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Yeah, I'm about to finish mine.
Edit: Here's it.

I'll start working on something too. For Arcana either Hanged Man or Sun.

Ava's smile deflated the moment one of the knights stopped the fighting, she hadn't gotten the chance to beat at least one person up, and they were asking for it with their taunts. Still, thinking objectively she had succesfully made contact with the Albian knights and gave them a somewhat good first impression. Being with them would make moving around the city much easier, and there was still the matter of looking for the other Laguz who escaped from the roof.

Things wouldn't be so simple however, as the "Laguz" beside her would prove. Briefly being amused at a brat trying to hit on her, Ava wouldn't have expected the kid to be stupid or crazy enough to cast Elfire inside a tavern, but as soon as she heard his crazy laughter she knew nothing good could come out of it. "Guess that solves the mystery of who started this mess in the first place" she muttered to herself "I'll gladly take your offer Mister, in fact I'd suggest we make a run for it right now" she directed her words to prince Erik. Fire magic and beast Laguz weren't exactly a good combination.
I'm going to put my interest. I like the idea of secret roles.
So the kid wanted them to play detective for her? Not surprising really, it did explain why she bothered to have an almost irrelevant family pay back their favor, he was suited for things like this. If the killer was clumsy enough he could get some clue on his identity with his magic trait, well that or getting to experience the feeling of having all your internal organs removed, though even that may be considered a plus on Arianne’s eyes.

Still, the good thing about being divided into three groups was that he could put minimal effort into it, given that one of the teams is bound to find less stuff than the others. And being completely honest Jun's wasn't looking like the most competent out of the three, having someone that didn't know who the subject of the meeting was until five minutes ago and the other one most likely having "fishing" as his affinity. So there was a possibility he could take it easy without any of the two bossing him around.

Deciding to ignore Mr. Kissinger's ominous-sounding advice to avoid jinxing himself Jun stood up and joined Leonardo, who still was thinking about fishing at this point. "Dunno never had much interest in fishing" he shrugged his shoulders "But if we finish quickly and you're still in the mood for fishing after looking at a crime scene I'll help you out" Jun figured that giving Leonardo a reason to work hard won't hurt him.

Ava - Dawn, Miricia

There was no need to strain her ears for Ava to notice the ongoing mess in the tavern. Somehow everything went from zero to a hundred in less than five minutes, starting from the roof collapsing. She was pleased with these turn of events though, it seems luck had decided to favor her this time, as now she had an excuse to beat a few people up and get answers of what occurred from there, something miles more interesting than pretending to be a dog. The king surely wouldn't mind her roughing of a few people up if it's for investigation purposes. Her human form would probably be enough for handling a couple of drunkards, but if she had to go against the Albian knights she would need to use her beast form.

Ditching her disguise Ava kicked the door open, not a few moments later getting a chair thrown at her by one of the patrons, which she narrowly managed to avoid. A quick look at the "We don't serve beasts or birds!" sign made her realize that coming out without hiding her ears had made her a walking target. Well, that saved her the effort of having to initiate a fight, she thought, a big grin forming on her face.
I think they're human sized or a bit bigger normally, unless they have the wild-heart skill that lets them half-shift. Volug from Radiant Dawn posed as a dog with it.
Ava - Dawn, Miricia

The “Future of Karula” was surely looking bleak right now. The situation was worse than Ava had thought, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife, worse of all the current laws meant that she couldn’t move freely through Dawn, which complicated her mission. Not wanting to try to hide her ears and tail, she used her ability to half-shift to appear as a gray-haired stray dog, which let her roam the streets. Aside from the weird looks from being a three-legged dog, no one seemed to suspect she was a Laguz in disguise.

Hanging around the main square while deciding what would be her next steps, Ava noticed a group of Albian knights entering a tavern. Curious about their reasons for being there, she got closer to the tavern, inspecting the door. Her current form presented a problem, she couldn't just push the door and enter it, dogs weren't allowed at taverns and at this point Laguz probably weren't welcome either, so she had to find another way to listen in. For now, she decided to sit outside the tavern and try her best to hear what was happening inside it, even if she couldn't hear everything they had to come out at some point.

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The Ar-Rynesarte lady was as charming as he had expected, and some of his co-workers, which seemed like the appropriate moniker to use now that they were all apparently servants for the kid, were proving to be somewhat eccentric too. Thankfully the conversation hadn't derailed into good fishing spots in London yet, though that would perhaps be a less troublesome topic to discuss than a serial killer.

“Continuing on that train of thought" Might as well voice my opinion "If we do go by the assumption that the culprit is inspired by the original Jack the Ripper, then we should probably see letters being sent sooner or later, given that’s how the story goes. If that were to happen then we would have an important clue to identify him, but we’re basically looking for a needle in a haystack until then" London was a big city after all and Jack's target demographic was the opposite small in terms of population, so it would be just a waste of time and resources.

He directed his next words to Arinne "Which brings back Mr. Kissinger’s question of what exactly are we doing here. I‘d like to think we aren’t going to be running like headless chickens hoping to stumble into the killer by pure luck”
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