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4 mos ago
Current My problem witj Persona 5 is the music. As soon as you get to the title screen, you sit there for like 5 minutes because the music is too good.
4 mos ago
I swear some of the seeams I have are reality.
4 mos ago
Sorry for the long ass hiatus.
5 mos ago
Internal screaming intensifies.
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6 mos ago
Is it me or all memes have become stale at this point.


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I'm interested, but I'm never able to keep up with this type of stuff.

The fact that some GMs think they are all powerful and can do anything they want when they feel like it in an RP. I understand some people like to take their roleplays seriously and such and all that, but if someone criticizes the way you are handling things... and the GM seemingly nerfs your character or gets your character to have something horrible happen to them, because of 'plot', the very next day. It tends ro grind my gears til sparks are flying.
@PandaBradySorry, I am still here. Been a bit busy and hoiked on video games.
Still accepting?

Edit: Nevermind.
@PandaBrady Thinking of a character to write.

Mind if this character's weapon is a pistol/BB gun?
@PandaBrady Odd, I never got a mention notification.

Maybe the others haven't either.
I don't want to be that dudem but...

My God, I hate 'xd random' type characters. You know, the ones where people just randomly write weird and stupid shit just to be unpredictanle.

It might just me being nitpicky, but..
Hello, everybody!

I'm interested.
Awh. I'll miss this. I hope it does come back.

You don't get too many actual comic superhero RPs around here.
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