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It sucks that I want to roleplay a particular type of roleplay that isn't around much, but at the same time if I make it I can't roleplay in the fashion that I want because I'm the GM. It's annoying.
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A copyright discussion? Allow me to plug a thread I made three years ago:…
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@Krayzikk Now that I think on it, you're correct. I formally withdraw interest. Sorry.
Hm. If that's the case, could I pilot something like this? and function as a dedicated air-support combatant?
Question: Would you allow for a character that instead opts to pilot a highly advanced tank instead of a mobile suit?

Here is an example of what I was hoping to pilot.
I'm still around and check daily, but I don't think that this roleplay is going to get off the ground. Might just put it to bed for now and see if later circumstance smiles on it better.
@Lurking Shadow After would be best.
There are some things that are lost because none now live who remember them. This is not one of those things. Throughout human history, there have been written accounts of creatures and beasts that, while seemingly fantastical, existed at one time. Monsters that owned the lands that humans came upon in their infantile stages. For the longest time, these monsters ruled as true apex predators. Incapable of being challenged by most creatures, these beasts lived a fairly cushy life. Or at least what one would consider a cushy life at the time. Then humanity came unto their lands, and their life of luxury was disrupted.

Humanity was not the kind of race to accept its place in the hierarchy. They resisted and they fought. Even with countless losses, more would come. Again and again the primal humans pushed outward, upending the beasts from their lofty thrones of comfort. The dumber beasts were wiped out, as they followed their instincts. They knew only to hunt, to fight, and to eat. Thus, they were relentless in their attacks against the humans. Unfortunately, however strong they were, the humans were like water upon a stone. No matter the hardiness, the water eventually wins.

The beasts who were wiser had one of two choices: Hide, or evolve. Many hid, and many remain hidden to this day. Some chose to evolve. A key feature of the beasts is their ability to adapt to their surroundings by consuming the creatures that inhabit the area. Some of these beasts decided that, to best survive this sudden uprising, they needed to blend right in.

Hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and the day is as modern as any other day. A large pharmaceutical company, Exogenics, has made major strides in delivering advanced medicine to the world. It’s expensive, as everything is, but cancers are cured with a single syringe full of medication. Genetic diseases are treatable with over the counter medications. People are living healthy and happy lives without having to worry about getting sick.

But Exogenics has a secret. They know about the beasts that roamed the land before humans did. More importantly, they know about the beasts that took on a human form in order to survive. What they want to know is if the inverse can happen. Fortunately for them, they know how to put such a thing to the test.

A new and highly potent drug was added to the water supply of Grenville. In most people, they wouldn’t know a thing. In some, however, they were changed forever. Mutation happened within a week. Some came forward to seek treatment, and those that did vanished into the labs of Exogenics to never be seen again. Those who did not step forward began to congregate. First online, where they could hide behind an anonymous mask, and then in person. A month has passed, and word has spread around the loosely connected groups: People are starting to vanish. Special teams wearing all black armored hazmat suits were taking them from their homes. There were some who resisted, but even people confident in their mastery of their newly acquired abilities were captured.

Now the pressure was on to remain as hidden as possible. Some groups began to clump together into secret communities, while some people went as off grid as they could.

Our story begins with one of these groups…


First and foremost: I'm not an experienced GM. If you don't want to deal with me being an idiot from time to time and not knowing quite how to run things, please feel free to move on. I won't be offended.

Moving on, the main premise of this roleplay is that a small group of people are beginning to develop a "beast" form of some sort due to the actions of exogenics. If you want to get some more info on the world or how certain features of the thread work, I’ve included some information below.

What I'm looking for

As a first step, Co-GM's! As I've mentioned: I haven't run a lot of roleplays myself and I'm not very well practiced in the art of doing so, so more experienced people to help me along or take the reigns from time to time would be immensely appreciated.

After that, I'd want to average maybe... Ten people total? Counting the co-GM's as well. I want to strike a balance between having a large enough amount of people present that there's always something to do, but I don't want to have so many people intersecting at once that someone suddenly losing their time to post bogs down the entire thread or a majority of the thread.

As for post length, I'd like to encourage making larger posts whenever possible. However, I'm not blind to the fact that sometimes this isn't always viable, and I'm okay with that. The minimum would be about three paragraphs.

One strict rule that I will put ahead of time in order to avoid any confusion would be: No real life photographs for character face claims.

Outside of that, I encourage creativity and coming up with ideas, I'm going to personally include a lot of biological notes on at least my character, and perhaps elsewhere, but I lean towards biological plausibility rather than strict adherence to biological rules. The worst thing that can happen is that I say "No." and you're more than welcome to try again or adjust things.

To further expand upon the concept of beasts: When I say “beasts” I don’t mean exclusively mythical beasts, you can make up any kind of monster you can imagine. I will say that I’d prefer that people didn’t just straight up copy something out of a dungeons and dragons monster manual, but if you want to make a “clone” of something go right ahead. As some would put it, write it in your own words and put your own spin on how things work.

That being said, I know that the allure of some beasts is very strong (Hello, dragons!) and while I’m not going to explicitly outlaw people making a dragon or something similar, I will say that dragon and other powerful beast applications are going to be judged very harshly in order to have things remain balanced and fair. Dragons, especially overt-type dragons, are an extreme force on the battlefield and can prompt a very harsh response due to their capacity to destroy.

Also, Original-Generation beasts are not possible to play. All applications will be New-Generation beasts.

Additionally, when I say “No magic” what I mean is that I’d prefer for people to have their beasts have a biological explanation for doing things. Here’s two examples:

I'd be okay with the following: "Subject 162 has been shown to have an advanced circulatory system that's capable of dynamically slowing flow to breached blood vessels in order to quickly slow or stop bleeding wounds. In addition, they have have smaller hearts in key locations to ensure equal blood pressure and good bloodflow throughout their body. Naturally, this makes delivering a critical would difficult since if one heart is damaged the other hearts can increase their capacity to pick up the slack. Along with this, they show a remarkable increase in cell generation, which allows them to heal at a vastly improved rate compared to the average human."

What I wouldn't be okay with is something like: "Subject 174 has been shown to be able to manifest waves of force in their palms and discharge them upon contact with a solid surface. Additionally, they've been shown to be able to clap their hands together while holding these "force waves" to produce a shockwave that is capable of bending steel at close range."

Once again, I’m aiming for biological plausibility rather than strict adherence to biological rules. You don’t need to go and cite scientific papers to back your stuff up. Even a loose explanation is okay. It just can’t be magic. You want to have bone spikes growing in your arms that you shoot from the palm of your hand? Go right ahead. You want to throw fireballs and summon meteors? Sorry, no.

If you have any questions or want more clarification on things feel free to ask. I'll happily explain things.
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