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I go by Converge here, but you can call me Con for short! I've been a member of the guild for about 3 years, but I've been roleplaying for a lot longer than that. Hopefully I'll see you in a game! If not, enjoy my profile you crazy stalker.

1. I'm over 18
2. Eastern time zone
3. I work a lot, so I usually post a few times a week.

1. I like 1x1 rp's best, but I will go towards group settings occasionally.
2. Favorite genres: fantasy, adventure, syfy, zombies, action
3. High casual/ low advanced

Feel free to PM me anytime!

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In The Voyager 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Either is okay! Orginally I had envisioned a smaller shuttle, but direct docking is also possible. The lower level of their ship has a shuttle bay/ hangar where they could land! :) @penny
In The Voyager 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"Captain Ryder," The unexpected, monotone vocalization of Felixx, a small AI drone, rang out from the ship's speakers causing Juno to jump. Due to superstition AI's were scare, even among the most fanatic technophiles of the galaxy. Many claimed there was an inevitable chance of instability, though Juno had always dismissed this caution; unwilling to a waste it's recourses.

Felixx was white on black, and barely larger than a dinner plate. Blue lights lined the underside of it's wings, painting a modern design disrupted only by the long scratches that riddled it's top and bottom frame. The battle scars from the junkyard Juno found it on. Though it was idly nestled in its charging port, it's main programming was uplinked to the Voyagers systems. This made it useful both inside and out, letting it attend to the ship's needs while doubling as a scout on the field.

"We are receiving intelligence from the incoming TROY vessel. Playing now." The artificial tone was replaced with a human one, "We are maneuvering to provide you assistance, stand by to receive boarders, ETA two one minutes." The message ended. There was a brief pause, followed by "How would you like to respond?"

Every eye fell on her, eagerly awaiting orders. After four years, Juno thought she would no longer feel the weight of their gaze, but it still settled upon her shoulders like a ton of bricks as if it were her first day. Even her time as sergeant within her home world did not prepare her of the pressure of leading others. One wrong judgment call and she could put their lives at risk.
She swallowed down the large knot caught in her throat, and painted on her usual self-confidence and bravado. A smirk found its way to her lips, her hands lightly placed on her hips, "I say we give the TAS Cartagena one hell of a welcome party." This earned the lighthearted smiles of the crew, now a sea of nodded responses.

"Maia," Juno addressed the taller girl, six years her junior. She sported a short pixy cut, styled in sharp spikes. Her brilliant apricot hair was impossible to miss. Maia had a small pointed face, further affirming her adolescence, and pale ocean eyes. She hadn't change much from the the three years prior to Juno finding her fighting off raiders in Eros. Since then, the sister Gaean had become a close friend and played a pivot role in many of Juno's operations. It was rare to meet another Gaean outside of their home planet, considering the stratocracy's distaste towards outsiders.

"You'll be leading the infiltration team. Do not leave until we have the hostages subdued. You know the plan."

"Dug, I need you here with me," She glanced towards a man one would expect to see on a body building holo rather than a pirate ship."You have the most firepower. The group they send will only be a fraction of their numbers on board. If anything goes sideways, get yourself to safety first." The sternness of her voice was only contradicted by the desperate plea that nothing would go wrong. A lot was riding on their success, and obtaining the cargo was of upmost importance. Still, Juno could never sacrifice her posses safety for it. They had been her family for years.

"You got it boss," The mid-thirties man replied. Dug was the very image of a leatherneck marine. He had steely grey eyes and a long scar starting at his temple and traveling down his cheek. Still, Juno could have imagined a much younger, more attractive man at one time.

Together they descended down the dark hallways towards the lower level of the ship. Stopping just before the metallic doors that led into the shuttle bay. Her dainty face reflected off the smooth exit, which she stared at like a stranger. Her long chocolate curls were contained in a loose, messy braid which was pulled over her should and hung just above her rib cage. The crew members behind her easily overshadowed her small frame. Her plain black and sage clothes hugged her figure tightly, following the gentle curves of her body, and disrupted only by the holster at her side containing a pistol. A small, unknown constellation carved haphazardly into the hilt, revealing the owners fondness of the fire arm.

"Felixx, open the hangar and prepare to be boarded"
In The Voyager 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I should have a post up later tonight, sorry for the delay!
In The Voyager 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The Voyager

Floor Plans

Will add crew members and important places later! ^^
In The Voyager 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

“They should be here by now,” grumbled a light female voice. The woman it belonged to tapped her thick leather boots against the floor in a steady rhythm. Glaring out the tall window, and crossing her arms for the thousandth time that evening, it was apparent to everyone on The Voyager that Juno Ryder’s patience was wearing thin.

“Have a little faith captain, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ as they say,” the sing-song tone of her crew mate flitted from beside her.

“Yes, but they were laying bricks every hour!” The pirate snapped in response, tugging at her thick braid in annoyance before shifting her attention back to the void of space.

The dim glow of the stars danced in her pale viridescent eyes as she gazed intently at the twinkling light of the distant lunar colony, barely a spec to the naked eye. It was not the subject of the girls interest today, however. She was after something much smaller. A T.R.O.Y cargo ship was said to be departing from Ceres hours ago, and if her intel was correct, it carried Juno’s biggest payday.

“Captain! We’ve locked onto the target!”

Confirming this, the frantic beeping of a radar was music to her ears.

“YES! Good work Maia!”

The infamous thief leapt forward towards her crew member electrified with energy. “Maia, send out the S.O.S signal. I want it broadcasted directly to that ship! Dug, hit the lights! Everyone else take your places, and stick to the plan.” The captain wasted no time in barking out orders to her ragtag team of ten.

The crew dashed about in a hasty response, arming themselves to the teeth before disappearing into various blindspots around the ship. Lights dimmed, covering the assailants in a veil of darkness. It was only the crimson hue of the emergency lights that illuminated the deceptively empty room that kept Juno from tripping over herself as she took her position adjacent to the only door leading into the ships command center.

An ambush was the pirates best chance at victory considering she was outnumbered and outgunned. A head on attack would have been suicide for her much smaller frigate, and its deceptive speed made it perfect for fast get aways. Once the trade officers boarded her ship, they would find it seemingly abandoned and make their way to the main control center, where Juno would be lying in wait.

Over the intercom, Juno could hear a playback of the S.O.S message sent to their unsuspecting victims.

“Mayday, mayday,”

“Please…” the voice on the recording was her own; sounding, desperate, soft. and hopeless. “if anyone can hear this message, this a passenger among The Voyager. Ship number 02121. We need help!” Her voice cracked in what sounded like a strained cry. “Our ship has been robbed. It was horrible—.” a quite sob echoed down the hall ways. “We request immediate assistance. Please help us, you're our only hope” The recording reached it’s end with a deafening click, followed by a tense silence. She had recorded that months ahead of time in preparation for this heist. If Juno’s acting wasn’t so convincing, it would almost be comical.

“Time to see if they take the bait,” She muttered to herself.

Coming at you with some brand new plots. (or plot…singular. Home girl has been busy, okay?) Anyway, I have honestly really missed writing and going on adventures; so hopefully this plot catches your interest and you can join me!

  • All of my plots have the option to be 18+. They don’t have to be if you're not comfortable with it, however, I think that mature themes adds some spice to the rp.
  • Collaboration is key with me! I love working on plots and building worlds, even if the plot is mine, the world we play in should be ours.
  • I usually post at the very least two paragraphs. Please reply with your best effort. I’m not after length, but an intelligent post with details is always a must.
  • Your home girl has two jobs (yay! Con is only twenty and already balancing two jobs, A+ for the youth of America). So, It’s hard for me to post every day. However, I promise I will post at least every two days.
  • Because I am so busy, I can only take on one or two rp’s at a time. So, if I say no to you— don’t be offended! I just don’t want to stretch myself to thin.
  • We can take the game to PM’s, threads, or discord. It’s really up to you.
  • I’m not strict on grammar at all (just get your ‘their’ and ‘there’ correct and we’ll be okay).
  • I usually play female characters, but lately I’ve been wanting to practice playing male. That being said, I’m sorry if my guys are really bad! I will try though! I also don’t mind doubling characters.
  • I prefer character sheets. They don’t have to be very long, only basic info, since it’s also nice to find out things about the character as the rp progresses. Just include name, age, personality, and appearance and you're golden.

Aaand without further ado, this is the plot I’m craving right now!

Feel free to side into my PM's anytime!
@lozi No worries! My post is up, sorry for the wait! ''orz

also happy Easter you guys!

Normally, the vampire’s heightened senses would hear the soft clicking of the door knob— but she was currently engulfed in the softness of her bed sheets. It wasn’t until she heard a male voice behind her that Ferah quickly sat up in a fright. Her platinum hair was a mess now, with silvery strands falling in disarray over her face, which she nonchalantly attempted to tuck back in place. She stood, looking down at her mud flecked, black converse, black leather pants, and equally dark hoodie. She looked more like she lived on the streets than in a mansion. What a great first impression. ‘Play it cool Ferah, you got this,’ she reassured herself.

She gave the boy who introduced himself as Lucian a once-over. He was much taller, making her feel like a shrimp in comparison. His dark-chocolate locks and freckles gave off quite a humble appearance, and Ferah couldn’t help but think he looked young—even if he was clearly older. “Sup,” she nodded her head towards him. Her sharp cerulean gaze swept over to the enormous pitbull. Trying her best not to frown, she purposely stayed on the opposite side of the room. It wasn’t because she disliked pitbulls as a breed—she simply disliked all dogs in general. They drool, and smell— not to mention how everything in the dorm may be used as a chew toy. The animal did seemed well trained however, much to Ferah’s immediate relief. Maybe he would grow on the inner cat lady.

With a small sigh, but no small amount of effort, she tore her eyes away from the dog and back to Lucian. “I’m Ferah, Ferah…Wallace.” For a moment, she hesitated before saying her last name. Not only was it a reminder of her past, there are many people whom are familiar with her families business. She was hoping this boy wasn’t one of them.

In an effort to quickly change the subject, she blurted out the first thing that came to mind; “So, do you like to suck blood or howl at the moon?”

Yes I'm still here! I just got a little busy with work, but I should have a post up soon.

On the list of things Ferah thought would never happen; going to school in a huge fortress was one of them—right next to being turned into a vampire, and needing to survive on the blood of humans. During the past few months the newly turned creature of the night had endured all sorts of supernatural events without batting an eyelash; yet the towering spires and warm glow of life within Bloodmoon Castle managed to take her breath away. How could an incredible place like this truly exist? Still, she had to admit to herself it was kind of cool. She felt like she was attending Hogwarts but with real monsters instead.

Ferah managed to pry her icy azure eyes away from the architecture long enough to shuffle along with the other students, her cheerful gait and easy swagger was quite a contrast in the crowd; especially for someone clothed in all black. Entering the large hall, Ferah’s view was cluttered by a sea of heads. The vertically challenged vampire elbowed her way past her much, much taller classmates until she found a seat in the front row and laid eyes on the much older looking professors occupying stage. She purposely avoided eye contact with the enticing, raven haired man who began speaking in smooth tones. He reminded her strongly of her ‘sire’, Aidan. His sharp gaze and dark locks were just the same. Quickly making an effort to push down painful memories, Ferah could still feel the ghost of his razor canines brush against her skin.

The second the students were dismissed, Ferah was on her feet; black converse softly padding against the stone. Slightly relieved to be away from the headmasters and- literally- one step closer to her dorm room. At least there she could rest. Ferah had traveled all the way from New York to Washington, and was fatigued to say the least. The only problem was, where was her dorm room? Her slivery hair whipped around as she contemplated which way she should go; and, nonchalantly shrugging the girl decided to follow the crowd once again.

It was only by chance she noticed the numbers on the door, 438, that she realized it belonged to her. She put her hand on the handle and slowly entered the threshold of the room. It was dimly lit, and like the rest of the castle, very rustic. It had a certain, cozy appeal to it however. Very suiting for a newly turned vampire.

She expected her roommate to already be inside, but their absence was almost a pleasant surprise. “You know what they say; first come, first serve,” She grinned to herself. Already making herself at home, Ferah claimed the bed on the left as her own. Looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching from the still open doorway, the girl left her polkadot black and blue suitcase in the entrance and started off in a jog. She belly flopped onto her bed with a small ‘ooof’ followed by giggling.
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