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Not necessarily. If no one wants to play one they can always be NPC'd and doing their thing in the background. You can even make it a point of the game. Someone onboard is killing tech-adepts! they have to be found and stopped or else shit will go sideways real quick.

True or those pesky orks boarding the engine and killing the adepts inside. Both would be fun,
I'm around, just busy.

Arbites okay? Or maybe a death cultist?

Both are perfectly fine with me.
Actually they do have a monopoly, That's the entire point of the tech cult and why they are so powerful and independent within the normally strict Imperial hierarchy. Without that monopoly there would be little reason for the Imperium at large to tolerate their shenanigans or bend to their whim as often as they do. It's also why military campaigns or mining operations can grind to a complete halt sometimes. Without a mechanicus agent around, no one knows how cogitators work or how to do serious repairs. Yes a guardsman can maintain their own lasrifle, sure. But the train would and could not run without a techpriest on board. And if things went wrong no one outside the cult would have any idea of how to fix the train if shit started to break.

Your typical Imperial citizen may not even know how the plumbing in their hab-blocks works. They simply accept that it does work and trust that someone above them knows how to placate whatever machine spirit that keeps the water flowing.

And the Death korp engineering corp is a military engineering corp. They aren't fixing generators and repairing tank engines so much as digging fortifcations and mining out trenchworks. Engineering corps in that context means they are experts at creating or breaking through a siege situation. Not repairing and maintaining equipment.

Okay point taken. We need a tech priest then.
@Dusty Strictly speaking, engineering officers don't exist. The secrets needed to keep even the simplest machines operational are closely guarded secrets of the techcult that they don't give out to anyone who isn't also a priest of Mars.

I mean the Death Korps of Krieg has its own engineering corp. I don't really believe the Mechanicus has a complete monopoly on tech maintenance. Imperial Guardsman are expected to maintain their own las riffles after all.

Interesting. I would definitely love to see what you make.
@Loo Tenant you should probably lay out a clearer image for people on what is and is not acceptable in terms of character concepts. i.e what's strictly off limits, and what non typical roles might be available. by non-typical I mean sisters of battle, arbiters are they yah or nay? techpriests, etc

I mean anything outside of space marines and inquisitors are allowed. I don't really want to put a hinder on people's creativity. Hell I'll even accept chaos cultist as long as their not blatantly visible as one.
Do you have a character planned @Loo Tenant, or are you going to play as the environment and NPCs? BTW I am tentatively interested.

I'll be playing a cardinal and a SoB myself. What char do you have planned?

Danke. I'll keep numbing this thread and the other thread from time to time. Hopefully we can get this started soon.

Didn't think anybody was still interested. Accepted. Place your sheet on the Char page and welcome aboard.
Is this still open for new applicants?
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