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Feeling sick and only seem to be getting worse. Also my AC unit chose to break today, during one of the hottest parts of the Arizona summer. Someone save me.
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David's face paled as the Cultist implications sunk in. He glanced around at the widespread destruction around him. If that thing had really leveled half the arena then he had a snowball's chance in hell of beating it. David started contemplating how best to make a swift escape. If he fired a stream of water into the things face he could probably distract it long enough for him to draw a quick circle and escape.

"Rurik, take Yuuto." Bak suddenly ordered causing David's thoughts of escape to halt, "Go to warn Tovarisch. Take care of Vittorio."

He visible twitched as her steely gaze passed over him as she leveled her weapon at the cultist, "I'll be giving covering fire."

"You're not serious." David heard a man say, echoing his own thoughts. He looked over to see a St. Laurel's student, Alto, looking quite frustrated.

"You're on my side now?" Alto said with every bit of confusion also reflected by David. "What kind of game are you people playing?" David had no idea what this guy was on about, but it seemed Bak didn't care either, because instead of answering the man she instead decided to start unloading into the Cultist. This seemed to force the issue with Alto as instead of pressing for answers he immediately went into action and launched his own attack at the creature. The flashing lights and exploding flak made for an impressive display of destructive power, but David couldn't help but feel like it wouldn't be enough. He once again considered his options, looking at his fire nozzle and then looking at Bak and Alto. "I am severely outclassed here." He thought depressingly, "This guy could kill me in one blow." David realized that his body was shaking and that he had been clenching his teeth together. This creature terrified him and all his survival instincts were screaming at him to get the fuck out, "This isn't my fight. It's better to leave this to people much more qualified than myself." He reasoned, "I'm not a coward. I'm just being realistic." David again looked at Bak readily laying her life on the line to fight for her friends, to even fight for him a stranger. David aims the fire nozzle and fires a stream of water aimed right at the Cultist's face. He quickly switches to holding the fire nozzle with just his left hand and draws his pen. "I can leave." He thought, "I should leave." He didn't budge, "Fuck." David draws a circle, but not on the ground. He instead drew a new two-inch radius circle on his back. He would side steps right up to Bak keeping the water on the Cultist as he does so.

"Hey, tank girl." He says just loud enough to be heard over the roar of the water. "You want to do more than tickle him?" David would point at the circle on his back. "Stick your gum through that circle when I give the word and we can set this assholes world on fire. Close!" As David says this he drops the fire hose as the water abruptly stops.

In the distance at Mephisto's school for the wickedly inclined. A firebox explodes as a hose, left on max pressure, bursts from its housing, shooting water everywhere and smashing everything around it.

David pockets his pen and holds up his now free hands with circles drawn on the palms. "Open times 9!" The two circles on David's palms and the seven on his chest would light up. Bak would see the small circle on David's back light up where he told her to put her gun barrel. If she does so, Bak would see nine identical copies of her gun emerge from the portals. In response David would look over at her a nod. The rest would be up to her.

Ok, updates CS. I think I'm done. Let me know what you think.

Will be hammering out details for a Phantasm guy today. I finally have an idea I'm happy with.
David struggled to process everything that was going on around him. His first priority was Yuuto who was surprisingly actually lying in a puddle a short distance from him. It seemed he had gotten caught in that cyclone and had probably been slammed into the ground. "Ha, David one Ninja Jesus zero." David taunted as he looked over at Katherine. It seemed that she and Rurik decided to turn up the heat, both literally and metaphorically as they beat the ever living shit out of each other. It all went down so fast that by the time he could process who was even winning the final blows were already being thrown. He watched as Katherine delivered a bitchin knee to Rurik's solar plexus, while Rurik answered with a cheap hay-maker to Katherine's jaw. He could practically feel the cracking bones as sympathy pain made his teeth clench. He immediately tried to spring to his feet to help Katherine but found that to be a terrible move as he collapsed face first into the mud writhing in silent pain. He hadn't gotten out of his fight unscathed as the pain in David's leg and on his side was far greater then he had expected. David cursed Yuuto and his parting gift as he curled up and clutched his leg and side trying to suppress the pain. He could only half pay attention to the situation as Katherine approached Rurik. To his surprise, she offered him a hand and actually helped him to his feet.

"Did I miss something?." David muttered dumbfounded. "When the hell did they become friends?" His concerns were brushed aside when Clara started speaking her nonsense again. David was so pissed he was tempted to just blast Clara and introduce her to her own mud puddle. However, his stomach and his shin were making very compelling arguments as to why he shouldn't even think of moving. Luckily his frustrations were short-lived as Christine finally pulled through and put herself between Clara and her sister. "Good on ya ice girl." he quietly cheered before witnessing and even more miraculous occurrence and that was

Before Clara could even protest this new development a mysterious man, Thobias, flashed in from nowhere. He delivered a quick one-liner and just flashed away taking Katherine and Christine with him. David had mixed feelings about this development. He was glad that Katherine had finally gotten out of there, but it was hard not to feel like his efforts had been a bit wasted. He knows its a selfish thought, but he had tried his best to save the day and it hurt to be outdone by another teleporter. His personal pity party didn't last long though as he heard something stomp up to him and Yuuto. He glanced up to see Bak picking up Yuuto while whispering something to him. David's mind immediately went into high alert, "Shit. I let myself get too distracted. Don't turn around big girl. I don't have my weapon." He glances around frantically for his fire nozzle to thankfully see it a few feet behind him. His thoughts racing "OK, I just need to do a quick painful roll, grab the gun and send her...holy shit she's looking right at me." David froze realizing he had taken too long and Bak was now hovering right over him. David considered his options, "I could try to play possum and maybe she'll pass me by, no. Maybe I just YOLO this shit and go for the gun. Ah, screw it. If I die? I die swinging!" as he made up his mind to take action. He was halted when Bak spoke in a gentle Yekaterina accent, "You are one of us. Come along. We have doctor that can help."

"Help?" was all David could utter before Bak suddenly started hoisting him from the ground. He grabbed onto his fire nozzle by reflex as she threw him on her shoulder opposite Yuuto. His side immediately flared in pain, and he had to clamp his mouth shut to prevent himself from screaming. He did, however, allow himself to let out a totally manly squeal as a result of the rough handling. He hadn't expected Bak to help him and was frankly in shock at this turn of events. David thought about his situation as Bak went around collecting the injured. As it stood it he wasn't going to get his ass kicked for interfering with Clara's plans, at least not right now. He suspected that some flak would be coming his way eventually. Still, he did need a Doctor and could always bail after getting patched up. The persistent pain in his leg and side was starting to clear up finally. He could probably walk on his own now, but he figured as long as everyone kept thinking he was seriously injured they'd be less likely to yell at him.

"Huh?" David breathed as he felt a familiar itch in his skin, "Oh fuck its back!" He exclaims in shock. It seemed that whatever power had disrupted his Crisis left with the pain. His head started pulsing with a new even worse than Katherine headache. David didn't know what could possibly be worse than and escaped Demon, but knew he couldn't ignore the call for long. He had never tried using "Crisis" while being bunched up with other people before. He after all never liked the idea of getting other people involved with his bullshit. It was hypocritical considered he interfered in other peoples affairs, but he blamed this on his powers. He didn't know if it would actually bring other people with him, but if it did work and he was to bring all these tired and injured people with him to whatever bullshit disaster was causing him such agony. He couldn't even imagine the world of shit they would all be in. His thoughts were already getting hazy as he heard a loud ringing in his ears. He tries his best to mutter a spit out a warning, "Get...Away...From...Me...Its...Not...Safe." At this point, the bubbling felt like someone had shaken a soda and let it loose in his veins. Bak may even notice that the veins on David's body had started to protrude a bit with a bubbly blue glow now visible through the skin. He tried to hold on a few more seconds, but Bak wouldn't drop him so he could only hope someone had gotten a chance to get clear. He craned his neck and then once again screamed at the top of his lungs,


The whole group would see a massive portal open in the sky above them and quickly descend over Bak and David and any unlucky enough to still be with them.

The Arena
As shells rained down upon the arena a large purple portal would open and deposit everyone right in front of the Brute Cultist during the active firestorm. David had no words for the situation he was now in. The monster and explosions everywhere told him he had landed right in the middle of a massive shit storm. He wasn't normally a pessimistic guy, but he honestly was questioning whether or not getting blowing up was less painful than getting ripped limb from limb by whatever unholy abomination he was currently looking at. "Oh, Well if I'm gonna die. I'm going swinging." David would fling himself off of Bak's back, now able to do so without the unbearable pain, yell, "Close." all the circles on his chest would vanish and back in the park 6/7ths of all the water on the ground would suddenly vanish into blue light and dissipate. David was ready. If that cultist made a move at them he'd introduce him to 300 PSI of fuck you.
I will work on my chaos cultist today. I may go overboard with minor summon ideas
I think Phantasm and Machina is winning due to having large diversity in summons.

I was actually going to ask is it possible to be a summoner who specializes in summoning chaotic spirits like fairies, gremlins, and tsukumogami or other youkai?


It seemed that David's fake out had been successful as Yuuto took the blow head on and was launched across the field like a human missile. The ninja again vanished into thin air. David took the moment of reprieve to take in the evolving situation around him. It seemed Christine had been nearly recruited to their side again, but was still holding out thanks to Clara's insistence. David, feeling irritated by Christine's inability to make a decision, yelled at her, "Would you make up your dam mind! Do you trust your sister!? If yes then tell miss black magic to fuck off!" He wasn't able to say more as Yuuto stepped back into reality and took his attention away.

Yuuto started walking towards him with a noticeable limp in his steps, "Is he walking on water? Am I fighting ninja Jesus?!" David thought as Yuuto spoke, "Void Wisdom say 'Always remember noble foe who fights.' You are indeed worthy foe."

"Thanks?" David replied awkwardly as Yuuto sprinted at him. He was actually surprised by this outcome. Yuuto clearly had a ranged advantage, but he chose to take him head on, knowing he could be blown away again. "Well, even I got to respect such guts." David thought, "but I'm still blowing you away." As Yuuto closed in David would shift his left leg forward and his right back while holding his nozzle back and to his right ready to fake Yuuto out by pretending to ram him in answer to his rush. He instead would crank the handle the moment Yuuto was right on top of him and seal his fate.

Things don't go to plan.

As Yuuto closed in David cranked the handle. The world would slow for David as multiple things happened all at once. David's blast of water would go soaring over Yuuto as the ninja dropped low to the ground at the last second to deliver an empowered kick aimed at David's forward leg. As the kick lands the mud would cause David's leg to immediately slip. This reduces the impact a great deal but flings David's leg out from under him. He doesn't even have time to process the pain of the burning frost in his shin as he falls making three full rotations before landing on his side and rolling to his back. Water is sprayed everywhere as a result as the outflow of water sprays everywhere around David. After landing on his back David ended lying there for several moments unable to even think clearly enough to shut off the water. He was overwhelmed by dizziness, pain, and the feeling of drowning as a deluge of water poured over his face from the geyser bursting from his chest and into the air. He eventually got his wits together enough to crank the handle and shut off the water, but he was feeling thoroughly put out.

David breathed to himself, "I have got *breath* to stop letting *breath* my ego *Huff* land me in hot water." He wasn't sure what had gotten caught up in that chaotic torrent, but he quickly spun to his hands and knees and sat up to look around for Yuuto and to assess the damage. If he was lucky Yuuto would being lying in a puddle of water somewhere and Katherine and Rurik wouldn't be wet. He could only hope to be so lucky.
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