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As Samuel confessed that he was part phoenix, Ashley gave a slight smile before she said. "That's pretty cool. I'm sure you'll do fine. I was nervous about my werewolf condition due to the fact that some people might have had some bad experiences with them before, and since I can't control my transformations I wouldn't want to be slain in an attempt to 'spare me from the monster' should I transform at night while everyone's asleep, if that makes any sense. I just figured I'd get it out of the way ahead of time before we had an accident."

Ashley figured Samuel would want to eat sooner rather than later, and thus decided to not prolong the conversation if Samuel didn't want to. Turning towards the stairs, Ashley raised her arm and said. "Coming? I have to return the transponder to Nora before too long." With that, Ashley went upstairs. She followed her nose and the clicking sound of Boxcar walking to the kitchen, where she was met with a surprise. The girl from the forest was awake and eating. Ashley found this to be rather surprising, as she didn't expect her to recover so quickly. Ashley didn't say anything to the girl from the forest directly, but instead walked over to Nora and held out the transponder with news of what she had found downstairs. "Boxcar got himself trapped behind some kind of secret door that closed behind him. I would've gone and looked myself, but I figured it would be better to eat food while it's available and explore later since the door is probably not going to move anywhere. It can be explored later if we all want."

Once Nora took the transponder back, Ashley helped herself to the fajitas that were on hand. She took a plate and helped herself to a fork. Sitting down at the table next to Nora, assuming no one was there, Ashley began to eat. Ashley ate politely since she was with company, taking reasonable bites instead of scarfing everything down. Ashley gave the girl from the forest a quick look while she ate. She looked pretty rough and beat up, though it was interesting in that the girl looked fairly similar to Ashley herself in terms of dress, though there was a fair difference in hairstyle and hair care, along with a slight difference in height and a notable difference in body curves. There probably wouldn't be much confusion between who was who.

Ashley ate through about half of her plate in a fair amount of time. Not too fast but not too slow. Ashley paused for a moment to raid the fridge, and smiled to herself when she found cans of soda within and helped herself. Sitting back down at the table where her food was Ashley set the soda down on a coaster or, if there was no coaster, improvised a coaster from a napkin. With a drink secured, Ashley resumed eating unless something happened that would provoke a response from her. Hopefully nothing did, because Nora was a good cook and the fajitas were tasty, but you could never be too sure about that.
Ashley was rather perplexed at Boxcar's sudden lack of stress once the door was opened. Perhaps he was more basic in nature than Ashley had initially presumed? With the location of the switch to open the door now known, Ashley figured she could come back at any time. Though she would want to come with a buddy system since, as Boxcar had shown, the door seemed capable of closing behind you. If there was no way of opening the door from the inside, Ashley would want someone reliable standing on guard to open the door once they were finished.

When Boxcar mentioned that food had been made available Ashley gave a sniff of her own. The smell was faint, though noticeable. Seeing no point in being rude and skipping the communal lunch time Ashley gave a shrug and spoke her thoughts aloud. "This doorway will be here until we get back, unless it somehow moves. The food upstairs, however, may not always be present. Let's eat while we have the chance and perhaps some others can join us later." Turning, Ashley gave Samuel a thumbs up and said. "Good work, yeah? You had something you wanted to tell me earlier, what was it?"

Ashley had heard him begin to speak before she had found Boxcar, and was curious as to what he might have to say. Ashley initially assumed that it had to do with her announcement of her lycan status, but she didn't speak this thought since it would've been rude to assume what Samuel had wanted to say. Instead, Ashley merely waited for him to speak again, hoping that Samuel himself remembered what he had wanted.

Boxcar, likely either unaware or uncaring of what Samuel had wanted to say, probably headed upstairs to find himself something to eat. Ashley didn't blame him, as it had probably been a while since Boxcar had eaten. Ashley wasn't really all that hungry due to the fact that she stopped for food on the way over, but it was better to eat food when it was offered rather than force food to be made when you were actually hungry.

With that in mind, Ashley waited for Sam to speak again, though she wasn't afraid of leaving to go and eat should Samuel find himself at a loss for words.
Ashley caught the Transponder with ease, holding the device up to examine it for a moment before lowering her hand. "Can do. I'll go and hunt for him. If you can't find me, start with the basement. I'll let you know if I don't find him there." Ashley gave a glance to Samuel briefly to quickly say. "Coming?" Before she turned and walked away herself. Ashley wandered for a moment before she found the stairs leading down to the basement and gently stepped down them. The first few steps were filled with hesitation and careful placement, but once Ashley got her momentum going the rest of the stairs passed without incident. Ashley looked around the basement's initial landing area and called. "Boxcar?" In an attempt to gain the wolfs attention. Holding up the transponder that Nora had given her, Ashley began to wave it about slightly as she looked for any sign that Boxcar might be around.

If Ashley had been in her wolf form, she would've heard Boxcar howling and barking, however, her hearing while human was not enhanced and thus while Ashley heard a faint noise, she didn't currently attribute it to Boxcar. The transponder began to ping faster as she approached the corner of the basement that Boxcar had sealed himself into. It was at this point that the barking and howling of Boxcar became more distinct. Lowering the transponder, Ashley began to kneel and pressed her ear to the wall to listen listen as she began to realize that this was more than mere background noise she was hearing. Finding a particularly suspect corner of the wall, Ashley brought her fist up and pounded on it, a few resounding thuds would resonate through to the other side of the door, and Ashley could be faintly heard yelling. "Boxcar? Are you in there? How did you open the wall? Are you okay?"

These questions were obviously not in order of importance, though Boxcar would possibly be glad to see that someone had come for him. It wasn't Nora, but it was probably quite enjoyable to have someone respond to his plight. Ashley considered calling for Nora, but Nora had previously mentioned going to cook, so perhaps it was best to leave Nora be and try to solve this matter herself? Ashley didn't know, but right now Boxcar sounded almost like he was in a panicked state, and it was essential to Ashley to get him to calm down before he overexerted himself in some way. In most animals, being in a state of panic was never a good thing, as remaining in such a state for too long could result in serious health problems, like organ failure from stress. Ashley assumed that it was the same for Boxcar since Boxcar, despite all of the experiments that had supposedly been run on him, was still a wolf at basic assumption.

Hopefully he would hear Ashley pounding on the wall and yelling at him clearly enough to calm down and answer her. Though perhaps the transponder could also serve as a microphone? Ashley didn't know, only Nora would, and Nora was busy cooking. It smelled good, whatever she was cooking, but Ashley knew better than to let her hunger get in the way of Boxcar's current situation.
Ashley's blush deepened as Boxcar gave his threat and an obviously embarrassed frown crossed her face. Giving a squeak of a sigh Ashley mumbled. "That really wasn't needed, Boxcar." before quickly walking outside to move her bike into the garage and collect her things. While she was out there Justin arrived to mess with some of the bags on his Ostrich and Ashley paid him no heed until he began to talk. Slinging her backpack over her shoulder for a moment, Ashley listened to Justin speak and began to laugh when Justin showed her the shirt he was holding. Catching her breath, Ashley spoke again. "Oh wow, I didn't know anyone actually bought these things. Kenny handled our finances to get some use out of his mathematics degree. He was our drummer, you can see him in the back here..." Ashley pointed to the grinning man sitting in the back with his drumsticks held high above his head before she continued to speak. "He loved playing the drums and would always yammer on about how much mathematics was involved with it, though most of the time he knew what he was saying was going over our heads."

Ashley dug around in her backpack for a moment to pull out a silver pen. Pulling off the cap Ashley gave a quick swirling signature under the front of the stage where she was standing and singing. Capping the pen, Ashley tossed it back into her backpack before saying. "There you go. One authentic signature. I had better not find it on bandmart~!" The last phrase was an empty and joking threat, and was jokingly sang as Ashley walked back inside to drop her bags off.

A few minutes later, as Ashley stood at the base of the stairs talking to Nora, Samuel appeared and spoke his opinion, and although Ashley had no real reply for him she gave him a nod and a friendly close-lipped smile in greeting. When Nora produced the necklace Ashley raised an eyebrow and spoke again. "Well, if you've got that thing, why not let Samuel and I go look for Boxcar while you unpack? Though if we also know that he's in the basement we have a good place to start looking, especially since the basement isn't very large."

Ashley leaned against the nearby wall and placed the toes of her left foot upon the ground to the right of her right foot. Folding her arms in a relaxed manner Ashley waited to see what Nora would say. Ashley expected Nora to be somewhat reluctant to give up the necklace out of fear of not getting it back, though she supposed that Nora could be different than some others. Time would tell in a few moments either way, so all Ashley had to do was wait.

Ashley would probably go looking anyway, since Boxcar getting into trouble could upset Nora, and Nora being upset could cause some friction among everyone else at The Lodge due to the fact that Nora was technically the owner, and was thus their technical leader. Nora would probably deny such a claim, but it wasn't too far off the mark for now. Someone else might step up and take the mantle of leadership from Nora, but right now that mantle rested rather firmly on Nora's shoulders and ignored the fact that Nora might not like it.
Ashley didn't say much as the tour went on. She admired the rustic appeal and theme that the lodge had, though this could also be considered a bit of a personal bias since the bars and clubs that Ashley sang at ranged from ancient buildings that were barely maintained to ancient buildings that were well maintained. On occasion Ashley was able to sing in a modern nightclub and found the excessively artistic trends to be rather annoying. Ashley favored the rough edges of the older buildings to the ultra-smooth and impossibly flimsy designs of some of the newer nightclubs. To Ashley, dancing on a glass floor pulsing with neon lights was a good way to end up with a broken floor.

Ashley took a glance at the unconscious girl that now lay upon a couch. Though Ashley couldn't say much about her due to the fact that she left the site early and wasn't around for the brief time that Samantha had been awake. The others comments would have to serve as a replacement for firsthand experience for the time being. Justin's continued tour gave her only a moment to glance at Sam before she had to continue. The rec room proved interesting, perhaps it would be best to spend her time as a werewolf there. That reminded Ashley that she needed to tell everyone about that condition sooner rather than later in order to prevent them from panicking. Though it would be rude to interrupt Justin's tour so Ashley decided to wait.

The bedrooms were good enough for Ashley, who had spent most of her time living in an apartment. Ashley made a note to herself to bring her backpack up from her bike and toss it into a room. Though her thoughts turned back to explaining her lycan nature in a way that wouldn't freak anyone out. Most people were inexperienced with a rational and in-control werewolf, so it was going to be tough to break the news to them.

The presence of a clothes materializer was like a dream come true for Ashley. No more would she have to spend eighty percent of her budget on clothing! It was grand, and only the continued babble of Justin kept Ashley from hopping into the machine and starting to replace chunks of her long-lost wardrobe. The hot tub and sauna were indeed strange additions, though if this lodge was built with wealthy tourists in mind the addition made a lot more sense. The tour ended shortly after, and Ashley knew that this was her moment.

Before Justin left and Boxcar went to explore, and while the others were still grouped, Ashley raised her voice slightly and began to speak. "If I may have your attention for a moment, there is something important that I would like to get out of the way before I scare someone." Holding up her left hand, Ashley flexed her fingers for a moment, causing lightning to arc between them before speaking again. "My primary power is the ability to control electricity. But there is something else you should know. I'm not in the mood to lead you all into it, so I'll speak it plainly: I'm a werewolf."

Ashley let that hang in the air for a moment before she lowered her hand and began to speak again. "Now, before you freak out, I can still control myself when I'm transformed, unlike the feral werewolf that turned me. But I cannot control my transformations. They truly happen at random, and are more frequent during full moons." With that said, and awkward silence wove itself through the room. In an effort to try and restore normality and ease the embarrassed blush now creeping into her face Ashley spoke again. "That's all. Really. I just didn't want anyone to freak out and try to murder me."

With nothing more to say and her embarrassed blush not fading, Ashley turned and walked away, heading for her bike. Pushing her bike into the garage, Ashley took her helmet and backpack of clothes inside. Walking back towards the rooms, Ashley tossed them into the second bedroom, next to Nora's bedroom. There was no method to her choice, just picking the next in a queue. With no real direction on what to do now, Ashley merely returned to the living room and plopped down on a chair with a sigh. Her legs ached slightly from the run that she had gone on earlier, but they would heal quickly enough. There wasn't anything to really do, so Ashley could only wait around for something to happen or a conversation to be made.

When Nora called for Boxcar a few minutes later, but got no answer, Ashley got up and walked over to the stairs. "I figured he would hang around you. But he did sniff at a corner during the tour. I think it was in the basement? You want to try looking there?" Ashley looked about for a moment, trying to remember which direction the basement stairs were. Hopefully Nora knew, or else there would be a repeat of the tour earlier as the search for Boxcar progressed.
Ashley looked up when Samuel came to the front of The Lodge. When he asked about the problem in the woods, Ashley gave him a brief rundown. "A ship crashed in the woods. There was a girl inside, but she got pulled out by some guy that can turn his body into tentacles or something like that. It was honestly kinda weird. Nora and Boxcar are on their way over to check things out, and the mechanic and another girl are still over there. They'll probably show up in a few minutes and we'll be back on track. Nothing like a spacecraft crashing to start your day, huh? I'm also Ashley, it's nice to make the acquaintance." Ashley offered Samuel her hand to shake as a gesture of friendship. Though there was nothing more than friendship behind it at this point.

When Jorvin approached and gave the opening line to a joke, Ashley decided to humor him and replied. "No. I haven't. What is it?"

Even though Ashley was sure she had heard about it in school somewhere before, her memory was foggy on the details of the joke and it was for the best to make everyone feel welcome since they would be living close together for what seemed like quite a long time. This gave Ashley some worry, since she knew that she would inevitably transform while the others were around. Would they shun her due to her werewolf form? After all, if she lost control she could infect all of them with the virus. Would it be best to tell them all up front, or try to keep it a secret? Would Boxcar know? Would Boxcar tell everyone? Perhaps Nora could make some medication to suppress the werewolf transformations, or induce them...

Ashley buried her worries for now, since she knew that it was best to avoid worrying too much about something that could turn out to be nothing serious. Still, it was something that would have to be addressed, and perhaps it would be better sooner rather than later. Burying the details for now, Ashley waited for Samuel or Jorvin to speak again.
Ashley noted that Jaiden was rather lacking in the dress department and moved to unzip her protective jacket. She was wearing a tee-shirt and her swimsuit underneath, so it would've been fine, but Justin showed up fairly quickly and was already tossing his shirt in Jaiden's general direction. Jaiden seemed fairly laid back. Events swarmed around her and Ashley merely shrugged her shoulders. Clearly her usefulness had passed. Shrugging to herself, Ashley gave a simple proclamation as she began to walk away. "Well. I'm gonna head back to The Lodge, since it would seem you guys have everything covered here. Meet you there."

With that, Ashley walked through the woods. She briefly heard Boxcar run by and gave a shout at the wolf to tell him that Justin wasn't far off. Ashley also passed Nora and informed her that she was going the same direction as Boxcar. Minutes passed as Ashley walked back towards The Lodge, and Ashley merely entertained herself with her own thoughts to pass the time. The group was obviously a bit rough around the edges, but it looked like it would work if everyone managed to get past the initial roughness.

It was concerning. All of them had powers that could make them extremely dangerous, was corralling everyone into such a cramped space such a good idea? Hopefully things smoothed out well, or else Ashley was going to have a rather dysfunctional group on her hands. Her band was the same way in the beginning. Would they miss their singer? Probably. It wasn't every day that someone just vanished. Hopefully they would be well off without her. They had skills, they could find work. The lodge was coming into view by now, and Ashley took a deep breath.

Hopefully everything was going to turn out all right. If not, this could get nasty. Though that would also prove to be quite the adventure, wouldn't it? Ashley mentally shook her head. Enough adventure for today. Ashley's legs agreed with her, as they twitched in painful protest to her sudden exertion in deciding to run for a mile. It was going to be a while before they were pain-free. That was just the cost of heroism.

Several more minutes passed as Ashley kept walking towards The Lodge. Soon after, she stood in the initial greeting area where she had arrived. Glad to see that her bike was still in place, Ashley merely stood around and waited for the others to return.
Ashley's mind was focused on finding the downed craft, so when Justin attempted to bring up his obvious flirtation earlier it took a lot of willpower to avoid sarcastically asking if this was a good time. Taking another breath, Ashley kept running. The smoke wasn't letting up, and that was a potential nightmare waiting to happen, especially if the fire containment systems were offline. Shortly after, Ashley's ears twitched slightly as she heard a new sound, a sort of sucking sound that indicated what was most likely the aftermath of a fire containment system deploying.

This was a good thing, as the ship was at least no longer on fire. Or had at least put some of the fire out. Turning towards the sound, Ashley arrived at the crash site shortly after Justin did. Taking a look around at the mess Ashley checked first for any fires that might need attention sooner rather than later, or at all. Finding nothing important, Ashley turned her attention towards the spacecraft. Justin pointed out that the occupant was now gone, and Ashley gave a brief walk over to the cockpit to check and make sure this was an accurate assessment.

Her lungs burned and her heart pounded, but Ashley forced herself to breathe slowly and deeply to prevent hyperventilation. Taking a look inside the cockpit, Ashley raised an eyebrow at the torn harness and empty cockpit. Either whoever was previously there was awake, or someone else had come along and cut them free. Something interesting Ashley noticed was that there was a strange mercury-like substance pooling in the cockpit. Ashley knew better than to touch it, as mercury itself was a nasty substance to begin with. Turning back from the cockpit to see Amethyst walking into the clearing, Ashley gave her a slight wave as a greeting. Jumping down from the cockpit, Ashley approached Justin and Amethyst before saying. "Cockpit's empty. Someone else was here earlier." Looking to Justin, Ashley also said. "You might know more about this than I do, but there appears to be a mercury-like substance pooling in the cockpit. I didn't touch it, and I would also advise against touching it. You can take a look if you want."

With nothing more to do, Ashley began to look about slightly in the hopes of finding something that would've betrayed a direction that the pilot could've gone. A brief search did actually turn up something, and Ashley waved Justin and Amethyst over towards a cluster of disturbed and marred bushes. Something had pushed itself through them, and with the alien craft surprisingly intact, it likely didn't come from that. Looking back over to Justin and Amethyst briefly to see if they had anything to say about it, Ashley decided not to wait and pushed through the mangled brush in the hopes of finding the pilot.

What she didn't expect, however, is that she would find two people. A pilot, and someone else.

The woods had gone back to their strange silence again. A few birds chirped, but overall the place was rather still. This was actually a good thing, as the silence would help the search. Wanting to try her luck, Ashley raised her voice and gave a shout. "Hello? Search party is here for survivors of the crashed ship!" It was a bit goofy, but it was honest and forthcoming and would hopefully help Ashley, Justin, and Amethyst find whoever might have been around.
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Ashley gave Justin a smile and returned the handshake, she gave a brief chuckle at the comment about her bike and figured, with how eager he had been to say hello, that he was far more interested in the rider of the bike than the bike itself. Ashley didn't blame him, he was merely doing what came natural to him. Ashley put the letter back into her coat and returned her attention to the rest of the group. It wasn't long before a deafening roar echoed throughout the area. Ashley's eyes snapped to the sky as she saw a ship plow through the atmosphere and crash into the forest. Ashley covered her ears to help block the noise as a deafening thud erupted from the ground as the spacecraft smacked into the earth.

Justin took off quickly, and Ashley looked to the others briefly before following suit. Her boots were more than happy to find purchase on the rough terrain as she sprinted along. Her lungs heaved as she weaved through the trees towards the crash site. Ashley didn't know what she would do to help, since adding lightning to the situation might just make it worse, but she could at least try to do something rather than sit around and do nothing.

The woods were strangely quiet as Ashley ran. Probably due to the impact that the spacecraft made. Most of the animals had probably scattered in all directions out of fear from the impact. Ashley caught up to Justin fairly quickly, as she was fairly quick on fer feet from the routine habit of having to dodge drinks flung by rowdy members of the audience. Justin was still slightly ahead of her, but Ashley was slowly gaining. Now would've been a good time to have her helmet, but there was no time to return for it. Hopefully there wasn't any falling debris from the spacecraft to land upon them.

Breathing deeply to replenish her depleted lungs, Ashley put as much speed as she could into her legs. A crashed spacecraft could pose more danger than merely crushing those around it. The power core could be compromised, and thus liable to explode.

Hopefully it didn't.
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