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Current It sucks that I want to roleplay a particular type of roleplay that isn't around much, but at the same time if I make it I can't roleplay in the fashion that I want because I'm the GM. It's annoying.
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A copyright discussion? Allow me to plug a thread I made three years ago:…
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I've got a roleplay that I've been trying to run for a while, and I have had everyone ghost on me at some point. In an effort to finally find a lasting partner I've decided to set up my own thread.

In addition, if you find one or two things in the hider above appealing but don't like the others, feel free to PM me. I'm generally pretty open about things, however I will be up front if I don't like something.
@Jbcool So, about that post...
I wouldn't be upset with skipping sheets, even if I've already got one accepted. I can just use it for easy mission references since he's said to change gear all the time.

Maybe instead of full sheets we can just make small reference cards for anything that we might have in terms of equipment and also write down the name of our characters?

For example-

Name: Argus
Equipment: Standard scout field kit. Vox scrambler.
Weapons: Bolter. bolt pistol. Combat knife.
Status: Currently dug in and awaiting orders.
Wounds: None.
I'm around and waiting, just as a heads up.
Edits in place and character placed onto the characters tab. If I missed anything or you desire further edits feel free to let me know.

Sorry about the double post, but I figured an edit might go missed. Equipment feels like I kinda skimped on it but I wanted to give the idea that Gallus is adaptable and doesn't overly commit to having certain weapons or pieces of equipment on hand since he might having something happen mid-mission or the mission demands might not lend themselves kindly to taking a certain weapon or whatever.

Edit: Oh. Wait. I didn't double post. Ha! Anyway.
At first you had my interest, now you have my attention. I will bend my mind to the creation of a character sheet when it is not as addled by a poor sleep schedule.
<Snipped quote by Valor>

nah i love shadowrun, one of my fav worlds

<Snipped quote by Valor>

isnt that shadowrun

It is indeed Shadowrun. Is that a problem?
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