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~|Day 2 ATC, 13th hour, Strike Team Base of Operations|~

Vebra felt his knee pop as he raised it above his stomach to step up a branch, he was careful to keep his full weight on the branch rather than the dirt right next to it. His goal was to do as much as he could to leave as few tracks as possible. He had half a mind to start carrying a broom with him just to brush away his tracks, but that was a bit over board even for his paranoid self. It was a bit easier for Raj to hide his tracks since his looked like an animals anyways. Three toes, two facing forward and one reverse, they had noticed tracks similar to that when they left the base on their first scouting mission. Vebra was just hoping that they didn't run into what ever had left those tracks.

Vebra's ankle then popped as he finally planted his other foot on the dirt beyond the tree branch. "Blast, I'm getting old." Vebra said under his breath, making sure his helmet speakers didn't pick it up. Who would have thought him of all people would get old, that was just ridiculous, some might even say the Force was looking out for him. "Hey Raj, mind slowing down a bit? Not all of us have droid legs." Vebra said with a tone a doting father might use. Raj had gotten quite far ahead of him and was being rather quite for some reason. Vebra pulled up the distance on his visor and found they were only about a hundred meters or so away from the Strike base. Something was off if he wasn't talking Raj likely heard something he hadn't. Raj and his vaping implants Vebra thought to himself.

Vebra came up next to Raj was about to chew out his subordinate for not responding when he felt it. Something stalking, he couldn't see it but there was something stalking them. Vebra raised his rifle and so did Raj, something was off. Then suddenly blaster fire rang out ahead, and then another shot. "Let's double time it then Raj." He gave out a quick "yessir" and the pair began running toward where they had heard the blaster fire. Vebra began letting his boots sink heavy into the rich and moist soil since he didn't much care about stealth now. The mud splattered up his legs leaving him even more covered in dirt than he already was.

Just as they were about to crest a small hill to where they had heard the shots come from a pair of small quadrupeds jumped out of the various dense tall shrubbry and attacked them. One went for Raj's torso and one for Vebra's hands, almost like it knew what it was. Luckily his now aging body hadn't lost its reflexes just yet. He squeezed the trigger tight letting a half-dozen bolts loose into the body of the creature as it's claws scrapped on his arm bracers and found no place to hold onto. The creatures momentum continued into Vebra even though it was very much dead and pushed him off his stance. He batted away the now limp corpse with his free left hand. Not wanting to spend another thought on the creature Vebra looked over to Raj who was crushing the creatures skull with his robotic foot, dousing his foot in blood.

"Well they did get into something." Vebra quipped.

"Yeah and we get to save them like always." Raj said with irritation in his voice.

"Come on we still don't know who fired those shots yet." Vebra said reaffirming his grip on his short barreled blaster rifle.

The pair continued up the hill and through a few bushes where they found another pair of humanoids. A soldier Vebra knew as Eli and Fa, with a few of those dead things at their feet. "Is this seriously what you called me about Fa? Some rodents?" Vebra noticed some rustling to Fa's left and quickly brought his blaster rifle to bear. He dropped to one knee and began burst firing blaster rounds into the forest, leaving scorched leaves and trees in his wake.
~|Several Kilometers from Strike Team Base of Operations, Feena|~

~|Day 6, 13th Hour|~
Vebra Mirthios

"Look, left knee plate. Same dent and everything." Vebra looked through his electrobinoculars and zoomed into one of the two troopers left knee pads. There was a very shallow dent on the troopers knee pad, just where Raj said it was. Sometimes the extent of Raj's cybernetic enhancements concerned him, but it did have its uses. Vebra then saw the two Sith troopers take a small rest up against a tree.

"You're right, what was the time on that? Three hours fourty-two give or take thirty seconds? Seems like these guys have a favorite route for patrols, wonder why." Vebra said softly as his voice was then converted into external speakers for Raj to hear. For reasons beyond him, Raj hated wearing helmets. So when he responded it was also in a hushed tone, but with a hint of excitement of being right about the reemerging of the troopers from the dense foliage.

"I think they might have some kind of... relay or something out here. For communications maybe? Either way that tree they just stopped up against seems different from the rest of them around here." Raj said trying to ferret out the reasons for a patrol path. Vebra turned his optical aid towards the top of the tree and got his answer. There was a small metal rod climbing from the top of the tree alongside a branch which peaked out just above the canopy. Whatever it was, it might be worth a look. Before deciding to do anything Vebra pulled out his holo-map that he was constructing of the area and programmed the tree's location in. Making sure to mark it as "possible communications array". The two troopers both got up from their small break and began moving out of their line of sight.

"I saw we go take a look, it might be a way for us to easedro-." Vebra was cut off as he felt his communicator buzz against his waist. Vebra leaned onto his left side, switching his rifle into his left hand to look down at his communicator. Laying down in the dirt for hours on end had covered up much of his lower half in mud so he had to quickly clean off his communication device with his right hand. After scraping the caked mud off the device Vebra was finally able to read the alert. All it said was "return to base, visitors", great. If they had already been found by the Sith Vebra was gonna beat Fa with a turbolift when he got back. "Well looks like Fa may have already have gotten us into trouble again. Strap up, we're going back to base." Verbra said as he got up from his prone position and crouched back from the ledge they were on. He stowed his electrobinoculars and put his rifle strap back over his head before cleaning some dirt off of the blaster.

"Wouldn't be much different from the last mission we went on, after all we had to capture that Sith." Raj said with a little more seriousness than Vebra liked.

"Careful, that almost sounds like blame Raj. You'll remember Sweeper did more work there than either of us." Vebra said with a chuckle. "Come on, lets double time it back. Wouldn't want to miss out on the fun."

Baulder brought his hand to his jaw and rubbed his rather sore skin. Baulder had... not enjoyed being beaten, even if it was for a ruse. He may have punched back once. The Sand Cobra's had not taken too kindly to that and settled for just knocking him over. So now his jaw was bruised a rather dark color. Oddly enough, he hadn't felt the need to throw up after this teleport. Maybe it was just that he had eaten so much of the rebels food that it kept him safe. Or it could be that he was half dazed from the slug to the jaw. Whatever the case Baulder found his arms on the outside edge of the pile and he began pulling himself from the group. Feeling his legs drag over other people was a bit of an odd sensation to Baulder. His rough and calloused feet felt odd against someones bare skin. It was, an interesting feeling to Baulder.

As he extracted himself from the mass of living beings he found himself standing on soft, burning sand. Luckily he still had remnants of his shoes on his feet. Granted, leather wasn't stopping all of the heat from the sand it was atleast stopping most of it. He hated the heat, the heat of the day was long gone but it's remnants had been left all over the landscape, including the hot sand. The air was not terribly warm and was acceptable to his taste. He looked around and saw the high walls of the city again. "Even in the night the ground, it is uncomfortable. Why would people choose to live here."

~|Interstellar Space, near the Y’Toub System|~

~|Day 3, 7th Hour|~
Vebra Mirthios

Vebra smiled as the Sith retorted back at him. Remove the cigarra with his middle and fore finger Vebra crossed his free arm and motioned at her with his cigar. "Oh? I thought you Sith were into that whole.... pet name thing. Regardless, drunken fights are always a fun distraction. They usually work on people that don't spend a lot of time at establishments like that one. So I would never insult your intelligence girl, just your... addictions." Vebra said with a laugh out of one side of his mouth as he placed the flavorful cylinder back into the other half of his mouth. Knowing that Fa would likely want to get on with it. He rather enjoyed when Sith would play his game, they were usually much more fun about it then a brooding captured fallen Jedi. They would usually just say how they were gonna kill them all when they got out of their chains blah blah blah. Sith would at least grant them rather specific explanations of how they were gonna kill him and his team in the most painful way possible.

Fa then shortly went on a bit of a monologue about the crushing unimportance of a single person in this galaxy. Which in Vebra's opinion was a bit overkill but he knew this was very much not the time to crack a joke. So he put on his rather solemn face and when Fa added that she should try to get her escape out of the way now Vebra decided to make her point a little bit further. "If you attempt to escape now I can promise only a broken hand. If you try later it will probably be a little bit more than that." Vebra said this without a hint of sarcasm or his usual jovialness. He was hoping that this wouldn't end with them having to dump her out an airlock but they would also have to rendezvous with a Republic vessel soon anyways so they would dump her there if she was cooperative. Though there was a certain simplicity to the airlock approach.
~|Interstellar Space, near the Y’Toub System|~

~|Day 3, 7th Hour|~

Vebra Mirthios

Vebra was chewing on an unlit cigar waiting for the Sith to awake. The amount of sedative he had given her would kill most normal people so it was a bit of a game of chance with how long it would take for a force user to come to on it. Vebra knew that the ship's air recylcers could probably filter out the smoke from his cigar but he knew he would be imposing the smell of his habit on everyone else in the compartment. So he decided against it and was content with chewing on the loosely rolled carababba tabac. Vebra had been sitting off to the side looking over his wrist bracer, trying to refit it to be clipped back onto his full trooper armor. So when out of the corner of his eye he saw Fa and the prisoner move he placed his cortosis bracer back in his bag and stood up.

He almost laugh when the Sith spoke about Fa reneging on some sort of agreement about letting her walk away. Removing the cigar from his mouth with his left index and middle finger Vebra spoke to the bound Twi'lek. "Well girl, if it makes you feel better, she did let you walk away. But seeing as I wasn't invited to the little sit down you two had I wasn't so inclined to let you." Vebra smiled and basked in the fact that what he was saying was only half true. Had he sat down with them it is likely the outcome would have been the same, with her being sedated and captured. Vebra then walked over and stood next to Fa, who despite Vebra standing taller then her, appeared to be the less intimidating one. "If you would so kindly reconsider answering my colleagues questions we can likely spare you a firing squad back on Coruscant. Unless of course you would like such a thing, then we can get what we need another way."

Vebra would never torture an unarmed prisoner but he wouldn't need to. Fa had a rather "unusual" way of extracting information, which he wouldn't technically classify as torture. However, her methods were best not used but they did work. In all of his years working special operations he had found Fa one of the better extractors of information. Considering what information this Sith could have made it all the more important that they get it. He just hoped the implied threat was enough for the Twi'lek to reconsider her choices.

~|Nar Shaddaa, Veenra|~

~|Day 3, 6th Hour|~

Vebra watched with bated amusement from the dance floor the interaction between the two force users. Several times the Twi'lek shot him a glance and Fa motioned towards him. There was no way she didn't know exactly who and where he was, even an arrogant Sith watches the exits and threats. Vebra had to force himself not to glance at his two underlings at the bar, lest he give away their position, he just hoped Eyes hadn't had enough time to get hammered yet. Several times Vebra witnessed the Twi'lek reach below the table, perhaps for a blaster? He was much to far away to see what she was grabbing but she never pulled anything up, it seemed almost like a nervous tick. Just as he wondered to himself about how the conversation was actually going a young Zeltron female approached him. Blasted, do they seriously think I have credits on me?

Vebra almost immediately answered his own question before the young Zeltron began to get touchy with him. Vebra only played along with it for a few seconds of dancing before pulling the Zeltron up against him with her back against him. He whispered in her ear "I'm hear on business dear." The Zeltron immediately backed off him and gave him a sort of snort as she went to look for another payday. It was a shame really, she was quite pretty really. Turning back to his mission he saw the Twi'lek leaving the booth, not like she was in a rush, but she seemed ready. He knew she would likely run if he did, hopefully she hadn't spotted Eye's though. Vebra Then engaged in a series of chest and arm movements that could be considered dancing in some circles but in reality it was just an excuse to key his wrist communicator. He whispered into his wrist. "Ragged nerf is leaving, ready". Vebra continued his terrible dance maneuver and began looking for a path to the door. He'd rather not spook her but if it came to it he was closer than Fa was, not to mention a better shot to. Maybe Elias and Eyes could destract her for a moment while he closed in. If not there was still the team outside after all.
~|Nar Shaddaa, Docking Bay 32|~

~|Day 3, 6th Hour|~

Vebra placed the small black bud deep enough into his ear that he could feel it change the pressure in his jaw. He hated these things, small comms receivers that he only ever had to use on more discrete missions like this. To most people his ear would only look strange if they stared at his ear for a good time. The receiver was designed to be discrete and likely, as uncomfortable as possible. Vebra flexed his jaw when the hissing airlock burned his ear. Vebra punched the undercover trooper to the left of him in the shoulder. "Don't hot mic, Krel." Without turning around Krel half jumped and quickly reached into the pocket of her trousers and the hissing coming straight into his ear canal stopped. He heard a slightly nervous "yessir" out of the Alderaanean women. Vebra decided not to press the issue and looked around seeing a trooper to either of his flanks and the outlines of the people behind him. In front of him was the grimy metal landing platform, which had several puddles and dried out debris on it.

Stepping down the ramp of the rather innocuous shuttle Vebra was sort of sad to not be able to spot any Republic symbols on it. They had bought an old shuttle off a Duros looking to upgrade. Luckily, the interior had been completely gutted to accommodate more than cargo. Its most important retrofitting being an air seal, not being able to breath was such a drag afterall. Stepping onto the platform Vebra put up a smile as he finally hit the ground. Being on a platform that wasn't moving constantly was one of the simple things he took joy in. He kept the smile as he adjusted his beskad which was held to his hip by a belt with a sheath on it. He could feel his blaster in its holster on the the opposite side of his body. He couldn't justify bringing his rifle with him, it would just make him look too professional. Given what there mission was, he would prefer if the Sith thought she could easily dispatch him.

As Fa finished up her speech Vebra checked his bracers one last time which was under his simple brown shirts sleeves. Vebra looked to the jedi, who was also plainly dressed, then back to his troopers. They had all seen combat before, no one there was a youngling, he'd personally made sure of that. But not all of them had actually seen a Sith before, ironically. Several of them had only trained with Jedi, which while better than training against holograms was nowhere close to a real live Sith. Since both Fa and he had come up with the plan for how to handle this he was fine with letting her tell them what it was. But he got to assign people. "Alright, Sweeper and Raj, you'll set up on the back door with Krell, she'll be ready with the stun grenades so if the Bantha gets past her you know what to do. Eli, you'll be on the front door ,you're favorite." Vebra let a grin come across his face again."Krem and Blitz, you'll be off the door by a few meters, make sure Eli doesn't get his hide blown off. You all know the rest, keep the communicators quite unless you hear something from Eyes or me. Let's go grab us a drink!"

Vebra and Fa both knew the way from the drop off point to the bar but he figured he should take the lead on the way there. The team split into their groups of three and made sure to keep a few meters between them, lest, force forbid, they looked like an actual military unit. The entrance to the bar was nothing special, it was the type of place he'd seen plenty of during his rotations off the front. The sign read "Veenra", he wasn't entirely sure if that was a name or simply a word he couldn't make any sense of. Regardless, he wasn't here for pleasure unfortunately, well, maybe a little.

Vebra finally flipped his brain into hyper awareness. He tended to keep his mind away from noticing every detail around since it unnerved people outside of his line of work, the knowing what people were likely going to do and say by watching their body language took a bit of fun out of social interactions as well. There was only one person even remotely close to the entrance and it was likely a homeless (and drunk) Trandosian. Looking over his shoulder back at Eyes and Fa Vebra just said "Well, this should be fun."
Baulder, Yarsomere


Baulder was annoyed. He couldn't do anything and he was hungry. Hungry. Baulder looked over to E'nasha and heard her calls of being fine. This was enough for Baulder, she knew more what was fine and what wasn't than him right? Seeing her struggle getting up against the lizard women was slightly concerning as it almost looked like they were going to both fall over. Baulder moved his arms out as if to catch her if she fell but didn't do much more than that as he didn't want to get close to the vile former snake lady. Confident she wasn't going to actually fall over Baulder was about to ask where the food was before once again, Mar had a question to. Baulder then waited a second before walking up to the women who had identified herself as Sahra, getting rather close to her. "Yes, all well and good yes. Don't think we'll be leaving until you do anyways. For the time, do you have any food? I just spilled out what food I managed to get from that odd table in the middle of the town, weird feast that was. Food would be nice.

Baulder's eye twitched slightly as he felt his stomach rumble at him. That teleportation business was quite exhausting, he needed more food if he wanted to do it again.


Baulder was beginning to become grated by snake's constant retorts. She wasn't even the target of his malice, she just decided that being involved in the situation was all well and good. He supposed there was nothing to be done about it now but he would keep an eye on her, or at least John would. Baulder snapped his shut as he realized he had left it open for some unknown amount of time after speaking to the Sand Cobra lady. He was unsure what all the things she was talking about were but at the very least they seemed competent mages to him. He was even less sure what they were actually supposed to do in this situation. Did these people expect them to charge the palace with them? After that display at the dinner table he wasn't so sure that would work well.

Bauder heard the girl named Summer say something about him staring at Mar, this situation was beginning to be annoying to him. However, he wasn't sure what exactly she thought they were going to be doing. Did she know something he didn't? Maybe she saw something he didn't? Whatever the case Baulder turned back to their "saviors". "The others we came with, we'll need to get them back.... at some point. Now or later is sort of.... up to you. But yes, yes we need to observe, maybe how big the resistance is.... or potential resistance. It...... sounds as if theres only a few dozen of you against, what? A nation as it is? Unless you know of something that can kill this.... prophet of yours I'm not sure what you want from us."

Baulder felt like he had no idea what was expected of them here. They were just to observe and report back, now they had done everything they had been asked to. So why not get the others and leave yes? This wasn't their fight right now.
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