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This land of ours has not enough lords!
Still looking for people, we have a few, but the more the merrier!
Here is the Discord Link to the RP server.
Tagging those who have expressed interest:
The Empire Vituum
The Empire is no more.
After significant success in countless campaigns, conquering new lands and subjugating or destroying other nations and races, the Empire collapsed under the weight of its own power.
Due to the political machinations of the Lord Regent to stay in power and continue the Imperial Crusade, the Empire was pressed on and on until the Imperial Regions were exhausted. Unfortunately, he miscalculated just how exhausted they were...and how exhausted they weren't. The last battle he directed was the defense of the Imperial Palace against the forces of the Empire, and the forces he commanded were but a few knights who faced worse at the hands of his enemies. In the end, his body was never recovered from the blast of magic that destroyed half the tower. But with his fall, fell the Empire...the Emperor himself had disappeared in the battle, a last act of his regent. With him out of the picture, the Emperor lacked the direction it had had for so long...the Brotherhood of Nations was stronger than it had ever been, and it was out for the blood of the foe that had hounded it for so long. They, combined with the power struggle to fill the void left by the missing Emperor, took back the territory they had lost and brought the Empire to a desperate defensive. They decided not to fight the Empire on its home territory though, and took up a vigil to ensure that the Empire never again rose to threaten them.
Now, after a hundred and sixty years, the Empire is nothing but a name for a collection of separate nations, still bound by old ways and systems, but divided by an empty throne and no intent of subjugating themselves to any of their peers. Half of the regions have deteriorated into mere shadows of their former selves, others stand and wave high the banner of an empire that only exists as a legend, waiting to rise again when someone unites the regions and sits upon the throne of the Emperor.
A quick intro to one of the major factions...

The Brotherhood of Nations
After resurging against the Empire after the collapse of its leadership, the Brotherhood of Nations was quick to regain lost ground. Thanks to the slow retreat policy favored by the Brotherhood until that point, the Brotherhood still had significant power despite being pushed back, and when the armies of the Empire faltered, the Brotherhood struck, and struck well. Yet upon regaining their territory, the Brotherhood deemed itself unable to defeat the Empire if they were to force it into a united confrontation on the defensive. As such, they were content to watch, and allow it to turn upon itself as they kept it contained. And thus it did, with the Empire fallen, and only its name left to strike fear into enemies that needed no longer fear an existent power.
But with their foe extinguished and contained with itself, the Brotherhood had little to keep it united. Its purpose had been the use of united, but distinct powers against a common foe, but without a common foe, there was no need for unity. Nevertheless, all were wary, and no nation was willing to leave the Brotherhood without sufficient cause while the Empire still stood a chance of reuniting.
Now, a hundred and sixty years have past, and the Empire is only the more fractured now for time. The name that strikes terror into all who remember it bears little association now with that that remains, and the Brotherhood's vigil is turned inward on its neighbors. No longer inclined to keep their armies prepared to fight as one, the kingdoms of the Brotherhood maintain their ties only in light of advantages to their own lands, and sever them for the same reasons. War has taught them much of their allies...of their strengths and weaknesses, and what they have to gain by continuing to ally with them...or by conquering them instead.
Basically those things that you see in classic or popular fantasy settings. Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Werewolves, Dryads, other humanoid races that can interbreed with humans, as well as Dragonfolk or Fishfolk or other similar races so long as they either tie in well with the setting, or are kept as a secondary race. Custom races are fine, but it's preferred that we try to keep them largely based off of the classic ones, or have a similar feel. I will be going over each of them on a case by case basis.
Here are the first few paragraphs on the magic system. There is a lot more.

More information need not wait. Ask and ye shall receive!
Over half a millennium ago, the world united on two, the side of an Empire's crusade to unify the whole world, the other a Brotherhood of those who wanted to maintain their nations' culture and independence. The war continued for hundreds of years, until the Empire's offensive finally fell apart due to internal struggle, and the Brotherhood finally pushed their enemies back to their own lands. A hundred and sixty years have passed since then, and the world is fracturing. The Empire remains divided over an empty throne, and the Brotherhood has lost the enemy that united them in the first place. Heroes and Villains both plot and plan their objectives, and battles prepare to be fought over plains ruined by peace as well as past war.

Deities, demons, immortal emperors and god-kings, other entities across time and space who come here to play a game of destiny and skill across the chessboard of a world, welcome to Raiuum!
This is a nation roleplay where we each take charge of a kingdom, civilization, nation, tribe, fiefdom, city-state, or other factional power in order to work toward a chosen objective of our people. Religion, economics, culture, logistics, tactics, strategy, and cunning are both our servants, and our undoing. Two once-mighty empires stare each other down across the world's expanse, while internal struggle proves a breeding ground for deception and intrigue, and other cities watch with popcorn from the unprotected sidelines. Will you engage in war, betray your long-time allies, strive to keep the peace, or remain apart getting rich from it all? But just remember...demons observe from their lairs, and they have objectives of their own. So let's all make a story together!

A few things to know:
This is a Discord RP. will need Discord.
There are both experienced and elite RPers here, as well as total noobs. Be sure you can deal with that.
Magic. There is a LOT of it, it is a very in-depth system, (Though I believe it to be well-explained.) so understand that before joining us. It really isn't as complicated as it sounds.
We're trying to keep the races somewhat limited to the basic fantasy concepts.

Does this sound fun? If so, I will be putting up a Discord link this Saturday so that people may join and make merry. Questions will be answered promptly.
Michael nods solemnly at the quite well put argument to his specific wording of 'going in that direction'. He turns his music down to barely audible as it passes the appropriately ironic refrain into merely mundane country song lyrics. "Alright. New plan then...the opposite direction, and our resident expendable person still goes first." He looks pointedly toward Junks.
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