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@MatthiasAngel Not gonna lie that kinda went out the window when Tergo said that he wanted to avoid collab posts, since having everyone show up on a van/bus would be a pretty meaty collab post.
A question I'll pose for everyone: How descriptive do you want Ashley's transformations between wolf and human form to be?

I can write out every little detail, or I can gloss over it. Or I can write out every little detail once, and then gloss over it the rest of the thread.
@BlessedWrath That's a fair assessment and what I'll be doing. I'll be keeping it toned down a little so that merely touching silver isn't a huge problem, but getting cut by it will sting a bit harder and not heal as fast.
@MatthiasAngel Indeed. I probably should've brought it up earlier but I didn't know how traditional everyone wanted to be.
@MatthiasAngel I would say that it doesn't have to be silver to hurt her, to make it fair. But Silver would probably block her regeneration for a while.
@MatthiasAngel Mentioned your BMW in the post. Up to you if you want to do anything with it.
Ashley inhaled sharply as she recovered from a particularly loud scream. The spotlights were trained on her, and most of the crowd cheered for her to continue. Ashley remained focused on the sound of their drummer, as it was his job to keep everyone on tempo. Shifting her grip on the microphone slightly, Ashley softly whispered. "I'm scared to get close, I hate being alone..." as she continued her cover of "Can you feel my heart." Ashley and her band were partway through the song. It was just over three minutes in length, though Ashley had been sung at least four songs prior to this one. Her throat was sore, and Ashley knew that she desperately needed a drink. The show had to go on, however, and Ashley started the next verse. One minute and thirty one seconds felt like three minutes as it went by. Ashley was relieved when it finished. Her throat was sore and her lungs were tired. Waving goodnight to the crowd at the bar and giving them a big smile, Ashley headed backstage. Once she was out of sight Ashley gave a groan and flopped down on a nearby couch. Reaching for a a nearby bottle of honey, Ashley grabbed a plastic spoon from a catering tray and poured herself a spoonful of honey. Honey was nice after singing so intensely since it coated and soothed the throat.

Grabbing a nearby bottle of warm water, another throat treatment, Ashley downed the bottle in seconds. Twisting the cap back on Ashley threw the bottle into a nearby bin and dropped her head back as she tried to relax for a bit. Their drummer walked backstage and offered a caring. "You alright, Ashe?" to Ashley, which she gave a thumbs up to since she didn't want to speak for a bit. Ashley was tired from singing and wanted to get home and sleep properly. She was safe to sleep in their rec room, but Ashley always felt better sleeping at home. Especially with her secrets. Ashley heard the other members of her band walk in and say their goodbyes as they turned to leave. The three of them lived together, and it was only natural that they would want to get home sooner rather than later since the home was completely empty without them.

Ashley heard the back door open and heard clapping and cheering. It was one of the annoying things about being the main show for the night in that you didn't get to leave quietly afterwards. After spending a few extra minutes on the couch to avoid the inevitable Ashley got up and stretched. Heading to a nearby bathroom, Ashley closed the door and locked it to maintain her privacy. A few minutes later, Ashley looked herself over in the mirror to make sure everything was in place, before checking for cameras. Finding no cameras or other prying eyes Ashley brought her hands up and pointed her index fingers inward. A small arc of electricity arced between them, and Ashley smiled at herself. It was reassuring to Ashley to see that she could still generate her electricity. Ashley had been able to do this for three years by now, but it was always nice to know that it wasn't fading away. Heading out of the bathroom, Ashley opened the back door and braced herself for shouting and cheering.

The silence was deafening. Ashley looked around at the empty alleyway with a raised eyebrow and gave a sigh of relief. It was nice to have some peace after a night of noise and singing. Taking a step out, Ashley heard a crunch of paper and looked down at her feet. Under her left boot was an envelope with her name on it, written in a fanciful cursive that was surprisingly easy to read. Picking up the letter, Ashley opened it and pulled out the contents. It was strange to receive something in this fashion since most of the time things were delivered digitally. Skimming over the letter, it mentioned a gathering of special individuals at a lodge where they could freely practice their unique talents, and included an address that wasn't far out of town.

Giving it a shrug, Ashley figured she could at least try it. If it turned out to be a trap, Ashley knew that she had one of the most powerful forces of nature on her side to help her out. Very few things could stand up to a billion volts of electricity. There was also her... Other side. Just thinking about it caused a stir within Ashley. She couldn't control her transformations, and was thankful for the ability to control herself when she transformed. Ashley knew that she needed to master that half of her sooner rather than later encase she started to lose control of her transformed self too.

The thought of that sent a shiver down her spine. It was concerning. Perhaps this was what the letter was talking about? Folding it up and cramming it into her pocket, Ashley walked home. The next day. Ashley packed a backpack full of clothes and other small items before grabbing the keys to her apartment and walking out the door. She didn't know how long it would be until she came back, so she used every lock she could find. Walking down to the bus station, Ashley took a bus towards the outskirts of town, and hopped off. She walked for several minutes until she came to a gravel path, and then a dirt one. Ashley checked the letter again to make sure she was on the right path, and nodded to herself. A BMW rolled by and Ashley gave it a quick glance at it. Not discerning much, Ashley figured she'd find out later when she arrived, and kept walking down towards the lodge.
@Raijinslayer Oh. I didn't see that. Oh well, nothing major.
@MatthiasAngel Who is the other person with lightning? I only see my own character.
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