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Sorry I ghosted everyone, I got caught up in some things and completely lost focus for the RP.

I’m down for keeping this alive 100%, if there is still interest for it (which it seems like there is). I still need to figure some things out for the RP, such as adding on some OOC/Char stuff. I may need a CO-GM just to steer this into the right direction because i honestly have no idea what i’m doing.

But thank you all for still sticking through it, i should’ve gave a heads up or something that’s my bad

checking in, i’ll have a CS up either tonight or tomorrow.
Super interested, count me in!
Finally got a IC post in. Sorry it took so long, but its out.

the endpoint for everyone's RP is going to be the orientation ceremony. if you wanna draw it out between multiple posts of you getting there,[I.e. dialogue on the carriage, meeting up at hogwarts, dialogue at the house tables thats more than fine]. When everyone has found their way to the great hall, and is situated at their respective house tables I will make a post starting the ceremony.
Hogsmeade Station

Hogsmeade station is a rather quaint little station situated just outside the reaches of Hogwarts Castle. The station has a very old-fashioned look to it, with a few stone buildings making up the entirety of the station. Located a few steps just outside the furthest building is a trail, with self-drawn carriages awaiting the arrival of the students. The carriages carry the students the distance from the station all the way to the Castle, where the orientation ceremony will be held along with a giant feast.

The Hogwarts Express came to a screeching halt after it's 9-hour trek throughout the day. The whistle gave one final blow as students from all seven years filed off the train quickly, eager to begin their studies at Hogwarts. Luggage is left behind, as it will be located in your dorm once you make it there.

Once you make it to Hogwarts, you will be guided towards the great hall where you will seat at your designated house table. Shortly after Headmistress McGonagall will give the orientation speech, followed after by the Sorting Ceremony and Feast.

Damian Griffin

Damian had fallen asleep for the majority of the train ride. A few hours into it and Damian was leaning his head against the window out cold. His slumber however was interuppted as the train came to a stop, and the bustling of students leaving their compartments started to amp up. Damian slowly opened his eyes as he wiped the streak of drool that was coming out of his mouth. He groaned as he felt the stiffness in his neck from leaning in such a awkward position for hours straight. Managing to give his neck a good crack and stretching out as good as he could, he looked around the compartment.

The students that filled the compartment with him started to file out one by one, each with their own quips about finally making it to Hogwarts. Damian was still a little groggy from his sleep, so he let all the other students go in front of him. One by one the people that filled the compartment started to file out, only then did Damian find his way off the train. Finally making his way off the train, Damian gave a soft yawn as he rubbed his eyes. He looked around for a minute, for a familiar face but couldn't find any. Guess they went on ahead.

Damian made his way towards the carriages, hopping onto one of the final ones to depart towards the school. Damian found he was seated with nobody, most of the students had gone ahead and there were few stragglers left behind. Damian sighed as he twiddled with his thumbs, the carriage took off down the trail toward the school.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogwarts Castle is a large, seven-story high building supported with the help of magic. Throughout the school are many staircases that change throughout the day, along with dungeons and tunnels that lead to many different place through the school. The school had been rebuilt from the battle of Hogwarts years ago, with some new improvements to the school. Along with the many greenhouses outside, Hogwarts also has it's own Quidditch pitch for Quidditch games to be played. Surronded by mountains, a forbidden forest, and a lake the Castle is a sight to behold.

Damian Griffin

The carriage ride had been uneventful for Damian. Being alone on the ride, Damian was left with his thoughts and the wonders of the year to come. The students he met on the train all seemed to be very friendly and great people. Perhaps he would try and associate more with them, and try and actually make friends this year. He shrugged his shoulders, if they were meant to be his friends then they would end up being his friends.

Damian gave out a loud yawn as the carriage pull up towards the school, a short walks distance was between him and his 5th year. Making his way to the giant doors, he creaked them open slowly. Throughout the large hallway you could already hear the echo being made from the Great Hall where all the students already were. Making his way down the hall, and taking one of the branches off towards the noise he approached the Great Hall.

Entering into the room, he looked around as he took a deep breath. Tables were already filled with students talking about their summers and their aspirations for the upcoming year. Damian approached near the front of the table, where the 1st year students were going to sit. Sitting inbetween where the 1st year students were going to be and the rest of the students, he looked around the Ravenclaw table for a second before resting his hand under his chin and eyeing the front of the great hall where all the teachers were sitted. Giving out one last yawn before the start of the ceremonies.
super interested ! sounds crazy
With that being said, is everyone ready for the timeskip? I don't wanna jump the gun and cut someone short on something they wanted to do.

I'm ready for it, whenever you guys are.
@Sewer Rat Yeah, you're more than welcome to join in. Not gonna blame ya for being inactive, we all got stuff to do.

And uhhh, basically there are two groups of students right now. One all the way in the caboose and one near the front i believe. The train had just left the station and we are now on our way towards the school. We will be time-skipping towards the school very shortly, so if i was you i would just RP getting onto the train before it left but perhaps just sitting with NPCs or something like that.

Or if you can find a way to incorporate yourself into the groups thats fine too, but with the time skip coming up shortly as i said before we could just pick you up once we all get off the train and make our way towards the school or at the school perhaps?
The Hogwarts Express is on the move! After everyone has gotten a good chance to finish up the RP they are involved in, we will timeskip to Hogwarts. (I believe everyone has gotten their characters on the train at this point, and if i'm wrong im sorry about that lol. Just RP them making the train before it started off towards Hogwarts.)

Also no need to feel rushed to finish up posts to make it to Hogwarts. If there is a scene you want to play out on the train, feel more than free to do so.
Damian Griffin

Interacting with - @DayDreamz @Cio @Hitman @josephb

Damian listened in as Halle went on to go talk about her summer to Piper. Damian smiled slightly as she explained what television was to Piper. Believe it or not, there were some things muggles actually did better than wizards. Inventing the television was one of them. Damian agreed with Piper as she spoke of the television and how she wished the magic world had them. Instead, we got stuck with moving newspapers.

Damian's mind began to wander as he petted Jax's cat Sandstorm, the cat started to purr next to him. Looking around at the students that filled the compartment with him, he sighed quietly. They all had been going to the same school as him for 4, going on 5 years now and this was probably the most interaction aside from Jax, that he's ever had with them. He smiled a little though, perhaps this was the start of some great friendships.

Damian had snapped back into reality shortly as Piper went on talking about her family reunion, and how they had been pestering her about a boyfriend. Damian chuckled slightly at that, he knew that feeling all too well as he recalled his mom doing the same thing about a girlfriend. He always shrugged it off though, as he did with most things. Whenever it happens, it happens.

Halle turned her attention towards Damian, addressing his question if she was ready for the school year. "This year? I mean, we have OWLs this year, right? That's cool. But also kind of nerve-wracking. I mean, I totally bombed Potions last year and now I'm kind of worried that I'm going to fail it this year and the same thing with Herbology they're tough classes and even the other classes that I did well in will be harder so I don't really know if I'm going to make it next year to move on with my education but overall I'm excited, but a little nervous, but excited." Damian listened as intently as he could. The Hufflepuff rattled off words, in what seemed like one breath. Dame smiled at Halle, she seemed so bubbly and he envied that trait. Wishing he could harness only 5% of the energy she had, he wouldn't need to take his naps every day.

Halle's cheeks started to turn red in a blush as she realized her rambling ways. "sorry, I do that a lot," she said quietly as she sat down. Damian chuckled a little, "No need to worry Halle, You're very talented. I've seen you in charms, and you're a natural." Damian scratched his cheek as he continued, "And hey, I bombed potions last year too. So if you ever need someone to bomb with, I'm here for it. We can drown in our disappointment together." Damian gave her a smile as he joked around. Well actually, I bombed more than potions last year. He thought to himself, but she didn't need to know that.

"Ow!" Piper cried out, apparently, she had put her finger in the cage absent-mindedly as she listened in. Damian laughed at that. If he had gotten 1 bronze knut for every time he did that with his Owl Rondo while he zoned out. He would be a very rich man. Piper chastised the bird, "Not cool man, not cool." She was met with the Owl pushing his head against the cage bars, trying to get a pet. After Piper wiped the speck of blood off her finger, she went between the bars to give the Owl as he pleased.

"Anyway, I hope you guys are ready to get crushed in Quidditch this year. We Puffs are taking the House Cup," Halle boasted, "You don't stand a chance." Piper was the first to speak up on the matter, "You wish. Mark my word: I take no enjoyment from it, but I will hit you hard with a Bludger if necessary." Damian once again shuddered at the memory of one of her bludgers hitting his back, "Yeah trust me. You don't wanna get hit by one of those."

Damian was going to go on and boast of his own quidditch team, Ravenclaw and their chances of winning the house cup this year. He was interrupted, however, with the start of the train. Damian looked out the window, to spot one of the large clocks overhanging off the side of one of the pillars. 11 O'Clock. Damian thought to himself, time really flew by since he first sat down. All the conversation must have made time fly by. He shrugged, as he looked to the people that filled the compartment with him. "I guess we're off."

The loud train whistle bellowed throughout the platform, looking out of the window Damian watched as all the parents waved their students off. The Hogwarts Express was on the move, once again leaving right at 11 O'Clock without fail. The same destination it made it's way too every year. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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