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"That doesn't sound particularly exhilarating, but what must be done, must be done." Nemo replied as he followed her. "I suppose dinner will be interesting though."
Nemo stared at Raiya at first, clearly comprehending what she had said in his mind. He then busted out into a quiet chuckle. "That sounds excellent, Raiya." Nemo replied, however something in his tone made it sound like he didn't believe that would ever come to pass.

Nemo rested his hands behind his back. "So..." He started. "Any ideas on what we should do now?" He asked.
Nemo stepped over and embraced Raiya. She was shorter than him, so he had to lean over a little. He gripped her with gentle pressure, and soon all of his muscles seemed to relax. He let out a sigh and rested his head on her shoulder. "You're softer than I expected, Raiya." Nemo noted. "I was scared I wouldn't feel anything, but... I do feel something. I don't really know what, but it feels nice." He spoke softly. "It's even better than I had imagined."

After a short pause Nemo spoke again. "You're a great partner Raiya. Once this mission is over I'll really miss you, but I know that's how things should be." All of the words he spoke seemed to be genuine, despite how strange they were coming from him.
"Well, I don't think it to be too complex, but you can say no if you want. I'm sure I could come up with something else later on." Nemo started. "I want to do something I've never really done before. I've always heard it's a pleasant experience, so I've been quite curious." Nemo explained.

Nemo extended his arms out. "My favor is I want a hug." He stated. "And not a cheap one either, at least a good ten seconds so I can really take it in." Nemo added.
Nemo smacked the blade out of Raiya's hands, emitting nervous laughter as he patted her on the back and removed the headband. "Hey, but on the bright side, I'm sure I can teach you how to carve off some seconds on that trigger finger of yours. Don't be so glum!" He assured.

"However Raiya, a deal is a deal, winning means you'll have to do a favor for me." He noted. "I can think of a couple different ideas, how about I cash that in right now?" Nemo proposed, marking his face with a sly grin.

With one his revolvers still in the holster, Nemo kept spinning his main gun until the firework blasted. Nemo abruptly stopped the spin and began to fan fire off all six shots into the target. Once it was empty, Nemo didn't despawn the gun back to his inventory, instead he tossed it high into the air like a juggling pin and drew his other pistol. Nemo proceeded to fan off the second gun's cylinder full of lead into the target as well before catching his first revolver before it hit the ground. The entire ordeal was completely in roughly three seconds. The speed which Nemo fired made the shots almost seem automatic, except for the small break as he drew his next gun.

After Raiya was done, Nemo spun his silver gun back into it's holster and began to reload his main gun. He had no doubt won the competition, but strangely Nemo wasn't filled with the familiar sensation of accomplishment and pride that he usually felt. Nemo looked over to Raiya now, realizing why. He had always been an extremely competitive person, but in this instance he had really hoped she would win. If winning meant that she would have to lose it really left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Well, it was a pretty good try, Raiya, but there's a reason my skills have been so highly valued in my time. I certainly paid for them myself as well." Nemo said. "But at least I know people don't call you Lightning Raiya for your gun-play now." Nemo added, putting a hand over his mouth to hold back a chuckle.

"I suppose that's acceptable." Nemo said as he holstered his short barreled black revolver and spawned his more standard sized silver colored colt. Nemo reached his hand out and used a basic spell to move one of the targets to the side of another, creating two targets for them at an identical distance away.

"I have to warn you though Raiya, I'm not going to go easy on you." Nemo said, spinning his revolver idly and waiting for the signal to start.
"Does it sound fair?" Nemo repeated, spinning his revolver again. "Raiya, even if I had two revolvers, which I do, I still wouldn't have fourteen rounds. These things aren't easy to reload you know." He replied.
"Hmmmm." Nemo emitted as he pondered the thought. "What a rather bold proposition, Raiya. I accept" He answered. "What shall the rules of this game be then? I am the most experienced marksman here, so I'll allow you to form the challenge in any way you like." Nemo said.
Nemo sent his rifle to his inventory to free up his hands. He drew his revolver and began spinning it around by his finger, staring at the weapon as it twirled. "Maybe you're right, I am starting to have second thoughts." He replied. "I don't think you have anything of value to me to bet, nothing worth the risk of losing." Nemo scoffed, abruptly stopping the spin as he finished his sentence. "It's not like I have any need of money, there are no cliched chores I can pawn off on you either. What do you have to offer? And what do you want if you win?"
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