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Amegakure | ๐Ÿšญ/๐Ÿšฌ| Genin

TIME: Present Day - Early Morning | LOCATION: Then: Amegakure โ€“ Ninja Academy, Now: Amegakure - BBQ Restaurant | INTERACTION:@Schadenfreude@j8cob@Odin

Some days never got any easier, life was tumultuous in that way. Kasumi had accustomed himself to the austere lifestyle he was granted once he was recruited by Ameโ€™s orphanage. Like any weapon he was forged in the fires and tempered to shape a perfect mold. Once dipped into the waters he was baptized, both figuratively and metaphorically. One could say literally too, as the rain dropped down on him the first time he entered the rank of other blossoming shinobi, a rain that would one day cast itself down onto him again. Tomorrow was the big day, the day all of his hard work and determination would reflect the crucibles he went through paramount to this moment. It was hours before the ceremony, but the young shinobi was restless in his sleep. Was it fear? No. Anxiety? No. Somewhere deep down Kasumi knew the root problem of his insomnia, whether he wanted to face it or not was completely onto him. His fingers glided gently across his weak arm, each crevice and contour of his fingertips feeling the crusted and thick texture of several cigarette sized burn marks that lined his skin.

A life of shadows
Echo faint distant whispers
Of what once was real

The blank ceiling stared back at him as the burning sensation in his arms reignited the memory of his upbringing. Would his mother even care to attend his graduation if she was still around? Where was his father? Would he be proud if he stayed? No matter whatever road less traveled, none would have brought him the position he was in now. The memory faded like a cloud of smoke, his vision returned to the dim room sequestered somewhere off in the orphanage. With no end to insomnia in sight, Kasumi took it upon himself to ease his body with his friendly vice, the cigarette. Slinking over to open his night table, he reached into the depths of the top cabinet and retrieved his trusted lucky strikes. Slapping the pack against his wrists to activate the tobacco, with one slick motion the boy opened the box and flicked one cigarette up out of the sea of sticks. Pressing it to his mouth he pulled away, using the other hand to parade an open flame. With the two married together, Kasumi sucked in, smoke pouring into his mouth and lungs, Peace. Rain started to streak against the window, a slight drizzle turned into a stampede, Kasumi was finally transported to somewhere familiarโ€ฆsomewhere peaceful.

ใ€Œ Fade to Black ใ€

Somewhere between the pattering rain and a plume of smoke, Kasumi managed to pass out. His cigarette had departed from his hand and now left a smug of black on the wooden floor below. He was lucky enough to not let his room go up into flames. All the trivial matters that plagued him before were now gone, Kasumi found himself in a state of zen or serenity. This is what he had been working for since day one, the cause for celebration. The young shinobi kindled with a fire inside, tore through his dresser to get dressed for the big ceremony. Rushing through the hurdles he was finally presentable for Lady Yogensha and the rest of the academy. A few minutes passed before he arrived and took his seat, just in time for the opening ceremony to begin. Today would be the first day of the rest of his life.

Tense nervous excitement
Some don't want to leave their school
For the unknown future

After being thoroughly drilled by his homeroom teacher, Kasumi was ready to act all prim and proper for the arrival of Yogensha. There she was, in all her grace and beauty. The Amekage needed not to display her power for it could be felt from just her presence alone, the ANBU were hardly necessary. Yogensha presided the ceremony, beginning the moment they all had been waiting for. Kasumi was lost in her words, she weaved them so seamlessly, captivating the audience with her power for extemporaneous speech. Her sweet benevolence turned nihilistic as the truths of their journey became prominent, they were child soldiers raised to kill after all. Kasumi would be different from his parents, he would be able to live on his own and provide for himself. No longer would he be burdened and judged by the sins of his parents, her excerpt on rising through the ranks particularly stuck with him. The endeavor he would most set his mind to.

Receiving his headband was almost too surreal, the weight behind it felt heavy and weighed down his hand. A surge of emotions titillated through his bodies. The sky became dark and clouded as Yogenshaโ€™s words and sudden rain broke Kasumiโ€™s immersion. โ€What a terrible day for rainโ€ Kasumi thought, focusing his attention back on his Amekage. Without question he began to put on his headband, but hesitated as he caught the tail end of her solemn words. Pushing it out of his mind he finished finagling his head band on, their sovereign leader began to group the young shinobi into their teams. Like a sorting hat, Kasumi waited patiently for his name to be called, he was never really friendly with any of his classmates. A wallflower was a most apt description, but that didnโ€™t mean he didnโ€™t take note of everyone who had entered and left the academy. Regardless she announced two teams before she gracefully arrived at team 12, his team. Kasumi didnโ€™t want to make any informal assumptions about his teammates so he would wait till later when they convened, shinobi life had now begun.

ใ€Œ One Week Later ใ€

Kasumi opened the decorative scroll that was left on his bed and read its contents, the first inclination of what their time together would be like. The tone in her text was duly noted, a sweet persona stamped into every word. Fast forward to the academy, Koko was nowhere to be seen. A puzzle so early in the morning was far from what Kasumi had anticipated. Sparking up another cigarette, he bellowed some smoke that quickly sank to the ground. The smoke was a sixth sense, something he could discern anything within his realm that he couldnโ€™t with his other five. Kasumi was familiar with every nook and cranny of the academy grounds, but his smoke had picked up a disruption. Casually walking to where his smoke gathered he bent down picking up what appeared to be orange origami cranes. The puzzle wasnโ€™t that difficult after all. Like a trail of breadcrumbs as if the genin were Hansel and Gretel, Kasumi followed the path that would ultimately lead him to his Senseiโ€ฆ.at a barbeque restaurant.

Lunch time meeting
Strategy and tactics
Then just desserts

Kasumi was the second to arrive, Asashio was the first. The girl was rather tall for a standard kunoichi, her demeanor was rather stoic and militaristic as accompanied by her wardrobe. Her replies were short and curt which reminded him of laconic speech. Their sensei on the other hand was ratherโ€ฆlacking in the department of grace as seen by her stuffing her face. The boy had a bad habit of paying close attention to detail, being empathic was also one his more positive traits. The two together made it possible for him to read peopleโ€™s characters rather adeptly. If he was certain about anything it was that their sweet old sensei was actually faking it, not very convincingly either. Kasumi listened to her short speech which was the opposite of Yogenshaโ€™s, with conviction. Their first mission was to clean up an onsen and dispatch the unruly mongrels that had annexed it from the geriatric owners.

Kasumi brought another cigarette to his mouth taking a small series of puffs, โ€œWell I do like smoke so steam is close enough. Iโ€™m up for anything reallyโ€ Kasumi added, congealing with Asashioโ€™s reply, but also adding a more lax aura. He exhaled and his sights narrowed as the floor was now open to question, โ€œSo Sensei, I only have one question. Why are you faking your personality?โ€ Flicking the ashes off his cigarette in contempt. Kasumi would normally default to his reserved straw man like nature, but there was one thing he hated more than talking and that was liars. It should also be noted, shedding his introversion was one of his medium length goals/dreams.
You know what? Yeah, you're exactly right. I don't think my lighthearted battle manga guy fits in this deep, intellectual Naruto fanfiction you guys have going either.

Guess my buddy will just have to go it alone. Sorry, man.

1v1 me
I like chocolate milk

Konohagakure | Jonin | Wind Child

TIME: Present Day - Time Unknown | LOCATION: Then: Dome Biome โ€“ Outskirts, Now: Dome Biome, Laboratory | INTERACTION:@Aeolian@Reflection@Hillan

The pale skinned kunoichi took it upon herself to investigate the surrounding area, it seemed no one really had asserted real authority or leadership over the group. With no clear leader the group kind of just buggered off and did their own thing. Shizukaโ€™s precautions and reconnaissance were wasted on the group as Erika just rampaged forward like a bull in a china shop. This was quite the abhorrent behavior for one who seemed so reserved and delicate, almost like a flower. Who knows, perhaps it was the book she carried that gave her this kind of charisma and sense of security. Whatever as the case, Shizuka followed promptly behind her as she began her own investigation. โ€œI donโ€™t really like the dark, I canโ€™t see anything when itโ€™s dark out. So letโ€™s shine some light on them kay?โ€ Shizuka said with eyes smiling for him.

The dilapidated building was nothing more than a childish guise, what was housed inside was far more interesting. It seemed the group was caught in a fork in the road, not literally, but nevertheless they had to split. In any scenario splitting up was a sure fire way of being killed and picked off easier than staying in one large group, but this seemed to have called for special variables. After some quick deliberation by the insect man AKA Bug-Man, Shizukaโ€™s super hero moniker he donned onto the fellow shinobi, the groups split. Shizuka wasnโ€™t bothered who he was paired with as long as they didnโ€™t really get in his way. With bible thumping Erika now in his party, the two wandered off to find this mystical laboratory. A sudden stream of relief poured itself into Shizukaโ€™s lungs. The familiar feeling of a clean and sanitized space filled the boy with glee and effervescence. The boy collapsed the air filtration mask he had on and took one deep inhalation of clean air.

With a new outlook on life Shizuka quickly went to work, his eyes moved like buttons being pushed on a typewriter. The ruby eyed ninja couldnโ€™t make tails end of the writing on the documents he found or on anything with writing actually. Having ruled out the ability to read any of the foreign writing, Shizuka stuck to visual evidence to help guide their path. Examining the rest of the room, his eyes were glued to the only thing keen enough to warrant any attention, hazard tape. Air walking over tables and equipment the young boy touched down in the face of the black and yellow tape. Without much thought he cut through the tape with a finger cloaked in highly pressurized wind chakra. Flicking the wind off his finger allowed the doors to part just enough for him to squeeze through.

What Shizuka found on the other side was quite interesting to say the least. โ€œHey Erika come over here and check this out. You might want to consult your book on answers for thisโ€ Religion always seemed like wasted energy to Shizuka, he much rather believed in that the earth had a soul and had distinct spiritual essences. Regardless that was neither here nor there, while he signaled for the pale girl to run over, the boy tried with all his might to open the reinforced access doors but to no avail. Instead, he did manage to make out seals placed on each of the chambers within. Shizuka was never too good with seals so he left that to Erika as he continued to look around. Unsheathing his sword, with the tail end of his handle he broke through the green box taking the pills while clearing the rest of the glass. โ€œThereโ€™s some instructions on here I canโ€™t read, here keep it as a bookmarkโ€ Tossing it over his shoulder he guided the piece of paper with air, creating a pathway to meet directly up with Erika.

โ€œIโ€™m not much for linguistics or deciphering unknown language, but I can tell what illustrations mean and I donโ€™t think these are too friendlyโ€ each adjacent chamber had a picture of multiple animals. It was similar to a zoo or an aquarium where they keep the image and description of the species on the walls outside of the glass. The only difference was these were no normal animals, quite possibly genetically spliced or an amalgamation formed from some use of Kinjutsu, whatever was the case, Shizuka was glad he hadnโ€™t opened the chamber doors. โ€œWell now what? Thereโ€™s nothing really more we can do in here, not until we figure out what those instructions mean. And I ainโ€™t ready to go to Old McDonaldโ€™s farm just yetโ€ The wind child joked.



โ€œIf you do not enter the tigerโ€™s cave, you will not catch its cub.โ€
9mm Parabellum Bullet - ใ‚คใƒณใƒ•ใ‚งใƒซใƒŽ
ใ€Full Nameใ€‘
Hajime, Sagara

Surgeon of Death (Shi no Gekai)




ใ€Age Appearanceใ€‘

4th Division

Sagara has no compassion or mercy for his enemies, though he never shows much regard for human life, at some points even letting on that he likes to kill and experiment whether or not his enemy is alive or not. He is rather morbid and arrogant. Nevertheless, none of these character flaws prevent him from being a superb investigator and fighter. He believes in peace and order, even in the society created by his former enemies. Anyone he considers to be corrupt or despotic, he targets for elimination. He expects those involved in the soul society army to carry out their duties without letting their personal feelings interfere. Sagara is calm and collected, not getting rattled by his opponents. He is quiet and contempt, as he does not speak often, but he does speak to everyone with a natural apathy as he gives everyone a state of neutrality until he better knows the person, he barely uses honorifics and when faced with advising people he grows a small vendetta. He noticeably dislikes opponents who are cowardly, instead preferring opponents who are brave enough to face him. He also seems to dislike opponents who are weaker than him, preferring to face opponents who possess either the same level of skill as him or are a bit stronger than him.

Sagara comes off as being very dark. Sagara claims to enjoy the relationship between victim and murderer, stating that before the murderer kills their victim the two share a level of intimacy which is too deep for words. He also views love as a sadomasochistic relationship, believing that lovers care deeply for each other and yet hurt each other whenever they are together. He rarely displays emotion, never seeming angry or sad, but when Sagara enters his Bankai Sagara seems to disregard his old personality and becomes swallowed by a blood thirsty unbalanced maniacal creature that has nothing but the determination for death. Other than that Sagara displays very high intelligence, in some ways giving him something of an evil genius persona and personifies the stereotype of the mad scientist. To sum it all up Sagara is a coldblooded ruthless scientist.


Houtai no Kasoushakai (Bandages of the Underworld):
While his bandages serve as a way to treat his eternal burns, they've also become an assets and a tool he uses in battle. With enough reishi he is able to send these seemingly endless streaks of bandages from his body to any object within his vicinity and latch onto. The bandages have basic functions as in the ability to pull or bind or even to push reishi into the enemy host. Like any bandage they're rather weak and susceptible to being cut by any blade. They're slightly reishi augmented so an equal amount of reishi must be expelled to cut said bandages.
ใ€Zanjutsu, Reiatsu, and other Talentsใ€‘
Unremarkable/Average/Impressive/Incredible Reiatsu: Incredible

Zanjutsu Combatant/Expert/Master/Grandmaster: Master

Hakuda Combatant/Expert/Master/Grandmaster: Grandmaster

Kidล Combatant/Expert/Master/Grandmaster: Master

Hohล Combatant/Expert/Master/Grandmaster: Master

ใ€Fighting Styleใ€‘

Sagaraโ€™s fighting style is rather slow and methodical, but donโ€™t let that fool you for he is as quick and cunning as a snake, ready to strike at any time. A rattle snake is the best way to equate his fighting style, the rattle is to warn the victim that he is ready to wait until the perfect strike. Sagara likes to analyze his opponent rather in-depth and plan accordingly, his mind already calculates multiple scenarios in where the fight will go and contingencies for said plans. Heโ€™s constantly building his profiles of his opponent while keeping them on their toes. When he feels as though heโ€™s compiled enough information to execute, heโ€™ll go on the offensive. With surgeon like precision he attacks with elegance and speed, heavily favoring to exhaust all strategies prepared beforehand. His one weakness however is taking too long to finish the fight as he likes to toy with his prey if he ends up overpowering them, allowing for some recovery if possible at all.



Konohagakure | Jonin | Wind Child

TIME: Present Day - Time Unknown | LOCATION: Then: Amegakure โ€“ Great Hall, Now: Dome Biome, Somewhere | INTERACTION:@Aeolian@Reflection@Hillan

Tension was in the air, the gale wind has unsettled and irritated its surroundings much like any strong wind. Eita was the first to appear disturbed and with a deep glower to his persona as Shizuka made his dazzling entrance. The tumble weed of a man or bug or whatever the heck he was reached out to Shizukaโ€™s hand as if he was a parent reprimanding a small child as not to touch. Shizuka obviously went blank as his expression shifted in confusion, "hmm why is this strange man touching me?โ€ Quite the irony since Shizuka was giving anxiety to the bugs inside of the coat the strange man wore. Shizuka listened to the man speak, he was clearly articulate in his speech patterns and what he had to say was interesting, but the more he spoke the more Shizuka was less inclined to listen. All he heard was mammoth beetle before Eitaโ€™s voice transformed into static. โ€œOro?โ€ Shizuka hearing his name being called, โ€œYes! Yes! Thatโ€™s me! I donโ€™t have any gifts either, but my air can be helpful. Just you wait and seeโ€ The young boy opening his palm and creating a small cyclone in his hand.

โ€œHmm?โ€ another voice called out his name, this voice was much softer and filled with warmth, the type only a mother or maternal figure could nurture. The cyclone subsided as his deep ruby red eyes caught the reflection of the light allowing them to burn bright in the face of the pale Yamanaka. โ€œRadiant huh? Iโ€™ll take that as a good thing. You look like the other Yamanakaโ€™s from home, why arenโ€™t you in Konoha? Did you get lost? I get lost sometimes, but I just follow wherever the wind takes meโ€ her words were wasted on Shizuka, although he was apt enough to understand them, he wasnโ€™t one for being a walking thesaurus. โ€œYou talk funnyโ€ Shizuka said bluntly, noting the sudden change in ambience within the blue eyed kunoichi, before he could question the sudden shift, the final member of their squad to be had arrived, Tapo Hanabiro. Another familiar face, one that was still a resident of Konoha, Shizuka had remember his face if nothing else. โ€œHey Tapo! Itโ€™s me Shizuka. Good to see you again, I didnโ€™t know the Hokage sent both of us here. This should be a cinch.โ€

With their introductions out of the way, it was time for them to start their mission. While the normal shinobi would become worried or pumped with adrenaline, Shizuka was ultimately carefree. Any opportunity for new experiences were a gift to Shizuka, even if those opportunities came with peril and high risk low reward. A soldier who was fearless in the face of death and relaxed was the perfect soldier indeed. Smile on the battlefield. Shizuka raced on board first as he wanted to start things off right, unfortunately they were notified their fifth member was unable to make the voyage with the rest of them. Pouting in disappointment Shizuka only fell sadness for a hot minute before he was back to his chipper attitude. Once on the aircraft, Shizuka couldnโ€™t help but fidget with all the tools they had supplied for the trip. He flickered the flashlights on and off, pretending that he would tell a ghost story as he wiggled his hands in an eerie manner towards the eccentric bug man.

Once they veered off to their own direction Shizuka plastered his face against the window. Dead trees and one or two small hills came into view, before they were obscured by a massive dome coming into view. The dome wasnโ€™t able to be seen through, blocked by accumulation of a dense fog, one could only image had been eroding the clarity over the years. Touchdown. The VTOL was a matter of meters away from what looked to be an ordinary building that acted as the gateway into the dome. Shizuka tasted the stale air and sighed, why was there never any fun air wherever he went? The air was always gross when it came to missions and this one was no different. โ€œSooo uhhhh, I can go first and take point. Once we get inside the dome I can use my wind to blow away the dense fog or at least keep it at bay so we can see. I may not be able to see as well as you guys, but if thereโ€™s air then I can feel everything within it. What do yโ€™all think?โ€ Shizukaโ€™s demeanor shifted to one that was more serious, a reprieve none of his teammates would expect. The young shinobi fingered the air as his index finger traced a miniscule circle rapidly. A small stream of air would slide through the keyhole and sketch the inside layout for Shizuka. โ€œI donโ€™t feel anythingโ€ whether that meant it was safe or a trap was still unbeknownst to the group.
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