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2 yrs ago
Just made my first post in... I don't even KNOW how long. I feel alive. Woop.
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2 yrs ago
I didn't even know this thing existed. Alright then.
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Showing interest cause Smiley's a cuck.
Oh, awesome. Well, like I said in the Int Check, I feel interested in a small town setting. There's something about the vibe of a rural or midwestern tight-knit community undergoing a wave of fear and paranoia, but areas like Detroit or other urban sites are rad, too.
Honestly, I have this weird hard-on for small towns, southern or midwestern, but locale depends on everyone else.
Hope so. I have Norse-related concepts in mind.
Huh. Neat.
Okay so I have to do Iron Fist now that we have a potential Shiva and a potential Shang Chi.

The Chinese Connection
Don't know if I'll be joining, but damn that's a good Apollo.
Bbbbboy, you know I'm interested
Warren Ellis, great writer, likes intertwining transhumanism with themes in folklore and telling stories about hardcore themes and social issues.

Also, probably having it span over multiple areas.
First option is a fresher take. Maybe take some Ellis-esque posthuman themes and storytelling and it'll be good to go.
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