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Current Was hoping to get replies out tonight; sorry everyone, posts'll be up on the weekend
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Sometimes I see things and all I can think is "is this a joke?" Like you can't be serious
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Thought I was going to get posts up tonight; sorry everyone, having a bit of a rough time over here
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If you want a medieval fantasy one on one, PM me. Got ideas and everything!
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I think I'm the only person who liked Other M


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The plot:

The kingdom of Vann'el was ruled by a wise king and his gracious queen until nearly twenty years ago, when the queen died and the king remarried to a woman from a neighboring kingdom in the hopes of keeping the peace. The eldest child of the king and the original queen was set to inherit the throne, until he went missing on a hunting trip near the boarder between Vann'el and their neighboring kingdom, Alben. After an appropriate period of mourning, the second eldest, a prince who had been taught far less than his brother in the royal ways was now set to inherit the throne after his father passed away. However, the new queen was jealous. Her child with the king was now nearing adulthood, and she wanted him on the throne.

And so, she had the king killed, framing the prince who was not her son for the murder. He is to be killed, but manages to escape and flees toward the boarder.

It is there that he meets a young woman and her band of mercenaries, employed by a mysterious man who seems to want the throne of Vann'el for himself.

The details:

I am looking for a casual to advanced level writer to play the runaway prince. The ability to play multiple characters would be fantastic.

Please PM for further details.
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