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Thanks, @Rosalia! Whatever is easiest for you - my Discord is ColdPizzaisDone#2210.

Hope you're not lactose intolerant, my friend, because we're about to layeth the cheeseth down. Truth is, I think we could all use a little comfort right now in the midst of all the craziness and uncertainty going on in the world. I'm not one to shy away from a good, old-fashioned, feel-good roleplay, are you? So, I've got a few ideas brewed up that are gooier than a warm Kraft single.


In fact, I'd like to think of myself as a mostly-advanced writer, no matter the topic. I've been RPing for over 10 years, on and off, and I'm grateful to have had great partners and equally-great stories to work with throughout that time! I'm not looking for stories that are automatic happy endings from the start. A story isn't a story without some drama, twists and turns, and a plot that keeps both of us interested. All I'm saying is, I'm looking for something a bit lighter in nature to keep my mind occupied (and yours, too!) So, let's work on building a world and a story that feels like a warm bite of mashed potatoes - with lumps.

I suppose it's important to cover a few ground rules first, eh?

Rules/Preferences/Just Be Cool, Alright?

1. First things first, I'm a grown-ass man (though I don't always act like it). I'd prefer my partners to be at least 21. First, it's less creepy. Second, we can talk OOC about the good old days of Dunkaroos and Gak. Also, my preference is to play male characters, at least as mains. For secondary or NPC characters, I'm happy to double up and do whatever. Trust me, you don't want me to play a female main. Nor do I want to. I have a hard enough time understanding women on a daily basis (just ask my ex-girlfriend...hey-o!), I don't need to attempt to tap into their heads here.

2. Please. Be. Literate. I'm not a grammar nazi and I get that a lot of people do this on their phones and autocorrect can be the devil. But, if you're on a roleplaying site that's specifically dedicated to, y'know...writing, I think you should be a little bit committed to having said writing make sense. I'm not going to fault anyone for little errors because I make them, too, but let's all get it together, people. Post length is important, too. Let's be real, folks, size does matter. ...Ahem.

We're not going to move any kind of story along by throwing one-liners out there. Let's get into some detail, let's actually build whatever world or scene we're working on. I realize some posts will be longer than others and that doesn't mean you need to write a bunch of fluff for the sake of a higher word count. But, if this is a story, make it a dadgum story, alright?

Additionally, I'll throw it out on this 'rule' that I absolutely cannot, will not, RP in 1st person. If you do, more power to you, because it weirds me out. Third only, please and thanks.

3. We all have lives. I live in one of the only states that's still apparently on lockdown, but eventually I'll see my friends and family again (right?). Anyway, I get it. I work and have a life, too. With that being said, my job allows me to be online quite a bit and I use RPing as a nice little break throughout the day. Also, I'm on EST. If you have a different schedule, that's cool. I'm not picky about how quickly you reply, but if you're going to do like...a once a month thing, could you let a brother know? Also, don't ghost. It's rude. Unless it's this kind of ghost;

(or unless you're '90s Demi Moore and want to call me...)

4. Feel free to talk to me! I really enjoy plotting with my partners and general OOC chat. This is our story, so let's create it together. I'm happy to RP over PMs or over Discord. Let me know your preference and we'll make it happen.

Plots, plots, plots, plots, plots, plots....


These plots are just prompts. Please don't take them as an accurate depiction of my writing style. They're more like little brain dumps to get the main idea across - but we can alter them or add to them together. More will be added regularly, so feel free to check back if none tickle your fancy, or if you want to write together but you're not interested in any of these, hit me with one of your own!

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