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1 yr ago
Current you know what? the guild deserves WHATEVER IT GETS, PFTOOIE
1 yr ago
you're all why the guild isn't at it's full potential
1 yr ago
@GreenGrenade no that was the schutzstaffel
1 yr ago
i will pop a zit into all of your assholes
1 yr ago
i wanna make truffle butter in wraith's enriched asshole


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this is what i'll be remembered for
this is cyberbullying i'm calling the police
oh, boy, i can't wait to be disappointed again
But why hasn't my dad ever said, "good job, son"?
Tickle me pickle and use a sickle, this that NEW shit.
Where have I seen this before?

Hacks R Us
Awh, mate, lookit this juicy shit.
Requesting the account name of VILE for use. Not by me, but a friend of mine who wants to join the Guild.

The name is apparently taken by this account: Vile, which hasn't been active in roughly 3 years.

If anyone can do anything about this, cheers.

So this just dropped. It is doing a good job as a teaser to give us a hint at what the movie is about, but gives us nothing on the villain or the main story.

Honestly, it actually says a lot about Carol's own story-- Amnesia and all that, I mean-- and I'm just suspecting the Kree are gonna double-cross and pull some "we need to wipe out the Earth to kill the Skrulls" shit, and Carol will be all, "I'm part Kree, but I'm also human" etc. and other stuff about her history that I don't want to overtly spoil in the slim chance I am right.

Overall, fun trailer though. Sam Jack's Chocula in his agelessness.

Also, I guess, the CGI does that, too
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