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Location | Misfits' RV, Santa Monica, California
Interacting with | Les Misfits


It was true what people said when you die, your entire life flashes right before your eyes. While her life was as short as a YouTube ad rather than a movie, Umbra saw enough to want to keep herself grounded to the rust bucket otherwise known as the misfit RV. Her soul reeling back to her body left her choking on her breath as she regained consciousness. The familiar sound of her bubbly blonde counterpart was a welcome one, not to mention the faint sounds of bubbling soda pouring into a cup.

“…I’m up….I’m up!” the soft prodding of her cheeks left her just as defensive of her sleep as she was this morning. Slowly but surely the witch sat up reaching for the cold ether, guzzling it down with the carbonation burned her throat.

“If you drank my orange soda I would have had to hex your life or at least haunt you after I die, which was pretty close just now”

Umbra looked all around to see the puzzled or inquisitive faces of her peers; they probably should have been used to the magic the young misfits brought to the group. Her eyes caught a glimpse of Sami’s face, noticing the not so subtle beating he received. Not so conspicuously, Umbra leaned in towards Em cupping her hand to her ear. ”What happened to Sami’s face? Did he lose a fight to the RV trying to fix this thing? she asked whispering softly.

“It’s nice to see you too Sami, just don’t get us lost I know how much you don’t like asking for directions” a playful jest attached to the end of her sentence.

Her head then snapped over to face Kim, “I’m healthy enough to give you a hug Kimmy” ensuring the laid back brunette that she was fine.

“So what else did I miss?”

This post is very ugly. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

Aaliyah narrowly missed a deadly encounter with JJ on her way perusing through clothes and make-up. After explaining the night she would never forget, her mother could see why the girl was so distracted. Before they left the food court, her mother imparted her wise womanly knowledge. With all the shopping finished it was time for Aaliyah to set her eyes on her first ever hang out. The nerves slowly began to creep back up her spine as the ETA moved close and closer to 0.

Pulling up to Bea’s house, Aaliyah was greeted by a house modest in comparison to the top of the top. Not knowing what to do or who to text, Aaliyah sat in the car fumbling with the door.

“Are you going to get out honey?” Her mom asked.

Having both parents turn to face her only surmounted more pressure onto the poor girl.

“Yeah I was just uh making sure this was the right house number...hehe”

Her excuse was as bad as her laugh. Regardless she forced herself out the car with her bag clutched in her hands.

”It can’t be that bad right? Right? Just breathe and knock” The more she focused on the door the further it had gotten away from her. The space between the top of the steps and the door stretched miles. Honestly if anyone saw her from a window they would have been confused and just sent a recording to worldstar. Hoping no one would see her and her confidence slowly rising. Aaliyah took ACTION, which was really just ringing the doorbell and running into the nearby shrubbery so no one would see her.

Spitting a leaf out of her mouth and slapping the branches out of her face, Aaliyah peered from around the vegetation waiting for Bea to emerge. Hopefully this was the wrong address, because this girl had no clue what to say. As the door opened Aaliyah has realized the luggage tag attached to her bag had fallen onto the front porch. This was it, her career was over.

Location | Misfits' meeting place, Santa Monica, California
Interacting with | Basically all the Misfits


Normally rays of sunlight would peak through the curtains of anyone’s room…well almost anyone. Instead of rising with the sun, Umbra found herself surrounded in a veil of darkness. The blackout curtains doing their best work of keeping her room as dark as her soul, edgy I know. The pleas from her grandma were incessant, but not enough to shake the slumber that tethered the queen of the damned to her fluffy mattress. A groggy voice left her lips insisting on only needing five more minutes, she had until 11 am after all to meet at Santa Monica Pier. In her zombie state, she decided to check her phone to see how much time she had left before her alarm jolted her awake. Her hand proceeded to knock down everything imaginable off her night stand before finding her phone.

Her fingers ejected the pentagram pop socket as to not strain her measly pinky.

“Oh, it’s only 11 I have more than enough time” she said as she collapsed back into bed.

That’s when the fear set in and Umbra’s light skin turned a ghostly white. Her body jumped like a woman possessed as she furiously unlocked her phone and opened her alarm app only to see she had set an alarm for 11 pm instead of am.

“Are you kidding me!?!” she spat, throwing her phone down, racing towards the shower as she stripped off her top and black cat pajamas. Perhaps the first sign in a string of bad luck the young witch would face today. Diamond was so desperate to catch her friends she had even brought her toothbrush fully loaded with paste into the shower with her. If only she had a spell to give her more arms, than she wouldn’t need to rotate between her razor, toothbrush, and bar of soap. Leaping out of the shower, with soapy suds tastefully covering her womanly bits, Umbra jumped into her pile of all black clothes hoping to find something…anything clean and cute. Hair and make up would just have to wait, Umbra was sure Em would love the opportunity to touch her face.

“Shower. Check. Clothes. Check. Back pack. Check. All good now let me just see what fate has for me”

The flummoxed teen was finally able to catch her breathe having completed her checklist. Laying out her customized tarot cards she did a quick run of her daily fate. The first card she turned over was The Magician in reverse.

“Poor planning. Shit okay”

Knowing full well she deserved that one. ”Come on, come on” she said under her breath, hoping her fate would be swift and merciful. The next card was, The Hanged Man…in reverse.

“Damn it! Delays? What other delays could I possibly have besides my dumbass alarm”

Umbra closed her eyes and placed all her luck into the third and final card. She flipped it over almost triumphantly before opening her eyes and grimacing. It was The Sun in the upright position, meaning positivity and fun. If it weren’t for her Xanthophobia this would have been her blessing in disguise.

“Right well, I’ll take what I can get” another glance at her phone made her realize she was running out of time.

Almost tumbling down the stairs and rolling her ankle she ran into the kitchen to say good morning and good bye to her sweet grandmother.

“I was calling you and calling you child”

“Yeah, I know, today’s just not my day! I got to go Roe-roe I’m late!”

“Do you want me to drive you baby? You don’t have to be embarrassed!”

“I’m not grandma! By the time you get ready it’ll be the New Year. Bye love you!”

The truth was, despite knowing her friends and being part of the misfits since she moved to Cali, Umbra had always been a little embarrassed of her home and how poor she was compared to the rest of BHHS. With a kiss on the cheek of her grandma, Umbra was out the door and, on her bike, cycling as fast as she could with her eyes set on the pier.

“That girl is just too much” she said with a giggle, watching her pride and joy rush off into the distance.

Time bled away as Umbra did her best to make her way to the pier and the misfits meeting place. Sweat was starting to bead along her forehead and the choice of black was obviously a bad one with the sun absorbing into her clothes and cooking her from the inside out. If Umbra didn’t pass out from dehydration it probably would have been from heat stroke and not the same kind women be having at Sunday service. ”Who loves orange soda. Umbra loves orange soda. Is it true? I do I do I dooo ooo” she said deliriously licking her lips, while imaging what Um had hoped Em had saved for her on this trip. Rounding the corner, she was reinvigorated upon seeing the RV in the not too far off distance. Unfortunately, there was no one around the RV. They’re probably already inside! You have to catch them!, putting the pedal to the metal, Umbra took off in mach speed towards the RV. It seemed The Hanged Man had other plans for her. The nuts and bolts keeping her back tire attached to the frame of the bike loosened and jiggled with every bump and pivot. Eventually, they had all come undone and her back tire flew off the rack.

A shrill shriek left her mouth while her hands gripped the handle bars. Sparks flew as the grinding of metal and asphalt created a cacophonous sound. By the time her eyes had opened, and her face relaxed from her grimace, her runaway train had stopped. Her hands touched every part of her body making sure she still had every limb and piece of skin attached. A smile came over her face in relief of having survived, but quickly vanished remembering she still had yet to make it. The girl’s cardio was as bad as middle-aged man sitting at home watching the Wendy Williams show, so bad. Yet, that wouldn’t be enough to stop the determined shadow.

One knock was heard on the outside of the RV door before she opened the door and fell bustling through the rusting RV. Star fishing onto the floor, swallowing as much oxygen as she could, the final misfit had finally arrived, and her eyes rolled to turn to Em.

“Where’s my orange soda?!” she said before passing out.

Me eagerly awaiting posts to read.

Aaliyah loved fashion, if someone happened to creep on her pinterest they would find too many boards dedicated to accessories, seasons, and styles. It was too bad the young ugly duckling couldn’t picture herself in any of them. While she was warming up to the idea that she could pull off more than just two-day old sweatpants and oversized sweaters, her confidence was still apprehensive at best. Shopping with her mom did give her a slight edge than if she was alone, having your own hype man even if it was your mom was still nice to have.

Unfortunately for her mother, Aaliyah was more focused on her phone than the stores around her. Taking the plunge into social media, she couldn’t help but e-stalk all the girls in the school she had always been so jealous of. Homecoming had opened doors Aaliyah originally thought to be sealed shut; her dress that night also worked wonders for catching her peers’ eyes. It honestly took more time, angles, and several deleted pictures for Aaliyah to get her first post down right.

The sheer volume of friend requests she sent out were slowly but surely reciprocated, by the time they had made it to their second stop her phone had dozes of red notifications. Girls like Bea and Julie had accepted her request and were already liking and commenting on her pic. It was a dream come true, a dream that was almost too good to be true. Between “uh-huhs” and half hearted “yeah’s” her eyes were mostly glued to her screen. That’s when her legs stopped and her heart sank, excitement began to shoot through every nerve in her body. Not only had she just gotten a text from Bea asking her to come over to watch movies, but a DM from the Queen of fashion herself, Chanel Martin. Quite the audible expression of “OH MY GOD!” shook the ground and pierced the heavens, even causing the hangers in her mom’s hand to drop.

The prospect of going shopping with Chanel and Julie was surreal, were they bullying her? No, no, Chanel had hyped her up at homecoming, but she also said they weren’t friends. Not knowing what to think she was panicking. Her hands trembled, playing that all too familiar mini-game of twirling thumbs around while thinking of a reply. Aaliyah though she would faint until the calming touch of her mother eased her nerves.

“Are you alright baby? You haven’t said more than two words since you’ve been on that phone all day”

“..U…I…Sorry! Can we go get something to eat? I’ll explain later I just need to sit. Church and Gossip Girl didn’t prepare me for this” she said hand-fanning herself helplessly. Aaliyah went back to her phone composing herself and her message to each person.

”I would love to go shopping with you and Julie! You can always just text me, my number is xxx-xxxx.”

”I’m at the mall right now, but I can after. What kind of movies did you have in mind?”

Hitting send on both replies, this was the most confidence the girls ever had outside of State Championship for Mathletes and International Chess meets. Hopefully Aaliyah wouldn’t run into anyone else she knew; her weak heart wouldn’t be able to take it. Little did she know JJ was in the building.
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