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@Candlelitsoul Ah okay, I appreciate the interest though!
Personally I believe 5th years would generally be the best option. It is plausible that the students would know of each other through classes but never really got to know each other on a personal level. Albeit some of the students would most likely know some more than others, coming from the same house and such. Maybe I could add a relationship tab prior to the start of the RP, and we flesh out relationships from there in the OOC? Tell me what you guys think about that.

But honestly like I said 5th years would probably be our best bet. It leaves us space to learn and grow our characters as Wizards and Witches, but it doesn't leave us completely vulnerable to our first encounter with enemies. Also leaves us with some more years to do a time skip if need be. And as was said above by multiple people, the OWL test makes things a little more interesting.

So any disagreements with us all making 5th years?

Hmmm.. I never really thought about that. Maybe your character could've been hired to protect the school as a safeguard in case the rumors were right. Maybe you could play a Hagrid role lol, give us information when the story calls for it. You could tag along in the adventures, but you could also be the direct line from the headmaster to the students. Being the guard of the school, the headmaster would be bound to tell you about all the threats that may be approaching. Does that sound good?


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


The fall of Voldemort at the hands of Harry Potter brought forth a era of prosperity and stability to the Wizard world. Years have passed since that fateful battle and the tales of that event are still spoken to this day. Hogwarts had been rebuilt from the ruins from which it once stood. New batches of students have found their ways back into the school and classrooms, eager to learn more about their magic heritage. But everything is not as it seems. Rumors of a cult have arisen, dedicated to continue the legacy Voldemort left behind. Although there has been no confirmed reports of said cult, the rumors spread vastly throughout the wizard world. Time will only tell if the talks of this cult are true. If so who will be the one's to defeat them?


No Godmodding!

Have fun!

No full blown arguments, disagreeing and debating on what we should do is allowed but don't go overboard!

Put effort into your posts, no one sentence responses! Try and create the story!

Romance is allowed, but no graphic content please! If you really wish too, keep it to the messages.

Character Sheet

GM Notes

Hello everyone interested in joining this RP! This RP will follow the journey of Hogwart classmates as they battle school life and followers of voldemort that have continued to pursue the dark lords ambitions. Although I have a foundation for the story, it's up to the players to flesh it out! Also I have decided that we all will be in the same year, although I haven't decided which year we all be. After a few people join in the RP we can discuss what everyone is comfortable with playing. The reason for this is because I feel if we are all the same year there will be more interaction between everyone involved. And more interaction means more activity to keep the RP going! The RP will roughly take place 7 years after the fall of voldemort. If you have any questions please ask in a post below!


Awesome! We definitely have enough to get something rolling. I have a general setting for the RP but it is always subject to change. If you have any ideas/suggestions for this RP i'll always have open ears. Until then, I'll write up a OOC to get things rolling.


That's fine! And the way I see it, the wizarding world is left up to the imagination. We could explore things not touched upon in Harry Potter and come up with our own ideas for the world. If you do decide you're interested feel free to join in the OOC when it is up at any time. Love to have ya.
@EldarionI@bmxbrat484 Sweet! I've got a few ideas for a potential RP if you are still interested. Hopefully a few more people show up though.

Hogwarts Interest Check

The point of this post is to see the interest level of a potential Harry Potter RP. Although I am highly interested in doing a Hogwarts RP, I do not have a set in stone idea of what I would want to do with it. That's why I am interested in what you guys can come up with! I am open to any and all ideas pertaining to this type of RP. Don't be afraid to spitball some ideas you may have!

If there is a decent amount of interested players that are committed enough to this, I will definitely step up and GM the RP. (although I will probably end up needing help so i'll inevitably need a co-gm ;p)

If you are interested in this or have any questions, please feel free to drop a post expressing your interest/question or PM me with any suggestions!
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