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Current I went to EGX Birmingham today. Over three hours driving each way, so I had to get up at 5:30am to arrive on time. I'm tired. No replies this evening.
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Unfortunately, curved swords over three inches (ikr) are illegal in Britain, but at least that narrows down my choices a little.
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5 days ago
I've decided to get another sword after Christmas. I currently own a rapier. Any suggestions?
8 days ago
Summer, a user here on the Guild, just made me a signature image and I'm so damn happy with it.…
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So I just saw an ad for an author. Said author's first name was that of a close friend of mine, and their surname was the same as mine. Coincidence? I think not.


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This looks cool. I don't have a character suitable for this yet, but I'll come up with something.
It was an acceptable result. Lillith's death was regrettable, but her relevance to Charlotte had only ever been short-term anyway. As for Kull, he was injured and retreating, having chosen not to defend himself from Charlotte's stab. With any luck, the pain from the wound would be distracting enough for her to finish the job.

If she had been able to continue her assault, Charlotte might have won the fight then and there. As it was, Kull had managed to use Lillith's body in defending himself, delaying Charlotte enough that this wasn't an option. Clever, but he was delaying the inevitable.

Charlotte retreated two steps diagonally (to her left and backwards) as what was left of Lillith's massive bulk stumbled towards her, the body moving between them before falling and rolling once, a few feet to the side. Before it had passed, Charlotte moved into something akin to a sprinter's starting position, before darting forwards the moment the space was clear. Cinquedea once again in reverse grip, she held it close to her chest in left hand, her arm reaching across her body with her hand almost at her right shoulder, the weapon ready to parry as necessary. Meanwhile, the estoc was being used to stab once more, this time aiming for Kull's heart, using torque from an anti clockwise shoulder rotation to add power to the lunge.
I'm staying, though there is something else I'd like to point out real quick:

Charlotte stabbed at Kull's left eye with the cinquedea...

The estoc could puncture...

You got the wrong weapon with that attack. Dame was too close to use the estoc.
Though Lillith demonstrated commendable bravery by attacking in such a manner, Charlotte couldn't say the same about her foresight. Certainly, though, their opponent was more skilled than either individual, so the logical step would be to rescue her ally, regardless of what Charlotte thought of her. She could use a claymore-swinging brute by her side, though at the moment the adjective was a little unsuitable.

Though the action had been decided upon, the manner in which the action was to be performed had not. Charlotte had neither the strength, nor the endurance, nor even the opportunity to interpose herself directly, so that was out of the question. Of course, the disadvantage of using one weapon in two hands was that there would only be one item both to attack and to defend with. So, to prevent the attack, give cause for defence. The best defence is a good offense.

It was with this reasoning that Charlotte once again closed the distance between herself Kull, swapping her cinquedea to a normal grip as she did so. Once she was within reach, Charlotte stabbed at Kull's left eye with the cinquedea (an estoc being to large to use at this range). In doing so, she offered her opponent a choice - kill Lillith but be maimed and possibly killed (should the cinquedea pierce his brain) before getting a chance to fight the Dame, or defend the blow with his weapon instead of attacking Lillith at all. Of course, there was always the possibility that Kull display his prowess again, and find a third, less obvious, solution. Despite their situation, and what he'd said, Charlotte couldn't help but be impressed by her opponent's capability even so early in battle.

As she did this, Charlotte also held her estoc low, but pointing diagonally upwards, in order to make room for it and to have it ready to strike or defend.
That's fine. I'd had trouble deciding how exactly to act anyway.
Charlotte raised an eyebrow at her opponent's comment about women, but remained silent. There are many situations a woman can find herself in, in which it is best to let actions speak louder than words. Embarrassing a warrior in front of a crowd of thousands was one such action, in the situation of dealing with an abrasive pig. Still, there was a reason she hadn't been made to fight alone, so she witheld further judgement for the time being.

Charlotte had been prepared to fight her opponent head-on, despite his obviously superior strength and armour. Still, she would hardly complain that her ally wanted to take her place in that manner, though simply asking would have sufficed. She watched them as they approached the man, for a hearbeat longer than seemed natural. Leave it be, she thought. Why not let the bulls butt heads, if it isn't their nature to accomplish more?

The other woman's plan was simple, but Charlotte could work with it. Charlotte shouldn't have much trouble skirting around the back of the fight, if the man was busy fighting his larger opponent head-on. With this in mind, Charlotte circled anti-clockwise around the armoured man, staying at least five paces away throughout. She positioned herself diagonally behind and to the left of him, estoc in her right hand, cinquedea in a reverse grip in her left. Just as the larger woman would strike, she too would dart forwards and lunge with the estoc, attempting to do what it was made for and pierce his armour at the back, missing his spine and hopefully his ribcage, going for a punctured lung. If he would stagger from the other woman's punch, she would then pull the sword out and dodge to the right to avoid being hit with his bulk.
Charlotte awoke, and the world spun. No memory of how she got here, but it wasn't hard to figure out. Someone had slipped a sedative into her drink and sold her off. There were plenty of people who'd want her head, and more than enough could afford to buy it. In any case, that was what had lead her to this humiliating position.

A booming voice, a woman's, brought Charlotte's hearing into focus, then sharpened her vision. The owner of that voice, a huge woman, stood a few metres away, apparently addressing someone well outside the small room the pair were in. Outside, past a raised portcullis, a huge crowd of people looked over a sand-covered, circular stage. A man stood in the middle, apparently who the other woman had been speaking to a moment ago. It appeared to be some kind of arena, and by Charlotte's understanding it was her and the other woman who were to fight the man outside.

How wonderful. She was meant to be sitting among the rich and influential, watching this very fight and discussing court politics. Instead, her captors had insulted her pride and sent her to scrap with the dogs. She wasn't sure if it made it better or worse that she'd have done the same thing, had their position been swapped. Still, at least they'd had the sense to leave her dressed as she was. Even if she couldn't act how she ought to be, at least she could appear that way.

Charlotte stood up, brushing the sand from her dress. Thankfully, most of the blood was in the main part of the arena, though one unfortunate knight proved an exception to that. Stepping past the big woman, Charlotte strode forwards, stopping about halfway between the middle of the arena and the room she'd just left. Looking about the crowd for a moment, she drew both her weapons, giving the estoc a short flourish as she did so. She spread her arms wide, and bowed mockingly at her opponent, daring him to make a move.
@Doc Doctor @AllHollowsEve I'd be cool to battle you in the meantime before our other thing starts up. Though she's not quite finished yet, I have a character I'm working on which I'd made for that, here:

I'll need to finish up her backstory at some point, but this should be okay for now.
@Summer Wow, that's amazing. Thank you so much!
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