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1 mo ago
Current because a plate of cookies doesn't work anymore
1 mo ago
bring up lolis and it'll never be turned off again
1 mo ago
we can talk about dogging 2nd graders
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1 mo ago
lmfao the nonces talkin bout why it's a-okay to draw kids gettin cockfilled, wholesome guild talk innit
2 yrs ago
I didn't even know this thing existed. Alright then.
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Ayyy got me interested. Haven't touched a Fallout RP in a bit, seems good.
Any idea of an ETA for an OOC?
Look at this weeb shit.
Showing interest cause Smiley's a cuck.
Oh, awesome. Well, like I said in the Int Check, I feel interested in a small town setting. There's something about the vibe of a rural or midwestern tight-knit community undergoing a wave of fear and paranoia, but areas like Detroit or other urban sites are rad, too.
Honestly, I have this weird hard-on for small towns, southern or midwestern, but locale depends on everyone else.
Hope so. I have Norse-related concepts in mind.
Huh. Neat.
Okay so I have to do Iron Fist now that we have a potential Shiva and a potential Shang Chi.

The Chinese Connection
Don't know if I'll be joining, but damn that's a good Apollo.
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