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As David waited for Bak's reply Rurik interjected stating plainly, "Great idea. This place sucks," David hadn't been looking for an answer from Rurik but didn't disagree with his sentiment. Rurik seemed to have a similar mindset to his own. He didn't use fancy words to express how he felt. Still, he had wanted to hear what Bak had to say. However, Alto made that impossible when he decided to mention his attempted murder. David paused at this bit of news. That made two murder attempts today caused by Mephisto. He was going to have a lot of questions after today, but he was willing to hear all the facts before he made a judgment. As Rurik negotiated with Alto, he shot David a look that said, "Do something." David did want to hear Alto out, but he didn't want to get caught up in another fight. He weighed his options and decided that answers could come later. He crouched down on the ground, pretending to clutch his stomach in silent pain, and began drawing a tall rectangle on the ground. David struggled to make solid lines using the broken and cracked stone. He had to use set the pen on the highest ink flow to make the lines. The finished rectangle looked awful, with squiggly and broken lines everywhere and even a sharp angle at one point when he had to go around a hole. It would be difficult to form a connection with this. There were many hidden portals in Mephisto's. David had spent countless hours making and concealing portals. He had found paint in the janitor's closet, the same kind that coated the door frames all over the school. His lines did not need to be visible to work. They could clip through any material. So, he would draw them and then cover them in a thin layer of fresh paint. He concentrated and 'felt' for his lines. He would frantically whisper "Open" as he searched. He checked every door one by one as fast as he could. Until finally, it opened. The ground beneath him turned a luminescent blue. He fell through and into the hallway of the school. He faceplanted and slid, just outside a beat up and warped door. It seemed the student body had roughed up this door enough to skew its shape in just the right way. He quickly rolled to the side and looked at the door. He expected that everyone would fall and did not want to be under them when they did.

The Cultist's mightly blow proved to be too much for Rurik's shield to handle. A powerful shockwave blew David off his feet along with everyone else. He hit the ground and rolled several times before coming to a stop on his stomach. His head ached having taken a hit at some point during his tumble. However, he could feel it. The familiar lines of his blood were now on the body of the Cultist. He shakily pushed himself to his knees and reached for his pen with a gleam of hatred in his eyes, but his pocket was empty. Shock and confusion spread across his face until a dreaded realization sunk in. "I dropped my pen." He thought to himself as he 'felt' around for his lost instrument. He could feel his blood somewhere among the cracked stone of the arena, but it must have fallen in a gap. He couldn't see it out in the open and cursed under his breath. He couldn't do anything without his utensil. He saw that Rurik and Bak were still trying to fight, but he couldn't move. The wounds gifted to him by Yuuto flared in pain from all the stress.

Rurik's luck also seemed to run out as the Cultist hoisted him in the air fist curled and ready to turn them into a bloody mess. David forced himself to his feet, with his body protesting every inch. The need to act was like an unyielding compulsion in his blood, but instead of the same old bubbling itch, it was more like a fire giving him energy.


The explosion gave David a reason to pause. It seemed Rurik was also the type that didn't know when to quit. "I think I'm starting to like this guy." David thought to himself. The Cultist looked more pissed than hurt, but it still gave David hope. Then the cavalry finally arrived with Gloria, Alto, and King descended like the super friends onto the battlefield. The tension was high and literal sparks, courtesy of the Cultist, danced through the air. The world bulk under the power the Cultist prepared to bring, but just as the power reached a fever pitch. It all stopped. A portal opened next to the Cultist, another sting to David's pride, and began speaking with him. He couldn't hear what was said, but the Cultist seemed pleased by the news. He bid them all farewell and disappeared into the portal with his compatriot. Then just like that, it was all over. David felt the fire leave his veins and unceremoniously collapsed back onto the ground. His body, like Rurik, was done and had nothing left to give. He wanted to go home and sleep for a week or two.

He didn't know how long he lay there on the ground, but the familiar sound of Bak's heavy footfalls rosed him from his rest. He felt Bak pick him up yet again. He didn't understand how she could be so forgiving and kind. He had more or less screwed her and her friends over by bringing them here. They were now all hurt even more than the park. The park felt like another lifetime ago. He came to save Katherine and instead got caught up in cultist nonsense. He failed to do anything he had come to accomplish. On top of that, he had little to no impact on the outcome of either situation. His pride had taken a significant blow as a result, and he wanted to save face.

His wish was granted, albeit in an unexpected way, when a new person descended on the scene. This girl had to words David thought of to describe her. Blood and tits. He didn't know who she was, but her declaration of being a healer was a welcomed relief. The burst of healing energy made all the pain fade away. David took the opportunity to spring to his feet. Happy he could salvage some of his pride by at least walking out of here rather than being carried. He went straight for his pen and dug it out of some rubble. It was unharmed by the fall, Luigi never built anything half-assed it seemed. He went back to Bak. "Hey listen." He started, "It isn't much, but I can portal us back to Mephisto's if you'd like. I can't teleport anywhere like some people, but I have plenty of portals in our school." He didn't know if she would accept his offer. However, regardless of her answer, he did intend to make a portal. He would find the nearest wall and draw a rectangle. If Bak accepted his offer, he would create a portal to Mephisto's. The portal would let out anywhere in the school Bak wanted. David had hidden many portals in the doorways of the classrooms and offices. If she rejected his offer, he would make a portal home. He would go straight to his room and collapse on his bed until tomorrow. He was far too tired to deal with this day any longer.
Tournament Arch Over

Things hadn't played out quite as Max had expected. Albus was spared his crushing end thanks to the interference of a couple of large cats, Lohi and Tohi, and their quick barrier. He still got some satisfaction out of kicking Grarves' ankle, after the fact, and eliciting a rather satisfying and loud yelp. Which caused Max some minor discomfort in his ears. He started walking away from the scene only to be stopped by the sound of an angry voice calling out to him.

"Oi!" Isobel yelled out as she walked up behind him, "Spiky haired overly dressed bastard. Where the hell do you think you're going?"

Max looked over his shoulder at her but didn't turn around. She along with another boy, Arkadian, were staring daggers at him. Though, Isobel's was by far the more impressive scowl among the two of them. Max knew they wanted a fight but wasn't in the mood to go all out in a crowded lunchroom. It was one thing to fight back against a dragon you 'thought' was attacking you. It was another to beat up two students out for an explanation you didn't want to give. His answer was thus brief and monotone displaying little care for their unspoken threats, "To class." he answered, then began walking away again. Max didn't expect either of them to just let him go. So, as he stepped away they would hear an ominous clicking sound as Max gently tosses something small and round behind him. Isobel would see the grenade roll to her feet as Max started sprinting away. SHe would have little time to react as the grenade exploded, but fortunately for her. The grenade would not explode into fire and shrapnel, but instead, pop like an over-pressurized can and releasing a massive cloud of smoke into the air. In the chaos that ensued Max would burst through the nearest emergency exit and run down several hallways. If he believed the coast was clear he would take some time to catch his breath before walking to Lady Lestrelle's class. "Well, this morning was certainly more exciting than usual." He mused eyes scanning the halls for dark skin and long white hair, "If I see her again. which will most likely be around lunchtime. There is no doubt a fight will break out." Max smiles, "Perfect, I'll just summon the changeling before then. It will make for the perfect test." Max walked with purpose as he made plans for his next encounter with Isobel, a look of sadistic glee upon his face.

Max entered the food court after walking through a mile of the Nidhogen's apples. It seemed the tree spirit wanted to provide a fresh breakfast to everyone, but Max couldn't trust food from such an odd creature and thus sidestepped him. He made his way over to a stall that offered a variety of salads and placed an order for a Caesar. As the guy behind the counter prepared ingredients Max noticed several bagels had been set out with unique spreads. He normally wouldn't take something so unhealthy, but after a quick internal argument, he talked himself into running an extra lap today to work it off. As he was given his salad he requested a toasted plain bagel with a salmon spread. The smell of toasted bagel was very tantalizing and Max couldn't help but look forward to enjoying it after his salad.

Max cared little for other people's comfort and tended to sit at the first table with a spot available. This kind of behavior would normally warrant objections. However, one look at Max's cold stare and arsenal, caused most people to decide it was easier for them to leave rather than attempt to convince Max too. As he sat down Max summoned an Earworm from the school storage and then concentrated on forming a connection. His goal, however, was not of a person but an object. The same clock from his room had an Earworm built into it to allow him to connect to it from range. If the Earworm got a connection it automatically turned on the music playlist. After a few moments, the sound of gentle piano keys filled Max's ear and he began eating his salad. He felt his calm returning and was going back to his zen-like state. He thought about what he needed to know before summoning the Changeling and opened up a small notebook and began reading to refresh his memory.

As he read his eyes caught a glimpse of something black passing right in front of him. He sprang to his feet, knocking over his chair, and quickly scanned for the source of the shadow. He caught a glimpse of black fur, a long tail, and something round and tan, but isn't able to identify it before it vanishes into the crowd. Max's thoughts raced, "Dam these unattended creatures. There should be rules against this kind of crap. I have a lot to accomplish today and I don't need these distractions." he took a deep breath trying to regain his composer, "Well, whatever it was it seems to have left as quickly as it came." he observed while picking up his chair and sitting back down. A small crowd of students was now staring at him, but he paid them no mind. He wanted to quickly forget about the interruption and move on. He reached for his bagel hoping the joy of the rich creamy spread would calm his nerves. He felt an empty plate. The music pauses or at least Max stops being able to hear it. The crowd nearby starts thining out as several students start making hasty retreats. Max had a murderous look on his face and his hand was hovering over Lightning. He was also breathing very heavily and his throat vibrated with a low growl. He scanned the diminishing crowd of people seeing if any of them had his prize. As the seconds ticked by his breathing slowed as his anger cooled. He could hear the music return and tries to focus on the calming melody. As his thought organize he remembered something he'd overlooked. "That creature had something round and tan in its mouth." He thought to himself, "My Bagel! That little shit will pay!" He started angrily thinking of all the ways he would beat up the summon and its owner. he did this until a small voice of reason popped into his head, "I could also just get another." This thought was answered with more rage until a compromise was made "Ok, Bagel now. Ass kicking later." this thought cooled the hot anger into a cool, calculated vengeance to be stored till later. Having settled his thoughts and having new a goal, he starts making his way back to the stall with his lunch tray in hand. Though it seemed luck was not on his side that day as passed the center of the courtyard he heard a rumbling in the distance. This was followed shortly after with the sound of bursting wood as a massive two-ton dragon came barreling through the double doors at the entrance and started rampaging through the cafeteria. He even seemed to be on a collision course heading right for him. Max only grinned. He was ready for a fight and even looked forward to taking his anger out on something. He cracked his bones and was ready to open with Lightning when a girl's voice, back and to his left, caught his attention.

”Remember me, for this day I die for the cause.” A small girl, Albus, declared, ”Come Grarves. I accept my fate.” Max realized that the dragon, Grarves, was not running at him but towards Albus. "You accept your fate huh?" Max thought darkly, "Well, I'm glad to hear it." As Grarves closed in Max did not move, instead choosing to stand as close to the path of destruction as possible. As Garves was just about to pass Max, he looked over at Albus and smiled, it was not a kind smile. He threw down his lunch tray right under Grarves front left paw to cause it to slide forward, then followed it up by stepping to the side and swiftly kicking Grarves in his back left ankle, right on the lateral malleolus, or the funny bone of the ankle. To stop Grarves from being able to easily recover his balance after sliding forward. The desired outcome would be for Grarves to completly trip and collapse right on top of Albus, and maybe even tumble into the other bystanders. However, regardless of the outcome Max would try to casually walk away immediately after kicking Grarves.

"Maybe I made the wrong call." David thought to himself as he watched the Cultist bathe in the storm of lead like he was taking a morning shower.

"Why is it that whenever I try to do the 'right thing' the world seems to conspire against me." He watched in near slow motion as the cultist raised his arms ready to bring his fists down upon alto.

"Ah fuck, I don't want to watch this. I mean I won't hear it since I'm pretty much deaf from all the gunfire, but fuck is there no one that can save him?" David thought as he tried to look anywhere but at Alto. He ended up looking up in time to see something blue, Nanaca, descending from the sky. She looked like an angel descending from the heavens. A beautiful girl with blue hair, and panties, looking as free as the wind. She landed on the Cultist's shoulders with the force of a freight train as she crushed him beneath her. The ground cracked beneath the Cultist's feet as he was driven to a knee his ground pound halted, this saving Alto.

"Hot dam!" David tried futilely shouting over the roar of gunfire taking care to aim away from his new ally. The Cultist's arms were now hanging and if not broken, at least looked dislocated.

"Maybe we do have a chance," He thought positively to himself. However, his elation was short lived as he watched the Cultist slowly rise back to his feet, and then blow Alto away with a mighty stomp. The Cultist then let out a really loud roar. though David couldn't tell how loud as the sound of ringing in his ears indicated he was already suffering from hearing loss anyway. He still could tell something bad was about to happen as the world seemed to distort around the Cultist. "This is bullshit," David muttered as the roar turned into a massive shockwave that tore through the air, blasting Bak and himself off their feet and shattering the ground. David landed on his side several feet back with Bak in tow. He probably would have flown further if not for the fact that Bak's gun had been hooked in his portal for most of their short flight. The bad thing was that they had separated at the end. David was facing Bak and could see that her chaingun looked a lot worse for wear. She probably didn't notice it herself, but since the gun left the portal the stress that had been put on the other eight cloned barrels had been imparted onto the original. "Well, I hope it isn't broken." he thought to himself as he watched the Cultist pop his arms back in place. "Cause we could still use it." The Cultist started saying something, but David couldn't hear it, but he could see the Cultist's hands being wreathed in lightning and figured it was a death threat of some kind. The worst part is he got the distinct impression his ire was on him and Bak.

"Yep, he's going to kill us." David thought as he pulled his pen and moved to draw a circle. "Time to bail. I'm not dying here. Tank girl will be fine she's strong and..." David's thoughts trailed off as his eyes settle on Bak. He didn't see the same righteous determination in her eyes as before, nor did he see fear, nor anger, just a look of sad acceptance. "She isn't even going to try to save herself is she?" David realized, clenching his hand into a fist. "This world is an unfair place. The weaker are always picked on by the stronger." He looked at Bak seeing a powerful monstrous girl, "Monster huh...maybe it's not just the weak that are picked on." At that moment David realized he really wanted to talk to Bak. However, the sight of the enraged Cultist leaping at them made him wonder if they would ever get that chance. At that moment the universe seemed to conspire in their favor as everyone decided now was the best time to be a hero. Rurik was the first leaping in front of them while throwing up a shield. Nanaca was next, kicking the Cultist in the arm in a seemingly vain attempt to slow him down. Then Bak acted surprising him the most, given she had looked ready to die just o moment ago. She fired a strange glowing missile that popped mid-air and surrounded everyone in the protective feeling aura. This all happened in the span of a few moments, but it all unfolded like a slow-motion action scene to David. It was probably all the adrenaline pumping through his veins, but he felt now was the best time to act and that holding back was not an option anymore. He sprung to his feet and stepped past Rurik as the Cultist's fists impacted his shield. He reached out with his pen drawn and, in that same moment, draw a circle on the Cultist's chest. He didn't expect to go unpunished for this as he could already feel the electricity arching off the Cultist and into his arm, but strangely it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. It felt more like a low power taser than the deadly lightning he had expected. After drawing the circle, if he wasn't immediately punted out of the arena, David intended to press his hands against the Cultist's chest and yell, "Door!" This would allow him to open a portal to the other side of whatever he was trying to get to. In this case, his intent was to get inside of the Cultist.

"If you're going to try to kill us. I'm gonna do the same." David thought darkly, "Just hope whatever this defense field is ain't a solid object or I'll just open a door in his armor and not to his heart."

4th Floor Room 3

In the early morning hours of the phantasm tower, Max lies in a deep sleep sprawled out onto his bed clutching a full-body pillow with a print of various fuzzy animals upon it. On top of the end table beside his bed a small digital alarm clock ticks over to 6:30, it then let's out, not an obnoxious beep, but instead plays a sound clip of swarm of crows angrily screeching. Max awakes in a panic and rolls off his bed and onto the floor becoming tangled in his sheets. He lets loose a string of curses and colorful insults as he untangles himself. He springs to his feet ready to introduce some fowls to his fist but finds nothing but empty air. As the last vestiges of sleep leave him and his eyes zeros in on his clock. He makes an annoyed growl and stomps over to the clock and slams his fist onto the button on top further indenting the wood underneath. He takes a breath as the horrid screeching stops, then presses another button on the side of the clock. The display of time changes to that of a song title and a soothing piano piece starts to play.

Max lets the tension drain from his body as the music washes over him. This alarm clock had been a unique commission by Max's parents. Max had been diligent in his studies and training, but he had one problem that they couldn't condition out of him no matter how hard they tried. He slept like he was dead whenever his head hit the pillow. It seemed traditional alarms and music were ineffective at waking him thus a different approach had to be taken. Max was at the minimum a fairly paranoid man, and they decided to take advantage of his more sharpened survival instincts. Thus a clock was built with a massive library of sounds meant to spook Max and his half-asleep brain was compiled and set to random. It was very effective, but Max, of course, hated it and would break it often. It was made tougher with each iteration until finally, to appease Max, a music player was installed. The clock could be turned into a portable speaker for Max's music giving him a reason to not destroy it with a vengeance upon being disturbed.

Max made his way into the bathroom and removed his red and black silk pajamas. His body, if one were to see it outside his Achilles armor, is covered with many faded scars from cuts, burns, and bullet holes. This would lead some to believe Max had an abusive household, but he would insist otherwise. He would tell you every injury he received was from training and never as a punishment. His scars all had stories of live-fire exercises, gladiator style sword fights, and out of control summons. His parents always healed every injury with the best magic money could buy, but magic could only do so much. His parents never treated him with the kid gloves believing the best way to learn anything was the real-world experience.

It took several minutes of hot water and music before Max finally started to hit the Zen-like state he used to get through every day. He focused on today's goals and what he had to accomplish. His research had finally born fruit yesterday having stumbled upon an unusual aberration known as a Changeling. He had high hopes for this creature boasting a physical immunity to damage and the ability to drain life and magic from a creature. He did feel some reluctance due to its stated weakness to fire but unlike his last summon that was far easier to fix. His last summon having been a shadow person. A creature that was intangible unless it wanted to attack and could move at high speeds through darkness and shadow had seemed rather ideal. However, it had an unlisted weakness to light and after getting caught in one shot from Lighting had died instantly. It had been a massive disappointment especially since there was no getting around it. He intended to consult Lady Lestrelle on the matter later today and attempt a summon around lunch. After setting his plans for the day he finished up his shower and stepped back out into the hall.

It was now 6:45 according to his clock and he could hear Ives stirring in his room. Max had an unusual relationship with Ives. The man was the perfect roommate for Max. He was dedicated to his studies, was an artist, and most importantly was quiet. However, what made their relationship unusual is that at the beginning of the year Max had made a special secret request of Ives. In order to join the Cute and Fluffy Club one needed to make a special offering to the club leader. Max could not ask his parents to supply him with what he needed without having to answer questions he did not want to. In his desperation, he asked Ives if he could make a dozen 'cute' pillows for him if he provided the supplies. Ives had agreed to Max's delight but didn't want monetary compensation. He asked simply that Max do him a favor when he asked and Max reluctantly agreed. He didn't like favors as they meant someone held sway over him. However, he couldn't just blow it off when the time came least his secrets be revealed to the wrong parties.

As Max entered his room he made his way straight for his closet. The first thing anyone would notice is that his closet is metal and not the standard would. The next would be the various runes on the front warding against all manner of intrusion and tampering. He began typing a code into the runes that led to a bright glow and then a click as the door swung open. His parents had convinced the school with some financial donations to allow Max's room to be modified. The vault he had in place of a closet was installed to keep the many valuable technologies of his family safe from tampering or theft. The vault carried everything Max owned and was chock full of all his equipment along with ammo, tools, and the special pillowcases. He quickly pulled out his gear for the day and arranged it on his bed and desk. He put on Achilles first and began loading the pockets with his various tools. He slid tri-tips into his sleeves and boots and clipped a couple of grenades to his belt under the duster. He then slipped on a large belt made to hold both the sheaths for Fester and Nail and the holster for Lightning. He slips Whisper into a special pocket on his left breast where it fits snuggly resting against his heart. He then loads Whispers various attachments into his pockets along with plenty of spare ammo magazines.

After taking a quick stock to make sure he hasn't gotten anything he closes up the vault and locks it. He makes his way out into the hall hearing Ives in the shower as heads for the door. Upon stepping into the hallway the first of many annoyances of the day greeted him.

"Good morning, Nettie! Heading to breakfast?" He heard the loud childlike voice of Evangeline exclaim. Max had a mixed opinion about Evangeline. Where Ives had been the perfect roommate Evangeline was the worst neighbor. Her loud obnoxious and lazy attitude grated on Max, but he had to tolerate it because she was the head of the cute and fluffy club and of course knew of his attendance. Her only saving grace was her summon a fascinating creature she calls a fluff fairy. Max can't find any entries on fluff fairies thus making it a bit of a curiosity whenever he gets to see it.

Her friend Nettle was a different case entirely. He didn't know her nearly as well, but she was quiet so it was already higher then Evangeline. Her rather extreme specialization was an odd yet powerful one as evident by the Nidhogen. Her body also wasn't natural anymore and he could not fathom what had made her that way.

Her other roommate Livia was another person after his own heart. A smart talented girl that knew what power was and worked hard to get it. Her only flaw would be her pseudo sister Evangeline. He had no idea what Livia saw in her, and thus had a slightly lower opinion of her then Ives, but just slightly. Her summon and consequently fighting style was interesting, to say the least. Allowing a summon to possess you to increase your physical prowess was a novel idea. So much so Max had considered the idea himself but ultimately abandoned. He couldn't justify the risk of allowing himself to be taken over by another entity and trust it would not betray him.

As Evangeline went on about breakfast Max silently steps over to the door and said in a calm monotone, "Evangeline. Are we meeting tomorrow?" Max realizing it was Friday needed to know when they're flighty club leader would decide to host the next meetup. He would simply stare at Evangeline until he got an answer.

David's face paled as the Cultist implications sunk in. He glanced around at the widespread destruction around him. If that thing had really leveled half the arena then he had a snowball's chance in hell of beating it. David started contemplating how best to make a swift escape. If he fired a stream of water into the things face he could probably distract it long enough for him to draw a quick circle and escape.

"Rurik, take Yuuto." Bak suddenly ordered causing David's thoughts of escape to halt, "Go to warn Tovarisch. Take care of Vittorio."

He visible twitched as her steely gaze passed over him as she leveled her weapon at the cultist, "I'll be giving covering fire."

"You're not serious." David heard a man say, echoing his own thoughts. He looked over to see a St. Laurel's student, Alto, looking quite frustrated.

"You're on my side now?" Alto said with every bit of confusion also reflected by David. "What kind of game are you people playing?" David had no idea what this guy was on about, but it seemed Bak didn't care either, because instead of answering the man she instead decided to start unloading into the Cultist. This seemed to force the issue with Alto as instead of pressing for answers he immediately went into action and launched his own attack at the creature. The flashing lights and exploding flak made for an impressive display of destructive power, but David couldn't help but feel like it wouldn't be enough. He once again considered his options, looking at his fire nozzle and then looking at Bak and Alto. "I am severely outclassed here." He thought depressingly, "This guy could kill me in one blow." David realized that his body was shaking and that he had been clenching his teeth together. This creature terrified him and all his survival instincts were screaming at him to get the fuck out, "This isn't my fight. It's better to leave this to people much more qualified than myself." He reasoned, "I'm not a coward. I'm just being realistic." David again looked at Bak readily laying her life on the line to fight for her friends, to even fight for him a stranger. David aims the fire nozzle and fires a stream of water aimed right at the Cultist's face. He quickly switches to holding the fire nozzle with just his left hand and draws his pen. "I can leave." He thought, "I should leave." He didn't budge, "Fuck." David draws a circle, but not on the ground. He instead drew a new two-inch radius circle on his back. He would side steps right up to Bak keeping the water on the Cultist as he does so.

"Hey, tank girl." He says just loud enough to be heard over the roar of the water. "You want to do more than tickle him?" David would point at the circle on his back. "Stick your gum through that circle when I give the word and we can set this assholes world on fire. Close!" As David says this he drops the fire hose as the water abruptly stops.

In the distance at Mephisto's school for the wickedly inclined. A firebox explodes as a hose, left on max pressure, bursts from its housing, shooting water everywhere and smashing everything around it.

David pockets his pen and holds up his now free hands with circles drawn on the palms. "Open times 9!" The two circles on David's palms and the seven on his chest would light up. Bak would see the small circle on David's back light up where he told her to put her gun barrel. If she does so, Bak would see nine identical copies of her gun emerge from the portals. In response David would look over at her a nod. The rest would be up to her.

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