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lmfao the nonces talkin bout why it's a-okay to draw kids gettin cockfilled, wholesome guild talk innit
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So this just dropped. It is doing a good job as a teaser to give us a hint at what the movie is about, but gives us nothing on the villain or the main story.

Honestly, it actually says a lot about Carol's own story-- Amnesia and all that, I mean-- and I'm just suspecting the Kree are gonna double-cross and pull some "we need to wipe out the Earth to kill the Skrulls" shit, and Carol will be all, "I'm part Kree, but I'm also human" etc. and other stuff about her history that I don't want to overtly spoil in the slim chance I am right.

Overall, fun trailer though. Sam Jack's Chocula in his agelessness.

Also, I guess, the CGI does that, too
Bunch'a nerds.

Same, tho.
You're all LARPing dweebs.
Big Daddy Gay says it's okay so I must follow.


Not Here

I open my eyes and I am home. The sea of blood before me, warm and sticky beneath my feet, reaching out across the horizon and further yet. Mounds of bone spiralling up into the sky, grotesquely beautiful architecture that scrapes the orange-yellow veil of clouds. Trees, crafted from tissue and flesh, throw thin shadows that crawl across the ocean surface like the legs of a spider, trunks of muscle bursting from beneath the sloshing waves. I listen to the chittering under that crimson cloak, feel the hum of a heartbeat beneath its veneer, hidden from sight but nothing else. There is life there, everywhere, in the branches, through the waves, above the clouds, sewn together in a quilt that is noise and energy.

This is the Red.

And in the centre of it all, upon their thrones of ivory and skulls, sit the Parliament. Ignatius, the Sphynx cat which towers above the bone mountains and purrs with a power that resonates in your flesh. Orion, the fleshless ape, broad and sturdy with a lipless grin and burning eyes. And Primus, the lithe man-goat, leaning on his staff of arteries and cartilage.
Others sit, too, numbering in the dozens, the hundreds, thousands, reaching further than the past and future. A Parliament of Limbs.

"Rannik Telo of Korugar," the hircine ancient bellows to me, through me, and I feel the voices of thousands of others behind his.

"I seek counsel, fellow Totems. Counsel for... Troubling visions."

The flesh trees shake quietly, and I hear a disquieted rumble in the distance.

"Visions," purrs Ignatius, and I feel the tissue leap off my bone for a sweeping moment. There is something in his word, something... Wrong.

"I see blood. So much blood. And I feel.." I pause, the words balling in my throat like bile. "I feel so much death. So much fear, anger, pain."

My hands tremble, and I ball them into fists, trying to steady myself. The blood sea begins to sway.

"Yes, youngling," Primus reaches forward with his staff, thrusting the bottom below the surface of the sea and sending ripples outward towards me. "We understand these visions. These dreams. We live them through you."

"What do they mean?" There is a desperation in my voice. I know what they mean, deep inside me, and I am suddenly aware of an acute warmth surrounding me.

"They are signs of things to come. Things you cannot change. Things you will try to fight, but fail."

The ripples, they crash into each other, again and again and again and again, and the sea becomes restless.

"But... But am I not one of your avatars? A conduit of the Life Web? How can I not hold back this... This tide of death."

A crack above me. The sky is bright now. So bright it hurts to gaze into. A wind erupts and slices at me with a primal ferocity.

"Life," Primus murmurs, but you cannot mishear him. "Is about blood. It is about struggle. It is about overcoming that which will cause you harm, to become better, stronger."

The blood pulls at me, and I am being pulled down, to my knees, my waist, and the branches of the flesh trees shudder violently. I hear cries hidden within their bone branches.

"As life does, you will have to overcome what is to pass. You will lose much, become tempted to stray. And you will blame others and yourself. Do as life does, Rannik Telo..."

There is a desperation, a fear I don't quite understand in his words, and my chest is tight as I am drawn into the waves, the bubbling heat around my ears, my mouth. "Wait--"

"Evolve or die."

I am beneath the surface. There are shadows with me. Claws hooking into my chest, puncturing my lungs, my heart, and I scream out, tasting the copper of the blood sea, and the light begins to die out around me.


July 3rd, 2020 | 7:16p.m. | Happy Harbour, Rhode Island

Rannik hit the floor with a thud. The cool vinyl flooring was a relief against his skin, burning hot and damp with sweat. Wincing, he felt the thumping of a headache behind his eyes, sitting up and surveying his surroundings.
His room. Empty and grey, excluding the bed and computer he had been assigned. He had flipped off the lights to help him concentrate, to focus his connection with the Web, and now found himself sat in a dark and empty room. A shiver ran up his spine; the quiet and loneliness usually weren't his favourites on good days, but after that communal with the Totems...

He slowly picked himself up off the floor, clothes damp with sweat, and quickly decided to change. Tee-shirt and black shorts. Strange human garb. Walking over to the door, the familiar swish as it slid open, he looked back at his room.
Nothing. No warmth. No light. Nobody.
His gaze lingered for a moment longer before he walked, briskly, over to the elevator...


July 3rd, 2020 | 7:24p.m. | Happy Harbour, Rhode Island

"You!" Rannik jumped, startled at the voice, and caught himself in the doorway. "Who has the best costume and why?"

Confusion. Something the Korugaran had become accustomed to on Earth.

"Uh," he murmured, quizzically gazing at the other earthlings in the kitchen. "I don't really... Know..."

Hostility. It tasted like bitter leaves of the jarnas tree, felt like needles of a p'aaran dungworm beneath the skin. It was a sensation Rannik had also become accustomed to on Earth. With Fenrir as your partner, it was difficult not to.
He reached back out into the Web, subtly brushing across the sensations around him, and quickly realised Stephanie's goal.

"Well," he began, stretching his red arms wide and smiling broadly, his yellow eyes lighting up. "On Korugar, this is the norm. The more color, the better. When people notice you, it means you stand out, it means you are special. So, really, our "costumes" all look quite similar to me."

He wandered over to Andy, the fiery light in the image of the Web, and slapped him on the shoulder.

"Except you. You are exceptionally boring. Like the Batman."


| NAME |
Rannik Telo

| AGE |

Bernhard “Buddy” Baker, The Animal Man.

Rannik looks like your average Korugaran in most respects. Scarlet skin, golden eyes and black sclerae, tall and slim and superficially similar to humanity. As with most of his people, he also has somewhat elven traits, being tall, slim, with sharp features and a recessive mutation found in the Korugaran genome that causes his ears to end in a tapering point. His dark hair and naturally Romanesque features would usually make him appear regal and intimidating, but he instead comes off as gentle and somewhat goofy, with a soft expression and equally open smile perpetually on his face. “Warm” comes to mind. His human disguise is similar, albeit appearing as a pale Caucasian male with brown eyes (and obviously lacking the elven ears).

Rannik’s costume is a specialised bodysuit. Short-sleeved and cut-off above the knee, it’s white with red accents on the arms, chest, and around the waist, with black down his sides. A stylised white Green Lantern Corps. logo is placed in the centre of his chest, manipulated to look like a large letter “A”. He also prefers to go barefoot. Cause, you know, he’s basically an alien hippy.

| BIO |
Something here about destiny and magic and non-racial redskins.

Rannik is an Avatar of the Red, a Flesh Elemental directly linked to the Life Web that reaches out and permeates the fabric of the universe, unifying all forms of animal life within its seemingly infinite boundaries. As the Red’s Avatar, Rannik has an array of metaphysical abilities that are esoteric in nature and not clearly defined. This link grants him mastery over flesh and life itself, allowing him to manipulate his own body to grow and change and adapt, powered by the primordial energies of the Red itself. He can take on the traits of animals in Earth’s biosphere, heal wounds with focus, and interpret the “blueprints” of animal organisms he comes into physical contact with. He also wields an extra-sensory ability to communicate with and command various animal life, though organisms near sentience are more difficult to “commandeer” than non-sentient creatures. This ability extends itself to allowing his “life essence”, or the information that makes up his being, to live on past his physical body’s death, though he hasn’t tested this gift quite yet. With enough experience, his abilities could be near-limitless in the realm of animal life.

Rannik’s costume is also made of an experimental STAR Labs/WayneTech polymer designed to alter its shape and structure to accommodate his changing form, based on the polymorphous material used by heroes such as Beast Boy and Ralph Dibny.

Despite his role as a universal Avatar, Rannik is still very young and inexperienced in the use of his abilities, and tends to limit himself subconsciously cause of certain fears. Taking on aspects from the Life Web and changing his own structure isn’t instantaneous and takes him momentary meditation to search through the correct blueprints he requires for the transformation. Rannik also prefers to solely alter himself, only altering other lifeforms when he is forced to as a last resort as he’s both afraid of his inexperience and of harming the recipient.
As mentioned above, Rannik’s ability to communicate with lifeforms and mentally command them is inhibited by the willpower and willingness of the target. A dog is easier to manipulate than, say, a dolphin or human. However, he finds domineering any animal to be reprehensible and instead prefers to “ask” for creatures that are capable of being asked.

While his connection to the Web is an extensive boon, it also acts as a blatant Achilles Heel. Constantly feeling and being “one” with all life allows him to fall victim to the intense suffering of organisms around him, and a sufficient level of harm to life in his vicinity will cause immense mental backlash. Rannik is also a pacifist; while willing to commit violence in self-defence or survival (as is the way of life), he abhors unnecessary death and pain and will go out of his way to prevent this, especially to his own detriment. Hell, he’s not even that good of a fighter; before being recruited by the Initiative, he’d never received official training.

- In his human disguise, Ranik is known as “Nick Teller”.
-“Rannik” is the masculine form of “Soranik” on Korugar. Coincidence? Or lazy writing. You decide.
-Has learned English through a willing empathic link with Buddy Baker.
-Buddy Baker smells like $2 cologne and retirement.

Ayyy got me interested. Haven't touched a Fallout RP in a bit, seems good.
Any idea of an ETA for an OOC?
Look at this weeb shit.
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