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1 yr ago
Current Chello is back after a very long time away.
3 yrs ago
I have returned after a long time!
4 yrs ago
I will be away starting today Tuesday the 5th until Sunday the 10th, so replies may not happen.


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Hello everyone,

I have added a new fandom! PM if you want to play.
Still looking, don't be shy.
Hello everyone,

I have opened up my request for more roleplay and added a fandom, Star Wars!
Hey everyone,

I'm opening this back up for requests, PM if interested.
Hey everyone,

I'm opening up my request again, shoot me a PM if interested.
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for more partners again.
Just a wee little bump.
Still looking for more buddies.
I am still looking for buddies.
Still looking, don't be shy.
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