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I... have no idea what I'm reading, @Briza.

Working on a post for my character. Kind of an introductory post, setting up his current situation IC. Sorry it's taking so long, I've got no excuses other than, y'know, being shit. D:
I'm sure he would, much like nearly every other Kindred!

Name: Gareth Allard
Age: 154. Appearance-wise early 40's.
Species: Kindred, Malkavian, Camarilla. 8th generation.
Gareth is obsessive, cunning, unyielding and not a little bit mad. He lives for his job, and his personality accomodates for it. Naturally investigative and curious, smart enough to know not to poke his nose where it doesn't belong yet clearly deranged enough to do so anyway. When Gareth is given a mission - or picks one - he will follow it through no matter what. As determined and brutal as he is in these aspects, as contradictory is other parts of his personality. Gareth is social and witty, laidback in conversations as well as life in general whenever not working.

When he keeps his madness in check, Gareth is an exceptional detective and informant. He knows a lot of stuff and a lot of people, and a lot of stuff about a lot of people. His main hobby in life (death) is indeed his job, and he works with serious tenacity. Gareth has a photographic memory, something he makes use of along with his analytical skills. Gareth doesn't employ a large network of contacts like many others in his business do, but opts to go places and physically finding out stuff himself. He has contacts, of course, just not the numbers one might expect of a man in Gareth's position. He is not beyond using technology, but it's generally just not his forte. It is a common belief amongst people who know him that the only way to keep Gareth "sane" is to keep him working, as his focus seem to at least temporarily overcome his curse.

He acts erratically, and can often be found writing nonsense on walls whenever he has a pen and time in and on his hands. He is impossible to offend, and treats others as if they were the same. He understands nothing of art, but loves it and collects it. Paintings, in particular. He likes plenty of other people, but isn't above killing any of them. Some (most) would call him a sociopath, but Gareth merely views himself as Gareth. He simply, generally speaking, does what he wants, whether it's talking, laughing or killing.

Speaking of which, Gareth firmly believes that the laws of Camarilla should be upheld no matter what, yet seemingly has tremendous troubles not to break them himself. His mad streaks include, but are not limited to, an incessant need for tormenting various creatures, preferably Kine or Garou, a very strong need to drink blood no matter how recently he fed, a compulsive repression of his human memories and very, very real nightmares that sometimes occur when he is awake, as if they were visions. Indeed, he believes they are. Moreover, he doesn't even dislike Kine nor Garou, he just wants - needs - to brutally murder them.

Gareth is the proud proprietor, owner and only employee of Allard's Agency, a private detective firm that isn't actually a private detective firm but rather a room in a deserted office building in the outskirts of Los Angeles, with a homemade sign reading "Allard's Agency" nailed to the door. Living in Boston since the early 20's, Gareth Allard has been part information broker, part private detective and part hitman in employ of the Camarilla. During later years he has, however, had his hitman "license" revoked by the Camarilla as these murders seemed to ramp up his madness rather than take off the pressure, leading to less than satisfying results.

Gareth used to be the premiere information broker in Boston, but was due to reasons as of yet unknown the subject of a personal vendetta driven by Boston's Prince - Quentin King III. Gareth chose to flee rather than fight, and left Boston for the warmer climate of Los Angeles a mere six months ago. It wasn't the climate that drew Gareth to Los Angeles though, but rather connections and possibilities. Generally a city of turmoil, LA has been even more chaotic than usual lately - a great opportunity for someone like Gareth to squeeze in. Moreover, Gareth's childe - Alima - is an established figure in Los Angeles.

Today, Gareth is the go-to-guy for many of Los Angeles' less fortunate supernaturals whenever they need help and information in particular, be it about other beings of the night, kine, companies, history or even themselves. That is assuming they can pay the price, naturally. Gareth takes payment in a rather unusual form - that of people. When Gareth is contracted, he typically wants a specific type of person, or even a specific individual, as payment. This is more than likely another reason Gareth has not reached the heights he might have otherwise done. Moreover, Gareth also undertakes missions of his own, usually merely in order to satisfy his curiosity, which is never satisfied.

Gareth remembers little of is human life, but he believes he was a math teacher. Or a janitor. Or something else. Likely a murderer or similarly depraved individual, or so Gareth has concluded based on his own behaviour. What he does know is that he originally comes from Wyoming, that his father was a dentist and that his mother was not. He also knows he was embraced in 1863, because his now dead sire has told him so.

He has had many dealings and contacts throughout his years in Boston, and had he not been mad and instead actually cared about power and influence, chances are he would have been a very powerful and influential person by now. Instead, he has often been used by his ungrateful peers - but Gareth simply never cared. He is popular and reputable amongst many Malkavians across the States and have been so for quite some time, and while most vampires would never trust Gareth, they tend to like his antics whether they want to or not. Paradoxically, the orderly Camarilla clans seem to have the most problem with Gareth as a person, yet the most use of him as a professional.

While Gareth Allard is new to the LA scene, he has already earned the respect of the lower standing citizens, and the higher ups are no doubt fully aware of who they now have in their midst. If one were to make Gareth an enemy, he might even now prove very dangerous indeed - but how do you make an enemy out of someone who literally can not be offended?


<Snipped quote by cider>

Well, the Camarilla hasn't been in power since 1944, and none too popular. An open Camarilla agent like this character would either have to be Camarilla on the downlow, or publicly at least turn their back. Otherwise I'm trying to figure out why one of the big Anarchs didn't dust him.

Huh. I didn't realize there was actual precedent for this. As in, that there was canon lore. I've looked it up now though, and yes there is. I had assumed the Camarilla was in charge. Oops.

I'll rewrite some of the bio.
<Snipped quote by cider>

Has he always been in L.A.?

Not always. He's originally from northern US. He's been in LA for a very long time though, nearly a century. Do you want me to add that to the CS?

Also damn, I just noticed the "GM" and "CO-GM" stickers in the upper right corner of the posts now. How long have they existed?
My CS on page 3 is now finished.
Hah, you look like roadkill.
Thanks for the info! I'll rework the CS accordingly.
Hello. I have a few questions.

1) You mentioned in the OP where this RP is set, but I wonder when? As in year. Maybe this was indirectly written, but I'm probably not familiar enough with the lore to understand it if so. I'm a big fan of Bloodlines (although it was a good many years ago since I last played it) but have zero experience with World of Darkness otherwise (well, other than RP's). On a similar note, I also wonder what this conflict between the Camarilla and Anarchs was.

2) If I understood it correctly, this is set in the same "world" as Bloodlines? I'm aware there's different editions (? wrong word maybe), but the only one I'm familiar with is the one used for Bloodlines.

3) Is it okay to submit a CS used for another roleplay? I can't remember ever doing that before, but I have a character concept I really liked from another WoD-RP several years ago that never really got off the ground that I'd like to adapt to this.
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