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Oh great. Another daedra hunter. Guess its just another soul to steal.

Will be posting soon. Well soonish. Sorry for the delay.
Hey hey gang. I'm back after a busy weekend. Will post soon. Well soonish.
@Paradoxial Sorry about that. It's been finals season, but the year is almost done. I'll start working on a post on and off and try to have it by this weekend.

Hey no worries fam. I feel how hard finals week can be. Take your time friend.
Ohh things are getting heated now. As soon as Wham post, I'll progress the plot.
Hey ho how's everybody doing
Yes! More people for Flavia to verbally abuse.
<Snipped quote by Loo Tenant>

No Crossing Franchises or Malal is comin' for your Loyalist a**!

"No crossing franchises"
I should be posting pretty soon, in the meantime:

I don't care if this entire hive falls in on itself! Now drive me closer so I can hit somebody with my sword!
<Snipped quote by Loo Tenant>

I know, I was just seeing if anyone else participating still was at the moment. Really want this roleplay to keep going.

It's up to OP. I'm still game for this if it ever did get revived.
I must've been more tired than I thought for that last post.

There were so many miss-spells and grammar issues.

I had more than a couple in my post too. I just got around to fixing it. Big oof.
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