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Estimating about two weeks until I can get my laptop replaced and my posting will be back up to speed.
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Very sorry about this, but my laptop's having some issues and it's not worth saving at this point. I'll be posting from my phone until I can get it replaced, which could mean quite a long time.
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@Ruler Inc, we both know Savo found it first.
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The only use I've ever gotten out of the Visitor Messages system has been a brief, silly exchange with Inkarnate, and honestly I'm not even disappointed.
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Town hall
@Ruler Inc

Paige was grateful for the help getting down, but she didn't want any more than absolutely necessary. When it seemed like Lynette and Britney were going to carry her down the stairs she told them that that wasn't necessary. "Just support my weak side, and make sure I don't fall," she said to Britney specifically, assuming she was the stronger of the pair. Even is she didn't mind being a burden to the others, she still wouldn't have been able to bear the indignation of being physically hoisted down the stairs.

Once they were downstairs, Paige joined the search through the archive. Frustratingly, she found nothing - though Britney's estimate seemed accurate, it would be a lot quicker if they found what they were looking for without having to search the whole place, not that it was likely they would be so lucky. Paige wanted this over and done with as soon as possible, not out of laziness, but out of a desire for safety. More time out here was more time when someone could be killed.

Paige turned when she heard the voice that she didn't recognise, but quickly decided it was best to stay out of this. The others were already trying to resolve it, and more people talking to the mayor at once probably wouldn't help. Besides, guns had always made Paige feel uncomfortable, but vastly more so after she herself had been shot. As a result, her decision was to stand back and draw as little attention to herself as possible. The mayor, if he had even a shred of sanity left, should be able to tell they were human with no difficulty at all.

Town hall
@Atrophy@Ruler Inc

The cold fucking sucked. Though Paige had prepared the best she could, donning the most cold-resistant clothes in her wardrobe, her narrow frame did nothing to protect her, and her hands and face were still exposed. Plus, the snow made the ground uneven, making walking even worse for her. At least her weird fashion tastes would blend in better with the snow. Maybe that'd come in handy. More likely it'd just screw her over, though.

She was grateful for the times when Penny stepped back to walk with her. While she preferred to handle any problem she could (especially those related to her disability) by herself, there's a difference between independence and stupidity. Lagging behind could get her separated and killed. Even her pride wasn't worth that risk.

Once, as they were walking, Paige quietly said to Penny "Gotta talk to you later. Next time we're safe."

Other than that, she did not speak along the journey, not even in the graveyard outside the hall. What was there to say? It was gruesome, and horrific, but those people couldn't be helped now. This image was just another obstacle to be pushed out the way so that they could end this nightmare.

They entered the hall, and Paige was called up to the front, next to Penny once again. Paige wasn't completely sure on the reasoning behind that decision, but her guess was that the other girl just wanted to look out for her. Again, practicality was more important than pride, so the backup was appreciated, if that's what it was. Still, Paige wished she didn't have to be given backup in the first place. At least she had that Abstraction to help her - maybe she could fight off whatever was in here instead of running.

"I don't do well with stairs, especially if we have to go fast. And since Britney doesn't recommend the elevator, I guess I'll stay up here with her," Paige said when splitting the team (again) came up. Not that a rear guard was an inherently bad choice, but these guys clearly didn't watch many horror movies.

Grand Ridge Academy
@Ruler Inc @Atrophy

Paige smiled from where she was standing. She was tempted to give a round of applause. Britney seemed to have taken her advice to heart, already sharing more than she usually did, and though from Britney's perspective it must seem risky to hand over authority to anyone else like that, it was a decision that showed trust in the others, which hopefully would in turn encourage them to trust her. This was progress, and given time, Paige would seriously be able to believe that they were capable of winning this, of defeating the Glutton. The catch, of course, being that there wasn't all that much time left to be given.

Teams were being decided, and this was an easy choice for Paige. She had enjoyed her interactions with Penny so far and certainly knew her better than Justin, her only other choice. Not to mention that she was taking to the leadership role pretty well, her decisions all seeming quite grounded. Besides, Paige wanted to talk to Penny about something - privately.

So Paige walked over to where Penny was stood, again walking past Britney. The message she whispered this time was far more affirming than her previous: "You did good," she said, accompanying the simple statement with a brief but warm half-smile before she continued across the room. She was genuinely proud that Britney was learning and hoped it would be enough to save them.

Paige raised an eyebrow at Penny's comment as she joined her group. "I wanna say for the record that before I got this thing-" she said, gesturing with her head towards her prosthesis "-I was pretty fuckin' good at dodgeball, so speak for yourself."
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I'm interested, but I don't know the historical period that well. Will this be problem?
@Ruler Inc wait I did what

Thanks dude. Really means a lot to be told that I'm doing a good job... speaking of which, you've done a great job with this rp. I don't compliment people enough, so I hope I don't come across as ungrateful. Seriously, good work for keeping this thing alive this long without it ever getting boring or becoming too much to keep track of.

Grand Ridge Academy
@Ruler Inc

Paige nodded to acknowledge Britney's apology, but said nothing. It was good that she'd recognised her mistake - or at least, what Paige considered to be a mistake - but she also didn't seem likely to avoid it in the future. Paige's opinion right now was that honesty was vital among the group, as secrecy would only lead to distrust, which would lead to failure. The stakes were high. They couldn't afford to do anything but trust each other, and yet trusting Britney was feeling harder and harder every time she had to come clean with the others. Paige was almost certain that Britney had more truths that she'd omitted, and while Paige didn't doubt that Britney had her reasons, she didn't believe it was worth sacrificing the unity of the group over.

Now seemed to be a good time, as nothing was trying to kill them yet, and so Paige decided now would be a good time to attempt to persuade Britney to explain whatever was left that she was hiding, in the hopes of preventing infighting in the future. However, Penny changed the topic quickly, so Paige was forced to wait, frustratingly. There might not be another good opportunity, and people might die if this didn't happen.

Anyway, though Paige listened with casual interest to the talk about Abstractions, but focused fully again when Britney started discussing their goals. Paige was prepared to follow orders as long as they seemed sound, which they did, if cold. Britney was clearly the type to think with her head rather than her heart. This was an entirely logical route to take, of course - Paige simply feared that when a person relies on logic entirely, the group is supported but not the individual. It's far too easy, when thinking in that manner, to see a human life as a necessary sacrifice, which is hardly a good way to inspire trust. Besides, Paige was a cripple - if anyone was being sacrificed, she'd probably be an early pick.

Alcohol was served. Rien was right, it was dangerous. Paige preferred to be at the top of her (admittedly weak) game while in so much danger, so she wanted to abstain. However, it felt disrespectful not to take part when the toast had been to those members of their group that had died, and so Paige limped over to pour herself a small drink. She did not return to her seat, instead taking up a space leaning against the wall, in such a location so that she would walk past Britney on her way over. As she passed, she leaned slightly towards Britney, and whispered "You need to reconsider your priorities right now. No one will trust you while you keep these secrets."

She took her place on the wall and watched Britney closely, no longer bothering to obscure her face, simply presenting a calm, though judgemental, expression. If she thought Britney was going to get them all killed, Paige was prepared to strike first, and stop the problem before it could grow out of control.
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