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Nah everything's cool. I'm helping a friend move today so I don't know if I can post anytime soon. I'll try to. You take care of yourself friend.
No worries. Can't wait for your post. ^^
Hey hey guys. Almost at the weekend. TGI Friday!
Anyways how are we all doing?
Gurl you ain't stealing my man.
@Loo Tenant I see Flavia brought her "listen up dumbasses!" whistle to the fight

Inspired mostly by [url=this][/url]
<Snipped quote by Loo Tenant>

I'm imagining it...

Hey! That's rude!

Molag Bal has no time for civility! Molag Bal is only interested in your daighters!

Anyways my post is up. Hopefully it isn't too intrusive on everybody's characters. I'lI'll change it if I get any complains.
The scent of a running fire had forced its way into Flavia's nostril. Giving her an unwelcome intrusion of her past memories. It was all too familiar in her mind. When she joined the legion, the Imperial Interregum was at the height of its conflict. The different warlords bidding for power had gathered flocks of armed warriors to their causes. Warriors who would normally patrol for bandits, thieves and other ill sorts. Flavia's legion was often sent to bring law to the land. Often by force. The scent of destruction was all too familiar to her. In those times she would often enter villages in the same state as Shadrock was now. "On guard." Flavia said in a low and soft tone. Careful not to make her voice any louder than it should.

Above the smell of scorched earth, stone and soil though was another scent. All too familiar to the legionnaire yet again. That sickly sweet smell that was all too common on the battlefield. That's when Flavia's eyes came upon the carcass of a woman laying down on the road. Serving as a feast for a couple of Daedra scamps. The sound of her flesh being torn apart from her bones was sickening to hear. Even the war hardened veteran.

"Formation!" Flavia yelled out. Trying to organize her mercenaries into fighting formation. However they had each ran into the thick of it. The scamps charging at them before they could prepare. The veteran cursed under her breath. She took a whistle that dangled from her neck and blew into hard. It was loud enough to garner the attention of everyone in the fray. "Formation!" She yelled again."Back to back. Keep Kalon and Neras in the back. Everybody else cover each other's flanks!"

As Flavia positioned everybody in the middle of the fight, a familiar voice spoke to her again. "I see Dagon still has a taste for death and destruction. I didn't expect he'd be this blunt though. Hasn't that idiot learned from his last scuffle with this worms?" The voice then laughed. A condescending laughter that even the scamps themselves heard as they fixed their eyes on Flavia. "Teach these pest the true meaning of power my champion. Butcher everyone of them. Make it a fine tribute to my name."

With that Flavia found a grin growing on her face. Her sword arm received renewed vigor. As if some primal force inside her was released. She screamed. A gut-wrenching scream that echoed above the noise of the flames and the battle. The iron maiden of Niden bay was now prepared to unleash carnage.
@Jarl Coolgruuf It's basically just Shao Kahn saying "you suck".
@Loo Tenant Hey hey yourself! I'm thinking of getting a post up, hope you're having fun!

Of course! Thank you.
And I can't wait to see it.
We're gonna have a fun ride on Mrs. Fizzle's heresy train.
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