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Sounds good! There are a few interested parties that have directly messaged me. I am absolutely considering your mentorship and possibly the backup player deal. Thanks @TheGrundlesnart!

I've personally been interested in DND but I find it has too much crunch. I'd have to sink so many hours to really get it. Fate/FAE seems pretty straightforward and story-driven which really appealed to me. This is my other post. I believe posting here makes sense as well as I'm looking for a one on one RP.

Here's the deal:

You pick our genre, time period, if it's 18+. I'll worldbuild for that. In exchange, we do this on my selected system, which is Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE). I'm a newbie, I'm hoping to find someone new as well.

I'll be helping you learn the ropes, so don't worry. The catch is, it would be better if we're online at a similar time, so let's discuss that.
I'm looking to practice DM-ing FAE. I'm currently interested in doing it for one player. I know, that's not ideal, but since this is practice, I believe this will work better for my learning. I prefer someone inexperienced with FAE too.

To make this fair, you pick our genre/time period, and we'll craft something for it. I'll definitely be doing the brunt of the worldbuilding though.
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