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Technically, your usage of that word is spelled "damn".
<Snipped quote by Cruallassar>

Other then what you pointed out that needed spellchecking, I ran everything else throw google translate to be absolutely sure that it was correct, and regarding you not wanting to help me proof-read this app, I guess I will have to ask some one else then is a bit of advice. There are a great many words in the English language that may sound the same as another word, but mean a different thing. For example, in this post here...

Throw: To make an object depart from you with significant momentum, i.e., to throw a rock at something or to throw a game of something, synonyms might be to cast or to propel something.

Through: To put something into and out of a place or system, i.e., to run everything else through google translate.

Another thing I notice is that you often separate what would normally be compound words. I don't usually count these as errors per say since they are technically correct either way, but for example, "to ask some one else then" might be made "to ask someone else then".

Fix that first and I bet you will be 80% of the way to being as good an English writer as you are an English speaker...and judging from the fact that you used the word "ensemble", correctly, that is actually pretty good.
<Snipped quote by Cruallassar>

1. To avoid the you-are-not-in-cos-of-spelling thing, I have edited the parts that needed to be editied

2. The only way I can have some one proof-read what I have set down is if I have some one online thats a native english speaker help me, as I have NO ONE thats a native english speaker liveing any were near me

3. Would you be willing to help me then Crull?


1: You have edited the parts that I've mentioned, but not actually everything. Thought I'd point that out.

2: Or you could probably also type it into a word processor that tells you when words are spelled incorrectly...but it seems that is certainly a problem for you, isn't it?

3: I'd say I'd be happy to, but I don't have anywhere near that kind of time. And also wouldn't.
Before we actually get to the character concept itself, you have reached 10 errors on the mispelled words "though" (Which you spell tho) and "due" (which you spell do, which is incorrect in this usage) alone. I am willing to grant you as many retries on the application as you like, or you may edit it to fit, but I thought you should know where you stand there.

By the way, those are just the most prolific of errors, you make more than just those. I recommend having a native English speaker proof-read your work, if one is available.
<Snipped quote by Cruallassar>

Regarding condition 1: The reason I have bin nagging you guys this much is cos I have had a lot of BS going on at work and other wise, which compounds in to me being very cranky and irritable and cos I am to used to massivecrafts forum speed of reply, which is relatively fast

Regarding condition 2: I am just gona take a shot in the dark and guess that this means my spelling/grammar as a whole if I am accepted and that If I make more then 10 mistakes regarding spelling/grammar I am out? If I am wrong do correct me on this

My point 3: If I ma going to make any edit regarding my guy I will need some more info on the dwarfs then there is atm (unless neo added it in the mean time then I will just go and take another look)

Final point: Its a small thing but, the way you formatted this reply sounds, at least to me, like you are talking down to me which irritates to no end. So I will kindly as you to not speak to me like that if it was intentional (If its not then I am sorry for writing this bit) and just speak to me normally like you would usually do

And thanks for a quick reply

Of note: Do you like tabletop games by any chance?

We know exactly why you've been nagging us. Not to sound insensitive...even though I am...but we don't care. If you have some real life things going on that may prove an interference, that is fine, feel free to tell us...but the mark of a mature RPer, which we know you should be by now, is that they can separate real life from the roleplay. Don't bring the irritation from your real life problems here. Please.

Your assumption is essentially correct.

Dwarf lore is up to my colleague to add, but I would recommend considering removing a few details from your backstory instead of replacing them. That way you give the impression you want without actually creating any conflicts with existing lore. If you don't want to do that, that's fine of course, it is your app...but such a thing is a skill that can be quite useful.

Finally, I was talking down to you, however this is normal when someone has irritated me. You don't irritate me, I won't irritate you, how does that sound?

Also, yes.
<Snipped quote by neogreggory>

I still want in and I still want to use my guy, so what the hell do I need to do to get in. As it stands the ONLY problem you seem to bring up is my spelling, Myr had pointed out that I did a lot of geuss work regarding the lore of the dwarfs,the reason for that is the lack of info on them, the info that is there is waaay to vage. SO, to summarize: you ar not leting me in do to my spelling and I want to know what I need time do to get in. And ľd like an answer in the next week not in the next century

I've not consulted the other GMs on the matter quite yet, but I suspect I am the voice of generosity on the matter, and will speak for all of us until informed otherwise, since you are so desperate for an answer.

There are two conditions for entry.
Firstly: You will please retain a modicum of respect for the GMs, their decisions, and their real lives. We are far longer-lived beings than you and possess the patience gained over such a time, as such, we have no need to keep to your schedule. Be honored that we considered your application for as long as we did instead of rejecting it outright due to the previously mentioned mistakes.

Secondly: You may be granted a total of ten strikes on both spelling and punctuation combined. This starts with your character application and will continue throughout the RP. We GMs will keep council and tally over your posts so as to keep a reasonable line of what is acceptable and what is a strike, that way you don't have to deal with my perhaps overly strict definition without assurance that others spoke in moderation of such. The moment you reach that ten strike limit is the moment your character is...removed. And be advised that this is over the course of the entire RP, not over any single post.

Now, with the understanding that this is a premature verdict and has not yet been discussed with my fellow GMs, you may consider re-submitting your character app if you find these conditions acceptable. If you would like to refrain from re-submitting it until we have a more unified voice, this is indeed recommended...however, you may find it useful to use that time for your edits. Rest further assured that I will acquire a final verdict within at most the span of a decade.

Signed: Your local GM who knows you and can get around your misspelled words with no problems,
<Snipped quote by Electra>

Not funny

<Snipped quote by Cruallassar>

And the dot dos not mean anything to me

It could use periods.
I'm glad someone recognizes my answer to the situation.

Beyond that dot and its meaning...which should be understood by those present...I leave the answering verdicts to my fellow GMs.
Professor Glynn

Glynn's tall, trench-coat-wearing figure graces the hedge behind the headmaster, a little to the side from many of the other faculty. He preferred to be out of the direct line of sight of people,and in places where he could see everything...and the view from where he stood was certainly good. Ghosts, Elves, a fairy, a fire demon? It would be a fun year, if you liked that sort of thing. As long as they didn't try too serious of shenanigans in his classroom. Glynn wasn't a fan of putting out fires in his textbooks, or other such things.

Headmaster Wick's speech was pretty standard...couldn't expect it to be tailored or personalized every year without a hell of a lot more effort than me man was willing to put into it. Glynn might have considered it, but that would still require months of prior planning and preparation, much less actual speech writing. Best to go with the tried and true individual approach. Besides, you could get some useful information from a standardized event. He could tell pretty easily which ones were bored, actually interested, mildly intrigued, or merely respectfully aloof from the words the headmaster spread across their ears. Just as they were getting a feel for what to expect around here...mostly. It wasn't as if people were good at expecting Professor Viola when they first met her. But a little controlled chaos went a long way towards a positive learning environment, as long as it didn't get out of hand. A hopefully healthy conduit for younger mischief.

As the Headmaster's speech wound to a close and people started starting at the presence of their room assignments in their everywhere, Glynn allowed himself an even smirk. Even at this school of magic, people were so surprised that it was actually used effectively. Of course the Headmaster's use of it was a bit more advanced than most, but even wasn't as if these were experienced magic users here who should be surprised that a mage...even of such high caliber...had managed it. Most of these kids didn't even have wards to block such things. Ah well...they'd get used to it. As most of them started to move off to their dorms and the professors...some of them...started to disperse off to their dorms and offices, Glynn slowly walked around the edges of the gathering along the wall of the adjacent building, adjusting his sunglasses around his pointed Elven ears and letting his black coat sway outwards in the breeze. His eyes traversed the group, picking out the ones who seemed interesting and marking them for observation in class.

And oh bother, Viola...already?
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