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2 mos ago
Been going through a bit of a rough patch. Sorry, partners :(
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2 mos ago
Hit me tf up
2 mos ago
Destiny 2 RP anyone?
4 mos ago
Trying to get back into the swing of things-- baby steps.
4 mos ago
I'd argue this is the best Aquaman:…


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YES PLEASE!! :)))))

hit me tf up gal
OKAY I'm sold

BUT does she come with a fondness for intelligent and socially awkward nerds who probably shouldn't even be in such a ~spooky~ field and are pretty damn good arithmancers (LOOK AT ME I DID RESEARCH) bc if so I can come up with a good gal I think.

I am severely overestimating my harry potter knowledge but if you send me your intro for her I can google stuff and hopefully figure out some way to figure this out
Apparently this fandom developed quite a bit in the decade between first reading HP and now. Wowza. So much information to consume!! BUT APRIL SEEMS LIKE THE FUNNEST GAL SO ITS WORTH IT
@El Taco Taco

I wish I knew more about Harry Potter. April seems like a fucking badass.

Sup guys either of you into Destiny

Dead set on finding a Destiny 2 RP partner after the release of the game this week. Please PM me or post here if you're interested; ideally I'm looking for a partner that knows the game and at least some of the lore, who is willing to plot with me.
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