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Konohagakure | Jonin | Breezy-nin

TIME: Present Day - Afternoon | LOCATION: Sunagakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@Odin@Spanner@Queentze

It was nice to see that one of his comrades, if you could call them that, came to his aid. Shizuka only knew of Date Watari through the grape vine, his father spoke of the last name fondly. Shizuka not really paying any attention to the stories his father weaved for him only knew the boy was some sort of samurai. Luckily for him there was a stronger code of honor with the samurai, hopefully Date would give him the benefit of the doubt. Date weighed in first with his battle assessment, next was the mysterious mute red headed child, the outcast really. The dismal tone in his voice strung together a synopsis of the current situation regarding the masked man and his companion. Despite his egregiously speech skills, leaving something to be desired, he was quite good at sketching in the sand. Before Shizuka could mention anything else, the fishboy was already back on his hind feet.

It was true in every sense, the boy was a fish out of water and desperately needed water to be as effective as the rest of them. Shizuka felt a shiver of nostalgia run its course through his body remembering how neutered he was in the earth trial due to the second trial; wind was almost ineffective chakra nature as well. Luckily for them the storm and oasis would create enough water for him to circumvent the dry arid environment that was ‘home’ to the wind seeker. He might have disliked the boy, but that didn’t mean he wished for him to suffer as he did before, helpless. Sakana brought Shizuka’s attention back to their current situation. While they planned for damage control, Sakana spoke of splitting up. Splitting up never agreed in Shizuka’s mind especially considering one of them was mostly vetted in sensory techniques. Communication would be a bit difficult since they had no radios and Shizuka could only carry messages across the win.

These criminals were dangerous enough to handle a Kage by themselves, the ones in the forest seemed to be able to take on more than that. The chances of them defeating the clones individually didn’t look so great. Regardless, Shizuka refrained from speaking and continued to listen to the exasperated ninja who seemed to walk in stride the more he spoke. Again he restored to his seal that would terminate his life, but this time he request Shizuka to aid him in his suicide mission. His eyes widened a bit, Shizuka never really thought about the prospect of death. His father always preached that death was the ultimate release and symbol of a warrior. Ready to pledge his life to the cause, his mouth closed up as an image of Kiku seared through his mind. Why now? Suddenly the idea of leaving her behind alone enveloped him in confusion and disarray. No, if it met the greater good of the people he would have to sacrifice the idea of her for something more.

Shizuka swallowed and nodded, “I’ll be right there beside you if it comes to it Sakana, at least I’ll rest knowing I took you down with me, flounder.” An injection of humor to quell the downtrodden mood regarding the seal. Shizuka followed suite behind Sakana making a less flashy drop, the wind carried him gracefully down the wall of sand almost as if he were riding an invisible slide. While they all began to rush into the chasms of war Shizuka’s wind senses became disheveled with a new iteration of war that would soon derail their original plan. “Wait!” Shizuka shouted throwing his hands out in front of his chest before pulling them in. A large wind wall formed and scooped the other ninja up and pulled them back to the wind boy. “Look!” shoving his finger into the distance while the other three would regain their composure.

A massive worm like creature that easily stood over 100 meters was summoned from what seemed to be the depths of hell. Another flashback echoed from the past, “I know this monstrosity, my mother spoke of a species of malevolent worms that were seemingly instinct. We better tread lightly and change our plans. All I know is that they have thick skin no ordinary blade can penetrate through.” The multi-headed titan ravaged the city, destroying the defenses the Kazekage had set up. Smoke poured out of its hideous porous holes, the same smoke that the ninja who summoned them used. “Kamui, do you see any change in the area around our target? I don’t think there are many clones left, if at all. There’s something coming out of its mouth and look! I think he let one of the shinobi go, we better go after him.”

Shizuka began to move his arms in a continuous clockwise position, shifting the wind around the four shinobi. With his rapid hand movements the wind around them began to contour the sand around them, pulling it on the layers of wind. In a few moments the team would be fashioned with a constantly rotation dome of sand to cover their tracks and seem invisible. Shizuka led the charge to retrieve what seemed to be a messenger, in hopes to get a better perspective on the criminal’s wishes.

Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@LadyinInk

The girl fell apart at the seams of her being after realizing the dilapidated older gentlemen was no other than her gentle giant or lack thereof. Her strength had only gotten stronger since they last met, this left an awkward expression on his face…a smile. His hair drooped down on his face hiding the most of the smile, but if she looked hard enough she could have caught the tail ends of his lips. The removal was quick and clean, no wince or grunt of pain escaped his lungs, but how could he when they were so filled with life once more. Her cool soft hands ran across his face like the drops of rain before her, “Yes it is me. It looks like you’ve been busy being someone else.” The bloodlusted girl returned to the roots that Havoc was used to, drawn to. Her serendipitous landed her into his arms, blood still leaking down his chest while she cradled his neck in her arms. “Do I taste the same or do I taste worse?” wondering if the jail and isolation had someone changed the taste of his lifeblood, when was the last time he commissioned a piece of art?

Taken a back a little bit, the memories of the house in the farm side filled his mind like a passing wind. The bodies of the family, well what was left of them, buried deep underneath the earth below the house. Then of course was the walls decorated in rusted blood and tears, awful home decorators really. Although most importantly was the vivid picture of the waterfall that laid only a few feet away from the house, the one thing that could wash away the sins and grime off of the two. The picture burned at the edges of his mind until it was ash, much like the house he would never return to--they would never return to. “No, I don’t think anyone likes it, but you have my blade and I wasn’t able to shave in that underwater prison. Never go to jail, Kyo, you won’t like it. Why did you burn down the house? I like that house, the horses were my favorite though.” All those years of separation were making the young girl anxious, words flooded out of her mouth in miles per hour. It was actually pretty adorable in a sickening sadistic sense.

Giving the trained weapon a light chuckle he motioned his hand to tell her to slow down. “Wow, that’s a lot. You’re almost caught up to me little bird, I’ll have to get to working again, hopefully I don’t suck now. I’m excited to see it, I’m sure you have lots to show me. We have lots of people to see and show as well. Where’s my hat?” Touching the top of his head, but only hitting air and the top of his hairs, Havoc was rather naked in a depressing way. In her haste her speech was cut short at another snowballing memory in her mind, taking off like a rocket as she usually did she reached for umbrella which would then house the two from the onslaught of rain. “So you still kept this old thing, now I can really flex my muscles. Good work Kyo, I’m surprised you didn’t forget about me child.” Except she wasn’t a child anymore, she stopped being a child when they first got into all of this mess. She still held the innocence and naivety of the girl he met that night, so there was still some semblance of a child in there.

“Your life was in my hands and mine in yours. Oh yes, yes, we have to pay our dearest lady another visit when we’re ready. She’s the one responsible for your kidnapping and that awful foster father, she’ll see what kind of Justice I deal in. You’ve gotten smarter little bird, we’ll come back in due time, we have to start our training again. Havoc is rusty, you might just beat me in all our spars.” The feeling must have been surreal for both of them since neither of them could escape the euphoria of being in the presence of their better half once again. “Yup it’s really me.” A porcelain pale finger kissing the side of his cheek with a firm grip. Havoc casually rose from the ground laying one finger on her open mouth, “Shh, one thing at a time. Her name is Kareha Yuki, She was the first tool I found on my adventure, before you. That doesn’t mean she’s my favorite weapon.” Brushing her silver hair out of the way and tucking it behind her ear knowing his words would trigger her animosity and jealously.

“I’ve been locked up, I’ll tell you all about it while we find our new home. I’m here to kill Yogensha, but I saw your face on a poster without me, it said dead or alive.” Havoc took the umbrella back into his hands, the phantom pain of a loss limb dissipated from his body. A sudden surge of power and gravity infused chakra ran up the umbrella and exploded outwards scattering the rain and shifting the ground like kitchen tile while the girl played in the puddles beside him. Havoc flicked his hair backwards so his eyes could be clearly visible, his gaze familiar and cool meeting her mismatched eyes. An eye closed smile painted his face, “I do like it, it didn’t feel so good going in so you must have done a great job.” His hand patting the top of her head, while he ran his finger along her large horns. The air leaving his chest once more as the small girl wrapped herself around his waist. Surprised turned into a gentle smile and a light chuckle. His arms wrapped around her back and head while he caressed her hair, “I missed you to. I won’t leave again I promise.”

“It wasn’t fun, I was locked in a dark box with no light and with anti-gravity coating the entire room so I couldn’t get out. I did miss you, why do you think I lasted so long in there little one. Well let’s make sure we make up for those two years, you have a lot to show me. You’re very strong, one day you’ll be as strong as me with the umbrella. I’ll let you keep it when I find something new. Wow, I have something for you though.” Havoc reached back into his yukata hoping this gift was still intact even after being thrown out of the window and meeting the ground. Out from behind his arms nestled in his open palms was a beautiful black flower, it was a Helleborus ‘Onyx Odyssey’. The gravity ninja collected it on his way out of Kirigakure before traveling to the Yomigaeri headquarters. Havoc reached for the girls horns and tied them around the base. “There we go, I hope you like it. Come, we have to retrieve Kareha, but play nice. You can tell me the stories when we’re alone.” Havoc extended his open hand to the girl while the umbrella rested in his other.

Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@LadyinInk

Havoc had been so lost in the fray since the moment he stepped foot in the land of rain, the posters coupled with the revelations Yogensha had revealed, on top of being knocked out off a balcony. A criminal’s work was never done and since his jail break Havoc had only minutes at a time to himself. Rain. Rain was so unfamiliar to him since he was captured those odd years ago, a pang in his heart burrowed deep into his chest as the nostalgic prospect of him being separated from Kyo. His premonitions came true and with all the power in the world even one so pivotal to the natural order of the world, gravity, he was left powerful to watch his separation. Rain. How long had it been since he felt the scantily ubiquitous weather on his face since his capture? Rain. Standing in the middle of the open plains allowed Havoc to relapse into the normal world, no more cells, no more darkness. Whether it was the natural order of things or Yogensha losing her composure the rain that protected the village became ravenous in its flight. Rain. As more washed down on the shadow of a man Havoc once was. Rain…

The dejected havoc in an almost peaceful state of mind looked up to admire the open sky, the rain looked like millions of long strands of clear water. The soft patter turned into a stampede of splattering rain. “What a horrible day for rain” havoc whispered to the sky, his hand left his side and reached into the sky hoping to grab something, but nothing at the same time. Water slide through his fingers without pause, of course he wished he could have his umbrella, but that was lost with his minion as well. Despite being the master of gravity the monster let the rain soak into his skin and clothes. His thick mane of gold became slick with water, a mop of sorts. Drops of rain rested on his busheling beard without interruption, the scene was reminiscent of the first time he met Kyokotsu. Six years ago he had walked to the outskirts of an open field, the moonlight illuminating the night while the two figures coalesced in the obscuring font that was produced from Kirigakure.

Havoc had strolled into an open field just like this one, Havoc in seemingly desperation looked over in the same direction he did all those years ago hoping to see Kyokotsu once more, a lost hope he was sure of it. Running his hands through his hair, he slicked it back to reveal his face for once, his icy cold apathetic eyes took center stage, and golden specks spread out through the icy gaze. In all of his pessimism he was granted with the sight of the same ninja who had taken the wanted poster from him in yogensha’s meeting room. How did she get past his gravitational sense and what’s more was the eerily shiver that the girl sent down his spine, alas she wasn’t Kyokotsu. Yet something changed in Havoc, his eyes went into static and he was transported back to when he first met kyokotsu all those years ago. She sprung from a tree accusing him of following her for the murders of her parents, the moonlight entangling the two in song and dance until Havoc spared her life.

The memory boiled and bubbled like film in a projector, returning him back to present day. Anger flickered through him until his gaze was forced to his umbrella. Sound became devoid, sucked out of his surroundings leaving only one rhythmic heartbeat echo out of his body. His eyes became wide at the prospect of it truly being his umbrella, but why would this woman have it unless she killed Kyokotsu, but her blood smelled the same. Ignoring her words Havoc moved towards the girl, his feet were heavy and his body heavily burdened by some unnatural force. With each passing moment he got closer, the sound of his sandals scuffing the floor from him dragging them was on cadence. Rain soaked his navy blue yukata filling in the seams and tears with heavy rain. His penetrating eyes never leaving hers, not even for the sword she drew on him. The sword of bone only strengthen his will to walk, but confused him all the more. Her words grew more personal, Havoc’s face completely stoic, closing the distance. Havoc already had known it was Kyokotsu, he didn’t need any evidence besides her blood and the umbrella, Kyokotsu was never truly dead and if she was he would have felt a part of himself die while he was in his eternal prison.

Her skin changed tone along with the color of her hair, the darkened black turned into a luminescent silver. Havocs pace picked up a little more, but his face was still devoid of any emotion, a zombie was the closest thing. Her transformation was complete, the ame ninja was neither Yogensha’s guard nor an enemy. Havoc without thinking twice allowed for the bone sword to pierce his shoulder area letting the blade puncture into his body as he pushed onwards. The sword made its exit out the other side of his back while he slipped his arms around the girl’s body in a gentle embrace before dropping to his knees to reach her height. With no signs of pain or emotion he finally sparked a smile on his face while he rested his head on her shoulder. With a gentle whisper in his ears he muttered his first words in years.

“I’m home.”


Konohagakure | Hokage | Duality-nin

TIME: Present Day – Daytime | LOCATION: Konoha (Multiple Locations) | INTERACTION: @Lyfe

Shinko sighed at the disappointment that exuded from the clever boy in front of him. Whatever solace or relief the Hokage was giving him was quickly diminished by how painfully annoying and full of angst this kid was. Sucking air through his teeth and fingering his furrowing forehead he stood up, with one final drag of his cigarette he consumed the last of the flickering life in the stick of death, but what was one cigarette compared to the amount of death he witness first hand. With a flick of his fingers the butt of the cigarette whisked past Kyo and dropped into the waste bin behind him. Talking a long stride the Hokage appeared shoulder to shoulder to the uchiha, “You’re right I wasn’t there to avenge my brother or even prevent his death, nor was I there to protect you, but you both know what you signed up for. I signed up for this and look where it got me, or did you forget that too?” Shinko moved his little stub with such flagrant disregard for any social norms.

“I hate to do this to you kid, but you really are just working on my last nerve with this armchair psychology.” Shinko waltzed behind the rambunctious child and with a commanding forced pulled his head back, once in position Shinko placed only his thumb on Kyotoumaru’s forehead. With a surge of chakra he was connected to the mind of Shinko, but only for what he allowed him to see. Like a sea of emotions memories popped up in Kyotoumaru’s head. They weren’t his memories however, no, but the memories of Shinko. Why was he showing him these images? The memories were moving in an accelerated pace as if he were fast-forwarding a movie to get to the good part. Everything was through the perspective of Shinko’s eyes. Are you watching closely? The image of a baby being born and held in his arms dawned on kyo first, with Shinko’s eyes shifting from the baby to Namine in a hospital bed.

Fast-forward a few more memories and the baby had grown quite a bit older, playing in the backyard of Hokage manor with Shinko holding a stuffed toad. If not already the image was starting to fall into place for the young uchiha. Had it not the movie would continue to fast forward, images of Namine were paramount in his memories with the raising of the child. He could feel the overpowering emotions of the Akizakura first hand and the relationship they had. The child finally grew to her current age ”Senna, look at daddy.” was all that could be heard. The young girl turned around to face Shinko when the film stopped dead on her face, a closed eyed smile freeze framed, halting the movie. The rumors of the Hokage’s infidelity were true, but not because he was seeing two women at once, but because Shinko was with Namine while Ginsho was with another woman. While they shared one life in every aspect they lived separate lives when it came to love. Shinko knew what she would have wanted, because it’s what his daughter would have wanted.

Shinko hit play and played through a blank screen until he got to Shinko alone with Namine at the funeral service for Senna, it wasn’t nearly as publicized nor attended as Ginsho’s, but that was the sad reality of the ninja world. Shinko released his thumb from the boy’s forehead, hopefully the sudden surge of Shinko’s memories wouldn’t buckle the boy’s knees or cause him to cry from overwhelming emotion. “You’re not done fighting, you’re never going to be done fighting and you’re going to keep fighting to protect what you love because you were born like that. My brother had the same disease as you and we both know where that ended. The truth is kid, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I’m not sure being a villain would be a bad thing, you crave the power and the darkness to fill that void in your heart. Just know that it’ll never be enough, it’s just the easy way out. It’s the natural order of the world, war, hate, peace; it’s all the same. The world just keeps on spinning and eventually good conquerors evil for a time. Then it just repeats itself because of people like you.”

“You came here for answers and a shoulder to lean on, I gave you one of those, I won’t give you the other. You can come back to the village whenever you want kid, just don’t expect me to hold your hand while you forge your path.” Another cigarette was pulled out from the package and met the lips of the totalitarian ruler, before a spark came to life once again.
Shinko was caught off guard by the emotion Namine wore on her face like a badge. Her eyes filled with liquid sadness, but her eyes fueled by anger. No words would seem to comfort her or help his case in all of this. His silence spoke volumes though and not necessarily all good. Despite his efforts being thwarted at every point of entry the red haired Hokage went to go wipe the tears from Namine’s eyes until her Kekkei Genkai flared up around the point of contact. A stab of pain shot through his body as if someone just twisted a knife into his side. The venom attached to the knife was riddled with grief and sorrow from the reputable sanin sensor. Now Shinko felt the same way as Kyo just prior to his engagement with Namine. Letting go of her wrist and reclaiming his serenity the Hokage winced in pain before rubbing his wrist and confronting the flustered woman once more.

Shaking his head and cracking his neck the doppelganger reached out and took the paper quite hesitantly. If there was one force in the world he was afraid of, it was definitely the fury of a woman scorned. Seizing the paper midair, he turned it to his attention, although he was a bit perplexed. The piece of paper was…blank, he fingered the paper between his fingers, fumbling it around looking for some clue or hint as to what open secrets the paper held. Nothing. Shinko yearned to go back into that head of hers, but at what cost. “There’s nothing on here, what do you expect me to do with this? I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself in whatever trick you’re playing on me. I deserve this, but I would still like to know where you’re going and what you plan on doing.”

It was never a comforting feeling to see a woman cry for anything, there was a certain compelling force to comfort a crying woman. Whether or not he could provide was up to her, Namime was a rare gem on the spectrum, Queen and King of emotions there was very little that allowed other to enter. “I’m not here to fight you either, what’s with everyone thinking I want to fight nowadays. Anyways, there’s no need to tell me, I’ll just follow you. Don’t think of my presence as anything more than a looming shadow. I need to get away from this sink hole anyways. There’s too much death hear and I can’t take it.”


Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure Palace - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@Write@Odin@LadyinInk@Ganryu

Havoc didn’t take much notice to the chunin from the leaf, they were having their own issues getting into the battle. The mutual unspoken agreement that Havoc had with Yogensha seemed to be tarnished with whatever his political stance on the matter of adoption was. The woman who seemingly transformed into one of the great deities by sprouting several arms, took a gallant stride back to give her some space while the chunin had been thwarted for now by the door. “Justice is blind my Lady Yogensha, there is no great shinobi nations, why do you think a criminal like me was purged from their ‘greatness’? Those fools will see their castles crumble before them. The time is tick tick ticking away.” While the woman scoffed at Havoc twisted sense of justice, he embodied what his ideal culling and wishes for the five not so great nations. All he needed was answers, alas she had provided none due to unforeseen circumstances.

Before Havoc could begin to perceive and analysis any of the amassing chaos and disorder heading his way, something shattered inside him. Time was no longer linear, the room became a bleak black and white while all movement was halted. It appeared as though time stopped at his command, yet there was something else dancing in front of time with him. Drip…Drip…Drip. the sound of liquid droplets started off as tiny trickles that eventually turned into war drums pounding throughout the room. The stench of familiar iron wafted into Havoc’s nose. Like a line of cocaine the blood ricocheted throughout his mind like a pinball. The entrancing scent clung to his nostrils filling him with déjà vu, this was no ordinary ninja’s blood. A compendium of memories flushed his mind, he knew this scent because he had tasted it before, shared it with his own, essence owned.

The girl in the paper had been in the room standing alongside him with him none the wiser, had he been so blind to turn his gaze from the silver haired, multi colored weapon of destruction? No, Havoc would have sensed her in a second. The idea boiled in his mind while his body shuddered in bliss, sucking gluttonous air through his nostrils his mind fixated on the blood trail like a great white shark chasing its wounded prey. Unfortunately, while the gears in his mind began to track the blood like a hound the gears of time began spinning again. Time once again started and Havoc had little to no time to react accordingly to the tantamount actions taking place, perhaps time never actually stopped and he had simply fabricated the entire illusion. Regardless, the scent was permanently marked in his vision mimicking that of synthesia, scent was a visible color.

A string of electricity ran from his large toe up his back to the tip of his neck, there were several gravitational depressions heading his way that sent his body into overdrive. Muscle memory took over while his eyes struggled to catch up. Several highly pressurized and condensed disks of wind were sent spiraling towards Havoc and Kareha. There was so little time to think, Havoc trusted the girl could fend for herself and reunite with him if they managed to get separated. Besides the blades of wind, one of the strapping young chunin from the land of rain attempted to trigger a genjutsu to buy time to slice Havoc’s sickly pale flesh. Shuffling backwards, the sleeves of his worn yukata contracted up his arms while he bellowed, ”SHINRA TENSEI” a dense concussive force of his own electrified the room. It wasn’t nearly as big as the two he used during the invasion, but it still managed to buy him time.

The overly ambitious chunin would be thrown to the wall with unrelenting force and no discrimination. The blades had been devoured by his repulsive force, but it had little to no effect on the Amekage, whether that was intentional on Havocs part to keep their act alive or not, was left for interpretation. On the drop of a hat her relentless pursuit continued, catching the denouement of her actions, he sensed the ice needles were only sent towards Kareha. That was until he learned his attempts to steady his footing was too late, Yogensha was already on him with her several arms ready to punish him. How foolish of him to think he could relax his mind on some wild hunt he had. “Fuck, this isn’t fun anymore Yogensha. Heal back up so I can have a real fight, kek” Quickly havoc tapped his chest to increase his personal gravitational field. Making himself heavier would cushion the blow that would otherwise send him flying even in her current state.

Her array of fists made contact with his chest and exploded outwards, launched off the balcony the gravity ninja began his descent. If only he had his umbrella right now he could just Mary Poppins away, alas the homeless criminal appeared weightless like a feather tumbling through the wind oh so gently. Manipulation of his own gravity allowed him to become lighter as well and take on flight or levitation, once touching down with grace and elegance his focus shifted once more onto the trail of blood. His nostrils flaring and eyes wide shut. Taking off in a dash he followed the blood as far as he could, it began to lead off to the outskirts of the rain village which was good enough for him. While his notoriety decreased the further out he went the less the blood appeared. Eventually he hit a dead end with no evidence in sight to continue to pursue. Left in an open field surrounded by rain and mist, the ninja looked around hoping someone would test his patience so he could wreak some havoc.

Ehh I’ve been here long enough.


Konohagakure | Jonin | Breezy-nin

TIME: Present Day - Afternoon | LOCATION: Sunagakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@Odin@Spanner@Queentze

Words were an ancient art wasted on the black eyed boy, Shizuka didn’t seem to momentarily flinch at the reveal of his sealing marks. Sakana was serious in more ways than one, he was much more a refined weapon than the passing breeze that was Shizuka. The smallest modicum of respect was received by Shizuka, but it was paramount for him to prove his own worth, after all actions did speak louder than words. ”This just should have been a magician, people would pay for him to disappear.” another nuance that Shizuka picked up on his ever growing journey of personal and physical growth. The second degree burns might have completely healed underneath his clothes, but this boy sure did find a way to make his body itch.

“Tsk..It’s clear you don’t care to parlay, I won’t try to defend myself any longer. If you wish to know what actually happened then go find a Nara or a Yamanka to invade my head and watch it yourself. If you two are going to gang up on me and look down from your pedestal so be it, we’re shinobi from the leaf and that’s all that matters now. We can share sideways glances and mutter under our breaths when we complete the mission. I’ll make sure I don’t get in your way, but I’ll watch your back in any event or is that not something you’d expect of a runaway?” his words tinged with a hint of distaste. It was better for the group to start heading out, sunlight was burning as were the possibilities of villages crumbling to the ground.

After their sultry pleasantries and introductions, for what appeared to be for the tenth time, Sakana took lead on establishing a semblance of a plan before quickly retracting. Once on the move the travel was longer than they could fathom, diplomacy had broken down between Amegakure cutting off their route to entry into Sunagakure. Sweat welled on Shizuka’s forehead as anticipation grew larger, he was a natural born citizen of Sungakure all the way up until his late entrance into the leafs academy. Luckily for him his parents had left Sunagakure shortly after Shizuka chose to attend the hidden leaf. Unfortunately, that didn’t spare him from the unease in the pit of his stomach, to return to what seemed like a foreign land with new leaders and faces? To defend it and ensure the safety of the village after Konoha had been decimated, was anything else but lax.

Looking over adjacent to his squad formation, Shizuka caught the back of the fish boy, the air of competition worked itself up through Shizuka’s stomach swallowing his shallow fears, giving him a revitalized sense of purpose. Whether or not they had known it, Shizuka was instantly intimate with the landscape around them. The sand that slapped against his skin like paper was an all too nostalgic feeling, while Sakana was displeased with their current barrier to entry, Shizuka took the time to breathe in the atmosphere as memories clouded his thoughts. Unflinching in the face of the massive lion, the broken memory of the new Kazekage taking over after the sudden departure of the late war criminal who previously led washed over him. This lion was her familiar and purposely sent there to guide them through the never-ending sandstorm accompanied by the thunderous cacophony of the storm that choked the sky black, hurling balls of lighting down onto the city.

After what seemed like a surreal conversation to have with a giant lion, the members forged a single tiger hand seal and walked through the storm surrounding them. Shizuka boldly walked through the storm as if it were a small shower, while the others were a bit hesitant. The short travel wasn’t met with any sumptuous sights, the village he had once grew up in was now a warzone. An artillery of explosions had gone off and destroyed whatever building the Kazekage could not protect with her walls of sand. The smog from the explosions were intoxicating and controlled by several figures standing on a roof. This must have been one of the criminals the lion spoke of, while the other was locked in mortal combat with Ishi. The sudden clash of the oasis made the scene almost too farfetched to describe, “I know the roads inside and out, I’ve lived here for a majority of my life, nearly a decade. If I can take lead for this short interval I can lead us safely and without being noticed.”

“I can control oxygen and air with utmost mastery, I can channel the sand around us to keep us hidden or serve as a vacuum to absorb or blow whatever smoke this is. From what I can tell this is chakra infused and controlled by one of the criminals sent to take Lady Ishi. I can’t be as positive as Kamui, but it looks like there’s multiple of them, perhaps clones?” Shizuka didn’t bother to wait for the rest of the team to walk all over him like they did before, he would establish himself as a true jonin.

Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure | INTERACTION:@Write@Odin@LadyinInk@Ganryu[@Team Konoha]

The air was thick with some form of emotion that was lost in translation, it was neither fear nor anger, but something much else something more taut. The black ops member seized the parchment from his hands which left a little less than pleased reaction from the gravitational ninja. Had he not wanted to know the whereabouts of his better half he’d have crushed the ninja’s skull right there and then. The rage that turned men evil needed to be suppressed for the time being, it gnawed at his mind like an imaginary itch from heroin withdrawals. Havocs eyes became focused on the Lady Yogensha, his icy cold blue eyes with the tinge of flaming gold speckles burned themselves into her flesh. They wouldn’t leave her body once, unless of course his senses picked up a disturbance worth noting, but he had Kareha there to deal with that and buy him enough time to act accordingly.

An orphanage? While it was true Havoc had spent many years of his life devoted to the rehabilitation and teachings of the world to the girl, she never mentioned an orphanage. While they were rather intimately close, the only bit of information Havoc knew was about her adoptive parents. How could he have been so foolish as to just assume she came from a normal orphanage? The twisted, tangled, roots of fate had seemed to be branching off into the lives of all three shinobi in some way. Havoc knew better than to interject, without any rebuttal or force of entry the frayed and worn man looked onward to her pressing story. Despite her calm demeanor, the empress was hiding something beneath those layers of civilities. Havoc, unlike some of the Yomigaeri, prided himself on his analytical ability. After all he had to pay attention to detail with his art of death and being illusive enough to elude the bounty on his head prior to capture.

The once great leader of the rain was now quite sickly and weak, crutches tossed to the side to give off an heir of pride and strength. It was quite admirable to see, however, Yogensha had to have known that this display of weakness and fragility would be enough for Kareha and Havoc to secure their attack and take Yogensha down. Allowing the two to know this much added a layer of honesty to the story she began to weave, why else would she let her guard down? So much so she moved to face Havoc with skin bubbling through her forehead, his eyes narrowed, but he managed to take the paper back from her with an heir of grace and appreciation. Havoc would attempt to reach a hand out for the stumbling mistress, but to no avail as she found solace in the safety of her two bodyguards. Folding the paper into a nice square, he stuffed it back into his tattered yukata before letting the rain queen continue.

The idea of Kyokotsu being kidnapped and forced into structure like this angered Havoc, the veil of control slipping once again. Clenching his fist into a ball letting out a few audible cracks, left him somewhat in control of the ever-changing power shift inside, his dark passenger constantly trying to reach out. Blood, it was something he was feverishly intimate with, her eyes told her tale when she connected to Havocs. She was so defenseless, he held the flame of her life in his hands, but would he extinguish it for Kyo’s sake? “Who are you to say that you gave them a better future? You haven’t given them even an option. It is called kidnapping for a reason, they were taken without will and trained to serve your personal army. I’m no expert on the Sage, but I do believe he would never agree to this kind of proposition masqueraded as ‘help’ for a brighter future.”

The self-righteous figure was still remarkably adept at parlaying with a wanted criminal such as Havoc, with the subtle tendencies only he would pick up on. The mention of Kyo flickered attention in his eyes as she spoke down of her, this lecherous woman hadn’t known Kyokotsu like he did. “Stop right there. Some swordsman you have there, I assure you I’ve seen and trained with better. Take Kareha here, a prodigy in the sword and now one of the seven swordsman of the mist. Hold your tongue with matters that you do not know the magnitude of. Kyokotsu didn’t kill her master and his wife due to some deemed disturbance. Kidnapping was the onset of this manifestation of behavior, how can you raise a thief and punish them when they’re of age? That master of yours also fancied the flesh of little girls who weren’t as powerful. That was the last time he would take advantage of any helpless little girl, or do you not know of the demons the people of whom you break bread with?”

“She doesn’t need any help, she a perfect little shinobi like the rest of your droll horde here. It’s a shame that you can’t undo that mistake, I would have liked to tester their skills.” Having heard her truth spoken, Havoc returned the favor. “You’re mistaken, I only came to speak, you’re no threat to our organization in your current state and I wouldn’t be able to revel in your death in that condition. I’m simply here to ask you what you know of the Dark Continent that lies beyond, I hope you weren’t thinking of handling an expedition or withhold any information from the first expedition all those years ago. The Yomigaeri would greatly appreciate it if you handed over any information regarding said affa—" Havoc was abruptly interrupted by the impending number of depressions outside the door, that yogensha had been making her way to. ”Forgive me’

An ambush and she knew, no wait, Amegakure was never considerate to the other villages. Konohagakure must have known they would attack and send extra forces to bolster their defenses. If havoc was wrong, Yogensha would have him cornered. With some semblance of mutual appreciation, Havoc hoped he was right and this was a small farce. “Kareha, it’s time to play. Go! Chikara o Yōsha” A condensed form of gravitational force formed in Havoc’s throat as he inhaled deeply while standing straight, before bellowing out the unrelenting force towards the door to prevent the Konoha ninja from entering the palace. If the attack was successful the doors would bend and fold onto each other closing off one possible entrance, but also an exit for the two Yomigaeri. Havoc threw on his mask and black cloak, keeping his hands free, prepared for a counter attack.

Konohagakure | Jonin | Breezy-nin

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Kiku’s Residence | INTERACTION:@Odin@Spanner[@LadyinInk

Shizuka’s conversation with the lavender haired girl was cut short by the arrival of what seemed to be two of his new teammates. The tension was already there, the fish looking boy was already seeking a grip on this power struggle. Sakana was everything Shizuka was not, he was abrasive, arrogant, and seemingly close minded. Whether these were nurtured or conditioned traits from his past was unknown to the wind seeker. The boys words were sharp not skipping a beat, however it seemed like everyone tried to paint their own rendition of what occurred in that forest between the team. Shizuka’s eyes narrowed and his eyebrows furrowed, a new emotion developing, anger. Biting his tongue the wind seeker refused to comply with the actions that the fishboy had undoubtedly meant as condescension. Kiku had misunderstood the Hokage’s announcement and sped off, leaving her exposed to danger. Kurin had told Shizuka to follow suite and entrusted them with the scrolls of the other two, it wasn’t reckless abandonment. None would believe them now or perhaps ever, Shizuka would have to prove himself viable on the battlefield for the upcoming mission. Their names wouldn’t be sullied or honor less if he could prevent it.

Then there was the assumption the wind boy was planning on leaving the team, it all seemed to convenient not to use against him. His ruby red eyes flickered with burning resonance while he swallowed the verbal abuse. Shizuka simply wanted to switch spots with a ninja from the intervention on Kumo, there was no running away from him. If anything Shizuka always ran towards the problem, this mission was already starting to frustrate him. His words were like venom, he vanished onto the rooftops before Shizuka could issue a rebuttal. The red haired Uzumaki walked in his shadow throwing a jape of his own. Turning to the crossed girl, “No, I’ll make sure people know the full story though. We did nothing wrong Kiku. Or at least you didn’t.” The young kunoichi relaxed the flustered boy with her soft embrace, she had a mission of her own, and it was selfish of him to force her to doddle around with the strudel boy. “Yeah you’re right, be safe cloudy eyes” Shizuka left her with a small peck on the cheek before he flew up into the air, catching up to his adoring teammates at the Watari residence.

Having caught the tail end of Sakana’s marketable speech skills. Shizuka walked past the mute red head while muttering under his breath, "Ketsumedo yarou". Afterward. Shizuka forcefully turned the fish boy by grabbing his exposed shoulder. “First of all, I’d be remised if I didn’t ask you if you spoke like that to everyone. Whatever anger or prejudice you have residing in you is none of my concern, although you will not question me until you have seen me on the field otherwise. I made Jonin rank just as you have so there must be some causation for that. Next, don’t play god and judge us when you’re missing a few of the pieces. I’ll have to earn your respect and I fully plan to without abandoning the team, but you will respect Kiku or we can settle this gripe here and now.” His ruby eyes tunneled deeply into the antithetical black sclera of Sakana.
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