tell me. Is this dragon yours, by any chance? And by 'yours' I mean one of your little groupies' there. You don't give off much of a boss vibe. Or any vibe for that matter."

She inquired, with a hint of snark.
Hi, I like One Piece and would enjoy a slower paced thing. This seems friendly enough C: Here's the char, originally went for a guy but I felt a need to balance the gender roster.


In these lonely lands, the wind bellows a mighty breeze of death from which none can escape the morbid grasp. It is only by the grace of the crystals' blessing that civilisation held stout. But this blessing, whether divine or otherwise, is only finite in this endless sea of hurt and anguish. The village of Tipa, a small settlement in the Asunian Province, remains stubbornly adamant to the inevitability of the miasma. Many would think that such a miniature spot on the map would have been swallowed by the beasts and the winds. And yet, there is something precious the modest villagers hold. Something so precious that the world had completely forgotten about it. Even the villagers themselves.



Welcome to the RP! This specific RP is based off the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, more specifically the first installment of the spin-off games. Should you be interested in the adventures of a Caravan seeking to secure its village safety, then be sure to read this post as thoroughly as possible and do not hesitate to inquire!

The context of this adventure remains relatively simple; the entire world is asphyxiated by an invisible substance in the air known only as 'Miasma'. This miasma is the main antagonistic force acting against the Caravan, as they seek the only substance capable of maintaining their protection against the noxious influence: Myrrh. Crystals are what allow most beings to survive, shielding them from the deadly effects of miasma, but their power is limited, hence the relevance of the substance known as Myrrh from Myrrh Trees. The fluid is capable of revitalizing the crystals for a certain period of time, which leads to the caravan's unending endeavor to find three drops of Myrrh by the end of each year. You are burdened with your entire home's safety. Will you be able to withstand this enormous weight?

-The usual, this is a small group, so I assume people will be smart enough to know this.
-I'm the boss.
-Never feel like you can't express your opinion. I appreciate feedback.
-I accept romance, especially if it serves to develop characters. Keep it PG-13 here, however. If you want your kiddies to screw, errr. PM but I'll be judging you alright.
-You don't have to write a novel, but try to respect the work of others by responding with a comparable amount of work.
-However, if you're having trouble posting, shorter posts can be accepted for some time to move things along.
-Limited to 4-8 people.

The Caravan itself is pretty simple, actually! The Papaopamus (the ox-like blue creature), that the Caravan so happens to be able to name when we get started, pulls the load around through the many roads made available in the Elysian Continent. Though mobility is important, once must not forget the most crucial element of the adventure: The Crystal Chalice. Said Chalice is the only medium available to not only collect the precious, coveted Myrrh, but also serves as a barrier for our adventurers as they soldier through the miasma poisoning the air of their land.

Of course, let's not forget the benefit of storage brought forth by the vehicle! A cargo not exceeding thirty items can be brought along for use outside of perilous dungeons. Use the space wisely!

Now let's talk about the available races in this world of crystals and caravans. There are four main races that are usable in this RP: The Clavat, Selkie, Lilty and Yuke. Each have their own characteristics and can have unique relationships with others of their race. As for family trades, they all provide their own benefits for the adventurer but also for the family back home.

Note! Every race is capable of learning a magic from base (Yukes can have up to two), however they can renounce said magic for specialization in the physical department (would result in better strength gear at the start), for instance. Specialization will affect how they grow in both short and long term, so be careful!

Magic in the Crystal Chronicles world is bizarre to say the least. In the games, they are mostly temporary with slim chances of getting an artifact allowing permanent access to said magic. In this RP, each character can start with one (or two for Yuke) magic and allow it to evolve as the story progresses. More magic can be gathered through experiences and items, you will have to wait and see how it goes!

Another element to consider is the types of magics available, and the types that are not. Because certain ones are simply incompatible with the type of experience I seek to have with the players. But most are available!

Memories hold immense power in this world, to the point where they were used to slay the most powerful being in one era. Characters are not aware of this, nor can they actually use the mysterious power of memories. What they can do, however, is keep a diary of their adventures to reflect on how they feel about their travels, recount what they did and how epic their perils had been. I'll be dedicating an area for the map and this specifically.

Physical Description:

Be as snowflake as you want.

14-16, you are young and the new caravan generation.

Family Trade:

Your character's and the family's.

Simple enough, doesn't have to be huge. You can also add likes and dislikes here.

Dreams and Aspirations:
Simple too. If you don't have too many ideas or aren't too familiar with the world, which is very much possible, feel free to approach me.


List and describe your character's gear. You can even give your gear unique names. Don't worry about stats, I'll balance it all after review. I'll also tell you if you can have stronger gear depending on the type of build you want.

List your spells!

Base stats please.



Special Abilities:
Usually for Selkies who have abilities (i.e stealth) instead of the conventional. Please approach me before adding something weird here. Try to explain what this does. I'm open to unique ideas.

Additional Information:
Got anything to add that doesn't fit elsewhere? Here's your chance!

Okay. I should have an OOC up tonight or tomorrow. Woowee.
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