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What do you have in mind?

Not sure! I didn't and don't have a specific character in mind, yet. We'll see what pops up. I am thinking about Banner/Hulk.
I'll chuck in my interest. Had a short stint in another one of these a couple of years ago - hopefully not so short this time.
Fuck. Sorry guys, I don't have any excuse for being absent. I just kept pushing my post further back and then forgot about it altogether. I did get a new job so that may have been a part of it, but it's pretty dumb to forget about a commitment as far as I'm concerned, so; sorry.

Still here though, not quitting. Just read through IC (good stuff btw, seriously, I'll try and work some of the world building into my post) and been working on a sort of introductory post. It's past 2 am here right now though which means I'm going to bed. Hopefully I'll finish the post after work tomorrow.

As for the Discord discussion, I use it extensively myself, so personally I am all for it and just joined the server. The main pro about Discord (or whatever service doing the same thing) is to be able to discuss things in a quicker environment, airing thoughts and conduct som collaborative brainstorming. That tends to work better in a chat format than a forum format, as far as I'm concerned. That being said, if people are adamant about not using it, it's probably best to keep the discussion to the thread just like we're doing right now, so that people don't feel excluded. Just my two cents.
Right, here's my CS. I got carried away when writing the bio and ended up with a novel, so I put it in a hider and wrote a more "condensed" version that's easier to handle for others. I mean, length and detail is all well and good but 2k+ words on a fucking bio is just excessive and a bit much to expect others to read just to familiarize themselves with a character. The longer one has exactly the same info but more details on this and that.

Aiming to be done by Saturday myself. Not because the CS is so god damn splendid it takes me five days to write it, I've just got a cold and can't be bothered.

Anyway, the idea is an old and cranky but genial Militia terrorist who has spent the better part of his life in prison during which time Arcadia has forgotten him, but he has not forgotten nor forgiven it. Vengeance, old rivals etc, you know how it goes. So, dibs on that!
Alright, so I have my character ready, I just don't know how to do the thing that DeadDrop and ElRey have done, excuse me for being new to this, I just don't want to be the only one who's posted it without the cool drop down bar.

Just type [cider]blablabla[/cider], except "hider" instead of my great name. Then you'll get this;

You can also type [cider=borkborkbork]blablabla[/cider] which will end up as;

If you look at the bottom of the page were you're writing, you'll see a headline called "Formatting Cheatsheet" and a toggle button. Just press the button and you'll get a guide on BBCode. There's also an entire forum section sporting various guides on fluff stuff and other things, if you're curious.

You can also simply quote someones post (by pressing "Quote", that is) into your replybox to see what BBCode they've used and how, which is why DeadDrop's post looks like a fucking mess when you quote it. :)
Not gonna lie, been checking this section for a cyberpunk RP since I saw the gameplay reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 (from which your pictures - bar the top one - are, right?) and lo and behold - here it is!
Just a quick note about The Affair. In 1920s Florida there wouldn't be any need for local authorities to cover it up. The fact three black men had assaulted a white man, even if there was an accusation of rape involved, would automatically confer a death penalty on the black men.

The real challenge would be to stop the local population from lynching the three before they managed to get taken into police custody. Even then the three would likely find themselves in serious danger of falling down stairs, tripping over and accidentally smashing their facers into the floor and waking in the middle of the night to find their ribs had spontaneously broken while they slept during their stay in jail awaiting sentencing.

Most black men around this time would've just moved their entire family out of the area as soon as they discovered Norma's relations with a white boy, rather than confronting him. In fact, they'd probably have moved out of town after she'd stood up to a disgruntled customer for the first time, to avoid the inevitable firebombing of their home the day after.

<Snipped quote by cider>
The trait is entirely to do with the unwillingness to kill, and nothing to do with religion. The name is just for flavour.

We already had this discussion in depth over on Discord, when people were asking whether a character who would be willing to kill for religious reasons should have the trait or not.

Can't claim I know all too much about the era (not even American, after all). In any case, what you say sounds reasonable. Kenny, however, was ashamed of almost "allowing" himself to be killed by blacks as well as having an affair with a black woman to begin with and thus didn't let anyone know (this is in the bio, but maybe it's not clear enough?). There were rumours to the point of it being an open secret however, and I can see why Norma and her family might've probably skipped town after the attack. Thus I've now rewritten that part of the bio to have Kenny and Ray track them down elsewhere instead. Thanks for the points!

@cider Sheet's good, but you have too many traits. Shave off a few and Kenny will be accepted.

OP didn't say anything about it so I didn't consider that. I can see now that you've said about max 10 on the last page though.

I figure "Crippled" might cover the "Slow" trait, so I've removed the latter along with "Abrasive" and "Fisherman", which knocks down the total to 10.
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