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Klou Renfar

"May, stay back! Keep out of it's reach!" Klou shouted, "I'll take care of the fighting here," With May on standby, Klou could afford to get a bit reckless. She dashed forward suddenly, keeping an eye on the tip of the spear and trying to read the first attack. All she needed to do was get inside it's range, and the fight would be hers.

That spear was the big issue with that plan. If she got even a scratch, it would poison her. She only had one shot at this, so she had to make it count. The skeleton's movements were erratic, and it was hard to know whether a twitch was an attack or just another step forward, but she pushed all other thoughts out of her head. Right now the only things that mattered were her and the spear, and she would make sure that it didn't touch her.
Klou Renfar

A Skeleton Warrior? What is it doing on level one? Klou thought to herself as she backed up a few steps, trying to judge if there was enough room for her to slip past and lead it away from May. I can probably take it out, since it's alone. Normally I wouldn't try, but with May in the next room I can probably count on having backup if I need it. For now I'll play this by ear. Eying the skeleton carefully, Klou waited for it to make it's move, hoping that she would be able to dodge and dash around it when it tried to attack. She briefly thought about calling for help now, but May was still in the middle of her fight, and didn't seem to be in a particularly safe position when she had looked. Distracting her now might mean injuring the girl, and that was the last thing she wanted to do. Instead, she decided she would try and take care of this herself as far as she could.

In the back of her mind, she was still puzzling over the skeleton's presence. It can't have climbed all the way up from floor five surely, someone would have spotted it and taken it out. The creature wasn't quick on it's feet, and it would have taken hours at least to drag itself up four floors, especially without purpose. Had someone led it here? Had it somehow spawned outside of it's area? Possibilities spun around in the background as she dedicated her attention to her new foe.
Klou Renfar

Klou's fist impacted the goblin's face firmly, it's owner a bit miffed at being cut by such a wimpy foe. A few good hits should be enough to finish it off if it's companion was anything to go by, but just to be safe Klou yanked the offending appendage up further until the goblin was just barely able to touch the floor, driving her knuckles into it's face until it crumbled like it's partner. Only once she was sure it was dead did she release her grip, black dust sifting through her fingers before fading away into nothingness. Low quality as she was sure they were, she bent down to collect whatever drops the two may have left her.

With her own business dealt with for now, Klou reoriented her focus farther inward, placing her attention back on May.
Klou Renfar

Goblins were slow and it was a simple matter for Klou to sidestep the first attack, pivoting to the left and spinning in order to deliver a kick to the back of the Goblin's neck. From that position, the second monster was actually a threat, but Klou twisted her body to try and avoid the thrust, planning to grab the Goblin's wrist and pull it into her punching range.

Klou Renfar

Klou turned around at the sound of cracking stone, seeing the two goblins fall to the floor, weapons already in her hand, gave her a moment of pondering. Where exactly do monsters come from? She thought to herself, If they appear fully formed with weapons and hatred, they must have an origin. Her pensive thoughts drew to a close as she realized she should get into a combat stance. Just because this was the first floor didn't mean she could mess around. It was her first time in the dungeon, and she couldn't afford any mistakes. Setting herself in a low stance, she watched the goblins warily and waited for their first move.

Klou Renfar

Klou kept her eye on May as the girl passed by, seemingly not interested in teaming up. She was about to broach the subject herself when a wave of apathy passed over her, and she shrugged. If the girl didn't want to team up together, that was up to her. Surely any member of the Isis Familia could handle herself just fine. Still, Klou didn't let herself get too far from the girl. She would still feel bad if something happened to her and she had done nothing. She waited until May was almost out of her range of hearing, then continued her journey into the dungeon. Her ears rotated to follow her fellow Familia member, never letting the girl get too far ahead as she prepared for her own first dungeon dive.

Klou Renfar

Klou straightened her pack as she entered the dungeon square, shifting it to hang comfortably off her shoulder. She had seen her fellow Familia member tailing behind her after she left, but she wanted to see if the other girl would try to catch up to her or not, so she kept walking pretending not to have noticed. She fully planned to stop at the entrance of the dungeon and enter together either way, since she didn't want to feel responsible if May got herself hurt or something happened to her. Sure, they'd have to split the loot they gathered, but together they'd gather more than twice what they could alone.

Slowing down her pace a bit, remember what Isis had told her about her Agility, and pretended to enjoy the sights around the square. She paused by the fountain in the middle of the open space to 'inspect' it, surreptitiously watching her comrade draw closer from the corner of her eye.
is he leaving Aura crust on the contacts?
Wait shouldn't it be 400 HP?
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