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Alexandria's movement was subtle and precise. She moved with extreme intention and meticulous planning. One could even say she moved in the blink of an eye. But Alexandria didn't move too far. When Kage had appeared, Alexandra's guard had been roused from it's relaxed state, and when Kage found reason to lay a hand upon the back of Dreadlin, Alexandria switched into her alert mode. Her hand left hand found purchase on the hilt of her sword. The scabbard was gripped tightly in her right hand. She was poised to draw her weapon at any moment needed. Thankfully, that moment never came. Alexandria relaxed her grip slowly, and allowed the scabbard to rest at her side once more.

Now that Kage had proven she wasn't going to be a threat, Alexandria resumed her previous prim and proper pose and allowed herself to relax. The conversations went on around her, but Alexandria remained silent. She had no reason to comment, and everyone else echoed similar thoughts. When the group would move onward to the mission postings, Alexandria finally made use of her voice.

Looking over the individual missions, Alexandria gave her opinion on each, assuming they were all there. "The first mission seems like it would theoretically be the most difficult. Dragon's are not opponents that I would underestimate. The second mission seems like it would be simple, though it would also be slightly dubious to undertake as we would be getting into a legal situation that is unclear to us and we may not be told the real truth. The third mission seems like it would play well into my personal strengths, but we might again be getting over our heads, as, even if we brought the whole guild, defending a town against what appears to be hordes of creatures is rather... Unconventional. The last mission seems interesting and clear cut. Perhaps the spear will be given to us if the party involved finds that they do not want it? Risky enough, but also tempting."

Returning to the group that she had grouped with, Alexandria spoke. "I've stated my opinions, but I will go along with what the majority decides. I'm brave, but I'm no fool: Taking these missions on alone is asking for trouble."
Alexandria sipped at her tea daintily as she relaxed a bit. The sweet drink was relieving to her throat, even though she hadn't been using her shouts for a while. Hefting the small cup to her lips again Alexandria took a last sip before rising from the bench she had been sitting on. Teacup and saucer in hand Alexandria walked back over to the merchant she had gotten it from and returned it with a polite thanks and a bit of extra jewels to keep him in business. With a smile, Alexandria turned and left. Her metallic heels clicked softly on the stonework as she walked. It wasn't long before she noticed a commotion in the crowds as people parted to make way for a hulking lizardman. Alexandria didn't feel the typical twinge of panic flow through her body when she saw him. Alexandria could recognize one of their most notable guildmates easily.

Alexandria walked calmly over towards Dreadlin. She had heard Illedrith call his name and wasn't surprised when she was found present in Dreadlin's company. The presence of Ceri atop Illedrith's shoulders was also not unexpected. The two were strong friends and could frequently be found in one another's company. It had spawned a few rumors, but nothing too serious. Alexandria cleared her throat and pushed gently into the small circle that Dreadlin's presence had created. Speaking, Alexandria gave a slight wave in greeting to her guildmates. "Greetings, Dreadlin. Hello again, Illedrith and Ceri. I couldn't help but notice the commotion and hear you shouting. I figured that since I was done relaxing I would go and join with the group of guildmates that we have running about. I am pleased that I was able to find you all without too much trouble."

Alexandria paused for a moment to allow them to make their own comments or to absorb her words a bit. Before too long passed, she continued. "The announcement was interesting. I figure it'll be risky to take a job like that. Even if it was downgraded to be below S rank. I don't know who I'll invite to a team with. If I can't find anyone I might actually back out of the trials. I'm brave, but not foolish enough to take on an S class job by myself."

With that, Alexandria was finished talking. Taking a few steps closer to the group, Alexandria brought her legs together and stood up perfectly straight before kicking her toes outward and bringing her heels together. Finally, she crossed her arms behind her back and clasped her hands together as she had done before when she and Illedrith were chatting close to the guild. Her maid training always found a way to shine through in some form. Mostly it was through her affection for being prim and proper in stance when she was with a group of people. It was a long ingrained habit that probably wouldn't find itself dismissed easily. Though it did help with guild reputation when Alexandria was acting as a diplomat. Many of the cross people she had to speak to were defused by their initial impression of Alexandria's prim and proper movements. It was really quite something.

With nothing more to say, Alexandria waited for Illedrith, Ceri or Dreadlin to speak.
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A post is up. My apologies that it's a tad small. I couldn't really think of a whole lot to write. Please let me know if you want anything expanded on and I'll see what I can do.
Alexandria blinked slowly at Cyril as he made his statement. She offered no words for a few moments before she uttered one simple phrase that would probably do great harm to Cyril's ego. "No." The brief phrase shattered the silence for a few moments. But the previous silence fell again until Illedrith and the others spoke. As the group began to walk Alexandria unfolded her arms from behind her back and motioned for Cyril to walk with the group before speaking again. "Coming along, Cyril?" With that, Alexandria dropped her arms to her sides and began to walk along with Illedrith, Ceri, and Saeko. Alexandria rested her right hand gently upon the pommel of her sword as she walked. Alexandria didn't chatter much with the rest of the group, instead preferring to remain silent and remain on guard encase anyone or anything wanted to cause trouble.

When the group arrived to town, Alexandria declined the offer that Cyril made and bid them farewell for a while to roam on her own for a bit, but promised that she would rejoin them when the announcement started. With that, Alexandria parted ways from the group with a quick bow. Alexandria walked gently among the stalls and stands set up around the area, she bought herself a gyro to munch on as she walked and looked around. The mixture of beef, lettuce, and other toppings was pleasant to the tastebuds, and the flatbread was fluffy and complemented the rest of the ingredients well. Alexandria continued to roam about the event while she munched on her food, and when she was finished she tossed the wrapper from the gyro into a trash can.

With that done, Alexandria continued to wander for a bit before she spotted a tea stand. Smiling to herself, she walked over and placed and order for a small cup of sweet tea. Tanking the older man who was working at the stall when he handed her the cup and saucer, Alexandria sat at a table to sip at her tea daintily as she waited on time to pass. Perhaps some of her guildmates would wander by? It was a known joke that the trick to getting Alexandria's attention was with tea due to the frequency that she drank the amber liquid. Regardless, Alexandria sipped at her tea gently, and smiled gently to herself as she relaxed at the table near the tea stand.
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I would personally prefer a discord. It's a lot less of a headache than Skype since it can be used in the browser without installing anything, plus it doesn't have any ads or malware or anything else that Skype has constantly had problems with.

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I'm debating if I want to post or not.

On one hand, I could write a post of Alexandria having a bit of fun at the celebrations, eating food, etc. But on the other hand it feels like doing that would be me just writing filler, which I kinda don't want to do.

So, if someone specifically wants to have an interaction with Alexandria, go ahead and ping me and I'll put up a post where she can be approached, but in an effort to not write filler I'm going to skip this round too, sorry!
There we are. One post. Please let me know if anything is wrong.
Alexandria didn’t have a lot of input for what Ceri had been saying, so she merely stood there in silence as Ceri said what little she did. The girl was shy and didn’t look like she had the mettle for combat. Alexandria didn’t know much about Ceri, which was probably intentional. Alexandria couldn’t judge, however, as she remembered the problems that she had with self-confidence when she had first been picked up from the streets and taken in by her adoptive family. Hopefully Ceri would grow into her chosen path in time.

The silence was broken by the sound of rapid running. Alexandria turned to the sound, and a soft smile came to her lips as Saeko came running to the training field. Returning the brief bow Alexandria watched in silence as Saeko explained herself. She had no input here, and was not the one being referred to. Alexandria continued to stand in silence as she had nothing that needed to be said. That conversation was between Saeko and Illedrith. Alexandria had no place in it. Maintaining her composure, Alexandria basked in the pleasant weather for a bit until the relative silence was broken by the arrival of Cyril, and the delivery of a cheesy line with obvious hints of flirtation.

Appearing to be completely oblivious to Cyril’s feelings and antics, Alexandria hardly moved as she gave a slight bow and offered her greetings. “Greetings, Cyril. I hope the day finds you well.” His comment about beauty sleep fell on deaf ears as Alexandria had nothing to mention about the subject. Her fair looks were the result of only a little effort in keeping herself clean and tidy as she cycled through days.

Alexandria shifted slightly to bring the circle into a more inclusive state, though she promptly returned to her prim and proper pose of having her heels together with her arms folded behind her waist with her hands clasped together. Alexandria didn’t say anything, as she had no real reason to contribute to the conversation. There were no idle stories for her to tell, and she had a learned barrier against making random comments and potentially disrupting the conversation already taking place. Such was what was drilled into her during her years of being a maid.

Alexandria smiled slightly as Illedrith dismissed the kids from training. Such an innocence was lost upon her, but she was glad to see it remaining among the newer generation. In the back of her mind she knew that few of them would keep it as they grew up, like Cyril had, but hopefully some would. They would make good teachers. Perhaps not the best leaders, but good teachers. Hope was something that would be hard to come by from time to time, and they needed to have as large of a reserve of it as they could.

Alexandria took a brief glance up at the sky and noted that the sun had moved slightly since she had arrived. In a rare move, Alexandria spoke. “Time has passed a fair amount. Perhaps we should move along before we grow rooted to the ground here and miss the meeting in town?” With a look to Cyril and Saeko, Alexandria spoke again. “Illedrith, Ceri and I were going to walk together to the meeting that’s happening in town. Would you two care to join us, barring any objections from the others?”

Alexandria’s tone was polite and welcoming, though didn’t have any hints of flirtation within it. This would likely cause Cyril a bit of a dilemma as he tried to flirt back and would continually be shut down or ignored. Alexandria always found it slightly amusing that he tried so hard on a cause that would quite likely not be. Such was the life of a grown up who still had their innocence.

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@Suku You might want to read the rest of the thread a bit. Alexandria is standing there talking to Illedrith and Ceri, and they're out in the training field rather than within the guild hall itself.

Not angry/upset/whatever, just pointing that out.
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