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I don't care what your intentions are, its rude to advertise your own RP on someone else's thread without permission. Nobody here has expressed interest in joining another RP, and even if they had the polite thing would be to use private channels to share. What you are doing is akin to poaching or scavenging.
Sorry, I've been sick recently so I haven't had much motivation to do anything.

Claire trailed her fingers over Rath's arm as she straightened up. "My my, you all have fun with your roughhousing. I am off to see what kind of juicy gossip I can rummage up at the church." She ended her comment with a sigh, walking back around the desk and toward the door. "You definitely don't give me the easy jobs, my Liege." She said, twisting her last word until it was almost a purr. "Sending a pureblood devil to gather information from the clergy. Why, without my magic, it would almost be impossible." She ended her complaint with a playful wink before dissapearing through the door, leaving only her last words behind.

"I'm kidding, of course,"

Then in words only heard by Rath:

"I'll keep following you until you've reached the end of your potential. I'm far too interested to quit partway through."
Alice stepped out of the car, smiling in appreciation at Desmond before turning her attention to the current situation. Her heart skipped as the reality of how close they were to an enemy came over her, but she quashed her unease and set a critical eye on the area around her.

"I want to stay out of enclosed areas during the fight." She turned in a short circle as she spoke, taking in the surrounding area. "Baradiel, move the car behind those storage containers to get it out of the way, this open area here is almost perfect. We'll go in and try to lure the stray out. Alphonse, while he's doing that, go back and talk to the guard. Get him to call up his overseers and work some of your charm on them. I don't want video footage of this, but I don't want him to lose his job over it either."

"Desmond, get up on that roof. I want eyes on the target before we walk in there. I know you hate it, but with your phasing you can stay up there until the last moment and still be able to jump in if things go wrong."

With her orders handed out, Alice waited until everyone began their tasks before starting her own. Very carefully, keeping her magic subtle, she started laying the outline of a complex trap. The trap was almost more human magic than devil power, requiring all of her attention to weave, but the result would be a snare that would only spring when a target she had marked got close enough.
Alice almost stuck her tongue out at Alphonse at his collateral damage comment, but by supreme force of will managed to only give him a sarcastic look instead. She followed him outside, regaining her composure as he led them to where the vertical was parked.


The drive to the target was surprisingly uneventful. With the last days of the sun quickly fading, everybody was safely inside. The already sparse traffic thinned to nonexistence as they passed from the busy urban area into the industrial sector. Their target was hiding out in an steelworks warehouse just on the inside of Alice's territory.

The warehouse was a squat building with a rounded roof. No windows allowed visual access near ground level, but skylights on top of the building allowed the light from the full moon in. The entire property was surrounded by a tight chain link fence topped in razor wire. A single guard sat in a booth at the front gate, his eyes on the book in front of him instead of the street until Alice and her group stopped.

Alice took the proffered cup with a smile, leaving her night terrors in the room behind her. Listening carefully to Alfonse's explinations, she nodded at the measures he had taken. "Good. I had noticed some issues with funding, but I'd rather this stays in house. The last thing we need is someone from outside coming to check on our school. Send it over to me for final approval once you're done setting everything up." As Baradiel and Desmond entered the room Alice greeted them with another small smile, taking a seat and fixing her tea the way she wanted. There was still time before full night, judging by the sky outside, and she wanted to go over a few details before the fight tonight.

"Before we head out, I want to go over the plan. I want to go about this quietly, rather than charging in half cocked. We barely know anything about what we're up against, other than that they've been stray long enough to forget their sanity. We'll go by car most of the way to avoid being noticed and scout out our target. Once we're sure what we're facing, we can form a more concrete plan." Alice looked at each of them in turn, making sure they were on board. It wasn't much of a plan at all, really just a more proactive version of 'wait and see', but she refused to put any of them in danger because she rushed into a fight she wasn't ready for.

In winter, the air is cold and the days are short. All too soon, darkness falls on the US, but it will be another few hours before it is light again in the UK.

As the Washington sun began to drift behind the mountains, Alice woke with a start, grasping in the air for something to hold onto. Breathing raggedly, she stilled and ordered her thoughts, calming herself as she realized her bed was cloth, not stone, and that the past was the past. Taking more time than necessary to steady herself and change into some spare clothing she kept around, she moved to the door. She carefully pushed her way into the main room, fully expecting everyone to be gathered and waiting for her. She had no idea exactly how long she had been asleep, but she felt more rested than she had in days so it must have been a while.

"Alison." Claire commanded, her voice sharp. Speaking again, she softened her voice, sounding more like a mother soothing an angry child, "We're all family here. We must forgive each other our... quirks." Moving her gaze to Pan, she made a small shooing motion with her hand. "That said dear, you need to find somewhere better to lie down. Playtime is all well and good, but we mustn't let it interfere with work that needs to be done. I promise you can get all the attention you need when things settle down."

"I've heard some whispers around the church recently." She said, turning back to business. "I couldn't get close enough to hear specifics, but there's been talk of unrest in the ranks. Nothing overt mind you, but I've seen certain priests meeting with some of the Fallen after dark."

"Word is pretty little Alice is all set to take care of that pest of a stray." Claire purred as she shimmered into view behind Pan. She trailed one finger across their shoulders before taking her position behind Rath. She eyed Alison for a second before deciding to leave the issue for the moment. The tension might become a problem later, but if it did she would just have to dig her claws in a little harder. "I saw that posh queen of hers send out his raven earlier before he headed out. I suspect while they're handling that, her bit of London will be completely defenseless. The question is do we stay here and lurk nearby, waiting to show them up, or do we take a little trip to keep an eye on things for her there? It would be such a shame if that girl lost face because she got in over her head."

Reaching down to press a finger against the Bishop in Rath's hand, she continued, "Don't worry about this little problem. That brat in Alice's household has an eye for the good catches, but I'll find you something worth your while soon enough." The way she said the word 'brat' carried no venom, but rather brought a gleam to her eye. The boy was a challenging opponent on this board, even if he had more room to hunt than she did.

Name: Clairemont de Kiermo
Age: 342 (Actual) 30 (Appearance)
Claire is lithe and tall, exuding an aura of subtle grace.

Evil Piece: Queen
Familiar: Salamander - A breed of lizard born of fire. It can turn anything it touches to flame.

Claire's magic focuses primarily on sound and vibration.

Specific Magic:
Reverb - A spell that creates vibrations in anything Claire touches. These vibrations can be anywhere from a gentle hum to earthshaking tremors.

Forced Sympathy - A spell that creates a link between two objects Claire has touched recently. Once the link is formed, anything dramatic that happens to one of the objects will be shared by the other. This only works on inanimate objects.

- Seduction
- Research

Claire likes to keep her secrets to herself, saying that her past no longer has any relation to her future. Before joining Rath's peerage, she cut all ties with her past, took a new name, changed her face and disappeared from the world for a century. She is sure that any who once knew her now thinks she is long dead.

- Strong Men
- Beautiful Women
- A Good Book
- Chocolate

- Complainers
- Unwarranted Arrogance
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