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3 mos ago
Current Ah Disney, thank you for the early X-Mas presents. Especially for that epic Loki trailer.
4 mos ago
Thanks Supernatural, I really didn't need my heart anyway.
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2 yrs ago
Chello is back after a very long time away.
3 yrs ago
I have returned after a long time!
5 yrs ago
I will be away starting today Tuesday the 5th until Sunday the 10th, so replies may not happen.


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Friendly bump. I'm really craving a Riverdale or Wandavision RP.
Hey everyone,

I am opening this up again and this time I added Riverdale to the mix.
Still looking for more buddies. PM me if you're interested.
Loki and a doctor strange be cool

Hi there, thanks for your interest. Shoot me a PM.
Hey everyone, I'm opening up my request again. I also added a new idea. Wandavision.
Hey everybody,

I am back to looking for more partners. PM if you are interested.
Hey everyone, I'm still open to more RPs. DM me if you're interested.
I'm interested!
Hey everyone, I'm opening this up again. If you guys have any ideas related to my interests feel free to share!
I am going to bump this up as I am still looking for partners.
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