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Ashley slammed her fists into the drone with disturbing ease. Sparks flew from her hands and arced across the frame of the machine. It was only when the sphere Sam had attached to the device began to sing it's ear-shattering song did Ashley relent. The sounds thundered in Ashley's ears and she let out a growling roar of pain as her hands flew to her head and she rolled off the machine. Ashley clamped her hands down on her ears just in time to prevent her sensitive eardrums from rupturing. Her hearing was now dangerously tender, and Ashley was dizzy beyond belief as she lay curled up on the floor. Ashley felt her healing factor kick in and start to repair the damage, but her vision swam as her senses were thrown for another loop as they were repaired.

Ashley would be down for the count for a while. Ashley didn't notice the drone split up into twelve segments, and would've thrown a bolt of lightning among them had she been able. The clicking sound of the newly independent segments deploying needle like legs made Ashley wince due to her still tender hearing. Hands still clutching her ears, Ashley struggled to rise. Even as the pain began to dull Ashley was still groggy and could barely see straight. Pangs of pain began to bring Ashley back to focus as a pair of drones began to climb up her legs. Knowing where to aim now, Ashley brought her hands down on her thighs and Grabbed the two drones climbing her legs. Ripping them away before they could embed their need-like legs into her thighs Ashley brought her arms back and smashed the drones into once another, fusing their frames together and hopefully disabling them for good.

Dropping the wrecked drones and grabbing hold of the railing to steady herself Ashley shook her head and pawed at her ears once again. Her hearing was both numb and buzzing as her healing factor was not yet finished. After a few moments Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Opening her eyes again, Ashley noticed that Sam was now running and sliding her way towards Nora and yelling for gloves. The words were muted and muffled as Ashley's hearing repaired itself. Ashley could do nothing more than wobble slightly on her feet as she tried to recover her sense of balance.

However, Ashley noticed a drone shuttling it's way across the floor towards Sam's leg, and shakily raised her finger to point at the drone before shouting. "Drone." far louder than she thought she was speaking due to being unable to hear herself speak except muffled through her skull. It was as much warning as Ashley could muster, since she knew that letting go of the railing would cause her to fall.

Ashley would've shocked the drone herself, but it was simply too risky to shock something so close to Sam. Ashley didn't know what Sam had on her that could be metal, and with lightning being, well, lightning there was simply too much risk involved in using it around those that would be considered friends.
The night had been slightly rough for Ashley. She had gotten roughly five hours of sleep before being awoken by the pain of transformation. There had been enough time to switch into her swimsuit, but the rest of the night had clearly been robbed from her by the wolf flowing in her veins. Ashley had simply been sitting on her bed, now too large to fit within it properly. Sparks danced around her fingers as a form of entertainment. No use in having the power if you didn’t practice with it.

Ashley’s idle mind wandered over the events of the day. The girl they had pulled free of the alien craft was strange. Ashley had barely any time to speak with her, or observe how she acted, so her opinion was limited. Samuel was obviously shy about his status, though was rather polite. Nora tried very hard to be polite, which Ashley was sure would be dropped rather soon as they grew used to the presence of one another. Boxcar was nice, though slightly overprotective. Hopefully that wouldn’t become routine. Jaiden was different, though Ashley had a sour note in her mind already due to his immediate flirting. Typical and expected, like rowdy drunks in a bar, but it was still slightly irritating since Ashley had a feeling that even with her direct shutdown of his flirting he would be trying again fairly soon.

An interesting company, though one that would take a slight bit of work to maintain. With her advanced hearing, Ashley heard the whirr of a machine moving. Dismissing her worries as the air conditioning kicking on, Ashley relaxed against the wall and closed her eyes in an attempt to snooze even a little. A few moments later, and ashley heard a door open followed by a scream for everyone to wake up.

There would be no ignoring this. Ashley was upon her padded feet in moments and yanked her door open, nearly tearing it from the hinges with the force she put forward. Ashley’s head snapped towards Sam. Nostrils flared as she took in a deep breath to assess the situation. The fact that Sam’s wide eyes were staring at an area that was behind Ashley caused her to whip around once again. Now Ashley noticed that the door to a room was open, Ashley bound over to watch as the drone began to jab at Jaiden with sharp tools that were clearly designed to make short work of flesh. Ashley took a deep breath and gave a roar to draw the attention of the machine to her. The roar was pointless in terms of causing fear in the machine, but a fresh batch of adrenaline pumped into her system and combat instincts were overwhelming logical thought.

Ashley didn’t hesitate for the machine to make a move. The nails upon her feet dug into the floor as she launched forward with her left hand extended towards what Ashley figured to be the head of the machine. If Ashley could grab it, she would fling it out into the hallway and pounce upon it once more, lightning sparking between her knuckles and arcing into the drone as she pounded the machine into submission.

There were questions about where the thing had come from, and why it was here, along with other questions such as why Jaiden had been sleeping on the floor in someone’s room, but those questions did not need an answer now. The safety of the people around her was Ashley’s first concern, and thoughts not pertaining to that were swiftly banished from her mind. The focus had to be on the here and now. Thankfully, Ashley’s werewolf form provided her with enhanced vision in the darkness, which would prove useful since the lights were off. There was no time to fumble about turning them on. This drone had to be smashed, and it had to be smashed now.
Ashley blinked slowly at the obvious flirting that Jaiden Put forward. Almost giving a sigh Ashley decided to shut him down before he got any further ideas. "Just because I've seen it doesn't mean I want it. I've known you for about twenty minutes, you'll have to give it more time than that." Ashley noted that Samuel was heading outside, and his confession to being part phoenix turned out to be true as Ashley briefly spotted flames passing the windows. Hopefully Samuel knew what he was doing and didn't set the lodge on fire. When Jaiden asked her how wolves treated her, Ashley gave a brief moment of thought before responding. "I'm not really too sure. They are territory based animals and thus would want to establish dominance among the whole. They might include me in that, or they might not. It depends on a lot of unknown factors. I wouldn't count upon things being smooth and friendly if we were being hunted."

Ashley stood up then, wanting to get away from Jaiden and his flirting and having a reasonable excuse to do so. With a stretch, Ashley commented. "Sun's going down and I'm tired from running to the ship that crashed. I'm going to turn in for the night. See everyone in the morning."

Turning and walking upstairs, Ashley walked into her room and shut the door behind her. As a bonus, she gave it a quick lock in an attempt to maintain her privacy. Showering and changing into a loose nightgown, Ashley tucked herself into bed to sleep for the rest of the diminishing day.
Ashley was a passive observer in the conversations after Nora's announcement. For once, Ashley was content with longing. It was a distinct change from her previous life, since most of her prior free time was dedicated to taking care of herself and her band. There was always a slight struggle to find where the next meal was coming from, and the new need to constantly re-buy clothing had pushed Ashley's already tight funding over the edge. Secretly, the invitation to The Lodge was a lifesaver to Ashley. Money running out had come into full focus as a problem for her, and there wasn't a way for her to really compensate enough due to the already intense strain on her vocal cords from the songs she was capable of singing covers on.

That was part of the problem with singing covers, people expected them to be sung properly. Singing a version that was easier for you to manage would get you booed off the stage pretty quickly. As Jaiden glided over like a man on a mission Ashley picked up the vibe that he might be starting the conversation because he wanted something. Ashley knew how most guys worked, and Jaiden was currently no different, but Ashley knew that she needed to at least be polite. Sliding down from her daydream haze back into reality Ashley gave him a friendly close-lipped smile before speaking. "We probably should, though I don't think you're going to top the brief introduction we got in the woods. I'm not really all that shocked, though. You'd never imagine the scenes you see at bars. I'm Ashley, if you weren't here for my previous introduction, and if you missed the tour and my small announcement, I'm a werewolf, so please don't freak out if you happen to see me transform."

The news dropped a lot quicker than it had last time, since Ashley was already a lot more comfortable with sharing it due to the mostly indifferent reception she had received earlier. The knowledge that most of the people here didn't care was rather reassuring in that Ashley knew she wasn't going to be judged. A lot of people already had a firm hatred of werewolves due to the problem of feral werewolves, and most were rather biased against them due to the big news coverage on the activities of a small group of feral wolves.

With nothing else to really contribute to the conversation, Ashley waited for Jaiden to respond.
Ashley had been sitting about daydreaming for a time while she waited for Nora to make the final choice on exploring the underground lab area. Two important things happened that snapped Ashley back to reality from whatever fantasy she was enjoying: The first was that Lady Jane had been called back to whatever fancy manor her family owned for some transgression she had committed. There were many unanswered questions about Lady Jane, though now Ashley supposed that they didn't need an answer from the tone that the conversation took. It was sad that she would likely not be meeting Lady Jane again, though perhaps some things just pan out poorly.

The next was the recently awakened Sam revealing that she might be heir to the title "Queen of snark" with a few jabs of quick wit. However, something clearly clicked within Sam that what she said might not have been the best response. The extended stay at the kitchen and firm grip on the counter. Something was going on with Sam that she wasn't telling anyone. It was probably best to leave such things unquestioned by this point. Sam probably had much more going on than she let on. That much was already obvious, since she was recovered from a crashed alien ship. It was probably best to let Sam steam on her own rather than try to force the truth from her. That and trust would come with time, or perhaps Sam would run away from them. That would be sad, but not unexpected of Sam's current attitude.

Deciding on non-intervention for now, Ashley went back to lounging about while she waited for Nora to make the call for exploring the secret door that had been found in the basement. There was one slight bonus to Lady Jane leaving in that Ashley no longer needed to inform her of her werewolf status, Though Sam and potentially some others would need to be told. That could happen later, as Sam currently seemed like she didn't want to talk to anyone. The thudding footsteps as she retreated towards the rooms was an obvious indicator of that.

With little to do to help the situation as it stood without seeming to forcefully insert herself into situations that were none of her business Ashley resumed daydreaming while waiting for other things that she had a relevant say in to happen.
Ashley nodded along at Nora's introduction and blurb about how everyone was hopefully going to become friends. That was a rather high expectation for a lot of people who had just gotten to know one another over the course of a few minutes. Perhaps roommates would be a better start than friends. When Nora made her announcement on looking into the secret door and the space beyond it, Ashley set her fork down on the mostly empty plate and finished the last bite of food before she said. "I'll go. I'm interested to see what's down there. Especially if I'm going to be living on top of it." Ashley wiped her mouth down with her napkin before standing up and taking her plate to the kitchen. Running her plate and fork under hot water for a few moments, Ashley opened up the dishwasher and dropped her plate and fork into the proper places on the racks in the dishwasher. Closing the dishwasher again Ashley returned to the table briefly to grab the can of soda she had gotten earlier and returned it to the fridge, her want for the drink having passed. Moving to where Nora was standing Ashley sat down in a nearby chair. Thus potentially starting a trend of those who were wanting to explore the secret door and the area beyond it gathering around Nora.

Unless Nora decided to suddenly lose a lot of bravery, anyway. Then Ashley would probably just lounge around since she didn't have a whole lot to do. Her bike was safely stowed in the garage, her backpack full of clothing was already deposited in a bedroom, and nothing else really needed to be tended to. Thus, Ashley had nothing but free time to waste for the rest of the day. This assumed that nothing came up that needed tending to, which was always an unknown factor and hard to predict.

When Sam mentioned that she couldn't do anything today due to how her head felt, Ashley wasn't surprised. Surviving a plane crash and already being up, about, and eating without a full medical examination was really quite something. Sam was putting a lot of risk into her own health by doing so, though Ashley didn't comment on it outwardly. It wasn't her place to judge the actions of others, so she merely kept quiet about the subject. Ashley thought about keeping an eye on Sam's health to make sure she at least recovered from her injuries, but reminded herself that she wasn't Sam's mother and it wasn't her place to coddle and shelter others. That was largely Nora's job, though Nora would probably blush rampantly at the idea of caring for the others like a mother.

When Amie appeared and sat down to eat, Ashley gave her a nod in greeting as she left the table, but not too much more than that. Ashley made a note to tell her about her werewolf status later, but for now Ashley's stomach was full and contributing to her lethargic nature. The only excitement left for today was exploring the underground area beyond the secret door, and past that very little would motivate Ashley into action unless everyone was called into work.

With nothing more to really think about, Ashley continued to lounge in the chair she had chosen near Nora.
As Samuel confessed that he was part phoenix, Ashley gave a slight smile before she said. "That's pretty cool. I'm sure you'll do fine. I was nervous about my werewolf condition due to the fact that some people might have had some bad experiences with them before, and since I can't control my transformations I wouldn't want to be slain in an attempt to 'spare me from the monster' should I transform at night while everyone's asleep, if that makes any sense. I just figured I'd get it out of the way ahead of time before we had an accident."

Ashley figured Samuel would want to eat sooner rather than later, and thus decided to not prolong the conversation if Samuel didn't want to. Turning towards the stairs, Ashley raised her arm and said. "Coming? I have to return the transponder to Nora before too long." With that, Ashley went upstairs. She followed her nose and the clicking sound of Boxcar walking to the kitchen, where she was met with a surprise. The girl from the forest was awake and eating. Ashley found this to be rather surprising, as she didn't expect her to recover so quickly. Ashley didn't say anything to the girl from the forest directly, but instead walked over to Nora and held out the transponder with news of what she had found downstairs. "Boxcar got himself trapped behind some kind of secret door that closed behind him. I would've gone and looked myself, but I figured it would be better to eat food while it's available and explore later since the door is probably not going to move anywhere. It can be explored later if we all want."

Once Nora took the transponder back, Ashley helped herself to the fajitas that were on hand. She took a plate and helped herself to a fork. Sitting down at the table next to Nora, assuming no one was there, Ashley began to eat. Ashley ate politely since she was with company, taking reasonable bites instead of scarfing everything down. Ashley gave the girl from the forest a quick look while she ate. She looked pretty rough and beat up, though it was interesting in that the girl looked fairly similar to Ashley herself in terms of dress, though there was a fair difference in hairstyle and hair care, along with a slight difference in height and a notable difference in body curves. There probably wouldn't be much confusion between who was who.

Ashley ate through about half of her plate in a fair amount of time. Not too fast but not too slow. Ashley paused for a moment to raid the fridge, and smiled to herself when she found cans of soda within and helped herself. Sitting back down at the table where her food was Ashley set the soda down on a coaster or, if there was no coaster, improvised a coaster from a napkin. With a drink secured, Ashley resumed eating unless something happened that would provoke a response from her. Hopefully nothing did, because Nora was a good cook and the fajitas were tasty, but you could never be too sure about that.
Ashley was rather perplexed at Boxcar's sudden lack of stress once the door was opened. Perhaps he was more basic in nature than Ashley had initially presumed? With the location of the switch to open the door now known, Ashley figured she could come back at any time. Though she would want to come with a buddy system since, as Boxcar had shown, the door seemed capable of closing behind you. If there was no way of opening the door from the inside, Ashley would want someone reliable standing on guard to open the door once they were finished.

When Boxcar mentioned that food had been made available Ashley gave a sniff of her own. The smell was faint, though noticeable. Seeing no point in being rude and skipping the communal lunch time Ashley gave a shrug and spoke her thoughts aloud. "This doorway will be here until we get back, unless it somehow moves. The food upstairs, however, may not always be present. Let's eat while we have the chance and perhaps some others can join us later." Turning, Ashley gave Samuel a thumbs up and said. "Good work, yeah? You had something you wanted to tell me earlier, what was it?"

Ashley had heard him begin to speak before she had found Boxcar, and was curious as to what he might have to say. Ashley initially assumed that it had to do with her announcement of her lycan status, but she didn't speak this thought since it would've been rude to assume what Samuel had wanted to say. Instead, Ashley merely waited for him to speak again, hoping that Samuel himself remembered what he had wanted.

Boxcar, likely either unaware or uncaring of what Samuel had wanted to say, probably headed upstairs to find himself something to eat. Ashley didn't blame him, as it had probably been a while since Boxcar had eaten. Ashley wasn't really all that hungry due to the fact that she stopped for food on the way over, but it was better to eat food when it was offered rather than force food to be made when you were actually hungry.

With that in mind, Ashley waited for Sam to speak again, though she wasn't afraid of leaving to go and eat should Samuel find himself at a loss for words.
Ashley caught the Transponder with ease, holding the device up to examine it for a moment before lowering her hand. "Can do. I'll go and hunt for him. If you can't find me, start with the basement. I'll let you know if I don't find him there." Ashley gave a glance to Samuel briefly to quickly say. "Coming?" Before she turned and walked away herself. Ashley wandered for a moment before she found the stairs leading down to the basement and gently stepped down them. The first few steps were filled with hesitation and careful placement, but once Ashley got her momentum going the rest of the stairs passed without incident. Ashley looked around the basement's initial landing area and called. "Boxcar?" In an attempt to gain the wolfs attention. Holding up the transponder that Nora had given her, Ashley began to wave it about slightly as she looked for any sign that Boxcar might be around.

If Ashley had been in her wolf form, she would've heard Boxcar howling and barking, however, her hearing while human was not enhanced and thus while Ashley heard a faint noise, she didn't currently attribute it to Boxcar. The transponder began to ping faster as she approached the corner of the basement that Boxcar had sealed himself into. It was at this point that the barking and howling of Boxcar became more distinct. Lowering the transponder, Ashley began to kneel and pressed her ear to the wall to listen listen as she began to realize that this was more than mere background noise she was hearing. Finding a particularly suspect corner of the wall, Ashley brought her fist up and pounded on it, a few resounding thuds would resonate through to the other side of the door, and Ashley could be faintly heard yelling. "Boxcar? Are you in there? How did you open the wall? Are you okay?"

These questions were obviously not in order of importance, though Boxcar would possibly be glad to see that someone had come for him. It wasn't Nora, but it was probably quite enjoyable to have someone respond to his plight. Ashley considered calling for Nora, but Nora had previously mentioned going to cook, so perhaps it was best to leave Nora be and try to solve this matter herself? Ashley didn't know, but right now Boxcar sounded almost like he was in a panicked state, and it was essential to Ashley to get him to calm down before he overexerted himself in some way. In most animals, being in a state of panic was never a good thing, as remaining in such a state for too long could result in serious health problems, like organ failure from stress. Ashley assumed that it was the same for Boxcar since Boxcar, despite all of the experiments that had supposedly been run on him, was still a wolf at basic assumption.

Hopefully he would hear Ashley pounding on the wall and yelling at him clearly enough to calm down and answer her. Though perhaps the transponder could also serve as a microphone? Ashley didn't know, only Nora would, and Nora was busy cooking. It smelled good, whatever she was cooking, but Ashley knew better than to let her hunger get in the way of Boxcar's current situation.
Ashley's blush deepened as Boxcar gave his threat and an obviously embarrassed frown crossed her face. Giving a squeak of a sigh Ashley mumbled. "That really wasn't needed, Boxcar." before quickly walking outside to move her bike into the garage and collect her things. While she was out there Justin arrived to mess with some of the bags on his Ostrich and Ashley paid him no heed until he began to talk. Slinging her backpack over her shoulder for a moment, Ashley listened to Justin speak and began to laugh when Justin showed her the shirt he was holding. Catching her breath, Ashley spoke again. "Oh wow, I didn't know anyone actually bought these things. Kenny handled our finances to get some use out of his mathematics degree. He was our drummer, you can see him in the back here..." Ashley pointed to the grinning man sitting in the back with his drumsticks held high above his head before she continued to speak. "He loved playing the drums and would always yammer on about how much mathematics was involved with it, though most of the time he knew what he was saying was going over our heads."

Ashley dug around in her backpack for a moment to pull out a silver pen. Pulling off the cap Ashley gave a quick swirling signature under the front of the stage where she was standing and singing. Capping the pen, Ashley tossed it back into her backpack before saying. "There you go. One authentic signature. I had better not find it on bandmart~!" The last phrase was an empty and joking threat, and was jokingly sang as Ashley walked back inside to drop her bags off.

A few minutes later, as Ashley stood at the base of the stairs talking to Nora, Samuel appeared and spoke his opinion, and although Ashley had no real reply for him she gave him a nod and a friendly close-lipped smile in greeting. When Nora produced the necklace Ashley raised an eyebrow and spoke again. "Well, if you've got that thing, why not let Samuel and I go look for Boxcar while you unpack? Though if we also know that he's in the basement we have a good place to start looking, especially since the basement isn't very large."

Ashley leaned against the nearby wall and placed the toes of her left foot upon the ground to the right of her right foot. Folding her arms in a relaxed manner Ashley waited to see what Nora would say. Ashley expected Nora to be somewhat reluctant to give up the necklace out of fear of not getting it back, though she supposed that Nora could be different than some others. Time would tell in a few moments either way, so all Ashley had to do was wait.

Ashley would probably go looking anyway, since Boxcar getting into trouble could upset Nora, and Nora being upset could cause some friction among everyone else at The Lodge due to the fact that Nora was technically the owner, and was thus their technical leader. Nora would probably deny such a claim, but it wasn't too far off the mark for now. Someone else might step up and take the mantle of leadership from Nora, but right now that mantle rested rather firmly on Nora's shoulders and ignored the fact that Nora might not like it.
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