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17 days ago
Current Internal screaming intensifies.
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21 days ago
Is it me or all memes have become stale at this point.
1 mo ago Any insult from the Internet right here.
1 mo ago
Currently a DJ, as I have made a few little songs off of a Beat Maker App.
2 mos ago
Currently addicted to Nirvana.
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@BrokenPromise I know what you mean soooooo bad that it hurts.
@The Kid Lantern Interested.

So is Red Robin allowed?
@Inkarnate Good to know.
@Inkarnate @Ruby One hot and ready CS.

@Inkarnate Thanks for the heads up. Working on a possible CS right now.
Anyone playing Tim Drake, or is that up for grabs?

"It gets tiresome being a Phantom Thief."

Akira, the protagonist of Persona 5, ws absolutely bored out of his mind as well.
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