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It seemed that David's fake out had been successful as Yuuto took the blow head on and was launched across the field like a human missile. The ninja again vanished into thin air. David took the moment of reprieve to take in the evolving situation around him. It seemed Christine had been nearly recruited to their side again, but was still holding out thanks to Clara's insistence. David, feeling irritated by Christine's inability to make a decision, yelled at her, "Would you make up your dam mind! Do you trust your sister!? If yes then tell miss black magic to fuck off!" He wasn't able to say more as Yuuto stepped back into reality and took his attention away.

Yuuto started walking towards him with a noticeable limp in his steps, "Is he walking on water? Am I fighting ninja Jesus?!" David thought as Yuuto spoke, "Void Wisdom say 'Always remember noble foe who fights.' You are indeed worthy foe."

"Thanks?" David replied awkwardly as Yuuto sprinted at him. He was actually surprised by this outcome. Yuuto clearly had a ranged advantage, but he chose to take him head on, knowing he could be blown away again. "Well, even I got to respect such guts." David thought, "but I'm still blowing you away." As Yuuto closed in David would shift his left leg forward and his right back while holding his nozzle back and to his right ready to fake Yuuto out by pretending to ram him in answer to his rush. He instead would crank the handle the moment Yuuto was right on top of him and seal his fate.

Things don't go to plan.

As Yuuto closed in David cranked the handle. The world would slow for David as multiple things happened all at once. David's blast of water would go soaring over Yuuto as the ninja dropped low to the ground at the last second to deliver an empowered kick aimed at David's forward leg. As the kick lands the mud would cause David's leg to immediately slip. This reduces the impact a great deal but flings David's leg out from under him. He doesn't even have time to process the pain of the burning frost in his shin as he falls making three full rotations before landing on his side and rolling to his back. Water is sprayed everywhere as a result as the outflow of water sprays everywhere around David. After landing on his back David ended lying there for several moments unable to even think clearly enough to shut off the water. He was overwhelmed by dizziness, pain, and the feeling of drowning as a deluge of water poured over his face from the geyser bursting from his chest and into the air. He eventually got his wits together enough to crank the handle and shut off the water, but he was feeling thoroughly put out.

David breathed to himself, "I have got *breath* to stop letting *breath* my ego *Huff* land me in hot water." He wasn't sure what had gotten caught up in that chaotic torrent, but he quickly spun to his hands and knees and sat up to look around for Yuuto and to assess the damage. If he was lucky Yuuto would being lying in a puddle of water somewhere and Katherine and Rurik wouldn't be wet. He could only hope to be so lucky.

Yuuto had been sent flying as David had hoped, and he shut off the water a few moment after Yuuto went tumbling away. Though David was thrown off when Yuuto seemed to vanish into thin air. "What? I didn't launch him out of the park right?" David thought as he scanned for the ninja.

"Very well. You choose to interfere with mission." David heard to his side as he turned his head and saw Yuuto fling Kunai at him. David flattened out onto the ground and tried to roll out of the way, but before the Kunai even reached him he felt a strange beam hit him in the side mid-roll. His whole body spasmed as he was sent tumbling away as Kunai rained down on his old position.

David's shirt now had a large swathe torn in it and he felt like he'd been simultaneously burned and frozen by the blast. He had a large red mark on his left side that looked like skid mark running across his stomach and ribs. However, This all took back seat as a sick feeling spread through his body. He couldn't place it at first, but David realized the boiling feeling from his blood had stopped. It was enough to make him pause.

"You son of Bitch!" David yelled, with an actual look of panic on his face for a moment, but he quickly replaces it with one of rage. David realizes that he needs to make a change or Yuuto was going to tear him apart at range. So, using his anger to surpass the pain he decides to try to stand. His legs shook as a sharp pain spread through them, but he was able to manage to get to his feet. He noticed that the Demoness and Rurik were still fighting, but Rurik was now also standing shakily in the open giving Katherine a withering glare. This only made David angrier as it seemed their positions were the same, but it also gave him an idea.

David would turn to face Yuuto, making sure to keep his chest pointing right at him. "You care about the mission right?" David spat while keeping his fire nozzle trained on him, then giving Yuuto his meanest smirk he would slowly turn the fire nozzle towards Rurik. David wasn't sure how Yuuto would respond to this threat, but he really hoped he would take the bait. Daivd would then rack the handle forward while yelling, "Open times seven!" A portal would open on the end of David's fire nozzle as well as seven identical portals on is chest arranged in a circle.

Yuuto, instead of seeing a stream of water emerge from the nozzle, would instead see a geyser of water, like an exploded fire hydrant, launch from David's chest straight at him. David would turn his chest back and forth blanketing the whole field in water to make it hard for Yuuto to dodge and turning the ground to mud.
Go for it

David was disappointed by how ineffective his fire hose plan had turned out. It seemed Rurik had some kind of shielding ability, which he thought was bullshit, but he now knew he needed a better plan if he wanted to beat the cocky jerk. As he pondered a new strategy, Yuuto stepped out in front of him. David had almost forgotten about the strange ninja guy since he had stayed quiet this entire time. Yuuto told David in a few, strangely phrased, words that he wanted David to stop resisting and threatened to hurt or even kill him if he didn't comply. David only felt more pissed off now, "If you think your threats are going to stop me." He started to say but stopped. "Shit. Maybe I watch my mouth before it gets me killed." He thought morbidly, "With my legs bleeding I'm not going to last. Holy shit!" David's train of thought was derailed as he felt a sharp burning sensation from his legs. He saw fire crawling all over his lower body and in a panic readied his fire nozzle, but before he could foolishly shoot himself the fire stopped. He felt a tingling sensation from the burns but noticed that the bleeding had stopped. It seemed that the Demoness had helped him. "Hey, thanks Kath...Whoa!" David had started to say, but his words were cut short as the Demoness yanked him to the side. He felt something invisible blow past where his face use to be. "OK, thank you's later." David quickly added as he glared at Rurik.

David chanced another look at the Demoness and noticed her intense gaze, she stared at Rurik with a stoic but determined expression. David felt anxious as the tension began to build. He was starting to get the impression that things were about to go down. However, it was all shattered when he heard Christine yell, "Hey Kath, Rurik peaked at me while changing in the locker room today! Can you believe it?!" David couldn't even process what he just heard before the Demoness' expression did a one-eighty from stoic determination to disgust and rage, "Know your place you piece of shit!" she screamed while throwing her arm out, "Don't you have any standards?!" David watched as a very demonic looking circle appeared around Rurik and for a moment felt some pity for Rurik as everything suddenly burned around him. "Wow, I really need to not piss her off." David thought, "but this is an opportunity." As the steam rose David hardly needed to adjust his aim. Yuuto was standing right in front of him after all. David slammed the handle of the fire nozzle forward and shot at Yuuto from blank range. This close it would be like getting drop kicked in the legs by a bear wearing high heels. "Let's Bring you down to my level!" David screamed through the torrent of water.
Foe the last time. I am not undead Master Chief!
Example my avatar. Where's the rest of me?

David was running as fast as his legs would carry him, deadest on reaching the road. He knew if they could reach the road He could make a portal and escape. His hopes were dashed when he realized Christine was chasing them. He had seen that girl roll in and she was fast as hell. "Maybe she won't do anything crazy with her sister near?" David thought, but then felt a stumble from on his right he looked back as Katherine start pleading with her sister to let her go and that the demon was helping her. He saw her cough up blood though and was so shocked he didn't even see the beholder. A barrage of ice cycles flew into his legs while he was distracted, "Guess she had faith in her aim." David thought as he felt several cuts along his legs and a shard of ice was stuck in his left calf. He couldn't stay on his feet and fell to the ground dragging poor Katherine with him. He luckily ended up accidentally ducking under a bunch of shurikens when he fell. "Well, this is bad." He thought as he struggled to get to his hands and knees.

He was surprised when he didn't get immediately kicked on his ass. He heard Clara start lecturing Christine, apparently, Kath had gotten through to her enough that she had paused her attack. Yuuto likewise seemed to be waiting for the outcome of the argument. This was good as it gave David time to think. He could feel that his leg was bleeding, but the ice shard was actually soothing the wound a bit as it melted. Still, Clara was trying to convince Christine that everything Katherine said was a lie. He was getting agitated, but her talking was distracting everyone, so he needed to make the most of this opportunity.

As Clara spoke he whispered, "Open." and opened the square portal on his chest. This portal connected to a shelf in his garage which was filled with bookshelves and racks of all kinds of random objects. The walls and back of the shelves were covered in circles and squares of varying shapes and sizes designed to make it easy for improvise portals to connect. David reached inside and awkwardly grabbed a high-pressure nozzle, complete with a grip and release bar, and set it on the ground underneath him. He hoped his body would obscure it from view while he worked. "Close, open, open." He again whispered. A portal opened on the back side of the nozzle and the one on his chest closed and reformed in an instant and he reached inside.

This portal was special as it was not connected to David's house, but to one of many, he'd hidden in Mephisto's. David had taken every opportunity to explore the school and hid portals everywhere he could. This one was inside a fire hose cabinet placed right over the turn nozzle. The other portal on the back of the high-pressure nozzle led straight to the outflow pipe. He grabs the wheel on top and starts turning.

As Clara finishes trying to talk Christine down she seems to get distracted by something. David notices the pause in the conversation and looks over in time to see a black portal opens in the air. "That's not fair," David muttered upset that his portals were far less convenient than her's. However, what came out of the portal crushed his envy with a feeling of panic. The crazy missile girl, Bak, came skidding out of the portal carrying a feeble looking guy bridle style. Vitorrio looked like a corpse in her arms and David actually flinched when she hit the ground. His sympathy wasn't long as another portal opened a man, Rurik, fell onto the scene. David had never seen him before but knew that reinforcements were a bad sign. "I may need a lot more 'fire' power then I thought." David pondered. Bak starts pleading with Clara to heal Vitorrio. David uses the distraction to close the portal on his chest and start drawing additional circles on his shirt. He creates a set of seven circles on the inside of the big circle and square, then draws circles on the palms of his hands and along his forearms. His leg was starting to feel numb, but the ice had completely melted away. There was a lot of blood pooling around his left calf. He was pretty sure he couldn't stand without help. He was going to have to rely on Kath to get him to the road now. However, he wasn't going to let himself be dead weight.

As he finished drawing circles around his chest and on his back he had to pause as Clara summoned a demonic looking bear from her book. It seemed his enemy had settled their affairs and were ready to attack again David was starting to feel the huge power gap going on when looking at that bear. He was not looking forward to getting mauled to death today. However, the world really liked to fuck with him it would seem because Rurik walked up to the bear and literally exploded it in front of everyone. The things guts flying everywhere. "What the fuck?" David said allowed "Did he just? Fuck this City." it seems Clara also took offense to this and they argued a bit. David was in shock still and ended up wasting the time listening instead of working. As Clara and Rurik settled the matter things took a turn for the worse when Rurik challenged Katherine to a duel in front of everyone. At the same time, Clara ordered Yuuto to protect him. "They got to be mocking me?" David thought, "I'm on the ground crippled, so she shows pity to win brownie points with her subordinates. Well, fuck that shit. I might not be able to stand, but I can fight." he thought angrily

As Rurik stood at the ready David felt a steady anger building. That asshole wanted to fight the Demon, but all David saw was a scared girl. In his anger, he yells at Rurik in front of everyone, "Yeah your a real tough man! God murder must get you rock hard you sick fuck!" David turns his head enough to look right at Rurik with a death glare, "So, you want to fight?! Then why don't you fight me instead?!" As David makes this declaration he would roll off his hand and knees and onto his back. Rurik would then see the high-pressure nozzle aimed right at him."Now get fucked!" David would shout as he wracked the handle. A one hundred foot jet of water would shoot out and right into Rurik. In the distance at Mephisto's school for the Wickedly inclined, the fire alarm would start to ring as the pressure sensor is tripped. Unfortunately, with no one at the school due to the tournament, it would take hours for the fire department to figure out the cause and shut it off. David would let the water flow for several seconds before turning it off. If Rurik came at him, then he had another surprise waiting.

David hadn't expected the demoness to practically collapse into his arms and was actually not sure how to take this sudden show of vulnerability. He gave her a half-hearted one-armed hug as she leaned into him. "Was she just faking the tough girl act at the tournament." He thought to himself as he gently pushed the Demoness off him by her shoulders, "OK, look I'm glad you trust me, My names David by the way," He quickly adds, "but now isn't the time to break down. I need you to put the tough girl act back on at least until we can get out of this park. I have the ability to create portals using this fancy pen here, but it's difficult to do with dirt and trees. If we reach the street I can portal us to my house, then we can relax and figure this all...Ah shit." It seemed David had even less time to act then he thought as a girl wreathed in ice, Christine, skated up to them at an insane speed. "Did I just see a car crash because of the ice in the distance?" David had little time to dwell on this as Christine started rapid fire accusation's about Katherine's identity. At the same time, another girl who David thought looked like she shopped at Hot Topic emerged from seemingly nowhere. The worst part was she called David out by name so there was no playing dumb with her. He swears he knew her from the student council but didn't really pay attention given he never saw any of them at night. Well, except for the crazy cyborg girl with an itchy trigger finger, but he just avoided her for safety reasons.

He wasn't sure what to do. They all wanted him to get out of the way so they could deal with the Demon. There was a chance that they told the truth and could help, but David knew someone was after Katherine and they had less than noble intentions. He didn't know these people, and that sadly meant he couldn't trust them. David looks the demoness in the eyes while sliding his arms down her shoulders and into her hands. Then with a determined expression on his face, he whispers to her, "Run." then without missing a beat, he starts sprinting towards the street dragging the demoness by her hand. As he runs he hastily scribbles a circle inside a square on his chest. If these people pursued him he had some nasty surprises waiting for them.

It was supposed to just be another normal day. He would wake up go to work and then go to school, but of course, the tournament was going on and he was now down half a crew and the other half was itching to split at any moment. The only compromise Hughes could make to keep the rest was to make a promise to let everyone off early for the finals if they finished planting the charges in at at least one of the two shafts they had planned for today. He also put the tournament on in the break room so the guys could check it every now and again. The crew moved at a fair pace, but David would always catch guys staring at the screen when they were up top grabbing supplies. David only carried a toolbox lid and several rolls of wire as he spent the most time down under. He didn't need to go back up for more charges when he had multiple marked boxes tied to his portals. He could just keep planting and wiring without having to slow down. He didn't really care about the tournament anyway beyond the fact it was giving him a migraine.

"Dam this fucking tournament!" David yelled into an empty tunnel, "Why does my blood have to boil every time a bunch of dumb people loses their collective shit!" He starts speaking in a mocking voice, "Oh David, the tournament is safe it shouldn't bother you." He yells into the void, "Fuck you, Hughes! It doesn't matter if it's real or even staged. When people see someone get their shit kicked in there going to get excited about it!" David kicks a rock only for it to bounce off a wall and hit him in the face, making his headache worse."Goddamit! I hate this fucking city!" He flails around a minute venting his anger before picking up his wires and going back to work.

As evening approaches David finishes attaching the last of his wires and starts running them up top to connect them to the detonator board. It was getting late, but he was almost done now, and could finally go home. He intended to lay in bed and down a bottle of aspirin maybe see if he could sleep off the tournament. However, as he reached the top he found that no one was there. The place was crawling with people last time he came up. "They couldn't have left without me." he thought, "Hughes could be an ass sometimes, but safety was a big deal to him," David noticed the break room door was open and saw everyone was standing inside. David couldn't believe it. They were almost done and yet they all had taken a break now of all times to watch the tournament. "Can't these people just finish their goddam jobs and go watch it in person." he mumbled angrily to himself, "I'm going to give them a piece of my mind." David approached the tent fuming, ready to give everyone an earful, but when he entered the room he became aware that something was wrong. No one was cheering or shouting in excitement as he had expected. They were all just standing there silently watching the screen, even Hughes was sitting up front. They all had the same look on their face as well. They looked worried. David had been too angry to notice, but his head was hurting a lot more then it had been a few moments ago, in fact, his whole body was starting to feel like it was burning. He looked at the screen and listened to a frantic announcer trying to calm a panicking crowd. A girl was at the center of the screen, a caption revealing her name as Katherine, and she looked like hell. She was on her knees bleeding from multiple wounds and she had an arrow sticking out of her chest. You could actually hear her whimpering as she struggled to breathe. "What the fuck happened?" David spoke without thinking. Hughes answered, "I'm not sure David, but I've seen some terrible things and, unless the gods intervene, I don't think that girls going to make it." As Hughes says this the Katherine suddenly stands strong and rips the arrow out of her chest.

David's building horror is washed away with relief, "You were saying?" David responds snidely as he felt his headache lesson as the crowd calmed, but his smugness was wiped away when Katherine burst into flames and transformed into a demon in front of everyone. "Perhaps the gods weren't the ones to answer her call," Hughes replied sagely. David only watched in stunned silence as Katherine blew the barrier protecting the stadium away. He felt another burst of fire in his blood as the people began to panic again. The officials tried to stop her, but wings emerged from her back and she flew off into the city. The burning was now becoming unbearable as the whole city seemed to freak out more and more about what they just witnessed. David's body was in agony. His power demanded that he interfere, but the truth was David didn't want to. What could he possibly do to help? Hughes looked at David's pained face and with a look of conviction upon his face told him, "You need to go."

"Are you crazy?!" David replied looking at Hughes like he had just suggested he should jump off a bridge.

"David that needs help those students were trying to kill girl her. You saw it" Hughes looked at David with pleading eyes, "Please, I don't know what they're after, but they don't deserve it. What they did today is desecrate a long-standing tradition of this city and its founders. Only you can act fast enough to possibly prevent this from getting more out of hand. Help her David. Even if she doesn't want it. She needs it."

David stared at him, a low growl building in his throat, until finally, he screamed, "FUCK!" He jams his finger into Hughes' chest, "I swear to god old man. This is none of my business."

"Everything's your Business, David. Whether you like it or not that is what the gods chose you for. Now do something useful for a change and actually save someone who needs it." Hughes retorted without breaking stride.

David spits on the ground, "Fine, but if this shit gets me killed I'm haunting your ass!" David takes a step back and draws his pen, then yells into the heavens, "Crisis!" with that final word David is swallowed by a purple and orange portal that forms from his body.

In Central Park as the demoness stood ready to attack the old man. In the space between her and him, a purple and orange tear would open in the sky, and David would be seen emerging from it. As he does the old man, whom the demon had just threatened, would take the unexpected opportunity to run away.

David would wave the remnants of the portal away as he stared intently into the eyes of the Demoness, unaware of what almost transpired. He slowly points at the Demoness with his pen, full of enchanted blood, and asks "Hey, Your Katherine right? I don't know what kind of shit you got yourself into hot stuff but I'm here to help you. I was told some assholes want you dead, and I'm here to fuck that up for them." David looks at Katherine's body and notices it was looking a lot better. "Good, you don't look like a trainwreck anymore. Healthwise." He quickly added, "You're beautiful to look at. I mean your appearance is fine." He rubs his head, "Fuck you get what I mean. Look I know you have little reason to trust me, but if it makes you feel better. I'm probably no match for you if you chose to attack me right now, but you may just lose a valuable ally if you do. So, what do you say, Friends?" David holds out his hand hoping that she would accept his offer, and not use his outstretched hand to throw him into a tree or something. If she did accept his offer he would start telling her what his abilities are, so that they could coordinate if needed. If she didn't accept then he'd have to improvise.
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