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Current Aren't there any people out there that like to get down with some of the favorite cartoons charters?
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I'm a guy who looking to do some Sexual RP within PM as I like to do other things instead of just sitting in front of a computer just to wait for a response. I'm open to many kinks but my top kinks are foot play and tickling. So please think about me if you looking to RP. Here a few questions you can answer. I only work on Monday's and Wednesday between 9 am to 2 pm.

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Still looking for people to RP with me. I have a scene idead that involved the series Fosters Home for Imangedly Friends, but for reason of the rule, I can't say much about it. If interested then please PM me.
I'm looking to do some adult RP as a cartoon character. Just PM me with cartoon characters you want to RP with and I will see if I'm into this character. From will know cartoons or forgot cartoons.
I'm still looking for someone to RP with.
I would be playing as Skippy Squirrel, the cute little squirrel from Animaniacs. I'm open for anyone to be any character there want to be but I'm hoping for someone to play as Bug bunny or Slappy Squirrel. I have a few scenes ideas for Skippy but I'm opened to anything. Now if you play as Bugs Bunny then Bugs could take Skippy in after learning that Slappy went breakdown in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock" or he finds Skippy doing something 'not a job for a kid to do' for money to pay for Slappy to be cared for at the home. Now as for sex scene it could be straight on where Bugs ask him to do sexual favors for room and money for slappy it is more subtle like some kind of accident seeing the others junk or something like that that leads to sexual fun. Now I'm opened to all kinks but not the gross stuff. My biggest kinks are foot play and tickling. Here a list of questions for you to answer and other scenes ideas we can do.

This is a list of cartoon and some anima characters that I like to play as in my old RP site and in the mood to play as. I'll put some info about her on here and some scene I think would with this character. Also, I only do smut RP with a bit of story so that way the (+18) there. First up is Mrs. Katswell.

P.S: I know this is not the hottest images of this character but if you look around you see why I have an interested in playing as her.

Before Mrs. Katswell was a mother, she was Katrina Katswell, a girl who lived in life to the fullest. She would go out dressing in the tightest shirt and show and show off her curvy thin body. Walking down the street making all the people start at her big breasts and firm ass as she went to work at her strip club. She would sever all kind of people with food, drink and much more. For her brak, she would bring someone into the back and show them a good time before going back to the strip pole. After work, she would walk around time look around for some fun. whether it was going to a bar for a drink, going to a dances club to shack her thing or just meeting someone cute person on the straight. At night she would go to the club, find someone to bring home and get down and kink until there can't anymore. This was a daily base for Katrina Katswell, A girl who just wanted to have fun. It was until she meets A fine-looking male cat who was a secret agent. Out of all the guys, she meets him was the one that made her fill like a woman and didn't even mind her over sex lifestyle when there become a couple. This went even when the two got married. It wasn't until she gives birth two daughters, Kitty and Katty when she stops her whole party still to focus on rising the two emeralds in her life. So, years when by, Her husband disappeared on a mission and was assumed dead and her two kids grow up and left. She was so bored and begin to remember her old life before motherhood. So, she put on some tight outfit and went out. She thought that no one would want to do her since over the years she gained weight and now had a chubby body. But to her surprises, there were tones of people who like her body. So she had the time of her life she hasn't had when she was younger. To this day she is still living her left to the fullies and works her milf body for all the boys, girls and herms in the world.

Just PM you. Hope to hear from you.
@POOHEAD189 Juzz sorry about that I thought it was ok since I put in hiding and put down (+18) on it
I have been looking for a new RP site since I was kick out of F-list and I hope to have many sexy RP with others. I mainly play as cartoon characters I know and only for sex. I do have one furson I play so if you a furry then PM me if you want to have some kinky fun.
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