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In DIVR 5 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
This topic is for a 1x1 between Cirrus and Aisylum that is currently in the planning phase.

prompt / IC.
I had a bite on this a while ago that never made it past planning due to scheduling conflicts that stretched out forever (still waiting).

Bumping this to find someone for real.
Status as of November 7 2018: Partner Found

I am looking for a long-term writing partner for the following RP concept. I have intentionally left quite a few details open-ended for us to decide together.

The RP follows two people (our characters) who find themselves spending a lot of time together playing DIVR (Directly Interfaced Virtual Reality, think Sword Art Online tech) games. The general themes of the RP are exploring, meeting people / each other, and the characters getting into and out of sticky situations. The premise opens up many specific possibilities: the players playing through a game with a storyline; the players entering a competition; the players in "real" life (this part could be especially interesting); the players becoming streamers (stream chat could be fun to RP); the players playing an RP game (2 layers of RP could be silly enough to enjoy for a bit); and the players getting "married" in a game for pragmatic purposes. Because the characters can switch games at will we can get a wide variety of plots in one long RP. We can also make additional characters if we feel like it.

I imagine the RP starting with the characters meeting each other in an open world game. They decide to party together and things move forward from there.

Now, on to expectations.
What to expect from me

Male with a flexible age of 23. Chill. Generally a good guy. Always looking for a good challenge.
Writing Level
I put a lot of effort into each of my posts. I proofread thoroughly, I world-build carefully, and I do my best to make sure my partner has something to work with. I'm pretty new to RP, though, so all things considered I'm somewhere between casual and advanced.
My schedule varies quite a bit. Sometimes I can return 5 paragraphs of IC within a day. Other times I can't write anything for a full week. On average you can expect about 1-2 paragraphs per day that I am not waiting for a reply.
My preferred writing styles are screenplay (third-person present tense) followed by traditional (third-person past tense). Let me know which you prefer.
OOC Chat
I can settle for RPGuild PM but better / faster OOC chat means better / faster posts (when applicable). I am very interested in using Discord for messaging. I would also like to use Discord for voice chat to do deep world building / long collaborations but I understand that some people aren't comfortable using voice chat or do not have a microphone.
  • As far as IC is concerned I fade to black to keep the story plot-focused. If a fade happens we will need to discuss it in OOC to get a general sense of what happens to be on the same page going forward. I can probably be persuaded to write it out IC-style in a separate PM as long as it doesn't interfere too much with our other writing.
  • If it normally involves a toilet I don't want to figure it out anywhere.
  • My furry limit is ears and a tail. I generally do not play anything except human.
  • This is lighthearted so extreme cruelty and similarly major crimes against other people are expected to not show up in IC. Considering the characters are playing video games "violence" and "killing" are probably going to be pretty common. They are "exceptions".

What I expect from you

18+, preferably 20+ (I'm not going to write anything involving romance with a minor and I prefer writing with adults in general.)
Female (I am aware the characters are not us but I'm still not comfortable with a man being on the other end of an RP with romance.)
Female. 18+. Not a terrible person. Have fun making what you want.
Writing Level
I prefer quality to quantity/speed. If you are writing enough to move the plot forward and build the world a bit things will work out. If you are not I will poke you about it. That said I am not a grammar / spelling cop. If you give your posts a once-over before you hit send they will probably be good enough. I will nudge you if anything bugs me.
OOC Chat
Once again RPGuild PM is acceptable but any amount of Discord is a huge plus.
Let me know.

Hopefully that's enough for now. If you are interested let me know in a PM or with a reply that contains an @ mention.
I've been planning to break the news that I was leaving for a couple days now. My reason was that it takes so much time to keep up to date here and time moves so quickly that I don't have enough time available to write enough to be satisfied.

-waits for door that is still swinging from the mass exodus of other people to swing open and sneaks on out-
@Dynamo Frokane I probably should have asked this while making a character who carries so much stuff for self-defense, but are the street-legal weapons laws the same as Japan? I took great care to be sure James doesn't carry anything that would break Japanese weapons laws but if the Shine City laws are different I may need to tweak the list of things he carries.
@Takashi I can't so much as imagine anything more perfect than that.
This place suddenly decided to be active again when I was ready to write a post and now every time I get on I read what's happened since I left and then it's 2 AM. Geez people.
((pre-party post reservation))
@Bozo So January 1st is Dee Day? Got it.
That was quite a plot twist involving Oliver.
You could call it an... Oliver Twist.
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