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@KaiserElectric I mentioned this on the discord but you mentioned being tired so I'll put it here so that it's clear.

The "special moves" aren't really special moves, they're just weapons. There wasn't an equipment section so I just put them there because I didn't want to add in a section and have eyebrows be raised.

Ammunition is limited, and her "super" is there to replenish it as well as acquire a new weapon for a while. That's why I made it a "drop" like in PUBG and added in the option for other people to find it and loot it, trap it, or destroy it. Makes for counterplay, especially when Ashley could call in a man-portable minigun.

As for the healing thing, I figured most of them did but the general theme I was running with was "Charles Atlas Superpower" so I figured I would include it. Though I guess I could also say that it might be a bit faster due to coming from two different sources? Dunno. Up to the balance board.

With Malus proving to be a constant stream of problems, I wanted to offer up someone else in the hopes that they'll be less complicated to work with.

Updated Malus a bit with the various suggestions. I removed a few things that were simply annoying to try and balance and clarified some others while nerfing the summoned Dread Lords and Living Metal. Also made his age more vague. Added in EMP hardening for Malus and also buffed his "base stats" due to removing his "Temporarily no weakness" super. Let me know if things need to be changed more.

Since he's not approved yet I'll be putting Malus here instead of on the characters tab.

Alright. Here's Malus. Hopefully he's not too crazy. I gave him a bit of an edge since I figure most people won't want to group up with him and he'll be mostly solo.
I might join this. Fighting RP's typically aren't my thing but I do need to practice my RP fighting more, and there's only one real way to do that...

I think I'll wait for the main thread to check over the whole sandwich before I commit to taking a bite.
Alexandria remained quiet during Arianna’s warning. Arianna was correct in stating that should the situation be a true ancient dragon and not something else then they would have quite the situation on hand, and fleeing from the situation was indeed the best option. There was no honor in sacrificing yourself upon the altar of vain glory. Alexandria gave a nod to Arianna and spoke with a sudden air of duty to her voice. “Guildmistress, I assure you that I will do everything in my power ensure that everyone returns alive from this mission.” With her promise delivered, Alexandria turned to the rest of her group, including Kage, and spoke again. “I am going to leave the festivities for now and return to the guild hall to maintain my equipment and research what I can about dragons. I will hopefully see you all this evening or as you decide to return to the guild hall.”

Giving a bow, Alexandria turned and began to walk back towards the guild hall. There were several minutes where she could easily be caught up to or shouted at if her attention was needed. If nothing happened to stop her progress towards the guild she would rapidly increase her walking pace once she was out of the primary hub of festivities. It didn’t take Alexandria much time to reach the guild, but her walk there was far from peaceful.

Dangerous thoughts of what might be lurking for them on this mission were quite prevalent in her mind. Fighting dragons was a tricky business. Not only were their scales tougher than even the hardiest of armor, their talons could rend and tear anything built by man with ease. This wasn’t even considering their traditionally present fire breath. That alone would be an entirely different headache. Armor and weapon alone would not win them a battle with even a young dragon. Research would need to be done. Lots of it.

Reaching the guild, Alexandria allowed herself in. It was quite sparse of people, as most of them were out and about at the festivities. Alexandria nodded a greeting to the people that were present before she continued on into her room. The guild hall was so silent that the metallic heels that Alexandria wore audibly clicked against the floor for the first time in ages.

Producing a key, Alexandria unlocked the thick wooden door and pulled it open with a firm tug. Within was a long room. A very long room. Too long, really, but Alexandria did need the space. The room was fairly spartan in detail. Minimal wallpaper, wooden floors, a plain bed. The only luxury was a vanity for tending to her appearance, and even it had little in the way of excess. Alexandria brought her magic to the front of her mind, focusing on one of her many standard outfits. Soon, white light washed over her and she stood wearing a pair of generic brown boots, plain blue pants, and a plain grey shirt. Her standard armor appeared on one of the many stands that lined one wall of the room. It was on the first, with several other stands holding her other sets of armor. There were several empty stands packed into a corner, should Alexandria ever find some new armor to wear.

Alexandria didn’t hesitate with getting to work. Each and every set of armor was checked over thoroughly. No detail was left unaddressed. Her weapons were checked too. After a decent amount of time had passed, Alexandria finally gave a sigh of satisfaction. Nothing major was found, and everything appeared to be in the best shape it was going to be without total reforging. Her weapons were also in good condition. Diligence paid off in keeping them in good shape. Alexandria switched back to her standard armor, with her lightly worn outfit being deposited into her dresser once again. It was still perfectly clean, so there was no need to have it washed just yet. Alexandria hadn’t even broken a minor sweat.

With everything back in place Alexandria left her room and, after locking it behind her, went to the guild library. She nodded towards the guild librarian and requested a set of gale reading glasses. The librarian produced a thick tome which they opened to a partially filled page. Taking a pen from a holder nearby, Alexandria wrote her name down and the present time, along with the number sixteen into the field denoting the type of glasses that she was taking. With that done, the librarian closed the hefty tome and handed Alexandria the pair of glasses. They were rather plain with black frames and a small sixteen etched into the side of the temples. Alexandria nodded in thanks before she turned to the bookshelves. Tucking the glasses into a pocket Alexandria began to collect a hefty number of books and set them onto a table.

The first books that Alexandria picked out were fantasy tales of various heroes slaying dragons. Not quite realistic enough to be a study guide, but Alexandria was hunting to see if there were any common themes shared in the slaying of dragons, which in these fantasy novels was quite often much more successful. The next books that Alexandria added to her pile were books about actual dragon hunters and how they managed to carry out their work. Finally, Alexandria picked out several books on well known and highly successful dragon hunters. It was quite a pile to read, but thankfully the Gale Reading Glasses that she had requested would shorten the time dramatically.

Taking a deep breath, Alexandria unfolded the glasses and placed them gently upon her face. Sitting down and picking up the first book, Alexandria began to read. The sun inched across the sky as Alexandria read through book after book on the subject of dragon hunting. It was exhausting to read so much, but Alexandria knew that she needed to be well educated on the subject should they encounter an actual dragon. After quite a deal of time Alexandria was on the last book in the set that she had picked out. It was a tale of a blacksmith turned dragon hunter that had managed to build a device to trap a dragon. After catching a dragon, he tricked it into breathing fire several times and forged a mighty set of armor and weapons from the flame. Each time he wore the armor and stood before the dragon he found that the flames barely heated the armor, and that even after a long day of tricking the dragon into breathing fire the armor was no warmer than a rock upon the ground, and the shield was even capable of absorbing some of the dragonfire to reflect the might of it back at the dragon. The hammer that had been forged was also said to be capable of shattering the dragon’s scales with tremendous ease.

That armor, dubbed ‘firedrake’ by its creator was donated to the town of Luna Crescente upon the death of the original creator to be safekept by…

Alexandria snapped the book shut with her eyes wide. Alexandria set it aside and returned the rest of the books to the shelves. However, the final book took to the front desk and, while returning the gale reading glasses, asked to borrow it. With a nod from the librarian, Alexandria thanked them and walked briskly to the main hub of the guild. Making her way towards Guildmistress Arianna’s room, Alexandria clutched the book close and knocked sharply on Arianna’s door several times.

There was something she needed to know.

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Alexandria's movement was subtle and precise. She moved with extreme intention and meticulous planning. One could even say she moved in the blink of an eye. But Alexandria didn't move too far. When Kage had appeared, Alexandra's guard had been roused from it's relaxed state, and when Kage found reason to lay a hand upon the back of Dreadlin, Alexandria switched into her alert mode. Her hand left hand found purchase on the hilt of her sword. The scabbard was gripped tightly in her right hand. She was poised to draw her weapon at any moment needed. Thankfully, that moment never came. Alexandria relaxed her grip slowly, and allowed the scabbard to rest at her side once more.

Now that Kage had proven she wasn't going to be a threat, Alexandria resumed her previous prim and proper pose and allowed herself to relax. The conversations went on around her, but Alexandria remained silent. She had no reason to comment, and everyone else echoed similar thoughts. When the group would move onward to the mission postings, Alexandria finally made use of her voice.

Looking over the individual missions, Alexandria gave her opinion on each, assuming they were all there. "The first mission seems like it would theoretically be the most difficult. Dragon's are not opponents that I would underestimate. The second mission seems like it would be simple, though it would also be slightly dubious to undertake as we would be getting into a legal situation that is unclear to us and we may not be told the real truth. The third mission seems like it would play well into my personal strengths, but we might again be getting over our heads, as, even if we brought the whole guild, defending a town against what appears to be hordes of creatures is rather... Unconventional. The last mission seems interesting and clear cut. Perhaps the spear will be given to us if the party involved finds that they do not want it? Risky enough, but also tempting."

Returning to the group that she had grouped with, Alexandria spoke. "I've stated my opinions, but I will go along with what the majority decides. I'm brave, but I'm no fool: Taking these missions on alone is asking for trouble."
Alexandria sipped at her tea daintily as she relaxed a bit. The sweet drink was relieving to her throat, even though she hadn't been using her shouts for a while. Hefting the small cup to her lips again Alexandria took a last sip before rising from the bench she had been sitting on. Teacup and saucer in hand Alexandria walked back over to the merchant she had gotten it from and returned it with a polite thanks and a bit of extra jewels to keep him in business. With a smile, Alexandria turned and left. Her metallic heels clicked softly on the stonework as she walked. It wasn't long before she noticed a commotion in the crowds as people parted to make way for a hulking lizardman. Alexandria didn't feel the typical twinge of panic flow through her body when she saw him. Alexandria could recognize one of their most notable guildmates easily.

Alexandria walked calmly over towards Dreadlin. She had heard Illedrith call his name and wasn't surprised when she was found present in Dreadlin's company. The presence of Ceri atop Illedrith's shoulders was also not unexpected. The two were strong friends and could frequently be found in one another's company. It had spawned a few rumors, but nothing too serious. Alexandria cleared her throat and pushed gently into the small circle that Dreadlin's presence had created. Speaking, Alexandria gave a slight wave in greeting to her guildmates. "Greetings, Dreadlin. Hello again, Illedrith and Ceri. I couldn't help but notice the commotion and hear you shouting. I figured that since I was done relaxing I would go and join with the group of guildmates that we have running about. I am pleased that I was able to find you all without too much trouble."

Alexandria paused for a moment to allow them to make their own comments or to absorb her words a bit. Before too long passed, she continued. "The announcement was interesting. I figure it'll be risky to take a job like that. Even if it was downgraded to be below S rank. I don't know who I'll invite to a team with. If I can't find anyone I might actually back out of the trials. I'm brave, but not foolish enough to take on an S class job by myself."

With that, Alexandria was finished talking. Taking a few steps closer to the group, Alexandria brought her legs together and stood up perfectly straight before kicking her toes outward and bringing her heels together. Finally, she crossed her arms behind her back and clasped her hands together as she had done before when she and Illedrith were chatting close to the guild. Her maid training always found a way to shine through in some form. Mostly it was through her affection for being prim and proper in stance when she was with a group of people. It was a long ingrained habit that probably wouldn't find itself dismissed easily. Though it did help with guild reputation when Alexandria was acting as a diplomat. Many of the cross people she had to speak to were defused by their initial impression of Alexandria's prim and proper movements. It was really quite something.

With nothing more to say, Alexandria waited for Illedrith, Ceri or Dreadlin to speak.
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A post is up. My apologies that it's a tad small. I couldn't really think of a whole lot to write. Please let me know if you want anything expanded on and I'll see what I can do.
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