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Current… Someone went dark in an RP I'm in, we could use a replacement because plot. Only 1 round of posts in.
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Things not on the DM job description: making a maze out of shelves in the governor's wine cellar because the elf hostage-takers had time to reinforce and you wanted to include multiple entry points.
2 mos ago
[@Metadude] You only just got that now? Shame. Mtg's had it since '03.…
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Things are beginning to clear up, which is awesome. I may be able to return to the fold properly over the next couple of weeks.
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Very sorry, guys. Family business has come up, it's unlikely I'll be able to post regularly until at least December. I wish I could but this is serious, and it won't be resolved quickly.
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Lord's Blade Ciaran



Lord's Blade (prefix, or suffix with a comma) - This title refers to Ciaran's role in the service of Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. I operate as a chief assassin, and am the only female member of his Four Knights, some of Lord Gwyn's most capable followers.


Norfolk, England - time zone UTC +1 in summer (last sunday of March to last sunday of October), UTC +0 in winter (last sunday of October to last sunday of March).

Bio theme:
President Snow (The Hunger Games)

Roleplaying things

Fandoms I would consider roleplaying:
Mass Effect, Halo, The Witcher, Magic: The Gathering, The Elder Scrolls, Skulduggery Pleasant, Middle Earth, Shadowhunters, Warhammer 40.000, Dark Souls

Genres I tend to like:
Fantasy and sci-fi are good, cyber punk is very good. I also like urban fantasy when it's done right, and at some point I'd love to try some steampunk, though my only past experience with it is Mortal Engines.

Playing in:

GMing in:
Nothing, currently. I don't GM very often, as a personal preference, but I do it when what I'm looking for doesn't exist elsewhere.

Interest in joining something new:
None, currently.


Somewhere in the area of 5'11.

Weight and build:
Thin, but less diet plan thin and more low-level malnourishment thin, despite the fact that I eat normally (or at least I think I do). Muscle mass is nonexistant.

Dark brown and quite short.


Skin tone:
Not especially pale, not especially tanned. Generic white person.

Dress style:
Typically jeans with a t-shirt that has something nerdy written on it. If it's cold, add a hoodie, also with something nerdy written on it.


I'm good with numbers, and working with problems reliant on numbers. Consequently, I like the traditional kind of RPG (videogame or dice - both are cool with me), as well as the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Additionally, I'm pretty laid back, generally speaking. However, if you are oppressing or hurting someone knowingly and intentionally, you better start running. In my roleplays, I have a zero tolerance policy with these kinds of acts, and the purpetrator will have no second chances. However, I'm fairly lenient with most other rules. Other things about my personality include extreme competitiveness, pedantry and a lot of sarcasm.

Music interests:
No particular genre or style. I like Taylor Davis, Pentatonix, Halestorm, Lindsey Stirling, Two Steps From Hell...

No actual phobias, but I do have a normal fear of tight spaces, like claustrophobia.

D&D alignment:
Lawful neutral

Briggs-Myers personality type:

MTG colours:
Esper (white, blue, and black)

I'm mildly autistic, though people who know me personally (including myself) are rarely surprised to learn this.


Favourite quote:
"To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be destroyed." -Will Herondale, The Infernal Devices

Theme song:

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@Rai CS submission is complete.

@Rai This looks interesting. I'll give it a proper look tomorrow as I don't have loads of time right now, but I may be in.
Lanowen Pendragon

Lanowen tilted her head slightly, so that Venus was visible out of the corner of her eye, when the other knight spoke to her. Not a common knight? Was it so obvious? She didn't show it, but this worried her somewhat. She decided, as usual, that hiding her identity would be best, for now, at least. Both the late king and her father had been killed by assassins, when rightly they should have died in battle for just cause, sword in hand. She would not suffer the same fate, and doing so meant hiding her talents. For that reason, she replied "Have you been talking to my soldiers? They are far too generous in their opinion of me; truly, I am little besides a knight, and perhaps a hard worker."

Lanowen observed Venus for a moment before continuing. She was surprisingly well-groomed, how she had found the time to be so, Lanowen was unsure. Perhaps she needed to reconsider her priorities, perhaps not; they had not met before, so Lanowen did not know how much of a help Lady Dare was. Certainly, she must have been at least somewhat capable in order to have lived this long. "Still, Lady Dare, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lanowen Heptaltac. As for the man over there," she continued, "I do not know him, though... he does seem to have a certain aura about him. How quaint."

Lanowen had her suspicions about him, but she kept them quiet for the time being. She had heard herself described before, and she saw a few shards of these in him. Perhaps she was wrong, more than anything she just hoped that she wouldn't be recognised.

"However," she said, turning at last to face Venus fully, "your other request, I can fulfill. You want to speak in private? I can avoid being missed for a few minutes, at least, with all this going on." Lanowen gestured towards Gawain and The Green Knight alongside the last remark. All that drama should provide a few minutes, at least. Before checking they weren't being watched, she turned towards a nearby, narrow passageway, looking behind her to make sure Venus was following. In there, they should be out of sight, and out of earshot as long as they kept their voices down.
@Zahrale Not volunteering, for obvious reasons, but would it be best if I get on with posting in the meantime so the RP doesn't die in the wait?
Also still here.
Agreed. You delete PW, you upset 8 to 15 people. You leave it, you upset no one (that I am aware of). While it is more stagnant than perhaps it was originally intended for, it still has value to a handful of people, while deleting it helps no one.
Lanowen Pendragon

Lanowen paced the courtyard, overseeing her soldiers' practice. She did not directly take part, except to demonstrate; they could benefit more from her advice than she could from battling them herself. "Don't parry so hard, Ergas," she told him. "You'll only tire yourself out, and you'll be fine either way, whether you make them miss by an inch or a meter." Her advice was good and true, and many soldiers were proud to serve her.

This was hardly the full story, though. Lanowen was tired, they all were. The night raids took the opportunity to sleep from them, and the day was needed to prepare for the next. Even when the opportunity arose, it was difficult. It's impossible to rest easily after something like that, the screams and the clash of sword on sword and the feeling of utter hopelessness as lives are cut short all around you. Lanowen doubted there was a single man, woman, or child in the city who remembered what it was like to sleep without nightmares.

Another of her men had died last night, though "man" was perhaps the wrong word. He, Tretin, swore he was old enough, but Lanowen doubted he was even seventeen years old. They'd been so desperate for recruits, it didn't matter, not to them, anyway. It certainly seemed to matter now.

She knew she shouldn't do this. She was a Pendragon, the last heir of a once-great house. Upon her rided the sake of countless people. If she was supposed to be among the greatest of all mankind, how could anyone expect to succeed while she wallowed in her pessimism? It would not do. She looked to Gawain, the last true Round Table knight. She could never best him in combat, surely no one could. Perhaps he could not win the war alone, but he was an icon, an example, an ideal of courage, honour, and every other virtue you could ask of a person. If anything could win the war, it was this: the best qualities of mankind on display for those not gifted by blood or magical charm to follow, and share in their strengths. This, surely, was what Lanowen must do.

It was then that a commotion began to arise nearby. Two soldiers arguing over something. Lanowen left her soldiers to continue what they were doing, and hopefully defuse the argument before it got violent. It was then that she saw the dark-haired knight arriving, presumably with the same intent. These were not her soldiers, perhaps they were his. She stood to one side and watched, to see what he would do.
@Renny You can post first if you want. I was having trouble coming up with how to start anyway.
@Zahrale I didn't bother working it out. More interesting that way, I think.
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