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Michael nods solemnly at the quite well put argument to his specific wording of 'going in that direction'. He turns his music down to barely audible as it passes the appropriately ironic refrain into merely mundane country song lyrics. "Alright. New plan then...the opposite direction, and our resident expendable person still goes first." He looks pointedly toward Junks.
Michael strides ahead to the side of the group where the hobo kid had run off. He too takes out an Ipod, though one with a speaker on it instead of earbuds, and searches for a song on it. "I'm Michael, and I think we should head in that direction. That other kid seems to have volunteered to take point, so he can scout out anything dangerous for us. Seems pretty fair all things considered." He hits play, and the lyrics of "If you're going through hell, keep on going don't slow down, if you're scared don't show it, you might get out before the devil even knows you're there..." started playing. "Any argument?"
Michael finishes his chapter and closes his book with a thin whap of paper coming together. Standing up, he starts walking toward the others. "Welp, all I know right now is this is a way more eventful lunch period than I had planned. My compliments to the school event coordinators. Now, who has a guess as to the way out?" He looks around the delightful hellscape to see what there is to see.
Michael had stayed in his seat when the other table fellow had gone toward the altercation. He had looked up and sized up the situation in a somewhat similar fashion, and was considering moving toward the exit to head the brigand off when someone else started a fight...probably not the greatest of ideas, and it was at that point where Michael leaned back in his seat and took a bite of his sandwich, carefully watching the fun. Then someone got stabbed and the whole place became hell.

Well then.

Michael guessed that this meant lunch break wouldn't be ending any time soon. He picked his book back up and resumed reading it, though he kept an eye on the other survivors. At least his corner was relatively devoid of dead would be more comfortable without the supheric air though.
Michael went through his first three classes relatively uneventfully, learning the expectations and intros of each one and committing them to memory, and picking seats close to the door. He marked a few people in them as just being notably noted, but naturally, none of them stood out as particularly interesting as of yet. To be expected...the interesting people weren't likely to stand out while silently attending class, unless of course you were Michael himself. As the bell rang for lunch, he picked up his lunchbox from his locker and microwaved himself a ham and cheese sandwich, saving his apple for after school, before assuming a seat at a mostly empty table diagonally opposite an older @neogreggory kid. Ignoring the other apart from an initial glance, he pulls out his book again and resumes reading while he eats his lunch, taking a moment out every few moments to glance around the cafeteria at the other students.
As the bell rung, Michael had already slid his book back into his back and charged off in the direction of class with a quick bye in the sports girl's direction. His first class was right nearby, so he made sure he was opening the door as the closing chimes rang through the school. Sitting down, he proceeded to comport himself in his usual impressive manner...he could leave reading his book in class for English class or something he didn't actually have to learn anything for.
Michael nodded amiably, returning his book to its being read position. "I'm not familiar with those. Aren't finals every year though?" He added that last almost as a musing to himself, then appeared to think nothing of it as he checked his watch to see how close classes were. Habits of being in the classroom at the first bell didn't form themselves, after all.
Michael looked up briefly when the other girl sat town to sort her schedule. "No problem." He responded, sizing her up in about half a second. Sports girl...usually a bit shallow, but a hell of a lot nicer to hang out with than the guy version. Even still, predictions he may make, but it's a bit premature to assume them to be true...he'd just be unsurprised later if they were. Then the obvious book question...hmm, plus one point. "Quite. Ender's Game." He said with the appropriate degree of friendliness, holding the book up for a moment to show the cover.
Michael hopped out of his dad's truck, slinging his pack onto his back with a brisk farewell, and walked quickly and surely onto the campus. He still had some time to kill before classes, and despite the many people arriving and milling about and socializing in groups like that one over there, he wasn't really one who cared. Instead, he headed towards a table that was nice and centrally located with regard to all his classes, sat down with his back next to him, and pulled out a novel to read until class.

We will send you mad as rest of us soon ernough! :)

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