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"We have a visual on Vault 112A's blast door, Miss President." Lieutenant Brian Richter reported to the distorted hologram image flickering in the palm of his power armored hand as his reconnaissance platoon crammed into the room behind him, their work in the garage overhead complete. "We are prepared to breach the fallout shelter at your command, but be advised, communications will be lost entirely upon entry." He intoned.

"Remember your briefing, lieutenant," came her garbled reply. "Doctor Stanislaus Braun was a scientist first, and an overseer second. His preservation, his cooperation, is vital for our plans going forward. Not only does does he have in his possession over two centuries worth of research from Project Safehouse lost to us ever since the evacuation of Control Station Enclave, the man singlehandedly invented the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, a device capable of terraforming preconditioned sections of the moon in seconds with nothing more than the press of a button. To reverse engineer it ourselves would take too long, even if we retained the personnel and facilities of Raven Rock."

"Acknowledged," Richter affirmed, motioning for his platoon's resident engineer to man the control panel. "Our intelligence indicates a dweller population of eighty-four, if available vault records are to believed. Evacuation should occur on site, even though our nighttime insertion by means of vertibird appeared to avoid detection, there's simply no telling exactly how much time we have before our operation here is discovered."

"Your tactical assessment will be taken into consideration. You may proceed." She voiced before a dossier seemingly materialized in her hands, it's contents giving her pause. "I have just been informed by Doctor Whitley that Tiffany Dithers' inconsistent anomalous readings show an awareness of her simulated experiences caused by the past cannibalization of her cryosuspension pod for it's memory chip. Ensure that her existence is wiped from the minds of the subjects, and bring the woman to research and development. She may yet be able to prove herself an asset rather than a liability."

Richter ended the transmission with a salute. Ordering the blast door of the fallout shelter opened, he stood, arms neatly folded behind his back, as his men rushed inside to secure the vault, eager to begin dismantling and taking over it's many systems.

A World Set on Fire

Winter in the Capital Wasteland, unforgivably harsh as it was to the unprepared, has brought about a brief respite of peace to the countryside of the unstable region as skirmishes with supermutants in the ruins of D.C. reach a fever pitch following the maturity of the next generation of behemoths purportedly organized by a mysterious 'warboss' known only as Shephard, who, if the rumors are to believed, possesses an unparalleled grasp of tactics and strategy for his kind rivaled only by what the children of the Brotherhood of Steel call the 'Master', the nightmarish progenitor of the West Coast's Supermutants.

Organized raider and slaver activity, markedly decreased as of late due to heavy snowfall and a subsequent reduction of overall caravan traffic, remains a danger to any traveler subject to their ambushes born out of a desperation to survive to see the long awaited return of spring.

Rivet City, having benefited greatly from their wealth of technology and equipment gained through their joint escort missions of Project Purity's water caravans alongside Elder Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel Chapter, begins establishing fortified outposts in neighboring buildings to civilize the outer D.C. ruins through 'reclamation'.

In the wake of the cold of winter, with the snow falling heavy, its seems just like a matter of time, until the calm will end. For War Never Changes...

The United States of America, more commonly known as the East Coast Enclave, the Capital Wasteland Enclave, or simply the Enclave, continued to occupy Adams Air Force Base after Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel assaulted it four years ago aided in battle by the Lone Wanderer. Although sustaining additional crippling losses to personnel and equipment that have only in part been replenished by the recent integration of the Midwest Enclave outposts, they were spared from the annihilation that instead befell the Citadel by their greatest individual adversary. Reorganizing under the leadership of Dr. Grant, the Enclave is now entirely refocused on their initial presidential directive of establishing an extraterrestrial colony, having finally come to the grim realization their diminished population cannot endure another war on the scale of the Purifier Conflict. To this end, the Mobile Base Crawler has been demilitarized, and currently serves it's original prewar purpose. The industralized center of the Enclave war effort, Adams Air Force Base, although largely incapable of mass production, is not only self-sufficient when it comes to food and water (the latter thanks to the Purifier), but can readily manufacture vehicles as well as equipment. Albeit considerably weakened, the Enclave nonetheless still possesses a fleet of vertibirds, a few trucks, several howitzers, military grade robots (primarily duraframe eyebots), force field technology, plasma weaponry, and perhaps most significantly, upgraded hellfire power armor for the average infantryman. Due to birth rate concerns, women who have predominantly served as officers in the past are barred from combat duties until they have a third child, a controversial policy that came with a mix of positive and negative results.

The World Set On Fire

The activation of Project Purity, whether truly infected through President Eden's tampering or the Lone Wanderer's sabotage, brought about a second apocalypse for the Capital Wasteland. Hundreds ultimately succumbed to the gradual corruption of the Forced Evolutionary Virus in the weeks to follow as Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel unknowingly distributed poison free of charge to the rank and file of their organization as well as the masses, which, ironically, was most commonly misidentified as a resurgence of the long eradicated Blue Flu. Refusing to initially reassign the necessary personnel and resources to meaningfully address the perceived mass epidemic due to the ongoing war effort wiping the remaining Enclave holdouts off the map, settlements resorted to quarantining victims, and, emulating Rivet City, began the practice of burning their dead. At the conclusion of the Purifier Conflict, an event known to former members of Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel as the fiery Scission, the Lone Wanderer betrayed them, targeting the Citadel with a surprise tactical nuclear orbital bombardment. Despite everything, in the four years since, life has gone on.
<Snipped quote by Cifeiron>

I plan for them to be more.. mobile in this upcoming RP. The rise in manpower will definitely be welcome.

Here's a discord link for out of character chat purposes. It'll be nice if you joined.
I think I'm going to be what's left of the Enclave at Adams Air Force Base.
<Snipped quote by Cifeiron>

I'll definitely take the Outcast.

Expect to be pretty powerful. You would've been able to get a small influx of recruits when Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel went boom.
Subbed. I've been in search of a good fallout roleplay for a while now.

Want to reserve anything?

Already devastated by the actions of the Lone Wanderer, and the Purifier's widespread contamination of the region's water supply with the forced evolutionary virus, the Scission, known to the rest of the Capital Wasteland as the destruction of the Citadel by tactical nuclear orbital bombardment, resulted in a power vacuum with the former two superpowers of the city, the Enclave and Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel, reduced to little more than a shadow of their former selves. Now, four years after the Purifier Conflict, factions new and old alike struggle for dominance in the irradiated capital of prewar America.

This is going to be a fairly casual role play, but expect to put in some degree of time and effort into posts, so they can pass a bare minimum of readability. Roleplayers can create or alter factions as they desire (primarily keep within the boundaries of the Capital Wasteland and terrestrial DLC locations), and I'm unlikely to outright deny any. However, keep in mind the power dynamics of the Capital Wasteland have changed drastically since the days of the Enclave and Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel. Hell, Megaton is nothing more than a smoking ruin nowadays. Generally, as a rule of thumb, expect that the Lone Wanderer chose every bad karma quest outcome, and that factions such as Talon Company, Rivet City, the Outcasts, will be roughly about as powerful as factions can be initially in this roleplay.
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