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Grace Noel & Elle Marrow


Grace had been biding her time, waiting for Elle to leave the building before sending the picture she had taken, when all of a sudden every camera in the place went down. In a panic, she scrambled for a new view, landing on Elle's laptop that had thankfully been left open. Unfortunately, it had a terrible angle on the room, but she could see some kind of fight going on. At a lull in the fight, Elle walked slowly past the camera, then a few seconds later there was a bright flash and she came flying back across the screen.

"No!" Grace gasped, searching desperately for something she could do. She plugged into the emergency response system and sent an order for several ambulances to be sent to the building. There was nothing else she could think of, she wasn't a fighter, and she had nothing in place to save someone there.


Hours later, Elle was lying in a hospital bed, well in view of several cameras. She was alive, and safe for now. Seeing her phone sitting on the bedside table, Grace put together a little text message.

'When did I say you could get yourself killed? If you're not more careful, I'll have to start protecting you. Maybe in a concrete bunker.'

Cuts which had now been cleaned, and bruises that had already begun to show in purple splotches across her arms, sides and back... She'd had the wind knocked right out of her, suffered a hard conk on the back of the head, and as a result of the whole event, had a few bruised ribs to contend with. It wasn't pleasant- on the contrary, it hurt like a son of a bitch. But that didn't matter; none of it did. She had other things that were plaguing her mind right now.

The notification tone of her phone catching her ear from where it sat on the bedside table, Elle turned her head. Simply staring at it through her bright blues, the soft light flashing on and off, letting her know she had a message as she contemplated whether or not to just... let it go. Deciding against it after a few moments, she reached out. Her fingers curling around the phone, she pulled it into her. Eyes drifting to the screen as she read over the message. The familiar contact causing the corner of her lips to turn up in the smallest of smiles. Her hand lifting, attention drifting to one of the many security cameras only long enough for her to give a quick wave with her fingers, she began typing her response.

You think I planned this..? A week in pure renaissance bliss, remember..? Suppose I have you to thank for my little trip to the hospital...

'We'll call it even. Your dress looked good by the way. Love the sword, very 'warrior princess'.'

Moments later, a picture of Elle walking into the big, government standard building behind her brother came through, taken from one of the doorway security cameras. She also sent along a picture of her game avatar, wearing a very similar dress.

'I wanted to wait until next week for you to see that, but it looks like you might have your hands full. Don't worry, I'll save you some loot. Maybe. A few grays.'

Hands full... yeah, I guess you could say that. It was a mess I was dragged into; not one I wanted to be apart of.

'If you asked REALLY nicely, I could consider giving you a hand. I have something... special I've been wanting to try out.'

I... think we may have resolved the issue. The woman we were looking for; she came to us. So you remember that dagger I bought the other month..? Well, I kind of shoved it through her sternum. And my sword..? I've been told there's blood all over it. Though I don't remember stabbing anyone with it; at least, not outside of a dream...

'I didn't get a good look at what happened in that fight. Cameras were down. Do you really think that's the end of things though? Adora wasn't the only bitch with a new trick and a chip on her shoulder. She's just the first who caught your attention.'

Right. Of course she knew the person that they'd been digging into.

The first to cause my brother trouble, you mean. And of course you know her name. Don't go spreading it around though; I never got the chance to tell Flint, and if he's the last to find out, he'll throw a hissy fit.

'Don't worry, my lips are sealed. I don't work with just anybody you know. Besides, I hate to say it, but I need you to stay nearby for a while. I know you won't go tattling to LEGION about me, but if your brother finds me...'

She couldn't help it. She laughed. Though the moment she did, she regretted it. Pain shooting through her side from her ribs.

You know our deal. I'm the only one who gets to hunt you down.

'I'm not sure that's legally binding. Pretty sure your brother has jurisdiction over powered people where you are.'

Do I look like I care..? My brother is the reason I got dragged into this mess. The reason I-... Pausing, Elle shut her eyes. Slowly drawing in a breath before letting it out through her nose. Continuing on once she was done, I just think I want to go home.

Taken aback, Grace took a minute to respond to Elle's outburst.

'I wasn't thinking. You've just been blown up, and I'm asking you to stay and risk it again. You're right, this has nothing to do with you.'

Sighing, Elle lifted her hand up, rubbing at her face for a few moments.

No... I'm sorry... look, my flight home isn't until Sunday; I'll stick around till then. Go back to the castle, or... get a hotel room or something until I leave.

'I'll find you a place, you just get some rest.'

Thanks... and I will. Least until I check out of here.

'Night princess. Don't get blown up.'

I make no promises. <3

Zoe Flores & Christoph Tanner

Location: Rivera Family Home (West Vancouver; Canada).
Interacting With: Each Other.

The sound of her bare feet over the floorboards barely audible, Zoe made her way through the house. Slowing only once she'd reached the kitchen. Her hands working on autopilot as she pulled open the dishwasher, slipping the dirty plate into place in the rack, she closed it again. Her body turning, resting back against the counter, her arms lifted. Hands rubbing at her face.

By God, if only her mother could see her now- her sister. They'd both laugh.

She'd gone from being a house pet to a mother herself in the space of a few hours, and if she was being honest, she wasn't exactly sure what to do. She'd only just started to get her life back on the right track; settling down..? Having kids..? She'd never really taken the time to sit down and actually think about it; about whether or not it was something that she wanted. Now though-... Pushing away from the bench, the sound of beeping catching her ear, Zoe followed it. Her hand reaching out once she was in the laundry to shut off the washing machine. When all this was said and done... well, she wasn't sure what she was going to do, but calling home was a good start.

After making sure Aira was occupied for a bit, and patting her on the head for good measure, Chris got up to check on Zoe. She could certainly take care of herself, but she also seemed like the kind of person who would take on everything herself unless somebody intervened. Seeing her back as she entered what seemed to be a laundry room, he followed her, peeking his head around the door frame.

"Did you need to get some sleep?" he asked her, watching with concern, "I can take care of chores around her if you do."

"'s just... overwhelming..."

Hesitantly coming into the room behind her, he reached out to place his hands on her arms, not really sure if he was helping. "Well, I'm here for you now. If nothing else, you can try yelling at me until you feel better. I'm sort of new to this whole... whatever it is we're doing here."

Closing her eyes at his touch, her own hands resting over the washing machine, she leant back. Her back pressing against his chest as she turned her head. Her dark gaze flicking up to meet with his once she'd opened her eyes again, "..I don't want to yell at you, Chris... but this is something we should talk about- all of this..."

"I agree," he said, moving his hands to wrap his arms around her, "Everything happened so suddenly, my minds are still trying to catch up. I'm happy, here with you and Aira, happier than I've been in a long time and it's only been a day, but I'm also afraid, afraid to act, that I'll ruin something before it has a chance to really begin. Like you said, it's... overwhelming."

"..the problem is... this isn't a normal situation we're in. Can we afford to put it off..?"

"Aren't we like super heroes now? I'm not planning on letting either of you go while I still have a say. Besides, as far as legality comes into play, I think there's a pretty serious case of child neglect here. We could report Aira as abandoned. She might spend some time in the system, but I can pull some strings to make sure she's taken care of, and once the case has been cleared, we can foster her."

"Chris..." Twisting in his arms, Zoe's hands lifted to rest gently over his shoulders. Lingering there a moment before sliding up. Her fingers curling lightly around the back of his neck as her eyes met with his own, "..we can't afford to let her go into the system- even for a few weeks. What if she continues to have her little episodes..?"

"She doesn't have any other family, does she?"

Hesitating, she shook her head lightly, "..her grandfather passed away not long after he gave me to her..."

ChukkleToday at 12:28 AM
Tightening his arms gently, Chris gave his head a small shake. "Then there isn't much we can do. If we want to do this legally, she'll have to be kept separated while the court makes their decision. I can talk to some people, call in what favors I have, and put her in the care of somebody we can trust. I might even get us the right to visit her, but short of kidnapping her and running away, there's only so much we can do." Closing his eyes, he pressed his forehead to hers. "I know it's hard, but if we go through with it, then it's over. We would legally be her parents, and nobody would be able to fight us over that."

Closing her eyes at the simple touch of their foreheads together, she hesitated, "..her parents..."

"We'll have to talk to Aira about this..."

"..God... this isn't what I signed on for- I haven't even thought about whether or not settling down and... and having a familia is what I want..."

"Me either..." he drew back a bit to look at her, his conflicted emotions clear on his face. "Yesterday I was a hermit, trying my hardest not to be noticed. Now I don't know what I'm doing, everything is happening so fast I don't have the time to process it. The only thing I know right now is that I want both you and Aira to be happy. I want to spend time with you, I want to explore these feelings more, but most importantly I want you to be happy."

Opening her eyes as she felt him pulling back from her, Zoe lifted her head. Her naturally pouted lips parting as she met his gaze, "..say we do this... would they even let us take custody..? I didn't exactly get here in the legal sense- no one knows I'm here. And plus... we're not married... that's not exactly the foundations of a stable household..."

"None of this needs to be solved overnight," he said softly, idly brushing a lock of hair from her forehead. "For now, nobody knows we're here, and we can take care of Aira together while we figure things out. I'll reach out to some people I know discretely for advice in the meantime, and we can hide away until we're ready. You made it this far, and now I can take some of that weight off your shoulders."

She couldn't help it. She leant into his touch. Remaining there for what felt like a lifetime until she leant closer. Her body lifting slightly, raising up onto the balls of her feet in order to close the gap between them as her lips sought out his. Pressing against them in a gentle kiss.

"..gracias... mi amor..."

Chris, stunned for a moment, said the first thing that came to his mind, something he would have kept to himself in any other situation.

"I love you."

Zoe Flores, Christoph Tanner & Aira Rivera

Location: Rivera Family Home (West Vancouver; Canada).
Interacting With: Each Other.

Sitting back, Chris wiped his hand across his forehead, realizing too late that he had accidentally slathered paint on his face. Ignoring it for now, he sat back and took a good look at what he had helped make on the wall.

A soft yawn breaking the otherwise heavy silence in the room, Aira lifted her hands up. Rubbing sleepily at her eyes and smearing paint across her young features as she did so. She was tired... she always was after seeing something like that- after plastering it all over the wall. Arms dropping down to her side, her small figure fell against the larger one beside her. Her hands lifting, balling into small fists around Chris' top, she curled herself against him. Unable to stop herself from giving a second yawn as her eyes closed; once more their normal color now that the episode had come to pass.


"Alright little one." he said softly, scooping her up to return her to her bed. Placing her gently on the mattress, he carefully removed her fists from his shirt and did his best to wipe the paint off his hands before pulling the covers over her. Smoothing her hair back once, he left her to sleep before stepping back and turning to Zoe.

"She should probably have a bath, with all that paint on her," he said in a low voice, "but I'd feel bad making her stay up, after what she's been through."

Nodding her head, the only sign that she was even paying attention to what was being said to her, Zoe let her attention linger. Watching the child a few moments longer to make sure that she wasn't going to wake again before she let her gaze wander. Turning instead to meet with Chris', "..I'll change her sheets tomorrow... make sure there's a bath waiting for her when she wakes up... for now, I just-... I want to let her sleep..."

Nodding, Chris motioned toward the still open door, turning to follow her out after taking one last look at the painting now adorning the wall next to the others. On the canvas, a woman stood over a body on the ground, and several trucks burned in the background. The trucks on the ground had 'Nova' painted on their side, but Chris had never heard of that company. Once they were both out of the room, he carefully closed the door, not letting the handle go until it had latched without a sound, he sighed as quietly as he could and then looked at Zoe.

"Is it just the two of you here, alone in this house? Where are her parents?"

Scoffing at the mere mention of Aira's parents, Zoe dropped her head. Shaking it lightly from side to side before once more her gaze met with his. Her arms folding over the front of her chest. The action causing her breasts to look bigger than they actually were, not that she was trying, "Those pendejos. I wouldn't consider them parents. As soon as they figured out what Aira could do, they used it for their own gain. Struck it big at a few races... won the lottery, then pissed off somewhere and only come back when they need another injection financially. They abuse her ability, and then leave her behind to fend for herself."

"What?" Chris growled, looking back at the door. For a very brief moment, part of his brain told him he needed to take care of her, that parents like that wouldn't even notice she was missing, but kidnapping was a crime regardless of the situation. Letting his sudden anger drain, he blew a breath through his teeth.

"Well, I can't in good conscience let you two keep on like this alone. It must be exhausting taking care of her like this. What can I do to help?"

" have no idea..."

Breaking into a small smile, Zoe shook her head lightly; and for the first time, he could see just how tired and worn out she actually was, "..I've been here the better part of a month, and I think I've only gotten a couple of hours sleep a night... sometimes less. And then even when her parents are here; they aren't here, if you know what I mean. They just don't care. So I sneak around at night; I cook, I clean, I order groceries, I do the laundry... it's... severely exhausting, yeah... worse on nights when she has episodes like she did tonight..."

Chris rubbed his palm against the back of his head.
"I know you just met me tonight, but I want to help that little girl. I feel like she and I are the same in a lot of ways. Both basically without family, both having to work around the changes we're going through." Looking away, he muttered almost to himself, "Plus I wouldn't mind spending more time with you."

Clearing his throat, he continued, "I don't want to get in trouble with her parents when they come back, but if you need anything, just say the word and I'll do what I can.

He... wanted to spend more time with her..?

Surprise flickering across her features, her brows raising slightly, Zoe watched him. Her head dropping when he cleared his throat. That wasn't something that she'd been expecting- honestly. She hadn't been expecting anything that had happened through the night thus far. It was definitely an eventful one, though, she had to admit that it hadn't been without its benefits, "..stay then..."

"Stay... here? As in, here in the house?" Chris let the surprise show on his face, "Aren't you pretending to be a rabbit? I guess that might be blown after tonight, but what happens if her parents come home tomorrow?"

"..they've been gone for almost two weeks without so much as a phone call... either they aren't coming back, or when they do walk through that door, I'm going to ram my fist down their throats for what they've put her through."

"I..." Chris hesitated, sure that something would go drastically wrong. He wanted to say yes, perhaps partially because he had been alone for so long now, but he couldn't help but imagine all that could go wrong. When was the last time he had trusted his heart and taken a leap though?

"I'll get my things tomorrow, then."

Nodding her head lightly, showing him she understood, her arms broke away from across her chest. Hands lifting up until she was able to rub at her face, unable to help a yawn from slipping through her own lips, though she knew she couldn't rest yet. There were still things she needed to do. For fucks sake, she still needed that shower. As much as she loved a pop of color, being painted a multitude of them was most definitely not her style.

"..there's still so much to do..."

Dropping her arms back down to her side, she looked away. Her gaze staring off down the hallway for a few moments of respite before she brought her attention back to him, " have paint all over you, by the way..."

"Yeah..." he chuckled, looking down at himself, "Honestly it's not a new experience. Not even the first time this week. I'll probably grab a shower when I go home to pack, a bit of mess doesn't really bother me in the short term."

Remaining silent, chewing on her lower lip thoughtfully, Zoe turned away from him. Her movements slow, with purpose as she headed off down the hallway that led away from the girl's bedroom, and instead wandered towards the master bathroom. Her body pausing in the doorway, she glanced back at him. Holding his eyes for a brief spell, she slipped inside and out of his sight; though the invitation was more than clear as the door remained wide open behind her.

Eyes closing, head tilted to the side, her hand lifted to lightly ruffle at her long and dark wavy locks as her feet carried her through the room until, thanks to pure memory, she came to a stop in front of the shower. Her body leaning into it, she reached forward with her free hand to twist at the taps. The ever relaxing sound of water flowing filled the air, the alluring warmth of the steam causing a smile to once more play over her lips. Her body relaxing the very moment that she took that step and entered the shower... allowing the warm water to wash over her; running rainbow with the paint that began to slowly wash away down the drain at her feet.

Chris wondered what he was doing as he followed her down the hallway, completely spellbound. What if he was reading things wrong? What if he ruined everything right here? What if-

All thoughts of what if fled his mind as he turned into the open doorway and saw Zoe there, standing in the running water. Finally allowing himself to actually look at her, to take her all in, and he came to a decision. For tonight, at least, he would stop worrying about the future, about 'what if,' and give things a try the way she did.

His decision made, he stepped through the door.

I feel like this is just going to be an RP that updates a couple times a week max.
Christoph Tanner

Interacting with: @Vicier

Christoph slowly closed the door behind him, careful not to make a sound. Not that it mattered if he did, there was nobody else in the house to disturb, but it felt almost like a ritual to ward off bad luck. If he was very quiet, maybe nobody would notice him as he walked around town, and he could clear his mind without worry.

As he began walking, he took a look at his hand, having caught his attention as he left. He was beginning to pale dramatically, after several months with little sun. It probably wasn't healthy for him. he should probably ease up on his paranoia, open some curtains in his house. As long as nobody was spying on him, it would be fine.

As he pondered his predicament, his feet continued to carry him along barely lit residential streets, trailing a new path while he wasn't paying attention. He wasn't worried about getting lost, since the Incident he had a nearly perfect memory, one of the few good things that had happened to him. As he came out of his deliberation, he found himself in front of a particularly large house, separated from it's neighbors by a wide yard and a tall fence. He would have liked to take a better look, but at that moment he stubbed his toe on a crack in the sidewalk, barely suppressing the shout that wanted to force its way out. When he tried to hop on one foot to ease the pain, instead of stumbling against the fence like he expected to, his entire body fizzed in a familiar way; with dread, he fell through the fence and into some kind of animal pen, right through a small wooden structure. In desperation, he tried to crawl back to the street, but luck was not on his side today. His phasing ended abruptly, with one leg still caught in the wood of what he saw now was a rabbit hutch.

"I hope I didn't hurt a rabbit..." he muttered to himself as he tried to settle into a more comfortable position. He could only wait for his power to activate again, and hope nobody in the house had been woken up buy the noise he had made when he fell.

Name: Grace Noel
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religion: Atheist
Occupation: Self Employed

Immersion Seed - Grace can transfer a portion of her consciousness to any machine or computer, and from there to any connected machine or computer, as many times as she wants. When in control, she has the full abilities and interfaces of the host machine, as well as access to any data stored on it. In order to transfer to a device, she needs to break through or circumvent any security.

Grace has been hailed as a savant from nearly the moment she could sit in front of a computer. Quickly outpacing her educators, she began isolating herself around the age of 10. By 15, she had stopped going to school, and by 18 she had stopped leaving the house altogether. When told to get a job, she produced a bank statement reading half a million. Her parents neglected to ask where the money had come from. When she was 19, she moved into her own apartment, in a place where they didn't ask questions, and set up her permanent residence, from which she hasn't left for three years. For the week she was missing along with 3 million other people, nobody even noticed her disappearance.

Throughout her life, Grace has worked with the police of several countries, various religious and criminal organizations, been a part of several ongoing government projects, and is kept on contract at many of the biggest software development companies.
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