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The mood in the room plummeted now the time has finally arrived to fight this thing. Ambrose briefly thought again if he could just abandon all of this. But instead he nodded and got to work on draw the summoning circle. It didn't take too long for everyone to get set up, everyone working silently as they put the pieces together. Sam and Jeremy strengthened the barriers twice over and then a third time for good measure. It was the very best they could do. Ariana set the knives out in position around the circle, one knife for every member of the group. Ambrose took his place by a knife with a silver handle, the blade looked to be of obsidian substance. Alex stood at the next knife, while checking to make Ambrose's circle had all the required components.

After everything could be done to prepare, they gathered around the circle. "Okay." Ambrose sighed, "Does the headmaster know the plan? If so, I think we can get started." Ambrose said, looking around the room.

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"Wait- You were working out?" Ambrose questioned, distracted off topic by this information. A frown pulled at his lips as he stared down Caleb with a disaproving gaze. He may scolded him if Caleb didn't urge everyone to refocus on the task at hand. He did however spot a smug smirk coming from Jeremy, who seemed to find the two of them amusing, Ariana seemed to share that sentiment.

Ambrose cleared his throat, feeling a bit sheepish. "Right. Let's focus." He said, "I honestly don't think we can do this without the headmaster helping. The last time Caleb went up against this demon thing he landed in the ICU, barely survived." Ambrose tried to shake off pessimistic thoughts that it would be worse this time.

"If we need to find this thing... Why don't we just do what we did the first time?" Ariana chimed in, and all eyes turned to her in response. The atmosphere grew chilly at that thought, it brought up terrible memories for everyone of that party turned into a slaughter. Ambrose shuddered but he still nodded in agreement.

"This demon has a special interest in us... It watches us, it seems to want to torture us specifically." Ambrose's voice dropped as he went on. He shifted his attention Sam, "You're the one who led the ritual last time. Do you think could do it again?" Ambrose inquired.

Jeremy sighed, "It's at least worth a shot." He agreed reluctantly, "We could even do it here. Caleb's room is definitely big enough."
Hey all! I'm opening up an art store here for character commissions! (Need help with paying those bills lol)
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Ambrose felt a small wave of relief at Caleb's gentle enthusiasm, calming the butterflies in his stomach for the moment. It was easy to let everything melt away while they were together like this. However that was interrupted by a sharp knock on Caleb's door. Ambrose froze, taking a moment to register who was at the door until he recognized Sam's voice. He let out a frustrated whine as Caleb untangled their limbs, and Ambrose figured the moment was official ruined.

He squeezed Caleb's hand back in response, "Yeah, of course." He nodded, but privately thought to himself, if we even survive that long. His stomach sank at the thought of returning to reality. But there was no point in having a pity party right now. Ambrose rubbed his temples as Caleb and Sam conversed until he got up to let her in.

It wasn't until Sam strode in did he think of his appearance. Being sprawled out across the couch, with disheveled curls and a shirt half off. Ambrose's face went beet red at Sam's comment, his lips pinching together as he scrambled to get his clothes together. "N-no, of course not." He sputtered, sitting up straight and hopelessly attempting to get his hair a bit neater. He flashed a sarcastic grin to Sam, recognizing the humor of the situation, "Totally just chilling." Ambrose scooted over, making room for Sam to take a seat.

In the meantime, Ambrose sent out the text for everyone to meet up at Caleb's room. It didn't take too long for everyone to show up. Once everyone had found a comfortable spot to lounge, Ambrose figured it was time to get a move on. "So, guys." He started, getting the attention of the others. "We have all the knives. I think it's time to finally get rid of this..." Ambrose gulped, "Thing." His eyes scanned the room, seeing everyone else expressing a similar discomfort. "Any ideas for a plan? Are we going to be able to get the headmasters help?" He shot a glance in Caleb's direction.
It was so easy to forget what Caleb really was when all he could see was that soft, loving expression staring back at him. Even after all this time, he still felt that frightened instinct to recoil from the pure admiration from his partner. But now it was easier to hush, and to simply let himself feel a bit of simple happiness. Especially with what everything happening, Ambrose's reckless streak became more prominent then usual.

Ambrose breathed heavily once he pulled away, his mind straying from the subject to other things. Of course Ambrose knew it would be best to probably pick himself up and arrange to meet up with the group. But instead he let his gaze rest on the shape of Caleb's lips.

He leaned back in sync while Caleb crawled over, settling back into the couch. He gulped, appreciating Caleb's straight forwardness. In truth, Ambrose struggled to push down his insecurities, even with someone he knows would not be bothered by them. Ambrose, somewhat hesitantly, wrapped his arms around Caleb's neck, anchoring himself to him. He basked in the feeling of Caleb pressing kisses along his jaw, and then making a sound of approval once both their lips connected.

"Well," Ambrose said, pulling back briefly to breathe. "Personally, I could waste a lot of time with you." He paused, unsure, "Do you want to..?"
Marcus strayed a bit behind the crew, taking his time as they made their way back up. He did stop to watch in fascination once Gorchek scuttled up the hill shockingly fast, as well as the orc who trailed after him. He would hate to have either of those two angry at him. Once Marcus reaches the top of the hill with the others, he takes a seat next to one of the sisters, he was pretty sure her name was Meili. Marcus was a bit impatient for getting back on board the ship, growing tired of all the dust and rocks. He glanced at the slim girl besides him, "Hey, where's your other half?" He asked with a tilt of his head, referring to Artemis.
Hey guys, my life is a bit hectic as I've just moved into a new place. I thought I would be getting internet waaay sooner, but unfortunately it's not getting installed until next Thursday. I'm at a cafe right with wifi and I'll try to get a post up in the meantime, however I won't be on regularly until next weekend most likely. Feel free to keep rolling on without me, I don't wanna hold you guys up!
Ambrose breathed deeply, trying to distract himself from the looming problems ahead of them. He felt calm against Caleb's side, and it was easy to slip into the illusion that they were leading a normal college life. "Yeah, I suppose it's more habit... I would like to be away from Morgan." Ambrose's mouth twisted into a sneer at the mention of his meddling roommate. Ambrose lost track of his thoughts as Caleb brushed his thumb against his cheek, intensely looking into his eyes. Ambrose knew those eyes well, seen them when they weren't so soft and inviting, but right now that didn't seem so important. He was just happy to be loved.

"I know. I trust you." Ambrose breathed, eyes fluttering. He leaned into Caleb's touch again, calmed by Caleb's resolution. In the back of his mind though, he saw all those times Caleb got hurt, sacrificing himself for the rest of the group. Ambrose fought of the sinking feeling that this was gonna turn out the same way. Ambrose slid his hand to Caleb's jaw, pulling him into a deep kiss.

"How much longer should we keep them waiting?" He said softly once he pulled away.
Ambrose relaxed back into the couch, taking in the sight of Caleb. Reflecting back on the Caleb he first met, he would think he has had incredible growth from back then. Or at least he understood him better now. Ambrose welcomed Caleb onto the seat next time, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "Yeah I want to relax." He sighed as he leaned into his partner.

"Yeah, I guess I just don't wanna come uninvited." Amrbose shrugged and let out another sigh. "I know the rest of the group wants to meet soon... I don't know if I can though, I'm so tired." He pulled Caleb closer, pressing his face into his shoulder. "Even with the knives, I don't if we'll be able to win this."Ambrose thought back to that night, the scattered bodies and splattered blood. Those memories were still burned into his head, and he relived it most nights.
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