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Current Posting is gonna be extremely limited until the weekend, same thing next week as well.
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Get up! Life's not done with you, yet!
13 days ago
Today, one of the players in my (renaissance-tech) D&D game packed over 30 grenades into his backpack, then got a natural 1 to throw one of them. Neither he nor the dwarf next to him survived.
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22 days ago
There's a house in New Orleans... They call the Rising Sun... And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy... And God, I know I'm one
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Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't.
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Surprise, it's my signature.
...two females battling in fisticuffs...

...which brave champion will take his stead?

Also, that's not a dude.

Reid Farmhouse - Tunnel
@FernStone @Surtr Inc

Paige was very glad to recieve Caelea's help. She hadn't asked for it, because how could she ask anyone to risk their life for her, when the reason she wanted their help was to protect hers? It would have been hypocritical. Still, Paige didn't want to die, and while this girl wasn't the strongest, it was something just not to be carrying her entire weight, and it probably saved her life.

"Thank you, so much," Paige said as the pair moved forwards. "I won't forget this."

When they reached the end of the tunnel, Paige stepped to one side, to let Caelea go first. "You first. You risked your life to protect me, you don't deserve to lose it for me," she reasoned with the other girl.

Once Caelea was up, Paige followed, passing her crutch up to anyone who might be there to recieve it, or otherwise just throwing it up as best she could. Then, in her strange way of doing so, she hauled herself up each rung of the ladder, finally reaching the top as the swarm was becoming unbearable below. Paige pulled herself up and into the garage just as time stopped.

The state of stillness that Jordan had caused was disorienting, but at this point Paige had come to accept that her prior concepts of what was possible had turned out to be wrong, and in similar fashion just accepted that her friend could do this. It wasn't like she hadn't been warned; she already knew that most, if not all of the people that had come here were capable of... something. Honestly, Paige just wished hers would show up soon so that she wasn't constantly relying on everyone else.

Speaking of which, the dark-skinned girl who'd led the way before was asking about Abstractions.

Paige spoke up, still catching her breath. "In terms of abstractions, I've got nada. But, I do have one idea; I doubt there's much ventilation in that tunnel. If we can start a fire, the smoke should clear out most of the insects, and then we won't be trapped. Anyone got anything for that?"

Once done speaking, Paige took a step back, and moved to stand beside Jordan and Kimberly. Not wanting to interrupt whoever was speaking next, Paige only spoke quietly, saying "You alright, Jordan? That hit looked nasty."
So the dragonborn thought Saerin was scared of him? That was almost ridiculous enough to clear up her bad mood. Sure, he looked tough, but Saerin was accustomed to much worse than 'tough'.

"Oh, your majesty!" Saerin said, in a sarcastically ceremonial voice. "Please accept my sincerest apologies for not appreciating you enough, I shall do better next time!" She then switched to a more serious tone, drawing a dagger, and saying "Your scales are black, dragonborn. Still, what I normally deal with? It tends to get darker."

As Saerin said this final word, she held the dagger up, near the dragonborn's head, and clenched her forearm, hard. The veins in her wrist bulged, and then suddenly burst. Blood sprayed forwards, onto the black dragonborn's face, while the dagger was now charged with electricity, tiny bolts of lightning wrapping around the blade and occasionally sparking slightly. Saerin stepped backwards, so that there was a full five-foot gap between her and the dragonborn, moving the dagger lower but still at the ready. "If you want me to leave, you can-"

"Unless you are the ogre's sister! But of course, do beg my pardon, dear ogress. You seemed so much... taller last night."

Saerin had mostly been ignoring the third companion up until this point (simply by not spouting insensibilities quite as much as the others, he'd managed to become her favourite of the three). But this, finally, managed to get under Saerin's skin as well. So instead of continuing her confrontation with the dragonborn, she simply dropped her arms to her sides, sighed, and said "Never mind."

Saerin put the dagger away, ending the rite and restoring her blood to her body, and walked towards Esperglow Castle, repeating in her head 'It's not worth getting arrested, it's not worth getting arrested, it's not worth getting arrested', but not really believing it.
You say that, but I've literally been considering activating my Crimson Rite in my next post.
The three of you have managed to drain most of my character's sanity away in less than two rounds of posting. Not that I made it hard for you, but still...

@Duck Here are my applications. I may do a location at some point, but for the time being this is what I have.
@Duck This looks cool. Are you still taking applications?

I'm not interested in joining this roleplay, but you get like 10,000,000 points from me for using House of the Rising Sun. If you couldn't tell by either my signature or my status, I rather like that song.
Granted, but you have to come with him. Without a space suit. Right now.

I wish for literally nothing to change.
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