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Current Very sorry, guys. Family business has come up, it's unlikely I'll be able to post regularly until at least December. I wish I could but this is serious, and it won't be resolved quickly.
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Still looking for more players!…
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(I accidently hit my enter key while typing that) because I'm proud I got it to work.
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Posting this status from my Raspberry Pi because
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If you enjoy new and different takes on fantasy, please look at my interest check here:…


Lord's Blade Ciaran



Lord's Blade (prefix, or suffix with a comma) - This title refers to Ciaran's role in the service of Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. I operate as a chief assassin, and am the only female member of his Four Knights, some of Lord Gwyn's most capable followers.


Norfolk, England - time zone UTC +1 in summer (last sunday of March to last sunday of October), UTC +0 in winter (last suanday of October to last sunday of March).

Bio theme:
President Snow (The Hunger Games)

Roleplaying things

Fandoms I would consider roleplaying:
Mass Effect, Halo, The Witcher, Magic: The Gathering, The Elder Scrolls, Skulduggery Pleasant, Middle Earth, Shadowhunters, Warhammer 40.000, Dark Souls

Genres I tend to like:
Fantasy and sci-fi are good, cyber punk is very good. I also like urban fantasy when it's done right, and at some point I'd love to try some steampunk, though my only past experience with it is Mortal Engines.

Playing in:

GMing in:

Interest in joining something new:
None, currently.


Somewhere in the area of 5'10.

Weight and build:
Thin, but less diet plan thin and more low-level malnourishment thin, despite the fact that I eat normally (or at least I think I do). Muscle mass is nonexistant.

Dark brown and pretty short.


Skin tone:
Not especially pale, not especially tanned. Generic white person.

Dress style:
Typically jeans with a t-shirt that has something nerdy written on it. If it's cold, add a hoodie, also with something nerdy written on it.


Lawful neutral, INTJ, if you care about either of those things. I'm good with numbers, and working with problems reliant on numbers. Consequently, I like the traditional kind of RPG (videogame or dice - both are cool with me), as well as the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Additionally, I'm pretty laid back, generally speaking. However, if you are oppressing or hurting someone knowingly and intentionally, you better start running. In my roleplays, I have a zero tolerance policy with these kinds of acts, and the purpetrator will have no second chances. However, I'm fairly lenient with most other rules. Other things about my personality include extreme competitiveness, pedantry and a lot of sarcasm.

(Not finished, for now)

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@Hekazu He looks good to me. Put him in CHAR.
3 years -> 1 year -> 5 months -> 1 month -> today. Apparently, people on this thread don't understand the concept of a roleplay dying.

@halliwell Afraid you're out of luck.
@Hekazu It sounds fine. However, it will be limited in the size of things that can be affected (though weaker materials can be affected across a larger area), and in that it can't be used on living matter (since, if it could, it would be inherently better than the bonebreaker discipline). Some items, such as a necromancer's power source, will also be especially hard to break, due to the magic within them.

Anyway an elemental could defend against it using air to deflect flying shards. Wouldn't be able to prevent it from breaking the object, though.
Things are looking rough.

Magic. It's real. Hidden from the eyes of "mortals", kept secret to all but the lucky, or unlucky, few, it's been influencing history since its discovery, so long ago no one even knows which millenium it was in. It's always been relatively small-scale, a tool that influential individuals have used to tip the scales in their favour... until recently.

For the first time since the Ancients, a sorcerer began gathering an army. Mevolent, a mage of extreme power, prepared for war, aiming to kill those who opposed his beliefs so that the evil gods, named "Faceless Ones", could return unhindered. If they do return, it's game over for the world. No one, not even their worshippers, can survive the insane power of the Faceless Ones.

Immediately, Mevolent gained enemies. Previously, organisations named "Sancturaries" were unnoficial safe havens for mages and sorcerers to practice their craft, away from the mortals. This ended with Mevolent's rise. Now they are a united, worldwide force dedicated to stopping Mevolent and his followers. Lead by Eachan Meritorious, Grand Mage of the Irish Santurary, they are the only line of defence the world has against the worshippers of the evil deities.

The war went well for the Sanctuaries, at first. Though Mevolent is believed to be the most powerful sorcerer alive, his armies were smaller and suffered numerous defeats during the early decades of the war. However, in 1700, after fifty years of fighting, Nefarian Serpine, one of Mevolent's most dangerous followers and a general of his armies, killed Skulduggery Pleasant. Skulduggery was an excellent warrior and tactician, and his team (later called the "Dead Men" for surviving suicide missions) had been an almost unbeatable force in the battles against Mevolent. His death was the beginning of when things began to turn around for Mevolent, and now, he's at the height of his power.

Alongside Serpine, Mevolent has another famous, powerful general - Baron Vengous. However, in the past few weeks, rumours have been confirmed that Mevolent has recruited a third. Lord Vile, a necromancer of unmatched power.

Ireland, 1850. Grand Mage Meritorious has ordered the formation of a new team, their goal to sunder individual components of Mevolent's force, and, eventually, cut off the head of the snake. "The Deicide Squad", skeptics have called it, and the name's stuck. A handful of specialists from every corner of the world, gathering together to do the impossible. Better get to work.

God damn it I have too much on my plate already but I wanna join. Save me a spot in case things clear up.

(Also, in the section on black magic, you used white once by mistake, right at the end.)
(Before we get started, I'd like to clarify: no knowledge of the Skulduggery Pleasant universe is at all expected. The fandom's somewhat obscure, and I wouldn't expect to get a group of any real size out of only prior fans. However, the books are very good, and I'd encourage you to read them if you have any kind of interest in urban fantasy.)

(Also, we are not sticking to canon. Due to what I'm generally expecting for the plot, it's likely that several characters that were alive in the books will not survive this rp, and vice versa.)

Ireland, 1850. The evil sorcerer Mevolent has been fighting a war on a global front, battling the magical organisations known as the Sanctuaries for over two centuries. It is his goal to return the evil, insane gods known as Faceless Ones to our world, and once no one is left to oppose him, this may well happen. Worse yet, though the Sanctuaries held the upper hand during the first decades of fighting, Mevolent has begun to turn the tables. Skulduggery Pleasant has been dead for 150 years, and now, alongside the cunning manipulator, Nefarian Serpine, and the brutally fervent Baron Vengous, Mevolent has recruited a third general for his armies: the unstoppable necromancer Lord Vile.

The Sanctuaries are losing the war for the world. If the Faceless Ones return, humanity will be wiped out. This is not a fight in which the Sancturaries can afford to be defeated. That's where you come in.

You have travelled to Ireland, one of the three Cradles of Magic - areas where all magic is at its strongest. Mevolent has most of his strength marshalled there, but his control of the country is not total. It will be your job to work your way through Mevolent's forces, assassinating key targets in an attempt to destabilise Mevolent, and eventually, kill the man himself.

So, do I have your interest?
Emily watched as the others each fell into their own respective tortures. No doubt each was horrific, but equally, there was little chance that Emily could do anything to help them. Better to wait until they recover by themselves.

A dark force came across Emily's mind. Probably a demon, or a devil, or something similar. She regarded the presence curiously, then spoke out to it, mentally.

You're stupider than I'd have thought if you think that you can use my lack of guilt to make me feel guilty.
And you're stupider than I'd have thought if you think that makes you safe.
What can you do to me? I have no conscience for you to exploit.
Then use theirs.

Emily's vision blurred momentarily, then returned to clarity. Suddenly, she couldn't stop thinking about the other students, the ones that had died in that huge mound, a few minutes ago. How terrible it was, what had happened to them, and how it was even worse that she hadn't felt a thing. She realised how she was seen. She knew she was a monster.

She wanted to throw up. She was kneeling now, she hadn't been paying attention to it, but at some point she must have knelt down. Now she couldn't take her mind off the surviving students, how they would hate her if they knew about what she was. For the first time in her life, she cried.

Next she thought of her mother. The dissapointment she must feel in Emily, to know that her own daughter did not love her. The daughter that she'd pushed herself to the edge for, working obsene hours to support the pair of them alone, did not love her.

Not that she would have to any more. Emily was in Hell, and she'd never escape it. Even if she got the chance, she couldn't take it. Not after what she'd done. It would be better to stay where she was and recieve punishment for her crimes. So Emily curled up, shaking, as the guilt carried her off into a nightmare.
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