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Glory met Lorn's eyes very briefly. His heart magic didn't mesh so well with her mechanical coldness, so all Glory could get out of him was a nod. Still, it was all she needed to see that he was starting to creep towards the metal door at the end of the room. Glory understood his intention and, with Victoria being pinned down by fireballs, Glory had her first target to keep the attention of everyone held... Until Tiger made himself known.

Leaving Victoria to handle the guard on her own, Glory turned her attention to Tiger. He was giving a small speech laden with threats and boasting. Glory would've rolled her eyes if it weren't for the unbridled rage she was feeling. Assessing the situation, Glory logically assumed that defeating Tiger would lead to the subsequent defeat of the other guards present. 'Remove the head and the body will die', as had been so frequently put.

Deciding to act in surprise, Glory launched herself from the rubble pile while Tiger was mid-sentence. Her left arm was drawn back for another punch and Overdrive was still active. To give herself another boost of speed, Glory drew her arm back just a bit further and activated her left arm's [Elbow Jet] to boost her speed to insane levels. Just as Glory was within earshot and punching distance, she whispered one thing to Tiger as a form of intimidation. "You talk too much."

With that, Glory would be propelling her arm forward into Tiger's chest at high speed with enough force to shatter reinforced metal walls with ease. Tiger would be in for a world of hurt if he didn't have some plan to block the punch or move out of the way in time. Such was the power of Glory using her abilities and magic in tandem. Hopefully this fight wouldn't take long, as maintaining Overdrive took up a lot of mana. Glory could fight just fine without mana, but fighting with spells at the ready was much more pleasant than fighting without.


Glory heard Victoria call for a two pronged attack, and figured that they would be fine on their own. Glory’s momentum was already built, and she wasn’t going to be subtle in the slightest. Glory’s feet carried her swiftly across the rough terrain. The guards that patrolled outside, if they saw Glory, would likely be powerless to stop her. Even still, Glory knew that she needed to be faster, and thus Glory did something that made her uncomfortable.

It only took a thought to activate. One simple command from her mind to her body. [Overdrive.] Glory felt a rush as her body began to move even faster than what it had been moving at previously, much like how one would experience a sudden surge of adrenaline. Glory moved at an almost blur as she approached the rough walls of the factory. Glory honed in on one particular section of wall as, for some reason, Glory had an instinctive feeling that there wouldn’t be any life lost from what she was about to do. If only Glory knew that it wasn’t instinct telling her this.

Regardless, Glory’s focus hardened. She harnessed one of the few emotions that she could still feel: Anger. Glory was angry at the people here for stealing the cat, Glory was angry at herself for having to use Overdrive and further acknowledge that she was less human than she wanted to be, and Glory’s repressed anger bubbled to the surface. With eyes almost glowing red, Glory raised her left fist and propelled it forward just as she reached the wall.

The ground shook from the force of the blow, and smoke filled the air. The sound was almost like an explosion going off, and once the smoke cleared enough to see Glory now stood atop a freshly made pile of rubble some distance into the building, and a frighteningly large portion of the wall was now gone, which is presumably where the rubble came from. Seething with hate, Glory barked one simple demand. ”I AM GLORY OF DRAGON HEART. SOMEONE HERE HAS STOLEN AN EXCEED. IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN WHOLE, RETURN THIS EXCEED.”

Glory’s eyes darted around the room, her senses turned to maximum as Overdrive elevated her to power unknown to most. Naturally, the large metal doors at the end of the factory caught her attention. Glory would’ve gone to investigate, but if she so quickly dismissed her attention from those gathered then they would probably seek to counter attack, and Glory certainly couldn’t have that. Glory had everyone's attention now, like it or not. Abandoning such a pursuit too early would more than likely endanger her and her teammates. That was the trick of intimidation: Once you start, don't stop until you're done.

Bringing her arms apart, Glory smashed her fists together, producing an excessively loud metallic clank from the impact. To the likely surprise of those present, Glory’s fists suffered no damage from this. Glory barked another command, expecting obedience from those gathered. ”ANSWER ME OR ANSWER WITH YOUR FLESH.”

Glory nodded at what the woman said while she sat rather uncomfortably on the overpadded couch. Blinking a few times at the map to memorize the location, Glory nodded at them and said. "We'll get the cat back." Before she stood and left the building. Outside, she gathered the group close and spoke quickly and simply. "Alright. We know where it is, we just have to be quick. Preferably also quiet. We don't want to tip them off that we're here any earlier than we have to. Let's go."

With that, Glory began to run towards the factory. For someone so heavy, her footfalls were dangerously quiet.

If all went according to plan, they should be able to subdue the mages present and get the cat back in a matter of minutes, but as Glory knew: There was no such thing as a simple mission.

A Collab Between Valor, Aeolian, Lmpkio, and MarsAdept

Glory actively worked against letting her mind wander as she waited for her chosen teammates to arrive. The first to appear was Victoria, which was a genuine surprise to Glory since Victoria appeared to be quite drunk. The urge to chastise Victoria was strong, but Glory held her tongue. Victoria would most likely be sober by the time they got anywhere. Hopefully. Glory gave a slight nod to Victoria as she arrived, but said nothing since Victoria probably wouldn’t be in the mood for conversation.

The next to arrive was Dreadlin. Glory gave him a nod as he approached, just as she had done with Victoria. When Dreadlin spoke, Glory answered his question. “Yes. We are waiting on Lorn. He should be here soon enough.” Glory took a moment to glance up at the guild entrance before looking back to the group. Approximately a minute and a half later, Lorn would arrive.

Glory gave him a nod as she had done for both Victoria and Dreadlin. When Lorn began to talk about tutoring and knowing the way, Glory listened intently. Thinking for a few moments after he finished talking, Glory nodded and said. “Alright. We’ll take the carriage through the swamps. It might not be safe but we’ve got two S class mages present, which should be more than enough to ward off any problems.”

Glory pushed herself up from the rock and went from sitting on it to leaning on it. Using her hands to better articulate her plans, Glory began to describe the ideas she had been thinking about earlier. “My basic plan right now is to have Lorn use his heart magic to track the Exceed, which will hopefully not have been sold yet, and then we can assault the dark guild and take it back. As a bonus, since this is a dark guild, we can beat up everyone there and take them to the authorities to hand them in. Might even get to destroy the guild hall if we’re lucky.”

Glory paused for a moment before she brought up an alternate plan. “However, this depends on the Exceed not being sold yet. From the guildmaster’s speech earlier today, we need to recover it even if it has been. Giving up this quest will not help our reputation in the slightest. Given this, if it has been sold the plan is generally the same: Beat up the dark guild, but then interrogate them before shipping them off to the authorities. Then go chasing after it again.”

Folding her arms, Glory waited a few moments to let everyone digest the information she had presented before adding in one last comment. “Anyone got any better ideas? Anyone got any problems with the ideas as they stand?”

The lizardman simply nodded in agreement at her simple, yet efficiently logical sounding plan. However there was one small thing that he felt could be done better.

”S’unds diddly to meh,” he croaks with a thumbs up, ”But I reckon’ tat taken’ a tiny ol’ carriage through de stinkin’ swamp may lose us valued time. I have big ole’ monstas tat can trek through de deep soggy watas much mer effectively than de tiny ole’ rust buckets. I can easily hel’ all three of yehs on de back of meh leviathan ferm, or even on meh tall fiery ferm, and still be fasta then them. Waddya thank of tat, eh?”

Victoria tries to speak up but a drunk hiccup come out. She curses at herself under her breath before taking another squigh from her water-filled jug. Calming herself by force of will and demanding the world stop swaying, Victoria finally manages to get a word out, “I swear to y’all I will be sober by the time trouble finds us. ‘was not expecting to go on back to back missions so soon. Promises… I will follow y’all’s lead until I get back on the horsey. Dark Guilds deserve all they get from us Light guilds.

Taking another squig of the water, she turns to Lorn with a forced smile, “You can fix a crash and hangover from a drunken state? I had me wine. What a devilish spirit! Goes down smooth and yummy, but the hangover leaves you feeling like a dried out grape or a corpse awaiting for death to get down his list to you. Go for it.” Victoria hiccups and swears at herself again. With pain, she winced and then said, “I give you permission to fix this.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea Dreadlin, though, perhaps you should conserve your energy in case we run into trouble. But then, I’m sure you know your own limitations. So if you certain, I will gladly comply”, Lorn said as he acknowledged the lizardman’s idea for them to ride on his back. He looked back to Victoria and smiled,
“Alright love, this should only take a moment.”
His hands were on either side of her head, as he closed his eyes and began using his Heart Magic. After he removed his hands from her head, she’d feel a weight lifted off her, the insobriety and drunken feeling essentially nullified.

Lorn stepped back from her, pushing some of his hair behind his ear and folding his arms across his chest, “Feeling better?”

Victoria froze in place as Lorn put his hands near her head. She could literally feel her struggling against her drunkenness just to remain still for Lorn. As the heart magic flowed through her, her body relaxed and became visibly less tensed. Victoria genuinely smiled for once and proclaimed with excitement, “By the Moon, that was impressive! Sir Lorn, I should seek out your services more often. Wow! Just wow! Let us give this dark guild a lesson they will never be able to forget.

Glory nodded in agreement with what was stated. Turning to Dreadlin, Glory spoke quickly. “Alright Dreadlin. We’re going to a swamp, so most likely your leviathan form will find the most use. If you would please…”

When Dreadlin finished transforming, Glory helped the shorter members of the group clamber onto his back and get a good grip before jumping aboard herself. Glory gave his back a couple pats before shouting a clear and gripping tightly as Dreadlin lurched away. The travel was harsh and bumpy, but it was also thankfully quite quick. The scenery was a blur as they moved to their destination.

It didn’t feel like a long time before they arrived at the manor of the family that had placed the request. Thankfully, for all his speed Dreadlin was also good at another important component of travel: Brakes. With their travel finished, Glory hopped off of Dreadlin and gave the leviathan a thumbs up as she walked to the door while the others were disembarking. Producing the folded request from a pocket, Glory raised her fist and knocked firmly upon the door. Perhaps a bit too hard, as she did leave a slightly notable pair of dents in the door from her metallic knuckles. Not thinking much on it, Glory tapped her foot as she waited for the family to answer.

Glory watched as Sara took one of the jobs from the board. Seeing as there was only one left to take, Glory pulled it free. Reading over it Glory felt disheartened to learn that they would be searching for a cat, only for her mood to quickly swing the other way when she read that this was a rare cat that had been captured by a dark guild to be sold. The job suddenly seemed like a job worth doing rather than busywork. Glory turned from the jobs board and spotted Dreadlin approaching. What perfect timing, really. Glory held up the job posting and spoke to him rather bluntly. "Get patched up as you desire and gather what you must. We're going to go beat up a dark guild. Meet me outside when you're ready. Consider this favor one."

With that, Glory walked past the lizard man to return to the ledge she had been brooding on previously. Lorn was most likely still there. Glory prodded his shoulder firmly before holding up the posting again. "Lorn. We need to hunt someone's pet exceed. From what I understand your Heart Magic should be able to track it. Get ready and meet me outside. Dreadlin is coming too." With that said, Glory turned and left promptly. She didn't have time for further conversation since the job was quite time sensitive.

Glory walked down to the main guild hall of Dragon Heart before she located Victoria. Prodding her in the shoulder much the same as she had done with Lorn, Glory held up the mission posting before she largely repeated what she had said to Dreadlin. "Victoria. Get your gear together. I'm forming a party with Dreadlin and Lorn. We're going to beat up a dark guild. Meet us outside." Before Victoria could say anything, Glory was walking away once more. She didn't plan on waiting around for Victoria to answer. Their presence would determine the answer to Glory's statements. They would be outside or they would not be outside.

Glory didn't hesitate too much when it came to getting prepared. Arriving at her room in the guild promptly, Glory entered and grabbed a travel bag from a hook nearby. Glory set about packing it with a few spare clothes, though she doubted she would need them. Glory also packed a few high-density rations to keep up with her food intake needs, and additionally packed a map and camping supplies. With her travel bag now adequately filled Glory closed it and sealed it before slinging it over her shoulder. Glory would then promptly leave her room after taking a brief moment to look around for anything she obviously missed.

Glory walked quickly out of the guild hall and made her way towards a notable rock formation that was just outside of the guild entrance. It was close enough to be easily spotted by people leaving the guild, and it was also somewhere to sit so that Glory didn't have to stand around while she waited for Dreadlin, Lorn, and Victoria to make their appearance. Hopefully they wouldn't take long, as this mission was quite time sensitive. Dark Guilds, since they operated largely free of the restrictions placed on regular guilds, could move at a much faster pace than the red-tape covered regular guilds.

Now all Glory needed was a plan. Part of this plan was already in place: Use Lorn's Heart Magic to track the missing cat and then confront whoever or wherever that cat happened to be. Glory's other plan, as brutal as it was, would be to simply beat the tar out of the Dark Guild and hand them in to the authorities for judgement. Glory wouldn't mind tearing the guild hall itself down so that they didn't have anything to return to either.

If the cat had already been sold, Glory figured that they would still beat the tar out of the dark guild and hand them over, but before that they would most likely have to interrogate everyone to figure out who it got sold to and then start chasing the cat again until they found it again, then taking it back. This would likely be overly complicated, and it was excessively tempting to just give the job up if they found it had already been sold.

But this presented another problem: If they gave up the job, it would most likely bring a lot of negative rep to the guild, which would in turn bring their already low standing even lower, and thus add fuel to the fire of people trying to close the guild down. This was unacceptable in Glory's view. Especially with the speech given by The Guild Master not too long ago. They needed to find the missing cat and prove that they could still get things done, especially since it involved taking down a dark guild in the process. The boost to their reputation for taking down a dark guild would be quite welcome amid the consistent flood of complaints about excessive damage to everything.

Glory dismissed these excessive thoughts for now. Sinking too deep into a plan would bring downfall to their mission if they became too rigid in how they approached things. Glory took a moment to breathe and clear her mind while she waited for the three she had invited to show up. It would be fairly easy to spot Glory, as her large form made her presence upon the rocks distinct and obvious, not to mention that the sun glinted fairly brightly from her mechanical arms. Glory would be surprised if she wasn't seen.

Glory watched as Muko and Vega were going to blows with one another. Part of her wanted to jump down and intervene and put a stop to the fight. Another part of her merely shrugged at the notion. Glory's ever distant emotions wanted her to put a stop to the fight before fractions were formed and cracks made in their "family" here at the guild. Glory's logic, on the other hand, told her that if she let the two merely fight it out they might actually stop fighting for a while. Glory gave another sigh, unsure of which to believe. Reclining slightly in her chair, Glory felt the warmth wash over her briefly. She hadn't been cold in the first place, but she figured it would be nice for those that weren't like her.

Glory took this moment to reflect upon her state of being, since the difference between her and the others was once again brought up in obvious clarity. Raising one of her arms, Glory gazed upon the palm of her opened hand, taking in the minute details of the hardened metal. Her gaze wandered around her hand for a moment, observing the features of her fingers before trailing down to the thick metal plating that covered her forearm. Glory sighed to herself, before one of her more human thoughts crept into her mind. "Where has the time gone?"

The soft thud of approaching footsteps caused Glory to lower her arm and resume her neutral pose quickly. Lorn materialized from the staircase and made his approach. Glory pondered if he wanted something, since he had chosen to meander over to where she had sat. For a while, he sat in silence. This caused Glory to ponder if he merely wanted to be close to another guild member, but she also knew that Lorn was seeing someone, wasn't he? Glory had heard the whispers of him and his girlfriend. Had something happened and now Lorn, someone heavily invested in his emotions, needed someone else to attach to?

"Glory... Who within our guild do you care for the most? ...And why?"

An interesting question but, for once, Glory had anticipated it and didn't need a long silence to produce an answer. "I don't really care about one person over another in particular. It can be distracting to have those thoughts while in a mission or otherwise out on the field."

Glory considered her answer satisfactory. Though Lorn could possibly try and argue it. It was a classic case of cold logic versus hot emotions, which never ended particularly well. Thankfully, the argument didn't have time to brew. Emerging from elsewhere on the balcony was their guildmaster, Kukan Teki. Glory gave a slight nod in greeting as he approached, and remained relaxed as Guildmaster Teki used his Frozen Space spell. Glory listened to Guildmaster Teki's speech, along with everyone else. Even as an S-class mage, and a unique one at that, Glory couldn't move even her robotic limbs. Such was the power of the guildmaster, and why Teki held that position.

When Guildmaster Teki released the spell, Glory took a moment to catch her balance once again. It was always a bit unusual to be frozen in space for a moment and then released. As Guildmaster Teki turned to them, Glory remained silent. When Guildmaster Teki mentioned new jobs being posted, Glory breathed a sigh of relief before making an attempt at humor in order to lighten The Guildmaster's mood. "Well, perhaps with new jobs posted we'll see less brawls. Boredom breeds a lot of things for those with nothing to do but knock heads." Glory didn't really care if the joke would work well or not, it was a pretty poor one all things considered, but at least she made the effort. Mentally moving on in the conversation, Glory nodded with a little more vigor this time before speaking again. "I'll take a look at the job board and see if anything needs my attention. I wouldn't want to take a job from the lower rank members."

With that, Glory gave a slight bow to The Guildmaster before making her way to the jobs board.

Glory was unphased by the sudden cold flooding the room. The loud yelling that Muko had decided to make use of was dampened by Glory's ears automatically, allowing her to stare in calm silence as Muko showed off to try and impress people that didn't need impressing. Thankfully for Glory, she was sitting quite a distance away from the epicenter of the brawl, and thus the snowfall and other slush hardly affected her. After a few moments of staring judgmentally at Muko for his excessive display Glory noted that Dreadlin decided to start yelling as well. This too was dampened, and a moment later Glory held her arm out towards the lizard man. From what Glory knew of lizards, they were cold blooded and thus could not adequately produce their own body heat. Glory produced a lot of body heat, and thus had a simple solution to the problem that would now be facing Dreadlin. With a series of mechanical clicks several vents dotted across Glory's arm opened, and a few moments later a sharp hissing sound was heard as heat was vented from them. This caused a plume of steam to engulf Dreadlin, but aside from the brief startle that the steam would provide, Dreadlin would find himself quite warm for a few moments at least.

Glory casually chirped. "Two favors." as she brought her arm back to a neutral position. Several more mechanical clicking sounds followed as the vents on her arm closed once again. Glory turned her attention now to Ceri, who had taken up residence virtually on top of Glory. Glory looked to Ceri, then back to Dreadlin, then back to Ceri before she quietly mused. "Ah, I see." and abided Ceri's presence. Glory even went so far as to shift her arm slightly so that it lay on the other side of Ceri. A sort of informal hand across the shoulders safety net. This didn't last long, however, as Ceri darted up and away to go and seek the shelter of Illedrith. Glory mentally shrugged and moved her arm back into place once more. Glory had missed the glare that Ladon had given her due to looking back and forth between Ceri and Dreadlin, but even if she didn't she merely would've locked eye contact, which most people didn't want to maintain.

Glory rose from the bench now, grabbing the empty platter she made her way over to the bar and returned it. With that, Glory turned and made for one of the many staircases in the room and ascended it. She chose to ignore Vega, Muko, and Illedrith at this time, as she wanted no business in the fight that they were possibly going to get themselves into. On most days Glory could be known as the fight-ender through her sheer size and ability to take punches with impunity, but not today. Just as with earlier: Glory figured that they needed some kind of vent for their stress, and if they needed to beat the tar out of one another to do it, then so be it.

Glory's chosen path brought her up to a ledge that overlooked the main room. Glory figured that this would be a good enough spot to passively observe the evolving situation in the guild's main hall from, and pulled a chair up to the railing. Glory gave a sigh at this point. She was quite disappointed with the state of the guild members, but there was nothing she could do about it. Aside from making jobs magically flood into the guild, but that was impossible even for guild masters.

Dragon's Heart seemed to have a problem then: Heroes, or anti-heroes, without problems to solve. Nothing to do day in and day out makes mages bored.

Glory munched on chunks of meat absentmindedly as she watched the guild hall. It was going peacefully until the unceremonial cry of “FIST MAGIC” cracked through the air, and a poor soul went flying from a punch to the gut. Giving a sigh, Glory popped another chunk of meat into her mouth. Normally she would have intervened in the brawls that liked to erupt from time to time, but with the lack of jobs Glory figured that the more… Brutish of the guild members had to let their stress out somehow. Glory raised her index finger to cut another piece of meat, but was stopped by an approaching sense of motion approaching her side.

Glory paused in her motions precisely, a faint but audible click coming from the sudden stoppage of movement motors. Glory turned and looked down at her side, but saw nothing. Glory then turned a bit and blinked once when she saw Ceri cowering behind her. Letting out a slight sigh, Glory spoke softly. “You’re… Ceri, right? You never were one for fights, were you? Well. I guess you can hide. The bench is also an option, if you wish.” Glory turned back to her meal, but not before gesturing to the empty bench she sat upon. Glory wasn’t exactly pleasant company, but it was company regardless. In an ironic twist the company of Glory quickly shot up in value when a Brawl was going on. As one of the tallest members of the guild, at least in any normal form, and an S class mage Glory was often one of the people that people didn’t like to start fights with. Not to mention the intimidating appearance of her arms was usually rather off putting as well.

Glory went back to what she had been doing previously, content in her non-involvement with the latest brawl that had overtaken the guild hall. Glory had just finished chewing on another chunk of meat when the distinct sound of heavyset footsteps approached. Glory once again halted her actions, another click coming from the sudden stoppage of movement motors. Glory looked towards the sound and blinked once as she fixed her gaze on Dreadlin. From the way Dreadlin spoke, Glory already could tell that he wanted something, and when he finally elaborated on what Glory raised an eyebrow briefly. “Dreadlin, right? You… Want a chunk? Why not just get your own…” Glory looked up towards the brawl that was happening, not paying attention to it, she noticed something that she hadn’t been paying attention to before: The brawl going on was perfectly obstructing the bar. Approaching it without wading into the brawl was likely impossible, and now Glory saw the reason why Dreadlin was mooching.

Letting out another sigh, this one more audible than her prior one, Glory finished her train of thought. “Oh. That would be why.” Glory looked down at what she had left, then took a side glance at Dreadlin. He was quite stocky, and most likely needed the meat to maintain his size and grow larger. Glory nodded slightly before she cut a fair mouthful from the chunk of meat and popped it into her mouth. Forcing the meat into her cheek for a moment, Glory retracted her claw into her fingertip before plucking the remainder of the meat from the platter.

Glory extended her arm, and said one thing before she would move on to chewing the meat she had taken for herself. “You owe me a favor.”

Glory, unlike most of her guildmates, was not having fun and being social. Glory was instead sitting within her room and reading a book. Impressively, this was not a normal sized book, but rather a large tome. For most people, this would not have been a book that they held to read, but for Glory the task was effortless. Glory would’ve done this for the rest of the day, but her stomachs sudden churning told her that it was time to go and eat. Closing the book with a solid thunk, Glory set it down as gently as she could before she turned to the door. Gently gripping the handle, Glory pulled the door open before ducking underneath it. Pulling the door closed behind her Glory walked down to the main hall of the guild. Pausing briefly as she entered to read the room Glory nodded to herself as it seemed to be just another day at the guild hall.

Moving towards the bar, Glory leaned over and gently placed her hands upon the bar. Her fingers clicked lightly against the hardwood top of the counter as she settled them into place. Glory spoke softly to the bartender presented and requested her usual meal. After a few moments she was presented with a platter of meats and fruits, to which Glory nodded her thanks and presented the bartender with a small clip of jewels. Scooping up the platter gently, Glory lifted it free of the bar just in time for an empty cider cup to slide by. Glory paid the gesture no heed, since it was clearly not moving fast enough to attempt to knock the platter of food away. Dismissing the occurrence, Glory turned and surveyed the guild hall briefly. Spotting a table that appeared unused, she made her way over gently. Setting the platter down gingerly, Glory scooted the bench out slightly before she sat down with an audible thump that was slightly more distinct than the general chatter of the guild hall.

If Glory was embarrassed by this, she didn’t show it. Instead, she merely began to eat in silence. Glory started with the grapes which were present upon the platter. They were high in sugar, which Glory needed extra of to fulfill her increased energy needs, and they were small enough to be eaten neatly. Glory ate surprisingly quickly, moving through the various foods present upon the platter with what would be an alarming speed if Glory was a normal human.

However, as was obvious by her robotic arms, Glory was anything but normal. She was okay with this, but her odd behaviors were probably quite off-putting to many. Glory took note of Illedrith returning to the guild carting a pile of things behind her. Glory thought about raising a hand in greeting, but remembered that her relationship with Illedrith was acquaintances at best, and it was probably better to eat the food she had in front of her while it was still fresh. Glory could stomach just about anything, but she did prefer to have food warm and thoroughly cooked. Things usually tasted better that way. Moving on from the fruits that were once present on the platter, Glory lifted her left index finger slightly. A single claw pushed forward from her fingertip, and Glory began to cut into the meats provided before hooking properly sized mouthfuls on the tip of her claw, much like how one would use a knife and fork.

Glory idly munched away at the meats present, not thinking about anything in particular. The only time she seemed to snap back to reality was to cut a bone from the meat, which lasted only a few moments. Glory was scarily precise while doing this, and unlike most she managed to cut the bone clean from the meat, leaving plenty behind for consumption. One of the many things that set Glory apart from everybody else: Her hands never shook while doing anything. From cutting meat to sewing up a wound, Glory was excessively precise. Glory didn’t mind the precision, though it did sometimes lead her to think too much about what it meant to be human. Humans made small mistakes with their hands from time to time. Glory, on the other hand, made mistakes rarely.

Glory bit down hard on a chunk of meat to chase the excessive thoughts from her mind. She reminded herself to stop thinking about everything so much. She remembered something that one of the nurses had told her shortly after she woke up again. ”If you spend so much time worrying about what could happen, you’ll miss everything that is happening.”

Glory took a moment to breathe before she resumed eating, merely watching the rest of the guild carry on with their day to day tasks.
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